The blood "basket" can’t stop the national movement.

The blood "basket" can’t stop the national movement.

Recently, in 2023, the second Summer Basketball Tournament in Anbu Town of "Sunshine Cup" kicked off, which built a platform for basketball lovers to exchange and learn from each other, further enriched the mass cultural and sports life, and promoted the all-round development of mass sports and competitive sports.
The opening match started between Guo Long and Mei Long. Guo Long took the initiative to attack and control the rebounds, taking the lead in the first quarter and playing a "small climax" of 9:0; Not to be outdone, the Meilong team actively retreated, suppressed mistakes and struggled to catch up with the score. The two sides fought fiercely, went all out, and the climax of the competition was repeated and colorful. The audience cheered and shouted and immersed themselves in the tension and excitement brought by competitive sports. In the end, Guo Long defeated Mei Long 83-63.

People: I came to watch the game with my friends tonight. The atmosphere was very good and the players were very passionate. I hope more such activities can be held in the future. Let’s participate together.

Masses: Because I often exercise and play basketball, I invited my classmates to experience the enthusiasm of the scene today. When I came to the scene, I found that both the audience and the players were very enthusiastic. I hope that in the future, everyone can actively participate in sports and enjoy the charm of sports and basketball.

The outstanding performance on the field can not be separated from the hard training day and night at the opening ceremony. It is reported that in the past half month, all teams have conducted intensive training in an orderly manner and actively prepared for war.

Guo Yangtao, a member of the Guo Long team: For this competition, our Guo Long team has gathered players one and a half months ago to train in defense and physical fitness, and strive to achieve excellent results in this competition.

It is understood that there are 16 teams participating in this basketball match in Anbu Town, which is divided into four stages: group stage, knockout stage, semi-final stage and final stage, and lasts from July 30th to August 19th, bringing a passionate basketball feast to the majority of basketball fans in the hot summer.

Guo Yangtao, a member of Guo Long Team: I think this "Sunshine Cup" basketball game is very meaningful, which not only promotes the development of Anbu sports culture, enhances the basketball atmosphere, but also enhances the friendship between villages.

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