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The Yangtze River has been closed to fishing for ten years, and these changes are related to you and me.

  On February 15, 2021, the ship sailed in the waters of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. Recently, all kinds of mountain flowers on both sides of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River have opened, and the spring is getting stronger. Xinhua news agency

  Red-billed gull living in the area of Jijiang Yangtze River Bridge in jiangjin district, Chongqing, Xinhua News Agency issued.

  Hukou, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province assisted the patrol team in patrolling Poyang Lake. Our reporter Zhou Mengshuang photo/bright picture

  [Ecological topic]

  "The Yangtze River has a long history and a vast water surface. It is a good water town for freshwater fish to have children and grow up." The documentary "story of the yangtze river" filmed by CCTV in 1983 praised the mother river in this way. However, in recent decades, due to the comprehensive influence of various human activities, the ecological environment in the Yangtze River basin has deteriorated sharply, and the biological integrity index has reached the worst "no fish" level.

  In order to save the aquatic biodiversity of the Yangtze River, on January 1, 2021, the main stream of the Yangtze River, large Tongjiang lakes and important tributaries officially began a 10-year comprehensive fishing ban. 111,000 fishing boats and 231,000 fishermen retreated ashore, which began the historical turning point of "people returning fish to enter". The "No.1 Document of the Central Committee" in 2021 released a few days ago clearly proposed to strengthen the conservation of aquatic biological resources, promote the capacity building of fishery law enforcement focusing on the Yangtze River, ensure the effective implementation of the 10-year fishing ban, and do a good job in ensuring the resettlement of retired fishermen. According to the strategic plan of the CPC Central Committee on the high-quality development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, from March 1, China’s first special law on river basin protection — — The Yangtze River Protection Law will also be officially implemented.

  Recently, Guangming Daily Weibo launched an online survey on "What are you most concerned about when the Yangtze River is closed for ten years". Based on the results of the previous survey, with some questions that netizens are most concerned about, our reporter interviewed relevant experts, heads of competent departments and volunteer representatives.

  Will our table be affected after the ban on fishing?

  In Huaiyang Restaurant, Yangtze shad is a famous dish, which is regarded as a delicacy by many diners because of its tender meat.

  "Now that the Yangtze River is completely banned from fishing, is this signature dish gone?" Many people have doubts about this.

  "This kind of worry is a bit redundant, because the Yangtze River shad has been extinct for almost 30 years." Zhou Zhuocheng, an expert from China Fishery Association, explained that the Yangtze River shad is a migratory fish. In 1975, the catch reached 1,570 tons, but since the 1980s, its number has dropped rapidly, and it has been impossible to form a fish season. After the 1990s, there is no record of catching it, which is equivalent to functional extinction.

  So, what has been sold in restaurants? "Yangtze river shad is ‘ Sanxian of Yangtze River ’ First of all, in order to maintain profits, merchants actually use close relatives such as American shad and Southeast Asian clouded shad. " Zhou Zhuocheng said that with the decline of aquatic biological resources in the Yangtze River, it is very common to confuse the real with the fake.

  The fate of the Yangtze River shad is not a case. According to statistics, the annual natural catch in the Yangtze River basin has dropped from 427,000 tons in 1954 to less than 100,000 tons in recent years. Even the common "four big fish" such as herring, grass carp, silver carp and bighead carp, their seedling production has dropped from 129.1 billion in 1965 to more than one billion today.

  "In contrast to the decline of fishery resources in the Yangtze River, since the 1950s, ‘ Four big fish ’ Artificial reproduction has been successful one after another, and the freshwater aquaculture industry has developed rapidly, and the table of ordinary people has not been affected. " Cao Wenxuan, a scientist who initiated the ten-year ban on fishing in the Yangtze River and an academician of the China Academy of Sciences, said that from 2016 to 2019, the output of freshwater aquaculture in China was around 30 million tons, with an annual output of about 5 million tons of grass carp, 4 million tons of silver carp and nearly 3 million tons of bighead carp, providing consumers with delicious dishes such as "boiled fish" and "chopped pepper fish head" — — "The annual per capita consumption of China’s 1.4 billion population ‘ Four big fish ’ 9.4 kilograms. "

  Cheap and high-quality farmed fish can’t be separated from wild fish.

  Cao Wenxuan introduced that the artificially cultured fish in fish ponds are often the descendants of several pairs of parent fish. After long-term inbreeding, the genes will degenerate and get sick easily. Therefore, it is necessary to have wild fish to improve their germplasm resources, so that the cultured fish can grow fast and grow well. "To make people eat fish and eat better fish for a longer period of time, we must protect the natural germplasm resource pool of the Yangtze River." Cao Wenxuan stressed.

  "I don’t eat fish. Does it matter to me to protect the Yangtze River fish?" Some netizens hold this attitude. In fact, protecting the fish in the Yangtze River is not only related to the dining table, but also related to the drinking water safety of hundreds of millions of people.

  "Biodiversity is complete, and the service function of the ecosystem can be brought into play. One of the most important service functions of the Yangtze River ecosystem is to purify water quality. " Taking the development model of "controlling water with fish" in Qiandao Lake as an example, Cao Wenxuan explained that "plankton such as algae in the lake can absorb nitrogen, phosphorus and other substances in the water body, and then artificially put a certain amount of silver carp and bighead carp to eat these plankton, so that when it enters, it is three types of water, and when it flows out, it becomes one type of water."

  "I have been calling on my friends to stop eating wild fish and let the Yangtze River catch its breath. Moreover, wild fish will enrich some toxic and harmful substances in the natural environment, but the safety is not as good as that of farmed fish. " Zhou Zhuocheng, a popular science "big V" with more than 6 million fans in Weibo, said.

  What about the livelihood of fishermen after landing?

  In the past few years, in order to promote the ten-year fishing ban, Ma Yi, director of the Yangtze River Basin Fishery Supervision and Management Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, has been running around the Yangtze River for a long time.





  In order to ensure the livelihood of retired fishermen, as of January 31, 2021, 25.167 billion yuan of compensation funds for no-catching and no-catching have been fully put in place; In key waters, 129,743 people have changed jobs (accounting for 99.76% of the base number), 171,626 people have been provided with social security, and the task of social security for fishermen who have retired has been fully completed.

  In Cao Wenxuan’s view, the ten-year ban on fishing is not only to protect fish, but also to help fishermen change their production and lifestyle. "The Yangtze River ‘ No fish ’ The image is that fishermen can’t catch fish with legal large mesh nets, so they have to use ‘ Juehu. com ’ 、‘ Labyrinth ’ Illegal means such as electric fish can catch a little fish. In this way, the Yangtze River fishing industry is like entering ‘ Dead end ’ 。”

  Song Bin is a native of Jiangbei District, Chongqing. For more than ten years, he has been fishing and managing catering boats on the river. With the increasing number of catering boats, Song Bin feels that the Yangtze River has changed. "Disposable tableware floats on the river from time to time, and the fish is not only caught less and less, but also with a ‘ Diesel oil ’ Taste. "

  In 2018, in response to the call of the government, Song Bin took the lead in dismantling the catering boat and opened an old Songjia fish restaurant not far from the shore with compensation. Nowadays, the business of the fish house is not only booming, but also four retired fishermen like Song Bin have joined the fish house and lived a stable life on the shore.

  After the Yangtze River was completely closed to fishing, a group of fishermen still chose to stay on the river.

  On February 5, 2021, at dawn, on the surface of Poyang Lake in Hukou County, Jiangxi Province, accompanied by the "sudden" motor sound, Shu Yinan and his colleagues began a day’s work, while monitoring the number of Yangtze finless porpoises, while discouraging anglers from using "four anchor hooks" on the shore. "This ‘ Four anchor hooks ’ There are four sharp hook tips, which can directly hook through the body of big fish without biting the bait, which is very destructive to fishery resources. " Shu Yinan told reporters.

  In 2017, Shu Yinan, who was born on a fishing boat and caught fish for more than 40 years, put away his fishing net and signed up for the newly formed Hukou Assistance Patrol Team. "In the past few decades, I have seen that the Yangtze River shad and other fish are gone, and the fish caught are getting smaller and smaller. If there are no fish in the future, where will there be fishermen? "

  As the "ecstasy" in Poyang Lake was cleaned up, the electric fishermen were punished by law, and Shu Yinan saw the gratifying changes in the Yangtze River. "I patrolled 20 kilometers this morning and saw finless porpoises jump out of the water more than a dozen times. They didn’t dare to dock so close before. When I came back from my patrol at noon, I saw ‘ The Yangtze finless porpoise was promoted to the national first-class protected animal ’ The news. Great, the future of the Yangtze River will definitely be better! " Shu Yinan was very excited.

  Ten years later, will the Yangtze River regain its former vitality?

  During the investigation, some netizens also asked: "To what extent can the Yangtze River recover after ten years of fishing ban?" "Will the number of fish exceed the natural carrying capacity?"

  "If the Yangtze River ‘ Sick ’ If so, then the ten-year fishing ban can only be said to be a visit to the mother river ‘ Rescue ’ 。” Cao Wenxuan pointed out that the 10-year ban on fishing is only a small step in the great protection of the Yangtze River. "This is not once and for all, and there is still a long way to go to save the aquatic life of the Yangtze River."

  Cao Wenxuan estimated that after ten years of rest and recuperation, the spawning capacity of the "four major fishes" in the Yangtze River could rise to about 20 billion to 30 billion, reaching the level of 30% in the 1960s at most, while the recovery of many endangered species was more difficult.

  Wei Qiwei, a researcher at the Yangtze River Fisheries Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, said that in the investigation of fishery resources and environment in the Yangtze River from 2017 to 2019, they found that 130 species of historically distributed fish failed to collect samples — — What’s more, rare fish such as Chinese sturgeon, Yangtze sturgeon, mullet, and Hucho taiwanese have not naturally propagated.

  "The Yangtze shad disappeared so fast that we didn’t have time to conquer the artificial propagation method; In addition, the baiji and the white sturgeon have also declared functional extinction. " Wei Qiwei believes that after ten years, the biological resources of the Yangtze River will be improved and the vitality of the ecosystem will be revived, but some species may leave us forever.

  "Fishing ban has guaranteed the survival rate of Chinese sturgeon larvae released artificially, but due to physical changes such as blocking rivers and building dams, the problem that Chinese sturgeon cannot lay eggs needs urgent scientific research. As a river-sea migratory fish, Chinese sturgeon lives in the ocean most of the time, and there are still gaps in this protection. " How to prevent the Chinese sturgeon from repeating the mistakes of the white sturgeon is a problem that Wei Qiwei has been thinking about — — Obviously, "the ban on fishing alone can’t save all the fish."

  While the population protection of Chinese sturgeon is still facing a severe test, the Yangtze finless porpoise, another flagship species of the Yangtze River, has good news.

  Dr. Qian Zhengyi, Deputy Secretary-General of the Yangtze River Ecological Protection Foundation, recalled that during his studies at the Institute of Aquatic Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, he dissected 60 or 70 dead finless porpoises, about half of which had empty stomachs or other symptoms of hunger. "They were hungry and couldn’t find fish to eat in the vast Yangtze River."

  With the orderly promotion of the ban on fishing in the Yangtze River in recent years, the images of Yangtze finless porpoises playing in Poyang Lake, Yichang, Zhenjiang, Nanjing and other river sections frequently appeared on hot search. "The total ban on fishing has reduced the risk of illegal fishing gear hurting finless porpoises, and their food sources have greatly increased. I believe that in the next few years, their population will be restored to some extent. " Qian zhengyi is very confident about this.

  After graduating from Ph.D. in 2017, Qian Zhengyi devoted himself to the protection of the Yangtze finless porpoise and joined the Yangtze River Ecological Protection Foundation. Under the guidance of the Yangtze River Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Foundation cooperated with the fishery administration department to jointly create an assisted patrol mode to attract demobilized fishermen to engage in patrol supervision. "Fishermen are most familiar with the Yangtze River and have the most affection for it. Let them from ‘ Fishing up ’ Become ‘ Fish protector ’ , which can not only meet the demand of changing production and jobs, but also give the Yangtze finless porpoise ‘ Exclusive bodyguard ’ 。” Qian Zhengyi said jokingly.

  It’s not just finless porpoises that have good news. Not long ago, researchers from the Yangtze River Fisheries Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences found a fish in Yichang section of the Yangtze River. Siniperca chuatsi was once an important economic fish in the Yangtze River basin. Due to overfishing, river and lake barriers and habitat degradation, Siniperca chuatsi disappeared in several historical distribution areas, and was listed as a provincial-level key protected aquatic wild animal in Hubei and Hunan.

  "After the squid disappeared for more than 20 years, one was found in 2017, and another was found in 2020 after a lapse of three years. The time interval between appearances was shortened, which marked the gradual recovery of the squid population." Wei Qiwei believes that with the continuous development of the ten-year fishing ban, the scale of common fish populations in the Yangtze River will increase significantly, and some threatened fish populations will also recover.

  (Reporter Zhou Mengshuang)

Summer in the "Summer" Township | Spend a sauna day and meet the "Arctic Village" in Wuhan.

avoid/escape summer heat
Xiaxiang town
The countryside of Wuhan is 5℃ lower.

The air here is free and fresh.

There are distant mountains and smoke, dogs and fields.

height of summer

A visit to the countryside in Wuhan with a summer temperature of 5℃

First stop
Huangpi liujiashan village
Cool heart and lungs, Wuhan "North Pole"

Liujiashan Village, Caidian Street, huangpi district is located at an altitude of 806 meters.Among the mountains.Green and cool, it is the tallest, northernmost and most remote village in Wuhan, and is called the "Arctic Village" in Wuhan.

The original ecology is the biggest feature of the local natural environment. In summer, the temperature here is 6-8 degrees lower than that in downtown Wuhan, which is a good place for summer in rural Wuhan.

If this title is not enough for you to locate its coordinates and mention "Qingliangzhai", everyone should know!

At the top of Qingliangzhai, you will enter the village even if you pass through the archway of "hometown of the top scholar, Liujiashan Village"!

There is a mirror-like lake in the village, clear and clean, which is the result of careful care by the villagers.

Most of the retro buildings along the lake are Huizhou style with white walls and blue tiles. The landscape in front of the house is strewn at random with green plants, which is hidden among the green mountains and green waters, and it is full of refreshing meaning.

Every summer vacation, there will be a wave of summer tourists in the village. Most of them are old people with their grandchildren. Some choose to stay in the farmhouse for a short time, while others choose to rent a farmhouse for a comfortable summer.

Take a walk along the plank road in the middle of the lake, blow the mountain lake wind, find enthusiastic old people in the village and ask the historical story of the Qing Dynasty Jinshi.

There is also an excellent viewing platform on the top of the mountain, watching the sunrise and sunset and watching the stars move. Standing on the platform, you can still blow the wind from your neighbor Xiaogan ~

Looking back at Liu Jiashan, the villagers are rich and peaceful. Who would have thought that it was once a poor and backward ravine ~

When talented people return home, the countryside changes dramatically.

In 2004, Yi Youqing, an "able man of Huangpi", came to Liujiashan Village to develop tourism. He invested 40 million yuan to build leisure resorts and scenic spots in Qingliang Village, an old tea plantation in Liujiashan Village, and rebuilt the houses in Liujiashan Village to keep its original quaint appearance.

After the transformation, Liujiashan Village has become a beautiful water town in the deep mountains. The scenic spot also excavates the history of Liu Binshi, the ancestor of Liujiashan Village, who took the second place in the Qing Dynasty’s scientific research, and deduces such scenic spots as Shuxiang River, Zhuangyuan Bridge, Jintu Bridge, Reading Pavilion, and Cowherd’s Cave.

Nowadays, villagers are either hired as employees in scenic spots, or open farmhouses or set up stalls to sell local products. Every household has a tourist meal. In the past, poor and backward mountain villages wereRural construction has experienced gorgeous transformation in more than ten years!

The old stone road between the cottages and the "old house" that is 100 years old have witnessed the transformation of Liujiashan Village.

Get out of the urban heat island and come to the village for the summer!

Li Ruihe: Tea is a peaceful drink. The 21st century is the tea age in China (Figure).

    "Tea is a peaceful drink." In order to continue his grandmother’s good deeds before her death, Li Ruihe built a "conscience pavilion" in Zhangzhou, serving tea to pedestrians all day long and never stopping for 14 years.

  Li Ruihe said that the 21st century is the era of China tea.

    Li Ruihe loves to drink tea in his own tea house. He often chooses a place near the window and makes and tastes tea by himself. When a tea guest came, he looked kindly and greeted the guests with gentle eyes. At this point, in the eyes of uninformed people, this is just an old man dressed in plain clothes.

    But in the tea industry, Li Ruihe is a legend in the industry, and everyone knows it. When he was in high spirits as a teenager, he took tea as his career and started "Tianrenming Tea" in 1961. After years of hard work, Tianren became the only listed tea company on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. In the 1990s, Li Ruihe sold his stocks and houses to pay off his debts because of the Taiwan Province stock market bubble.

    At that time, Li Ruihe wrote an inscription: "Success is shared by all, and failure is my responsibility." His heart should be filled with the tragic feeling of a hero.

    If you are a hero, you will never give up. In 1993, 58-year-old Li Ruihe resolutely went to the mainland to invest and rebuild his tea industry, and established "Tianfu Tea House" in his ancestral home in Zhangzhou, Fujian. "Deng Xiaoping’s southern tour gave me confidence." For the choice at that time, 14 years later, Li Ruihe was still very proud, because he grasped an excellent business opportunity. After 14 years of operation, it has grown to more than 7,000 employees, and the "Tianfu" logo is also spread all over the country, with 674 chain stores nationwide. -the ups and downs of business, and the tea industry won the international market and became the world’s tea king. Mr. Li’s entrepreneurial history is an example of mutual encouragement in the tea industry.

  Seven-generation love affair with tea

    Fujian is a well-known "tea town" at home and abroad. The written record of tea production in Fujian is more than 300 years earlier than Cha Sheng Luyu’s Tea Classic. It can be seen that tea culture has a long history in Fujian, with a history of more than 1,000 years.

    "After we created oolong tea in the Ming Dynasty, we made Tieguanyin in the Qing Dynasty with a new technology, which became a tribute to the imperial palace in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and naturally became the hometown of famous tea in China." Li Ruihe enthusiastically introduced the tea production in various parts of Fujian. Between the talks, we can see that the old man has deep feelings for Fujian and tea.

    "I am from Zhangpu, Fujian." Li Ruihe always introduces himself in this way on major occasions. After careful investigation, Mr. Li’s ancestors crossed the sea from Zhangpu to Taiwan Province more than 200 years ago and settled down in Nantou. Although they moved to Taiwan Province, their ancestors did not change careers, and they still made a living by growing tea for generations. "At that time, there was a folk song saying: Thousands of villages learn to grow tea, fir tea is planted all over the house, tea is planted to prevent old age, and the price of tea is for ten thousand families. Therefore, our ancestors have always been attached to tea and have never stopped. "

    By Mr. Li Ruihe, it is already the seventh generation of "tea people". Since childhood, he has been working with his grandmother in tea fields, knowing how to grow and raise tea, and learning the skill of making tea from generation to generation.

    "My grandmother is simple and is a typical good wife and mother. For tea, it is the foundation of our family business, and at the same time, tea culture is also to be taught in our family. My grandmother often takes me to the roadside pavilion to deliver tea to passers-by. Giving someone a cup of tea is a gesture of goodwill. Because tea culture pays attention to a word of harmony, harmony between people. " Li Ruihe said that tea is a peaceful drink. In order to continue his grandmother’s good deeds before her death, he built a "conscience pavilion" in Zhangzhou, which served tea for pedestrians all day long and never stopped for fourteen years. If we say that my grandmother used to give tea to passers-by more for the sake of accumulating virtue, I pray that God can help the descendants of the Li family to make a difference. Now Mr. Li Ruihe provides tea for pedestrians in the conscience pavilion, but it is to let more people become attached to tea. "I have been drinking tea since I was a child, and I am now in my seventies. After drinking tea for 70 years, it is not only a habit in southern Fujian, but also because I know that drinking tea is really beneficial to the body. " Mr. Li has a ruddy complexion, quick thinking and very light movements, unlike an old man over seventy years of age.

    Li Ruihe has a deep affection for tea. If you can say that tea is good when talking with him, he will think you are good, and will talk and taste tea with you happily, and regard you as a friend. "I know that I love tea to the point of near infatuation, but it is my infatuation with tea that enables me to start my business again and make it bigger and stronger than my first career."

  "Tianfuming Tea" is another village.

    Taiwan Province’s stock market bubble burst in the 1990s, and Tianren Securities, a company founded by Mr. Li Ruihe, immediately fell into debt. In order to repay the debt, he had to sell the shares and real estate of Tianrenming Tea. At this point, some people think that his career has come to an end.

    "Deng Xiaoping’s southern tour speech in 1992 convinced me that the mainland’s reform and opening up was successful, and it was also a good development opportunity for our Taiwanese businessmen. So, I returned home with the hope of starting a business again. " Speaking of starting a business for the second time, Mr. Li Ruihe, who has experienced the storm in the shopping mall, has a dull tone, but his eyes are shining and he has a passion that cannot be concealed. "When I returned to the mainland, I realized that I had found the root." Mr. Li, who was speaking slowly, suddenly increased his tone, and raised his right hand on the chair to his heart: "When I arrived in Zhangpu, I realized that China’s tea resources are really rich, and the tea market in China is also very large. What I have to do is to do my own tea industry with my heart. "

    In 1993, Mr. Li Ruihe invested in the tea industry in Zhangpu with 10 million yuan raised from relatives and friends in Taiwan Province, established Tianfu Tea House, built his own tea production base, and processed tea with advanced technology.

    "I spend every Spring Festival in Zhangpu with my employees. In 1993, I still clearly remember that there were more than 20 people. By the Spring Festival of 2006, we will have more than 700 people. The number of Tianfu employees in our country has reached more than 7,000. In these 14 years, the development has been really fast. " Mr. Li recalled Tianfu’s entrepreneurial process and said.

    In 1994, Mr. Li Ruihe once vowed to establish 100 tea chain stores in major cities in mainland China within ten years. At that time, many people thought it was impossible. However, Tianfu’s development is better than Mr. Li’s expectation. So far, Tianfu Tea House has opened 674 direct chain stores in major and medium-sized cities in mainland China. From 2003 to 2005, Tianfu Group reported and paid 24.94 million yuan, 28.54 million yuan and 37.39 million yuan to the local tax authorities respectively, and the tax amount was as high as 90.87 million yuan.

    Mr. Li Ruihe loves tea, makes tea industry, and preaches tea culture with all his heart. Perhaps at first he just popularized tea culture out of his affection for tea, but as far as an enterprise is concerned, the promotion of tea culture has expanded and strengthened the tea market.

    At the beginning of 2000, Li Ruihe decided to invest in the establishment of Tianfu Tea Museum, with the theme of "studying tea science and inheriting tea culture". Covering an area of 80 mu, the museum is divided into four buildings, namely, the main building area for displaying tea history and the performance area for displaying tea ceremony. "People in China have been drinking tea for more than three thousand years. Why are they compared with coffee and coke? This is mainly because the tea culture in China has not been inherited and developed. Tea drinking in Japan was spread from China in the Song Dynasty, but they knew how good tea was, and kept it going, making tea ceremony kung fu to the extreme. Why can’t we in China do it? Or because we modern people know too little about tea, so I built the Tianfu Tea Museum in the hope that our younger generation can understand the tea in our country, which has a valuable culture. "

    More than 100 years ago, China tea monopolized the world tea market. Today, 100 years later, the world’s tea sales are 180 billion yuan, while the China tea market is only 18 billion yuan. At present, the planting area of tea in China ranks first in the world, but the output ranks second, and the export ranks third. At the same time, the value of tea has not been well tapped, and China’s foreign exchange earning value of tea ranks fourth in the world. The data shows that China is still in an embarrassing situation of being a big tea country rather than a strong one.

    "The tea market in China can’t be strong, mainly because of the restriction of family workshops. The production process cannot be innovated and promoted. " A professor from China Agricultural University once pointed out the shortcomings of China’s tea industry at the meeting. Mr. Li Ruihe also saw these clearly, so he decided to add modern and scientific production technology to the traditional tea culture, so as to take China tea to a higher level. In 2005, he once again invested in the establishment of Tianfu Tea Vocational and Technical College "to train professionals in the tea industry", with an investment of 200 million yuan. "The establishment of Tianfu Tea College meets the needs of the development of tea industry and is also an important step in the internationalization of China tea industry." In an interview with reporters, Mr. Chen Zongmao of China Academy of Engineering praised Li Ruihe’s development strategy of "thinking and doing".

    21st century, the era of China tea.

    Tea, coffee and cola have become the top three international drinks.

    "The Tang Dynasty had the rule of Zhenguan, and it was a prosperous time. Ambassadors from all over the world came to Tang to communicate and learned about China tea. Since then, tea has become a popular drink. " Mr. Li laughed and said that he was also surnamed Li, and he was a descendant of Li Shimin in the Tang Dynasty. If his ancestors started the prosperous Tang Dynasty, he should at least revive the tea culture and make China tea popular in the world.

    "China tea to go international, first of all, we should do a good job in the domestic market. Only when the foundation at home is good can we take a step outside. " When talking about the internationalization process of China tea industry, Mr. Li Ruihe pointed out that the foundation should be laid before expansion.

    "In the 1990s, when I first returned to the mainland, I found that on average, each of us only drank more than 200 grams of tea a year, which was quite a small number. With the development of tea industry, we are more and more aware of the health, fitness and intelligence functions of tea drinks, and this number has increased, and the statistics of some departments have reached 500 grams. This is a great progress, but compared with some countries with the same level of economic development, there is still a lot of room. Every person in Taiwan Province drinks 1,200 grams of tea every year. In Britain, it is 2500 grams. " Based on the estimation of the market development space, Mr. Li Ruihe set a new goal for the number of chain stores in Tianfu nationwide: "We intend to open Tianfu to 3,000 stores all over the country."

    "Although China is a big tea country, it is not a strong tea country." Liu Nianyan, an expert from the Rural Economic Research Center of the Ministry of Agriculture, pointed out with regret the pain of tea merchants in China. Analyzing the reasons, Liu Nianyan said: "First of all, it is a family-style, small-scale and traditional tea production and marketing model, so it is impossible to provide a modern tea service system. This has formed its own shackles for continuing to open up new markets. "

    Tianfu, based on the founding experience of "Tianrenming Tea" in Taiwan Province, has set a modern and scientific example for mainland tea merchants.

    Not to mention the establishment of the Tea Institute and the opening of the Tea Museum, Tianfu’s tea-making technology has used advanced equipment and carried out scientific management in the production process. At the same time, paying attention to brand building is also an important reason for Tianfu’s rapid recognition by guests. In the past, one of the factors that China tea industry has been hesitating is related to the small and miscellaneous tea brands. Tianfu, since its inception, has paid attention to building and maintaining brands.

    In 1997, Tianfu Group’s product "813 Tea King" became the designated drink of the APEC meeting held in Vancouver, Canada, which was a breakthrough of China tea and also sounded the horn of China tea era.

    In 2001, Tianfu Alpine Tea King once again became the meeting tea of APEC.

    Because the drinks in the first two APEC meetings were provided by Tianfu, and they were well received by officials from various countries, in 2005, the APEC meeting held in Busan, South Korea naturally designated Tianfu products for the third time.

    In these important international activities, Tianfu products are frequently praised by friends from all over the world, which makes Tianfu’s step into the international market a natural thing.

    "Tea is a drink of peace." When Li Ruihe was an enterprise, he was actually doing culture. He said that Tianfu Group has opened stores in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and other countries, and he hoped that international friends could have tea in Tianfu and get to know a warm and hospitable China.

    Li Ruihe said that the 21st century is the era of China tea.

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  • Zhao Shaokang’s painful "Zhongguang" and "Sanzhong" transactions may affect Ma Ying-jeou’s election.
  • Affected by the "referendum on joining the United Nations", the US Congress report will not mention the sale of Taiwan fighters.
  • Taiwan Province’s "diplomatic" high-level female official Zhu Yufeng was promoted to "executive vice minister"
  • Fund and stock market investment are hot, burning three positions of financial managers on the island and one person.
  • The export value of Taiwan Province International Flower Opening Ceremony is expected to reach 100 million US dollars.
  • Editor: Wei Liangchun

    Summer Economy | Night shopping, night entertainment, night travel … Which cities love "nightlife" best?

    In the evening of summer, the business circle of the city is gradually becoming lively, and "shopping" and "shopping" have become "necessary" items in summer nights. In recent years, "nightlife" is expanding from catering and shopping to entertainment and leisure, and night cultural activities such as performances and exhibitions are gradually increasing.
    Night shopping, night eating, night practice, night reading, night entertainment, night outing … The prosperity of "night economy" is an important symbol of a city’s economic openness and activity. Since the beginning of this year, many places have proposed to develop the night economy, and local government officials have taken the lead in taking to the streets to eat supper, and many places have issued documents to promote the vitality of night consumption.
    In the hot summer, how can cities ignite "fireworks" in 2022? What are the new trends of night economy under the boost of local consumption policies? Which cities love "nightlife" best? Who is the main force of night consumption? The Beijing News Shell Finance takes you through the data to see the "consumption picture" of midsummer night.
    1.2022Economic scale is expected to break through.40Trillion yuan
    Which cities are"The city that never sleeps"?
    Night economy is an important part of urban economy, and it is also an important starting point for cities to stimulate consumption.
    According to the survey report of urban residents’ consumption habits of the Ministry of Commerce, 60% of residents’ consumption occurs at night, and young people born after 1995 are the main group of night economy.
    2019 is called "the first year of night economy in China", and the night economy develops rapidly. The State Council issued "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Circulation to Promote Commercial Consumption", proposing to enliven night businesses and markets and improve the convenience and activity of night consumption. In 2019, the night economy reached 26.4 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15.3%. In the following two years, the night economic growth rate exceeded 17%. According to Ai Media Consulting, China’s nighttime economic growth rate will continue to grow in 2022, and the economic scale is expected to exceed 40 trillion yuan.
    In 2021, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced the first batch of 120 national night cultural and tourism consumption gathering areas. The data shows that Beijing, Hebei, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Shandong, Guangxi, Chongqing and Sichuan have the largest number of night culture and tourism consumption areas. Qianmen Street in Dongcheng District of Beijing, Tianqiao Performing Arts Zone in Xicheng District, 798-751 Art Block in Chaoyang District, Liangmahe Style Waterfront in Chaoyang District, Huaxi LIVE· Wukesong in Haidian District and Gubei Water Town in Miyun District are all on the list.
    Night economic agglomeration has become the common carrier of night economic construction in most cities. Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Suzhou, Foshan and Kunming have clearly put forward relevant construction plans. For example, Foshan proposes to build eight high-quality night economic clusters by the end of 2021, and Kunming proposes to build 15-20 night economic clusters.
    In order to boost the economy and consumption vitality, measures to develop night economy have been issued in many places this year.
    The Beijing News Shell Finance reporter found that taking Beijing as an example, in February 2022, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and other 10 departments issued "Several Measures for Further Promoting the Development of Business Circle", which put forward 14 specific measures to promote the development of business circle from four aspects: innovating business circle management mode, creating a prosperous and standardized business circle consumption environment, improving the intelligence level of business circle and increasing policy support, among which "encouraging key business circles to develop night economy" became an important content.
    Henan proposes to focus on the development of "night economy", allowing the use of "shops outside" and "open-air markets" under standardized and orderly conditions. In Xi ‘an, qualified commercial pedestrian streets and commercial complexes are allowed to operate outside in the specified time period at night, and outdoor activities such as automobile market, cultural and creative market, cultural performances and night trips to Chang ‘an are held based on characteristic commercial districts.
    This summer, the "trunk market" rose again, enriching the nightlife consumption scene.
    In Nanjing, Qingdao and other cities, whenever night falls, many people drive their cars to the local square, line them up in turn, open the trunk to display goods, install small light bulbs and literary signs, and turn them into miniature shops. Such a "trunk shop" has attracted many citizens to stop.
    Generally speaking, China’s night economy presents the characteristics of "strong in the south and weak in the north". According to the big data of the ride, during the period from May 1 to June 20, 2022, among the TOP 10 cities with night travel activity, 9 cities in the south and only one city in Beijing in the north. Among them, the top five cities in activity belong to South China.
    In addition, the demand for night travel also reflects the economic vitality of the city, and the demand for night travel of residents in new first-tier cities is generally more. The Beijing News Shell Finance reporter found that among the top ten cities traveling at night, there are 5 new first-tier cities, 3 first-tier cities and 2 second-tier cities. In 2021, the GDP trillion club, New Jincheng, Dongguan ranked third, and Foshan ranked fourth.
    It is worth mentioning that second-tier coastal cities are also active at night. Two second-tier cities, Xiamen and Quanzhou, ranked in the top ten for night trips, and Xiamen ranked second, second only to Shenzhen.
    2."at nightDrink "into a young man"New consumption trend
    exceedsixsucceedInterviewedConsumers go at least once a month.
    On summer nights, having a drink with three or five friends has become one of the ways for young people to relax at night.
    Urban nightlife scenes are constantly enriched, and pubs that are mainly open at night have become an important scene for people to socialize and entertain. According to the sample survey of Ai Media Consulting, more than 60% of the consumers interviewed go at least once a month, among which 27.5% go once every two to three weeks and 18.9% go once a month.
    Although drinking is the main thing, unlike nightclubs, the bistro with a sense of atmosphere provides more social space and is a "compound" venue that includes music, board games, performances and catering.
    Night consumer demand is constantly released, and the pub economy is growing steadily.
    In 2018, the scale of China’s tavern market exceeded 100 billion yuan; In 2021, the market scale reached 128.04 billion yuan, an increase of 26.2% compared with 2020. Zheshang Securities said that with the relaxation of epidemic prevention and control policies in various places and the peak of night consumption in summer, the demand for night consumption has been steadily restored, which is expected to promote the concentrated outbreak of pub format in summer.
    The pub economy is hot, more people are eyeing this "cake", and many catering enterprises have entered the "bistro" across the border. According to Ai Media Consulting, from 2015 to 2020, the total registered volume of China tavern-related enterprises showed an overall upward trend, with a compound annual growth rate of 49.5%. By the end of 2021, the total registered volume of related enterprises reached 14,658. Among them, there are many new consumer brands like Naixue, as well as catering enterprises such as Puju and Laoxiang Chicken.
    3. DuodiExtend the opening hours of cultural venues such as museums.
    Cultural life enters night economy.
    In addition to catering and shopping, the cultural consumption of night life is also increasingly prosperous. Many places propose to extend the opening hours of museums, art galleries and other cultural venues, and visiting museums and watching exhibitions has also become a favorite night cultural activity for consumers.
    The rise of night cultural activities has promoted the gradual recovery of China’s performance market.
    In 2021, the overall scale of China’s performance market reached 33.585 billion yuan, an increase of 27.76% compared with 2020. Among them, drama has become the most popular type of performance. In 2021, among the 114,400 theatrical performances, the box office revenue of drama performances ranked first, and the number of drama performances ranked third.
    On June 29th, Ma Li, deputy director of the Industrial Development Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China, said that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism would plan and implement an action plan to promote cultural and tourism consumption in the second half of the year, seize the peak summer consumption season, focus on developing night culture and tourism economy, and guide relevant institutions to publish night culture and tourism consumption maps.
    4.E-commerce night market "helps night economy"
    Which cities like to place orders at night?
    Liu Genghong, who escaped the aerobics this summer, did not escape Dong Yuhui, who brought goods in the live broadcast room of Oriental Zhenpin.
    Since June this year, the bilingual live broadcast of New Oriental has been on fire, which not only allows people to see the new way of live broadcast with goods, but also allows people to see the potential of e-commerce night market economy.
    With the maturity of new consumption patterns such as live e-commerce, the proportion of online sales channels shopping at night is expanding. Ningbo, Shanghai and other places issue e-commerce coupons to stimulate consumption. On June 27th, Anhui started the night economic consumption season, focusing on key sectors such as automobiles, home appliances, catering and e-commerce, to help the whole chain of consumption recover.
    The data shows that people in first-tier cities prefer to place orders online on summer nights. From May to June 20, 2022, the number of online shopping orders in first-tier cities ranked in the top four, and Beijing ranked first. Chengdu, which is called "the city that never sleeps" by many tourists, is also enthusiastic about online shopping.
    What do people who don’t sleep buy? Residents in different areas have regional characteristics in shopping. Consumers in Changsha and Hangzhou, online celebrity’s tourist cities, prefer travel products, while residents in Fuzhou and Guangzhou prefer entertainment products. People in Sichuan and Chongqing prefer food and drinks, while Beijing and Shanghai prefer fresh food.

    Beauty products are becoming more and more difficult to get out of the circle. What should brands do?

    Reporter | Viann

    Editor | Lou Qinqin

    Beauty brands want to make explosive items. Relying on explosive products to gain popularity is also one of the methodologies for the rise of domestic beauty brands in recent years. However, it is becoming more and more difficult to make explosives.

    According to the "White Paper on Beauty Industry of Huge Engine in 2021" (hereinafter referred to as "White Paper") jointly released by Huge Engine and Kado Consumer Index recently, it is becoming more and more difficult for best-selling products to get out of the circle.

    According to the statistics on the purchase data of facial skin care products and cosmetics in the first-and fifth-tier cities in China in 2019 and 2020, in 2020, the number of best-selling cosmetics declined slightly from 850 in the previous year to 775, with a decrease of 9%, and the categories of skin care and cosmetics all declined.

    Specifically, the number of best-selling skin care products fell from 687 to 632, a decrease of 8%; The number of best-selling cosmetics dropped from 163 to 143, a decrease of 12%.

    The absolute number of best-selling products of skin care products and cosmetics has declined, which is partly due to the rising marketing cost.

    In the past few years, most beauty brands have made explosive products through relatively accurate product and crowd positioning and intensive social media marketing. As the traffic dividends of Weibo, Tik Tok, Xiaohongshu, bilibili and other major platforms gradually disappear, the brand marketing costs continue to increase, and the difficulty of manufacturing explosive products also increases.

    However, the "White Paper" also pointed out that although the absolute number of best-selling products of skin care and make-up has declined, their sales share in the market has remained stable at 25%, which indicates that the average market contribution of each best-selling product is rising, and powerful single products have increasingly become an important support for the brand to stabilize its market share.

    In other words, although it is not easy to make explosive products, it is quite critical for beauty brands to make explosive products.

    For beauty brands, if they want to make explosive products, the reasonable layout of categories is very important.

    According to the "White Paper", the categories that are daily necessities and have a large base of consumer goods are the most prone to explosive products. From the category point of view, cleansing and toner, as basic categories, each contribute more than 10% of the best-selling products year after year, and the number of best-selling products will remain stable in 2020.

    It is worth noting that although the number of explosions in the elite category has decreased significantly, the sales contribution has increased. This means that under the support of sufficient resources, the brand will invest heavily in the essence of explosive products, and it is possible to achieve greater benefits.

    In addition, beauty brands also need to identify unique selling points for single products.

    Focusing on the "student party" is one of the effective beauty selling points at present. According to the White Paper, judging from the amount of content broadcast in Tik Tok, many explosive products focus on students, and drive consumers to try with cost-effective communication. For example, the velvet lip glaze of the perfect diary and the high-profile "little yellow hat" whitening sunscreen spray are all selling points with a price of less than 100 yuan and a sense of use close to big brands, which have become explosive products.

    Endorsement of product efficacy through star ingredients is another effective beauty selling point, especially in skin care products. Yin Yuli, a beauty and personal care analyst at Mintel, said in an interview with Interface Fashion that after years of market education, consumers in China have a deeper understanding of skin care products. When choosing skin care products, they are mainly efficacy-oriented, and they will buy products according to the problems they want to solve. Skin care brands should not only tell consumers what ingredients are contained in products, but also point out what specific effects these ingredients have.

    Take Guerlain’s Emperor Bee Posture Repair and Restoration Honey as an example. This product emphasizes the natural extract of French black bee honey, which can repair the skin. L ‘Oré al Paris’ purple iron eye cream claims to contain anti-aging ingredient Bosin, which can stimulate collagen formation.

    Innovating product form is another effective way to upgrade consumer experience and make explosive products. For example, New Zealand Mystery unpacks the jelly-like sleep mask, which is convenient for consumers to control their daily dosage, and is also convenient to carry in outdoor scenes.

    In addition, in the case of high market competition, last year’s best-selling products may not sell well this year, which requires beauty brands to be "prepared for danger in times of peace". According to the White Paper, the sales of best-selling products in 2019 accounted for 25% in that year. By 2020, the proportion of the same batch of products will be reduced to 22%, especially in essence, mask and cosmetics.

    Therefore, after manufacturing explosive products, brands still need to continuously carry out research and development and upgrade to maintain brand popularity.

    186 million in 3 years, with a record average salary! Davis renewed his contract with the Lakers: teaming up with James to win the championship again

    On August 5th, Beijing time, according to the famous Woj report, agent Ricky Paul revealed that Davis had reached an early renewal contract with the Lakers of $186 million for three years, and the average salary of this contract was as high as $62 million, which created the highest average salary renewal contract in NBA history. Davis and the Lakers have two years left in their original contract. Together with the current contract renewal, Davis and the Lakers’ contract will last until 2028, with a total salary of $270 million for five years. In the future, Davis will continue to join hands with James to move towards the championship again.

    For Davis, it is worthwhile for him to get such a contract renewal. As one of the top power forwards in the active league, Davis has nothing to say without injury. Last season, Davis played 56 games for the team, averaging 25.9 points, 12.5 rebounds, 2.6 assists, 1.1 steals and 2 blocks, with a shooting percentage of 56.3%. His scoring, rebounding and shooting percentage are all the highest in the last three years. It is worth mentioning that Davis averaged 25+10+2 hats per game in a single season. He is also the third player in the history of the Lakers to get such data, and his performance is evident on the shoulders of O’ Neill and Abdul-Jabbar.

    After helping the Lakers win the championship, Davis was really depressed for two seasons, but last season, Davis’ performance was obvious to all. As long as he can play in the game, he can play a dominant performance. For example, in the face of the Wizards, Davis handed over the data of 55 points, 17 rebounds and 3 blocks, while in the game against the Bucks, Davis scored 44 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 blocks. In addition, Davis also scored 30+10 in five consecutive games, playing the performance of offensive and defensive integration in the game. As long as he is not injured, then Davis is definitely one of the top players in the active league.

    The reason why the Lakers renewed Davis’ contract in advance is also very clear, that is, James is not young, and the team needs to find a successor to James. If James retires after playing next season, the Lakers can continue to build a team around Davis, and the team still has the possibility of hitting the championship.

    It is also helpful for Davis to stay with the Lakers for a long time, where he can enjoy the treatment of team leaders and have the opportunity to retire his jersey from the Lakers. When Gasol’s jerseys retired, Davis said that he hoped that one day his jerseys could be hung around these legendary stars, and he was eager to be one of them. Davis has a five-year contract with the Lakers. During this period, if Davis can help the team win the championship, his jersey is likely to be retired by the Lakers. It can be said that this contract renewal is beneficial to both sides. The Lakers will be the leader in the next few years, and Davis will get a high salary, and there may be opportunities for the jersey to be retired.

    Schira: Obamaian, Kovacic and other 10 players are not in Chelsea’s plan.

    According to Italian journalist schira, many Chelsea players, including Obamaian, are not in Pochettino’s plan and may be sold this summer.

    Schira lists Chelsea players who are not in Pochettino’s plan:



    Abdul Baba





    Puglisi qi



    (Mu Zi)

    Xinhe county holds primary and secondary school track and field games and inter-class exercises competition

    In order to further promote the nationwide fitness campaign, on April 18th, Xinhe County held the 2023 track and field sports meeting for primary and secondary school students and the inter-class exercise competition in the stadium.

    It is understood that 25 teams and more than 5,000 students participated in this competition from 25 primary and secondary schools in the county. During the competition, the neat pace, standard movements, dashing and bright smiles of all participating teams became a beautiful scene, which fully demonstrated the confident, lively, positive and enthusiastic spirit of all primary and secondary school students, as well as the indomitable spirit of the times, and further promoted the in-depth development of sunshine sports.

    In the end, 2 first prizes, 4 second prizes and 6 third prizes were selected, and the participating guests presented medals to the winning teams. (Xinhe Education)

    Dillon Brooks: The biggest joke in the NBA or the dark horse that reverses the league?

    LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers showed great strength in this year’s first round series of playoffs, especially in the third game, they won more respect. On the contrary, Memphis Grizzlies suffered a terrible defeat. They only scored 9 points in the first quarter, while the Lakers scored 35 points, which is one of the biggest first-quarter leads in NBA history.

    It is reported that in the last game, Dillon Brooks made a remark to LeBron James, calling him aging. Admittedly, this is an open provocation, and tonight’s game just happened to make the Lakers completely give this provocateur a loud slap in the face.

    On Twitter, the fans changed from initial surprise to happy expression, because they could see their favorite team beating their opponents out of the water. Although Los Angeles and the entire NBA fans were cheering through Twitter, this scene still could not describe their feelings at that time.

    Although Memphis Grizzlies posed some threats to the Lakers, their performance at that time could only be described as "terrible", especially Dillon Brooks. His words and deeds are really rash. Can you imagine what Dillon Brooks can do in the face of Lakers players like Xiao Bian? Like a sleepy hollow riding a car to a windmill, Dillon Brooks’s words and deeds were a complete fiasco. The Lakers have given him the best answer in this game: You want to play a joke, we will take this joke to the extreme.

    Perhaps the Lakers’ performance in the first quarter was unbelievable, and the Memphis Grizzlies players were also surprised and nervous. But the efforts will not be in vain. In the second half of the game, Memphis Grizzlies still maintained a good performance and did not give up fighting back.

    On the whole, it was a very exciting game, and the performances of LeBron James and the Lakers also made people shine. Although this is only a playoff game, we believe that this game will be a turning point in this series. Whether you support the Lakers or Memphis Grizzlies, this game will be hailed as a classic battle.

    145 pages of enterprise digital transformation Big Data Lake project construction and operation comprehensive solution WORD

    This information source is open to the public, for personal study only, please do not use it commercially.
    Part of the information content:

    The application, management and display of data lake are integrated, providing standard services, data interfaces and report presentation methods. The data of data lake adopts efficient and reliable storage architecture. The enterprise business data migration plan is formulated, and the core data stored in ERP system, data acquisition system, OA system, video monitoring system and cloud business system are migrated to the data lake as a whole, and the inelastic resources are deployed locally. For the elastic computing function, it is necessary to cooperate with the algorithm data lake. So as to realize the controllability of core data and eliminate security problems and potential unknown risks. Support visual modeling, and support mouse dragging for artificial intelligence algorithm modeling. Including data preprocessing, feature engineering, algorithm model, model evaluation and deployment, etc., it supports many types of algorithm applications in the field of fast-selling business, including logistic regression, K nearest neighbor, random forest, naive Bayes, K-means clustering, linear regression, GBDT binary classification, GBDT regression and other algorithm models, and also supports artificial intelligence training models such as deep learning. The presentation layer displays the operation status and resource usage of various business systems in a multi-dimensional and dynamic way through unified business BI report components. And support the periodic or temporary generation of business situations, decision data display, fault analysis and mining and other business scenarios.

    X x data lake architecture diagram

    Document center:

    It is mainly used to store files in various formats, including video files, video and audio files, PDF files, Office files and other types of files, and provides file-level full-text retrieval, document publishing, file sharing, file extraction and other functions. Provide file rights management, version management, version history recovery and other management functions.

    The file content in the file center can exchange fusion data with the log center and data center through ETL process, and participate in data processing, data mining, machine learning, image analysis and so on.

    Log center:

    Collect all kinds of log data, IOT data and other real-time data, and the data will be processed in real time by the stream processing engine to ensure that the data will be analyzed and processed in the first time, so as to achieve real-time monitoring and real-time alarm.

    The processed real-time data can be integrated with the data in the file center and data center to participate in data analysis.

    Structured data center:

    Real-time (or batch) access to structured data in databases or other media, and efficient processing of all kinds of data with the help of powerful processing capabilities such as Hadoop/Spark.

    Effectively combine the data in file center and log center to participate in data analysis and data mining.

    Support tens of billions of data Cube to achieve sub-second multi-dimensional query of massive data.

    Standard SQL output interface, supporting the needs of continuous upgrading and secondary development.

    Schematic diagram of unified interface of data lake interface

    Data access principle

    1. Give priority to the application-driven construction of high-value digital twin projects;

    2. The data entering the lake must be certified by the data management department, and the corresponding data asset standards shall be issued to match the corresponding data responsible person;

    3. The principle of data modeling is standardized step by step with original data, clean and integrated data, three normal forms structure and service wide table;

    4. The overall platform shall conform to the principle of high availability and parallel expansion, and conform to the data planning of the business for 3-5 years.

    Real-time data synchronization supports most real-time database synchronization requirements. Support data synchronization across WAN and receiver clustering. Build a unified, standard, easy to copy and maintain data real-time synchronization platform, and at the same time complete the technical specifications and strategies of data real-time synchronization. Realize data synchronization monitoring system, and build a continuous and reliable real-time monitoring system for data update. Complete the integration mechanism of one-time rapid data import and incremental data import-trickle replication. The Full Dump module is used to realize the encryption of data warehousing, and the HiveSQL interface is provided based on Data Handle, at the same time, the decryption of data warehousing is completed. Control of data access rights through customization of Application Adapter.

    L The scheme of keeping the original database for business systems that frequently read and write data, ERP system, data acquisition system, OA system, video monitoring system and cloud business system. Business data should be synchronized to the data lake, and the consistency between local data lake and business system data should be verified periodically during the parallel operation.

    L receive real-time incremental data and store the data in the local data lake according to the predetermined architecture. Real-time production data is accessed in real time and reliably transmitted to the company’s database cluster. The data access amount is about 110TB/ day, and the historical data is 40000TB.

    Logical architecture diagram of data migration

    L Data lake operations are divided into two categories: inelastic and elastic. For inelastic operations, operations are performed in the local data lake. For operations that consume large resources and need elastic calculation, collaborative calculation is adopted with the enterprise cloud, and data is not saved in the enterprise cloud data lake. After the operation calculation is completed, the process and result data are sent back to the local data lake for storage. Interface service supports publish-subscribe mode, cross-data lake and cross-system call, HDFS, Hive, HBase and other systems.

    A) interface type

    Bulk data encapsulation

    A large number of data are extracted according to certain conditions and packaged into data resources. Batch data packaging must be carried out through the system, not manually.

    Data request interface encapsulation

    The data is encapsulated as an access interface by restful interface, so that the accessor can access the data through remote call.

    B) interface security

    configuration management

    Configure the content of shared data and sharing interface rules, including basic data configuration, sharing service configuration, sharing rights and sharing configuration distribution.

    A) basic data configuration

    It can configure the basic data used in the data sharing functional domain, including the configuration of the shared data system, the data structure and semantic description of the shared data entity, and the sharing method.

    B) shared service configuration

    Data service definition, data service directory, data service parameter configuration (such as: target system, sharing mode, data bearing mode, access frequency, access permission period), etc.

    C) sharing permission configuration

    Configure the permissions of the target system that is allowed to use the shared service, and support the permissions configuration of specific data entities and attributes within the shared service.

    D) shared configuration distribution

    The content of shared data and sharing interface rules are distributed to all relevant systems.

    Data sharing process

    Monitoring, exception handling and log management of data sharing processes, and providing query statistics and analysis functions for data related to data sharing.

    A) table data sharing

    The target system is an application layer analysis system, which directly opens the access rights of tables, and the target system extracts data through ETL.

    B) data query

    The target system is an application layer analysis system, and the target system directly calls the data query service provided by the data lake to complete the data query.

    C) data subscription

    The target system is an application layer analysis system, and the target system puts forward data subscription requirements, and the data lake provides data subscription services.

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