# Football highlights

# Football highlights

World football plays well every Friday.

The fifth goal, Bayer Leverkusen midfielder Velc, flicked around in the penalty area and singled out the other team’s entire defense. In the face of the opponent’s five-person double-team hitting the hand near the corner, with such performance, it seems that it is difficult for Vilt to stay in the pharmaceutical factory.

The fourth goal Tristan corner kick directly scored. This goal requires not only superb footwork, but also strong self-confidence. The corner kick directly breaks the door, and the high arc is the secret.

The third ball was hung upside down in the restricted area of Mitrovic, with an excellent angle and a heavy potential. Mitrovic (Riyadh Crescent 6-0 Mumbai City AFC Champions League), such high-quality goods as Mishen can be described as a blow to the Saudi League.

Palacios volleyed at almost the same position in the second ball, stretching his movements in one go. Froumy Nensai 5-3 goias Bajia. This ball is more beautiful and gives people a greater visual impact.

The first goal, Harry Kane’s shot in the middle of the field, is bold and has the charm of Beckham’s fame with one goal. This ball is expected to be selected for this year’s puskas award.

I haven’t seen such a wonderful goal for too long.

Thank you for your appreciation, and your attention is more exciting.


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