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US media: Ballmer is tired of failure, and the new season will be his last bottom line.

Earlier on August 4th, Beijing time, the US media once again followed up and reported some internal news about the Clippers. Ballmer, the owner of the Clippers, was tired of failure. The 22-23 season will be an important node for him to assess the players and the future development of the team, and it is also his final bottom line. It is completely understandable that Ballmer chose to renew his contract cautiously in advance at this time. After he took over the Clippers, he showed his ambition to the league and fans. He was often seen in the home game. He cheered for the team crazily. Ballmer was also not idle in some important away games. He followed the team to the away game, and he spent a lot of money. His investment in the team has always been among the best in the league. In order to have an independent team culture and mark him, he invested heavily in building a new arena. Ballmer’s vision for team management is also very vicious. He even invited the LOGO man. Looking at the transactions and contracts made by the old West in the Clippers in recent years, it is basically correct. However, the Clippers’ double stars have fallen in front of injuries again and again in recent years, and the team has fallen in the playoffs again and again. As the owner of the team, Ballmer has done everything he can, and it is right to be cautious now. The next season will be a huge test for the Clippers, as will George, 33, and Leonard, 32. Age and past injury history will put the future contract renewal in doubt unless they can show Ballmer and fans different performances, higher attendance and good competitive state in the new season.

There is only one theory left for Liverpool to compete for four. klopp: It’s not bad to play in the Europa League.

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In the 37th round of the Premier League, Liverpool drew 1-1 at home with Aston Villa. Towards the end of the game, firmino, who came on as a substitute, scored an absolute goal for Liverpool, helping Liverpool keep the suspense of the fourth round. Because Manchester United won this round, Liverpool are currently three points behind Manchester United in one game, and it is only possible to compete for four.

In an interview after the game, Liverpool manager klopp said, "We didn’t play well in the first half, and we were too impatient, whether we had the ball or not. Obviously, we have to calm down in the second half. After that, we scored a goal, but it was invalid, and then we scored another goal and tied. "

"This result is acceptable. We haven’t played well enough for a long time this season, but we still made this journey very exciting. Seven weeks ago, I thought it was impossible to compete for four. "

Regarding Aston Villa’s waste of time at the end of the game, klopp said, "It can be said that the problem is obvious. I think we have often seen this situation throughout the season, especially today. It is no problem to make up for 10 minutes, but in these 10 minutes, should we make up for another 5 minutes? "

Talking about the players who are about to leave the team, klopp said, "firmino and Milner have proved who they are in 20 minutes, showing the reasons why we love them and the qualities they will bring to their new owners."

"We will miss them, but like all good stories in life, there will be an end when there is a beginning. Their story here is over and we will write a new chapter. "

"Considering these teams competing with us, it is a good result to qualify for the Europa League. The competition was fierce, and we finished the task, which is good. The Europa League is also good, let’s see what we can do. "


Goodbye Embiid, leonard needs you more! 76 ers, Clippers discuss 1-for-1 deal Harden?

The Philadelphia 76ers have played very well so far this season. They entered the playoffs with the third place in the East in the regular season, and swept the Nets 4-0 in the first round of the series to advance to the second round. Embiid is expected to win the first regular season MVP in his career, while Harden won the assists title with 10.8 assists per game. Under the leadership of these two superstars, the 76ers are getting closer and closer to the championship goal. However, the intensity of the playoffs can’t be mentioned in the same breath as that of the regular season. Athletes’ physical consumption is very high. Embiid was absent because of knee injury, and Harden’s hamstring has always been hidden. They all have no experience in winning the championship, so it is inevitable that they will be weak when facing more powerful opponents in the playoffs. If there is no big accident, the 76ers will face the stronger Celtics in the second round of series. As we all know, the Celtics broke into the NBA finals last season. Under the leadership of Shuang Tanhua, they played very hard at both ends of the offense and defense. It is very difficult for the 76ers to break through the Celtics.

Once the 76ers stop in the second round, Harden is likely to choose to leave. After all, he sacrificed his position as the team leader and high salary in order to win the championship. Harden’s performance in the first round of the playoffs is not satisfactory, and the management of the 76 ers may not meet his five-year salary renewal demand. At the same time, Harden’s old club, the Rockets, launched a strong pursuit for him. On the one hand, it was the temptation to go home and the hard-to-refuse top salary. On the other hand, it was blindly asking for it, ignoring his emotions. Harden’s choice would hardly be in suspense. However, the management of the 76ers didn’t want to send Harden away for nothing, which would make them lose the chance to continue to attack the championship, so a deal of signing first and then changing came into being. According to James Pearcey, a reporter from the US media bleachers, the 76ers and Clippers plan to make a 1-for-1 swap deal this summer. If the negotiation goes well, Paul George will go to Philadelphia to assist the great Embiid. The specific transaction plan is: the 76ers will send James Harden to get Paul George of the Clippers.

The prerequisite for this deal is that Harden agrees to a deal plan of signing first and then exchanging. L.A. is Harden’s birthplace, leonard is a super league, and the Clippers have his favorite head coach Tyrone Lu and a group of outstanding role players. Harden has no reason to refuse another chance to compete for the championship. Although the Rockets are his potential next home, today’s Rockets are a team composed of young players. No one doubts that Harden’s return can help the team improve its record quickly. But in the long run, there is a huge age gap between Harden and the young players in the team. When young players such as Jay Green, jabari Smith and Shen Jing grow up, Harden estimates that he has entered the twilight of his career, and his top salary contract may become an obstacle to the continued development of the Rockets. The combination of the two may lead to double losses, so for Harden, joining the Clippers is far more attractive than returning to the Rockets.

For the 76ers, Maxi’s rapid growth provided them with the confidence to send Harden away. At least from the performance in the playoffs, Maxi’s role seems to be more prominent. The 76ers have always lacked a star with strong comprehensive strength in the front line. Harris is good at attacking and PJ- Tucker is good at defending, but they all have their own shortcomings and are easy to be used by opponents. Paul George is one of the few offensive and defensive players in the league. He not only has a variety of offensive means, but also has various ways to send the ball to the basket, and he can also be the best defender of the team on the outside. The 76ers’ acquisition of George can make the overall lineup structure more balanced, which will help them to continue to attack the championship.

Virtual National People’s Congress PK: Microsoft Xiao Bing VS Pingping Intelligent, which is more suitable for you?

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, virtual human has gradually become a hot topic in the field of intelligent services. Microsoft’s Xiao Bing virtual human and Feng Ping intelligent virtual human are both representative products in the industry. There are differences in technical strength, safety, application scope and price.

First of all, in terms of technical strength,Xiao Bing, a virtual human of Microsoft, owns the famous Vanke employee digital person Cui Xiaopan, who has excellent performance in natural language processing, speech recognition and image recognition, and has strong intelligent interaction ability.

Although the technical level of Fengping intelligent virtual human is also high, it is slightly lacking compared with Xiao Bing.

Secondly, in terms of security,Xiao Bing virtual human adopts Microsoft’s leading security technology to protect user data and privacy, which has higher credibility. The Fengping intelligent virtual human has also adopted a series of security measures, but compared with Microsoft’s security technology, there is still room for further improvement.

However, in terms of application scope,Fengping intelligent virtual human has more advantages. In addition to regular customer service, assistant and other services, it can also be applied to a wider range of fields such as medical care, education and finance.

Xiao Bing virtual human is mainly used in digital employees, entertainment, social and other fields.

Finally, in terms of price,The price of Fengping intelligent virtual human is relatively close to the people, which is more attractive to small and medium-sized enterprises and individual users. Xiao Bing Virtual Human is relatively expensive, which is suitable for large enterprises and users with higher demand.

To sum up, Xiao Bing Virtual Human and Feng Ping Intelligent Virtual Human have their own advantages. Microsoft Xiao Bing virtual human is stronger in technical strength and security, while Fengping intelligent virtual human has advantages in application scope and price. When choosing a virtual human technology supplier, users need to comprehensively consider their own needs, budget and requirements for technical strength, security, application scope, price and other aspects, and make wise decisions.

The reason of C Ronaldo’s bleak evening scene: mistaking the platform for ability

C Ronaldo has gone far away to the desert, so that the hot sunshine in the desert can cure the injury and pain of the defeated plum ball king!

At the age of c, he has gone to the desert, and his competitive career has been finalized.

Although there is a lot of wealth, it seems to be happy! But its heart is painful!

As we all know, Ronaldo is aloof and arrogant, and I am the only one!

I take the super plum ball king as my responsibility all my life, and pursue honor, glory and data all my life.

C Ronaldo has been a technical career for more than ten years, and his money has been free and his wealth has been satisfactory; It cares more about face, scenery and honor.

During C Ronaldo’s career, during his years in Real Madrid, he won four Golden Globes and four Champions League games, which strengthened his confidence and courage, boasted himself the first, second and third place in the world, was extremely inflated and self-mad.

C Ronaldo’s greatest misfortune is to regard the platform as an ability! It is the real Madrid platform and personal efforts that have made its real Madrid years dazzling!

C Ronaldo left Real Madrid, moved to Juventus and Manchester United, accomplished nothing, and never won the Golden Globe Award, Sir, or the Champions League again! 16 lang in the Champions League every year! Its juventus years are incomplete!

C Ronaldo’s national team was ruined, and fans said that it was lying in the European Cup. Although it was exaggerated, it was not groundless!

C Ronaldo’s World Cup achievement is hands-free, which is a stain on his life! Causing 10 zeros in the World Cup to be bleak. Single-core team leader has the best score in the top 16.

After the dark years after Real Madrid, nothing was achieved after the World Cup.

C Luo Fang understands that it is the Real Madrid platform and Lafayette that have made its brilliant Real Madrid era. I mistook the Real Madrid platform for my ability, woke up like a dream, and wanted to return to Real Madrid and relive the beauty. But the vicissitudes of life, powerless, was rejected by Real Madrid! I have to go to Saudi Arabia to waste the rest of my life!

Life is like this, when you miss the opportunity, it may be a lifetime of regret and regret!

How can Messi stay in Greater Paris?

In 2023, the Greater Paris Champions League once again became 16 Lang, which is quite sad!

Special size World Cup golden balls and golden boots, is that the level?


Messi’s vision, passing and dribbling are still the top in the world!

Mbappé’s shot, in that year, was still heavy, and he also improved his dribbling skills …

Neymar was in its prime, and Ramos was still domineering. Such a powerful Paris has repeatedly suffered setbacks, which puzzled many readers!

In fact, although Greater Paris is rich, its layman leads the expert, which is the root of the team’s failure!

If they don’t change, Messi and Mbappé will leave!

What is the difference between a steam room and a sauna?

I always can’t tell the difference between sweat steaming and sauna, I don’t think there is any difference between the two, so what is the difference between sweat steaming and sauna? Which is better, steam or sauna?
First, the principle is different
Sweat steaming mainly uses the energy field formed by the negative ions, far-infrared rays, and micro-currents released by tourmaline to act on the human body and stimulate the body to generate heat energy; while sauna uses high-temperature water vapor to act on the skin from the outside and conduct heat into the body. .

Second, the temperature is different
The steaming temperature is around 42-45 degrees Celsius, and the scientific steaming time is 40-60 minutes. People will not feel suffocated during the sweating process, and the breathing will be very smooth; the sauna temperature can reach 60-70 degrees Celsius, when the human body can only stay 5-10 minutes, if the time is too long, you will feel chest tightness and shortness of breath.

  1. Perspiration effect
    The sweat discharged by the steaming has no sweat smell, which will make the human skin smooth, which can have the benefits of beauty, body beauty, and disease conditioning. However, it should be noted that it is not suitable to shower within 6 hours after the steaming, as the shower will detract from the health care of the steaming. The sweat is sticky and has a smell of sweat, and it is necessary to take a bath after the sauna to remove the smell of sweat.
  2. Operation method
    Sweat steaming is through physical conditions such as far infrared rays, negative ions, expanding substances and trace elements to expand the pores of the human body in a high temperature manner, discharge toxic substances in the body, and achieve the effect of health care; while the sauna uses steam to make the deep skin heat effect under high temperature conditions. , and then achieve the effect of expelling toxins in the body through the pores that are enlarged under high temperature.