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Looking at BYD from the Long-term Perspective behind the Release of "Yunnian"

   ■Xing Rui  

  Innovation is endless.
  On April 10th, BYD once again made a major technological breakthrough — — With the release of the "Cloud" system, the industry marveled at the high efficiency and ability of BYD’s self-developed technology, and at the same time marveled at the "wide and deep" moat of BYD.

Than 1

  Wang Chuanfu, chairman and president of BYD Group, made an image metaphor for the technical release of "Yunqi". He said that BYD has fished up another "fish" (from the "technical fish pond").  

  "Cloud chariot" means more than "from zero to one"
  It is no exaggeration to describe this year’s auto market as "big wind and waves", but no matter how big the wind and waves are, they can’t stop the pace of the strong. After winning the title of China auto market in 2022 with sales of 1.8 million vehicles, BYD still maintained its strong style in the first quarter of this year, with monthly sales exceeding 200,000 vehicles, accounting for nearly 40% of the new energy vehicle market. Behind the sales volume is the full-stack self-research technology that supports BYD to get out of the "big bull" market — — Blade battery, CTB technology, easy quartet, BYD step by step, on the road of technological innovation, "braving the wind and waves."
  Now, BYD has taken another big step on the road of self-developed technology: On April 10th, BYD released the world’s first new energy exclusive intelligent body control system — — "Cloud chariot". As the latest achievement of full-stack self-research, "Yunnian" marks that BYD has become the first China automobile enterprise to master the intelligent body control system independently.
  "Cloud chariot" is taken from "Wei Shu": "The cloud chariot worships the cool, and the royal banquet is peaceful". Among them, the "chariot" is the ancient emperor’s car. The "cloud" symbolizes the creation of a lighter and more stable driving experience with intelligent technology. It not only has the ultimate pursuit of travel in ancient times, but also integrates modern advanced technology, which is also the "Chinese new luxury" refined by Wang Chuanfu.

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  "Yunqi is China people’s own body control system." Wang Chuanfu said: "The birth of Yunqi has rewritten the history that body control technology relies on foreign countries, filled the domestic technical gap and achieved a breakthrough from 0 to 1. On the other hand, ‘ Yunqi ’ Beyond the foreign technical level, it stood in the leading position in the industry as soon as it debuted, completed the upgrade from 1 to 2, and climbed another peak. "  

  "You choose the route, and leave the rest to Yunqi."
  Wang Chuanfu’s speech was interrupted several times by warm applause on the spot. One time, when he introduced the origin of "Yunqi" (three-dimensional thinking of vertical direction control), he said: "You choose the route and leave the rest to Yunqi." What heroism and technical confidence this is.
  "Easy Sifang" is a heavy technology released by BYD at the beginning of this year, which can realize four-wheel independent drive and effectively avoid the "secondary injury" caused by flat tire during high-speed driving. Only three months later, BYD’s "Cloud chariot" eliminated the "secondary injury". In a video demonstration that looked up at U9 as an example, U9 with a flat tire could still run stably on three wheels.
  In Wang Chuanfu’s lecture, BYD’s "cloud" technical idea became clearer and clearer, breaking the original "convention" for the vertical control industry of the car body — — Instead of starting with a single technology or hardware, a systematic solution is adopted to upgrade the "vertical and horizontal two-dimensional" control to the "vertical and horizontal three-dimensional" control, which is like plugging the electric and intelligent "wings" into the vertical control of the car body.
  "Cloud chariot" can effectively restrain the change of body posture, greatly reduce the risk of vehicle rollover and reduce the sitting displacement of drivers and passengers. At the same time, the cloud chariot system can effectively protect the car body under complex road conditions such as snow, mud and water, avoid the collision damage of the whole car caused by terrain, improve the comfort and safety of driving, and realize the double protection of people and cars.

Than 3

  The "Yunqi" product matrix includes Yunqi -C, Yunqi -A, Yunqi -P and other products, which will greatly enhance the driving experience of consumers from the dimensions of comfort, control, safety and off-road.  

  Yunqi -C: Yunqi -C intelligent damping body control system realizes the perfect compatibility of vehicle comfort and sportiness. Yunqi -C hardware has been installed on some configuration versions of BYD Han, Tang and Tengshi D9 models, and will be upgraded to Yunqi -C system through OTA.
  Yunqi -A: Yunqi -A intelligent air body control system makes the whole vehicle have the ultimate comfort, support and passability, and sets a new benchmark for luxury. Take the first leap N7.
  Yunqi -P: Yunqi -P intelligent hydraulic body control system can realize super-high lift, four-wheel linkage and camping adjustment, and create a new peak of luxury off-road in the world. First take a look at brand U8.
  Wang Chuanfu summed up the safety upgrade brought by "Yunqi" quite well. He said, "Let the luxurious ceiling be higher and the bottom line of safety be firmer."
  "Super technology" opens the door to the new world
  At the end of the conference, it was an essential "egg".
  Looking up at U9 equipped with cloud -X technology came to the center of the stage with an unprecedented "swing" posture. Finally, it completed the appearance show with a four-wheel simultaneous jump from the ground.

Than 4

  The seemingly simple jumping and swinging is actually the Yunqi -X full-active body control technology, which can realize high-order functions such as "0" roll, "0" pitch, three-wheeled driving, vehicle dancing and in-situ take-off, and represents the highest level of the global body control system.  

  Lian Yubo, executive vice president of BYD and president of Automotive Research Institute, simply summed it up as "a small step for car body control and a big step for comfortable travel." He said that Yunqi intelligent body control system is a super technology with both extreme experience and extreme safety. It will bring subversive improvement to the driving experience with excellent genes of high intelligence, safety protection, stable driving and full coverage to ensure the safety and stability of the whole vehicle.
  It can be said that technology will always be BYD’s "bottom logic", with 69,000 technicians and 28,000 authorized patents, and the accumulated investment in research and development exceeds 100 billion yuan … … These figures, Wang Chuanfu is like a few treasures, and he is also proud of it. He believes that BYD’s self-developed technology is a necessary and correct choice to maintain its iterative ability. "We are fighting for engineers, fighting for the ability of vertical integration, fighting for market strategy and fighting for scale advantages." The word "fight" shows the fierce market competition and BYD’s sense of urgency to seize the day. With the geometric growth of R&D investment, BYD’s "technical fish pond" is getting bigger and bigger, its technical reserves are getting richer and richer, and its confidence in participating in all-round competition is getting more and more sufficient. Wang Chuanfu said, "When it is critical (for example, looking forward to brand release), it will be fished out."

Than 5

  Therefore, BYD’s success today is not due to luck, but the inevitable result of "persisting in the initial intention" and "bold innovation", and it is the persistent "technology-based enterprise" that pushes BYD all the way forward. In March this year, BYD won the championship with sales of more than 200,000 vehicles, and was far ahead of other car companies with a market share of nearly 40%.  

  Nowadays, the strong rise of Tengshi brand, the expectation of brand release and the landing of more high-end technologies such as "Yunqi" have opened the door to the future for BYD, and on the other side of the door, it is a "new world" that China brand has been yearning for for for a long time, but it has never been touched. (Image courtesy of BYD)

Xinxiang Zhiji LS6 drastically reduced the price! The discount is 10 thousand, and the discount waits for no one

[car home Xinxiang Promotion Channel] Good news! There are preferential activities going on in Xinxiang area, with a maximum discount of 10,000 yuan! The minimum starting price of this car is 219,900 yuan. If you want to know more about the discount, please click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get a higher discount.


Zhiji LS6 is a stylish and dynamic SUV. The front face is decorated with a large area of chrome, and the air intake grille adopts a unique starlight design, and the overall style is very recognizable. The body lines are smooth and strong, which shows the sense of strength and movement of the vehicle. The design style of Zhiji LS6 is in line with the aesthetic needs of modern young people, and people can be attracted by its unique appearance at a glance. The side of the car body adopts a suspended roof design, the roof line is smooth, and the door handle adopts a hidden design, which makes the overall shape more concise and smooth. The exterior design of Zhiji LS6 is excellent, which is a highlight of the car system. Whether driving on city streets or highways, it can attract the attention of passers-by.


Zhiji LS6 is a medium-sized SUV with a body size of 4904*1988*1669, a wheelbase of 2950mm, a front track of 1698mm and a rear track of 1707mm. The car has a 235/50 R20 front tyre size and a 255/45 R20 rear tyre size, and the tire width is larger, providing better grip and handling performance. The side lines of the car are smooth, showing a dynamic and steady design style, and the rim style is fashionable and atmospheric, highlighting the sporty atmosphere of the car.


The interior design of Zhiji LS6 is full of modernity and technology. The 26.3-inch central control screen is a highlight of the car system, which can realize voice recognition control of multimedia system, navigation, telephone and air conditioning. The leather steering wheel provides a comfortable grip and supports manual up and down+front and rear adjustment. The front row is equipped with two Type-Cs and one USB/Type-C interface in the back row, which is convenient for users to charge. The front row is also equipped with a mobile phone wireless charging function. The seat is made of imitation leather and genuine leather. The main seat supports four-way adjustment of front and rear, backrest, height, leg rest and lumbar support, while the auxiliary seat supports two-way adjustment of front and rear, backrest and height. The front seats are also equipped with heating and ventilation functions, and support the driver’s seat memory function. The second row of seats supports backrest adjustment, and the rear seats support proportional reclining, providing passengers with a more comfortable riding experience.


Zhiji LS6 is a powerful car, and its engine has a maximum power of 231 kW and a maximum torque of 450 N m.. This means that it can provide enough power for drivers to feel excellent acceleration and speed while driving. Whether on urban roads or highways, Zhiji LS6 can bring excellent driving experience.

In the word-of-mouth evaluation of car home car owners, we saw that the appearance of Zhiji LS6 was highly praised. He mentioned that the appearance of the vehicle is fashionable, with the shadow of the Porsche Cayenne, but it also incorporates unique design elements, such as hollow air holes in the front and flaming red-lipped headlights in the back. In addition, he mentioned that it can be changed to through taillights for free at present, which gives consumers more choices. The innovation and flexibility of Zhiji LS6 in design undoubtedly add more attraction to it. Judging from the word-of-mouth evaluation of car home owner @ Yitisga, the exterior design of Zhiji LS6 is undoubtedly a highlight of this model. In the future, with the participation of more owners, we believe that the exterior design of Zhiji LS6 will be recognized and loved more and more.

The cinema movie "Cloud Dream" was officially launched. Zhang Xingyao has grown up to protect traditional culture.

  On December 15th, Wang Yuan, Baozhong Shan and Jin Doucan were the producers, Zheng Xiantai was the director, Deng Liguang was the photography director, and Ji Wang, Shan Sijie, Baozhong Shan and Zhang Xingyao starred in Yunmeng, Hubei Province. The film was produced by Hubei Dazizai Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., and jointly produced by Yunmeng Guze Cultural Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Qianhai Dazizai Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. Among them, the actor Zhang Xingyao plays a rich girl with a complete growth line.

  Continuation of historical and cultural heritage and protection of cultural relics

  The movie Cloud Dream takes the protection of cultural relics as the theme, takes the cloud dream region as the background, tells the legendary story of father and son guarding precious cultural relics, and presents the long history and rich culture of cloud dream to the world by means of film and television. According to the director, this film was made to show the culture of Yunmeng Chuwangcheng and the local customs, and introduce the local characteristics and culture of Yunmeng to China and even the whole world. The release of the film is of great significance to the inheritance of cultural relics protection and the continuation of history and culture.

  This is a family story film with ideological and artistic features. The total shooting length is about 105 minutes. The actor Zhang Xingyao plays a rich girl in the film. After experiencing personal growth, she finally contributes to the protection of precious cultural relics. Zhang Xingyao is handsome in appearance and unique in temperament, which is highly suitable for the role in the film. What kind of wonderful presentation will she have? What do young people think about the protection and inheritance of cultural relics? Let’s see from the movie.

  Zhang Xingyao leads the starring role and depicts the warm story with heart.

  Zhang Xingyao is one of the leading stars of the film, and at the same time, with Ji Wang, Shan Sijie and Shan Bao as partners, he will jointly interpret a warm film that reflects the social reality and highlights the spirit of the people to protect cultural relics, showing the audience the participation and efforts of the Chinese people in the protection of cultural relics, and at the same time making people understand and love China traditional culture more. Zhang Xingyao has launched a number of new film and television dramas this year: The Eight Thieves, The Record of Smelling Scenes, The Legend of Jianghu Detective, and The Second and Third Seasons of Return to 1993.

  In various types of works, Zhang Xingyao tries hard to explore and hone her acting skills, and constantly opens a new role chapter, bringing different points of view to the audience. Next, the online drama "The War of Housewives" and the movie "The Night Inn" starring her will also meet with you in 2024. I look forward to the wonderful performance of the actor Zhang Xingyao on the screen, bringing more high-quality works, and the future can be expected.

Detailed illustration of the basic standard swimming posture of "Life Home"

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With a jingle, before explaining the essentials of breaststroke, I will introduce it to you: "Rower’s legs don’t move, close your hands and then close your legs, first extend your arms and then kick your legs, and then straighten up and float for a while." As you can see from the jingle, the hand moves before the leg. Be sure to close your leg after you stop, and then kick after you reach out.

Arm movement

1. delimit. Put your hands forward and tilt your palms at about 45 degrees (little finger up). Draw your hands outward and backward at the same time, and then bend your arms backward and downward.

2. Draw inside. The palm turns inward from the outside, and the hand drives the forearm to accelerate the inward stroke. The hands are close together in the chest from the bottom up (the hands are high and the elbows are low, and the elbows are under the shoulders) and extend forward.

3. Stretch forward. Stretch your hands forward (elbow straight). It should be reminded that the outward stroke is relaxed, the inward stroke is hard, the completion is accelerated, and the forward stroke is positive.

Complete coordination action

Raise your head for air when you row your hands outside, lower your head and hold your breath slightly when you row your hands inside, and kick and exhale when you stretch your hands forward.

Leg movement

Retract your legs

Bend your knees and retract your legs, keep your heels close to your hips, and slowly retract your legs behind your thighs, which can reduce resistance. At the end of leg retraction, the knees are shoulder width apart, the calves are perpendicular to the water surface, and the feet are near the water surface.

Turn your feet.

The distance between the feet is greater than the distance between the knees. The feet are everted, the toes are facing outward, the feet are facing the sky, and the inner sides of the calves and feet are aligned with the water, like the English letter "W".


In fact, it is the process of leg straightening (hip flexion and knee extension), in which the waist, abdomen and thigh exert force at the same time, and the calf and the inner side of the foot push the water at the same time, first outward, backward and downward, then inward and upward, just like drawing a half circle. Pushing the water outward and clamping the water inward are continuous, that is, pushing the belt and clamping it.

When the pedaling is completed, the legs are straight together, the feet are turned inward, and the toes are opposite. Don’t push the water too hard, but accelerate it from slow to fast. The pedal speed is the fastest when the legs are nearly straight and close together.


After the legs are together and straightened, they slide for a short time (1-2 seconds).



Swimming is a whole-body exercise, and the activities of any part are inseparable from the coordination of the whole body. On the surface, freestyle relies on paddling and kicking to generate propulsion. In fact, the role of trunk can not be ignored. First of all, the torso should maintain a certain degree of tension. If the waist is soft, the whole person is like a pool of mud. Secondly, the rotation of the body can effectively exert the strength of the large muscle groups in the trunk, reduce the resistance and improve the work effect.

There are many forms of complete cooperation in freestyle. Generally speaking, it is common to paddle twice, fetch water six times and breathe once.

Arm entry action

1. The entry point of the hand is between the extension line of the shoulder and the midline of the body, leading with the thumb and obliquely inserting the water.

2. After entering the water, the hands, elbows and shoulders continue to stretch forward to stretch the arms. With the rotation of the body, bend your wrist and elbow, and your arms catch water outward and backward; After the hand paddles to the lowest point, rotate the arm to paddle inward, upward and backward, and keep the paddling posture with high elbow and bent arm.

3. When the arm is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, take the lead, accelerate the water push, and turn the arm to paddle outward, upward and behind until the thigh side, and lift the elbow out of the water.

4. After the water comes out, the arm moves forward naturally and relaxedly through the air, keeping the elbow posture high. Then hand in front of the shoulder leading into the water, start the next action.

(1) The arm paddles underwater in a curved line. From the side, the stroke trajectory of the hand relative to the body is "S".

(2) There are three basic forms of freestyle two-arm cooperation: front cross cooperation, middle cross cooperation and back cross cooperation. This picture is in the form of front cross, which is easy for beginners to master.

One-arm stroke is an action that beginners should focus on. As shown in this figure, the left arm strokes, then the right arm can support the board. Generally, the leg draws water for about 10 times, and the arm paddles once. You can add breathing exercises when you master it to a certain extent. The specific number of groups and practice methods will be introduced in detail in teaching.

Whip kick in the leg

1. The kicking action starts from the hip, and the thigh drives the calf to make a whipping action.

2. Kick the leg upward from the corner. Start with a straight leg, bend your knees when your feet are close to the water, and lift your calves up so that your feet can get out of the water and then draw water down. At first, you can kick water with your straight legs, but your legs are slightly relaxed and don’t be stiff. Your legs will naturally bend under the pressure of water. The knee joint bends at an angle of about 130-160 degrees before the downward stroke, and the stroke range is about 30-40 cm. Stretch your feet (ballet feet) when you draw water, and don’t hook your feet.


backstrokeAlso known as backstroke, it is a swimming posture in which the human body lies on its back in the water. Backstroke includes back breaststroke and back crawl, because the face is on the water and breathing is convenient, but swimmers can’t see where they are swimming and are easy to go in the wrong direction. Backstroke is the only position in which an athlete starts in the water, and the others all jump into the water.

1. When the arm is paddling, the water comes out with the thumb ahead. When the arm is moved, the arm is perpendicular to the water surface and the upper arm is close to the ear. In the process of moving the arm, the arm rotates, and when entering the water, the little finger is inserted into the water ahead.

2. If the head position is 12 o’clock, the water entry points of both hands are at 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock. After the hand enters the water, paddle straight down.

3. The arm stroke should be coordinated with the body rotation, and the position difference between the shoulders is constantly formed.

4. The two arms are crossed in the stroke, that is, the two arms are always in opposite positions. When one arm is paddling, the other arm moves.

5, the head remains stable without swinging left and right.

Backstroke coordination

1. Although breathing is not limited, it is best to use rhythmic breathing, or to inhale when one arm is fixed. After all, there will be waves and splashes when paddling and moving in the water. Breathing at will is easy to choke water.

2. Keep a horizontal body posture. The trunk and shoulders rotate around the longitudinal axis with the arm movements, and one shoulder is always out of the water.

3. Generally, every stroke is 2 times, the legs are drawn 6 times, and the breathing is 1 time.

4, the legs alternately whip up and down to draw water. Draw water up quickly and forcefully, with your feet slightly turned inward and stretched straight, and your legs and feet naturally relax when you draw water down.

matters need attention

1. When moving the arm, the arm should not be too wide close to the body.

2. If the arm is easy to bend when moving, you can temporarily lead the water with your little finger, and then lead the water with your thumb after getting into the habit of straight arm.

3. Keep your body stretched, upright, and almost horizontally lying on your back on the water, as if lying flat on the bed with a short pillow under your head.


Backstroke legs should experience the thigh force, both lifting and pressing, and experience the feeling that the thigh drives the calf.

butterfly stroke

butterfly stroke

Butterfly stroke is one of the swimming events, and the butterfly stroke technique evolved on the basis of breaststroke technique. The butterfly stroke is the last developed stroke among the four competitive swimming strokes. Because its leg movements resemble dolphins, it is also called "dolphin swimming".

1. The hand entry point of butterfly stroke is on the extension line of two shoulders, leading with the thumb and obliquely inserting into the water.

2. After entering the water, stretch your shoulders and elbows forward, and grab the water outward, backward and downward with both hands along the curve. When your hands are shoulder-width apart, bend your elbows and speed up the stroke.

3. After the hands are separated to reach the maximum width, the arms turn inward, upward and backward, and keep the elbows bent when the arms are lifted. When your hands are under your chest or abdomen, the distance between your hands is the shortest.

4. The combination of breathing and stroke is also the key to butterfly stroke. When the arm finishes paddling inward, the head comes out of the water to inhale, and when the arm is moved, the head returns to the water. Remember two "before", that is, the head comes out of the water before the hand comes out, and the hand enters the water before it enters the water.

Butterfly stroke coordination

1. When the distance between the two hands in butterfly stroke is close to the nearest distance, the direction of arm stroke changes again, and it turns to outward, upward and backward strokes until the water comes out.

2. After paddling out of the water, the arm moves forward through the air under the drive of the shoulder. When preparing to enter the water, the arm moves forward from both sides in a low, flat and relaxed posture.

3. It is difficult to master the body posture of butterfly stroke, and it is also difficult to master the whip kick. When studying butterfly, we will have special decomposition exercises to let you master the operation step by step.

Matters needing attention in butterfly stroke

1. The stroke route of butterfly stroke is generally "keyhole" shape, which means that the distance between hands under the chest or abdomen is the shortest, and this stroke route before and after is relatively uniform.

2, pay attention to the butterfly limbs movement is both arms and legs at the same time coordinated force.

An open letter to parents in the city to take the lead in implementing the prohibition of minors from entering entertainment places

An open letter to parents in the city to take the lead in implementing the prohibition of minors from entering entertainment places

Dear parents,

Minors are the future of the motherland, the hope of the nation and the new force to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream. In China, minors refer to citizens under the age of 18. According to the Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) on the Protection of Minors, Regulations on the Administration of Entertainment Places, Regulations on the Administration of Internet Service Business Places and other laws and regulations, minors are not allowed to enter the following places:

A, song and dance entertainment places (such as KTV, disco, slow roll bar, etc.);

2. Internet service business premises (Internet cafes, e-sports hotels, etc.);

Three, the electronic game equipment set up in the game entertainment places (except for national statutory holidays, shall not be provided to minors, winter and summer holidays do not belong to national statutory holidays);

Four, the script entertainment places (except for national statutory holidays, rest days and summer holidays, not to provide script entertainment to minors).

The operation mode and content of the above-mentioned places do not conform to the physiological and psychological characteristics of minors, which will have a negative impact on their physical and mental health. In recent years, there have also been criminal cases in song and dance entertainment places in our city due to the acceptance of minors. It is the common responsibility of schools, families and society to prohibit minors from entering relevant cultural and entertainment places. Parents are children’s first teachers, and family is the first line of defense to protect children. Parents should set an example for their children with correct thoughts, noble personality and good words and deeds, establish a good family style, establish a harmonious family, and create a family environment conducive to children’s growth. However, in the cultural law enforcement inspection, it is found that individual parents do not know enough, and even take their children to family gatherings in song and dance entertainment places, and organize birthday parties for their children in song and dance entertainment places.

Winter vacation and Spring Festival are coming. Parents are requested to correctly guide and enrich their children’s holiday activities, play an exemplary role, and do not violate laws and regulations to bring their children into entertainment places. It is necessary to keep abreast of children’s holiday activities, know whether children have entered Internet cafes, KTV, electronic game business places, etc., guide children to recognize the harm caused by bad online games, evil cartoons, bad novels, internet gambling, etc., and enhance students’ awareness of self-discipline. If found, they should be stopped and educated in time.

To protect minors, we need legal constraints, parental care and multi-party cooperation to build a "guardian alliance". Here, we urge parents to further shoulder the responsibility of educating and supervising their children, pay close attention to the growing environment of minors and protect their healthy growth. If you find that the above-mentioned places in our city accept minors, you can call 12345 to report it, and Pingliang cultural law enforcement department will investigate and deal with it in time.

? ? ? ? ?Pingliang culture market comprehensive administration supervision lochus

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The 6th "Meikang Cup" Basketball League opens in Lhasa.

  On September 15th, the 6th "Meikang Cup" Basketball League in Lhasa, jointly organized by Lhasa Sports Bureau and Lhasa Basketball Association, opened. There are three groups in this competition: men’s five-a-side institutions, social groups and women’s five-a-side institutions. There are 56 teams from Lhasa counties (districts), functional parks, municipal units, enterprises and troops stationed in the city, the masses and social groups, and more than 800 people participated. The scale of the competition is the highest ever.

  At the opening ceremony, the organizer specially invited Jumping Soul, the only trampoline dunk performance team in Asia, to bring a passionate fancy trampoline dunk performance. It is reported that the team has boarded NBA, KBL, World Cup, CCTV Spring Festival Evening, CBA and other famous stadiums and stages.

  On the first day of the competition, in the opening match between Tibet Ruiqi Timber Team and Tibet Meikang Team, the athletes staged a wonderful confrontation, which attracted applause and screams from the audience. During the break, the passionate basketball baby cheerleaders showed their dynamic dances to the fans and audience at the scene, which attracted bursts of applause.

  La Zhen, deputy secretary and director of the Party Group of Lhasa Sports Bureau, said, "Lhasa Basketball League is a basic event to meet the diversified needs of the people’s sports and has been recognized by the masses. At present, the Sports Bureau of Lhasa is actively planning national fitness events in the second half of the year, for example, the Lhasa Farmers and Herdsmen Games held at the end of October. At the end of December, Ding Junhui, O ‘Sullivan and other famous athletes were invited to participate in the Lhasa Snooker Competition. In addition, we are planning the Skinracho Swim Experience Tournament. "

  This tournament lasted for 13 days, and after 118 fierce competitions, it will close on September 27th. The purpose of the competition is to build a basketball exchange platform, strengthen communication among basketball fans, strengthen national unity, enhance friendship, learn skills and improve together, so as to promote the development of sports in Lhasa.

  Tibet Daily hosts a 24-hour news/advertising hotline: 6970000 domestic unified serial number: CN54-0009 postal code: 67-20.

La Liga-vinicius, Militao and asensio each scored a goal. Real Madrid reversed the Spaniard 3-1.

Live broadcast on March 11 th At 21 o’clock on March 11 th, Beijing time, Real Madrid played against the Spaniards in the 25th round of La Liga. In the first half, Jose Lu took the lead in breaking the goal, and courtois contributed to the key save. vinicius and Militang successively broke the goal to help the team complete the overtaking. In the second half, Rodrigo hit the crossbar with a free kick, Gabriel came off the bench but was injured, and asensio scored a single goal in stoppage time to kill the game. At the end of the game, Real Madrid 3-1 Spaniard.

[Key Events of Competition]

In the eighth minute, the Spaniard found the right side of the frontcourt with a long pass in the backcourt. Sanchez swept the penalty area with a low flat ball. Jose Lu easily outflanked the goal and the Spaniard scored 1-0 in Real Madrid. ↓

In the 23rd minute,

In the 39th minute, Joan Ameni made a cross from the outside instep on the left side of the restricted area. Militao nodded and scored a goal, and Real Madrid scored 2-1 against the Spaniard. ↓

In the 92nd minute, Na Qiao rushed 30 meters to send a straight plug, and asensio got a single-handedly close angle, and Real Madrid won 3-1 with the Spaniard. ↓

[Moment of Competition Focus]

In the second minute, Braithwaite hit the door on the left side of the penalty area and was blocked by Militao. ↓

In the 13th minute, Cammavinga hit the door too hard in the restricted area and was caught by the goalkeeper. ↓

In the 14th minute, the Spaniard scored a free kick, and Sosa was blocked by courtois. ↓

In the 24th minute, Cross shot the ball high from the top of the arc. ↓

In the 47th minute, the Spaniard tried to cheat with a kick in midfield. ↓

In the 49th minute, modric kicked a free kick into the penalty area, and the defender cleared the ball first. ↓

In the 70th minute, Cross shot high from the outside. ↓

In the 74th minute, Rodrigo scored a free kick, and the ball bypassed the wall and hit the crossbar to pop up the bottom line. ↓

At the end of the game, Real Madrid 3-1 Spaniard.

[Information on both sides’ starting and replacement]

Real Madrid starters: 1- courtois, 2- carvajal, 3- Militao, 6- Na Qiao, 12- Camanga, 8- Cross (74′ 19- Sebastian), 10- modric (72′ 11- asensio), 15- valverde, 18- Joan Armani (74).

Real Madrid substitutes: 13- Lu Ning, 26- Luis Lopez, 5- vallejo, 7- Azar, 16- Odriosola, 17- Vá zquez and 24- Mariano.

Spanish starters: 13- Pacheco, 2- Oscar-Hill (69′ 18- Pierre-Gabriel (84′ 22- Alex-vidal)), 4- cabrera, 23- Montes, 24- Sergey-Gomez (85′ 21- Melamed), 10- Dader.

Spanish substitutes: 1- Joao Garcia, 25- Alvaro Fernandez, 5- Caleiro, 14- Olivain, 16- Lasso, 20- Exposito, 19- Dani Gomez.

Epic CEO: Commercial AI should not use works for training without the author’s permission.

Epic Games is not only the game and technology, but also the parent company of ArtStation, a platform for hosting commercial artists’ works. In a recent interview, Tim sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, said that he hoped the company would strike a balance between the protection of works of art and the participation of creators in new technologies such as AI image generation.

A few months ago, ArtStation created a label called "noAI" because of the protests of many artists, and the tagged works will be banned from being used by the AI system on its platform.

Sweeney said: "We support many game developers. Some of them will use artificial intelligence, and some people will hate artificial intelligence. We hope to be a reliable neutral intermediary that does not hinder the development of the industry, but we will not deliberately collect data on everyone’s works. "

During the interview, he also explained that if it is for commercial use, the AI system should never use their works without the unification of artists.

He added: "They grab people’s works of art on the Internet and then use it without their explicit consent."

"A company should not do such a thing, right? Maybe it is within the scope of research and study (no problem), but when you sell it for making commercial works of art and commercial products, you should not do so. "

Gao Zhidan: In view of the serious problems in the field of football, we are studying solutions and ways.

On the morning of March 12th, the first session of the 14th National People’s Congress held its fifth plenary meeting in the Great Hall of the People. After the meeting, the third "Ministerial Channel" interview was held, and some responsible persons of relevant ministries and commissions in the State Council were invited to attend the meeting.

A reporter asked Gao Zhidan, director of the State General Administration of Sports: Football, basketball and volleyball are deeply loved by the masses, and the development of the three big balls has attracted much attention from all walks of life. However, the current situation of promoting the development of the three big balls in an all-round way in China is not ideal. What do you think of this problem? What is the next work plan of the General Administration of Sports for revitalizing the three big balls?

In this regard, Gao Zhidan said that football, basketball and volleyball, the three major collective ball events, have a large population and great social influence, and are deeply loved by the broad masses of the people, especially young people. The results of the three big balls are not only the outcome of a game, but also the spirit of collectivism and patriotism.

Historically, China’s three major events, especially women’s events, have achieved good results in the world. China women’s football team once won the runner-up in the Olympic World Cup and was known as the "sonorous rose". China women’s basketball team won medals in the Olympic World Championships in 1980s and 1990s, and won the second place in the World Cup last year, showing a good momentum of continuous progress and development. China Women’s Volleyball Team, which has been tempered through hard training, has struggled from generation to generation, winning the world championship for ten times in three world competitions and winning honor for the motherland. Their women’s volleyball spirit of the motherland first, unity and cooperation, tenacious struggle and never give up, which is condensed by struggle and hard work, has inspired generations of Chinese people to make unremitting efforts to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Gao Zhidan said, but realistically speaking, for a long time, the development of China’s three major sports, especially men’s events, was not satisfactory, and the level of men’s football was declining all the way. There were many chaos in the football industry, which was in sharp contrast with the requirements and expectations of the CPC Central Committee and the people all over the country. It is a sign of a sports power that the three major goals should be achieved, and it is also a short board that we must make up to speed up the construction of a sports power. Recently, in view of the serious problems in the field of football, we have been deeply rethinking and studying solutions and ways, and are prepared to systematically treat them from the aspects of ideological education, style construction, deepening reform, and doing a good job in the current work, so as to do a good job in all the work of the three goals in the spirit of re-taking the Long March.