Fan Weiqi warms up for the concert, and the big S supports the sisters to hug (Photo)

Fan Weiqi warms up for the concert, and the big S supports the sisters to hug (Photo)


Fan Weiqi



Fan Weiqi and Big S  

  Fan Fan and Friends

  Fan Weiqi, who has been out for seven years and is about to hold her first large-scale ticketed concert in August this year, held a warm small singing activity at the famous PUB "Riverside Message" in Taipei last week to warm up in advance. Fan Fan’s super charm not only made 160 pre-purchase tickets sold out, but also fans who bought tickets on the spot queued up. Nearly 300 fans crowded "Riverside Message". Not only did parents come with their 8-year-old son and the whole family, but also a 70-year-old super fan grandma came to support Fan Fan, who was both happy and moved. After Fan Fan sang 10 classic songs such as "Thinking Too Much" in one go, the live encore was continuous, and fans asked for encore four times! Fan Fan humorously said, "ENCORE? Okay, then UNCLE is here!"

  The night before, the little junior sister Guo Jing started singing three songs, which immediately heated up the atmosphere of the scene. In addition to singing her favorite classic songs, Fan Fan also interpreted the English song "Bubbly" (original Colbie Caillat) for the first time, as well as the Taiwanese song "Home Queen". Fan Fan revealed that since her debut seven years ago, this is the first time she has sung Taiwanese songs publicly on the stage, in order to pay tribute to Jiang Hui, the senior singer in the music industry, and hopes that her ticket-selling concert this summer can sell as well as the second sister Jiang Hui’s four-game Little Arena concert! Fan Fan, who was originally worried that the pronunciation of the words was not good enough, may have been a little nervous when singing "Home Queen", or accidentally sang the wrong paragraph of the lyrics, and also pronounced "Junior" as "Xiulian", but the fans were still fascinated and responded enthusiastically, and they didn’t mind at all.

  In addition to a large number of die-hard fans present to support, this night’s "Riverbank Message" was also star-studded. Friends in the circle, black Chen Jianzhou, big S Xu Xiyuan, Wang Hongen, Liu Rongjia, as well as Taiwan beer players He Shouzheng and Chen Shinian, were all present to support! When Fan Fan Anke sang "Black and White", he emotionally expressed that the song would be dedicated to "Mr. Black" who was also present, which caused a burst of cheers and screams from the fans on the scene, and black Chen Jianzhou always held a DV to record all Fan Fan’s performances on the stage. And the last song "Can’t You Be Brave", Fan Fan would like to dedicate it to the good sister who filmed this MV together, Big S!

  Fan Fan revealed that "Da Wang" (referring to the beauty king Da S) has not appeared in the nightclub for a long time. 10 minutes before the performance, she heard her good sister Da S express that she would come to the scene to listen to the song. She was also worried that the crowd at the scene was too crowded and the air was not good. She asked Da S not to come, but she insisted on coming, which really touched her. When the audience of fans continued to arch Da S on the stage to sing, Fan Fan also saved the good sisters. Fan Fan said that this song is also given to all the fans, "Many times, we can not be brave, but after tomorrow, we must continue to live a brave life!"

  After the last encore song "Can’t Be Brave" was sung, the "uncle" who was full of people still appeared, but it was almost twelve o’clock in the morning. Fan Fan said to the fans in the audience: "If you want to listen to more exciting content, the ticket sales concert is coming again, and everyone has to be responsible for buying ten tickets!" After the performance ended successfully, many fans were still reluctant to leave. Fan Fan finally responded to the request and took photos and signed autographs with everyone, and the atmosphere was warm.


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