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Xinxiang Zhiji LS6 drastically reduced the price! The discount is 10 thousand, and the discount waits for no one

[car home Xinxiang Promotion Channel] Good news! There are preferential activities going on in Xinxiang area, with a maximum discount of 10,000 yuan! The minimum starting price of this car is 219,900 yuan. If you want to know more about the discount, please click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get a higher discount.


Zhiji LS6 is a stylish and dynamic SUV. The front face is decorated with a large area of chrome, and the air intake grille adopts a unique starlight design, and the overall style is very recognizable. The body lines are smooth and strong, which shows the sense of strength and movement of the vehicle. The design style of Zhiji LS6 is in line with the aesthetic needs of modern young people, and people can be attracted by its unique appearance at a glance. The side of the car body adopts a suspended roof design, the roof line is smooth, and the door handle adopts a hidden design, which makes the overall shape more concise and smooth. The exterior design of Zhiji LS6 is excellent, which is a highlight of the car system. Whether driving on city streets or highways, it can attract the attention of passers-by.


Zhiji LS6 is a medium-sized SUV with a body size of 4904*1988*1669, a wheelbase of 2950mm, a front track of 1698mm and a rear track of 1707mm. The car has a 235/50 R20 front tyre size and a 255/45 R20 rear tyre size, and the tire width is larger, providing better grip and handling performance. The side lines of the car are smooth, showing a dynamic and steady design style, and the rim style is fashionable and atmospheric, highlighting the sporty atmosphere of the car.


The interior design of Zhiji LS6 is full of modernity and technology. The 26.3-inch central control screen is a highlight of the car system, which can realize voice recognition control of multimedia system, navigation, telephone and air conditioning. The leather steering wheel provides a comfortable grip and supports manual up and down+front and rear adjustment. The front row is equipped with two Type-Cs and one USB/Type-C interface in the back row, which is convenient for users to charge. The front row is also equipped with a mobile phone wireless charging function. The seat is made of imitation leather and genuine leather. The main seat supports four-way adjustment of front and rear, backrest, height, leg rest and lumbar support, while the auxiliary seat supports two-way adjustment of front and rear, backrest and height. The front seats are also equipped with heating and ventilation functions, and support the driver’s seat memory function. The second row of seats supports backrest adjustment, and the rear seats support proportional reclining, providing passengers with a more comfortable riding experience.


Zhiji LS6 is a powerful car, and its engine has a maximum power of 231 kW and a maximum torque of 450 N m.. This means that it can provide enough power for drivers to feel excellent acceleration and speed while driving. Whether on urban roads or highways, Zhiji LS6 can bring excellent driving experience.

In the word-of-mouth evaluation of car home car owners, we saw that the appearance of Zhiji LS6 was highly praised. He mentioned that the appearance of the vehicle is fashionable, with the shadow of the Porsche Cayenne, but it also incorporates unique design elements, such as hollow air holes in the front and flaming red-lipped headlights in the back. In addition, he mentioned that it can be changed to through taillights for free at present, which gives consumers more choices. The innovation and flexibility of Zhiji LS6 in design undoubtedly add more attraction to it. Judging from the word-of-mouth evaluation of car home owner @ Yitisga, the exterior design of Zhiji LS6 is undoubtedly a highlight of this model. In the future, with the participation of more owners, we believe that the exterior design of Zhiji LS6 will be recognized and loved more and more.

Does the untrustworthy executor who shows off his wealth and owes himself 600,000 yuan on Tik Tok have any money?

  Cctv newsHe refused to perform the effective judgment but frequently flaunted his wealth in Tik Tok. He was hospitalized in the name of twins. After being found by the executive judge, he was removed from the hospital and escaped in the middle of the night. After being found under the bed at home, he tried to cut himself with a knife, claiming that he had no money, but there were many gold ornaments in the bedside table … …

  Recently, the People’s Court of Pudong New Area in Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai Pudong Court) executed a private loan dispute case with an iron fist, and imposed compulsory measures on the executed person Zhang for 15 days in judicial custody, and also transferred him to the public security organ for criminal responsibility for refusing to execute the judgment or ruling.

  Lost contact Lao Lai Tik Tok Xuanfu executive judge tracking

  Since July 2014, Zhang has repeatedly borrowed money from her friend Ms. Sun on the grounds of capital turnover needs, with a cumulative amount of 600,000 yuan, and issued a debit note to Ms. Sun. However, after the loan expired, no matter how urged by the other party, Zhang refused to pay back a penny. Ms. Sun had no choice but to appeal to the Shanghai Pudong Court and won the support.

  However, after the judgment came into effect, Zhang still failed to repay the loan, and Ms. Sun applied for enforcement. Zhao Lirui and Chen Zhe, the judges in charge, repeatedly notified Zhang to talk in court, but failed. They did not find any property clues under his name through the property inspection and control system, so they included him in the list of people who were executed in bad faith and issued a "height limit order".

  How to find Zhang has become a difficult problem for the executive judge. Until July 2019, according to the clues provided by Ms. Sun, Tik Tok’s last few "fancy show off wealth" videos caught Zhao Lirui’s attention. The publisher is a man named "Mirage". In the video, he basks in money and luxury cars for a while, just like a "rich man". The positioning display video was released in a hospital in Shanghai. Ms. Sun’s identification, this person is Zhang.

  According to the judge’s analysis, if the video is really recorded and released by Zhang, it obviously has sufficient performance ability. Although he avoids it, he may be found through the location on the video. At this time, it was 8 pm, and the executive judge decided to give up the rest time and go to the hospital to find out.

  Alias hospitalization is full of doubts. Face recognition distinguishes the truth.

  When I came to the inpatient department, the nurse said that there was no patient named Zhang in the hospital. The two judges didn’t give up, and they took their mobile phones one by one to verify. After visiting for a long time, someone finally recognized that the person in the video seems to be an inpatient in the west area on the fifth floor, but it is strange that his registered name is not Zhang.

  The judge quickly found the man and found that his appearance was very similar to that of Zhang, so he asked him to take out his ID card for verification. However, he said that he did not have the habit of carrying his ID card with him, and stressed that he was not Zhang, but his "twin" brother. According to the information held by the judge, although Zhang does have a brother, they are two or three years old and cannot be twins. The judge had a clever plan and asked him to call "Zhang" on the spot, but he said that he and his brother had not contacted for many years and did not know each other’s phone number.

  Coincidentally, the man just received a short message at this time, and the judge caught a glimpse of the message clearly written on the screen that the short message was the information of the change of Zhang’s provident fund account. In order to lock his identity, the judge immediately contacted the public security department to carry out joint execution, and the police quickly rushed to the scene with a face recognition instrument. The comparison results showed that this person was Zhang.

  Pulling out the tube overnight, trying to get away, panicking and hiding under the bed

  In the face of hard evidence, guilty Zhang began to refuse to answer all questions. The enforcement judge had intended to summon him to court to talk, but after communicating with the attending doctor, his body had not yet reached the discharge standard. For humanitarian reasons, the judge immediately gave an oral warning and issued an enforcement notice and a summons to let Zhang go to the court to explain the situation immediately after he recovered from hospital. However, Zhang, whose whereabouts were exposed, didn’t wait until his body recovered, so he hurriedly pulled out the instrument and needle and was discharged from the hospital overnight, and once again disappeared.

  With the deepening of the investigation, the executive judge also found new situations. According to Zhang’s marriage registration information, he had been married once before marrying his current wife Ni, and he was always married with his first wife. "This means that Zhang has formed a family with two women respectively, and both of them have registered their marriages. If one party sues, he may constitute bigamy and need to bear criminal responsibility." Chen Zhe said.

  According to the address record left by Zhang during his residence permit in Shanghai, the executive judge found the residence of Ni and went to find Zhang many times, and finally found him one night two months later.

  Hearing the intensive footsteps approaching in the corridor, Zhang, who was in a panic, had no way to escape, and even the lights were too late to turn off. He simply hid under the bed and was caught by the executive judge and the bailiff.

  Desperate, self-mutilation with a knife, criminal responsibility and consequences.

  Even so, Zhang was still unwilling. After climbing out of the bed, he quickly took out a fruit knife from his pocket and put it on his left wrist in an attempt to threaten to obstruct the execution. The judge immediately issued a solemn warning to him that if he intends to expand the situation by ending his life, he will only face more serious legal consequences. After nearly two hours of criticism and education, Zhang’s mood finally calmed down.

  Zhang, who frequently shows off his wealth on the Internet, claims that he is a poor man and really has no ability to pay back the money. However, the judge found several credit card machines at the scene. After checking the credit card records, he found that the amount of each transaction was not small, and there were many gold ornaments in the bedside table.

  It was already past 1: 00 in the morning, and the judge decided to bring Zhang back to talk, but he kept his mouth shut about his property and refused to repay the debts he owed. In view of his repeated refusal to appear in court without justifiable reasons, his ability to perform but his long-term refusal to perform the obligation of effective judgment, and his obstruction of execution in various ways, the court imposed compulsory measures on him in judicial custody for 15 days according to law, and transferred the case file materials to the public security organs to investigate his criminal responsibility for refusing to execute the judgment or ruling.

  A month later, in the Executive Board of Pudong District Court, Zhang Hailou met with Sun Mou, the applicant of this case, and the two sides reached an implementation settlement agreement. Zhang Hailou returned 10,000 yuan to Sun Mou, and the remaining loan will be repaid in stages after Zhang Hailou found a stable job.

"A trip to the cool capital in spring" —— Central media and Internet experts focus on Liupanshui

  CCTV News:On April 11th, public opinion monitoring Office of People’s Daily Online and the Propaganda Department of Liupanshui Municipal Committee co-sponsored the large-scale media gathering activity of "Kangyang Resort China Liangdu". Journalists and network celebrities from more than 20 central and local key news websites from all over the country walked into Liupanshui together. During the two-day interview, the central and local media and online celebrities conveyed Liupanshui’s experience and achievements in the "three changes" reform work to the outside world through pens and lenses in their hands.

  During the activity, the collecting group went deep into the front line of poverty alleviation and development, while watching the modern science and technology shed and thinking about where this happy life came from.

  Hu Kefei, a reporter from China Culture News, said: "This is the second time to come to Pugu Township and feel shocked. A year ago, it was still a construction site. Now it has developed into an eco-tourism resort with perfect format and good infrastructure. Resources have become assets, farmers have become shareholders, and Liupanshui has obvious advantages in catching up and catching up." "As the saying goes, if you want to build roads before you get rich, Liupanshui is now a highway connecting counties and counties, and the improvement of infrastructure will inevitably promote economic development. Liupanshui is based on ecology, and the two advantages of resources actively accelerate the introduction of going out and get rid of poverty and get rich. The people are blessed." Ma Qiang, director of the Public Welfare Communication Department of public opinion monitoring Office of People’s Daily Online, said. "The poverty alleviation work here is done very accurately, and the benefits are really falling on the people. It is in place, and every work is done very solidly. I didn’t expect such great changes in the depths of the mountains. We will take advantage of this rare opportunity to interpret the "three changes" of Niangniangshan through storytelling and new media means to promote Niangniangshan’s experience in poverty alleviation. " Wang Yanshen, a reporter from Farmers Daily, said with experience. "What deeply touches me is that a set of data shows that the per capita income of ordinary people in Pugu Township has increased from 700 yuan in 2012 to over 10,000 now, or even higher. This is the great effect of the" three changes "policy. We want to show the achievements of Liupanshui and Panxian to netizens with the expression of new media, so that everyone can pay attention to Guizhou.Pay attention to Liupanshui. " 

  Speaking of Liupanshui’s "three changes" to help the poor, we can’t ignore Tao Zhengxue. This farmer entrepreneur in the depths of the mountains, with his unique vision and hard-working spirit, has created a world of his own. Rich and not forgetting his folks, he returned to his hometown to start a business with hundreds of millions of property, leading the whole village to pull out the "poor roots" and run a well-off society.

  "I left my hometown to work when I was 16 years old, and I worked in lead-zinc mines, coal mines and coal washing plants … … One person is not rich when he is rich, and everyone is rich when he is rich. It is my responsibility to lead the villagers to get rich together. " It is under this belief that Tao Zhengxue embarked on the road of returning to his hometown to start a business.

  Returning to his hometown to start a business, Tao Zhengxue aimed at international positioning and determined to make Niangniang Mountain a high-quality, high-yield and efficient agricultural sightseeing park. Nowadays, the superposition effect of scale ecology, tourism, economy and culture has become more and more prominent.

  "The reform of the origin of a prefecture-level city alarmed the province and the central government — — On November 27th, 2015, Liupanshui, the capital of China, made the "three changes" in deepening rural reform, which was first mentioned by the General Secretary at the Central Poverty Alleviation Work Conference. This achievement cannot be separated from ‘ Tao Zhengxue ’ Efforts. " Economic Voice reporter Zhang Li said with emotion. "Niangniangshan’s precise poverty alleviation is impressive, and party building is the key. The mechanism of the Party Committee of Liancun advocated by Tao Zhengxue is the best example. Poverty alleviation and development cannot be separated from the demonstration and guidance of party organizations. Party building is used to promote the ideological construction of the masses. From ideological poverty alleviation to industrial poverty alleviation, the exploration of Pugu Township is meaningful. " China News Service reporter Zhou Jiajia said. "The environment here is very good, which may be subject to publicity. It is suggested to make better use of the Internet and new media to publicize our beauty here." Lao Xu, a famous media person, commented.

  The reporters who participated in this theme interview activity said that the ecological environment and natural scenery of Liupanshui are desirable. I believe that in Liupanshui, we can not only appreciate the hardships and achievements of poverty alleviation, but also appreciate Liupanshui’s hard work, enthusiasm and pragmatic style.

  It is understood that in recent years, Liupanshui has adopted the method of changing ideas, paths and methods to promote the "three changes" reform of changing resources into assets, changing funds into shares, and changing farmers into shareholders. Sleeping resources and scattered resources have been confirmed and evaluated, and they have participated in certain business entities in the form of assets, and the scattered funds have been integrated and quantified into shares and entered into business entities. Then organize and guide farmers to become shareholders through land participation, technology participation, resources participation, housing participation, labor participation, etc. First, integrate farmers into professional cooperatives, and then participate in new business entities in the form of cooperatives. The "three changes" reform takes industry as the platform and equity as the link, centralizes thousands of households on the platform, funds from all parties on the platform, and regional resources on the platform, forming a platform economy, increasing the income of economic entities, collective income and mass income. The masses participated in the industrial development as shareholders, operated and cooperated equally, and changed from bystanders to participants.

"Pineapple e-loan" sweetened "Pineapple First County"

Pineapple growers in xuwen county returned home with a full load. Economic Daily reporter Zhang Jianjun photo

  At present, when a large number of pineapples are listed in xuwen county, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, the thick pineapple fragrance spreads in the air with the breeze. In the past few days, pineapples in xuwen county have been frequently searched — — There is an endless "ocean" of pineapples in the vast land of Shan Ye and between the slopes of Guling, which is nicknamed "the sea of pineapples".

  "The price has tripled this year, which is the highest price since I planted pineapple!" When it comes to pineapples, Chen Mingshi, a grower in Longmen Village, Qujie Town, xuwen county, smiled from ear to ear. "There is a credit from ABC! There are about 500 households in our village that grow pineapples, and all those who meet the requirements have applied for loans at the Agricultural Bank of China. Agricultural Bank of China’s fast loan issuance and low interest rate have helped us solve the funding problem. "

  Xuwen is the largest pineapple production county in China, with an area of 350,000 mu and an annual output of nearly 700,000 tons, which exceeds one third of the country’s total area and output, and is known as the "hometown of pineapples in China". For local growers, capital has always been a hurdle. How can it be effectively solved?

  To this end, in recent years, the credit staff of Guangdong Branch of Agricultural Bank of China took root in Xuwen’s "pineapple sea" for in-depth investigation, accelerated financial reform and service innovation, and successively launched online credit products such as "pineapple e-loan" and "filing e-loan" to support the development of pineapple industry and increase the income of growers.

  Affected by dry and rainy weather this year, Xuwen pineapple has higher sugar content, but the output is falling, the demand is in short supply, and the price is rising all the way. Facing the peak season of sales, Guangdong Branch of Agricultural Bank of China supports the development of pineapple industry with credit, and at the same time helps farmers to promote pineapple through multiple channels.

  Among them, the staff of Agricultural Bank of China Zhanjiang Branch took the initiative to become Xuwen pineapple "voluntary propagandist" to help growers broaden sales channels. Since the beginning of this year, the bank has provided on-site centralized financial services such as loans and sales to pineapple growers for more than 156 times, serving 3555 farmers.

  Affected by COVID-19 epidemic and other factors, 2020 is the most difficult year for Xuwen pineapple. "Last year, most pineapples were rotten in the ground, and no one wanted them. Fortunately, the Agricultural Bank of China contacted the merchants in time to buy some, otherwise the losses would be heavy." Chen Mingshi has a lingering fear about this.

  The reporter was informed that in view of the difficulty in selling pineapples last year, Agricultural Bank of China Guangdong Branch took the initiative to contact xuwen county Lianxiang Agricultural Products Farmers’ Professional Cooperative and Pineapple Canning Factory, and finally helped growers sell more than 55,000 tons of pineapples; Since the beginning of the pineapple planting season in July last year, employees have been organized to go to the villages and towns in the "pineapple sea", go deep into the fields, actively promote the filing of farmers’ information, and provide online loan services to eligible pineapple growers to help them tide over the difficulties.


Enter the [Chinese world] > >

    CCTV.com News (broadcast by Chinese World on August 8th): > > Click to view the video.   


Lu Jufang collects table tennis apprentices in New Zealand.

Wang Chen has a table tennis club in the United States.

Table tennis that won China the reputation of "national ball"   

It can be said that with the completion of novel and unique venues, the smooth recruitment of volunteers, and the appearance of mascots, medals and torches, the pace of the Olympic Games is getting closer and closer to us. at the same time,For every athlete, participating in the Olympic Games is probably the most important and meaningful thing in his life.For Wang Chen, who retired from the Chinese national table tennis team seven years ago and immigrated to the United States,2008The significance of the Beijing Olympics is even more different.Although he is over 30 years old, Wang Chen’s impact on the Olympic Games is not weak. Because of her nervous preparations for the Olympic Games, Wang Chen had no time to face the media. However, American Chinese TV reporters managed to find her.

Like every immigrant, in the early days of coming to the United States, Wang Chen will inevitably face the differences in language and culture and the hardships of starting a business. However, the self-confidence and indomitable spirit given to her by her sports career made her bravely rush all the way. After coming to the United States for seven years, Wang Chen not only continued her sports career, but also completed the transformation of various roles. What’s more, she also gained a sweet love.

   The Beijing Olympic Games not only makes the athletes look forward to it, but also the coaches are full of expectations, especially the Chinese coaches employed by various countries are even more excited. In Auckland Table Tennis Club, New Zealand, there is a Chinese coach, Lu Jufang, who once trained nine world champions in China and now has an apprentice in New Zealand. He decided to carry forward China’s national table tennis.

   For overseas Chinese, it is not only Chinese athletes who want to participate in the Beijing Olympic Games, but also many Chinese friends may have the idea that they will be witnesses of this historic moment in person. Besides buying tickets to watch the game on the spot, there are actually many ways to become part of this sports event. In today’s program, we will tell you about the ways to get in touch with the Beijing Olympic Games:

Besides the athletes and spectators, the closest people to the stadium are the Olympic staff and volunteers. Being a volunteer for the Beijing Olympic Games is actually the dream of many friends. At present,2008The recruitment of all kinds of volunteers for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games has been fully carried out. According to the regulations of BOCOG, the deadline for registration of Games-time volunteers is2008yearthreeMonth, and the recruitment work will be on2008yearfiveCompleted in June. Overseas Chinese friends can visit the following websites.www.bjqb.gov.cnSign up, or call the volunteer hotline of BOCOG for details.

Before the official start of the Olympic Games, there is another job that is both sacred and meaningful. That is the torch relay of the Olympic Games. At present, the selection of torchbearers and runners for the Beijing Olympic Games is also under way. Delivered outside China2480Among the torchbearers, the Olympic committees of the relay cities and countries or regions have mastered nearly.80% quota. Therefore, if overseas Chinese friends want to be torchbearers, they should pay more attention to the selection information of the local Olympic Committee.

2008The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games has brought together the hearts of overseas Chinese all over the world, and they are making their own contributions to the Olympic Games in various ways. This includes the efforts of a Chinese designer. Perhaps many viewers don’t know, in fact, the Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube are both concentrated in a big Olympic Park, and the designer of this park is a Chinese. Let’s get to know him now.

Editor: Cui Ying

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The meaning of travel lies in ordinary life.

A few more colorful pages.

Tibet, as a distant place where countless people can sleep at night.

There are too many surprises and legends!

In this life, I will come to Tibet anyway!

Today, Xiaobian studied for two weeks! !

Sort it out2023 the most comprehensive introduction to TibetShare it with everyone

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1. What should I pay attention to when entering Tibet?

2. What must-see attractions are there in Tibet in summer?

3. When is the best time to go to Tibet in a year?

4. What is the best route to travel to Tibet?

Xiaobian answers for you one by one!

Photographer/Zhang Jing

How to solve the problem of high rebellion?

1, chest tightness, chest like a blocked general, is a typical reaction to hypoxia.

Effective treatment methods:Take oxygen and rest, and avoid strenuous exercise.

2, shortness of breath, accelerated and thickened respiratory rate,

Effective treatment methods:Keep quiet or stop other actions and wait for the breathing rhythm to be smooth.

3,There is a phenomenon of hyperreflexia, which is nosebleed, mostly in men. First of all, it is caused by the dry climate in the plateau, which ruptures the blood vessels in the nasal mucosa.

Effective treatment methods:1. Apply a little erythromycin ointment and drink as much water as possible to prevent dryness. 2. Eat more fruits and drink more water to promote metabolism.

4, headache, nausea, this altitude sickness is relatively persistent, in general, it can be recovered after a few days of adaptation,

Effective treatment methods:Self-adjustment If it aggravates or causes extreme physical discomfort, as long as conditions permit, stop the trip immediately and choose to see a doctor nearby.

What do you usually take with you when you enter Tibet?

No matter what season (people seldom go in winter), thermal underwear, jackets (rain and wind) or thick coats and trousers (jackets) must be brought. Generally speaking, it is ok to change two sets (including shoes) and use a raincoat without a jacket.

PS: At the hottest time in Tibet, there will be rain and snow when crossing some passes.

It is best to equip special quick-drying clothes in summer to facilitate washing (dry after washing), and sunscreen is also very important.

What is the reservation time of return air ticket and train ticket?

It’s recommended to advance about 4 to 5 days. If the journey is too long, the situation on the road may change due to external reasons, so don’t advance too early. If you want to book tickets in advance, please arrange enough time.

Summer is the most suitable season to go to Tibet. There is no biting cold wind or hay everywhere, and the temperature is just right. All the mountains and lakes gradually show their green colors. At the hottest time, the temperature is only 20 degrees, which is the most suitable for summer roaming.

Hope after Rain: Nangarbawa Peak

Source: Linzhi Tourism Bureau

Many people will choose to go to Nangarbawa Peak in winter or in the non-rainy season.

But I prefer to choose the rainy season and go to Nangarbawa Peak.

Standing at the entrance of Sejila Mountain, I hope I can see the true content of Nangarbawa Peak after the fog clears.

If you really see the true face of Nanga Bawa Peak, which is not seen for ten people.

I will have tears in my eyes, which is the expected response.

It also means that the canoe will sail through Chung Shan Man next.

Play suggestion:

1. The pass is very high above sea level, so don’t run and shout loudly to avoid causing high reaction.

2. It is windy and the temperature is very low. It is recommended to wear more clothes to avoid catching cold.

3. There are small shops on the pass where you can buy food and water.

The best camera position in Nangarbawa:

1. Gongzundem Beach: You can photograph the reflection in the water of Nangarbawa Peak.

2. Suosong Village: navigate to the entrance of Dakongli B&B.

3. Dalin Village: navigate Dalin Village or Songzan.

4. Sedila Mountain Observation Deck

5. Baifengtai

6. Tunbai Village

7. Yarlung Zangbo River Valley: It takes half an hour to reach the river on foot, and the photos are beautiful.

The realistic version of the Wizard of Oz: Lulang Linhai

Zhang Jing/photo

Lulang Linhai has unique beauty in every season, but I don’t think anyone can refuse Lulang Linhai’s summer. Riding a white horse in Lulang Linhai’s pasture, drizzling, lifting your face and blowing the gentlest wind on the plateau, what is the summer heat wave here?

Tickets:80 yuan

Punching in scenic spots:Sedila Mountain, Zhaxigang Village and Lulang Town

Tips:If you plan to travel in depth, you need to prepare waterproof clothes, medicines, sleeping bags, etc. in advance.

Primitive forest: spruce forest

Source: Bomi Tourism Bureau

Every tree in Gangspruce Forest has a primitive flavor, and it has been rated as one of the top ten most beautiful forests in China by chinese national geography. Walking in Gangspruce Forest in summer, there are soft sawdust and pine needles at the foot, as well as streams hidden in Palong.

Tickets:90 yuan/person in peak season and 45 yuan/person in low season.

Play time:Walk for 2-3 hours.


1. The road to the scenic spot is muddy, so it is recommended to drive an off-road vehicle.

2. Bomigang Township Nature Reserve covers a total area of 4,600 hectares, with an altitude of about 3,000 meters. They are all virgin forests, so don’t worry about rebellion.

3. Others: At present, there are almost no (or few) tour groups, so you need to drive or charter.

Wild and delicate: Naqu alpine grassland

Mi Zangda Wa/photo

Naqu, which means "Heihe" in Tibetan, is one of the colder places in Tibet in four seasons. The Naqu alpine grassland was rated as one of the six most beautiful grasslands in China and one of the five largest pastures in China by chinese national geography. The Qiangtang grassland in full of green is more like a gift from heaven, with a cool breeze blowing at 20 degrees and low adobe houses, which aggravated the ancient nomadic habitat here.


Opening hours:whole day

Traffic guide:be self-drive

Play punch recommended:

1. Riding a horse on the grassland is completely different from the usual experience of riding a horse in a scenic spot. Friends who can’t ride a horse can let the herdsmen lead them.

2. Occasionally, herders come to sell dried yak meat, and you can taste authentic plateau air-dried yak meat on the spot.

Natural Oxygen Bar: Lebugou

When it comes to Shannan, people think of "Yangzhuo Yongcuo", but the coolness of Shannan is more than Yangzhuo Yongcuo. Lebugou is located in Cuona County, Shannan City, and is called "China Natural Oxygen Bar". Lebugou, which means "a good place" in Tibetan, is 2920 meters above sea level, which is similar to Medog in Linzhi, so it is also called Little Medog.

Lebugou is more like an accident in Shannan city with a temperate arid climate. It is the summer in Lebugou when you fall asleep with the sound of waves and wake up with the sound of birds. Walking on the road, you may encounter Himalayan impala and white-cheeked macaque. There are many natural forms such as snow-capped mountains, canyons, lakes, waterfalls and virgin forests, and it is one of the main inhabited areas of ethnic minorities in China.

Tickets:80 yuan


1. The most important point is that Lebugou is located at the southern border of Shannan, and it is necessary to apply for a border defense certificate in advance.

2. The air humidity in the ditch is high, and it may rain at any time. Take rain gear.

3. The weather in the ditch changes rapidly, so it is necessary to prepare warm clothes.

4. Sometimes you will meet monkeys in scenic spots or on the road. You can prepare some food in advance and protect your personal belongings to avoid being robbed by monkeys.

Garden behind Mount Everest: Jilonggou

Qian Xiaoyu QIAN/ photo

Jilonggou is located in Jilong County, Shigatse, Tibet, in the deep Himalayan mountains bordering Nepal. It is a little-known place with a different style from the plateau and is called "the back garden of Mount Everest". The canyon is covered with trees and flowers, and the leaves are slim and graceful. Spruce with long leaves has straight stems and slender branches like weeping willows. The quiet village is surrounded by green trees, and the looming snow-capped mountains can be clearly seen not far away. Standing on the top of the mountain is like standing on a cloud, overlooking the whole town.

Tips:Jilonggou is located on the border between China and Nepal, and it is necessary to apply for a border defense certificate in advance.

Must-see attractions:

1. Kongtangram Pass, Geelong County, Geelong Town, Paba Temple, Naixia Village, Jeep Village,

2. The ID card shall be mortgaged at Tiesuoqiao and returned when it is returned.

Everyone goes to Tibet for different reasons and feels different, so the author is only responsible for making suggestions. Please choose your favorite season according to the facts. In fact, March to October is suitable, and the rest of the time is snowy and icy, and the climate is complex, so it is easy to encounter dangers and accidents.

If you want to see Linzhi peach blossoms, late March and early April are more suitable (note the arrival time).

I want to see the frozen Namco, preferably before May. Watching yangzhuo yongcuo can be done most of the time.

If you want to experience the ice and snow on the way to Tibet, all the year round, and it is not very dangerous, it is best to go from March to May.

June-August is the rainy season, with more rain (wet at night and dry during the day). Everything has grown to a certain season and the scenery is extremely beautiful.

September-October is the best season, with fallen leaves flying and golden mountains.

Tips: Tibet’s high-altitude scenic spots are still very cold in summer, so you need to bring winter clothes to keep warm.

South Sichuan-Tibet line:

The first paragraph: Litang-Batang-Ba Long-Mangkang.

The second paragraph: Mangkang-Zuogong-Bangda-Basu

The third paragraph: Basu-Ranwu-Bomi

The fourth paragraph: Bomi-Tongmai-Linzhi

The fifth paragraph: Linzhi-Gongbujiangda-Mozhugongka-Dazi-Lhasa

Northern Sichuan-Tibet Line:

The first paragraph: Dege-Jiangda-Changdu

The second paragraph: Changdu-Leiwuqi-Ding Qing

The third paragraph: Ding Qing-Ba Qing

The fourth paragraph: Baqing-Suoxian-Naqu

Ancient Tang-Zhu Road:

The first paragraph: Yushu-Nangqian-Leiwuqi

The second paragraph: Leiwuqi-Dingqing-Baqing-Suoxian County

The third paragraph: Suoxian-Naqu-Dangxiong

The fourth paragraph: Dangxiong-Lhasa-

The fifth paragraph: Lhasa-Gyangze-Xigaze

Paragraph 6: Shigatse-Sakya-Fixed date

Paragraph 7: Dingri-Jilong

When I shed my shackles, I know that I am who I am today.

Come to Tibet to find yourself.

In this restless summer!

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Why is China not suitable for "free medical care"? Subject to these conditions

With the rapid growth of medical expenses and the high level of personal medical expenses, "free medical care" has always been one of the hot topics in the field of people’s livelihood.

Since its establishment more than five years ago, the National Medical Insurance Bureau has repeatedly replied to the proposals and suggestions on free medical care. The National Medical Insurance Bureau believes that under the current social and economic development conditions, the level of medical insurance financing is still not high, the fund support ability is still insufficient, medical insurance still needs to adhere to the basic principles of insurance, it is still necessary for individuals to bear certain medical and health expenditure responsibilities, and the implementation of "free medical care" is not conducive to the long-term stable and sustainable development of China’s medical security system.

The medical insurance experts interviewed by CBN believe that free medical care seems to be a beautiful ideal, but it is difficult to realize it, and it will be restricted by many realistic conditions. China’s financial resources, unbalanced medical resources and other factors determine that China is not suitable for free medical care at present. At present, there are still many pain points and difficulties in China’s basic medical security, which need to be solved by further deepening the universal medical insurance system.

"Free medical care" is not really free.

Free medical care is popularly understood as "seeing a doctor without spending money". Poverty caused by illness or returning to poverty due to illness is a concern of many families. Therefore, realizing free medical care for all is considered as a way to reduce the medical burden of the people.

But "seeing a doctor without spending money" is not the real connotation of free medical care. Free medical care is not free of charge, but "paid" by the government or medical insurance institutions.

Zhang Xiao, director of the Medical Insurance and Social Security Research Center of Southeast University, told CBN that what people generally think of as free medical care means that medical services are free, such as registration, diagnosis and treatment, surgery, hospitalization expenses, etc. In countries that are said to have achieved free medical care, some can be completely free, while others can’t. The representative of free medical care is the National Health Service (NHS) in Britain, but other Commonwealth countries except Britain are not completely free, and the most important reason is the cost.

A study by Jin Weigang, vice president of the Institute of National System of Zhejiang University, shows that according to the relevant information of 170 countries (or regions) collected by scientific research institutions of relevant state departments, the medical security situation of 115 comparable countries (or regions) is compared and analyzed, among which 74 countries (or regions) implement social medical insurance, accounting for 64.3%. At present, only a few countries (or regions) implement "free medical care for all". Therefore, the social medical insurance system has increasingly become the mainstream trend of international medical security development, while "free medical care for all" is not the mainstream model.

Liao Zangyi, an associate professor at the School of Politics and Public Administration of China University of Political Science and Law, said in an interview with CBN that free medical care is not really free for all, but through different financing models, money is paid in advance in the form of taxes and premiums, and then distributed and spent by the government or medical insurance institutions, and finally used by individuals.

From the perspective of foreign countries, there are currently two modes of free medical care. One is that the state runs hospitals, such as planned economy countries such as North Korea. The other is that individual medical treatment is free (free or almost free), and the state raises funds and pays medical expenses. This is common in market economy countries, such as Britain, Canada, Australia, Northern Europe and other countries, which raise medical insurance through high taxes and then provide it to the whole people as social welfare; Germany, Japan and other countries are social insurance models, which are paid by both work units and individuals, subsidized by the government and shared by the whole society; The United States is a pure commercial insurance model, and special people (the old, the disabled and the poor) enjoy free medical security policies.

Zhang Xiao believes that the advantage of "free medical care" for all people is that the concept of this system is to better achieve fairness, and everyone can get basic protection regardless of the economic situation. However, this system needs strong public financial support, and if we want to turn to free medical care, we must increase taxes.

In December, 2021, the National Health and Health Commission’s reply to Proposal No.4768 of the Fourth Session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference mentioned that public financial funds were taken from the people and used by the people, and the funds needed to implement universal free medical care ultimately came from the people in the form of taxes or social insurance premiums. For a period of time, China did not have all the foundations for implementing universal free medical care.

Some people think that since the new medical reform, China has invested a lot of money in medical and health care, and now the financial investment and other funds are enough to support free medical care, and the cost will not increase after the implementation of free medical care.

In this regard, Zhang Xiao believes that the problem is that a lot of financial investment funds are not really used for the provision of medical services for ordinary people. Public hospitals spend a lot of money on maintenance and construction and large-scale equipment procurement, and it is difficult to change this investment method with the current system in the short term.

"Free medical care" is subject to these conditions.

Liao Zangyi believes that free medical care in Britain and Northern Europe costs all taxpayers’ money. The key to realizing free medical care is to pay taxes, but free medical care only meets the minimum requirements of individuals. There is no free lunch in the world, and free medical care will not be the best.

Cai Haiqing, a master tutor at Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, wrote that in order to alleviate the unbearable problem of government finance caused by the rapid growth of medical expenses, some "free medical care" countries can only find ways to reduce the supply of medical services, and the number of drugs and medical consumables included in the free range and the number of beds in hospitals are strictly restricted or even reduced. In India, for example, public hospitals not only have poor facilities, but also have a serious shortage of beds. There are only 348 kinds of free medicines.

Zhang Xiao believes that the implementation of free medical care requires five conditions, the first is to have very ample financial support, the second is a balanced medical service system, the third is a sound medical security system, the fourth is to have a reasonable allocation of medical resources, and the fifth is legal and policy incentives, such as the reform of doctors’ salary system and legal protection.

Judging from the situation in our country, at present, public hospitals are the mainstay in our country, and the construction of medical facilities, the training and salary of medical personnel, and the recruitment of medicines all need financial support. If free medical care is to be implemented, these should be classified as financial payment, which is a burden for finance.

According to the Statistical Bulletin on the Development of China’s Health Care in 2021, the total national health expenditure in 2021 is estimated to be 7,559.36 billion yuan, and the total health expenditure accounts for 6.5% of GDP. From the international comparison, the proportion of China’s total health expenditure to GDP is far lower than that of developed countries, accounting for only half of that of Britain.

"Financial pressure is the first obstacle to free medical care, especially for developing countries, the pressure of medical investment is very great. The insufficient and unbalanced development of medical resources in China also determines that it is difficult to implement free medical care for all. If free medical care is implemented, from a fair point of view, all good medical institutions should treat patients all over the country equally, and good hospitals will be overcrowded, so it is difficult to guarantee patients’ right to fair medical treatment. Therefore, to achieve free medical care, medical resources must be rationally allocated, and it is difficult to realize the reconfiguration of medical resources now. " Zhang Xiao said.

Liao Zangyi believes that China’s medical supply is still insufficient in general, especially high-quality medical resources. Free medical care will cause a run on resources to a certain extent, which will aggravate the problem of difficulty in seeing a doctor. Many people understand that there is no threshold for free medical care, and everyone can enjoy medical services equally and freely, but as we all know, no threshold is the highest threshold, and high-quality medical resources and top-level expert teams have always been scarce resources in society. Even to some extent, free medical care will aggravate the severity of "difficulty in seeing a doctor", and there may be patients all crowding into provincial medical institutions, and the result that everyone wants to be satisfied is that everyone is not satisfied.

Do what you can to improve the level of security

Liao Zangyi pointed out that an important reason why China is not suitable for free medical care at present is that the policy of raising medical insurance is basically divided into two ways: employee medical insurance and resident medical insurance. These two methods are part of the personal burden and part of the unit burden, and then the government makes unified financial subsidies, which determines that our medical insurance fund itself is tight. It is our long-term direction and policy for medical insurance departments to solve how to spend every cent of medical insurance money and do their best to do what they can.

CBN combed the responses of the National Medical Insurance Bureau to the proposal of free medical care since 2019, and found that there are two main voices for free medical care. One is to propose free medical care for all people, and the other is to suggest free medical care for specific groups, such as the elderly over 60 years old in rural areas, the elderly over 80 years old, children or people with specific diseases.

Zhang Xiao said that the implementation of "free medical care" for all people is not suitable for China’s national conditions, but it is possible to improve the level of medical security for specific groups within the framework of the medical security system. Every country has such a policy. For example, Japan, South Korea and other aging countries also have special medical insurance policies for the elderly over 85 years old. The key is to do what you can. The amount of funds in the medical insurance fund is limited every year and it is impossible to meet the needs of everyone.

On July 20th, the National Health Insurance Bureau issued the "Reply to Recommendation No.1437 of the First Session of the 14th National People’s Congress", saying that the medical insurance department should speed up the establishment of a multi-level medical insurance system with basic medical insurance as the main body and medical assistance as the backing, supplemented by medical insurance, commercial insurance, charitable donations and medical mutual assistance, continuously improve the service level of medical insurance, and make overall plans to reduce the medical expenses burden of the insured people, including seriously ill patients in rural areas.

US media: Ballmer is tired of failure, and the new season will be his last bottom line.

Earlier on August 4th, Beijing time, the US media once again followed up and reported some internal news about the Clippers. Ballmer, the owner of the Clippers, was tired of failure. The 22-23 season will be an important node for him to assess the players and the future development of the team, and it is also his final bottom line. It is completely understandable that Ballmer chose to renew his contract cautiously in advance at this time. After he took over the Clippers, he showed his ambition to the league and fans. He was often seen in the home game. He cheered for the team crazily. Ballmer was also not idle in some important away games. He followed the team to the away game, and he spent a lot of money. His investment in the team has always been among the best in the league. In order to have an independent team culture and mark him, he invested heavily in building a new arena. Ballmer’s vision for team management is also very vicious. He even invited the LOGO man. Looking at the transactions and contracts made by the old West in the Clippers in recent years, it is basically correct. However, the Clippers’ double stars have fallen in front of injuries again and again in recent years, and the team has fallen in the playoffs again and again. As the owner of the team, Ballmer has done everything he can, and it is right to be cautious now. The next season will be a huge test for the Clippers, as will George, 33, and Leonard, 32. Age and past injury history will put the future contract renewal in doubt unless they can show Ballmer and fans different performances, higher attendance and good competitive state in the new season.

There is only one theory left for Liverpool to compete for four. klopp: It’s not bad to play in the Europa League.

Titan sports All Media Original

In the 37th round of the Premier League, Liverpool drew 1-1 at home with Aston Villa. Towards the end of the game, firmino, who came on as a substitute, scored an absolute goal for Liverpool, helping Liverpool keep the suspense of the fourth round. Because Manchester United won this round, Liverpool are currently three points behind Manchester United in one game, and it is only possible to compete for four.

In an interview after the game, Liverpool manager klopp said, "We didn’t play well in the first half, and we were too impatient, whether we had the ball or not. Obviously, we have to calm down in the second half. After that, we scored a goal, but it was invalid, and then we scored another goal and tied. "

"This result is acceptable. We haven’t played well enough for a long time this season, but we still made this journey very exciting. Seven weeks ago, I thought it was impossible to compete for four. "

Regarding Aston Villa’s waste of time at the end of the game, klopp said, "It can be said that the problem is obvious. I think we have often seen this situation throughout the season, especially today. It is no problem to make up for 10 minutes, but in these 10 minutes, should we make up for another 5 minutes? "

Talking about the players who are about to leave the team, klopp said, "firmino and Milner have proved who they are in 20 minutes, showing the reasons why we love them and the qualities they will bring to their new owners."

"We will miss them, but like all good stories in life, there will be an end when there is a beginning. Their story here is over and we will write a new chapter. "

"Considering these teams competing with us, it is a good result to qualify for the Europa League. The competition was fierce, and we finished the task, which is good. The Europa League is also good, let’s see what we can do. "


Goodbye Embiid, leonard needs you more! 76 ers, Clippers discuss 1-for-1 deal Harden?

The Philadelphia 76ers have played very well so far this season. They entered the playoffs with the third place in the East in the regular season, and swept the Nets 4-0 in the first round of the series to advance to the second round. Embiid is expected to win the first regular season MVP in his career, while Harden won the assists title with 10.8 assists per game. Under the leadership of these two superstars, the 76ers are getting closer and closer to the championship goal. However, the intensity of the playoffs can’t be mentioned in the same breath as that of the regular season. Athletes’ physical consumption is very high. Embiid was absent because of knee injury, and Harden’s hamstring has always been hidden. They all have no experience in winning the championship, so it is inevitable that they will be weak when facing more powerful opponents in the playoffs. If there is no big accident, the 76ers will face the stronger Celtics in the second round of series. As we all know, the Celtics broke into the NBA finals last season. Under the leadership of Shuang Tanhua, they played very hard at both ends of the offense and defense. It is very difficult for the 76ers to break through the Celtics.

Once the 76ers stop in the second round, Harden is likely to choose to leave. After all, he sacrificed his position as the team leader and high salary in order to win the championship. Harden’s performance in the first round of the playoffs is not satisfactory, and the management of the 76 ers may not meet his five-year salary renewal demand. At the same time, Harden’s old club, the Rockets, launched a strong pursuit for him. On the one hand, it was the temptation to go home and the hard-to-refuse top salary. On the other hand, it was blindly asking for it, ignoring his emotions. Harden’s choice would hardly be in suspense. However, the management of the 76ers didn’t want to send Harden away for nothing, which would make them lose the chance to continue to attack the championship, so a deal of signing first and then changing came into being. According to James Pearcey, a reporter from the US media bleachers, the 76ers and Clippers plan to make a 1-for-1 swap deal this summer. If the negotiation goes well, Paul George will go to Philadelphia to assist the great Embiid. The specific transaction plan is: the 76ers will send James Harden to get Paul George of the Clippers.

The prerequisite for this deal is that Harden agrees to a deal plan of signing first and then exchanging. L.A. is Harden’s birthplace, leonard is a super league, and the Clippers have his favorite head coach Tyrone Lu and a group of outstanding role players. Harden has no reason to refuse another chance to compete for the championship. Although the Rockets are his potential next home, today’s Rockets are a team composed of young players. No one doubts that Harden’s return can help the team improve its record quickly. But in the long run, there is a huge age gap between Harden and the young players in the team. When young players such as Jay Green, jabari Smith and Shen Jing grow up, Harden estimates that he has entered the twilight of his career, and his top salary contract may become an obstacle to the continued development of the Rockets. The combination of the two may lead to double losses, so for Harden, joining the Clippers is far more attractive than returning to the Rockets.

For the 76ers, Maxi’s rapid growth provided them with the confidence to send Harden away. At least from the performance in the playoffs, Maxi’s role seems to be more prominent. The 76ers have always lacked a star with strong comprehensive strength in the front line. Harris is good at attacking and PJ- Tucker is good at defending, but they all have their own shortcomings and are easy to be used by opponents. Paul George is one of the few offensive and defensive players in the league. He not only has a variety of offensive means, but also has various ways to send the ball to the basket, and he can also be the best defender of the team on the outside. The 76ers’ acquisition of George can make the overall lineup structure more balanced, which will help them to continue to attack the championship.