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Haval Xiaolong series will be officially launched soon, and they are all in two gears, each with its own differences.

In this era of high oil prices, fuel consumption must be one of the most concerned factors for everyone to buy a car. After all, saving fuel means saving money, which means reducing the burden on wallets. Therefore, a hybrid car with both performance and fuel consumption has become a good choice for everyone to buy a car. However, the "water" in the hybrid car market is relatively deep, and it is easy to step on the pit if it is slightly less. If you want to meet the diversified travel needs, you must choose carefully. Today, I recommend two high-quality hybrid cars that Haval will soon launch-Haval Xiaolong MAX and Haval Xiaolong.

Smart electric four-wheel drive blessing, Haval Xiaolong MAX can be more exciting in the city.

Although they belong to the same series, the positioning and value points of these two cars are not the same.

Haval Xiaolong MAX is positioned as an all-round electric four-wheel drive new energy SUV, which adopts the exterior design that subverts the traditional Haval model, breaks through the enterprising aesthetic trend of new energy in integration of language, and creates a brand-new product image with more technology.

Haval Xiaolong MAX has a length, width and height of 4758*1895*1725mm and a wheelbase of 2800mm. Typical medium-sized SUV size ensures ample riding and loading space and meets the practical needs of users for vehicle size and large space. After the rear seats are put down, the car directly becomes a big bed room, which is very suitable for camping and taking a short nap in go on road trip.

Haval Xiaolong MAX is the first to take the brand-new intelligent four-wheel drive electric hybrid technology Hi4. With the world’s first intelligent four-wheel drive electric hybrid technology, it brings the practical effect of "the best efficiency in all working conditions and worry-free driving in all scenes", allowing users to enjoy the performance of four-wheel drive with the energy consumption of two-wheel drive, making more people "affordable, driving smoothly, using economically and running far" and leading new energy SUVs into a new era of all-people four-wheel drive.

Haval Xiaolong MAX car can enjoy the unique 12.3-inch full-color LCD instrument +12.3-inch full-color LCD central control panel +12.3-inch full-color LCD auxiliary driving screen. The three screens don’t interfere with each other. Among them, the 12.3-inch full-color LCD co-pilot screen is equipped with the exclusive entertainment system of the co-pilot, which is transformed into a "travel audio-visual room", making it a pleasure for the beloved family to sit in the co-pilot.

Haval Xiaolong MAX is equipped with a new generation of Coffee OS intelligent cockpit system, with super voice interaction and more convenient communication between people and vehicles; The coffee intelligent driving system supports L2+ intelligent driving assistance, making driving easier and safer. Super-technology configuration is full with one button, and the happiness and safety of the family are protected with intelligent strength.

Tide-interesting inductor firepower is fully open, and Haval Xiaolong takes both dynamic and simple beauty into account.

If you are a young man who pursues fresh excitement and yearns for freedom of personality, then the following Haval Xiaolong is obviously suitable for you.

Haval Xiaolong is positioned as an all-round inductive tide-fun SUV, which is mainly aimed at young family users who are pursuing fashion trends. It adopts a brand-new exclusive design language of new energy, which is simple and dynamic; Black models can be selected for white/blue body, and the contrast design brings a fashionable suspended roof to cater to the aesthetics of the new era.

Haval Xiaolong has a length, width and height of 4600*1877*1675mm and a wheelbase of 2710mm. The super-large body length and wheelbase ratio at the same level bring wide legroom to the front and rear rows. It also has 29 storage spaces in the car, including the exclusive storage area for mobile phones and the exclusive storage compartment for umbrellas, which makes it easier to access small objects and bring users a more comfortable travel experience.

Haval Xiaolong uses DHT intelligent hybrid to bring a light and convenient car experience. 110km NEDC has a pure battery life, with a comprehensive battery life of 1000km+ with full oil and full electricity. At the same time, a version with a pure battery life of 52km is available to meet the different needs of users. A variety of driving modes can achieve the balance between power and energy consumption in the whole scene. There is also a minimalist driving control mode in the electric age, which automatically unlocks when approaching the vehicle. After stepping on the brakes, you can directly shift gears and bid farewell to cumbersome operations.

In terms of intelligence, Haval Xiaolong has zero-pressure extrasensory central control, removes complicated physical buttons, and widely uses touch interaction. At the same time, intelligent voice interaction and car entertainment fully satisfy the cool travel experience.

Listing is just around the corner. Book and enjoy the gift.

There is also good news to share with you. On May 15th, the Haval Xiaolong series will be officially launched.

The pre-emptive booking of Haval Xiaolong series is now open, and 99 yuan can enjoy the four premium benefits, especially the first car owner (non-operating, non-Gong Hu) who has the free basic maintenance for life. The thoughtful after-sales service allows you to use the car without worry and enjoy high-quality travel easily.

It can not only adapt to urban travel, but also handle the outer suburbs. Choosing Haval Xiaolong series not only has a powerful all-round car, but also chooses a multi-faceted life with many interests. If you want to start a good car, these two treasure models should not be missed!

Beware! Five kinds of experiences on the first day of work

No matter how long you have worked in your previous company, you will be a "newcomer" after you quit to a new company; No matter how beautiful you are in college, you will still "start from scratch" after you graduate and enter a company. What can you foresee or what will happen on your first day at work? Do you still remember what impressed you on your first day in the company?
On the Worry-Free Future Forum (bbs.51job.com), many netizens were deeply impressed by what they encountered on their first day at work, and they all told their stories about the N kinds of experiences they encountered on their first day at work. If you are preparing to work in a new company, you should be on guard against the different events that happened to the following five people in the workplace, so as not to spoil the good memories you should have on your first day at work.
Encounter 1: I accidentally found that there was no one in the office.
Narrator: Bella
Position: Administrative Commissioner
On the first day of work, in order to make a good impression on my boss, I came to the company more than half an hour early. Aunt cleaning saw me and said with a smile, "It’s so early." I nodded: "Yes, I have to live up to my expectations on my first day at work."
Later, I found myself really early enough. The company stipulated to start work at 9 o’clock, but by 9 o’clock, I was alone. At the same time, I was particularly nervous because I was about to meet my new colleagues. At 9: 30, only a few people appeared. I even wondered if I was in the wrong company … At 10 o’clock, my new colleagues came to the company one after another. Afterwards, I learned from my colleagues that the original company implemented a flexible working system, which nominally stipulated to go to work at 9 o’clock, but in fact, it only took eight hours to complete the workload in one day, and you can come to work at any time.
Now, accustomed to the flexible working system, I gradually start to go to work late and get off work late, so that I can make my own decisions on my own time, which can also make my life easier!
Future comments: No matter whether the company implements a fixed working system or a flexible working system, it should be a basic criterion not to be late for work when the newcomers are unclear. Of course, as far as working hours are concerned, newcomers can ask clearly when they join the job or even interview. However, even if it is known that the company implements flexible working hours, newcomers should not be late on the first day of work, because in case all colleagues in the department are on time, the "lateness" of newcomers will easily make those colleagues who are on time psychologically unhappy.
Encounter 2: being left out by colleagues
Narrator: Saleisha
Position: Marketing Assistant
On the first day of work, my seat was assigned between two girls. I thought it would be much easier for everyone to get along with girls, but I didn’t expect to be on pins and needles after only half a day at work. The reason is that these two girls are very close friends, and they will chat and share snacks in their spare time. Maybe they are used to the situation that there is no one in the middle, and adding me in has not affected them at all. It can be seen that these two girls must have treated me as an invisible man.
I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. When they chat, they don’t care about my existence at all. Private topics are also said in front of me unscrupulously. When I want to talk, they don’t care about me at all. I can only silently bear the drool pouring in from both sides of me. In addition, they often eat snacks together, and call colleagues who pass by them to eat together, but they never call me. I really don’t know if they are afraid of life or deliberately ignore my existence. Therefore, I didn’t stand or sit on my first day in the company.
Because it was my first day at work, and the specific work was not assigned, I could only watch them make out and stare blankly, and the first day was spent in such embarrassment.
Future comments: the old people ignore the new people, and the new people can take the initiative to talk to the old people; Old people don’t divide what new people eat, and new people can divide what old people eat on their own initiative. There are no invincible old people, only new people who don’t work hard. When a newcomer adapts to the environment of a new company or department, the old man should also adapt to the existence of a new colleague. In order to let the old people get familiar with the new people faster, and also to let the new people better integrate into the work, on the first day of work, the new people can take the initiative, bring some small gifts, make an interesting self-introduction, take the initiative to strike up a conversation, and actively integrate into the new department.
Encounter 3: being unfamiliar with the work content and being "professional"
Narrator: lust
Position: text entry clerk
On my first day at work, my supervisor assigned me a task. Because I am doing relatively simple text entry work, the supervisor gave me a little training and let me operate on the computer independently. When the supervisor explained it to me, I still thought it was quite easy, but in practice, it was still difficult. When I met something I didn’t understand, I asked my colleagues. Although my colleagues enthusiastically answered my questions, I couldn’t understand a series of technical terms he said at all. As a result, when the day’s work was over, I only finished half of the original workload.
I was very depressed at that time, and I didn’t know if I was qualified for this job. However, I am a strong person. I started to work harder the next day and finally got the first place in the department.
Future Comments: Getting started with your job as soon as possible is what every new person should do when entering the company. Although most companies will not force newcomers to do things as skillfully as old employees on their first day at work, newcomers can at least do some homework in advance to avoid being caught off guard, such as knowing the business scope and work content in advance. If the new students’ previous homework can’t be applied to practical work, they should at least show an active and studious state.
Encounter 4: Sitting at your desk doing nothing.
Narrator: Hui Jun
Position: Network Editor
The first day at work was extremely painful. I came to the company early, and after my colleagues in the personnel department signed a contract with me and introduced some company rules and regulations, I was arranged to sit in the right place. Because it was my first day in the company, I was not familiar with the business of the department. When the department manager saw me, he only provided some magazines and newspapers for me to read, so I turned over and over those sheets of paper all day.
At the end of the day, I spent it in such an extremely depressed and boring state. My colleagues around me are busy with their work, while I have nothing to do. Idle, I even unconsciously had an illusion of wasting my time and having no future in sight.
Therefore, for me, the first day of work is really on pins and needles, and the days are like years!
Comments on the future: Newcomers often face an idle situation on their first day at work. This is because most companies will familiarize them with the office environment on the first day. Newcomers may wish to take the initiative before receiving the specific work, such as observing what other colleagues are doing and offering help to their colleagues. After all, when they come to the company, they always need to pay labor. Even if they bring tea and water to their colleagues, it is better than sitting in a daze. Because doing so can at least let the old employees know that the new employees are enthusiastic. Why not do it?
Encounter 5: leaders don’t leave work, and they don’t dare to leave work.
Narrator: Jacky
Position: Salesman
I just jumped to work in this private enterprise a few months ago. On the first day of work, I found a very strange phenomenon in the company. Although the company stipulated that it was 5: 30 p.m., none of the department colleagues left work on time, especially the department head, who kept calling at the end of work time, which made me feel pressure and didn’t dare to be the first "activist" to get off work, so I waited until after 7: 00 p.m. that day, and I didn’t leave until the head got off work.
Slowly, I learned that the supervisor is a workaholic, and if he is on a whim, he may extend his working hours "indefinitely" after work. Even if everyone had finished the day’s work at that time, the supervisor wouldn’t leave, and colleagues in the department wouldn’t dare to leave work in order to have a good performance in front of the supervisor. After all, no one wants to leave a reputation of "not working hard enough".
Future Comments: The Worry-Free Future Forum (bbs.51job.com) once launched a survey on the question "Will people in the workplace leave work on time when they see their colleagues working overtime?" The results show that 63% of the netizens who participated in the survey said that their colleagues working overtime would make them feel very stressed and had to "go with the flow" because of the environmental impact. It can be seen that it is not uncommon for colleagues to work overtime, which makes them afraid to leave work easily. Especially for newcomers who don’t know the truth, they dare not "act rashly" on the first day of work. However, the author believes that the practice of not daring to leave work because other colleagues don’t leave work is one of the immature performances of people in the workplace. As long as the quality of work is guaranteed, the rest of the "fake diligence" is not worth promoting.

The benchmark of high-quality housing in Bay Area Guangfo New World deducts the life of the first manor in Bay Area.

Guangfo New World, with time to carve "Bay Area Manor Life Aesthetics", achieved a new life gathering place in the Bay Area. Brand promise, which upholds the new world China’s concept of "giving new meaning to the city", Guangfo New World has always insisted on building high-quality residences with the concept of sustainable development for many years, and has accumulated years of love and investment for social creating shared value, serializing beautiful nature, international humanities and rich life.

Adhering to the concept of "giving new meaning to the city" to build a world-class manor

In order to shape the unique manor-level life aesthetics in the Bay Area, New World China, as an urban landmark expert, is constantly searching for the ideal answer from the local and international perspectives of the Bay Area-enjoying prosperity and poetry in the city, finding humanity in nature and finding spiritual habitat in communication.

At the beginning of the construction, Guangfo New World applied the design concept of sponge city in a forward-looking way, and joined hands with Foshan government to create a demonstration sample of international community construction facing the European Union that won the GEO Best Environmental Ecology Certification.

With the rise of the concept of Work-Life Balance, Guangfo New World has been sitting on the value hub of the Super Bay Area, the five subway twin-city rail and other transportation matrices, reaching all parts of the Bay Area instantly and connecting with the world, making it the first choice of residence favored by the elites in the Bay Area.

Join hands with four top teams to create a sample of international human settlements.

The project teamed up with AECOM/PLACE/P&T/CTI, the top four international teams, to create a sample of international residential upgrading, and to create the Guangzhou-Guangdong International Exchange Center (CIH) and the Guangfo Mansion, Guangfo Tiandi and Guangfo Heart Exhibition Hall with ingenuity, which won the gold certification of LEED. Among them, Guangzhou-Guangdong International Exchange Platform covers 108 facilities such as infinity pool, NBA standard basketball court and top international indoor fitness room, and is a cultural center integrating art exhibitions, conferences, banquets, business and social activities.

Guangyue Mansion, a hotel-style apartment with consular service standards, has only 71 private apartments, but it attracts many executives from Fortune 500 companies to live here, so that every resident can enjoy a top-class and comfortable living experience with customized and personalized courtesy services.

Achieving cultural communication fertile soil, global elites follow this.

Guangfo New World Golf Club, as the only 1,100-mu world championship course in South China that has won GEO’s best environmental and ecological certification, was planned and designed by one of the top ten golf design companies in the world, and hosted the European Tour Challenge Foshan Open for seven consecutive years. In and out of this, it is not the top international stars, but the top 500 executives and business celebrities in the world. A swing trip, easily integrated into the gold social circle.

As a landmark of Greater Bay Area’s artistic life, Guangfo New World bears the cultural protection and cultivation of the new world China. It has been committed to promoting the cultural development of Greater Bay Area and improving people’s quality of life. It has joined hands with world-class artists and art teams for many times to stage more than 50 literary life festivals such as Lang Xianping Forum and Chinese and foreign youth chorus festivals, attracting owners from more than 20 countries to live here, and jointly building more than 100 international quality communities, forming a fertile ground for spreading Cantonese culture. Here, Guangdong culture is booming and moving towards the world.

Fascinated by natural energy field, foresight, foresight, craftsman building Damei manor

The plot ratio of the project is as low as 1.15, in which 35 natural lakes, 20 km jogging greenway, 1,100 mu golf green, ecological sports park, etc. are invigorated in a vast natural space, creating a fascinating natural energy field. Guangfo New World is more ingenious in planting 1,000+precious tree species, creating colorful forests and creating an immersive life experience for the owners. In the sun and on the greenway, you can run freely, ride and camp, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the forest.

Choose independently to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, experience the euphoria brought by nature, and promote the healthy sports culture of the community in daily life. The world’s great living people breathe in the same way, leading the international concept of healthy life.

The ultimate residence of a lifetime, the chief cover work of the Bay Area.

Whether it’s a city villa or a low-density villa, Guangfo New World, based on its unique environmental advantages, digs into every detail of its products and innovates 10,000 ways of playing products, so that every buyer who comes here will have a heart-warming surprise.

Guangfo New World is a villa with a floor area of about 160-1,200 square meters, a living room with a height of about 7 meters, all-glass floor-to-ceiling windows, IMAX-level landscape, and unbounded integration of indoor and outdoor. Stepping out of the court, the courtyard with heaven and earth shows the beauty of manor life, or sitting alone, gathering with family members, or enjoying tea with friends and neighbors, and feeling the beauty of time flowing slowly, so that the family story and glory can be interpreted and passed down in Damei Manor.

In such a villa life circle, there are low-density manor houses with a floor area of about 100-140 square meters. The design of "small high-rise and pure plate" is always accompanied by sunshine and air, and the natural greenery is close to the window, nourishing the physical and mental health of the family. There is also a private ladder that matches the giants, so that every time you go home, you have a unique sense of ceremony and dignity. LDK integrated design, multi-room system … spread the new world of Buddha, and extend the width of quality life with spatial scale.

(Note: This article belongs to the commercial information published by Yangguang. com, and the content of the article does not represent the views of this website, and it is for reference only)

Time magazine selected the top ten games "killer 2 of the Mind" to reach the top in 2023.

For gamers, there are too many excellent works in 2023, including 3A masterpieces and independent masterpieces. Many players may even be unable to play.

Now, foreign media Time magazine has selected the top ten games in 2023. Let’s take a look.

10. Surge of Fishing Sails

9. Diablo IV

8. Star Wars Jedi: Survivors

7. Super Mario Bros.: Surprise

6. Dead Space Remastered Edition

5. Resident Evil 4 Remastered Edition

4. the legend of zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

3. Marvel Comics spider-man 2

2. The Gate of Bode 3

1. killer 2 of the Mind

Football physical fitness: how do I maintain my physical fitness during the season?

Hello, everyone, today we share how I keep fit during the season. I hope you like it!

front cover

In 2020, Joshua kimmich scored the winner in the match with Dortmund. In that match, he ran 13.73 kilometers. This is the sport of football and kicking. In this sport, most of the running is not jogging, sprinting, walking, jogging and then sprinting. Because of this, the best way to improve physical fitness is to carry out high-intensity training.

We can achieve this goal by sprinting or intermittent training, but the least boring way to improve physical fitness is to use the ball for high-intensity training, which is also the focus of today. Today we will share the training methods to keep in shape during the season. Let’s officially start:

warm up

Before we start training, make sure that we have fully warmed up, do some dynamic stretching and sprinting, so that all our fast muscles will be activated, thus reducing the risk of muscle strain. Take 10 minutes to relax, and then start formal training.

Figure 1- Warm up

This is the only part that does not include the ball, and it is one of the very good agility and quick training.

We can find a friend, or install an application on our mobile phone, which can flash colors and numbers for us for 10 times as a group. I

Figure 2- Fast Move on Command

When our cell phones flash or our friends shout out a color, we sprint to the sign plate and then go back to the middle. About 30 seconds, depending on the length of the interval. In short, do five groups and rest for 30 seconds between each group.

Figure 3- Gap Time

The rest of the training is divided into three small cycles. The first cycle is what we see now. Before Ronaldinho’s dribbling training and shooting, he makes a 30-yard sprint dribble.

Figure 4- Fast Dribble

This training is great, because it can train our dribbling speed, dribble in a narrow space, and persist in dribbling when we are tired.

Figure 5- Exercise dribbling speed

It’s a hard training, but it’s important for us to keep high shooting quality. Imagine that we will be very tired in the 80th minute of the game, so even if we are tired, we should be able to shoot correctly.

Figure 6- Correct Shooting

In this cycle exercise, we can jog or walk back to the starting point as a break between repeated exercises.

If we only have one or two balls, run after them, make sure we are jogging, then jog back to the starting point, and then give yourself an extra 30 seconds to rest.

Figure 7- Jogging or Walking

In addition, because it takes a long time to start each action, you should do it for 15 minutes before continuing this circular action, and it should be very fast.

Before entering the second cycle, give yourself three to five minutes to rest. We should make sure that each cycle has intensity, and even if we are tired, we should work 100%.

Figure 8- Guaranteed Strength

In the second cycle, we make 10 passes to the wall, then zigzag dribble to practice turning and dribbling, then rush out and beat the last sign plate with one of our actions.

Figure 9- Passing the ball to the wall

Put the sign plate 8 to 10 yards away, make sure we don’t go straight through it, rush out of the sign plate for at least a few steps, then cut back the sign plate and walk back to the starting point.

Figure 10- Switch back the sign plate

Once again, this is our break time, and a sign plate is set for passing the ball on the wall to ensure that we keep good habits when passing the ball and that we will not be lazy.

This cycle improves our ability to pass, touch the ball with the first foot, dribble and cut inside with the ball, and the ability of all 1V1 to beat the defender.

All this will make our leg muscles stronger, and at the same time enhance our heart and lung function. Do it for 10 minutes, and then rest for three to five minutes before continuing.

Figure 11- Cardiopulmonary Enhancement

Figure 11- Cardiopulmonary Enhancement

The hardest part was left to the end. Many people hated doing this exercise, but it was the simplest exercise, and it was timed in 10 minutes.

Start by running back and forth, run to the small restricted area and then run to the penalty spot at the back, then run to the top of the restricted area and come back.

Figure 12- Simple exercise

After the round-trip run, start bouncing the ball as soon as possible, don’t rest for a few seconds before starting, and then bounce the ball 30 times before starting the next round-trip run.

Figure 13- Start the ball.

The key point here is that if we screw up and drop the ball, then we need to start the next round trip immediately, which puts pressure on the ball-passing part to ensure that we concentrate on the ball-passing and strive to maintain the quality.

If we don’t have this kind of pressure, then we will drop a few times, then pick up the ball on foot, and then continue to bounce the ball and give ourselves a long rest. After 10 minutes, we have finished the hardest part, but we are not completely finished.

Figure 14- No End

Although this is not the main part of training, it is very important to do 5 to 10 minutes of cold-body exercise, which will make our muscles less tense and help us recover from the next training.

Figure 15- Let the muscles loose.

Don’t skip this link, do some static stretching or the same dynamic movement as before, but with less intensity.

Figure 16- Don’t try to hide from the tiger

Figure 16- Don’t try to hide from the tiger

That’s all for today. Please continue to pay attention to the road of football for more exciting football teaching!

CBA News: Basketball Association made a big joke! Expose qi zhou’s offer! Fan Ziming asked not to leave the team.

Fan Ziming’s response attracted the attention and support of the fans. Fan Ziming said that he has regarded Shougang as his second home and has a very harmonious relationship with his teammates. He hopes to stay in Shougang and continue to play for the team. Fan Ziming’s basketball talent can’t be ignored. His height is 2.11 meters, which gives him a certain advantage in the field. However, in recent years, Fan Ziming’s state is not satisfactory, mainly due to injuries, which has led to his state has been declining.

Just as Fan Ziming had doubts about his future, he learned that he was involved in the qi zhou transaction as a bargaining chip. Fan Ziming understands that as a professional basketball player, he has to accept the arrangement and scheduling of the team, but he still wants to stay in Shougang. After all, this team has become his second home.

Fan Ziming’s gratitude and attachment is not limited to the team, but also to the management and teammates of Shougang. He gets along very well with his teammates, helping each other and cooperating flexibly under the basket. They spent a lot of hard training and twists and turns together, and thus established a deep friendship. However, Fan Ziming’s dream came to a turning point, and he was told that he would move to Xinjiang. This is undoubtedly a huge blow to Fan Ziming, who doesn’t want to leave Shougang, let alone be moved to a new environment.

Fortunately, however, the transaction between Shougang and Xinjiang reached a deadlock, and Shougang decided to take the initiative to withdraw. This means that Fan Ziming’s dream has come true. He will stay in Shougang and continue to play for the team. Fan Ziming’s response did not leave the team, which not only showed his loyalty to Shougang, but also showed his desire for survival and his vision for basketball. Fan Ziming hopes to continue to play in Shougang, strive to restore his state and contribute to the team.

A regulation in chinese basketball association recently caused controversy. In the finals of the national U17 women’s basketball competition, a team 30 points ahead of its opponent can only win the runner-up, which makes chinese basketball association’s policy a laughing stock of national basketball. According to the regulations of the Basketball Association, the final result of the game not only considers the competition results, but also includes the physical test results and skill results. Only when all three results are ahead can the team become the final champion. The intention of the Basketball Association is to pay attention to the development of players in many aspects, but if the competition results cannot be used as the standard of champions, the competition will become meaningless. The core of competitive sports lies in the fairness and fairness of competition results. This practice of the Basketball Association deviated from the original intention of competitive sports and caused dissatisfaction among fans and the media.

This provision is not only contrary to common sense, but also has some practical problems. First of all, physical test scores and skill scores can be cultivated and improved, and competition scores are the results that truly reflect the strength of the team. If the results of the game lose the meaning of champion, the efforts and struggles of the players in the game will become worthless. At the same time, this regulation also brings great pressure to referees, because they should not only consider the results of the competition, but also examine the other two results. In addition, the recent transactions about qi zhou have also attracted attention. Qi zhou put forward three additional conditions to Shougang, which caused the transaction to be aborted. First of all, qi zhou hopes Shougang can pay him an annual salary of 25 million, however, this far exceeds the salary cap limit of 6 million stipulated by the Basketball Association. Secondly, he hopes to solve his hukou problem in Beijing, which is relatively easy for Shougang. Finally, he asked for a house in Beijing.

Although Shougang has the ability to meet qi zhou’s requirements, it violates relevant regulations and has a negative impact on the team. The basketball association has set up the salary cap in order to maintain the fairness of the league and avoid the team’s excessive dependence on individual players. The request for housing in Beijing is unfair to other players. Therefore, considering comprehensively, Shougang decided to withdraw from this transaction.

As a popular sport, basketball is often full of various dynamics and changes, which has aroused public concern and heated discussion again and again. Recently, the news of Fan Ziming’s request not to leave the team, the controversy caused by the regulations of the Basketball Association and the latest development of qi zhou trading have become hot topics, attracting many people’s attention. The news that Fan Ziming requested not to leave the team caused widespread concern. As a promising young basketball player, Fan Ziming has been deeply expected by the fans. And his sudden request not to leave the team has aroused many people’s doubts and discussions. Fan Ziming’s action is praised as the embodiment of true love for the team and loyalty, and some people think it is an alternative expression. In any case, the news that Fan Ziming asked not to leave the team will undoubtedly bring more topics and wonderful performances to the basketball world.

The controversy caused by the regulations of the Basketball Association has also become the focus of attention. The rules of the basketball association are to maintain the fairness and order of the basketball game, but sometimes it will cause some controversy. Recently, due to the release of a series of basketball association regulations, it has aroused fierce controversy among fans and the media. Some people think that these regulations limit the performance space of players and damage the appreciation of the game; Some people think that these regulations can better regulate and manage basketball events. The controversy over the regulations of the Basketball Association not only reflects the dynamics and changes in the basketball world, but also is a positive exploration and attempt.

The latest development of qi zhou trading has also attracted wide attention. As an important figure in China’s basketball field, qi zhou’s trade has been attracting much attention. Recently, the news that qi zhou is about to be traded has triggered a heated discussion among fans. This news not only reflects the strategic adjustment and evolution of the team, but also shows the concern and competition of the basketball community for excellent players. The latest development of qi zhou’s trading will become a stirring force for the future development of basketball, and I believe his performance will continue to attract many people’s attention.

To sum up, the news of Fan Ziming’s request not to leave the team, the controversy caused by the regulations of the Basketball Association and the latest development of the qi zhou trade all show the dynamics and changes in the basketball world. These events have aroused widespread concern and heated discussion, and also brought more topics and wonderful performances for the future development of basketball. Basketball is always full of infinite possibilities and variables, so we have reason to expect more news and stories to be displayed in the future development.

80 million to 40 million! The Manchester United captain was badly sold, so it would be nice to give it to Mu Shuai.

Although Tenghahe has never revealed Maguire’s future in public, many media have said that Maguire, the current Manchester United captain who once created a sky-high transfer fee of 80 million pounds, has a high probability of leaving Old Trafford, and Manchester United’s asking price has also been reduced to 40 million.

Maguire has only made 15 appearances in the Premier League this season, starting only seven times. The problem is that Maguire has been unable to adjust his state, and Tenghahe is extremely stubborn and will not change tactics just for Maguire.

As a captain, Maguire lacks competition time. He should try to leave Manchester United for another club to revive his career for the sake of his career. If Maguire can’t become the main force, southgate will have to bear great pressure when he recruits Maguire.

Maguire is the victim of Manchester United’s chaotic system. He is only 30 years old this year, which is arguably the best age for central defenders. All changes have their roots.

In his first two years at Manchester United, he was the most reliable central defender in Manchester United, with few mistakes and few injuries. At that time, the most talked about by Manchester United fans was who to partner with Maguire to improve Manchester United’s defense.

In the past, Manchester United once relied on the counterattack system, and Maguire was one of the most reliable players in this system.

Subsequently, from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to Tenhah, Manchester United put the tactical focus on the high position to force the grab. Maguire, who turned slowly, became the focus of the breakthrough. For a time, all the teams found that the most appropriate tactic in the face of Manchester United’s new system was to defend and counterattack, and constantly forced Maguire to make him make mistakes.

Although he always likes to show off his feet, Maguire prefers the traditional central defender and is suitable for low-post defense. Maguire is actually not suitable for Manchester United’s football style. Modern high-position grabbing and ball control will cover up his advantages and amplify his shortcomings.

Just like Samuel, going to Real Madrid was full of loopholes, and playing low-post defense in Rome and Inter Milan was definitely a needle in the sea.

Although always poking fun at the aircraft carrier, Maguire definitely has a team to go to the Premier League crouching team, Serie A and even thighs. If Mourinho’s hands, such a big gate squatting in the backcourt, the picture dare not think, Maguire and Mourinho can be said to be a perfect match.

At present, it seems that Maguire can’t play in the giants, because the giants have to play high positions to force and oppress, and Maguire can only squat.

No one denies that Maguire really brought the team’s defense well in the first two seasons. When I first came here, full attendance also made a lot of contributions. Now I am in a bad state, but I have no complaints about replacing the captain and the national team’s thigh, no matter what.# Manchester United #Or Maguire, it’s a win-win situation to get together and part now.

Jiangnan Sports: Robben visited Bayern for training, and tuchel invited him to play in this round of league matches.

On Friday morning, local time, legendary Bayern Munich star Arjan Robben unexpectedly appeared at Bayern Munich training ground in Sebenne Street.

At 11: 13 in the morning, when Robben returned to his familiar venue, he was all smiles! His sons Luca and Kay also followed the former Wembley hero to the training ground to meet their former teammates and friends warmly!

Robben was also warmly embraced by head coach Thomas tuchel. After the meeting, tuchel joked at the press conference on Friday afternoon: "I tried to persuade him to play with us tomorrow. He is not the problem. The problem is DFL! He is not registered. We will talk to Kathleen Krüger seriously about whether we can find any loopholes … "

Tuchel’s words caused a burst of laughter. In addition, tuchel commented on Robben: "He represents the highest level of football! I’m glad he’s here. He has a halo, personality and spiritual strength, and has been constantly providing a high level and keeping hungry! These are so impressive! "

Robben also chatted with his Dutch compatriots Driget, Blind and Gravenberger, and warmly embraced his old teammate Thomas Muller for many years. They also took a group photo as a souvenir.

Tuchel said: "He is very popular, and we hope that he can visit us again and again. Everyone, every player and every football player can learn a lesson from Robben! This is very clear. "

Sad! The last of the three major crimes of the former Football Association’s senior officials was too speechless.

China’s football has stagnated in recent years, except that the mechanism of football development has not been established, which is also related to the low management level or even tinkering of some Football Association officials. Due to the special employment mechanism in China, some officials who are not football majors or even sports majors have been assigned to important positions of the Football Association. They don’t understand the law of football development, but in order to leave some achievements, they prefer tinkering, which is even more harmful to the football industry. Recently, Qin Yun, a well-known media person, published a special article, revealing the absurd past of a senior official of the Football Association. After reading the article, some fans felt that it is the biggest support for China football that Football Association officials do nothing.

First, restrict players’ free transfer and collect money for buying roads.

According to Qin Yun, the leader of the Football Association is well versed in the truth that relying on mountains to feed on water. Due to the economic downturn in the north in recent years, many northern football clubs have reduced their investment and their performance has declined, forcing some high-level players to seek development opportunities in the south. Previously, because the professionalization of football has just begun, free transfer has not been popularized. If you want to transfer, you must get the consent of the leader of the local football association. Many excellent football players in this area have to pay a lot of money to the leader for the transfer, and it is said that the leader of the football association has achieved financial freedom by this.

Second, the business dwarf made a lot of jokes

The biggest problem of this leader is that his professional level is low. He is not a football professional. When he is in a leadership position, he has no time to systematically learn football professional knowledge, so he has made many jokes. It is said that after he took office, he once gave a meeting to the women’s football team, as if to emphasize that we should not give up easily in the game and strive for miracles. He mentioned that the South Korean team reached the semi-finals in the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan, and he called Jung Hwan Ahn, the winner of Italy, an Zaiheng, who was actually a table tennis player. Also in 2006, the Football Association organized leaders to watch the World Cup in Germany. He knew that the Italian central defender Cannavaro, who was only 176 cm tall, was good, but he didn’t even know his name. As long as Cannavaro was mentioned later, he said that he was not tall.

Third, bad ideas continue to lead to the elimination of the preliminaries

In fact, it doesn’t matter if a leader doesn’t know football. As long as he doesn’t fiddle around, he can get good results by fully authorizing subordinates who know football, but he is afraid of such leaders who don’t know how to pretend to understand and often make bad ideas. At the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the leader planned to hold the North-South Division of the Super League in order to make a good promotion and make a fortune, but the result was that it might cause destructive damage to the league and was opposed by everyone. In order to improve the strength of the Olympic team, he wanted to upgrade the Olympic team to the national team and let the Olympic team warm up with other national teams. As a result, this plan also met with strong resistance. Due to the changing ideas of the leaders and the fact that these plans did not respect the rules of football, the Olympic team as the host team did not qualify, and the national football team was eliminated early in the preliminaries.

Of course, it is still unknown whether the news that Qin Yun broke is true or not. After all, there are many media outlets that rely on all kinds of news to rub traffic. If there is a real problem, please ask him to come up with real evidence. However, some fans said that Qin Yun’s news has time and place, and it is also in line with the great events that happened in the football circle in the past. It is unlikely to be fabricated, otherwise the level of this story-maker is too high. He suggested that people in relevant departments should follow these clues to check.

Do you think Qin Yun’s revelations are credible? Welcome to leave a message in the comments section.

Pull your hips! Li Kaier was naturalized and thoroughly sleepwalked, and two points and five points made three noes, which can drive the China team?

On April 22nd, Beijing time, did the China Men’s Basketball Team really consider returning the goods? The Timberwolves are now 0-3 behind the Nuggets, and Kyle Anderson once again gave a depressed performance in the crucial third game.

Since Li Kaier heard the news that he might be naturalized by the China men’s basketball team, Anderson has been in a daze recently. Except for the infighting being punched by Gaubert, he played very badly in every game. In the face of the Nuggets, he was the absolute core of the bench. He scored 1 of 7 in 29 minutes, but only got 2 points, 2 rebounds and 5 assists, as well as 2 mistakes and 5 fouls.

In 29 minutes, 2 minutes and 5 fouls, Anderson’s performance was too low, and the positive and negative values were the lowest in the audience. After three playoff games, his three positive and negative games were all ranked in the bottom four of the team. In the first game against the Nuggets, he made 5 of 11 shots and finally got 11 points, 1 rebound and 3 assists. His performance was not very good. The team was defeated by nearly 30 points. At that time, Anderson’s play was questioned by many people.

In the second game against the Nuggets, he played well. He scored 10 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists in 4 out of 5, but there were also 4 fouls. More importantly, the team lost the game again. To be honest, Anderson really didn’t make any contribution in this game today. The whole game was completely sleepwalking in offensive and defensive aspects, which can be said to be almost every game.

It can be said that you used four words to describe Anderson’s performance in this game, which really means no speed, no breakthrough, no attack and no rebound. The defense is still as hard as ever, and the organization of the whole team is more serious, but that’s all. The problem is that you don’t have the advantages mentioned above. You can’t even carry the Timberwolves. Can you carry the China men’s basketball team? He stood beside Wolves with Gaubert, Downes and Edwards, and a veteran Conley in the NBA.

It’s not the same when you come to the China men’s basketball team. The weakened version of Gaubert qi zhou, the absolutely all-round scaled-down version of Downs Zeng Fanbo, Edwards and Zhang Zhenlin standing next to you are nothing to compare with. How can the defender Guo Ailun compare with Conley? Can you move the China men’s basketball team? Li Kaier, who has none of these advantages, is of great significance and value to the China men’s basketball team? It seems that he won’t play ball since the news of naturalization came. I wonder if he wants to finish the game early and go through the formalities? The heart is gone. Where’s the Timberwolves? Or is the ability not so good?