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The Chinese horror film expected in the year was scolded by the hot search.

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Lazy and greedy, do not love labor, only love movies. 

Last weekend, two hardcore movies were discussed by everyone.

One is Wei Jiahui+Liu Qingyun’s hot police and bandit suspense film Detective Wars, and the other is the annual Chinese-language horror film Curse that many fans are looking forward to.

"Curse" is a very lively movie both inside and outside the play. It is adapted from the true story of a six-mouth evil in Kaohsiung. The trailer was taken off the platform because it was too scary.

When it was shown in Taiwan Province, China, some viewers fled the cinema in fear, and some went to the temple to worship God after watching it. In the same period, the box office topped the Hollywood blockbuster "New Batman", ranking first at the box office of Taiwan Film this year with a score of NT$ 170 million.

With such a stunt, the appetite of mainland fans is naturally lifted high, and even known as "the best Chinese horror film of the year."

However, after the "curse" was launched, it was scolded by the hot search.

Not for anything else, just because of "bad luck."

Is "The Curse" really horrible or unlucky? Xiaowan has helped everyone to check the film. The front part is "high energy" and timid.

"Curse" strung together a curse spanning six years with two timelines.

Six years ago, if a man and his boyfriend and friends formed a "ghost squad" to explore the mysterious village. The whole village is wrapped in a strange and mysterious atmosphere. Everyone greets with strange gestures and worships strange evil spirits.

Boyfriends and friends broke into the "absolutely forbidden tunnel" and died on the spot, and the villagers also died. If the pregnant man was lucky enough to survive, he left here in a state of mental breakdown.

Six years later, Ruonan, who returned to normal, got her daughter’s right to care, and the mother and daughter started a new life. But strange things have happened one after another, and my daughter has symptoms of evil.

If the man runs around for his daughter, but more innocent people suffer, she finally decides to go back to the source of fear-the tunnel in the forbidden area of cults to find out.

On the surface, the horror elements in The Curse are nothing new, but a combination of "Death in a Forbidden Area", "Curse-ridden" and "Strange Death", with the tearful affection elements of "Motherly Saving Women".

But is the "Curse" really about the story of "the great mother is eager to love her daughter and return to the forbidden area PK evil spirit"?

Not necessarily.

There are many contradictory scenes and details in the film. The biggest doubt is: When did the man know about the evil god The Secret Behind? Six years ago or six years later? 

We can interpret this film in a different way, which may break the existing story about "maternal love".

Formally, The Curse also belongs to the popular screen/desktop movie in recent years, which is constantly switching between mobile phone screen, computer screen and video recording in the monitoring room.

Most of the curse content is if the man is explaining it to the screen, and this first-person narrative is actually mixed with many subjective elements.

Through the screen, we saw a novice mother who often "does bad things with good intentions", and she unconsciously felt sympathy and pity.

But what if the man lied? What if we see what she wants us to see?

What if it was all a scam from beginning to end?

The Curse has both positive and negative interpretation space. It depends on the audience’s understanding that loving mother/evil mother, saving women/sacrificing, breaking spells/unsealing evil spirits.

As early as the beginning of the film, "The Curse" implied by the running direction of the Ferris wheel and subway that "our thoughts quietly shape the world". The world is what you think.

The biggest controversy surrounding the curse is: bad luck.

Why did the audience feel unlucky, and even this topic was once hotly searched.

The first is the immersive fear brought by Chinese horror.

Japanese, Korean, European and American horror films are still separated by a layer, and ghosts that can only be hit by crossing the ocean cannot induce the sense of sight of domestic audiences. Taiwan Province horror movies are different. Everyone has the same root and the folk culture looks familiar.

There are two kinds of horror elements in the curse: foreign elements and Chinese elements. The former includes insects, antennae, secret fear and jumpscar; The latter includes folk customs, feudal superstitions and Chinese binding.

Although the former is scary, it will be forgotten after seeing nausea; It is the latter that really goes deep into the bone marrow and causes association.

Whispering the mantra "Fire Buddha Xiu Yi" and "Heart Sa Baa" which can be seen everywhere, strange cult totems can also find similarities in murals;

There are common spells and exorcism rituals in feudal times; There are also ancient altar offerings, swaying dim red lanterns, and hairy clay dolls in the ancestral hall, which can understand the essence of Chinese horror.

Have to sigh with emotion, Taiwan Province horror movies have a way of holding Chinese horror. It is a trend in recent years to combine folk elements with stories of evil spirits, and it is also an opportunity for Taiwan Province horror films to revive. The previous "Little Girl in Red" series and "Zongxie" also exploded for similar reasons.

Little girl in red 2

The second reason for bad luck is that the audience feels offended.

Watching traditional horror movies, we usually stand in the perspective of God and overlook the tricks of the characters in the film. Although the people in the film have no idea about their own situation, we know in advance that there are ghosts of the dead, and we treat them with a sense of superiority from an omniscient perspective.

"Curse" uses screen narration, which is equivalent to the audience standing in the second perspective and having an equal dialogue with the characters in the film, which is easy to produce immersion.

So when we read the spell after Ruonan at the end of the film, we found ourselves cheated and became a part of the curse.

When the audience realizes it, people will naturally feel annoyed. The subtext is "The director actually dragged us into it" and "The dummy actually lied to the real person".

This kind of "offense" to the audience is not new, and it has also appeared in other horror films before.

The most classic is the video of Sadako’s death in "The Ring of Midnight". People who watch the video will die strangely within 7 days, and if they pass it on to others, they can hand over bad luck.

There are also pirated videos in "Ghost Will Show". It is said that anyone who sees the death of Fusang (the film in the film) will be killed by a female ghost. Of course, the characters in the play saw it, and so did the audience outside the play.

In Truth or Adventure, there are also scenes in which videos are posted to video websites. In this way, the protagonist group allows more people to share the devil’s sanctions.

"Curse" should refer to the above films and set up a bridge that offends the audience. From the perspective of communication, this stunt is quite memorable, which is really conducive to the wide spread of the film.

Its essence is no different from old terrier’s "If you don’t forward it to X people within X hours, you will …", so you don’t have to feel unlucky or unlucky.

Don’t be afraid, there is also a curse letter in Legend of Wulin.

Returning to the film itself, The Curse is a Chinese horror film worth watching with acceptable quality.

The greatest advantages and disadvantages of The Curse are related to the screen narration.

On the one hand, with the help of large and small screens, it builds a horror experience with a strong sense of immersion and interaction, and all the scary pictures seem to happen in front of us.

On the other hand, in order to pursue the consistency of the form before and after, the film also added a screen where it is not necessary to use the screen narrative, which is not as good as the semi-screen narrative of the Female Ghost Bridge.

The Curse has brought many amazing highlights, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. Kevin Ko, a new generation director, also has ambitions and plans to devote himself to it.

When he was a student, he filmed a small-budget horror short film "Ghost Print", the first feature film was the slashing thriller "Fatal Party", and in his early works, there was a doomsday counterattack related to the doomsday element, which was enough to see his interest.

In the past ten years, he has not produced much, and he is out of the category of horror. The Adult 2, the Emergency of Getting Off the Bill and the Budaoxia, which were filmed in the mainland, can only be regarded as unsuccessful commercial comedies.

From the beginning of "The Curse", Kevin Ko returned to the old line of horror films. The win-win box office reputation of "Curse" gives him confidence to promote the follow-up films of the same type.

In addition to Curse 2, which features a girl and a boy, Kevin Ko also intends to open a "one-word movie universe" based on the real events in Taiwan Province.

Maybe, there will be the next explosion in the follow-up new films "Pickling", "Sleeping", "Even" and "Burial" of "One Word Movie Universe".

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The taste of autumn

Text/Xi Bo
I like autumn, like the colorful colors in autumn, like the rich fruits in autumn, like the gloomy temperament in autumn, and prefer the mature taste in autumn.
As a result, as soon as autumn arrives, my mood is flying with the autumn clouds, flowing freely and unconstrained style; So, as soon as autumn comes, I run to the wild from time to time, looking for the taste of autumn all over the mountains.
The taste of autumn is quiet, especially after the washing of autumn rain. The sky is vast, spotless, the air is crisp, and you can smell the white clouds when you look at the blue sky from afar. Different from the new green taste of the grass in spring, the grass in autumn exudes a light fragrance, which is a mature taste. It seems to have a memory of time, clear and faint, which makes you feel a boundless yearning.
The smell of autumn is fragrant. On the ground, beside the ditch, wild flowers are everywhere, some are delicate, some are pure, some are fragrant, and some are elegant … The scattered, dense and overlapping wild chrysanthemums that spread all over the mountain embankment have openly vented their golden colors into rivers and waterfalls, and the amber-like medicinal incense has gathered like clouds and fog without reservation, emitting mature and wild.
The taste of autumn is sweet, which comes from the fresh fragrance of melons and fruits and is a gift from nature. Eat a red date, crisp, sweet and memorable; Bite an apple, the juice is as sweet as honey … In the field, persimmons are covered with branches, and the red little persimmon is like red lanterns and pink smiling faces. Pick a ripe persimmon, soft and soft, bite a mouth, suck it with your mouth, and the persimmon meat with honey juice slides into your stomach, which is extremely sweet and wonderful, just like sucking mellow wine. The sweetness of persimmons hanging on trees is clearer, richer and more mellow after the autumn frost. This seems to imply the character of autumn. After the accumulation and fermentation in spring and summer, the thick and plump autumn is mature and more flavorful.
The taste of autumn is rich, just like pomegranate seeds as red as agate and as white as crystal, some are as sweet as honey, and some are sweet and sour. Just like the red jujube, such as pearls and jade, there is sweetness in the acid and acidity in the sweetness … The taste of autumn is so rich, so mature and so rich in connotation. This kind of taste not only makes you feel the joy of harvest, but also makes you feel the sweetness of life, and also makes you think about the life situation.
…… ……
What’s the smell of autumn?
It is a quiet and natural taste, a plump and thick taste, and a colorful taste …
After all, the taste of autumn is the taste of maturity.
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Comments | The decision-making level made five statements within one month. How to get the house price in 2017?

  CCTV News:Looking back on 2016, this year’s property market can be described as "first rising and then restraining". If the hot words in the first half of the year are skyrocketing housing prices, then the hot words in the second half of the year are undoubtedly the introduction of regulatory policies, and this trend is continuing.

  Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development: Pay close attention to hot cities, control housing prices, and destock third-and fourth-tier cities

  On the 29th, the website of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development published the Circular of the Party Group of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the Communist Party of China on Inspection and Rectification, pointing out that it will continuously strengthen the regulation of the real estate market and actively carry out research.Pay close attention to hot cities to control housing prices, and third-and fourth-tier cities and counties and cities to go to stock.And standardize and rectify the market order.

  In fact, this has been the decision-making level since December.the fifth timeClear real estate regulation and control objectives.

  The Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee held a meeting on December 9, pointing out that it is necessary to dissolve the real estate inventory, accelerate the urbanization of migrant workers, promote the reform of the housing system to meet new citizens, expand effective demand, and stabilize the real estate market.

  On December 14th, the Central Economic Work Conference held a meeting and pointed out that it is necessary to adhere to the position that "houses are used for living, not for speculation" and put forward solutions.

  On December 21st, the 14th meeting of the Central Leading Group for Finance and Economics emphasized standardizing the housing rental market and curbing the real estate bubble.

  On December 26th, Chen Zhenggao, Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction, pointed out that we should do a good job in preventing bubbles and risks in hot cities.

  Since the introduction of the new policy of property market regulation in many cities across the country on September 30, the price increase in many hot cities across the country declined in November.

△ On December 11th, China Index Academy released the national residential price index of 100 cities in November 2016.

  However, the transaction volume price of some cities is still at a high level, which also triggered the second upgrade of the regulatory policies of a series of cities. It is worth mentioning that since December, the efforts to control housing prices in various places are still increasing:

  Upgrade purchase restriction in several provincial capital cities:

  December 26, Jinan City

  Purchase restriction for registered households in this city2 sets; Foreign purchase restriction1 set, and must provide proof of paying personal income tax or social insurance in urban areas for more than 24 consecutive months. In addition, in the new property market policy issued by Jinan, clear management measures are put forward for the transaction behavior of the land market.

  In December, Zhengzhou City restricted purchase and loan double upgrade.

  On December 21st, Zhengzhou announced the regulation policy and upgraded the existing purchase restriction policy. That is, on the basis of the original purchase restriction,More than 180 square meters (inclusive)Housing (including new commercial housing and stock housing) is also included in the scope of purchase restriction.

  Non-Zhengzhou household registration families need to provide continuous payment in Zhengzhou when purchasing houses in Zhengzhou.More than 2 years(including 2 years) personal income tax or social insurance certificate. In addition, the New Deal has further increased the use of other means of regulation, such as reaffirming the strict control of housing provident fund credit policy.

  On December 23, Henan Province issued the Notice on Further Improving the Personal Housing Loan Business in Zhengzhou Restricted Area, and the down payment ratio of the second suite was adjusted to60%The Zhengzhou real estate market’s loan restriction regulation policy has been upgraded again.

  On December 21, Wuhan issued a notice to expand the scope of housing purchase restriction.

  It is stipulated that from December 22nd, Wuhan will increase the housing purchase restriction in some areas of Dongxihu District, Jiangxia District and huangpi district.

  Beijing, a typical representative of first-tier cities, also clearly pointed out a few days ago that investment speculation should be resolutely curbed.Ensure that house prices will not increase in 2017.. This means that controlling housing prices has become the top priority of real estate regulation.

  The central level has repeatedly reiterated the requirements of real estate regulation and control, and the upgrading of local regulation and control policies have further explained the urgency of real estate regulation and control. Looking forward to 2017, how will the real estate market go?

  In the hot real estate market, everyone hopes to have a magical crystal ball and see the future development direction of the market. Any judgment on whether the future house price changes will rise or fall is like a gambling game.Fortunately, however, the market trend is a linear continuation. Summarizing the changes in the property market in the past year, we can see some clues about the market in the next 12 months.

  Multi-pronged approach, the property market continues to cool down

  First of all, the soaring housing prices in the first ten months of 2016 are related to loose money and credit and lax supervision.Some funds originally expected to enter the real economy have instead entered the real estate investment field to promote housing prices.After October, a series of policies to strictly control the risks of real estate financial business, including prohibiting illegal issuance or misappropriation of credit funds into the real estate sector, have an immediate impact on real estate.According to the price dynamics of newly-built houses in 70 large and medium-sized cities in November released by the National Bureau of Statistics of China on December 19th, the number of cities whose house prices fell month-on-month increased to 11, an increase of 4 cities compared with October.

  One of the priorities of the central bank’s monetary policy in 2017 will be to curb the real estate bubble.In 2017, the monetary policy will remain stable and neutral, and at the same time, efforts will be made to prevent and control asset bubbles and strictly limit the flow of credit to invest in speculative housing purchases.The monetary authorities can induce short-term interest rate increase and guide banks to slow down the growth rate of real estate-related financing through regulation, and these measures will cool down the real estate.

  Secondly, the high housing prices in 2016 are related to residents’ lack of investment channels.At the beginning of the year, the successive "fuse" and "stock market crash" made a large number of investors lose confidence in the stock market. After a knife and knife, a lot of funds were transferred from the stock market and flowed to the property market that seemed to have a good rate of return at that time. After the addition of this fund, the heat of the market has been greatly improved and the property price has been raised.

  In the new year, although it is hard to say that the stock market will definitely pick up, it is unlikely to be worse than in the past.Moreover, the chances of a bond market pullback after the year-end crash are also rising.Therefore, in the new year, investors will have more choices and may not necessarily stick to the real estate with poor liquidity.This kind of asset diversion will make the property market "de-bubble" to a certain extent.

  Third, in the new year, the government’s control over the property market will be further increased on the basis of 2016, and the use value of the house will accelerate its return.The parties will further clarify that the house is for living, not for speculation. We should make precise efforts in regulation, curb investment speculation, increase the supply of ordinary commodity housing, and meet the rigid demand for housing. In order to achieve this goal, the government will provide more housing choices for residents by increasing the supply of residential land and standardizing the rental market.

  The regulation of the property market is not a comprehensive suppression, but a combination of strict control and guidance.

  It is a distinctive feature of the real estate policy in the new year that the policy will be implemented because of the city.What is certain is that the government will not comprehensively suppress and control the real estate policy across the board, but will combine strict control with guidance.The real estate market in first-tier cities should be strictly controlled; The focus of second-tier cities is to stabilize housing prices; The third-and fourth-tier cities still aim at "destocking".It is precisely because of the different control objectives that in the new year, there may be a greater division in the direction of housing prices in first, second and third tier cities.

  Of course, whether this series of regulatory policies can effectively affect the property market depends on the extent to which the government can resist the temptation of real estate to stimulate economic growth. In mid-2016, due to the steady economic growth in the first three quarters, the fourth quarter became a window period for regulation. And in the new year,Facing the new beginning, the balance between the government’s goal of achieving economic growth of not less than 6.5% and paying attention to the risk of real estate bubble will greatly affect the trend of the property market.

  At the same time, it should be clear that,Even under the combined effect of various conditions, it is difficult for the property market to rise as sharply as in 2016 in the new year, but it does not mean that the property market will definitely plummet.After all, no matter from the current proportion of mortgage in bank loans or the proportion of real estate in personal assets, the sharp drop in house prices will bring systemic financial risks and social risks, and the sharp drop in house prices does not meet the regulatory objectives.Therefore, in the new year, it is expected that house prices will bid farewell to the previous unilateral rising mode, and in the two-way mode, no matter the rise or fall, they will be controlled within a moderate range as much as possible.

Still want to fight the Lakers? Tommy Tam talks about James again. The Rockets are ready and have the Splash Brothers.

This year’s offseason, the Lakers and Suns are the most active teams, and their lineups have been reinforced. Therefore, many fans believe that the western part of the new season will be a situation in which the Nuggets, Lakers and Suns are the top three. But in fact, there is still a team that we have neglected, that is, the Houston Rockets. In the past, there were three fewer Thunder and six fewer Rockets. They were Smith, Shen Jing, Ethan, Green, Amen and Whitmore. The Rockets are all talented and have too much potential to tap. For example, Whitmore, who is the MVP of the Summer League, was only the 20th overall pick in the draft. In fact, in terms of real strength, he is not worse than anyone in the top five overall picks.

It is not enough to rely only on young people. The Rockets understand this truth very well, so they also made two operations. First, they laid off Silas and hired Uduka. Last year, the Green Army reached the finals, which was led by Uduka. Uduka attached great importance to defense and was also good at tapping the potential of players. He was very suitable for coaching a team like the Rockets. Look at this year’s Green Army. After Uduka’s class, the Green Army’s defense could not be seen, and it was easily smashed by the Heat. Secondly, the Rockets also signed four veterans, namely Van Frith, Tommy Tam, Landale and Jeff Green. The joining of veterans can help young people grow up quickly.

After the end of the first round of G2 this year, Tommy Tam talked about James. At that time, he said, "I won’t respect James unless he cuts 40 points on my head." Tommy Tam’s remarks have caused a lot of controversy. Some people think that Tommy Tam is just a buffoon. James has been in the league for 20 years and is used to all kinds of storms. Tommy Tam’s behavior is just a trick in his eyes. But not long ago, Tommy Tam was interviewed. He talked about the Lakers again. Tommy Tam said: "I want to see my best self in Houston. I want to be better than last season and pay more. I am eager to play against the Lakers again. I don’t care how the outside world evaluates me. I want to beat the Lakers and LeBron (James). That’s it."

Tommy Tam’s meaning is obvious. First of all, he thinks that joining the Rockets is an opportunity for him, and he will have an explosion in the new season. Secondly, Tommy Tam is still unconvinced. He still wants to fight against the Lakers and James. He has to say that Tommy Tam really dares to say that he has been aiming at defeating the Lakers and James. It seems that losing to the Lakers this year has made Tommy Tam’s fighting spirit even higher, which is a good thing for the Rockets. In addition, Tommy Tam later praised Smith. He said: "I can’t wait to play with jabari (Smith). Our game styles are very complementary. I also talked with jabari for a while, and he can’t wait to start working. Our goal is the same."

Judging from Tommy Tam’s remarks, he is full of confidence in the Rockets in the new season. Tommy Tam believes that the Rockets will make great achievements in the new season, and he can also help the team make progress. In addition, Tommy Tam admired Smith Jr. very much. It is a good thing to have self-confidence, which is what the Rockets need most. In fact, in terms of lineup, the Rockets do have unlimited possibilities, such as Van Frith+Green, who are the splash brothers of the Rockets. Smith played well in the league this summer, and will only play better in Uduka’s hands in the new season. Shen Jing is known as "Little Jokic", with comprehensive ability and Ethan’s offensive and defensive integration. There is also Amen. His style is steady and mature, and his attack, defense and organization are impeccable. Whitmore is an underestimated rookie.

This rocket is really not simple. I dare not say that they can make it to the playoffs, but the possibility of getting a playoff place is extremely high. Don’t underestimate the fighting spirit of young people. At the same time, it is not difficult to lead the rocket to take off with Uduka’s coaching ability. Uduka was interviewed before. He said: "We have talked with all our players, and we have reached a common goal. We must cultivate the habit of winning."

Premier League-Eriksson passes casemiro to win Manchester United 1-0 Bournemouth Champions League qualification is in sight.

Live on May 20th, at 22: 00 pm Beijing time on May 20th, a game in the 37th round of the Premier League continued. The Red Devils Manchester United challenged Bournemouth away. In the first half, Eriksson assisted casemiro to score a goal, and after half-time, Manchester United temporarily led Bournemouth 1-0. In the second half, the two sides attacked and defended each other but did not rewrite the score. In the end, Manchester United defeated Bournemouth 1-0. In the Premier League standings, Manchester United scored 69 points with 21 wins, 6 draws, 9 losses, and remained ahead of Liverpool. Bournemouth had already relegated ahead of schedule.

[Key Events of Competition]

In the 9th minute, Eriksson directly picked the right foot at the front of the restricted area, followed by casemiro Middle Road, Senesi’s toe rubbed the ball, but the clearance failed, and casemiro scored with a sideways barb! Manchester United 1-0 Bournemouth! ↓

[Moment of Competition Focus]

In the 20th minute, Anthony cut the ball on the right and then made a cross pass. Before the B fee, Eriksson missed the ball and shot angrily, hitting high. ↓

In the 27th minute, Bournemouth counterattacked, and Solanke succeeded in passing people in the restricted area. He shot from his right foot and was saved by Degea. ↓

The 37th minute, Sancho knocks back from the left in the penalty area, and Marchal directly shoots the far corner after catching the ball outside the penalty area, hitting high. ↓

In the 41st minute, casemiro’s long-range shot outside the restricted area was confiscated by the goalkeeper. ↓

In the 47th minute, David Brooks’ powerful shot in the restricted area was saved again by Degea. ↓

In the 63rd minute, Manchester United’s attack and Wehorst’s shot in the restricted area were resolved by the goalkeeper. ↓

In the 76th minute, the corner kick from Manchester United was sent out, and the B fee kept the ball in the restricted area and directly greeted the ball and was saved by the goalkeeper. ↓

In the 84th minute, Bournemouth got a good chance, and Moore shot directly at Degea one-on-one. ↓

In the 93rd minute, Senesi shot outside the restricted area and almost equalized the score. ↓

[Information on starting and substitution of both parties]

Bournemouth starting: 13- Neto, 5- Lloyd Kelly, 25- Senesi, 27- Dzabanji, 4- Lewis Cook, 8- Lerma, 15- Adam Smith (65’18- Vigna), 32- Jaden Anthony, 7- David Brooks (56

Bournemouth substitutes: 1- Travis, 3- Stephens, 6- Chris Mapham, 17- Jack Stacy, 51- Adley, 49- Sadie.

Manchester United starters: 1- Degea, 2- Lindelov, 19- Vallanet, 23- Lu Kexiao, 290,000 Pisaca, 18- casemiro, 14- Eriksson (85’39- McTominay), 8-B fee, 25- Sancho (71’49- Garnacho), 9.

Manchester United substitutes: 31- Batland, 5- Maguire, 12- Malaysia, 20- Dallot, 28- Peristri.

At the end of Serie B, Criscito retired successfully.

@ Shen Tianhao: This season’s Serie B regular season finale, Genoa, who has already qualified for Serie A in advance, staged a goal battle with Bari at home. The 36-year-old Genoa star Criscito scored his first personal goal this season at the last minute of the last game of his career. He scored the goal with the most familiar penalty, helping Genoa beat Barry 4-3, and then read a touching open letter after the game, officially ending his career as a player. Criscito was born in Naples, and the longest stop in his career was in Dzenit, but Genoa is already his spiritual hometown-he joined the Griffin five times in different forms and put on a red and blue shirt.