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Premier League-Eriksson passes casemiro to win Manchester United 1-0 Bournemouth Champions League qualification is in sight.

Live on May 20th, at 22: 00 pm Beijing time on May 20th, a game in the 37th round of the Premier League continued. The Red Devils Manchester United challenged Bournemouth away. In the first half, Eriksson assisted casemiro to score a goal, and after half-time, Manchester United temporarily led Bournemouth 1-0. In the second half, the two sides attacked and defended each other but did not rewrite the score. In the end, Manchester United defeated Bournemouth 1-0. In the Premier League standings, Manchester United scored 69 points with 21 wins, 6 draws, 9 losses, and remained ahead of Liverpool. Bournemouth had already relegated ahead of schedule.

[Key Events of Competition]

In the 9th minute, Eriksson directly picked the right foot at the front of the restricted area, followed by casemiro Middle Road, Senesi’s toe rubbed the ball, but the clearance failed, and casemiro scored with a sideways barb! Manchester United 1-0 Bournemouth! ↓

[Moment of Competition Focus]

In the 20th minute, Anthony cut the ball on the right and then made a cross pass. Before the B fee, Eriksson missed the ball and shot angrily, hitting high. ↓

In the 27th minute, Bournemouth counterattacked, and Solanke succeeded in passing people in the restricted area. He shot from his right foot and was saved by Degea. ↓

The 37th minute, Sancho knocks back from the left in the penalty area, and Marchal directly shoots the far corner after catching the ball outside the penalty area, hitting high. ↓

In the 41st minute, casemiro’s long-range shot outside the restricted area was confiscated by the goalkeeper. ↓

In the 47th minute, David Brooks’ powerful shot in the restricted area was saved again by Degea. ↓

In the 63rd minute, Manchester United’s attack and Wehorst’s shot in the restricted area were resolved by the goalkeeper. ↓

In the 76th minute, the corner kick from Manchester United was sent out, and the B fee kept the ball in the restricted area and directly greeted the ball and was saved by the goalkeeper. ↓

In the 84th minute, Bournemouth got a good chance, and Moore shot directly at Degea one-on-one. ↓

In the 93rd minute, Senesi shot outside the restricted area and almost equalized the score. ↓

[Information on starting and substitution of both parties]

Bournemouth starting: 13- Neto, 5- Lloyd Kelly, 25- Senesi, 27- Dzabanji, 4- Lewis Cook, 8- Lerma, 15- Adam Smith (65’18- Vigna), 32- Jaden Anthony, 7- David Brooks (56

Bournemouth substitutes: 1- Travis, 3- Stephens, 6- Chris Mapham, 17- Jack Stacy, 51- Adley, 49- Sadie.

Manchester United starters: 1- Degea, 2- Lindelov, 19- Vallanet, 23- Lu Kexiao, 290,000 Pisaca, 18- casemiro, 14- Eriksson (85’39- McTominay), 8-B fee, 25- Sancho (71’49- Garnacho), 9.

Manchester United substitutes: 31- Batland, 5- Maguire, 12- Malaysia, 20- Dallot, 28- Peristri.

AC Milan’s midfield configuration has fatal shortcomings, and it is necessary to reinforce the confrontation-capable experts this summer.

Competing for the Champions League next season will be the number one goal of AC Milan in the rest of this season. No matter for the future development of the team or the club’s financial income, the Champions League seat is an indispensable part. Moreover, this will greatly affect the investment and signings of management Maldini and Ma Sala in the transfer market this summer.

Compared with the front line and the backcourt, the position of the midfield is the most criticized by the Rossoneri this season. With the club’s current investment strategy and development vision, it is difficult to ask for both winning and beautiful scenes. Although the team can have some representative performances in the strong dialogue this season, it can’t control the situation frequently because of insufficient lineup reserves in the face of weak teams.

The combination of Ben Nasser, Tonali, krunic and Diaz in the middle is always in a state of ups and downs, and the confrontation ability often suffers losses on the court, which can’t cause enough trouble for opponents. If we can have a player who can fight and take on the dirty work, it will be a great boost to the Rossoneri’s midfield strength to liberate the strengths of Ben Nasser or Tonali.

Tonali is the most indispensable midfielder in Pioli’s team at present, who can attack and retreat, while others have certain shortcomings. Ben Nasser needs to be absent for a long time after being seriously injured, and his state is unknown. When he played with Diaz, because neither of them had an advantage, he was often regarded as the key target of attack by his opponent.

Although krunic, a tiger balm, can provide tactical functions in some cases, he can constantly make up for the position and coordinate defense in the backcourt, but once he needs to press forward or take on more offensive responsibilities, he can’t do anything about it. Combing and passing is not his strong point, and he can only contact his teammates through short-distance cross passes and return safe balls. The strength of players is obviously only suitable for the role positioning of rotation.

It may be the most appropriate solution to form an all-round balanced trio, so as to increase the personnel reserve and thickness of the lineup, and let head coach Pioli have more candidates with different tactical styles on the bench, and adopt different tactical arrangements according to different opponents to pursue further achievements.

Liaoning wants to dig Beijing, Lin Zhushou is on the national team, and Ren Junfei is fighting Xu Zhonghao.

Hello, everyone, I’m Bei Ning. Dear friends, you should develop the habit of reading first and then praising!

After the end of this season, there will be two top-paid players in Liaoning, namely Zhao Jiwei and Han Dejun. Among them, Zhao Jiwei is still very young, and he will definitely get the next top-paid contract of Liaoning, while Han Dejun is different. He is 36 years old this year, and fans can clearly feel that Han Dejun’s condition is not as good as before. Han Dejun has suffered from injuries in succession this season, and he can’t play his full strength now. After the end of the season, Han Dejun will be like Yi Jianlian of Guangdong team. In the next few seasons, he will sign a Class C contract every year. Han Dejun will give up the number of top-paid players in the team, which is of great significance to them. Liaoning team can poach Fan Ziming from Beijing Shougang team.

In fact, Fan Ziming has a deep relationship with the Liaoning team. He was a young player who was trained in Liaoning at the beginning, but later he was poached by the Guangzhou team. After joining the Guangzhou team, Fan Ziming’s opportunities gradually began to increase. However, there were Guo Kai and Li Yanzhe inside players in the Guangzhou team at that time, and Fan Ziming was finally traded to the Beijing Shougang team by the team. After the end of this season, the contract between Fan Ziming and the Beijing Shougang team officially expired. Liaoning team will offer him a maximum salary contract. If Fan Ziming can be signed, the team will basically not have to worry about the problem of inside players for some time to come. At that time, Fan Ziming will become the local inside player mainly used by Liaoning team, and he still has room for improvement.

With Fan Ziming and Molander, Liaoning’s inside lineup is absolutely enough. Even if Han Dejun retires in the future, Liaoning’s inside lineup is at least one of the best in the league. Secondly, Liaoning Youth Team also has a young inside player, Zhang Chenzhifeng, who can be used as a substitute for Fan Ziming. As for Liu Yanyu, he has basically no training value. Players of Liu Yanyu’s age can’t play the stable rotation of the team. Fans can’t expect too much from him. Of course, the Beijing Shougang team will definitely try to keep Fan Ziming, depending on what Fan Ziming wants to pursue. If he is interested in the championship, joining the Liaoning team really has a better chance than staying in the Beijing Shougang team.

Fan Ziming, an insider of Beijing Shougang Team.

The second news comes from Lin Wei, a young defender of Tongxi team. His performance this season is quite good. Lin Wei is the most offensive player in this group of young players. He plays 34 minutes per game. Lin Wei can score 15.5 points, 3.6 rebounds, 3.2 assists and 1.5 steals, which is not like a first-year student at all.

Recently, the head coach of China Men’s Basketball Team, Jorjevich, has set up a mini-national training team, which includes players who have no CBA league tasks at present. Lin Zhuishou will take part in the warm-up match of China Men’s Basketball Team. If Lin Zhuishou’s performance in the warm-up match is recognized by Jorjevich, he will have the opportunity to play in this session of China Men’s Basketball Team, and he may even participate in the World Cup.

The gold content of this year’s China men’s basketball team is much higher than before. After all, the purpose of the China men’s basketball team was just to participate in the World Cup qualifiers. To be honest, this kind of competition is not that important. This time, the China men’s basketball team is going to hit the Olympic Games. If Lin Wei can be selected into the China men’s basketball team, he will be the focus of fans’ attention. After all, Lin Wei is only 19 years old this year, and he is the most likely player in China to become a future defender.

Lin Wei, a talented defender of Tongxi Team.

The third news comes from the life-and-death battle between Guangdong Team and Guangsha Team. The biggest highlight of this game is Ren Junfei vs. Xu Zhonghao. They both got angry in the last game. From the perspective of confrontation, Xu Zhonghao obviously has a certain advantage. His figure is much stronger than that of Ren Junfei, while Ren Junfei’s flexibility is obviously better than that of Xu Zhonghao. When they are in opposition, it can be said that it is a battle of wits. After Xu Zhonghao entangles Ren Junfei, Hu Jinqiu has room to play.

Moreover, Zhu Junlong of Guangsha team will come back in this game. He can have a good fight with Zhang Hao. Now only Yi Jianlian or Hamilton can deal with Hu Jinqiu, and Yi Jianlian will play for about 20 minutes in a game. He has no physical ability to limit Hu Jinqiu’s attack. If Hamilton plays too much, Ma Shang’s chances will be greatly reduced. The result of Xu Zhonghao’s fight with Ren Junfei will bring a series of chain reactions, and they may decide the outcome of the game.

Ren Junfei and Xu Zhonghao are both veterans in the league. Xu Zhonghao was the captain of the national team when he was playing in Bayi Team. He knew very well how to play a high-intensity game, not to mention Ren Junfei. He had been a main striker in the national team before, but Ren Junfei’s decline was really serious this season. He couldn’t help the Guangdong team much. Ren Junfei’s task in this game was to have a good fight with Xu Zhonghao.

Ren Junfei, veteran striker of Guangdong team.

The defensive intensity of other players in Guangsha team is not particularly high. Only Xu Zhonghao can show a tough attitude, and his help to Guangsha team is very great. In fact, every team needs a player like Xu Zhonghao, who can make opponents feel afraid. When Xu Zhonghao is present, his positive and negative values are the highest in the team.

From this point, we can actually see that Xu Zhonghao is a player who can help Guangsha stabilize the situation. He is not afraid of Ren Junfei at all, especially in the playoffs, when Xu Zhonghao’s style of play is becoming more and more tough. Under such tough defense, the Guangdong team may overturn and lose at home.

There is no suspense in Messi’s return to Barcelona because of the adjustment of the team building plan in Bali! Mbappé may become the only super giant

Messi’s return to Barcelona is a high probability event, not only because of the economic level and the booing of fans, but also because the team-building plan of the high-level Paris has changed.
According to the exclusive news of the British "Mirror", it is expected that Messi will leave Paris after his contract expires this summer. Although his contract has only two months left, Paris is in no hurry to renew it with him. Club President Nasser’s goal is to make Paris have a more financially sustainable plan, which requires reducing the names of big-name players in the team and paying more attention to young French talents.
The information in the Mirror is highly credible. When the Qatari consortium entered Paris, this French powerhouse directly turned into a upstart in football. In order to make the team quickly improve its strength and become a traditional giant comparable to the old European brands, the top management of Greater Paris has continuously invested huge sums of money to recruit top football stars. With the blessing of Jinyuan football, the strength of Greater Paris has advanced by leaps and bounds, and it has become the invincible overlord of Ligue 1. However, after so many years, Gabriel failed in the Champions League without exception.
Such a large investment can only be "in the nest", and the Qatar consortium will be tired, and then reflect and finally adjust. Does the superstar strategy really work? High-level officials in Greater Paris have found the answer after hitting a wall again and again. So, that’s why Neymar was involved in the rumors of leaving the team, and now it’s Messi’s turn.
Messi must have considered the possibility of staying in Greater Paris, and Paris executives have also considered renewing Messi’s contract, but Messi can feel the change in the attitude of the club’s top management, and their position of retaining people is not as firm as before. If you want to stay, you have to take a big salary cut, and the fans in Paris keep booing him. In the end, Messi decided to leave this depressed place.
This change is also necessary for Barrichelli, although he may wake up a little late. Stacking superstars can bring a lot of topics and traffic, but it is accompanied by the irreconcilable relationship between superstars. There is a word called "the king can’t see the king", which means that people who are very strong in the same field can’t be together, otherwise there will be chaos.
Messi is recognized as the "king of the ball" in today’s football, and even crowned in situ after winning the World Cup, while Mbappé is the first person in French football and recognized as the "new king" in the future. When the "two kings" are gathered together, they will not get the effect that 1+1 is equal to 2 or greater than 2. And Neymar only serves Messi, plus other "factions" and "gangs". It looks like the stars are gathering, but in fact, it is "different". Just look at the season ticket publicity storm between Mbappé and the club. The internal management of Greater Paris is actually very chaotic.
Therefore, the adjustment of the team-building plan of the top management in Greater Paris is actually a change in the general direction, from the previous star cluster to a more pragmatic strategy based on youth training and a small number of stars.
Messi is probably not the only superstar who left Paris this summer. In fact, Neymar has already been put on the list for sale, and the future Barley will be composed of a super giant in Mbappé, a first-class football star and our youth training talents. To tell the truth, there are many French football talents, which can be described as blowout, so the team-building strategy like Greater Paris is completely feasible.

Na Qiao: You can’t have the joy of playing in a Real Madrid shirt anywhere else.

Live on March 11th, after beating the Spaniard 3-1, Real Madrid defender Na Qiao talked about the victory in an interview. Na Qiao said that the victory made the team full of confidence in a very important week.

This game is crucial to the team spirit?

Na Qiao: "Yes, we need to win. This victory gives us confidence in a very important week."

About assisting asensio.

Na Qiao: "I’m not used to that kind of rush, but things are going well and I’m happy for the team."

About the schedule

Na Qiao: "Every game is very important. We have a clear gap. We need to narrow the gap in every game, and the most important thing is the Nou Camp."

About the fans calling on you to stay.

Na Qiao: "I have goose bumps. This is my home. I am very happy today. I can’t express it in words. I won’t have the joy of playing in this jersey here anywhere else. I will remember such a thing, which will make me think in a more positive way. "

Telegraph: The owner of West Ham has no intention of selling the team, and the top management of the team trusts moyers.

Live on March 11th According to the Daily Telegraph, the owner of West Ham has no intention of selling the team, and the top management of the team now trusts moyers.

It is reported that David Sullivan, the owner of West Ham, said that he has no intention of selling the team, which means that moyers’s job is safe at present. At present, West Ham still has 13 games to play in the Premier League, and the fans of the team are still full of hope for West Ham. Although West Ham is currently only 16th in the Premier League standings, they are confident that they can change the current situation.

For a long time, it has been thought that Czech billionaire Clay Tynsky, who owns 27% of the club, will launch the acquisition of West Ham, but if Clay Tynsky wants to launch a comprehensive acquisition, he must obtain the consent of David Sullivan (holding 38.8%) and the family of the deceased co-owner David Gold (holding 25.1%) before starting the acquisition process. Logically speaking, Clay Tynsky is unlikely to make an offer at present, because the current situation of West Ham in the Premier League is still unclear, and if relegated to the Championship, it will obviously affect the value of the club. In addition, even if it is sold, David Sullivan will not sell West Ham at a low price. According to sources, David Sullivan has no intention of selling West Ham, and he has not even considered doing so.

West Ham are currently playing in the UEFA, and they are facing teams with average strength in this level of European war, which is completely different from their opponents in the Premier League. In last week’s UEFA competition, they beat AEK Larnaca 2-0 away, which was their ninth consecutive victory in this competition. If West Ham can win this tournament, it will be the team’s first European trophy since 1965, and more importantly, it will also ensure their qualification for the Europa League next season. However, West Ham’s performance in the Premier League is somewhat disappointing. They have not won in the past eleven away games. Although the fans shouted moyers’s dismissal after West Ham’s 4-0 defeat to Brighton, as far as the current situation is concerned, moyers’s position is still very stable. However, according to relevant media reports, West Ham is currently considering short-term and long-term substitutes to replace moyers, and Nuno Espirito Santo, Benitez and Dych are all considered as potential choices.

Moyers has one year left on his contract with West Ham, and they may end their cooperation with moyers when his contract expires. Last summer, West Ham invested 160 million pounds in the transfer market, which is the third highest transfer expenditure in the Premier League. In addition, West Ham signed Danny Ince in the winter window that year. People hope that West Ham can challenge the qualification of the Champions League instead of struggling to avoid relegation. Moyers’s team has been plagued by injuries this season, and his tactics have been questioned by people. However, the team’s offensive line scored only 23 goals in 25 games, which really made him feel a little overwhelmed. However, West Ham hopes that moyers’s experience will help the team overcome the difficulties and try to win a trophy.