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Zray won the Best Performance Award for Newcomer of the Year, Bai Bing and Weng Hongxiu Xiang Shoulder.

Movie Network News (Text/Diao Zongruitu/Han Huawei) On the evening of March 23rd, the second China Huading Awards Ceremony was held in Beijing. Nearly 100 celebrities from all walks of life, including Zhang Yimou, Song Zu Ying, Tang Guoqiang and Bai Yansong, were all dressed up to attend, which was a star-studded event. Twenty-five champion trophies called "People’s Word of Mouth Award" were also awarded in the evening.

China Newcomer of the Year Best Performance Actor Zray

Zray received the award.

Wang Baoqiang, the first in the public image survey of new actors in China.

New forces in Wang Baoqiang and Zray compete for favor.

At the ceremony, Wang Baoqiang was not the first one to arrive, but the first star to walk on the podium. Although after a series of role polishing, Wang Baoqiang is no longer a newcomer in the circle, when he received the award of the best public image of China’s new actor, Wang Baoqiang showed a straightforward smile. He said that he would continue to work hard. "Be a good person and do things well." The other newcomer award went to Zray, a little actor who was deeply loved by the audience because of his performances in TV dramas such as "Family with Children". With his naughty, bold, confident and witty personality advantages, he won the "Best Performance Actor of the Year in China" award. When delivering his acceptance speech, he also confidently said, "Strive for more awards to encourage me." At present, this post-90s actor is accumulating his own strength in singing, dancing and acting.

Tang Guoqiang

Tang Guoqiang said that if you want to play a good show, you should eat lunch boxes.

Compared with the naivety of Wang Baoqiang and Zray, the face of China veteran movie star Tang Guoqiang is full of boldness and atmosphere. For the honor of the best public image of China film and television actors given by the audience, Tang Guoqiang said indifferently: "I played some big people, as if standing in a very high position, but it’s not that I am tall, it’s that those people are tall, and I stand tall on the shoulders of giants." In addition, "eat more than 200 boxes of lunch a year and go to places that few people have experienced." It has also become the key to shooting men’s works in his heart. Tang Guoqiang also smiled and said, "If possible, I want to do it again."

Sun Honglei expressed emotion on the stage.

Sun Honglei became heartless under the stage.

Sun Honglei’s students on the stage feel that the audience has become ruthless

In terms of film performance of the year, Mei Lanfang, directed by Chen Kaige, edged out You Are the One and Painted Skin, winning the audience’s favorite. However, Chen Kaige was busy with the promotion of the film in South Korea, and was unable to attend the scene in person, so he specially recorded a VCR to thank the audience. That night, Sun Honglei, who accepted the award on his behalf, said in his speech: "There are still many unknown staff members in the crew of Mei Lanfang. This honor is given to all of them. Thank you to all those who gave us advice. Thank you."

In addition, Sun Honglei personally won the award of "China Public’s Best Performer’s Annual Satisfaction", and Sun Honglei couldn’t hide his excitement after receiving the trophy. He explained how it was not easy for him to enter the mainstream line of sight from a Chinese opera listener. And firmly said, "I have grown up and matured, and I should have a sense of mission." When the reporters at the scene wanted to interview him, Sun Honglei was expressionless and left in a hurry under the escort of security guards.

Song Zu Ying and Zhang Yimou presented awards to Liu Yan.

Zhang Yimou’s outstanding achievements were besieged by reporters.

Among all the guests present at the event, Zhang Yimou, who was halfway through, undoubtedly became the focus of attention. At the event site, he not only awarded the award of "Best Dancing Actress of the Year in China" together with Song Zu Ying, but also won the title of "China’s Most Outstanding Achievement of the Year" together with Song Zu Ying.

Facing Liu Yan in a wheelchair, Zhang Yimou gave the highest praise. He said, "The first person I need to be grateful for is Liu Yan. She dedicated everything to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. She is a hero. The price she paid for the opening ceremony is unmatched by everyone. Even under the cheers of the opening ceremony, her voice has always been in my heart. "

When talking about the awards he won, Zhang Yimou was very low-key. He said frankly, "First of all, I want to thank my team. It is the painstaking efforts of countless people. Perhaps for me, the Olympic Games was only once in China, but it left an infinite memory. I want to thank the Olympics, because the Olympics are great and the people of China are great. I just did my job. " Zhang Yimou’s remarks also made the whole scene applause.

Since Zhang Yimou has rarely appeared in public since the Olympic Games, and the news that he will start shooting a new play is endless during this period, when Zhang Yimou walked out of the award ceremony, he naturally became the target of media criticism. However, he laughed and ran and jumped to escape the interception of swarms, and almost fell down the stairs. Its "national treasure" charm is beyond doubt.

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Great Wall King Kong cannon declaration map exposure: the length is more than 5 meters 6.

  According to the 350th new car announcement of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Great Wall pickup truck declared a brand-new model called King Kong Gun. .

  The appearance of the new car generally continues the design style of the current Great Wall Gun. The air intake grille is covered with wide chrome trim strips, thick and thick, and the interior is a black honeycomb air intake grille. The overall style looks like a Ford F-150 Raptor, which is extremely domineering.

  Different from the current Great Wall Gun, the new car uses bigger headlights, and halogen headlights and LED matrix headlights will be provided according to the configuration difference.

  The new car is divided into two models: standard container and long container, among which The standard container version has a body size of 5365 * 1880 * 1815mm and a wheelbase of 3140mm. , the container size is 1550*1500*470 mm; The body size of the long container version is 5635 * 1815 * 1840mm and the wheelbase is 3410mm. The container size is 1820 * 1500 * 495mm.

  The new car is equipped with 235/65 and 245/65 tires. The rear axle adopts five leaf springs, with a approach angle of 22/25, a departure angle of 24/25 and a rated load of 500 kg.

  In terms of power, the new car will provide two engines, gasoline and diesel, both of which have a displacement of 2.0 liters.

  The maximum power of the 2.0T gasoline engine is 140kW, and the data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology show that the fuel consumption of the King Kong cannon equipped with this engine is 9.2L or 9.5L per 100km..

  2.0T diesel engines are divided into 110kW and 120kW low-power and high-power, and the fuel consumption per 100km is 7.7L, 7.9L, 8.1L and 8.2L..

  Judging from the body size and power composition, The positioning of the newly declared King Kong gun is slightly lower than that of the current Great Wall gun, focusing on the economic and commercial field, and the price of the main models will be less than 100,000 yuan. Then it is possible that it only provides manual transmission.

  The sales of the current Great Wall Gun are hot, with a total of 180,000 units sold from January to October this year. If the price of the King Kong Gun is right, it will inevitably become an explosion!

Selenium-enriched millet in Zibo to build a rich industry

  In the golden autumn and October harvest season, selenium rice is fragrant with local conditions. While celebrating the third "China Farmers Harvest Festival" in China, Beifo Village, Zhaili Town, Zichuan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province held the first "Selenium-enriched Millet Harvest Culture Festival" in Beifo Village.

Zhang Jibo, Party Secretary of Zhaili Town, Zichuan District, Zibo, and Wang Lin, Mayor of Zhaili Town, celebrated the bumper harvest with the villagers of Beifo Village.

  The theme of the activity is "watching rural culture share the joy of harvest, and the natural selenium-enriched millet helps the industry to increase income", aiming to show the rich folk culture of Zhaili Town and promote the pace of rural revitalization.

  According to reports, Zhaili Town is a provincial-level modern agricultural industrial park, a provincial-level agricultural product quality inspection demonstration town, and a municipal-level industrial strong town. Beifo Village is a key regional protection area of the national geographical indication of "Liaowu Xiaomi", located in the semi-hilly area, and the fields on the hillside are located on limestone, semi-sandy, and pure selenium-enriched soil, which is most suitable for the growth of millet. The selenium-enriched millet in Beifo Village has been planted for thousands of years. Every year, the millet is harvested and the seeds are left for sowing next year. The selenium-enriched millet in Beifo Village is naturally grown without artificial fertilization and irrigation, which has high promotion value and edible value!

Beifo village natural selenium-enriched millet

  Beifo Village has a population of 835 households and 2,228 people. In order to help ordinary people grow millet for sale, Zhaili Town assisted Beifo Village to set up the "Judeyuan" agricultural products professional cooperative in Zichuan District, Zibo this year. The millet planting area in the village is 260 mu, and the millet output is 45,000 kg. Now it has sold 35,000 kg through various channels.

  Zhang Jibo, secretary of the Party Committee of Zhaili Town, said: "There are 26,000 mu of high-quality natural selenium-enriched land in Zhaili Town. The Party Committee and government of Zhaili Town attach great importance to the development of selenium-enriched industry, actively implement the" double promotion "project of party building industry, build the party organization in the industry, and gather party member in the industry, so as to realize a good situation that party building promotes the industry and the industry brings wealth to the people. Through industrial development, the enthusiasm of party member cadres will be stimulated, and a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere will be formed, and the cohesiveness, appeal and combat effectiveness of party organizations will be enhanced. "

  Xiaomi feast. Nearly ten special dishes, such as golden cake, golden spring rolls, gold and silver shrimp, millet balls, millet grains crisp, fried chicken with rice noodles, etc., are all made of local selenium-enriched millet, and the quality of millet products with the most regional characteristics in Beifo Village is vividly displayed.

  Although the songs and dances are not flashy, they are full of celebration of the harvest. The villagers in Beifo sing and dance, playing new hopes for a better life and dancing hard to get rich. Ju Suping, president of Zibo Liaozhai Folk Music Research Association, blessed the harvest of natural selenium-enriched millet in Beifo Village with beautiful folk art and non-genetic inheritor Guan Li of paper-cutting art, unique paper-cutting and cultural art.

Selenium-enriched millet blends with rural culture and becomes a beautiful landscape at the event site.

At the event site, rural programs were loved by guests and villagers.

  As a link between Beijing and Shandong, Beijing Zibo Enterprise Chamber of Commerce has never forgotten the feelings of mulberry and devoted itself to the two places. Zhao Jinlin, Executive President of the Chamber of Commerce, made a special trip to congratulate on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, and said: "Beifo Village is an old district with a glorious revolutionary tradition. In recent years, the development and changes of Beifo Village are gratifying and encouraging. With the rural revitalization and development strategy of the Supreme Leader General Secretary, the overall environment of the whole country working together to get rid of poverty, and the joint efforts of the leaders of the town and village committees and the villagers, the days of the villagers will surely be flourishing and every family will be happy. At the same time, he said that the Chamber of Commerce will also use its own advantages to do some work for the promotion of selenium-enriched millet and actively assist in enhancing brand influence. "

A notice of the major version update of the domestic game "Tribal Survivor": new forces, new buildings and Spring Festival activities will be launched.

The domestic construction and operation game "Tribal Survivor" recently announced a major version update notice, and new forces, new buildings and recipes and Spring Festival activities will be launched. Let’s take a look!

Wandering stars

Original official announcement:

Advance notice of major version update

As you can see, we didn’t release this week’s routine update because we were concentrating.Try to be in China before the New YearComplete the release of major version. This major version includes the following contents:

Brand-new power system

Redo the trade mechanism

New wonders architecture

Theme of Spring Festival activities

Power system

We have added five new forces, four of which are from unique cultural areas, and their prestige level will gradually increase with the completion of the event and the trade.

Wandering stars

In the end, these forces will provide you with as many as 25 new buildings, 4 new crops and 17 new formulas. As for the fifth one, he is the fat trader who squeezed the fruits of your hard work in the previous game.

In addition, the brand-new trade and spectacle adjustment will also be highly related to these forces, and the content of trade and spectacle will be introduced in detail in the next part.

We hope that the participation of these forces will bring you more interesting content. Before we formally meet with you, let me introduce some of them that may interest you.

New architecture and recipes

A new crop: cactus

Wandering stars

Well, we know that the cactus in everyone’s mind is a desert plant, and I guarantee that the desert map will appear in the game in the future (provided that our art students who work overtime continuously put down their knives first).

New building: Quetzalcoatl Temple

Wandering stars

The Quetzalcoatl Temple from Mayan civilization is supposed to be mainly used for prayer and sacrifice, but in the game, it will serve as the soul of citizens and bury the dead citizens.

I know that many friends who are familiar with South American culture will hold different opinions on the function of this sacred building. But! Infinite graveyard, dear, it’s better than burning it in the river as many "cruel" players demand, isn’t it?

New formula: bamboo basket

Wandering stars

Only the basic raw material "bamboo" is needed to make a backpack column consumable, which is a mass production benefit. How did bamboo come from? We’ll know when the time comes,

Yes, the panda is a lie, and the picture has nothing to do with it (I don’t care, Meng is justice). There are more interesting contents, and I can meet you in a few days, so stay tuned.

New wonders of architecture

There is good news and bad news about spectacle buildings: the good news is that we have added two new spectacle buildings;

The bad news is that in the future games, the spectacle architecture will become the highest level of power and prestige unlocking content. In other words, friends who have not experienced the spectacle architecture, seize the last chance.

A new wonder: the grand palace

The prototype of the Grand Palace is the Hanyuan Palace, the core building of the Daming Palace in the Tang Dynasty. As one of the largest forces of human civilization at that time, the Tang Dynasty managed the largest population on the earth with an efficient official system, and they maintained a very friendly relationship with other civilizations at that time.

The effect of the grand palace also comes from the characteristics of this great empire:

The grand palace is a special city hall building, which will have all the functions of the city hall; It also has an additional 5 mayor slots, allowing the player’s city to hire up to 10 mayors; Its completion will increase the reputation of players and any other forces by 100%.

Wandering stars

Trade redo

Wandering stars

Generally speaking, apart from the original merchant ship visits, we have redone the whole trade system, and at the same time, the whole branch of trade science and technology has also been redone.

The new trading system will bring you the following conveniences and opportunities:

A more relaxed starting point

The basic trade building is now open by default, which means that you can start earning the initial money without relying on the technology tree.

Automatic transaction

Compared with before, you may need to spend more time setting trade targets and implementing trade caravans, but after these settings are completed, the caravans can regularly sell and buy goods according to your settings. Now players can really concentrate on developing advantageous industries in exchange for the circulation of scarce materials. I hope this will enrich the development options of the game and avoid the embarrassment that players have to produce all the materials themselves or order materials at high prices.

Wandering stars

Market price mechanism

There is a difference between the buying and selling prices of goods, and forces will pay higher returns for their favorite goods according to their needs, which means that if you have enough time to pay attention to these prices, you can even make direct profits through trade.

Of course, the market is not immutable. Dumping will bring down the price, and purchasing will bring up the price. Powerful businessmen are not mentally retarded, but if you are good at stock investment and the like, it is not a problem to crush the IQ of NPC.

Wandering stars


If conditions permit, you can buy an insurance for your caravan, whether on land or at sea. The insurance will provide you with some compensation in case of caravan distress and avoid a one-time excessive loss.

As for why and when the caravan is in distress, we choose to pretend that this is not a big problem. By the way, the risk of shipping is far greater than that of land, which should be known to all.

activities for Spring Festival

The Spring Festival is the most important reunion festival in China every year.

As a team from China, we made some contents related to this festival especially during the Spring Festival.

Maybe this is just a routine operation for China players, but we sincerely hope that players from other parts of the world can share the fun of this special festival.

paste up the "Fu" Character

Wandering stars

Sticking the word "blessing" is a traditional custom in China during the New Year. Every household will stick the word "blessing" on the door and wall during the Spring Festival. The word "paste blessing" has pinned people’s yearning for a happy life and wishes for a better future. But you may find that people often paste the word "fu" upside down. Why?

Of course, it’s not because there is no culture. This is because in order to fully reflect the yearning and wishes for happiness, the people simply paste the word "fu" upside down, indicating that "happiness has fallen (arrived)". An interesting homophonic stalk represents people’s beautiful vision of a happy life.

Players who have read this passage, you now know what to do when there is a blessing event in the game. You see, those players who haven’t read the update announcement may choose the wrong one.

The legend of nian

Wandering stars

Nian beast, also known as "Xi", is a kind of monster in ancient myths and legends in China. It is said that Nian beast would invade villages all over the country at midnight at the end of the year, bringing terrible disasters. In order to drive away Nian beast, people finally found the weakness of Nian beast and successfully drove it out. People all over the world always get together to celebrate at the most important festivals, but the reasons for gathering in stories are always different, which is really wonderful. Here, we also invite players from all over the world to share the stories behind your festivals with us. Maybe we can restore these interesting stories in the game to share the joy from various cultures and regions with you.

After the update, you will know how Nian beast was defeated. Before that, guess what it is most afraid of.

Lantern festival lantern

On the 15th day after the New Year in China, it is another special festival: Lantern Festival, which means the official end of the New Year Festival in China.

Wandering stars

People will hold Lantern Festival in the bustling streets of towns. In many cities where rivers pass, people will exile lanterns in the rivers. In addition, solve riddles on the lanterns is also an important activity of the Lantern Festival. People write riddles on paper and put lanterns and lanterns for people to guess. Riddles are enlightening and interesting, so they are loved by all walks of life in the process of spreading. Many times, solving puzzles will bring some extra rewards.

Tribal Survivor is a town building game, and you will lead survivors to open up new homes. Rely on a small amount of materials to deal with natural and man-made disasters, ensure the health and happiness of citizens, choose different development routes to bring unique advantages, and finally establish a prosperous town with a large population and unique characteristics.

For more information, please pay attention to:

The premiere of the movie "Fortress" was well received. The scene of Jinggang Mountain in Chen Douling, Guo Xiaodong was broken and decrypted

The film "Fortress" was premiered in Beijing on March 20th. Director Han Keyi, actors Guo Xiaodong, Chen Douling, Jinggangshan, Lv Xin, Yang Bo, Feng Hao and Liao Mengyan made their debut together, attended the red carpet ceremony and chatted with the audience after the screening. The atmosphere was warm. On the same day, the film exposed the "incoming" version of the poster, and for the first time fully disclosed the shape of the entire lineup, which made the audience’s expectations more and more high. The film will be released nationwide on March 22, and the pre-sale has been fully opened!

The main creation gathered at the scene to see the sincere belief and profound interpretation, which won numerous praises from the audience.

The film "Fortress" is adapted from real history, and takes five party member-Mao Fuxuan, Mao Xinmei, Li Genghou, Zhong Zhishen and Pang Shukan, who are known as "the five outstanding figures in Shaoshan", as the archetypes, and skillfully integrates the elements of spy war and suspense into the historical background, showing the heroic story of revolutionary volunteers fighting with enemy agents in the hidden front.

The theme of the premiere was "Please Break the Bureau", and relevant leaders such as Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd., Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Film Satellite Channel, Xiangtan Municipal Committee, Propaganda Department of Xiangtan Municipal Committee and Xiaoxiang Film Group were specially invited to attend. At the event site, the main creator unveiled the story behind the scenes and ignited the enthusiasm of fans. When talking about how to create this film, the director said that "Fortress" has a prototype story, and the team has read a lot of materials and done a lot of homework. Every character in the film is worth exploring. I hope this film can make everyone deeply understand this history and learn the power of faith from the game between the enemy and me. Guo Xiaodong, who plays the role of Shen Zhuoyi, said that this role is very challenging, which is very different from his previous roles. He dedicated his first experience as a villain to Fortress, explaining that the role is like a dark star dancing alone. Chen Douling also lamented the role of Hong Zheng, saying that Hong Zheng showed many feminine qualities. Although she was afraid but not timid in the face of enemy agents, she could grow in adversity like chamomile. Jinggangshan shares the role of Yang Jingchen by sincerely treating Mao Jiaxuan as a brother. Although he often plays the villain, this role is actually very hierarchical. In addition, actors Chen Minghao and Li Yitong and singer Chen Chusheng, the singer of the ending song "Waiting for Dawn", regretfully missed the premiere, specially recorded VCRs to send blessings, and more friends from the circle such as actors Cheng Lisha, Che Yong li, Meng Tingyi, Wang Yanan, Huan Wang, Aisha and Yang Ziyi were present to help out.

In the work Fortress, the wonderful collision between characters has undoubtedly become a highlight of the film, bringing countless unforgettable scenes to the audience. Fans have also expressed their love for movies, among which "the plot is tight and gripping", "the confrontation between good and evil is full of energy", "the role is full and three-dimensional" and "the emotion is sincere and makes people cry" are frequently mentioned. The audience were all attracted by the storyline in the film, and were deeply touched by the characters’ unswerving faith and fearless spirit.

The uncle circle’s drag show makes the audience hooked, and the survival rule of spy war makes people laugh.

The ups and downs of the film’s development trend made the audience scream, and the excellent acting skills of all the staff directly hit the audience’s heart, especially with the dramas of powerful actors such as Chen Minghao, Guo Xiaodong and Jinggangshan, which made the audience smile in a tense viewing atmosphere. The film focuses on investigating the secret identity "Pang Defu". In order to find out the truth, Shen Zhuoyi suddenly parachuted into the police station. In order to save himself, Mao Jiaxuan spared no effort to please the leader Yang Jingchen. The film profoundly reveals the survival law of the spy war workplace, and at the same time reflects the interpersonal relationship in the contemporary workplace. The audience sighed and saw the true portrayal of the workplace, and even expressed their admiration for the acting skills of the uncle circle actors in the post-screening session. The status of the role is far ahead, which is very emotional.

The film "Fortress" is excellent in character shaping and plot design, which makes the audience feel the complexity and profundity of human nature and highlights the dedication and greatness of revolutionaries. Mao Jiaxuan, played by Chen Minghao, has a sleek and sophisticated surface, but sticks to his faith in his heart, always facing the heavy pressure and danger from hostile forces. Shen Zhuoyi, played by Guo Xiaodong, is a typical elite in the workplace, smart and resourceful, and good at using all resources to achieve his goals. Yang Jingchen, played by Jinggangshan, is arrogant to his subordinates, but obedient to oversight, which fully shows the tactics and tricks. The intricate relationship and conflict between them have injected rich drama into the film, which makes the audience’s emotions fluctuate and always look forward to the next development.

Who will be reborn in the spy city fight? All the staff will stage a reversal drama and the suspense will be upgraded.

Today, the movie "Fortress" released an "incoming" poster, and all the staff gathered coldly under the stormy spy city, adding tension to the contradictions and conflicts, and a tense momentum filled the air. Although it was a silent confrontation, the real reaction of each character in a life-and-death crisis was revealed, which made people hold their breath.

Chen Minghao’s eyes are firm, but it is unpredictable; Guo Xiaodong’s face is unfathomable, and it makes people nervous in silence; Li Yitong’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled, full of complicated worries; Chen Douling’s eyes are bold, showing a fearless; Jinggangshan’s expression is meaningful and vaguely murderous. In addition, Song Ningfeng, An ‘an, Bai En, Zhang Aoyue, Yang Bo, Yi Heng and other leading actors all appeared, and the boundaries between the forces of all parties became blurred, and the distinction between good and evil became more and more confusing. Who can survive in this life-and-death contest? Let’s wait and see on March 22nd.

The film "Fortress" was produced by Xiaoxiang Film Group Co., Ltd., Tianjin Cat’s Eye Microfilm Culture Media Co., Ltd., Xiangtan Daily, Xiangtan Zhaoshan Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd., Xiangtan Urban and Rural Construction Development Group Co., Ltd., Xiangtan Radio and Television Station, Shaoshan High-tech Construction Investment Co., Ltd., and jointly produced by Hunan Xiaoxiang Youth Film Co., Ltd. and Hunan Manhao Film Co., Ltd. In the hot pre-sale of the film, I look forward to meeting the audience on the screen!


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Xiaomi Group-W (01810. HK): In the fourth quarter of 2023, the revenue of smartphone business was 44.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20.6%.

On the evening of March 19th, 2024, Xiaomi Group -W(01810.HK) reported that the revenue of smartphone business in 2023 was RMB 157.5 billion, and the global smartphone shipments were 146 million units. In the fourth quarter of 2023, the revenue of smartphone business was RMB 44.2 billion, up by 20.6% year-on-year, and returned to year-on-year growth after seven consecutive quarters of year-on-year decline. In the fourth quarter, global smartphone shipments reached 40.5 million units, up 23.9% year-on-year, significantly exceeding the growth rate of the global market.

Lei Jiayin self-styled beauty blogger brought "Whistler" Tang Wei as a guest live broadcast.

1905 movie network news On November 29th, Lei Jiayin and Tang Wei brought their films to Tik Tok for live broadcast. Lei Jiayin and Tang Wei not only interacted with the audience live with Tik Tok talent "Redundant and Sister Mao Mao", but also sent preferential movie ticket benefits to promote the film. The two people who came to Tik Tok for live broadcast for the first time also shared the bits and pieces behind the scenes of the movie with the audience, and the high-energy interaction between the live broadcasts was even more unforgettable.

On the night of the live broadcast, the cumulative number of online viewers exceeded 10 million, and the topic movie whistler and topic whistler were always on the hot topic list in Tik Tok, with a cumulative discussion volume of 170 million and more than 100 million people touched.

Lei Jiayin, who was humorous at the beginning of the live broadcast, started the shouting mode and shouted to netizens: "Come on, come and see Tang Wei!" Tang Wei, who experienced the live broadcast for the first time, became a curious baby. Not only was she very interested in the content of the barrage, but the special effects on the screen of her mobile phone also made her very novel, and she couldn’t help asking questions to the anchor frequently. After the interactive session, the two were even more energetic. Not only did they sing "Little Jumping Frog" and learn Guizhou dialect from the anchor, but Lei Jiayin also joked at the scene that he was a beauty blogger, and his skin was blown to pieces. At that time, the live broadcast room was full of laughter.

When asked about their first impressions of each other, Lei Jiayin said that Tang Wei was no different from what he imagined, while Tang Wei thought that Lei Jiayin in reality had a label of sleeping more than he imagined. When it comes to the biggest challenge of this play, Lei Jiayin thinks that English lines are a challenge of this play, but from the feedback of the audience during the road show, it seems that they have performed well, calling themselves "English Boy".

The movie Whistleblower tells the story of Marco (Lei Jiayin), an Australian Chinese employee, who was forced to face layers of hunting because of the sudden appearance of his ex-girlfriend Zhou Wen (Tang Wei). As they went to Africa to find the truth, Marco realized that a bigger conspiracy was gradually emerging.

At the special premiere of the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, many star friends praised the film after watching the movie. Yao Chen said that "the texture was great, exceeding expectations", while Liang Jing was immersed in it "especially amazing, and the whole rhythm was particularly good, making a film that was very beyond the commercial level of China", while Zufeng sighed: "The hero made a choice and believed in his conscience, which made me very shocked".The film "Whistleblower" will be released on December 6th, and it has been fully pre-sold.

Comments | The decision-making level made five statements within one month. How to get the house price in 2017?

  CCTV News:Looking back on 2016, this year’s property market can be described as "first rising and then restraining". If the hot words in the first half of the year are skyrocketing housing prices, then the hot words in the second half of the year are undoubtedly the introduction of regulatory policies, and this trend is continuing.

  Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development: Pay close attention to hot cities, control housing prices, and destock third-and fourth-tier cities

  On the 29th, the website of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development published the Circular of the Party Group of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the Communist Party of China on Inspection and Rectification, pointing out that it will continuously strengthen the regulation of the real estate market and actively carry out research.Pay close attention to hot cities to control housing prices, and third-and fourth-tier cities and counties and cities to go to stock.And standardize and rectify the market order.

  In fact, this has been the decision-making level since December.the fifth timeClear real estate regulation and control objectives.

  The Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee held a meeting on December 9, pointing out that it is necessary to dissolve the real estate inventory, accelerate the urbanization of migrant workers, promote the reform of the housing system to meet new citizens, expand effective demand, and stabilize the real estate market.

  On December 14th, the Central Economic Work Conference held a meeting and pointed out that it is necessary to adhere to the position that "houses are used for living, not for speculation" and put forward solutions.

  On December 21st, the 14th meeting of the Central Leading Group for Finance and Economics emphasized standardizing the housing rental market and curbing the real estate bubble.

  On December 26th, Chen Zhenggao, Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction, pointed out that we should do a good job in preventing bubbles and risks in hot cities.

  Since the introduction of the new policy of property market regulation in many cities across the country on September 30, the price increase in many hot cities across the country declined in November.

△ On December 11th, China Index Academy released the national residential price index of 100 cities in November 2016.

  However, the transaction volume price of some cities is still at a high level, which also triggered the second upgrade of the regulatory policies of a series of cities. It is worth mentioning that since December, the efforts to control housing prices in various places are still increasing:

  Upgrade purchase restriction in several provincial capital cities:

  December 26, Jinan City

  Purchase restriction for registered households in this city2 sets; Foreign purchase restriction1 set, and must provide proof of paying personal income tax or social insurance in urban areas for more than 24 consecutive months. In addition, in the new property market policy issued by Jinan, clear management measures are put forward for the transaction behavior of the land market.

  In December, Zhengzhou City restricted purchase and loan double upgrade.

  On December 21st, Zhengzhou announced the regulation policy and upgraded the existing purchase restriction policy. That is, on the basis of the original purchase restriction,More than 180 square meters (inclusive)Housing (including new commercial housing and stock housing) is also included in the scope of purchase restriction.

  Non-Zhengzhou household registration families need to provide continuous payment in Zhengzhou when purchasing houses in Zhengzhou.More than 2 years(including 2 years) personal income tax or social insurance certificate. In addition, the New Deal has further increased the use of other means of regulation, such as reaffirming the strict control of housing provident fund credit policy.

  On December 23, Henan Province issued the Notice on Further Improving the Personal Housing Loan Business in Zhengzhou Restricted Area, and the down payment ratio of the second suite was adjusted to60%The Zhengzhou real estate market’s loan restriction regulation policy has been upgraded again.

  On December 21, Wuhan issued a notice to expand the scope of housing purchase restriction.

  It is stipulated that from December 22nd, Wuhan will increase the housing purchase restriction in some areas of Dongxihu District, Jiangxia District and huangpi district.

  Beijing, a typical representative of first-tier cities, also clearly pointed out a few days ago that investment speculation should be resolutely curbed.Ensure that house prices will not increase in 2017.. This means that controlling housing prices has become the top priority of real estate regulation.

  The central level has repeatedly reiterated the requirements of real estate regulation and control, and the upgrading of local regulation and control policies have further explained the urgency of real estate regulation and control. Looking forward to 2017, how will the real estate market go?

  In the hot real estate market, everyone hopes to have a magical crystal ball and see the future development direction of the market. Any judgment on whether the future house price changes will rise or fall is like a gambling game.Fortunately, however, the market trend is a linear continuation. Summarizing the changes in the property market in the past year, we can see some clues about the market in the next 12 months.

  Multi-pronged approach, the property market continues to cool down

  First of all, the soaring housing prices in the first ten months of 2016 are related to loose money and credit and lax supervision.Some funds originally expected to enter the real economy have instead entered the real estate investment field to promote housing prices.After October, a series of policies to strictly control the risks of real estate financial business, including prohibiting illegal issuance or misappropriation of credit funds into the real estate sector, have an immediate impact on real estate.According to the price dynamics of newly-built houses in 70 large and medium-sized cities in November released by the National Bureau of Statistics of China on December 19th, the number of cities whose house prices fell month-on-month increased to 11, an increase of 4 cities compared with October.

  One of the priorities of the central bank’s monetary policy in 2017 will be to curb the real estate bubble.In 2017, the monetary policy will remain stable and neutral, and at the same time, efforts will be made to prevent and control asset bubbles and strictly limit the flow of credit to invest in speculative housing purchases.The monetary authorities can induce short-term interest rate increase and guide banks to slow down the growth rate of real estate-related financing through regulation, and these measures will cool down the real estate.

  Secondly, the high housing prices in 2016 are related to residents’ lack of investment channels.At the beginning of the year, the successive "fuse" and "stock market crash" made a large number of investors lose confidence in the stock market. After a knife and knife, a lot of funds were transferred from the stock market and flowed to the property market that seemed to have a good rate of return at that time. After the addition of this fund, the heat of the market has been greatly improved and the property price has been raised.

  In the new year, although it is hard to say that the stock market will definitely pick up, it is unlikely to be worse than in the past.Moreover, the chances of a bond market pullback after the year-end crash are also rising.Therefore, in the new year, investors will have more choices and may not necessarily stick to the real estate with poor liquidity.This kind of asset diversion will make the property market "de-bubble" to a certain extent.

  Third, in the new year, the government’s control over the property market will be further increased on the basis of 2016, and the use value of the house will accelerate its return.The parties will further clarify that the house is for living, not for speculation. We should make precise efforts in regulation, curb investment speculation, increase the supply of ordinary commodity housing, and meet the rigid demand for housing. In order to achieve this goal, the government will provide more housing choices for residents by increasing the supply of residential land and standardizing the rental market.

  The regulation of the property market is not a comprehensive suppression, but a combination of strict control and guidance.

  It is a distinctive feature of the real estate policy in the new year that the policy will be implemented because of the city.What is certain is that the government will not comprehensively suppress and control the real estate policy across the board, but will combine strict control with guidance.The real estate market in first-tier cities should be strictly controlled; The focus of second-tier cities is to stabilize housing prices; The third-and fourth-tier cities still aim at "destocking".It is precisely because of the different control objectives that in the new year, there may be a greater division in the direction of housing prices in first, second and third tier cities.

  Of course, whether this series of regulatory policies can effectively affect the property market depends on the extent to which the government can resist the temptation of real estate to stimulate economic growth. In mid-2016, due to the steady economic growth in the first three quarters, the fourth quarter became a window period for regulation. And in the new year,Facing the new beginning, the balance between the government’s goal of achieving economic growth of not less than 6.5% and paying attention to the risk of real estate bubble will greatly affect the trend of the property market.

  At the same time, it should be clear that,Even under the combined effect of various conditions, it is difficult for the property market to rise as sharply as in 2016 in the new year, but it does not mean that the property market will definitely plummet.After all, no matter from the current proportion of mortgage in bank loans or the proportion of real estate in personal assets, the sharp drop in house prices will bring systemic financial risks and social risks, and the sharp drop in house prices does not meet the regulatory objectives.Therefore, in the new year, it is expected that house prices will bid farewell to the previous unilateral rising mode, and in the two-way mode, no matter the rise or fall, they will be controlled within a moderate range as much as possible.

Chasing food documentaries is becoming a way of life.


  Recently, the second season of "Flavor World" and the broadcast of "Looking for Dongguan" have once again teased the taste buds of diners and aroused people’s imagination of food. The second season of "Flavor World" starts from a global perspective, and explores the inextricable connection of cuisines around the world and presents the fresh taste of cuisines around the world. "Looking for Dongguan" is based on the authentic food flavor of Dongguan, showing the local food style from three angles: adapting to the weather, relying on mountains and rivers, and migrating and blending. It outlines the local fresh people and things with food, and then reveals the original appearance of Guangdong food culture, showing the historical change and time-space collision behind the flavor circulation.

  Under the mode of creating and broadcasting "internet plus Documentary", food has become an important theme. Documentaries such as "Flavor World" and "Everything Nourishes" have become "traffic", "online celebrity" and "explosion" with the help of the power of the Internet, realizing brand marketing and genre creation. By means of defamiliarization, daily aesthetics and drama, these documentaries have re-endowed the life style and cultural heritage at the image level, transformed the daily life of ordinary people into an important cultural phenomenon in China society, and promoted cultural inheritance and innovative development by means of contemporary Internet platforms and audio-visual media.

  The production mode of "high concept" and the audio-visual presentation of "film texture" are surpassing the domestic food documentary.

  In recent years, several major Internet video platforms have successively launched documentaries on food themes. Popular topics, unique perspectives, and escalating audio-visual means ignite the public’s enthusiasm for watching, and almost every food documentary will become a hot topic. This successful documentary type provides inspiration and experience for us to think and explore how to develop the quality construction of audio-visual works.

  Judging from these successful experiences, high-quality products include the continuous innovation of audio-visual technology and concepts, the shaping and promotion of cultural product brands, and the mainstream and sharing of value systems. Take "Flavor Room" as an example, the total broadcast volume of "Flavor Room" in Tencent video in the first two seasons alone is close to 2 billion yuan. In addition, Tencent launched the urban food documentary "Looking for Dongguan" immediately after the end of the second season of "Flavor World", and used the lens to show the audience the migration of Dongguan people and the changes and changes on their dining tables. Other Internet video platforms, such as bilibili, have also started a series of work non-stop after the successful broadcast of A Life Series in the first season.

  In addition to the continuous development of food content, these documentaries draw lessons from the production mode of "high concept" and pursue the audio-visual level of "film texture". Close-ups with shallow depth of field and aerial photography with special perspectives reflect the pursuit of spectacle effect in Internet documentaries. These comparable film quality and carefully selected shooting themes together constitute spectacle viewing effect, which has become an important driving force for documentary films to improve quality and market performance in recent years.

  For example, the first paragraph of the first season of "Flavor Man" shows the life and diet of nomadic people in Kuerte, Xinjiang. The film shows in detail the process of freezing and growing ice crystals in horse intestines after the sudden drop of temperature at night in winter. In "Looking for Dongguan", the footage of fishermen fishing at night and people drying raked radishes changed from near to far with the shooting environment at that time, which instantly raised the details of daily life to a higher perspective and brought a powerful shocking effect to the ordinary food life.

  This special shooting technique, which is specially designed according to the ingredients and production process, widely exists in most story paragraphs of this series of documentaries, and has become a new visual technology benchmark for food documentaries and a typical element used to represent audio-visual quality and viewing experience during publicity and promotion. It can be said that the level of serialization and spectacle of China’s food documentaries is approaching or even surpassing that of overseas TV stations, and other mature documentaries have become the benchmark of film and television quality creation.

  It not only has cross-cultural penetration, but also is an important support for the inheritance and development of Chinese civilization in the contemporary era.

  Food is not only a big IP of current Internet documentaries, but also an important symbol of China traditional culture. Long before the popularity of food documentaries, Chinese restaurants have opened all over the world and become the first window for many foreigners to know about China. With the audio-visual media becoming the most popular form of mass communication in the world, it has become a global phenomenon to understand China culture through audio-visual and food practice. Flavor Origin is the first documentary of China team that landed in Netflix, and a series of short videos on food topics released by online celebrity Liziqi on overseas platforms have also promoted the cross-cultural communication of China culture.

  Popular food documentaries not only introduce China’s diet with spectacular images and dramatic stories, but also use diet as a means to explore the world outlook, values and choices of lifestyle and interpersonal relationships belonging to China culture in a way that can be understood by contemporary and even world audiences. From the perspective of dietary anthropology, many cultural groups attach their unique feelings and concepts to the daily behavior of diet; Things not only define the social identity of individuals, but also convey a lot of information such as cultural habits and lifestyles. After the broadcast of China on the Tip of the Tongue, the popularity of "Tongue Tip" in social short videos and a large number of social discussions around food documentaries have proved that such documentaries have profoundly influenced the public’s imagination about their own culture, and even shaped and strengthened their shared life experiences and shared cultural patterns.

  In these audio-visual narratives about food culture, two kinds of cultural concepts have been loved by audiences at home and abroad. First of all, the traditional culture of China attaches importance to family affection, and the family has become an individual’s safe haven and gas station. This is not only the success of food documentaries that can constantly stir the heartstrings of China audiences, but also makes foreign audiences, especially those in Southeast Asia, feel familiar and close. Secondly, the familiarity and respect for everything in the world embodied in the food culture conveys the harmonious relationship between individuals and the world, and renders the connection between people and plants and mountains and rivers. These cultural elements and value systems not only have cross-cultural penetration, but also can be accepted by modern life, which is an important support for the inheritance and development of ancient China civilization in the contemporary era.

Documentary scenes and scenes full of life texture bring ordinary people’s daily life to the foreground.

  Another noteworthy feature of food documentary is that it is one of the few audio-visual works that insists on telling the daily stories of ordinary people. Although there are many international chefs and elites in the film, ordinary people are undoubtedly the main body in this kind of documentary, and their lives are often the most concerned and appreciated part of the audience. It has realized the people-centered creative requirements in the current field of literature and art in a quiet way, so that the daily struggle of ordinary people has gained its due position in the presentation of mass media.

  In the cultural category of "elegance and vulgarity" or "high and low", food is a typical popular culture that comes from the daily life of ordinary people and is based on oral instruction. In the documentary scene, Internet documentaries restore food to the daily meals of every ordinary family, paying attention to seasonal ingredients, regional natural ecology, and family concepts and kinship behind food processing and enjoyment, and activating the inherent beliefs of ordinary people about daily life such as "eating at home", "the taste of mom" and "the most common and delicious". In particular, films such as A String of Life, Breakfast in China and Wondering about Dongguan have opened up another "technical route" that highlights the "fireworks" in addition to the image style of wonders, accommodating more documentary scenes, daily dialogues and even seemingly unrelated chats, which are full of life texture.

  Ordinary people coming to the front of the film not only vividly show how China people extend their historical traditions to their present lives, but also help other cultural groups to overcome obstacles and barriers and get to know the real China people and China culture in the context of contemporary life. Compared with movie stars and development achievements, the ordinary life of ordinary members of society also has the value of cross-cultural sharing; A meal, rice, oil and salt can often stimulate the understanding of life under different appearances, bringing true mutual understanding and beauty.

  (Author: Jun-jian Liang, Associate Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University)

Only exercise can reverse the clock of life.

The media reported a news in Xi ‘an that a 29-year-old man, Xiao Wang, went to the hospital with pain and discomfort in his left calf after playing games for five hours, and was diagnosed with acute deep vein thrombosis.

The doctor mentioned that some patients with thrombosis have swelling and pain in the whole lower limbs, which can not be alleviated, seriously affecting their normal life and work, and thrombosis is a "no-fault" disease.Sitting for a long time will lead to blood stasis in deep veins of lower limbs, and then form thrombosis.

If the thrombus falls off after being squeezed by external force, it will block the pulmonary artery. Pulmonary embolism will bring many dangers, even sudden death.

Biology believes that ancient humans living on the prairie were constantly running, jumping and chasing prey, and our bodies were born for sports.

Muscles, ligaments and tendons support bones, allowing us to run, jump and live actively.

Conversely, moderate exercise and an active lifestyle will also make muscles stronger.

With the process of industrial revolution and Internet revolution, the most important activity of human beings has become to operate the machine in a fixed position, or to stand, or to sit for a long time, and to be unable to walk for hours.

However, the evolution of human structure does not adapt to the long-standing or sedentary working style, and it also suffers more physical loss.

We will see that more and more diseases that originally appeared in the elderly are becoming more and more common among young people. At the same time, more and more people are suffering from chronic diseases in their later years, and people’s average life expectancy has become longer, but the "time to live healthily" has become shorter.

Of course, there are counterexamples,We find that more and more people are getting older, but their bodies have changed little, as if they were frozen. They keep long-term exercise and good sleep.

Younger next year: sports empowermentIt is pointed out that getting old does not mean recession, and the decision of recession is in our own hands. Stick to exercise, and you can refuse to decline and live a healthy and energetic life.

Chris Crowley | Houlang Publishing House

Chris Crawley, one of the authors of this book, is a retired lawyer. In his 70s, he was still riding and skiing, and in his 80s, he could still participate in all kinds of outdoor sports without obstacles.

He once thought that when he reached the age of 60, his feet were like stepping on a smooth slope-a long slope leading to old age and death.

Year after year, I become more and more bloated, slower and weaker, and suffer more and more pain. Eyes can’t see, ears can’t hear, and hip joints and knees are becoming more and more useless.

When I was young, my "friends" who played with me curled up and became grumpy, making it easier to say stupid things.

He imagined that his muscles looked like pleated cloth, trapped in a wheelchair, waiting for death …

This is the true state of many people who are over the age of ancient times. Obviously, there are still so many sights to see and so many new things to experience, but the aging body binds itself, and you deeply understand what "the body can’t keep up with the soul".

Until Chris met his training coach, he found that,Disease and aging are not the inevitable result of aging, sedentary is the catalyst of aging.

No matter how much food you eat, as long as you don’t exercise, you are telling your body that you are suffering from famine.

You tell your body that it’s time to get old, it’s time to start a low-calorie and indifferent mode, it’s time to store every bit of food as fat, it’s time to abandon the immune system, it’s time to let muscles disappear, let joints age, it’s time to find a cave, curl up and start shaking.

Modern people are sedentary, don’t like socializing, and eat everything you can, just like the signal from famine or winter, which makes the body respond to "aging".

So, when the sun goes down, you turn on the TV and sit for hours; When you watch TV, eat snacks and drink beer; When you give up life and participation, you begin to get old.

How to avoid aging? The answer given by Younger Next Year is:Only exercise can continuously make the brain send growth signals to the body and reverse the biological clock.

Exercise can bring at least five changes to the body:

1. Remodeling and improving aerobic foundation.

When a person is lazy, his body will slowly become sluggish, while aerobic exercise can prevent remodeling and repair the aerobic system, and help the body get back on its feet.

2. Reduce the occurrence of diseases.

Aerobic exercise can greatly reduce the occurrence of inflammation and reduce inflammation, which can help us eliminate half of serious diseases.

3. Improve mood and reduce depression.

Aerobic exercise is a good medicine to improve mood, which makes us more energetic and optimistic, reduces indecision and indecision, and improves work efficiency.

Step 4 relieve stress

In the face of pressure, human instinct is to fight or run, and exercise is the best way to release pressure.

During exercise, the brain will secrete more endorphins. Endorphins are natural painkillers, which can bring euphoria and help you relieve stress.

At the same time, exercise gives your brain something to focus on, giving you a chance to talk to yourself and stop worrying. The feeling of controlling your body will also give you a sense of control over your life.

5. Make yourself smarter.

There is a brain-derived neurotrophic factor, also called BDNF, which provides nutrients for the brain.

It can promote the connection and activity between neurons in the brain. When neurons in our brain become more active and connected, our brain will become smarter and more responsive.

The magic of exercise is that it is the best way to make the body produce more BDNF.

In the experiment of mice, it was found that the longer the mice ran on the wheel, the higher the BDNF level in their brains.

German researchers also found in experiments that the speed at which people learn vocabulary after exercise is 20% higher than that before exercise.

How much exercise is appropriate?

What kind of exercise is most beneficial to the body?

In "Younger Next Year: Sports Empowerment",From now on, exercise six days a week and keep exercising, that is, keep sending "growth" information to your body.

At the first level, the goal we set for ourselves is to do 45 minutes of "long and slow" aerobic exercise without any discomfort, such as cycling, jogging, brisk walking and so on;

The second level, 45 minutes of "long and slow" aerobic exercise four days a week, and 45 minutes of weight training two days a week;

At the third level, do 45 minutes of long and slow exercise once or twice a week. On other days of aerobic exercise, let the heart rate reach 70% ~ 85% of the highest heart rate.

Cameron Diaz, a famous actress who appeared in The Grinch in Disguise and Charlie’s Angels, wrote a book called Your Body is the Start of Everything. She wrote:

Health is not just the absence of illness, but when you wake up, get up, make breakfast and move in the morning, you feel great; It is that you have a keen, clear and meticulous mind and a happy heart.

The charm of sports is that the more you do, the better you believe you will do.

If you want to improve your body, your health, your IQ and mind, exercise now!

author | Gan Lanlan, write other people’s stories and live your own life.

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