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The premiere of the movie "Fortress" was well received. The scene of Jinggang Mountain in Chen Douling, Guo Xiaodong was broken and decrypted

The film "Fortress" was premiered in Beijing on March 20th. Director Han Keyi, actors Guo Xiaodong, Chen Douling, Jinggangshan, Lv Xin, Yang Bo, Feng Hao and Liao Mengyan made their debut together, attended the red carpet ceremony and chatted with the audience after the screening. The atmosphere was warm. On the same day, the film exposed the "incoming" version of the poster, and for the first time fully disclosed the shape of the entire lineup, which made the audience’s expectations more and more high. The film will be released nationwide on March 22, and the pre-sale has been fully opened!

The main creation gathered at the scene to see the sincere belief and profound interpretation, which won numerous praises from the audience.

The film "Fortress" is adapted from real history, and takes five party member-Mao Fuxuan, Mao Xinmei, Li Genghou, Zhong Zhishen and Pang Shukan, who are known as "the five outstanding figures in Shaoshan", as the archetypes, and skillfully integrates the elements of spy war and suspense into the historical background, showing the heroic story of revolutionary volunteers fighting with enemy agents in the hidden front.

The theme of the premiere was "Please Break the Bureau", and relevant leaders such as Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd., Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Film Satellite Channel, Xiangtan Municipal Committee, Propaganda Department of Xiangtan Municipal Committee and Xiaoxiang Film Group were specially invited to attend. At the event site, the main creator unveiled the story behind the scenes and ignited the enthusiasm of fans. When talking about how to create this film, the director said that "Fortress" has a prototype story, and the team has read a lot of materials and done a lot of homework. Every character in the film is worth exploring. I hope this film can make everyone deeply understand this history and learn the power of faith from the game between the enemy and me. Guo Xiaodong, who plays the role of Shen Zhuoyi, said that this role is very challenging, which is very different from his previous roles. He dedicated his first experience as a villain to Fortress, explaining that the role is like a dark star dancing alone. Chen Douling also lamented the role of Hong Zheng, saying that Hong Zheng showed many feminine qualities. Although she was afraid but not timid in the face of enemy agents, she could grow in adversity like chamomile. Jinggangshan shares the role of Yang Jingchen by sincerely treating Mao Jiaxuan as a brother. Although he often plays the villain, this role is actually very hierarchical. In addition, actors Chen Minghao and Li Yitong and singer Chen Chusheng, the singer of the ending song "Waiting for Dawn", regretfully missed the premiere, specially recorded VCRs to send blessings, and more friends from the circle such as actors Cheng Lisha, Che Yong li, Meng Tingyi, Wang Yanan, Huan Wang, Aisha and Yang Ziyi were present to help out.

In the work Fortress, the wonderful collision between characters has undoubtedly become a highlight of the film, bringing countless unforgettable scenes to the audience. Fans have also expressed their love for movies, among which "the plot is tight and gripping", "the confrontation between good and evil is full of energy", "the role is full and three-dimensional" and "the emotion is sincere and makes people cry" are frequently mentioned. The audience were all attracted by the storyline in the film, and were deeply touched by the characters’ unswerving faith and fearless spirit.

The uncle circle’s drag show makes the audience hooked, and the survival rule of spy war makes people laugh.

The ups and downs of the film’s development trend made the audience scream, and the excellent acting skills of all the staff directly hit the audience’s heart, especially with the dramas of powerful actors such as Chen Minghao, Guo Xiaodong and Jinggangshan, which made the audience smile in a tense viewing atmosphere. The film focuses on investigating the secret identity "Pang Defu". In order to find out the truth, Shen Zhuoyi suddenly parachuted into the police station. In order to save himself, Mao Jiaxuan spared no effort to please the leader Yang Jingchen. The film profoundly reveals the survival law of the spy war workplace, and at the same time reflects the interpersonal relationship in the contemporary workplace. The audience sighed and saw the true portrayal of the workplace, and even expressed their admiration for the acting skills of the uncle circle actors in the post-screening session. The status of the role is far ahead, which is very emotional.

The film "Fortress" is excellent in character shaping and plot design, which makes the audience feel the complexity and profundity of human nature and highlights the dedication and greatness of revolutionaries. Mao Jiaxuan, played by Chen Minghao, has a sleek and sophisticated surface, but sticks to his faith in his heart, always facing the heavy pressure and danger from hostile forces. Shen Zhuoyi, played by Guo Xiaodong, is a typical elite in the workplace, smart and resourceful, and good at using all resources to achieve his goals. Yang Jingchen, played by Jinggangshan, is arrogant to his subordinates, but obedient to oversight, which fully shows the tactics and tricks. The intricate relationship and conflict between them have injected rich drama into the film, which makes the audience’s emotions fluctuate and always look forward to the next development.

Who will be reborn in the spy city fight? All the staff will stage a reversal drama and the suspense will be upgraded.

Today, the movie "Fortress" released an "incoming" poster, and all the staff gathered coldly under the stormy spy city, adding tension to the contradictions and conflicts, and a tense momentum filled the air. Although it was a silent confrontation, the real reaction of each character in a life-and-death crisis was revealed, which made people hold their breath.

Chen Minghao’s eyes are firm, but it is unpredictable; Guo Xiaodong’s face is unfathomable, and it makes people nervous in silence; Li Yitong’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled, full of complicated worries; Chen Douling’s eyes are bold, showing a fearless; Jinggangshan’s expression is meaningful and vaguely murderous. In addition, Song Ningfeng, An ‘an, Bai En, Zhang Aoyue, Yang Bo, Yi Heng and other leading actors all appeared, and the boundaries between the forces of all parties became blurred, and the distinction between good and evil became more and more confusing. Who can survive in this life-and-death contest? Let’s wait and see on March 22nd.

The film "Fortress" was produced by Xiaoxiang Film Group Co., Ltd., Tianjin Cat’s Eye Microfilm Culture Media Co., Ltd., Xiangtan Daily, Xiangtan Zhaoshan Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd., Xiangtan Urban and Rural Construction Development Group Co., Ltd., Xiangtan Radio and Television Station, Shaoshan High-tech Construction Investment Co., Ltd., and jointly produced by Hunan Xiaoxiang Youth Film Co., Ltd. and Hunan Manhao Film Co., Ltd. In the hot pre-sale of the film, I look forward to meeting the audience on the screen!


[Editor: Shu Liang]

Animation event, hot opening









On the morning of June 20th, the 19th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival was officially opened at Baima Lake in Hangzhou.

It is understood that the theme of this animation festival is "Animation Capital, the City of Asian Games", which lasts for five days, and more than 20 items are organized in five major sections: competitions, exhibitions, forums, business and activities. The main venue is located in Hangzhou Baima Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center, and the sub-venue is located in cartoon museum, China. 469 enterprises and organizations from 59 countries and regions, thousands of exhibitors, merchants and professionals participated in the exhibition, and internationally renowned animation companies such as Pixar, Disney and Sony, as well as more than 650 brand IPS, made a concentrated appearance at the animation festival.

In order to facilitate the majority of anime fans to better watch the exhibition, the reporter combed a number of distinctive booths at the animation festival Expo on June 20 and made a "punch card strategy". Let’s take a look first.

Recommended booth 1: Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee booth

Coordinates: A1-8

Almost everyone who enters Hall A of Hangzhou Baima Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center will be attracted by the "Asian Games Purple". At the entrance of the booth of Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee, the mascots of Hangzhou Asian Games "Chen Chen", "Cong Cong" and "Lian Lian" are particularly eye-catching. If the time is right, the mascot doll will also take photos and interact with everyone on the spot.

The booth also shows the newly released medal "Hushan" of Hangzhou Asian Games, and the Hang Cheng scroll of "Three Clouds and One City" carefully outlined by lines on the medal can be clearly seen. At the same time, three comic book excerpts and five animation works that won the final prize in the original animation competition of the Asian Games Organizing Committee are also on display.

In addition, visitors can buy licensed products of Hangzhou Asian Games in the licensed products area of the booth, and also experience the AI dressing of etiquette costumes of Hangzhou Asian Games on the spot.

Recommended booth 2: Electric Soul Network

Coordinates: A1-11, 13, 15

The booth of Hangzhou Electric Soul Network Technology Co., Ltd. is not far from the booth of Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee. According to reports, the real heroes of games such as Dream of Three Kingdoms 2 and national dance will be displayed on the stage of the booth from time to time.

This year is the Asian Games Year in Hangzhou, and Dream of Three Kingdoms 2 has been identified as one of the e-sports events of the Asian Games. "To this end, we built a stage area and a game demo area, and brought some sports game interactions." The person in charge of the electric soul network brand introduced that the booth will also arrange the Guofeng e-sports competition, and on the Dragon Boat Festival, there will be "mysterious guests" coming to the scene to bring you an e-sports competition show. If you also love e-sports, you may wish to come to the scene at that time.

Recommended booth 3: Zhongnan Cartoon

Coordinates: A1-6

Zhongnan Cartoon moved the 20th birthday party to the animation festival. To enter the booth, you must first cross a "just visiting", where you can see the classic cartoon images created by Zhongnan cartoons in the past 20 years.

There are many experience activities in the booth, such as the somatosensory game specially developed and designed by Zhongnan Cartoon for this year’s Animation Festival. You can control the glider on the screen to dive forward and overlook the whole picture of Baima Lake and cartoon museum in the air just by swinging your arms and moving sideways. In addition, children can color the image in "Le Bi You You" on the spot and add favorite elements; The holographic cabin with full sense of science and technology can interact with virtual digital people in real time across space; Participate in cartoon image design, and it will begin to perform immediately after completion; The "live version" of Tianyan and Xiangling will also appear on the scene. Welcome to take photos and "punch in".

Recommended booth 4: Hello Kitty Paradise

Coordinates: A1-12

With pink arrangement and lovely plush, Hello Kitty Paradise can be called the most tender booth in this animation festival. Visitors can participate in the lucky draw at the booth and have the opportunity to draw tickets for Hello Kitty Paradise. The booth also specially arranged a castle wall as the background wall for the audience to "punch in", which made people feel like they were in Hello Kitty Paradise.

In addition, at a specific time, the audience can also attend the meeting of Sanrio’s "big stars" such as Hello Kitty and Big Eared Dog, and all the interactive needs of taking photos, hugging and ultra-close contact can be met.

Recommended booth 5: Hangzhou Public Security "Police Uncle"

Coordinates: A1-18

Hangzhou Public Security made its debut with a number of derivative Q versions of "Uncle Police" IP, and the live activities were also full of experience. For example, what is the experience of wearing an explosive suit that is 35 kg and difficult to carry with both hands? Needless to say, there was a long queue for the live experience on June 20, so you should remember to take a seat as early as possible if you have the heart to experience it. In addition, the audience can also wear FPV (first view) glasses at the booth to experience the speed and passion of flying through the plane.

It is understood that there are police uncles of different police types "on duty" every day at the booth, including anti-fraud police. The audience can receive the "Zheli Hangjing 2" expression pack for free by scanning the code on the spot, and they can also taste the "police tea" specially prepared by the police uncle.

Recommended booth 6: bilibili

Coordinates: B1-16

Bilibili’s booth is one of the most crowded and hottest booths for young people at the Animation Festival Expo. After receiving the card at the entrance certification center, the audience can participate in activities such as "fishing", "playing music" and "fan inscription", and have a chance to win prizes such as "small TV" big pillow and theme skateboard.

This year, the big member supply station was launched for the first time in the booth, which provided a rest space for the certified members of the "special forces" exhibition, provided free drinks and charging treasures, and occasionally replenished snacks.

Recommended booth 7: Great technology

Coordinates: B1-14

How to play the meta-universe? Hangzhou local enterprises have brought some new answers with great technology.

According to the person in charge of the booth, Dayou Technology is the first metacosmic enterprise in China to create the next generation of Internet content ecology with an open platform model. At this animation festival Expo, Dayou Technology showed a variety of technical application cases, allowing everyone to experience the asymmetric interactive social gameplay in the meta-universe, and let VR users play with a large number of mobile phone users. At the same time, the scene also brought high-tech highlights to the audience, such as the popular Meta-Universe Concert at Tokyo IT Exhibition and the opening drama Faust of the Meta-Universe Drama Festival attended by more than 1,000 people in Beijing 798 Art Park.

Recommended booth: Exhibition of Excellent Works of "I am the King of Animation"

Coordinate: B2 atrium

On the 2nd floor of Hall B of Hangzhou Baima Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center, an exhibition of outstanding works of the "I am the king of animation" contest, jointly sponsored by Hangzhou Animation and Game Industry Development Center, Hangzhou Education Bureau and Hangzhou Daily Newspaper Group, is on display. This year’s exhibition has specially set up a graffiti wall, which welcomes animation lovers to play on the spot.

After 15 years, the contest "I am the king of animation" has become an important carrier for cultivating young people to form socialist core values, and an important platform for young people in Hangzhou to show themselves by cartoons and depict the image of Hangzhou as the "animation capital".

Special reminder

Due to the large traffic during the animation festival, it is suggested that the audience choose bus and subway for green travel. In order to facilitate the general public to travel by public transport, five subway stations, namely Jiangling Road, Binkang Road, Jucai Road, Changhe and People’s Square, have set up free shuttle bus lines and free transfer lines to the parking lot.

For more information, please follow China International Cartoon & Animation Festival’s official WeChat and Weibo.

All anxious, all chaotic, China football to the dog eat dog bone moment.

As a commentator, Mr. Huang appeared on XXTV-5 in the early 1990s, and Huang and Liu and Zhang Sanjianke created the column of World Football, which made us look forward to every Monday when we were studying in Beijing. My last impression was that I co-hosted the 2002 Japan-Korea World Cup with Shen Bing in 2002.

Later, it is said that he joined the media and became the online celebrity of football. With his football level, he should be able to dominate one side, and entertainment football can flourish off the court. Should be blessed, although the age difference is not big, but after all, watching his program has a beard.

Another master’s corner, I really don’t know. I know it by chance because of a technical term of "protective response" That is, online celebrity, who wears sunglasses and bobs his head to catch and scold anyone on the Internet, is said to know the way and know the king better than the beautiful country and Sichuan.

Because of the big sunglasses, I knew that I had a football teenager. Frankly speaking, we are not football professionals. Although big sunglasses preached everywhere that he was engaged in youth training, we always felt that it was at best a football training class and an off-campus training class.

It seems that the relationship between the two is not bad, and they have been entertaining to death, and they are also connected to each other live. I don’t know about it recently, maybe Mr. Huang has seen through the scam; Perhaps the head of the new Football Association named the big sunglasses, and Mr. Huang wanted to raise his arms and shout for the sake of his inner conscience.

Mr. Huang finally decided that junior football is a performance class in online celebrity. Zhan Yan, it’s worse than us, and we also evaluate it as teaching and training.

Big sunglasses know the king, how can you stop? Come on, bully me, no way. Although we are not studying literature, we are studying inorganic materials. We’re not subtle. What do you think you came from? Leave that station, you’re nothing, and you’re a bitch.

Football in China, what is this situation? In a rural phrase, that is: dogs eat dog bones.

China football, when can you get clean and let a certain line really "do it"?

This time, I am optimistic about Mr. Huang, just because I follow my heart and my heart.

Spring ploughing is busy, spring is strong, and the vitality of spring is everywhere in the motherland.

CCTV News:Spring ploughing is busy and spring is strong. Next, we follow the camera to feel the vitality of spring all over the country.

What we are seeing now is 25,000 mu of wheat managed by a grain and cotton planting cooperative in Wucheng County, Dezhou, Shandong Province. At present, wheat has entered the jointing stage. Local archives have been established for all the entrusted plots, and remote sensing satellites can be used to monitor the growth and diseases and pests of wheat 24 hours a day, patrol the fields online and offline, and customize scientific and accurate water and fertilizer management schemes for farmers. Wisdom empowerment, symptomatic application of drugs to help stabilize production and increase production.

Following the camera, we came to Pingli County, Ankang, Shaanxi Province, deep in the Qinba Mountains. Among the mountains, green tea gardens and golden rape flowers reflect each other, adding bright colors to spring. The villagers transferred land and participated in the production and management of tea gardens and the cultivation of high-quality rapeseed to increase income. At present, the tea garden in Pingli County covers an area of 200,000 mu, and the tea industry and eco-tourism are integrated and developed to promote rural revitalization.

This is Andaqiha Village, Qunke Town, Hualong Hui Autonomous County, Haidong, Qinghai. In the early spring, more than 1,700 acres of apricot blossoms spread out in front of the village and behind the house. Huahai tourism has made this village on the bank of the Yellow River a well-known flower viewing place in the local spring, attracting many tourists every year, and the villagers will also prepare accommodation, catering and various special agricultural products. The quietly flowing Yellow River, the vast distant mountains and beautiful villages constitute a refreshing picture.

Now we come to Xiaotaipingcun Formation next to Taiping Lake in Mile City, Honghe, Yunnan Province. Spring grass, spring water, spring flowers and mountains and rivers are fascinating. Just a few years ago, it was a rocky desertification barren hillside with typical karst landforms. Most of the land in the village is mountainous with large slope and thin soil layer. Since 2016, Xiaotaiping Village has become a well-known ecological livable village by strengthening the linkage among counties, townships and villages, guiding multiple subjects to participate in rural governance, completing thousands of acres of rocky desertification and barren land improvement, and concentrating on circulation to develop nurseries and tourism.

What you are seeing now is the Wumeng Prairie in Panzhou City, Liupanshui, Guizhou Province. The mountains are stacked, and 40,000 mu of wild plateau dwarf rhododendrons are in full bloom. The average elevation of Wumeng Prairie is 2,500 meters. The local area attaches great importance to the protection of Rhododendron hybridum in the plateau, prohibits cutting, digging and climbing, pays attention to fire prevention, and strictly limits the number of grazing. Some time ago, the snowfall made the soil moisture of this plateau grassland abundant, and the azaleas also bloomed more beautifully.

2023 World Robotics Congress opens in Beijing, attended by Yin Li Wan Gang.

  Original title: The 2023 World Robotics Congress opened in Beijing, attended by Wan Gang, Yin Li

  On the afternoon of August 16th, 2023 World Robotics Congress opened in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. Yin Li, member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and secretary of Beijing Municipal Party Committee, and Wan Gang, chairman of China Association for Science and Technology attended.

  At the opening ceremony, Yin Li and Wan Gang, Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Shu Wei, Deputy Party Secretary, Full-time Vice Chairman and Secretary of the Secretariat of China Association for Science and Technology, Xia Linmao, Standing Committee Member of Beijing Municipal Committee and Executive Vice Mayor, Alexander Weir, Chairman of the International Federation of Robotics Academic Committee, and Wang Tianran, Academician of China Academy of Engineering jointly pressed the start button, and the 2023 World Robotics Congress was officially launched. Xin Guobin, Shu Wei, Xia Linmao and Yue Se Vieira, President of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations, delivered speeches respectively. The launching ceremony of the World Robotics Cooperation Organization, jointly sponsored by the Chinese Institute of Electronics and the Israel Robotics Association, was held.

  After the opening ceremony, the leaders came to the exhibition hall of World Robotics Expo 2023 and visited the booths of key core components, Eston Automation Co., Ltd. and Beijing soft robot Technology Co., Ltd. The theme of the 2023 World Robotics Congress is "Open and Innovative, Enjoy the Future". During this period, there will be "Cooperation Night", 6 main forums, 30 special forums, expositions and related events. 320 guests from all walks of life, such as Industry-University-Research Jinyong, will gather at the conference, and nearly 600 robot products from 159 enterprises will be exhibited and nearly 10,000 players will compete on the spot. The holding of the conference will further promote international cooperation, stimulate the vitality of business entities, release the kinetic energy of scientific and technological innovation, deepen exchanges and cooperation in the global robot industry, help the construction of Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center and International Exchange Center, promote the high-quality development of the robot industry, and continue to create a new business card of "Beijing Zhizhi".

  Gou Ping, deputy director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, Jin Wei and Zhao Lei, leaders of Beijing Municipality, heads of some national robotics associations and international organizations, Chinese and foreign experts and scholars, and business representatives attended. (Liu Feifei Yangqi)

The charm of the game

Title: The charm of the game: Why are we so fascinated?

With the rapid development of science and technology, video games have penetrated into every corner of our lives and attracted the attention of countless people. From ancient board games to modern e-sports, games have always attracted people with their unique charm. So why are we so obsessed with games? This paper will discuss this problem from many angles.

First, the game is interactive. One of the greatest charms of games lies in their interactivity. Unlike one-way entertainment such as movies and books, games are a two-way interactive experience. Players can cooperate with others to solve problems in the game, and they can also compete with players all over the world. This interaction makes the game full of variables and challenges, and stimulates people’s curiosity and competitive desire.

Second, the game is immersive. The game has a high sense of immersion, which allows players to forget the troubles of the real world and devote themselves to the game. This kind of immersion can often bring players a strong sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. When we win a game or complete a challenge, we will feel extremely excited and satisfied, which is hard to get in real life.

Third, the creativity of the game. The design of the game needs high creativity and imagination. From beautiful pictures to rich plots, from unique gameplay to exciting battles, every link of the game is full of creativity. This creativity not only makes the game colorful, but also satisfies the players’ desire for exploration and knowledge.

Fourth, the sociality of the game. Games are also a social activity,

Guo Ailun has a brand-new mentality and is optimistic about the future! Looking forward to the limitless of Liao basket!

Guo Ailun has a brand-new mentality and is optimistic about the future! Looking forward to the limitless of Liao basket!

Guo Ailun faced the future with a brand-new mentality, showing optimism and self-confidence. Although losing the national team made him feel frustrated, he was not bothered. Instead, he focused on rehabilitation and personal growth, and firmly believed that his future was still bright. His love for basketball and loyalty to Liaoning men’s basketball team are admirable. Facing the future challenges, Guo Ailun opened his heart and looked forward to the limitless possibilities of Liaoning men’s basketball team. His positive attitude and tenacious belief will not only bring him greater personal breakthrough, but also bring more glory and hope to China basketball. Guo Ailun, a high-profile young basketball player in China, has recently experienced a low ebb. Losing the national team is a loss for any player, but Guo Ailun is not depressed. Instead, he turned his attention to rehabilitation and personal growth.

In the days of recovery from injury, he insisted on hard training and never gave up once. He knows that only through continuous efforts can he shine again on the basketball court. For Guo Ailun, basketball is not only a profession, but also a passion. From his infatuation with basketball when he was young to his hard work later, he always regarded basketball as an indispensable part of his life. Liaoning men’s basketball team is his home, and his sense of belonging makes him feel grateful and devote all his strength to the team. No matter what kind of pressure and difficulties he faced, Guo Ailun was consistent. He interpreted the word loyalty with practical actions. Looking ahead, Guo Ailun is full of confidence. He believes that his future is still bright, and the future Liaoning men’s basketball team is also a world full of hope.

He knew that the road to basketball would not be smooth sailing, but he didn’t flinch. On the contrary, he regards challenges as opportunities and believes that there will always be wisdom and hard work in front of difficulties. He is eager to make great achievements in the future basketball field and win glory for the team and the country. Guo Ailun’s tenacious belief and positive attitude not only affect himself, but also bring more hope to China basketball. He is an example for countless basketball teenagers and the goal they study and pursue. He told everyone with his own practical actions that as long as he has a dream and is down to earth, he can overcome all difficulties and usher in the dawn of success. Under his leadership, the future of Liaoning men’s basketball team is limitless. He will go hand in hand with his teammates and fight for the honor of the team. He knows that only by uniting and cooperating can he achieve greater success.

There may still be many tests in the future, but he firmly believes that as long as we unite and work together, the Liaoning men’s basketball team will surely hit the peak again. To sum up, Guo Ailun faced the future with a brand-new mentality, showing optimism and self-confidence. He firmly believes that his future is still bright, and his love for basketball and loyalty to the Liaoning men’s basketball team are admirable. His positive attitude and tenacious belief will not only bring him greater personal breakthrough, but also bring more glory and hope to China basketball. Let’s look forward to Guo Ailun’s wonderful performance and cheer for him! The future of Liaoning men’s basketball team is limitless, and we are proud of the bright future of China basketball!

[A little information] Western media: Real Madrid will look to Manchester City striker Julian.

In the second leg of the semi-final of the Champions League, Real Madrid was defeated by Manchester City 4-0. This game also proves Manchester City’s leading edge in the depth of the lineup. Alvarez has attracted the attention of Real Madrid, and they hope to strengthen themselves and attack the Champions League champion again next season.

There is only one theory left for Liverpool to compete for four. klopp: It’s not bad to play in the Europa League.

Titan sports All Media Original

In the 37th round of the Premier League, Liverpool drew 1-1 at home with Aston Villa. Towards the end of the game, firmino, who came on as a substitute, scored an absolute goal for Liverpool, helping Liverpool keep the suspense of the fourth round. Because Manchester United won this round, Liverpool are currently three points behind Manchester United in one game, and it is only possible to compete for four.

In an interview after the game, Liverpool manager klopp said, "We didn’t play well in the first half, and we were too impatient, whether we had the ball or not. Obviously, we have to calm down in the second half. After that, we scored a goal, but it was invalid, and then we scored another goal and tied. "

"This result is acceptable. We haven’t played well enough for a long time this season, but we still made this journey very exciting. Seven weeks ago, I thought it was impossible to compete for four. "

Regarding Aston Villa’s waste of time at the end of the game, klopp said, "It can be said that the problem is obvious. I think we have often seen this situation throughout the season, especially today. It is no problem to make up for 10 minutes, but in these 10 minutes, should we make up for another 5 minutes? "

Talking about the players who are about to leave the team, klopp said, "firmino and Milner have proved who they are in 20 minutes, showing the reasons why we love them and the qualities they will bring to their new owners."

"We will miss them, but like all good stories in life, there will be an end when there is a beginning. Their story here is over and we will write a new chapter. "

"Considering these teams competing with us, it is a good result to qualify for the Europa League. The competition was fierce, and we finished the task, which is good. The Europa League is also good, let’s see what we can do. "


[Tuma] Paranoia (2)

#alpha Figure Hengyu× ×beat Ma Zhao

# Atypical abo magic change has a mountain of early warning.

# The characters belong to Cyberda ji, and ooc belongs to me.

03. Mint and Teenager’s Heart

As the saying goes, you shouldn’t meet people who are too amazing when you are young, or you will only have memories for the rest of your life, which will be too painful.

In the past, Tu Hengyu was dismissive, but later Tu Hengyu was deeply impressed.

The four years we spent together in the college were the happiest four years for Tu Hengyu. In those days, academic research and scientific research achievements were just pure research, which did not need to be linked to human life and death, and his feelings were so hot and simple.

He likes Ma Zhao, and he doesn’t know when this worship and dependence between teachers and students has quietly turned into love. But it is no secret that Tu Hengyu likes Ma Zhao, and he has no intention to hide it.

He believes that one person, one thing will not change easily.

But what bothers him most is that he never seems to see through Ma Zhao’s thoughts and heart. In the face of Tu Hengyu’s undisguised pursuit, Ma Zhao seems to feel nothing.

Ma Zhao is like a pre-set program, which only gives a feedback when asking a question. Most of the time, he is quiet and taciturn.

Perhaps the brains of science students always tend to be simple and direct.

Xiao Tu, a classmate in love, sent a pop-up virus written by himself to Ma Zhao backhand as soon as his brain was pumped, but when his hand slipped, he directly clicked on it as a group.

So that afternoon, pop-ups kept popping up on the big screens of the teaching building of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the mobile phones of teachers and students.

The content of the pop-up window is that Tu Hengyu holds a wise seagull doll with glasses and sings out-of-tune version of the rotten street divine comedy "Congratulations on making a fortune". At the end, he blushes and shouts "Teacher Ma, I love you!"

I have to say, Xiao Tu’s virus is still well written, and the mute can’t be quiet, and the pop-up window can’t be closed.

One after another out-of-tune songs and the last "Teacher Ma, I love you!" " Let the young and frivolous Xiaotu students know what social death is for the first time.

Ma Zhao, who was eating melons on the sidelines, choked with laughter, and his face was cramped. Bala backhand went out of his computer and lost a string of codes, which was also sent out in groups.

The world is finally quiet.

Confession did not attract attention, others thought it was simply an expression of admiration for the tutor, and they didn’t care too much.

Tu Hengyu thinks that this can’t be done. This plan won’t work. Regenerate it!

It’s really no good, employers and employees directly confess!

As a result, Xiaotu’s classmates were ashamed and brave, and summoned up the courage to stay up late with Ma Zhao in the early morning night, blocking Ma Zhao on the way back to the dormitory, and made a deep confession to:

"I like you."

Respond to his Ma Zhao, as always, cold and cheerless tone:

"We can’t. I’m your teacher."

"I don’t care."

"I am thirteen years older than you."

"I don’t care."

"I’m just a Beat, you shouldn’t waste time on me. As a young Alpha like you, there should be no shortage of suitors. You can find someone better and more suitable than me. "

"But I only like you."

"You just regard worship and dependence on the wrong as love. I suggest you … mmm!"

More statements of objective facts were drowned in a sudden kiss.

Tu Hengyu eagerly tried to stop Ma Zhao from spitting out more words of refusal, and conveniently took Ma Zhao’s waist with one hand. He was ready to be pushed away by Ma Zhao, but in fact he was not rejected or pushed away.

Ma Zhao’s cooperation and acquiescence seemed to give Tu Hengyu another kind of encouragement. He reached out and took off the glasses on Ma Zhao’s bridge of the nose and put them in his palm, admiring Ma Zhao’s dim eyes because he couldn’t see clearly.

Tu Hengyu can’t remember how long the kiss lasted, only remember that the night wind gradually took away his hot body temperature and blew his surging heart cold.

Finally, it was Ma Zhao who pushed him away.

The man turned his back in a hurry, and his trembling back was angry or shaken by the night wind.

"I really don’t hate you, but there is no possibility between us. I have already decided not to find a partner and devote myself to scientific research all my life. Don’t waste time on me, that’s all. "

Ma Zhao didn’t even dare to look at Hengyu’s picture. He ran away in a hurry and even forgot to come back with his glasses.

He also forgot that from beginning to end, he never denied that he also liked Tu Hengyu.

And a mint-flavored pheromone in the air lingers, so strong that it is cold to take a breath.

Ma Zhao couldn’t smell it himself, but he smoked Tu Hengyu.

From this day on, Tu Hengyu had a habit of eating mints to refresh himself.

Time passed a little bit, and Xiao Tu, who was rejected, became angry and eager to learn every day.

He made up his mind that if Ma Zhao wants to devote himself to scientific research in his life, he will watch over him himself! Even being his assistant and deputy all his life, as long as he can look at himself, he is satisfied.

Just when Tu Hengyu thought that the relationship between them would always be so tepid, the accident quietly approached.

05. Wish under doomsday

In the spring of 2030, an ordinary afternoon could not be more ordinary.

With the convening of a meeting, everything seems to have changed quietly.

The sun is aging rapidly and expanding continuously. In a hundred years, the sun will swell to engulf the whole earth. In 300 years, the solar system will cease to exist.

The rumor about the solar helium flash crisis was put forward as early as the end of last century, but it was not paid enough attention at that time.

Now I bring up the past again and put all this on the table, saying, is it true?

The tense atmosphere even enveloped the whole country, and all departments operated in an orderly manner like a huge machine.

In the Chinese Academy of Sciences, some people are leaving and some new people are joining in.

Today, even Ma Zhao was called to attend an emergency meeting.

I don’t know if Tu Hengyu is too sensitive. He always feels that Ma Zhao is hiding something when he comes back from the meeting, and he has been frowning.

So Tu Hengyu asked Ma Zhao: "Teacher Ma, do you believe in the end of the world? Will the solar helium flash really happen? "

"According to the data of solar monitoring in recent decades, solar helium flash is very likely to happen."

"But, I don’t think it will be the end of the world at that time. There is always a way for human beings to earn a chance in the last days. We will find a solution to the problem before everything happens. "

Ma Zhao always has questions and answers.

Tu Hengyu has some doubts: "But in that case, you can only survive in the harsh environment of the last days, so are you alive or alive?" What’s the point of this? "

"As long as you are alive, there is hope to change and solve problems. If you die, there is nothing."

Ma Zhao’s expression was serious and sincere, and he saw that Tu Hengyu was also full of emotion. He asked, "If the end really comes one day, what can we do with our major?"

"No matter what kind of escape or rescue plan is needed when the end comes, it needs high social cooperation and productivity level far beyond the current industrial level. The original purpose of our research in the direction of artificial intelligence is to liberate productive forces. "

Speaking of which, Ma Zhao took a serious look at Tu Hengyu and continued to:

"I dare not say what contribution I can make, but at that time, I will do my best."

Tu Hengyu looked up at Ma Zhao in a daze, wondering how the cool evening breeze in early spring could blow himself all hot and dry.

The smell of mint floating in the air will never make him feel cool again, but only make him feel dizzy. So he shook his head and asked:

"Then if the end of the world really comes, can I die with you?"

"What do you want? Still have to live down to earth. "

Looking at a silly disciple who was confused and didn’t even know that his susceptible period had arrived, Ma Zhao had the impulse to pretend to be stupid and not know Tu Hengyu for the first time.

What should we do? You can’t just leave people here, let alone leave soon … The task is urgent, and tonight is the final farewell.

"Let’s go."

Ma Zhao took Tu Hengyu’s shoulder and sighed gently.

"There is still the last link in the experimental project to finish, and time waits for no one. Let’s stay up late tonight to make the data."

The temperature in the laboratory is always low, but no matter how cold the temperature is, it can’t suppress alpha’s fiery body temperature and restless pheromones.

The original fresh and sweet taste of wisteria is suffocating in this small and closed space.

Unfortunately, Ma Zhao can’t smell anything.

Tu Hengyu was hot and unconscious, but suddenly he smelled a cool mint flavor in the mist and heat.

He opened his eyes in a daze, and Ma Zhaozheng sat in front of him and looked at him calmly.

"Although I can’t smell the pheromone, it seems that you should be susceptible."

"If you feel bad, I can help you."

The sven youth with glasses is as cold and calm as ever, as if describing a solution to the current problem without any waves.

At the unconscious figure Hengyu, Ma Zhao sighed, and quickly and naturally unbuttoned his white coat.

"I have turned off all the monitoring in the laboratory. Solve this problem early so as not to delay the progress of the research."

Ma Zhao has always believed in efficiency first, and the speed of undressing is as crisp and agile as the speed of research. In a short time, only a shirt is left on him, and the expressionless face makes people unable to see whether he is shy.

Although Tu Hengyu’s consciousness is blurred, Alpha’s instinct is still there. He clearly knows that the person in front of him is the one he has been pursuing, and his body can’t help but move with his instinct.

Action slightly rough Ma Zhao press on the experimental platform, a few times will be yourself out of the way of clothes. Tu Hengyu rubbed and sniffed carefully at Ma Zhao’s neck like a small animal, as if to mark the territory and declare sovereignty.

Ma Zhao’s body temperature is lower than normal, and his hands and feet are often cold, but in this case, such a low temperature just makes Tu Hengyu’s hot body find an antidote to cool down.

During this period, Tu Hengyu was awake for a few seconds and realized that he was holding his lover in his arms. At this moment, he was closing his eyes and taking whatever he wanted from himself.

The last string called reason in Xiao Tu’s mind also completely broke.

Tu Hengyu shot Ma Zhao’s glasses for the first time, and threw him down on the ground without being very gentle.

He likes to take off Ma Zhao’s glasses very much, and then appreciate his true feelings always hidden in thick lenses.

Those who are hazy and confused occasionally because they can’t see clearly can always give Tu Hengyu a little satisfaction. After all, the signs on weekdays are always too dull and calm, which always makes people feel difficult to control and approach.

You see, isn’t this an opportunity to pull him off the altar? It turns out that he is also a real person with feelings.

Moreover, it always reminds him of their first encounter. The tree under the wisteria flower surprised the youth of his whole youth.

Tonight’s Ma Zhao is very different. He is uncharacteristically active and even takes the initiative to kiss the young man’s red and hot lips.

Although, as always, he is expressionless, or he doesn’t know what kind of expression he should make.

Ma Zhao admits that he likes Tu Hengyu.

But so what?

The country has already made a preliminary plan for crisis response, and initially put forward the embryonic form of the plan to move mountains. At present, researchers from all over the country are urgently recruited to participate in the design and construction of related projects, so that the plan can be implemented as soon as possible.

And I am also a selected member.

This is a top-secret task that concerns the life and death of mankind. Moreover, the international community is not peaceful now, and the opposing forces are inexhaustible. People in other countries are everywhere who try to steal secrets and sabotage.

It’s not safe to go here, and the return date is unknown. Maybe he’ll stay anonymous all his life and never have a chance to come back?

He has always hated this hypothetical proposition, but his parents used to. Once you go, you will never see me again in this life, and you will never have a chance to see me again.

He had regrets, but he never regretted it, so he chose the research his parents had done before his death and took the same road as his parents did before.

Ma Zhao has long decided not to be burdened by feelings all his life, but I didn’t expect that the heart never lies, and it is even more uncontrolled.

He fell in love with his students and with Tu Hengyu.

Then let yourself be willful for once.

This life is the only time and the last time. For the first time, he used his sensibility to dominate his brain, let himself sink in his desire for the first time, hugged and kissed his lover without scruple for the first time, and let Tu Hengyu leave a temporary mark on his back neck, and appointed himself to tie the knot with each other until he was inseparable.

Ma Zhao tried his best to hug Tu Hengyu’s shoulder, as if to draw courage and warmth from him in the face of future difficulties.

A few cold moonlight cast on Ma Zhao now, suddenly like tears.

Maybe this separation is farewell.

But because I did something meaningful, I never regret leaving you.

I’m sorry, I can’t promise to be with you.

Because it is better to forbid a wish that is doomed to fail.

Whisper bb:

The flower language of wisteria: live for love, die for love, endless love, paranoid love.

The flower-scented rabbit is tender and lovely, and the soft white-cut black rabbit attacks me directly next year.

Since Fanzi didn’t write about Teacher Ma’s experience, I’ll start making it up! It’s not appropriate for a young, promising and powerful person like Mr. Ma to have no excellent genes passed down by his family, is it? Mr. Ma never married a picture of himself for the sake of scientific research, and he felt celibacy, loneliness and widowhood. Isn’t this something that can’t be done? First, it says "Shuang Shuang". If the third ball is won by sail backstab, then let’s talk about it.