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Qin PLUS EV 2023 Champion Edition went on the market, with a price of 1298-176,800 yuan.

(Text/Liu Huiying Editor/Zhang Guangkai) On April 7, 2023, BYD 2023 Champion Edition was officially listed, with an official guide price of 129,800 yuan-176,800 yuan.

At the beginning of 2023, BYD launched the 2023 Champion Edition with an entry price of 99,800 yuan, which made BYD’s price drop to less than 100,000 yuan for the first time. At the beginning of listing, this car has aroused strong repercussions, which can be driven by pure electricity, with high configuration, strong performance and cheaper price, and has brought heavy blows to joint venture compact cars such as Sylphy, Corolla and so on.

In the month when BYD Qin PLUS DM-i 2023 Champion Edition went on the market, Qin family achieved the top sales of all kinds of cars with the sales volume of 30,540 vehicles; The sales volume of Qin family reached 40,850 units in March, setting a new high for all kinds of cars.

Qin PLUS EV, which is newly listed this time, has also won the pure electric A sedan championship for many times. Qin PLUS EV 2023 Champion Edition launched a total of six models, all of which upgraded the core technology of E platform 3.0, and the starting price reached 120,000.

Technically, the new car upgrades the core technology of E-platform 3.0 and is equipped with a wide temperature range high-efficiency heat pump system, which reduces the energy consumption of air conditioners by 40% under low temperature conditions and greatly improves the low-temperature cruising range; With the eight-in-one electric powertrain, the volume and weight of the system are reduced by 10%, and the comprehensive working condition efficiency is 89%.

In terms of power performance, the maximum power of the vehicle motor is increased to 150kW, and the acceleration time of 0-50km/h is increased to 3.8 seconds; Equipped with blade battery, CLTC can last up to 610km under comprehensive working conditions, and its comprehensive energy consumption is as low as 12.5kWh/100km.

Appearance, this model and the current design remain the same. The front face follows the design language of "DragonFace", with a closed front grille and a heavy downward-pressed front head. The headlights are designed in the shape of "arrow feather", but the interior has been added with a jet blue appearance and a warm sun brown interior.

In terms of seats, the integrated sports seat adds a punching process, which not only improves the heat dissipation, but also cooperates with the cloud cushion with better wrapping, which increases the comfort of driving.

In terms of intelligent network connection, the 2023 Champion Edition replaced the 8.8-inch full LCD instrument, and was equipped with DiLink 4.0 intelligent network connection system. According to different models, it provided 10.1-inch and 12.8-inch central control panels, and the 12.8-inch central control panel also supported adaptive rotation function.

In addition, the car will also be equipped with mobile phone NFC car keys, remote control driving and other functions, and equipped with electric sunroof, front electric seat adjustment, rear air outlet and other configurations.

Qin PLUS, on behalf of China brand in the car market, broke the monopoly market pattern of joint venture car enterprises. If the 99,800 Qin PLUS DM-i has penetrated the price moat of joint-venture fuel vehicles, then the Champion Edition of Qin PLUS EV 2023 will allow pure electric A sedan to enter the hinterland of fuel prices, which is expected to give China brand the right to speak in the future.

Bungee jumping, sandbag throwing, rope jumping … How much do you remember about childhood games?

  Data Map: On the third day of the first month in year of the loong, adults and children played "the games we played together in those years" at the Spring Festival Temple Fair in year of the loong, Xintiandi, Wuhan, playing marbles, kicking shuttlecock and rolling hoops. China News Agency issued ZhangChang photo

  BEIJING, Beijing, 12 Jan (Shangguan Yun) "Drop, drop, drop the handkerchief, and gently put it behind the child. Don’t tell him, hurry up and catch him, hurry up and catch him … …” I believe that this children’s song has a place in many people’s memories. Twenty years back, in that era when the material conditions were not as rich as now, it was not one popular video game after another that occupied many people’s childhood memories, but a series of simple but memorable entertainment activities such as "finding friends", rubber-jumping and throwing sandbags.

  For example, "turning the rope" is usually the cooperation of two people: a piece of thin rope is tied into a rope loop, put on two wrists or "put on the palm", and then woven into a pattern with fingers; The other deftly picked up the string with his fingers, connected the loop and turned it into another pattern. In this way, according to a certain routine, turn all the way down until it is turned back to its original state.

  There are quite a lot of rope-twisting routines. Two people can play and one person can play. It is said that there are more than 2,000 patterns that can be summarized so far. However, there are only four or five styles that can be turned out by two partners: bridge, noodles … … Wang Xu, the author of the popular book At that time, recorded this kind of game in detail. He said that he could vaguely remember that the fishing net and noodles followed, from the crossed fishing net in one hand to two parallel noodles in the other’s hand, which was very vivid. "And ‘ Take a bath ’ In fact, it is an empty circle — — It turned into a bath basin, and it was soaked in soup, so I had to start all over again. "

  "It’s not just rope climbing. When we were young, there were all kinds of fun games such as hopscotch, throwing sandbags and origami." After 90, Huang Xiaofei still remembers that girls like to play bungee jumping together in primary school. Basically, four or six people play together and are divided into two groups. One group puts on the rubber band and the other group jumps. According to the rules of the game, the jumping party loses and then replaces each other. "If you hook the rubber band, you lose. This game especially tests dexterity, sometimes ‘ Addiction ’ Come up, two people can also play, and the other end is tied to the tree. "

  Besides bungee jumping, Li Jing, a post-90s girl, liked and often played the game of "playing glass ball" when she was a child. "Strictly speaking, boys played glass ball more than girls, so I was quite different at that time".

  How to play "playing glass ball" Li Jing said, we should first dig a hole of moderate size on the ground, which should not be too wide or too narrow. Most of them are stuck with the diameter of the glass ball, which makes it a little difficult. "There are not too many people, and there are several different types of play. The simple thing is to draw a line away from the dug hole and bounce the glass ball in outside the line to win, which is a bit like golf; Later, it was developed to be able to bounce someone else’s glass ball into a small hole, which also counted as winning the other party. "

  "At that time, in order to play, I collected a lot of glass balls and took money to buy them in a small store. I remember that there were one dime and one dime. Unfortunately, the technology was not pure enough, and it was not long before I was won by other little boys." Speaking of the past, Li Jing couldn’t stop smiling. "There are many types of glass balls, some of which will be embedded with patterns, which are particularly beautiful. Then I won’t be willing to take them out for the competition, and I will quietly collect them."

  In fact, in addition to jumping rubber bands, turning ropes and playing glass balls, there are many fond memories of games in childhood, such as jumping houses, throwing sandbags, and a group of people competing to make hand-folded roses and paper crane … … Huang Xiaofei especially misses those games when she was a child. In her eyes, they are not just games, but also memories intertwined by many people of different ages. "We miss not only those games that look simple now, but a feeling and miss the quiet time in the past."

  Wang Xu has a similar feeling. He said that the original choice to record these games was to express a feeling of nostalgia for childhood. "The most emotional games are not necessarily the most fun games, but games like soap bubbles, rope turning and handkerchief throwing that reflect childhood innocence and warm friendship between children."

  "Most of the children don’t play these games now. If you only look at it from the perspective of playing, it may be far less interesting than what they are playing now. " Wang Xu does not deny that some of the previous games have become "outdated", but he feels that the individuality and creativity, closeness to nature and the face-to-face interaction between children in these games have all been lost. "This is a pity for the children." (Some interviewees in this article are pseudonyms) (End)

Lingao Volleyball Championship | Ding ‘an Team beat Haikou 3-1 to win the first game.

Original title: Lingao Volleyball Championship | Ding ‘an Team won the first victory with 3: 1 lecturing Haikou.

New Hainan Client, Nanhai Net February 18 th News (Reporter Liang Zhenwen) On February 18 th, the "Chinese Dream and Working Beauty"-"Witt Cup" 2024 Hainan (Lingao) Trade Union Elite Volleyball Championship was launched in Binjiang Park, Lingao County. The opening match was played by Ding ‘an team vs Haikou team, and finally Ding ‘an team beat Haikou team 3-1 to get off to a good start.

Ding ‘an team beat Haikou 3-1 to win the first game, and Haikou team served. Reporter Wang Chengxian photo

In the first game, Ding ‘an team took the lead in kicking off. Ding ‘an team entered the state earlier, and gained a 4-1 lead through serving and the opponent’s mistakes. The Haikou team then counterattacked and scored continuously through spiking, and the score was 4:3. Then the two teams fell into a stalemate, and Haikou team took a 10:9 lead through No.2 smash and double block. The scores of the two sides once again entered anxiety, and the coaches of the two teams also suspended the adjustment one after another. In the end, the Ding ‘an team won the first game with a thrilling 22:20.

The coach of Haikou team exchanged tactics with the players after the timeout. Reporter Wang Chengxian photo

In the second game, Haikou scored a block and led 2-0. Ding ‘an team immediately made an adjustment and tied it at 5:5. By serving, Haikou team quickly opened the score, 12:8. Ding’ an team had to call a time-out adjustment and score by stealing the ball through the second pass to stabilize the situation. However, the Haikou players in this game were in a hot state. They scored continuously through spiking and blocking, and they were in a bad state when they joined Ding ‘an team. Haikou team won the second game with a huge advantage of 21:11. The two teams drew a big score of 1:1.

Haikou players struggled to save the opponent’s attack. Reporter Wang Chengxian photo

Ding ‘an team blocked the attack of Haikou players by two people. Reporter Wang Chengxian photo

At the beginning of the third game, Haikou team continued the state of the previous game and led by 5:0. Ding’ an team can only call a time-out to make adjustments. However, because the whole team is not in the state, it still lags behind by 3:9. The Haikou team continued to maintain its state and continued to lead at 12:6 through blocking. Ding’ an team had no choice but to call a time-out adjustment again. By slashing and serving, they scored one after another and clinched the score at 13:15. Depending on the fierce chasing momentum of Ding ‘an team, Haikou team can only call a time-out for adjustment. On the 13th, Ding ‘an scored three points in a row by serving, and Ding ‘an led by one point at 16:15. Haikou team quickly adjusted its state and scored a 20:20 draw through smash. Entering the key points, Haikou team once again suspended the tactics, but the momentum of Ding ‘an team has started, and finally Ding ‘an team won the third game with a reversal of 22:20. Take a temporary lead with a big score of 2:1.

Haikou team launched an attack. Reporter Wang Chengxian photo

At the beginning of the fourth game, Ding ‘an team broke Haikou’s pass by serving and took a 5-1 lead. Continue to lead by 7:1 through smash. Haikou team can only call a 30-second short pause and rearrange tactics. Haikou scored 4:7 by spiking. Seeing that the Haikou team is gaining momentum, the Ding ‘an team is also called to suspend adjustment. Through the smash, the situation was stabilized with a lead of 9:6. Haikou team was full of momentum, scored successively by blocking and smashing, and overtook Ding ‘an team by 10:9. The Ding ‘an team called for a pause for adjustment for the second time, and the two teams tied for the first time at 12:12. Subsequently, at 16:16, 17:17 and 18:18, the scores of the two teams alternately led and tied. In the end, Ding ‘an team won by 21:18, with a total score of 3:1, and got off to a good start. (Liang Zhenwen)

Beware! Five kinds of experiences on the first day of work

No matter how long you have worked in your previous company, you will be a "newcomer" after you quit to a new company; No matter how beautiful you are in college, you will still "start from scratch" after you graduate and enter a company. What can you foresee or what will happen on your first day at work? Do you still remember what impressed you on your first day in the company?
On the Worry-Free Future Forum (bbs.51job.com), many netizens were deeply impressed by what they encountered on their first day at work, and they all told their stories about the N kinds of experiences they encountered on their first day at work. If you are preparing to work in a new company, you should be on guard against the different events that happened to the following five people in the workplace, so as not to spoil the good memories you should have on your first day at work.
Encounter 1: I accidentally found that there was no one in the office.
Narrator: Bella
Position: Administrative Commissioner
On the first day of work, in order to make a good impression on my boss, I came to the company more than half an hour early. Aunt cleaning saw me and said with a smile, "It’s so early." I nodded: "Yes, I have to live up to my expectations on my first day at work."
Later, I found myself really early enough. The company stipulated to start work at 9 o’clock, but by 9 o’clock, I was alone. At the same time, I was particularly nervous because I was about to meet my new colleagues. At 9: 30, only a few people appeared. I even wondered if I was in the wrong company … At 10 o’clock, my new colleagues came to the company one after another. Afterwards, I learned from my colleagues that the original company implemented a flexible working system, which nominally stipulated to go to work at 9 o’clock, but in fact, it only took eight hours to complete the workload in one day, and you can come to work at any time.
Now, accustomed to the flexible working system, I gradually start to go to work late and get off work late, so that I can make my own decisions on my own time, which can also make my life easier!
Future comments: No matter whether the company implements a fixed working system or a flexible working system, it should be a basic criterion not to be late for work when the newcomers are unclear. Of course, as far as working hours are concerned, newcomers can ask clearly when they join the job or even interview. However, even if it is known that the company implements flexible working hours, newcomers should not be late on the first day of work, because in case all colleagues in the department are on time, the "lateness" of newcomers will easily make those colleagues who are on time psychologically unhappy.
Encounter 2: being left out by colleagues
Narrator: Saleisha
Position: Marketing Assistant
On the first day of work, my seat was assigned between two girls. I thought it would be much easier for everyone to get along with girls, but I didn’t expect to be on pins and needles after only half a day at work. The reason is that these two girls are very close friends, and they will chat and share snacks in their spare time. Maybe they are used to the situation that there is no one in the middle, and adding me in has not affected them at all. It can be seen that these two girls must have treated me as an invisible man.
I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. When they chat, they don’t care about my existence at all. Private topics are also said in front of me unscrupulously. When I want to talk, they don’t care about me at all. I can only silently bear the drool pouring in from both sides of me. In addition, they often eat snacks together, and call colleagues who pass by them to eat together, but they never call me. I really don’t know if they are afraid of life or deliberately ignore my existence. Therefore, I didn’t stand or sit on my first day in the company.
Because it was my first day at work, and the specific work was not assigned, I could only watch them make out and stare blankly, and the first day was spent in such embarrassment.
Future comments: the old people ignore the new people, and the new people can take the initiative to talk to the old people; Old people don’t divide what new people eat, and new people can divide what old people eat on their own initiative. There are no invincible old people, only new people who don’t work hard. When a newcomer adapts to the environment of a new company or department, the old man should also adapt to the existence of a new colleague. In order to let the old people get familiar with the new people faster, and also to let the new people better integrate into the work, on the first day of work, the new people can take the initiative, bring some small gifts, make an interesting self-introduction, take the initiative to strike up a conversation, and actively integrate into the new department.
Encounter 3: being unfamiliar with the work content and being "professional"
Narrator: lust
Position: text entry clerk
On my first day at work, my supervisor assigned me a task. Because I am doing relatively simple text entry work, the supervisor gave me a little training and let me operate on the computer independently. When the supervisor explained it to me, I still thought it was quite easy, but in practice, it was still difficult. When I met something I didn’t understand, I asked my colleagues. Although my colleagues enthusiastically answered my questions, I couldn’t understand a series of technical terms he said at all. As a result, when the day’s work was over, I only finished half of the original workload.
I was very depressed at that time, and I didn’t know if I was qualified for this job. However, I am a strong person. I started to work harder the next day and finally got the first place in the department.
Future Comments: Getting started with your job as soon as possible is what every new person should do when entering the company. Although most companies will not force newcomers to do things as skillfully as old employees on their first day at work, newcomers can at least do some homework in advance to avoid being caught off guard, such as knowing the business scope and work content in advance. If the new students’ previous homework can’t be applied to practical work, they should at least show an active and studious state.
Encounter 4: Sitting at your desk doing nothing.
Narrator: Hui Jun
Position: Network Editor
The first day at work was extremely painful. I came to the company early, and after my colleagues in the personnel department signed a contract with me and introduced some company rules and regulations, I was arranged to sit in the right place. Because it was my first day in the company, I was not familiar with the business of the department. When the department manager saw me, he only provided some magazines and newspapers for me to read, so I turned over and over those sheets of paper all day.
At the end of the day, I spent it in such an extremely depressed and boring state. My colleagues around me are busy with their work, while I have nothing to do. Idle, I even unconsciously had an illusion of wasting my time and having no future in sight.
Therefore, for me, the first day of work is really on pins and needles, and the days are like years!
Comments on the future: Newcomers often face an idle situation on their first day at work. This is because most companies will familiarize them with the office environment on the first day. Newcomers may wish to take the initiative before receiving the specific work, such as observing what other colleagues are doing and offering help to their colleagues. After all, when they come to the company, they always need to pay labor. Even if they bring tea and water to their colleagues, it is better than sitting in a daze. Because doing so can at least let the old employees know that the new employees are enthusiastic. Why not do it?
Encounter 5: leaders don’t leave work, and they don’t dare to leave work.
Narrator: Jacky
Position: Salesman
I just jumped to work in this private enterprise a few months ago. On the first day of work, I found a very strange phenomenon in the company. Although the company stipulated that it was 5: 30 p.m., none of the department colleagues left work on time, especially the department head, who kept calling at the end of work time, which made me feel pressure and didn’t dare to be the first "activist" to get off work, so I waited until after 7: 00 p.m. that day, and I didn’t leave until the head got off work.
Slowly, I learned that the supervisor is a workaholic, and if he is on a whim, he may extend his working hours "indefinitely" after work. Even if everyone had finished the day’s work at that time, the supervisor wouldn’t leave, and colleagues in the department wouldn’t dare to leave work in order to have a good performance in front of the supervisor. After all, no one wants to leave a reputation of "not working hard enough".
Future Comments: The Worry-Free Future Forum (bbs.51job.com) once launched a survey on the question "Will people in the workplace leave work on time when they see their colleagues working overtime?" The results show that 63% of the netizens who participated in the survey said that their colleagues working overtime would make them feel very stressed and had to "go with the flow" because of the environmental impact. It can be seen that it is not uncommon for colleagues to work overtime, which makes them afraid to leave work easily. Especially for newcomers who don’t know the truth, they dare not "act rashly" on the first day of work. However, the author believes that the practice of not daring to leave work because other colleagues don’t leave work is one of the immature performances of people in the workplace. As long as the quality of work is guaranteed, the rest of the "fake diligence" is not worth promoting.

American newspaper: Korean war survivors reveal the truth about the American massacre

  Xinhua News: The International Herald Tribune of the United States published an article entitled "Survivors of the Korean War Talk about the US Army’s Killing Innocent People" on the 21st. The main points are as follows:

Douglas macarthur (former) Incheon gloated after landing.

  Many people were burned alive.

  In September, 1950, under the personal command of General douglas macarthur, American troops landed in Incheon Port, South Korea, which changed the direction of the Korean War and made MacArthur a hero.

  But more than half a century later, in a shabby tent at the entrance of Yuewei Park, a group of elderly Koreans wanted to tell the world about the unknown side behind the victory of the US military and a story about civilians being burned alive that was not mentioned in Korean official history and textbooks.

  Li Beiji, 76, said: "When napalm hit our village, many people were still asleep at home. Those who escaped from the fire came to the seaside, and we tried to show American pilots that we were ordinary people. However, they still shot at us, both women and children. "

  According to the military documents declassified by the United States reviewed by South Korean government investigators, on September 10, 1950, five days before landing in Incheon, in order to "burn" the eastern part of Yuewei Island, 43 American warplanes flew to the island and dropped 93 cases of napalm bombs.

U.S. military burned facilities on Moon Island.

  There were 210 massacres of civilians.

  Moon Island is not the only target of bombing. Since November last year, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission under the South Korean government has published a series of reports on the situation of Yuewei Island and two other cities that were attacked by air. Local residents said that a large number of unarmed civilians were killed in indiscriminate air strikes by the US military. The Committee believes that such air strikes violate the international conventions on war, and therefore suggests that the government come forward to negotiate with the United States to pay compensation to the victims.

  According to other findings of the Committee, on January 19, 1951, American warplanes threw napalm bombs at Shancheng village, about 160 kilometers southeast of the capital, killing at least 51 people, including 16 children.

  The Committee also said that a day later, American warplanes threw napalm bombs at the entrance of a cave full of refugees in Danyang, 35 kilometers north of Shancheng Village, and about 167 villagers were burned alive, more than half of them women.

  Jin Dongchong, a senior official of the Committee, said: "We should not ignore or conceal the deaths of innocent civilians, because their deaths were not caused by the mistakes of a few soldiers, but by orderly air strikes and strafe. History tells us that we need an alliance, but this alliance must be based on humanitarian principles. "

  During the early totalitarian and extremely anti-communist government in South Korea, it was taboo to criticize the actions of the US military in the war. However, after the South Korean government later set up a fact-finding commission, the public provided 210 cases about the indiscriminate killing of innocent people by the US military, most of which were caused by air strikes.

The US military forced the moon to tail island.

  The United States has argued that "air strikes are justified."

  Major Stuart Upton, a spokeswoman for the US Department of Defense, said that the Pentagon would not comment on these reports until the South Korean government took formal action.

  After the Korean War broke out in June 1950, the US military planned to land in Incheon Port in September to rescue the United Nations troops trapped in the southeast corner of the Korean Peninsula. The US military decided that it must first turn Yuewei Island, located at the throat of a waterway leading to Incheon Port, into a no-man’s land.

  In their report on the mission of bombing the island at the end of the moon, the pilots of the US Marine Corps said: "This mission is to completely bomb this area with napalm and burn all objects on the ground."

  They also said: "I didn’t see any signs of the army. But the smoke rising from the ground shows that the fire is enough to burn everything on the ground. "

  These reports also described the shooting on the beach, but made no mention of civilian casualties.

  American investigators did not object to South Korea’s investigation report, but thought that the US air strikes were "justified". They said that the mountain city was a stronghold of the enemy at that time, and the villagers had been warned to evacuate in advance.

  However, regarding the bombing of Moon Island, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission pointed out that although it believed that it was necessary for US troops to land in Incheon Port, it found no "evidence of any efforts to reduce civilian casualties". (Editor: Apeng)

Related reading:

  In June 1950, when the Korean War broke out, the Korean People’s Army laid a large number of mines in the nearby waters to prevent the US troops from landing in Wonsan. In order to ensure the successful landing, the US military used more than 10 mine-clearing ships to clear mines. However, due to the limitation of troops and mine-clearing technology, only more than 200 mines were cleared in 15 days, accounting for 1/10 of the total number of mines laid by the People’s Army. A large area of mines undoubtedly poses a serious threat to the next landing operation of the US military. Unable to do anything about it, the US Far East Naval Command remembered that after Japan’s defeat, an old Japanese naval mine-clearing unit with more than 100 mine-clearing ships and combat capability remained.

Countless North Korean children were killed by American troops.

In the Korean War, the old woman was killed by the American army on the roadside.

Editor: Wang Jiaolong

Shenzhen, the global fashion capital, is the fourth! Global Fashion City Index released →

Source: [Read Special]

Shenzhen beats Tokyo, ranking fourth in the fashion capital of the world. At the 8th China (Shenzhen) International Fashion Festival held on December 23rd, the Global Fashion City Index was released in Shenzhen for the sixth time. The index was jointly developed by Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association, China Textile and Apparel Education Society and Shenzhen European Textile and Apparel Research Institute.

The global fashion landscape has become "both East and West"

The Global Fashion City Index is the first digital tool in the industry to judge and study the global regional fashion capacity building. On the basis of the previous five sessions, this fashion city index has more detailed data, more professional research and more scientific tools, showing the global city fashion industry coordinates in a panoramic and three-dimensional way.

This global fashion city index has established a number of index systems such as industrial quality index, international image index, fashion environment index, public service index and innovation vitality index in terms of compilation principles, generation path, algorithm system and index selection. Guided by the evaluation and analysis model of fashion city index, it deeply collects the annual index data of global fashion cities and forms a systematic evaluation result. Finally, 20 shortlisted cities were selected for evaluation in the global scope, covering 5 continents and 15 countries and regions in terms of spatial distribution. These 20 city samples basically represent the fashion development in different regions around the world.

Ni Yangsheng, president of China Textile and Apparel Education Society, read out the ranking of 2022 Global Fashion City Index.

The short-listed cities are Paris, new york, London, Shenzhen, Tokyo, Milan, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Sydney, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Beijing, Berlin, Toronto, Rome, Seoul, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Moscow and Rio de Janeiro. Among them, Shenzhen ranks fourth, which indicates that the international status of Shenzhen as a global fashion city has been continuously consolidated.

The release of this index also shows that more changes have taken place in the global fashion landscape, which is changing from "the west wind is spreading eastward, Europe and the United States are dominant" to "the east and the west are equally important, each leading the way". Relying on the complete industrial chain foundation, the huge consumer market, the expression of excellent traditional culture in the new era, and the self-confidence of the younger generation, the Chinese-style fashion city and the traditional international fashion city stand side by side and become a new landmark landscape of the global fashion map.

Shenzhen has become a global fashion "public opinion field"

The release of the global fashion city index reveals several phenomena-

First, the global fashion pattern presents greater uncertainty, multi-polarization and seamless intensification, and the butterfly effect is more generalized.Scientific and technological innovation, digital economy and green development are changing the industrial structure and ecology at an unprecedented speed, scale and scope. From the new manufacturing industry represented by intelligent manufacturing and additive manufacturing, to the new material industry represented by high-performance fibers and biomaterials, and then to the digital creative industry represented by digital cultural creation and meta-universe, innovation has become the key to industrial ecological evolution and value upgrading. Global fashion cities are creating new values in the fashion industry with the sensitivity of fashion perception era, the openness of integration with diversity, the drive of design and the originality of creating beauty and innovation.

Second, the fashion industry has entered a new consolidation period, breaking and reconstructing, subverting and reconstructing, giving fashion laggards unprecedented opportunities.The blessing of digitalization and intelligence endows the fashion industry with an inclusive and diversified cultural context, and also brings more vitality to the backward fashion cities including China. In the diversified industries and market tracks, the self with core advantages is determined, and the ability to create customer value and social value is constantly improved. The rise of the new generation of fashion is unstoppable.

Third, the fashion community has become a global fashion language, and the fashion concept of equality, mutual learning, dialogue and tolerance has gradually become a global consensus.The global fashion industry has entered a new era of integration. Fashion is interconnected, everything can be woven, too many scenes are waiting to be excavated, and endless user experiences need to be iterated. Every fashion city, whether active or passive, has become the builder of this new fashion pattern, and cross-border innovation and integration innovation have promoted the continuous extension of industrial values and scene boundaries. In the integration with new fields such as digital economy, bio-economy and green economy, fashion cities have recreated new self-values.

Zhou Shikang, president of Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association, said that the Global Fashion City Index is committed to building a fashion community of equality, mutual learning, dialogue and tolerance. The global fashion city launch was held in Shenzhen for six consecutive times, and Shenzhen is becoming a global fashion public opinion field, which is also an important symbol of China’s standing at the home of global fashion. In the index ranking, the overall rise of China’s fashion city is gratifying. Behind it are the vigorous growth of designers and brands who pay attention to Chinese cultural connotation and life aesthetics. I believe that China’s fashion city will accelerate the remodeling of oriental cultural connotation and life aesthetics, build a Chinese fashion discourse and narrative system, create a fashion ecology with China characteristics, world influence and times characteristics, and enhance the creativity and leading power of China’s fashion culture.

(Image provided by the interviewee)

(Original title "Shenzhen is the fourth global fashion city index release")

Editor Li Bin reviewed Liu Chunsheng’s second trial, Xu Jiayi’s third trial, Zhan Wanrong

(Author: Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reporter Wu Dequn)

This article comes from [Reading Special] and only represents the author’s point of view. The national party media information public platform provides information dissemination and dissemination services.


2023 Oriental Beauty Valley International Cosmetics Conference opens. How can China’s beauty industry break?

"Oriental Beauty Valley China Characteristic Cosmetic Raw Material Base Alliance" was unveiled. The pictures in this article are all provided by the organizers.

The 6th China International Import Expo is in full swing, and the international top event of cosmetics industry is also on schedule.

On the morning of November 9, 2023 Oriental Beauty Valley International Cosmetics Conference officially opened. This conference is the sixth, with the theme of "Beautiful World of Oriental Beauty Valley", and many well-known enterprises, experts, scholars and industry leaders from home and abroad gathered together.

As the "capital of cosmetics industry in China", Oriental Beauty Valley has gathered more than one third of cosmetics enterprises in Shanghai, with an industrial scale of nearly 100 billion yuan. According to the "2023 Oriental Meigu Trademark Brand Value Evaluation Report" released at the opening ceremony, the trademark brand value of Oriental Meigu has reached 33.878 billion yuan, with a total increase of 312% in the past five years.

Release the blue book on the spot

Post-80s and post-90s become the main consumer groups of high-quality cosmetics.

According to the "Blue Book of Oriental Beauty Valley 2023" released at the opening ceremony, the cosmetics market in China will usher in a new round of rapid growth in 2023. In the first half of this year, the total retail sales of cosmetics market reached 207.1 billion yuan, up 8.6% year-on-year.

The blue book shows that consumers tend to pay extra premium for high-quality products, among which the post-80 s and post-95 s are the main consumer groups. More than 80% of consumers are willing to spend money because cosmetics can provide high emotional value (improve the quality of life and happiness). At the same time, consumers’ purchasing decision-making process is becoming more rational.

In terms of product cognition, the resonance between ingredients, raw materials and R&D is pushing the beauty industry to turn to biotechnology, and the beauty market has entered the raw material bonus period, and the China raw materials of domestic beauty cosmetics are also widely loved. The olfactory economy is on the rise, and perfume brands have laid out the field of care. Green and safe sustainable beauty cosmetics are leading the new trend of health and beauty.

In 2023, the brand value of Oriental Meigu trademark reached 33.878 billion yuan.

In addition, the "Oriental Beauty Valley China Characteristic Cosmetic Raw Material Base Alliance" was officially unveiled at the opening ceremony.

Raw material innovation is the source of cosmetic research and development innovation. "Grasping the source is a very high-level thing." When interviewed by reporters, Yuan Fei, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of Oriental Meigu Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. said. The alliance was jointly initiated by China Fragrance, Flavor and Cosmetics Industry Association and Oriental Beauty Valley, and was jointly established with China characteristic plant raw material planting bases in Yunnan, Anhui, Shandong, Ningxia, Gansu, Sichuan, Xinjiang and Guangxi. In the future, the alliance will solve the problems of low added value of domestic raw materials technology and weak market competitiveness through raw material innovation and Industry-University-Research empowerment. In addition, quality standards related to China characteristic plant raw materials will be formulated, and the substitution process of domestic raw materials will be greatly accelerated with "Oriental Meigu Raw Materials" as a booster.

Opening ceremony site

Start the brand going to sea plan and lead the international development.

Ximu Zhenpin (Shanghai) Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. is a start-up company established in 2022 and officially settled in Oriental Beauty Valley in 2023. Talking about this choice, Hu Xiaoyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, expressed the hope that Ximu Zhenpin could borrow a boat and build itself into an international brand.

Going international has always been the development direction of Oriental Beauty Valley. As early as 2016, Oriental Beauty Valley signed a strategic cooperation agreement with French Cosmetics Valley, and "Double Valley Linkage" promoted the development of beautiful and healthy industries. In 2021, Oriental Beauty Valley built the "Oriental Beauty Valley Milan Center" in Milan, Italy, becoming the first overseas platform of China’s beauty industry, fully combining beauty and fashion. In addition, Oriental Beauty Valley has been cooperating with international trade associations and has close interaction with cosmetics trade associations in Denmark, Britain, Germany, Japan, South Korea and other countries.

On the stage of the opening ceremony of the International Cosmetics Conference, Oriental Beauty Valley officially launched a new voyage of "brand going out to sea".

Yuan Fei told reporters that cosmetics brands and products must find the right entry point in addition to product quality. Brand going out to sea is always on the road. With the local online live broadcast and offline shopping malls showing the Red Sea trend, local cosmetics enterprises have shown an urgent incremental demand for going out to sea.

[See you at 8: 00] China men’s basketball team missed the top 16 of the World Cup.

  At 8 o’clock every day, CCTV will sort out the big and small things that happened around us within 24 hours.


  ● The Ministry of Finance announced the national lottery in 2018, and the overdue prize money exceeded 2.5 billion yuan.

  ● Many provinces signed letters of responsibility to strive to reduce the myopia rate of children and adolescents by 0.5% every year.

  ● The Ministry of Ecology and Environment issues relevant annual reports, showing that mobile sources such as motor vehicles have become an important source of air pollution.

  ● Because the user privacy agreement of "ZAO”App is not standardized, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology conducted an inquiry interview with the relevant person in charge of Beijing Momo Technology Co., Ltd..

  ● The reporter learned from the People’s Bank of China on the 4th that P2P online lending institutions, whether in operation or out of operation, will be fully connected to the credit information system.

  ● Hetao Irrigation District in Inner Mongolia and Qianjinbei in Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province were included in the World Irrigation Project Heritage List in 2019 (the sixth batch).

  ● Beijing Daxing International Airport will have the official sailing conditions before September 15th.

  ● Hainan Province will include "unreasonable low-cost travel" in the category of public interest litigation.

  ● The China Tobacco Control Association released the survey results of 10 counties/towns in 8 cities, and nearly 60% of the cigarette outlets did not have signs prohibiting the sale of minors.

  ● Ma Hongjun, former deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of Yunnan Forestry Vocational and Technical College, was expelled from party membership and public office.

  ● In the final match of Group A of the 2019 Basketball World Cup held on the 4th, the China men’s basketball team lost to the Venezuelan team by 59:72, ranking third in the group with a record of 1 win and 2 losses, and missed the top 16.


  ● On September 4th, a New Zealand tourist bus rolled over, killing five tourists from China.

  ● On the 4th local time, an explosion occurred in a fireworks factory in India, and the death toll has risen to 19.

  ● The U.S. government intends to speed up the execution procedure of death penalty to punish the criminals of mass murder.

  ● The US-European satellite insurance collided, and the US company argued that the communication failure caused it to "do nothing".

  ● Iranian President Rouhani said on the 4th that Iran will further suspend the implementation of the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue.

  ● Due to the defection of some Members of Parliament, the British Prime Minister suffered a major setback in Parliament, or a general election will be held in advance.

  ● The South Korean Foreign Ministry said that the Rising Sun Flag is a symbol of militarism and should not appear in the Japanese Olympic Games.

  ● A formalin leakage accident occurred in a middle school in South Korea, and 51 students were sent to hospital.

  ● Scientists have warned that the melting amount of Greenland ice sheet in 2019 may set a historical record.

  ● A teenager in Britain only eats French fries, potato chips and white bread for a long time, and his eyes are blind due to nutritional imbalance.

  [hundred States]

  ● The trial of the man’s wife-killing case in Thailand ended, and the defendant refused to plead guilty. The case will be pronounced on November 8.

  ● The family members of the deceased in the Lijiang anti-killing case said that if the other party was sentenced to justifiable defense, they would not appeal.

  ● Due to the spontaneous combustion in the passenger’s charging treasure cabin, a flight of Eastern Airlines returned after taking off, and the police intervened in the investigation.

  ● Shanxi high-speed traffic police responded that "the police colluded with the car" and the police involved had been suspended.

  ● On the 4th, a crowded event occurred in the opening promotion of a shopping mall in Bazhong, Sichuan, which has injured 16 people.

  ● A public security bureau chief in Yunnan lost his horse and angered his mother. He cried in court when he was tried.

  ● Anhui cracked a huge network superstition fraud case, involving more than 50 million yuan.

  ● Huazhong University of Science and Technology responded to the suicide of Chen Zemin, a graduate student in 2016: it is fully cooperating with the public security organs to investigate and assisting the families of the students involved in handling the aftermath.

  ● A teacher of an off-campus cram school in Nanjing was arrested for allegedly molesting a female student.

  ● Nanning Customs cracked a major smuggling case of dried peppers from India and seized 620 tons of dried peppers involved.

  ● Hubei has launched a smart school bus. If a student is forgotten in the bus, the system will automatically call the police.

  ● According to astronomical experts, on the evening of the 6th of this month, Tianyu will stage "Jupiter and the Moon".

  Visual sense

  ● Recently, a brigade of the Air Force Aviation in the northern theater conducted ultra-low altitude valley flight training, and the pilot was clearly visible in the cabin.

  ● Rice in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture of Guizhou Province turns yellow one after another, and autumn is getting stronger.

  ● FIFA announced the emblem of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in 2022, which looks like a white trophy from a distance.


  ● If you complain about your work, if you feel wronged in your heart, first look at the picture below. 30,000 people support the safety of 7 million people.

  — — On the 4th, Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s wife, Jing He, forwarded a post in the official discussion forum of the Major League of Police Support on her personal Facebook page, supporting the Hong Kong police.


  ● Brown rice is rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, which is suitable for people with three highs.

  — — Weibo, the official of Gree Electric, responded that "Dong Mingzhu claimed to make rice cookers for the three high crowds".


  ● Mr. Tielang Dai, director and screenwriter of the animated film "Sheriff Black Cat", died at 19: 25 on the 4th due to illness at the age of 89.

  ● Recently, in Taizhou, Zhejiang, eight young "prospective doctors" worked together to save a suicidal woman who wanted to jump off a bridge on the way to the hospital for internship.

  ●78-year-old American writer Andrew • Kaplan is about to become the first "AndyBot" and realize "eternal life" on the cloud.

  See you at 8 o’clock tomorrow!

  Editor: Xiao Xiao Cai Chunlin

The Rockets want to return to the playoffs immediately. The media bluntly said that it is crucial to do five things well, and Wu Shuai can turn the stone into gold.

There are still more than two months before the start of the new NBA season. Of course, fans seem to be impatient. Especially on the Houston Rockets side, this summer, the management recruited people everywhere. Although they didn’t win the first-team super giant, the Rockets can’t be called the top strongmen, but in the past three years, the Rockets won only 59 games in total. Obviously, the team has no room for decline and they are likely to make progress in the new season.

Not to mention the final result, the Rockets definitely want to return to the playoff stage immediately, and it is crucial for the local media to do five things bluntly. This includes Amy Uduka’s coaching ability, overall defense of by going up one flight of stairs, experience advantages of new veterans, terrible bench depth and young players, which is expected.

As the new head coach of the Rockets, replacing Steve Silas with Amy Uduka may be the biggest promotion of the Rockets this summer. Amy Uduka led the Celtics back to the finals in her first year in office, which proved his strength. The media also believe that Wu Shuai can turn the stone into gold, truly make the talent of young Rockets players cash, and put the whole team on the right track.

Amy Uduka advocates defense and discipline. This summer, the management of the Rockets also found this type of player. From Fred Van Frith, Dillon Brooks, Amen Thompson to Jock Landale, plus jabari Smith, Jason Tate and Tarry Ethan who were originally in the Rockets, they may form a steel defense line in the new season.

The Rockets are free market this summer, and all the players they brought in are around 30 years old or above. What they have in common is that they have both fighting capacity and experience. Especially Fred Van Frith and Jeff Green, both of whom have championship experience, and Dillon Brooks and Jock Landale will also speak in the dressing room, and they can provide guidance and function for young players.

After the offseason reinforcement, the depth of the Rockets bench looks at the whole league, which may be outstanding. Kevin Porter Jr., Amen Thompson and Cam Whitmore all have the potential to become the super sixth man. Of course, don’t forget Jessean Tate and Tarry Ethan. They may have relatively average data, but they are indispensable frontline engineers for the Rockets.

Finally, the two rookie rockets Amen Thompson and Cam Whitmore are really exciting. Amen Thompson, in particular, can complement Jay Green perfectly, and his organizational and defensive abilities can come in handy immediately. Cam Whitmore was elected as the MVP award of the Summer League. Although the advantages and disadvantages are obvious, the Rockets can get a master of chaos in the 20th pick, and it is impossible to lose.

Na Qiao: You can’t have the joy of playing in a Real Madrid shirt anywhere else.

Live on March 11th, after beating the Spaniard 3-1, Real Madrid defender Na Qiao talked about the victory in an interview. Na Qiao said that the victory made the team full of confidence in a very important week.

This game is crucial to the team spirit?

Na Qiao: "Yes, we need to win. This victory gives us confidence in a very important week."

About assisting asensio.

Na Qiao: "I’m not used to that kind of rush, but things are going well and I’m happy for the team."

About the schedule

Na Qiao: "Every game is very important. We have a clear gap. We need to narrow the gap in every game, and the most important thing is the Nou Camp."

About the fans calling on you to stay.

Na Qiao: "I have goose bumps. This is my home. I am very happy today. I can’t express it in words. I won’t have the joy of playing in this jersey here anywhere else. I will remember such a thing, which will make me think in a more positive way. "