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Nearly 80 dealers and over 30 brands participated in the exhibition! The 2023 Zhongshan Spring Auto Show opened today.

On the morning of March 17th, the 2023 Zhongshan Spring Auto Show hosted by Zhongshan Daily and Zhongshan Automobile Distribution Association was held in Zhongshan Expo Center under the guidance of Zhongshan Municipal Bureau of Commerce.

It is understood that as the first large-scale indoor auto show subsidized by the Municipal Bureau of Commerce in the first quarter, this auto show attracted the whole citynear80Car dealers,Over 30Exhibition area of automobile brands.About 10 thousand square meters,It lasts for three days (17th-19th)..

In order to vigorously carry out automobile consumption promotion activities, fully promote the city to invigorate automobile circulation and expand automobile consumption, in this auto show, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce invested10 million yuanSpend red envelopes. At the same time, we will continue to carry out the "Zhongshan Tesco" series of activities to promote consumption, so as to make car purchase concessions more "intimate" and "effective".    

A set of pictures, the reporter takes you to the auto show ↓↓↓

(Photo: Reporter Miao Xiaojian)

The Chinese horror film expected in the year was scolded by the hot search.

The writer of this article is the writer @ 中中中中中中中中.

Lazy and greedy, do not love labor, only love movies. 

Last weekend, two hardcore movies were discussed by everyone.

One is Wei Jiahui+Liu Qingyun’s hot police and bandit suspense film Detective Wars, and the other is the annual Chinese-language horror film Curse that many fans are looking forward to.

"Curse" is a very lively movie both inside and outside the play. It is adapted from the true story of a six-mouth evil in Kaohsiung. The trailer was taken off the platform because it was too scary.

When it was shown in Taiwan Province, China, some viewers fled the cinema in fear, and some went to the temple to worship God after watching it. In the same period, the box office topped the Hollywood blockbuster "New Batman", ranking first at the box office of Taiwan Film this year with a score of NT$ 170 million.

With such a stunt, the appetite of mainland fans is naturally lifted high, and even known as "the best Chinese horror film of the year."

However, after the "curse" was launched, it was scolded by the hot search.

Not for anything else, just because of "bad luck."

Is "The Curse" really horrible or unlucky? Xiaowan has helped everyone to check the film. The front part is "high energy" and timid.

"Curse" strung together a curse spanning six years with two timelines.

Six years ago, if a man and his boyfriend and friends formed a "ghost squad" to explore the mysterious village. The whole village is wrapped in a strange and mysterious atmosphere. Everyone greets with strange gestures and worships strange evil spirits.

Boyfriends and friends broke into the "absolutely forbidden tunnel" and died on the spot, and the villagers also died. If the pregnant man was lucky enough to survive, he left here in a state of mental breakdown.

Six years later, Ruonan, who returned to normal, got her daughter’s right to care, and the mother and daughter started a new life. But strange things have happened one after another, and my daughter has symptoms of evil.

If the man runs around for his daughter, but more innocent people suffer, she finally decides to go back to the source of fear-the tunnel in the forbidden area of cults to find out.

On the surface, the horror elements in The Curse are nothing new, but a combination of "Death in a Forbidden Area", "Curse-ridden" and "Strange Death", with the tearful affection elements of "Motherly Saving Women".

But is the "Curse" really about the story of "the great mother is eager to love her daughter and return to the forbidden area PK evil spirit"?

Not necessarily.

There are many contradictory scenes and details in the film. The biggest doubt is: When did the man know about the evil god The Secret Behind? Six years ago or six years later? 

We can interpret this film in a different way, which may break the existing story about "maternal love".

Formally, The Curse also belongs to the popular screen/desktop movie in recent years, which is constantly switching between mobile phone screen, computer screen and video recording in the monitoring room.

Most of the curse content is if the man is explaining it to the screen, and this first-person narrative is actually mixed with many subjective elements.

Through the screen, we saw a novice mother who often "does bad things with good intentions", and she unconsciously felt sympathy and pity.

But what if the man lied? What if we see what she wants us to see?

What if it was all a scam from beginning to end?

The Curse has both positive and negative interpretation space. It depends on the audience’s understanding that loving mother/evil mother, saving women/sacrificing, breaking spells/unsealing evil spirits.

As early as the beginning of the film, "The Curse" implied by the running direction of the Ferris wheel and subway that "our thoughts quietly shape the world". The world is what you think.

The biggest controversy surrounding the curse is: bad luck.

Why did the audience feel unlucky, and even this topic was once hotly searched.

The first is the immersive fear brought by Chinese horror.

Japanese, Korean, European and American horror films are still separated by a layer, and ghosts that can only be hit by crossing the ocean cannot induce the sense of sight of domestic audiences. Taiwan Province horror movies are different. Everyone has the same root and the folk culture looks familiar.

There are two kinds of horror elements in the curse: foreign elements and Chinese elements. The former includes insects, antennae, secret fear and jumpscar; The latter includes folk customs, feudal superstitions and Chinese binding.

Although the former is scary, it will be forgotten after seeing nausea; It is the latter that really goes deep into the bone marrow and causes association.

Whispering the mantra "Fire Buddha Xiu Yi" and "Heart Sa Baa" which can be seen everywhere, strange cult totems can also find similarities in murals;

There are common spells and exorcism rituals in feudal times; There are also ancient altar offerings, swaying dim red lanterns, and hairy clay dolls in the ancestral hall, which can understand the essence of Chinese horror.

Have to sigh with emotion, Taiwan Province horror movies have a way of holding Chinese horror. It is a trend in recent years to combine folk elements with stories of evil spirits, and it is also an opportunity for Taiwan Province horror films to revive. The previous "Little Girl in Red" series and "Zongxie" also exploded for similar reasons.

Little girl in red 2

The second reason for bad luck is that the audience feels offended.

Watching traditional horror movies, we usually stand in the perspective of God and overlook the tricks of the characters in the film. Although the people in the film have no idea about their own situation, we know in advance that there are ghosts of the dead, and we treat them with a sense of superiority from an omniscient perspective.

"Curse" uses screen narration, which is equivalent to the audience standing in the second perspective and having an equal dialogue with the characters in the film, which is easy to produce immersion.

So when we read the spell after Ruonan at the end of the film, we found ourselves cheated and became a part of the curse.

When the audience realizes it, people will naturally feel annoyed. The subtext is "The director actually dragged us into it" and "The dummy actually lied to the real person".

This kind of "offense" to the audience is not new, and it has also appeared in other horror films before.

The most classic is the video of Sadako’s death in "The Ring of Midnight". People who watch the video will die strangely within 7 days, and if they pass it on to others, they can hand over bad luck.

There are also pirated videos in "Ghost Will Show". It is said that anyone who sees the death of Fusang (the film in the film) will be killed by a female ghost. Of course, the characters in the play saw it, and so did the audience outside the play.

In Truth or Adventure, there are also scenes in which videos are posted to video websites. In this way, the protagonist group allows more people to share the devil’s sanctions.

"Curse" should refer to the above films and set up a bridge that offends the audience. From the perspective of communication, this stunt is quite memorable, which is really conducive to the wide spread of the film.

Its essence is no different from old terrier’s "If you don’t forward it to X people within X hours, you will …", so you don’t have to feel unlucky or unlucky.

Don’t be afraid, there is also a curse letter in Legend of Wulin.

Returning to the film itself, The Curse is a Chinese horror film worth watching with acceptable quality.

The greatest advantages and disadvantages of The Curse are related to the screen narration.

On the one hand, with the help of large and small screens, it builds a horror experience with a strong sense of immersion and interaction, and all the scary pictures seem to happen in front of us.

On the other hand, in order to pursue the consistency of the form before and after, the film also added a screen where it is not necessary to use the screen narrative, which is not as good as the semi-screen narrative of the Female Ghost Bridge.

The Curse has brought many amazing highlights, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. Kevin Ko, a new generation director, also has ambitions and plans to devote himself to it.

When he was a student, he filmed a small-budget horror short film "Ghost Print", the first feature film was the slashing thriller "Fatal Party", and in his early works, there was a doomsday counterattack related to the doomsday element, which was enough to see his interest.

In the past ten years, he has not produced much, and he is out of the category of horror. The Adult 2, the Emergency of Getting Off the Bill and the Budaoxia, which were filmed in the mainland, can only be regarded as unsuccessful commercial comedies.

From the beginning of "The Curse", Kevin Ko returned to the old line of horror films. The win-win box office reputation of "Curse" gives him confidence to promote the follow-up films of the same type.

In addition to Curse 2, which features a girl and a boy, Kevin Ko also intends to open a "one-word movie universe" based on the real events in Taiwan Province.

Maybe, there will be the next explosion in the follow-up new films "Pickling", "Sleeping", "Even" and "Burial" of "One Word Movie Universe".

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The case of the second creation of characters in Jin Yong’s novels was delayed for 7 years: the final judgment was changed to infringement, and the works of the same person could be reprinted with com

  Recently, Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court made a second-instance judgment on the case of Jin Yong v. Juvenile here, and found that the defendant constituted copyright infringement and unfair competition. This intellectual property case, which lasted for seven years, was amended in the second instance because it did not constitute infringement, which caused widespread concern and controversy in the academic and industrial circles about the creative boundary of the works of the same person.

  The so-called fan works generally refer to new works created by using the same or similar characters in existing works. Teenagers here (hereinafter referred to as "Here") is an online literature created by dozens of people of the same name in Jin Yong’s works, such as Guo Jing, Huang Rong and Ling Huchong, and the plot is the story of youth on modern campus. When it was published in 2002, the book was promoted with the subtitle "The University Life of the Condor Heroes". In 2016, the Tianhe District Court of Guangzhou accepted Jin Yong’s lawsuit, which was considered as "the first case of a fan’s work".

  The judgment of the second instance is the first in China to confirm that Jin Yong’s novel "Portrait of People" is protected by copyright, which breaks through many people’s understanding of the boundary of copyright protection. Some people even think that this may "subvert the whole fan culture industry".

  Fan fiction’s Teenagers Here, 2002 edition.

  Cold case of works twenty years ago: Jin Yong sued fan fiction for plagiarism.

  Back in 2000, Richard, who graduated from Peking University, decided to create a novel featuring characters in many works, such as Legend of the Condor Heroes, Eight Dragons, the legendary swordsman and The Condor Heroes, when he was abroad. This novel, called Here, takes the virtual Bianjing University in the Jiayou period of the Song Dynasty as the time and space background, and tells the youth campus stories of Guo Jing, Ling Huchong, Qiao Feng, Yang Kang and Duan Yu. The characters in the book are similar to those in Jin Yong’s novels, with some similarities and some differences, and the story content is modern narrative. For example, Guo Jing, a freshman in chemistry department, ran into Huang Rong, a freshman in physics department, by bike, and then fetched water, cooked rice and took out the garbage for him every day, and finally got married. Duan Yu launched a series of pursuits for Wang Yuyan from a single-parent family without success.

  Originally published on the Internet, "Here" won the favor of the publishing house, was first published in 2002, and was promoted with the subtitle "The College Life of the Condor Heroes". In 2009, under the guidance of the Chinese Writers Association, China Writers Publishing Group, Novel Selection Magazine and Chinese Online jointly held the "Ten Years Inventory of Network Literature", and Here won the top ten outstanding works. Yang Zhi, whose pen name is "Jiangnan", was famous all over the world for a time. By the time of prosecution, Here had been published in several editions and distributed in millions of copies.

  In 2016, Jin Yong sued the Tianhe District Court in Guangzhou, claiming that the names of the characters described in Here are all derived from the above four works, and the relationship between the characters, their personality characteristics and story lines are substantially similar to those of his works, which is plagiarism, infringing on his rights of adaptation, authorship, protection of the integrity of works, commercialization of characters, etc., and based on the high popularity of his works, Richard’s misappropriation of the original elements of the above works has made great profits and hindered.

  The case of Jin Yong (real name: Cha Liangyong) v. Jiangnan attracted attention in the intellectual property field in that year. Many scholars wrote articles to express their views on whether the elements in Jin Yong’s novels used in Here were copied from Jin Yong’s works.

  The recognized formula for identifying infringing works is "contact+substantial similarity". As a fan of Jin Yong, there is no doubt that Richard came into contact with his works. Then, the identification of "substantial similarity" of works becomes the key.

  As for what constitutes "substantial similarity", the courts of first and second instance all analyze the "overall character image composed of characters’ names, personality characteristics, relationships and other elements, and related storylines" prosecuted by Jin Yong.

  First of all, in terms of the plot, the courts of first and second instance all think that Here does not constitute substantial similarity.

  According to the court of second instance, plot is one of the three basic elements of a novel, which is usually composed of many elements, such as the setting of characters, the relationship between characters, scenes, clues to the development of stories and so on. The plot can be either a relatively abstract story summary or a more specific detail presentation. If the specific plot is original and fully described, it can become the object of copyright law protection. The abstract plot may be an unprotected "thought" or a protected "expression".

  The court of second instance held that, compared with Cha Liangyong’s four works involved in the case, the plot of Here is different in time and space, and the clues and events that promote the development of the story, the design and arrangement of specific story scenes, the internal logic and causality of the story are all different, so the expression of the two does not constitute substantial similarity. Therefore, the copyright of the corresponding storylines in Cha Liangyong’s four works involved in the case was not infringed.

  The differences in the first and second trials are as follows: Is the "overall character image composed of characters’ names, personality characteristics, relationships and other elements divorced from the story" an expression protected by copyright? That is, if the three are not protected, even if they are the same or similar in the works involved, will they constitute infringement?

  A follow-up version of "The Boys Here"

  First instance: abstract formal similarity will not lead readers to have similar appreciation experience.

  According to the dichotomy of thought and expression, copyright law has a basic theory: "not protecting thought, only protecting original expression of thought". "That is to say, for the names, personality characteristics and relationships of characters in literary works, it is either thought or expression. If it is brought into the plot, it is part of expression. If it is not brought into the plot at all, it is thought." Wang Qian, a famous intellectual property scholar and professor of East China University of Political Science and Law, introduced.

  In relevant judicial precedents, names and titles of works do not constitute original expressions, works and are not protected by copyright law. Wang Qian wrote in the Course of Intellectual Property Law that "the simple combination of words, words and vocabulary that exist alone should remain in the public domain and become the basic materials for creation". A typical case is that CCTV produced a documentary with the same name as the book China on the Tip of the Tongue and was sued for infringement. The court held that the title itself did not contain any ideological content, did not meet the requirements of the originality of the work, and was not a special expression of the author’s thoughts, so it was not protected by copyright law.

  An industry consensus is that people’s names are not copyrightable. The same is true of the relationship between characters. In the previous case of "Zhuang Yu v. Jing M.Guo", the judgment held that "simple character characteristics, such as the appearance, personality and quality of the characters, or simple character relationships, such as the relationship between lovers and mother and daughter, all belong to the public domain, and do not belong to the object of copyright law protection."

  The court of first instance of Here held that "in the field of literary creation, the articles and works take novels as an example, and their contents are mainly composed of three elements … … It is often difficult to form a specific expression without the simple elements of the name, relationship and personality characteristics of the specific story. "

  The judgment of the first instance quoted Professor Wang Qian’s opinion in the article "A Preliminary Study on Copyright Infringement of Fan Works" (published in China Copyright, No.3, 2017). "Only using the role names, simple gender characteristics and simple relationships between roles extracted from specific plots is more to identify symbols, and it is difficult to form a substantive similarity with the original works."

  In an interview with The Paper, Wang Qian further explained, "Just pick a passage from Here and rename it one by one. Huang Rong changed to Zhang San, Guo Jing changed to Li Si, Qiao Feng changed to Wang Wu, etc. After the role name was changed, I don’t believe that any reader will think of Jin Yong’s novels after reading it. This shows that the only connection between Here and Jin Yong’s works is the name of the characters, with some generalized characters and relationships, which should be regarded as unprotected thoughts. "

  In order to explain the typical performance of copyright infringement, Wang Qian also cited the previous "Qiong Yao v. Zheng Zheng case" as an example. "Yu Zheng’s script uses a completely different character name from Qiong Yao’s novel, but the main plot is the same. Anyone who has seen Plum Blossom Branding and then goes to Palace Lock Together knows that this plot comes from Plum Blossom Branding. This situation is infringement. "Here" is just the opposite. As long as the name of the character is changed, all its connections with Jin Yong’s novels are completely cut off, so it does not constitute infringement. "

  The court of first instance held that "Here" and Cha Liangyong’s works only have abstract formal similarities in the names, relationships, personality characteristics and story plots, which will not lead to the same or similar appreciation experience for readers, and they do not constitute substantial similarities.

  This is in line with the views of many experts: the characters, personalities, relationships and other elements belong to the category of public materials and cannot be monopolized. Only when these elements are fully, clearly, concretely and uniquely described in a series of stories, can they be protected by copyright law.

  The court of first instance, while finding that Here does not constitute copyright infringement, held that it violated the Anti-Unfair Competition Law, and sentenced Richard and the sued publishing house to pay Jin Yong 1.68 million yuan and 200,000 yuan in legal fees according to 30% of the publishing royalties of Here over the years.

  Brief introduction of Taobao about the book.

  Subversive judgment: the overall character image is recognized as a protected "expression"

  After the judgment of the first instance, both Jin Yong and Yang Zhi refused to accept the appeal. During the second trial, on October 30, 2018, Mr. Jin Yong died in Hong Kong, and his heir Lin Leyi participated in the lawsuit. Five years later, on April 23, 2023, Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court ruled in the second instance that Here constituted copyright infringement and unfair competition, and maintained the total amount of compensation of 1.88 million yuan.

  The court of second instance held that "in this case, most of the characters’ names in" Teenagers Here "came from Cha Liangyong’s four novels involved in the case, and there are many similarities in the characters, relationships and backgrounds of the main characters. Although it is difficult to say that a single character image has been fully and uniquely described, on the whole, the group image composed of more than 60 characters, such as Guo Jing, Huang Rong, Qiao Feng and Ling Huchong, reflects Cha Liangyong’s choice and arrangement in the name, personality characteristics, relationship and background of the characters, and can be considered as fully described and concrete enough to form a structure with strong logical connection among internal elements, which is protected by copyright law & Expression ’ 。” Furthermore, it is concluded that the plagiarism of the characters’ names, personality characteristics and relationships in Jin Yong’s four works in Here belongs to the plagiarism prohibited by the copyright law.

  In fact, after the first-instance non-infringement judgment was issued, there were different voices. For example, three lawyers of Beijing King & Wood Law Firm, Sun Mingfei, Gui Hongxia and Tao Tao, wrote in the media "Intellectual Property" that the characters in literary works are original expressions protected by copyright law. "As far as characters are concerned, a single character name or a character with simple personality and interpersonal relationship obviously cannot constitute the protection object of copyright law. However, when people mention a character’s name, what they really want to convey is the plump character … … Copyright law protects not monotonous characters’ names, but three-dimensional and plump characters. As mentioned above, these characters are an important part of the original expression of the plaintiff’s novels. The later citation, no matter whether the words used are Guo Jing, jing elder brother or Guo Daxia, as long as the details including the relationship between characters and the plot are enough to make the audience’s mind emerge with rich original expressions of specific characters in the original work, they will enter the prohibited scope of the copyright of the original work. "

  However, in the opinion of some experts, copyright protection of "group portraits" and "character images" is a kind of "subversion" and "breakthrough".

  Tao Gan, director of the Intellectual Property Innovation and Competition Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law, thought that if the roles in literary works were protected separately, it would violate the basic jurisprudence of the Copyright Law. Characters in literary works are different from cartoon characters and movie characters, and their shaping needs to be mapped in readers’ minds through the author’s literal description, which is difficult to separate from thoughts. Therefore, the role divorced from words, plots and scenes cannot exist independently of the work.

  Zhang Hongbo, Director-General of the Literary and Art Association, believes that if the characters and relationships in the works of the same person are identified as the objects of separate protection by copyright law, many works of the same person and new works created by rational use of existing works will easily be accused of infringement, which will have a very terrible social effect.

  "This is the first China court to recognize literary works ‘ Group portraits ’ In response to the judgment of the second instance, Jin Shui, an intellectual property legal worker, published an article in the Economic Observer, saying that the judgment of this case may subvert the entire cultural industry of the same people. "After the names of characters in literary works are protected by copyright law, how much space is left for the public to use freely?

  In the above seminar, Zheng Xiqing, an assistant researcher at the Institute of Literature of China Academy of Social Sciences, said, "It is common in the history of world literature to use pre-existing characters and storylines like fan fiction and re-imagine stories on the basis of them. If fan writing is characterized as plagiarism, then the history of literature is full of plagiarism. "

  Zheng Xiqing introduced that there are spontaneously established "re-creation organizations" abroad. They use the term "transformational writing" to refer to fan literature, emphasizing that fan’s re-creation of plots and characters in existing literary works belongs to adding new content or adaptation on the basis of the original work, rather than copying and repeating without innovation, that is, rational use, which does not belong to infringement of intellectual property rights.

  He Hong, director of the Network Literature Center of the Chinese Writers Association, said that fan writing is an important phenomenon in the whole literary creation. Jin Ping Mei can be regarded as the fan fiction of Water Margin, and online works such as Tales of Charm, The Story of Wukong and The Diary of Friar Sand can all be classified into the category of fan writing. The interactive characteristics of online literature promote the development of fan writing. Even in an extreme sense, the future literature may no longer be a single text, but an infinitely extended text network.

  Balance of interests: prosperity of cultural undertakings and "non-stop infringement"

  It is worth mentioning that the controversial judgment of the second instance has also given full consideration to the development of fan literature industry.

  While finding that Richard and others constituted copyright infringement and unfair competition, the court of second instance did not decide to stop the infringement and apologize in accordance with the statutory tort liability, nor did it decide to stop publishing Here and destroy the inventory as in the first instance. It also supported that Here could be reprinted by paying financial compensation to Jin Yong’s heirs. According to the proportion of the elements used in Here in Jin Yong’s complete works, the specific compensation standard is determined as 30% of the reprint royalty income as appropriate.

  In this regard, the court of second instance explained that "protecting the interests of creators and disseminators of works is the direct purpose of copyright law, but promoting the development and prosperity of scientific and cultural undertakings is the ultimate purpose of copyright law. When the direct purpose conflicts with the ultimate goal, the emphasis on the direct purpose should give way to the realization of the ultimate goal. Knowledge has historical inheritance, and any knowledge is both the final product and the intermediate input. For literary creation, imitation and reference have always been common means, no matter ancient or modern, Chinese or foreign. Therefore, the way of civil liability for literary works cannot be generalized to stop infringement, and it is necessary to carefully consider the case and fully balance the interests of all parties. "

  The Paper noted that in the appeal of the second instance, Jin Yong mentioned that Here violated his right to commercialize the characters of famous works. "Cha Liangyong created Guo Jing, Huang Rong and other classic characters with original character setting, story and language. With the wide spread of the works, these characters are deeply rooted in people’s hearts and have formed a solidified image in readers’ minds, which can exist to some extent without the specific story of the original. Because of this, they are reproducible and deductive, and also have high commercial use value. "Here" uses these famous characters for publishing without permission, which is a typical commercial use. " However, the court of first instance held that the copyright law does not have the protection of "the commercialization right of characters" and did not support this request.

  The courts at both levels recognized that when The Here was first published in 2002, it was subtitled "The University Life of the Condor Heroes", and its own works were directed at Cha Liangyong’s works, with the obvious intention of attracting readers to gain benefits through the influence of Cha Liangyong’s works. Therefore, Richard’s behavior is unfair, which deviates from the business ethics recognized by the cultural industry and should be prohibited by the anti-unfair competition law.

  Wang Qian still reserves his opinion on the judgment of the court of second instance that the infringement does not stop, which balances the interests of all parties.

  "Here does make use of the popularity of the characters in Jin Yong’s novels, but using popularity and using works are two different things, not a concept. Due to the use of popularity ‘ Hitchhiking ’ The problem can be solved through the anti-unfair competition law, not the issue to be discussed in the copyright law. "

  At the seminar of the China Literature and Art Association mentioned above, the Chairman of the Copyright Committee of the China Branch of the International Intellectual Property Protection Association (AIPPI) introduced that in the United States and Canada, the principle of judicial treatment of the role of a fan’s work in local laws and regulations is usually regarded as "Fair Use" or "Fair Dealing", that is, "fair use" or "fair use". However, there are corresponding restrictions under certain circumstances. For example, the name of a persona has been registered as a trademark, which can be protected by the Trademark Law, but it is still outside the scope of copyright regulation.

  Li Yang, a professor at the School of Civil and Commercial Economics of China University of Political Science and Law, also believes that the really controversial issue in this case is — — If the content of Jin Yong’s lawsuit is not protected by the Copyright Law, can it be protected by the Anti-Unfair Competition Law as a commercialized right? In this regard, he advocated the "policy theory of intellectual property law" and advocated that many factors should be considered comprehensively, such as whether the commercialization elements that the plaintiff advocated to protect paid corresponding labor and investment; Whether allowing the defendant to "hitchhike" will seriously harm the interests of the plaintiff; Prohibiting the defendant’s "hitchhiking" behavior will seriously damage the defendant’s freedom of expression and economic activities. In short, "we should not oversimplify it, but take into account the relationship between monopoly and competition, and reasonably balance the interests of the obligee and the public." Li Yang said.

  The Paper noted that the court of second instance also rejected the appellant’s request for apology. "There is no evidence that his behavior has had a bad influence on the reputation of the copyright owner of the above works. As far as unfair competition is concerned, Richard’s unfair competition will indeed lead to public confusion, but the infringement is not serious enough to make an apology, and publishing a statement is enough to eliminate the adverse effects. " The judgment is written.

The soul of the army is immortal, and the glory will stay forever. In 2020, the "most beautiful retired soldiers" was released!

Once in the army, the soul of the army is deep into the bone. Generations of revolutionary soldiers have made important contributions to national independence, national liberation and socialist modernization with blood, life, wisdom and sweat.

  A word "to" means a lifetime. Whether dressed in military uniforms to defend the country or taking off military uniforms, retired soldiers have written wonderful chapters on all fronts: on the road to winning a well-off society in an all-round way and fighting poverty, in the battle against the COVID-19 epidemic, in the forefront of flood control and disaster relief … … At the emergency moment that every country needs, they all charge ahead and practice the clank oath of "retiring and not fading, and building a new era" with actions.

  What we see in the retired soldiers is the simple brand of hard work, the heroic blood that came forward in times of crisis, the upright posture that keeps its true colors forever, and the infinite power for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!




  They dare to charge, be brave in dedication, have a sense of responsibility and mission, overcome layers of difficulties and obstacles, and forge ahead in times of national crisis. They are the silhouette of a group, reflecting the spirit of the times when the vast number of veterans are based on all walks of life and devoted to social construction; They are a bright banner, showing the excellent qualities of Do not forget your initiative mind, a retired soldier, and keeping his mission in mind.

  Let’s walk into these shining names together and feel their sincere and unchanging Chinese military soul — —

Zhao Xiaoying

Head nurse of thoracic surgery department of army characteristic medical center

  She is a "desperate three mothers", Wenchuan earthquake relief has her firm figure, and helping Liberia fight Ebola has her solid footprint. After taking off her military uniform, she became a rehired employee. After the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, she took the initiative to apply for "aid to fight the epidemic in Hubei". As the first batch of medical team members, she went deep into the high-risk pollution wards of Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital and Huoshenshan Hospital to participate in the rescue work. The ward where she served as the head nurse "has the highest cure rate, the lowest mortality rate, zero infection among medical staff and zero complaints from patients".

Wang Guohui

Secretary of the Party Branch of Tianying Village, Baiji Town, shenqiu county City, Henan Province

  After the outbreak of COVID-19 in Wuhan, on New Year’s Eve in 2020, veteran Wang Guohui chose to "go upstream" and drove 500 kilometers alone to deliver 5 tons of vegetables picked from his vegetable planting base to the construction site of Huoshenshan Hospital under construction. Having served in Wuhan for 17 years, he has long regarded it as his second hometown. His hometown is in trouble, and he is duty-bound to go through fire and water! After that, he sent "love vegetables" to Wuhan twice regardless of his personal safety. He built a "love bridge" between Shenqiu and Wuhan, showing the feelings of the retired soldiers about their home country.

Kuang Yuanping

Chairman of Hubei Yanhuang Group

  At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, Kuang Yuanping, who was visiting relatives in Australia, was held up in Sydney due to flight interruption. Affectionate for the motherland, he actively called for the establishment of an overseas Chinese anti-epidemic coordination group in Australia, and sent an initiative to overseas Chinese businessmen and overseas Chinese communities in 78 countries to raise a large number of urgently needed medical materials, and spent 10 million yuan to send the materials to Wuhan twice by charter flights. He also mobilized the affiliated enterprises and employees of the Group to donate money and materials to support nearly 500 hospitals, isolation points and communities in Hubei Province, showing the true feelings of a retired veteran and the responsibility of outstanding entrepreneurs.

Ding guonian

Chairman of Zhejiang Guohua Group Co., Ltd.

  After retiring, Ding Guonian developed a small enterprise into a group enterprise with total assets of 7.5 billion yuan. Since the establishment of the company, he has always adhered to the development concept of "retired soldiers are valuable human resources" and adhered to the principle of "giving priority to the recruitment of retired soldiers", creating a cultural atmosphere of respecting, worshiping and invalidating the army in the enterprise. Up to now, he has recruited more than 2,000 retired soldiers. He took the initiative to assume social responsibility, and when he became rich, he did not forget to give back to Mulberry, help the needy and donate money to study, with a total donation of more than 260 million yuan. During the epidemic spread in COVID-19, he also actively rushed to organize donations and materials, which contributed to the fight against the epidemic.

Yu Wenxian

Professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Dean of Shanghai Beidou Navigation Innovation Research Institute

  Yu Wenxian, known as the founder of "China Precision" and the "pilot" of Beidou navigation, has led a research team to achieve a series of achievements in radar target recognition, remote sensing information processing, integrated navigation and positioning technology, and made outstanding contributions to key technologies of defense, equipment development and industrialization in China. After retiring, he promoted the establishment of the Institute of Perception and Navigation in Shanghai Jiaotong University, undertook major projects such as the application demonstration project of Beidou satellite navigation in the Yangtze River Delta, led the establishment of the key laboratory of Beidou navigation and location service and intelligent detection and identification, and devoted himself to solving the core technical problems in Beidou navigation and location service, with remarkable scientific research results.

Joe Sun

Xinjiang entry-exit frontier inspection station Hong Qi La Fu entry-exit

Border checkpoint police

  Sun Chao, who joined the army at the age of 17 and became a frontier soldier in Hongqilafu, Xinjiang, gave up the high demobilization fee because of the army reform, and chose to be a grassroots policeman at the entry-exit frontier inspection station in Hongqilafu. He stayed on the Pamirs at an altitude of more than 4,000 meters for 24 consecutive years. Although "being a soldier is at the edge of the horizon", in order to let his comrades stationed in the "forbidden area of life" eat fresh vegetables, he taught himself agricultural knowledge, overcame the key technical problems of vegetable planting in the alpine region, successfully planted more than 36 kinds of vegetables, built 8 vegetable greenhouses, and created the "Wan Ren Ice Peak, Ten acres of Jiangnan" green mile!

Chen bingjin

Chief Engineer of Sichuan Chuanjiao Seed Industry Technology Co., Ltd.

  Chen Bingjin, an agricultural science popularization person who walks in the field, is a "farmer scientist who came out of the pepper field". After retiring from the army and returning to the countryside, determined to change poverty with science and technology, he studied hard, asked for advice with an open mind, worked hard in school and worked hard in middle school, overcame difficulties such as lack of funds and technical resources, and with his strong perseverance and firm belief brought by his five-year military career, he independently overcame scientific research problems in the pepper field, bred more than 70 new pepper varieties, obtained 11 invention patents in the pepper field, boosted the scientific and technological progress in China’s pepper field, and wrote his own legend from farmer to scientist!

Dong bojun

Secretary of the Party Branch of Qinghai Lizhan Law Firm

  After retiring, Dong Bojun’s fine style, which has always been tempered by the green military camp, affects his practice process. He loves his job and pays attention to social responsibility, puts forward the service concept of "working in the law firm and dedicating to the grassroots", and goes deep into military camps, communities, rural areas and schools to carry out legal preaching and legal consultation on a voluntary basis all the year round. He never forgets the kindness of military education and training, and provides free consultation and training for all legal affairs involving active servicemen and retired servicemen. He has made important contributions to the economic development and social stability of Qinghai Province, and is called "a full-fledged iron-mouthed lawyer" by judicial personnel.

Wang changqun

Retired cadres of Yunnan Grain and Oil Transportation Company

  Wang Changqun, who joined the army at the age of 15, has participated in tasks such as liberating the southwest, eliminating bandits and defending the frontier. Later, she obeyed the organization’s arrangement to participate in local economic construction, took root in the border area with her husband, and made contributions to the construction and development of the border area. In the 1970s and 1980s, the war on the southwest border ignited, and she volunteered to be the leader of the condolences before the support. A family of six people went to the battlefield, and two sons fought bravely and died heroically. After retirement, she inherited the red family style, was enthusiastic about social undertakings, offered love for public welfare, helped fight the epidemic, and always adhered to the original nature of Communist party member and performed boundless love.

Jin yuguo

Chairman of Longyuanhong Fruit Distribution Co., Ltd., Jingning County, Gansu Province

  In line with the idea of "let everyone change their living methods", Jin Yuguo, after retiring, was under great pressure. During his tenure as village party secretary, he raised funds to set up wood distribution stations, carpet factories and brick and tile factories, which enabled more than 300 people in the village to find jobs at home and made his village one of the "10 Red Flag Villages" in the city. He also based on the advantages of local apple planting, seized the opportunity, took the lead in establishing an organic apple demonstration base, set up a professional cooperative, extended the industrial chain, created the "Longyuanhong" apple brand, promoted Jingning apples to be exported to more than 30 cities and 16 countries and regions in China, and led more and more villagers to start businesses and become rich.

He Jianzhong

Director of Jiangping Road Post Sub-office, Taixing City, Jiangsu Province

  After retiring, He Jianzhong became a grass-roots postman. Faced with the "boring" work of repeating sorting and delivery every day, he set himself the "three noes" work goal of "no mistakes, no omissions and no complaints", and worked diligently for 15 years, which was recognized by the masses; After serving as the director of Jiangping Road Sub-bureau, he once again established the "three noes" rule of "no complaining, no shrinking, no admitting defeat" and led the overall situation from the countdown of the city’s performance to the first place for 12 consecutive years. After being elected as the representative of the 11th to 13th National People’s Congress, he dutifully made suggestions and served the people’s livelihood, and made steady progress on the road of performing his duties.

Guoqiang Zhang

China FAW Group Co., Ltd. Vehicle Road Tester

  He used to be an automobile soldier. After retiring, he went to China’s largest commercial vehicle enterprise to become a vehicle inspector. He has been attached to the automobile for 37 years, and has grown from a layman who can only operate the steering wheel to a technical "vanguard" in the quality assurance post, and has also become an out-and-out "automobile veteran". In his work, he created his own learning method of "one look, two notes, three exercises and four summaries", and formulated a set of testing standards. The National Professional Skills Standard for Automobile Assemblers and Adjusters, which participated in the editing and presiding, became an industry textbook, contributing to the revitalization of national automobile brands.

chen weihua

State Taxation Administration of The People’s Republic of China Xicheng District Taxation Bureau

Deputy director of the first taxation office

  Chen Weihua, who was the 31st monitor of Zhang Side Class, brought the good idea, good style and good tradition of "green military camp" into "blue tax post" after retiring. He insisted on "serving the people", started as a grass-roots tax collector, actively studied and humbly asked for advice, and quickly grew into a business backbone; He performed his duties and was willing to contribute, strictly audited every deed tax business, established a standardized defense line, and saw through many illegal cases; He expanded "online and offline double assistance" to achieve zero complaints about tax service in ten years. During the COVID-19 epidemic, he actively explored the classified service mode and became a good "non-contact" tax practitioner. He is a lubricant between taxpayers and tax workers, a "service yardstick" in the eyes of colleagues, and a "Zhang Side wearing a tax badge".

Zhang Tianshui

Gulou District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province

Deputy stationmaster of sanfang qixiang fire rescue station

  In 2012, Zhang Tianshui, a sophomore, abandoned his pen and became a fire fighter. With the reform of the fire brigade, he took off his "olive green" and replaced it with "flame blue". He described his youth in the arduous task of defending the fire safety of the ancient buildings in Sanfang and Qixiang, and devoted himself to the glorious mission that the only fire rescue team in the country was responsible for raising and lowering the national flag in the provincial capital city. He set an example in training and practiced his skills hard; Fight bravely in fire fighting and rescue, and charge ahead. Zhang Tianshui, the hero of the post-90 s fire, vowed to be a firefighter with zero mistakes under the national flag!

Retired soldiers in Lujiang County, Anhui Province

Flood fighting and emergency assault team 1

  In the summer of 2020, Lujiang County, Anhui Province suffered a once-in-a-century flood. On July 22nd, the Shidaweilian section of Datong Town in this county suddenly burst its dike. At a critical moment, a retired military cadre (Wang Song) and four firefighters (Chen Lu, Chang Qing, Li Junjie and Li Shun) transferred from the former Armed Police Fire Brigade formed a flood fighting and emergency assault team to rescue the trapped people. In the emergency rescue, regardless of personal safety, they fight where the most dangerous is and where the most difficult is, and truly regard the front line of flood fighting and emergency rescue as a "whetstone" to show their mission responsibility. Chen Lu and Wang Song have been chased as martyrs.


Deputy Mayor of Chuanfangyu Town, Jizhou District, Tianjin

Concurrently secretary of the Party branch and village director of Maojiayu village.

  Twenty years ago, Maojiayu Village was a "bachelor village". After Li Suo retired, he voluntarily gave up the "iron rice bowl", led the villagers to start businesses, improve the living environment of the village, engage in tourism, run farmhouses to open homestays, build healthy leisure, cultural tourism and health care bases, and build an unknown backward village into a well-known "national agricultural tourism demonstration village", which not only made the "myth" from poor villages to tourism professional villages.

Potting Song

Party Secretary of Houbaligou Village, Zoucheng City, Shandong Province

  After leaving the army, Song Wei worked hard and became a local entrepreneur with small achievements. In 2005, facing the expectations of the villagers, he resolutely returned to the village as the branch secretary and took over the poor and backward mess in Houbaligou Village. After fifteen years of hard work, Song Wei, in accordance with the development idea of "leading by Party building, educating people by filial piety and benefiting the people by industry", United and led the villagers to vigorously develop the collective economy, forming the industrial pattern of commerce, science and technology, education, old-age care and eco-tourism in internet plus, resettling more than 20,000 people for employment and entrepreneurship, and making the village develop from initial debt to assets of more than 4 billion yuan, becoming a well-known civilized village.

Guizhou Anshun "Bing Zhi Shu" Poverty Alleviation Team

  Guizhou Anshun "Bing Zhi Shu" poverty alleviation team consists of seven retired military cadres, including Xiao Zhengqiang, Yang Shouliang, Lin Xiancai, Chu Daiyang, Lei Xingfa, Hu Kegui and Yang Bing. They kept their true colors as soldiers, continued to write about their feelings, played the vanguard and exemplary role of party member, a retired soldier, took off their uniforms and went to the "new battlefield" to fight poverty and overcome difficulties, leading the people in party member to become the "vanguard" in the decisive battle to fight poverty and build a well-off society in an all-round way. They promoted the rural industrial revolution, promoted grassroots social governance, and gradually grew into leaders of grassroots party building, maintainers of harmony and stability, and caring people of the people, which played an important role in demonstrating and leading Anshun’s economic and social development.


Bing Lianchang, a villager from Houtou, Qiaoshang Township, Huguan County, Shanxi Province

  After 22 years of training and education by the party and the army, although he took off his military uniform, he always maintained his true colors of sharing worries for the party, contributing to the country and serving the people. In 2018, he resigned as a journalist and volunteered to return to his hometown to serve as the company commander of Houtou Village. He devoted himself to the cause of poverty alleviation in his hometown and led Houtou Village to build roads to get rid of poverty. More than 3,500 meters long, with thousands of stone steps and more than 100,000 stones, Niu Hesong took three years to lead the villagers to "move the mountain from the foolish old man" and cut two tourist trails in the depths of Taihang Mountain, which opened the door to the development of tourism in Houtou Village and made the poor and backward mountain village uproot its roots and embark on the road to prosperity!

Shi bingqi

Dazhuang Village, Xingcun Town, hejian city City, Hebei Province

Party branch secretary and village director

  In February 2018, Shi Bingqi, who had retired from the post of deputy teacher, gave up the comfortable retirement life in Beijing and resolutely returned to his hometown to lead the villagers to a well-off society. He laid a solid foundation for party building and formed a unique "educational model of farmers’ ideological and political work"; In view of the stubborn diseases such as garbage, road water and illegal buildings in the village, he established 20 village rules and regulations to rectify the appearance of the village; In order to stop the unhealthy marriage customs, such as comparing people’s feelings and doing big things, he explored a new way of villagers’ self-management and constantly promoted the change of customs … … In just over two years, he led a "post-village" with a scattered team and frequent contradictions into an advanced, stable and civilized "benchmark village" and was affectionately called "senior university village official" by the people.

  They always keep their true colors and overcome difficulties, showing the style of veterans struggling for the first place; They dare to charge and dedicate themselves in times of crisis, demonstrating the mission of "if there is a war, they will return when they are called"; Their deeds are touching and inspiring, which will inspire the veterans to build a new era and gather strong positive energy to learn advanced and strive to be advanced.

  The release ceremony is divided into four chapters: Retrograde Expedition, Vow Silent, Ordinary Persistence, and Strength of Attacking. Through video display, interactive interviews and other links, we strive to present the advanced deeds and feelings of work and life of the "most beautiful retired soldiers" from all angles, and show the veteran spirit they always remember in their hearts.

Host Crowd East, Wang Ning

Host Crowd East, Wang Ning

Wang Lida sang "Hold on"

Wang Lida sang "Hold on"

Tashi Dhondup sang "There is a Love Constant".

Tashi Dhondup sang "There is a Love Constant".

A bugle performance

A bugle performance

A bugle performance

Children's voice recites "Who is the cutest person" (excerpt)

Children’s voice recites "Who is the cutest person" (excerpt)

Ju Hongchuan sang "The Storm of Youth"

Ju Hongchuan sang "The Storm of Youth"

  This year coincides with the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Chinese people’s Volunteer Army’s war to resist US aggression and aid Korea. The release ceremony also specially set up a tribute link, inviting three old heroes to the release ceremony, namely Huang Zhifu, Lin Bingyuan and Chang Zhiguo, to tell the heroic story of the volunteers who are not afraid of strong enemies and sacrifices, to accept the high respect of the "most beautiful retired soldiers" and the audience, and to encourage the majority of retired soldiers to follow the example of the old heroes, remember this magnificent history, inherit this spirit of promoting dedication, and pay tribute to the heroes and the audience.

In 2020, "The Most Beautiful Retired Soldiers" paid tribute to three old heroes.

In 2020, "The Most Beautiful Retired Soldiers" paid tribute to three old heroes.

  Jiang Jianguo, Vice Minister of Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, Zhu Tianshu, Vice Minister of Veterans Affairs, and Bi Bin, Deputy Director of the Propaganda Bureau of the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission, attended the ceremony and presented awards for the "Most Beautiful Veterans" in 2020.

The awarding guests presented awards to the first group of "the most beautiful veterans" in 2020.

The awarding guests presented awards to the first group of "the most beautiful veterans" in 2020.

The awarding guests presented awards to the second group of "the most beautiful veterans" in 2020.

The awarding guests presented awards to the second group of "the most beautiful veterans" in 2020.

  They come from all walks of life, but they have the same name — — The most beautiful retired soldier. What they took off was the military uniform, and what they could not get rid of was the muscle memory of "charging forward" and the true colors of brave and determined soldiers. They showed their talents in times of crisis, without fear of fighting the tide of the times, and their advanced deeds spread all over the country, sketching out the most beautiful scenery of "serving the people".

  Join the army and defend the country; Retire and build a beautiful home. The transfer of the battlefield and the change of identity have not changed the true colors of the "most beautiful retired soldiers" revolutionary soldiers, the true colors of serving the people and the true colors of unremitting struggle. They have taken off their military uniforms and bid farewell to the army, and they are still shining in various fields, writing a new chapter in their lives and careers with their own words and deeds!

  Retirement does not fade, loyalty and courage, tonight, let us pay tribute to the "most beautiful retired soldiers" and witness the glory of "veterans"!

The awarding guests took a group photo with the 2020 "Most Beautiful Veterans".

The awarding guests took a group photo with the 2020 "Most Beautiful Veterans".

Central radio and television main station

Society and Law Channel (CCTV-12)

It premiered at 20:15 on December 18th.

Science and education channel (CCTV-10)

Replay at 15:38 on December 19th.

National defense military channel (CCTV-7)

Replay at 22:30 on December 19th.

"Shiny name — — The release ceremony of the most beautiful veterans in 2020 "

Pay tribute to every retired soldier!

2023 World Robotics Congress opens in Beijing, attended by Yin Li Wan Gang.

  Original title: The 2023 World Robotics Congress opened in Beijing, attended by Wan Gang, Yin Li

  On the afternoon of August 16th, 2023 World Robotics Congress opened in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. Yin Li, member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and secretary of Beijing Municipal Party Committee, and Wan Gang, chairman of China Association for Science and Technology attended.

  At the opening ceremony, Yin Li and Wan Gang, Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Shu Wei, Deputy Party Secretary, Full-time Vice Chairman and Secretary of the Secretariat of China Association for Science and Technology, Xia Linmao, Standing Committee Member of Beijing Municipal Committee and Executive Vice Mayor, Alexander Weir, Chairman of the International Federation of Robotics Academic Committee, and Wang Tianran, Academician of China Academy of Engineering jointly pressed the start button, and the 2023 World Robotics Congress was officially launched. Xin Guobin, Shu Wei, Xia Linmao and Yue Se Vieira, President of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations, delivered speeches respectively. The launching ceremony of the World Robotics Cooperation Organization, jointly sponsored by the Chinese Institute of Electronics and the Israel Robotics Association, was held.

  After the opening ceremony, the leaders came to the exhibition hall of World Robotics Expo 2023 and visited the booths of key core components, Eston Automation Co., Ltd. and Beijing soft robot Technology Co., Ltd. The theme of the 2023 World Robotics Congress is "Open and Innovative, Enjoy the Future". During this period, there will be "Cooperation Night", 6 main forums, 30 special forums, expositions and related events. 320 guests from all walks of life, such as Industry-University-Research Jinyong, will gather at the conference, and nearly 600 robot products from 159 enterprises will be exhibited and nearly 10,000 players will compete on the spot. The holding of the conference will further promote international cooperation, stimulate the vitality of business entities, release the kinetic energy of scientific and technological innovation, deepen exchanges and cooperation in the global robot industry, help the construction of Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center and International Exchange Center, promote the high-quality development of the robot industry, and continue to create a new business card of "Beijing Zhizhi".

  Gou Ping, deputy director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, Jin Wei and Zhao Lei, leaders of Beijing Municipality, heads of some national robotics associations and international organizations, Chinese and foreign experts and scholars, and business representatives attended. (Liu Feifei Yangqi)

Fans Travel-Embracing the World in the Language of Football

  When the opening whistle of Arsenal’s match against Manchester City sounded, Grandma Liu, 79, sat at Emirates Stadium and cheered for the team with tens of thousands of British fans. The "Granny Liu the Gunner", who has tens of thousands of fans on Weibo, is still full of enthusiasm for football, although she is white-haired. As a fan who has been fond of Arsenal for more than 10 years, it is not the first time for Grandma Liu to visit the British competition site. In 2014, accompanied by her son, she witnessed Arsenal winning the FA Cup and participated in the subsequent celebration parade.

  It is not uncommon for China fans to "cross the ocean" for their beloved team. The TV broadcast of European leagues was introduced to China earlier, including Premier League, Serie A, La Liga and other European leagues, which gathered huge fans. Nowadays, under the circumstance that "fans", a group with high user viscosity, gradually have certain consumption power and outbound travel is becoming more and more mature, the new model of "watching games+traveling" has mushroomed and spread rapidly in China.

  Subsectors have developed rapidly.

  Sports industry is an industry with great growth potential, while tourism industry is a booming sunrise industry. After the two industries are upgraded, it is "customized sports tourism". As a kind of leisure tourism, it has developed rapidly under the background of residents’ consumption upgrading in recent years. According to the data of the World Tourism Organization, this form of tourism is growing at an annual rate of 14%, which is the fastest growing sub-industry in the global tourism market, exceeding the overall growth rate of 4% to 5% of the tourism industry. There are also data predictions that in 2020, the global sports tourism market is expected to exceed 400 billion US dollars.

  With the development of the Internet, "customized fan travel" has become a more accurate and more suitable vocabulary for the needs of the times. As soon as a tourist or a sports fan lands in the local area, the consumption generated is almost all tourism consumption. Tourism is the biggest converter, sports competitions gather people, and tourism transforms people into commercial value.

  Most traditional travel agencies’ "game-watching tour" is nothing more than adding a ticket to the traditional travel route. This design obviously cannot meet the in-depth experience needs of die-hard fans. Die-hard fans pay attention to the service of the club and the event itself, such as the team’s cultural experience and the experience of watching the game. They are more willing to focus their consumption on improving the travel experience, rather than the situation where traditional outbound shopping consumption dominates.

  Nowadays, many fans will buy tickets, customize travel routes and services through a wide range of professional travel service providers such as Ali Travel, Ctrip and Caesars Travel. At present, service providers that are perpendicular to the market and specialize in the business of "sports+tourism" are also favored by more and more people.

  Lu Yiming, the founder of hardcore sports, called this kind of behavior of fans going to the stadium to watch the game and realize their dreams "pilgrimage". As the only company in China that is perpendicular to the pilgrimage of European football and has only this business, hardcore sports has cooperated with offline fan associations of many European clubs. Online, they also cooperate with some professional sports content production platforms and media community platforms to attract online users who pay attention to the events and surrounding information to watch the games. Both online and offline resources have a good consumption conversion rate.

  Tourism itself is a service, and in the subdivision of football travel, travel service providers perpendicular to the market will take the service user experience as the top priority. The service packages launched by some travel agencies include themed products such as the father-son tour of football feelings and the honeymoon pilgrimage of couples.

  Enthusiastic fans have a blue ocean.

  The concept of tourism has great inclusiveness, and the boundaries of tourism become more vague and inclusive with the development of society and the upgrading of consumption. In this context, the integration of football, even sports and tourism is deeper, its scope is wider, and the boundaries between time and space are more blurred. However, due to the different core attraction, fan tourism shows several characteristics different from other tourism activities.

  First of all, the boundaries of fan group differences are more obvious. The particularity of fan travel is that before watching the game and visiting the stadium, you have already had a love and professional understanding of this club. Compared with other tourism activities, sports tourism can be said to have certain "threshold" restrictions. There is no such detailed group division in traditional outbound sightseeing tourism, and such group differences will lead to a situation that fan tourism does not match the traditional tourism industry structure.

  Secondly, the fans are more sticky. For most fans, watching football is an endless activity, so fans’ stickiness to the club will increase and they will pour deeper feelings into the club as a tourist destination. The increase of user stickiness means lower price sensitivity, which is similar to "fan economy". More and more fans hope to realize their dream of "small but beautiful" with the help of professional travel service providers.

  For consumers, tourism content and consumption content have not only stayed in the previous sightseeing and leisure, but also integrated more experience, participation, interaction or deeper feelings, especially for those fans who have devoted their feelings to the club.

  "At present, the development of domestic mainstream tourism products is still in its infancy, and the products mainly take ticketing as their core competitiveness. For some fans who yearn for a high-end tour, they may prefer to go to a certain venue for a live experience. How to embrace the blue ocean of’ fans+tourism’, which has not yet been developed, tourism service providers need to continue to explore. " Wu Geng ‘an, deputy director of the Sports and Leisure Research Institute of Huaqiao University, said.

  Win-win cooperation in tourism and sports

  From the perspective of supply side, existing travel agencies have explored and upgraded the tourism products on the supply side. The traditional game-watching tour only has sports events and tourist routes, which will involve some sightseeing and sports industries. However, in terms of integration experience, it is still necessary to improve the service and experience of tourism products in combination with new consumer demand.

  Rich product design is a direction to promote the development of the whole sports tourism industry, so that specific sports tourism projects can be driven through the core event IP. At present, many China sports travel service providers, including Yaner Sports, try to reach cooperation with foreign clubs to provide fans with the opportunity to enter the training ground and witness the star training at close range. In the future, meeting with the stars, having dinner together, or holding a wedding at the stadium and letting the children be caddies holding hands when the stars appear are all goals that fans can achieve, and they are also the added value that most sports event tourism companies have yet to explore.

  Wu Geng ‘an said: "On the whole, with the change of tourism market demand and the maturity of tourism industry, fan tourism has also ushered in new opportunities. The improvement of fans’ demand for travel experience and the corresponding development of more abundant fan travel experience projects by suppliers all play an important role in promoting the development of sports tourism. "

  In addition, China’s huge fan market has attracted the attention of the world’s popular fan destinations. In December 2016, the British Tourism Board cooperated with the Premier League, and launched an activity of "Looking for Premier League Ace Fans" on China’s official broadcast platform Xinying Sports. The winner finally got the opportunity to go to the UK to experience the football theme tour. As far as cultural attributes are concerned, football is a "regulated language", which can be used and communicated internationally. The reason why the Premier League is accepted by the whole world is precisely because of this feature. Therefore, compared with other cultural industries, football and even sports industry has an advantage-natural internationalization characteristics and a natural international market. Premier League and other football leagues have strong international influence and international market.

  Tourism industry and football match complement each other. Tourism needs to develop the international market and rely on event attractions as a selling point. Uefa europa league has different characteristics, gathered fans’ resources, and has a wide range of international communication effects. Its influence and attention are enough to make the host city an international tourism destination. Therefore, whether football builds the business model of sports through tourism format, extends and realizes the value of sports industry, or tourism attracts tourists through the great influence of football matches, enhances the value of tourism industry, and realizes the industrial integration of football, sports and tourism.

Live football

Live football officially entered the PC, competing with FIFA for the market of computer games. As a computer football enthusiast, you must have your own unique views on these two games, and you can make progress only when you find problems. If you are a loyal supporter of live football, which of the following are the places you are most satisfied with?

Game screen

Music sound effect

Sense of control balance

Online function
Upper hand speed

China men’s basketball team data report: Cui Yongxi was elected MVP, and the team’s three-point shooting rate broke 50%

On August 5th, Beijing time, China beat Cape Verde 86-66 in a warm-up match that ended early this morning.

After the game, the China men’s basketball team released the data report of this game. According to this report, the China men’s basketball team performed very well on the offensive end, and the team’s offensive efficiency reached 126.8 points per 100 rounds.

In terms of shooting, 42% of China men’s basketball team’s shots came from outside the three-point line, and the shooting percentage reached 52%. In addition, China men’s basketball team’s shooting percentage in the field was 67% and 88% respectively.

In addition, in defense, the China men’s basketball team also performed well, and they limited the offensive efficiency of the Cape Verdean men’s basketball team to 97.3 points per 100 rounds.

The MVP of the China men’s basketball team in this game was young Cui Yongxi, who hit eight sports shots in 17 minutes and scored 18 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists. The other two players who scored in double figures were Zhang Zhenlin (10 points) and Fang Shuo (11 points).

Rafinha: I want to stay in Barcelona for many years. Red and blue new hairstyle? I had this intention long ago.

Live on May 21 ST, after Barcelona won the championship four rounds ahead of schedule, it lost to Royal Society 1-2 in today’s game. After the game, Rafinha was interviewed by beIN Sports.

More than 88,000 spectators witnessed Barcelona winning the Cup, and the Brazilian striker couldn’t hide his excitement: I want to stay in Barcelona for many years.

In addition, Rafinha dyed her hair red and blue, to which he explained: My new hairstyle? Araujo and I had this idea before in Gated, but I didn’t want to do it in that game, because we still needed a victory to ensure the championship.

Rafinha also talked about wearing the Brazilian flag to celebrate: whenever possible, I will carry the national flag with me. This is the place where I was born, and the Brazilian people love me very much. At such a special moment, they will always be with me.

Rafinha has played 47 games this season, contributing 10 goals and 12 assists.


Football is exciting for 1 night! Mbappé offered a winner, the Serie A champion was announced in advance, and Real Madrid reversed the sword and pointed to the Champions League.

Over the weekend, the five major leagues in Europe continued. Manchester City beat Crystal Palace away in the Premier League, narrowing the gap with Arsenal. In Serie A, Napoli beat Atalanta, once again expanding its lead. The suspense of the championship in Serie A ended ahead of schedule. In French League, Paris Saint-Germain, which was eliminated in the Champions League, was hit again. La Liga Real Madrid reversed its victory and aimed at the Champions League knockout.

Crystal Palace 0-1 Manchester City

Crystal Palace suffered a trough, with 10 consecutive games unbeaten, and Manchester City won three consecutive games. This season, Manchester City is 5 points behind Arsenal in the Premier League. Manchester City will compete with Leipzig Red Bull for the Champions League quarter-finals in the second round of the Champions League quarter-finals next week, and Guardiola will be somewhat distracted from the Champions League. Crystal Palace has defeated Manchester City twice in the last 10 encounters.

In the game, Harland missed the opportunity in the first half, Alvarez repeatedly made risks in the second half, and Harland scored some achievements. In the end, the whole game was over, and Manchester City went away to the Crystal Palace 1-0. In terms of standings, Manchester City scored 61 points in the first game and 2 points behind the top Arsenal, while Crystal Palace still ranked 12th with 27 points.

Naples 2-0 Atlanta

Napoli’s winning streak was ended by Lazio in the last league round, but it still leads by 15 points, and it is in an absolute leading position for the championship. Next week, in the second leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League, Naples will play against Frankfurt at home, and this season, Naples is soaring in two lines. Atlanta ranked sixth, five points short of the top four, and Atlanta won more and lost less in the confrontation with Naples.

In the game, Napoli dominated in the first half, but failed to break the deadlock. In the second half, Kvaratskheliya scored a wonderful goal and Lamani headed the ball. In the end, Napoli led the standings with 18 points in Atlanta 2-0.

Brest 1-2 Paris Saint-Germain

Paris Saint-Germain was beaten by Bayern both at home and away in the last 16 of the Champions League, and fell to the last 16 for two consecutive seasons, which greatly damaged the team’s morale. Messi was questioned by fans, and Mbappé also had the idea of leaving the team. The Qatari consortium invested more than 1.4 billion euros in the acquisition of Paris Saint-Germain in the past 11 years, but it failed to win a Champions League trophy and only reached the Champions League final once. Although there is no pressure to win in Ligue 1, Paris Saint-Germain is facing reconstruction.

In the game, Sohler scored the first goal after the middle frame in the first half, Aunola equalized the score, Messi assisted in the second half, and Mbappé scored a winner. In the end, Paris beat brest 2-1 away, and Paris won four consecutive victories in the league. In terms of standings, Paris ranked first with 66 points, 11 points ahead of Marseille, the second place.

Real Madrid 3-1 Spaniard

Real Madrid’s recent state continues to be sluggish, and various events have been unbeaten for three consecutive games. The first leg of the semi-final of the King’s Cup of Spain was defeated by Barcelona, and La Liga suffered two consecutive draws. Barcelona has already opened the gap of 9 points in the standings. In the middle of next week, Real Madrid will play against Liverpool at the Bernabeu Stadium. In the first leg, Real Madrid beat Liverpool 5-2 away and took the lead in the knockout round of the top 16.

Real Madrid’s home game against Espanyol has maintained a nine-game winning streak, and it has been unbeaten for 26 consecutive games, occupying an absolute advantage and creating a 27-year record. The last time Real Madrid lost to Espanyol at home was back in 1996. In the first half of the game, Jose Lu took the lead in breaking the goal, and courtois contributed to the key save. vinicius and Militang successively broke the goal to help the team complete the overtaking. In the second half, Rodrigo hit the crossbar with a free kick, Gabriel came off the bench but was injured, and asensio scored a single goal in stoppage time to kill the game. At the end of the game, Real Madrid 3-1 Spaniard.