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Toy spoiler again, sexy goddess villain joins Marvel Comics.

I don’t expect Marvel Comics spoilers, but I can’t stop the spoilers of toy manufacturers.

Funko Pop, the spoiler, directly announced the new series of "X-Men ’97" series "Red Queen" Madeline Phulel doll, which is the role of limited animation that Marvel Comics is currently building.

In previous Marvel Comics movies, this character has never appeared, which is the first show.

If you haven’t read comics, Madeleine may not be familiar with them, but she has two more famous names in Marvel Comics, the Red Queen and the Fairy Queen, which are villains in the X-Men.

Everyone may be more familiar with the ontology of the Red Queen. Phoenix Qin Gelei and Hong Huangshou are clones of Qin Gelei. In order to fight against the apocalypse, Mr. Jing Xie, the villain in the X-Men, got Qin Gelei’s DNA and cloned the Red Queen.

After the death of Phoenix Qin, the Red Queen, who has the same ability as Qin, became a substitute, and also gave birth to a child with the laser eye, which is the cable that appeared in the movie Death Attendant 2. Unfortunately, Qin didn’t die and came back, which directly led to the blackening of the Red Queen and signed an agreement with the devil to become a villain.

The Red Queen has almost the same ability as Chin, with telepathic ability, and even some memories of phoenix force and Chin, so her ability is very fate.

Because the dressing style after blackening is very bold, it is also a role that major cartoonists like to draw very much. Send some illustrations.

The latest news of CBA! Basketball Association severely punished Shandong team, Jiangsu laid off Shi Yi, and Guangsha signed a super foreign aid contract.

In CBA, we have seen all kinds of wonderful tickets, including the conflict between Xi Reli Jiang and Shi Linjie in the hotel. However, when chinese basketball association issued a ticket again, it was a bit funny. Jia Cheng and Gao Shiyan of Shandong men’s basketball team were banned before, and Shandong men’s basketball team punished 10 yuan for them. As a result, chinese basketball association decided that Shandong men’s basketball team made inappropriate comments, and in this way, Shandong men’s basketball team was punished by 50,000!

Li Nan used many controversial players, including Shi Yi, when he was the head coach of China men’s basketball team. However, Shi Yi’s performance in Jiangsu men’s basketball team was a disaster, and he was laid off by Jiangsu men’s basketball team in this offseason.

The biggest problem in Zhejiang Guangsha is foreign aid. According to media reports, they have decided on the candidate for big foreign aid, that is, last season’s foreign aid for fire fighting, Willzhe, and the two sides have officially signed a contract.

When Gong Xiaobin was the head coach of Shandong Men’s Basketball Team, there was a famous saying that CBA and chinese basketball association were too dogmatic. After the match between Shandong men’s basketball team and Xinjiang men’s basketball team in CBA Summer League, Jia Cheng and Gao Shiyan were banned for one game. At that time, Shandong men’s basketball team also punished them for only 10 yuan.

Schira: Obamaian, Kovacic and other 10 players are not in Chelsea’s plan.

According to Italian journalist schira, many Chelsea players, including Obamaian, are not in Pochettino’s plan and may be sold this summer.

Schira lists Chelsea players who are not in Pochettino’s plan:



Abdul Baba





Puglisi qi



(Mu Zi)

Premier League-Liverpool 1-1 Villa retained the top 4 hopes, and firmino scored a curtain call at home.

At 22:00 Beijing time on May 20th, in the 37th round of Premier League, Liverpool played against Villa at home. In the first half, konate sent the ball, Watkins took the penalty and kicked the ball wide. Then Douglas-Louis passed the ball to the back to send an assist, and Ramsey pushed the goal. In the second half, VAR decided that Van Dyke was offside first, and Gakpo’s goal was invalidated. Then firmino and Milner came off the bench to finish the curtain call at home. At the end, Salah made a cross and sent an assist, and firmino scored a curtain call at home. At the end of the game, Liverpool’s 1-1 draw with Villa still retained the hope of being in the top four.

Key event

In the 22nd minute, konate delivered the ball, and Watkins took the penalty and kicked the ball wide.

In the 27th minute, Douglas-Louis passed the ball to the back and sent an assist. Ramsey pushed the goal and Villa scored 1-0 in Liverpool!

In the 55th minute, VAR decided that Van Dyke was offside first, and Gakpo’s goal was invalidated.

In the 90th minute, Salah made a cross and sent an assist. firmino made a curtain call at home and Liverpool scored 1-1 at Villa!

Wonderful GIF

Farewell to firmino, Red Army fans presented firmino’s portrait tifo before the game. Don’t give up parting, the little fans wore firmino masks and held flags to show their respect. In the 23rd minute, Watkins fell in the restricted area during the confrontation with Van Dyke, and the referee thought there was no problem.

The 40th minute, Ramsey hit the door from a small angle, and alysson blocked the ball. In the 45th minute, Mince kicked Gakpo with his foot lifted too high, and the referee showed a yellow card after being confirmed by VAR. In the 51st minute, Salah’s right-hand shot failed to hit strength, and Martinez confiscated the ball.

In the 64th minute, alex Moreno was injured and replaced, and Buendia came on as a substitute. In the 72nd minute, at home, firmino and Milner came off the bench. In the 90th+10th minute, the camera was given to firmino and Milner after the game.

Technical statistics

Liverpool starting:1- Allison Becker, 66- Alexander Arnold, 5- konate, 4- Van Dyke, 26- Robertson (72’21- Chimicas), 3- Fabinho (81’19- Elliot), 17- Curtis Jones (63’20- jota).

Substitute who didn’t play:62- kelleher, 2- Joe Gomez, 28- Fabio Carvalho, 32- Matip

Villa starts:1- Damien Martinez, 27- Digne (53’15- alex-Moreno) (65’10- Buendia), 4- Consa, 5- Mince, 2- Cash, 6- Douglas-Luis (87’32- Deng Doncoeur), 41- Ramsey, 41-Deng.

Substitute who didn’t play:38- Sinisalo, 9- Bertrand Traore, 25- Olson

From Juve’s abandonment to Milan’s darling, relying on Ibrahimovic’s Italian expert to explain what a system player is.

# 100 Watching Teams # As long as the system players in the green world are mentioned, it is difficult to avoid the name of Italian expert nocerino. It is no exaggeration to say that the days when he fought side by side with Ibrahimovic were so beautiful that the situation after he left Ibrahimovic was so embarrassing, as if he were a different person, which fully explained what a system player is:

Antonio nocerino was born in Naples on April 9, 1985. When he was a toddler, it happened to be the peak of Diego Maradona, the legendary Argentine superstar, who led the local Naples team to break the strong enemy repeatedly and even won the Serie A championship, which made the football atmosphere in Naples, which was already very fanatical, more and more fanatical. I don’t know how many children in Naples dreamed of becoming professional players.

It stands to reason that nocerino, who lived in such an environment as a child, should fall in love with football. But the reality is that nocerino was not interested in football as a child. However, nocerino’s father, who is a fanatical die-hard fan, not only asked his son to play football, but also became the coach of a youth football team. Nocerino entered the team coached by his father when he was about 5 years old. When nocerino was 13 years old, he left his hometown of Naples and went to Turin to join Youwen Youth Training Camp.

Under the training of Youwen Youth Training Camp, nocerino became a qualified professional player. He has an excellent professional attitude and will do his best as long as he sets foot on the court. Many players don’t want to do the dirty work. nocerino always tries to do it, and his attitude is positive. At the same time, as a midfielder, he still has a sense of goal as a striker, and he can always appear in the weak position of his opponent’s defense and send the ball to the door.

However, nocerino’s shortcomings are equally obvious. As a midfielder, although he is extremely active on the defensive end, his defensive ability has never reached the top level. Compared with Davies, Vieira and Lei Dongduo, which are recognized as top midfielders, there is a gap visible to the naked eye.

After defense, talk about attack. Although nocerino has an excellent sense of smell in front of the door, it can even make many forwards feel ashamed. However, his footwork skills are far from delicate. No matter passing or passing, it is not top-notch. It is difficult for the team to expect him to organize the attack, let alone expect him to send exquisite assists.

On the whole, nocerino is certainly good among young players of the same age. However, it is just good, far from the level of the other mountains all appear dwarfs under the sky.. It is almost impossible for a fledgling nocerino to get a foothold in the star-studded Juventus first team. Therefore, nocerino was loaned out early, and successively trained in small and medium-sized clubs such as Avilino, Genoa, Catanzaro, Crotone, Messina and Piacenza, and did not return to Juve until the summer of 2007.

As we all know, at that time, Juventus had not completely got rid of the negative impact caused by the Calciopoli incident, and it could not be compared with the Bianconeri before the Calciopoli incident, regardless of the lineup configuration or team strength. This is definitely not a good thing for Juventus. But for nocerino, who returned to Juventus, the advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages. Because this means that the competition he faces in Juventus is far less intense than when he was a rookie.

In the following 2007-08 season, nocerino got a lot of playing time and once became the main player of Juventus. However, his performance is hard to satisfy Juve. As a midfielder, he lacked creative passing, which made Juve’s midfield, which lacked creativity at that time, worse. It’s no exaggeration to say that nocerino’s performance on the offensive end is not as good as that of teammate Zaneti, who plays in the back. And his performance on the defensive end, it is also difficult to compare with Zaneti who was born in the lower back.

Nocerino’s performance not only disappointed Juve fans, but even the famous Moggi couldn’t stand it. The controversial Juventus exploits made it clear in an interview that nocerino’s performance on the pitch was unconvincing and Juventus should give Tiago some chances. Think about it, nocerino took out what kind of performance, will let Moggi make this statement?

In the summer of 2008, one year after nocerino returned to Juve, the Bianconeri made a decision to give him up and used him as a bargaining chip. Together with a large sum of cash, Amauri was traded from Palermo.

Although nocerino has been abandoned by Juventus so quickly, the competition in the team is far less intense than Palermo of the Bianconeri, and nocerino can still guarantee the main seat. As for his performance on the court, it can only be regarded as quite satisfactory, and it is definitely not outstanding. Otherwise, Milan wouldn’t have let Palermo agree to let people go with a transfer fee of 1 million euros and half of Ricardo Ferreira’s ownership.

I’m afraid even Milan didn’t expect that the performance of new signing nocerino on the court would be so fierce. When he first arrived here, he scored an endless stream of wonderful goals, dazzling people, and soon became the darling of Milan, as can be seen from his great title of "King of Promise".

However, when nocerino was imposing, few people realized that nocerino’s good performance during his time in Milan was actually closely related to the existence of Ibrahimovic. Ibrahimovic, who was at the peak at that time, had a strong personal ability. Even under the heavy defense of his opponent, he could still create a lot of scoring opportunities for nocerino. The existence of Ibrahimovic also covers up nocerino’s lack of creativity to some extent.

In the summer of 2012, Ibrahimovic bid farewell to Milan and moved to Paris Saint-Germain. However, the Rossoneri didn’t sell nocerino, who was extremely dependent on Ibrahimovic, the first time he lost Ibrahimovic. On the contrary, they had high hopes for him, and the result can be imagined. The performance of this Italian expert is extremely disappointing and he has become a systematic player in the mouth of the media and fans.

In the days that followed, although nocerino worked so hard, he could never find the feeling of playing beside Ibrahimovic, let alone becoming the main force of Milan. Even playing for Turin could not guarantee his main seat, which was an embarrassment. This situation continued until 2020, when nocerino announced his retirement.

Data-Driven Operation | Future Development Direction of Smart Building System

Smart building refers to upgrading traditional buildings to intelligent buildings through Internet of Things technology, so as to realize more efficient and intelligent management and operation. Through the connection and cooperation of various sensors, equipment and systems, smart buildings can realize real-time monitoring, analysis and control of all aspects of buildings, thus improving energy utilization efficiency, optimizing space utilization and safety management, and bringing people a more comfortable and intelligent living and working environment.

(Firehawk Technology Intelligent Building System Development smart.figo.cn)

First, the characteristics of smart buildings

Smart buildings use the Internet of Things technology to connect all devices with the system to realize intelligent management and control. Through big data analysis and artificial intelligence algorithm, the automatic monitoring and management of facilities and energy in buildings are realized. In addition, the smart building also has a visual monitoring system and intelligent maintenance management, which can know the usage and maintenance status of the building in real time and improve the overall management efficiency and safety of the building.

(Firehawk Technology Intelligent Building System Development smart.figo.cn)

Second, the advantages of smart buildings

Smart buildings can improve the operation efficiency and energy utilization rate of buildings and reduce the operation cost and energy consumption through automatic and intelligent management. At the same time, smart buildings can also improve the comfort and health of living and working environment, and provide better use experience and services for residents and enterprises. In addition, smart buildings can also realize the integration and sharing of building information, which is convenient for different departments and users in the building to work together and communicate.

(Firehawk Technology Intelligent Building System Development smart.figo.cn)

Third, the application scenarios of smart buildings

Smart buildings can be widely used in office buildings, residential buildings, commercial complexes and other buildings. In the office building, the smart building can realize the automatic adjustment and management of the office environment, and improve the work efficiency and comfort of employees. In residential buildings, smart buildings can realize intelligent control and management of family living environment and improve the quality of life and safety of residents. In the commercial complex, smart buildings can realize the intelligent management and operation of commercial facilities and services, and improve the efficiency of commercial operations and user experience.

(Firehawk Technology Intelligent Building System Development smart.figo.cn)

Firehawk Technology Smart Building System takes the life cycle data of buildings as the core, and integrates new ICT technologies such as Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and big data based on the three-dimensional technology of digital twins to build a new generation of smart buildings with high technology, efficiency, safety, green and health, so as to enhance the image of the park’s external services and reduce costs and increase efficiency in its internal operations.

Football News: Wei Shihao, Yan Dinghao and Li Yang are basically locked in the three towns.

Live broadcast on March 11th, according to Lu Mi, a reporter from Football News, three Guangzhou players, Wei Shihao, Yan Dinghao and Li Yang, were basically confirmed in the three towns of Wuhan, which showed enough sincerity in the process. After a long negotiation and waiting, three players were finally confirmed to join the team, which made the team more competitive. Under the current downward football market, the stable investment of the three towns and the AFC Champions League still have certain appeal to the players.