Selenium-enriched millet in Zibo to build a rich industry

Selenium-enriched millet in Zibo to build a rich industry

  In the golden autumn and October harvest season, selenium rice is fragrant with local conditions. While celebrating the third "China Farmers Harvest Festival" in China, Beifo Village, Zhaili Town, Zichuan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province held the first "Selenium-enriched Millet Harvest Culture Festival" in Beifo Village.

Zhang Jibo, Party Secretary of Zhaili Town, Zichuan District, Zibo, and Wang Lin, Mayor of Zhaili Town, celebrated the bumper harvest with the villagers of Beifo Village.

  The theme of the activity is "watching rural culture share the joy of harvest, and the natural selenium-enriched millet helps the industry to increase income", aiming to show the rich folk culture of Zhaili Town and promote the pace of rural revitalization.

  According to reports, Zhaili Town is a provincial-level modern agricultural industrial park, a provincial-level agricultural product quality inspection demonstration town, and a municipal-level industrial strong town. Beifo Village is a key regional protection area of the national geographical indication of "Liaowu Xiaomi", located in the semi-hilly area, and the fields on the hillside are located on limestone, semi-sandy, and pure selenium-enriched soil, which is most suitable for the growth of millet. The selenium-enriched millet in Beifo Village has been planted for thousands of years. Every year, the millet is harvested and the seeds are left for sowing next year. The selenium-enriched millet in Beifo Village is naturally grown without artificial fertilization and irrigation, which has high promotion value and edible value!

Beifo village natural selenium-enriched millet

  Beifo Village has a population of 835 households and 2,228 people. In order to help ordinary people grow millet for sale, Zhaili Town assisted Beifo Village to set up the "Judeyuan" agricultural products professional cooperative in Zichuan District, Zibo this year. The millet planting area in the village is 260 mu, and the millet output is 45,000 kg. Now it has sold 35,000 kg through various channels.

  Zhang Jibo, secretary of the Party Committee of Zhaili Town, said: "There are 26,000 mu of high-quality natural selenium-enriched land in Zhaili Town. The Party Committee and government of Zhaili Town attach great importance to the development of selenium-enriched industry, actively implement the" double promotion "project of party building industry, build the party organization in the industry, and gather party member in the industry, so as to realize a good situation that party building promotes the industry and the industry brings wealth to the people. Through industrial development, the enthusiasm of party member cadres will be stimulated, and a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere will be formed, and the cohesiveness, appeal and combat effectiveness of party organizations will be enhanced. "

  Xiaomi feast. Nearly ten special dishes, such as golden cake, golden spring rolls, gold and silver shrimp, millet balls, millet grains crisp, fried chicken with rice noodles, etc., are all made of local selenium-enriched millet, and the quality of millet products with the most regional characteristics in Beifo Village is vividly displayed.

  Although the songs and dances are not flashy, they are full of celebration of the harvest. The villagers in Beifo sing and dance, playing new hopes for a better life and dancing hard to get rich. Ju Suping, president of Zibo Liaozhai Folk Music Research Association, blessed the harvest of natural selenium-enriched millet in Beifo Village with beautiful folk art and non-genetic inheritor Guan Li of paper-cutting art, unique paper-cutting and cultural art.

Selenium-enriched millet blends with rural culture and becomes a beautiful landscape at the event site.

At the event site, rural programs were loved by guests and villagers.

  As a link between Beijing and Shandong, Beijing Zibo Enterprise Chamber of Commerce has never forgotten the feelings of mulberry and devoted itself to the two places. Zhao Jinlin, Executive President of the Chamber of Commerce, made a special trip to congratulate on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, and said: "Beifo Village is an old district with a glorious revolutionary tradition. In recent years, the development and changes of Beifo Village are gratifying and encouraging. With the rural revitalization and development strategy of the Supreme Leader General Secretary, the overall environment of the whole country working together to get rid of poverty, and the joint efforts of the leaders of the town and village committees and the villagers, the days of the villagers will surely be flourishing and every family will be happy. At the same time, he said that the Chamber of Commerce will also use its own advantages to do some work for the promotion of selenium-enriched millet and actively assist in enhancing brand influence. "


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