Real Madrid may start a big purge next season, and many players will leave the team and become younger.

Real Madrid may start a big purge next season, and many players will leave the team and become younger.

There have been many changes in La Liga recently, and this change will intensify after the end of the season, so we must be more objective when analyzing La Liga, so as to have a good result. Some time ago, Xiao Bian made no mistakes in the analysis of the five major leagues. The main thing was to grasp the important information of each team and the financial changes, so that the whole game could be fully digitized, thus making the game more stable. It would be more interesting for us to watch the game. Recently, Xiaobian will give you important information about each team and their overall financial results. Friends can follow my articles and videos at any time by adding my fans and attention. I also hope that my friends will give me more rewards and support. I will work harder, publish more wonderful articles with original data and share the happiness of football and basketball with my friends.

Real Madrid ranked second in La Liga this season, and they are not satisfied with this, because compared with previous Real Madrid, there are also problems in staffing, and aging is a huge challenge for Real Madrid. For Real Madrid, La Liga has entered the final stage, but they have to start to reorganize, so this season, Real Madrid is likely to have a cleaning process. For Real Madrid, this process may be very difficult, but they will definitely do it, which often appears in the history of Real Madrid, so the changes of Real Madrid are also worthy of attention.

Real Madrid will definitely make new changes this season, because for them, the aging is very serious, especially on the offensive end, and this trend is very obvious. Recently, Marca has also made relevant reports. Of course, what they said is still conservative. According to the current information, in fact, Real Madrid has begun to make preparations, and Azar is the first player to be sent away. Because Azar’s state this season is not good, and his attitude towards the game is also very general, which is unacceptable to Real Madrid.

Secondly, Real Madrid is going to send Odriosola and vallejo away, so as to make room for funds and attract more players. More importantly, Real Madrid hopes that these young players like Castia can have a place and get exercise. This is very important for Real Madrid. After all, the team is aging seriously now, so new players must shoulder heavy responsibilities. Therefore, the overall record of Real Madrid next season may not be too good, but at least their reintegration is very important for the team’s future. Of course, these players are just the beginning, and some players will be included.

Modric, for example, although his performance is very good, but it is impossible for Real Madrid to sign a long contract with him, and it is likely that he will be sent away this season. Benzema is also an option for Real Madrid, because he is older, so for Real Madrid, these players have also reached the stage of leaving. It is also very important for Real Madrid to send these players away this season, because it can free up more salary space and get the players they want. For example, Harland, who they are chasing, is an important goal for them in the next two years, and to achieve this goal, it is necessary to send these core players away and make room for salary.

Just recently, Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti was interviewed. He said that every team should prepare for rejuvenation, especially Real Madrid. If it wants to achieve better results, it needs to make some comprehensive changes. At the same time, Ancelotti believes that the young players of Real Madrid have already had very mature performances, so the successful entry of these teenagers into the first team is the future of the team. From Carlo Ancelotti’s attitude, we can see that he is also a coach who is very supportive of the team’s rejuvenation. At the same time, he also thinks that it is time for Real Madrid to change, and sending away players like modric and Benzema can also make room for the team, and carvajal is likely to be among them.

There will be many changes in Real Madrid next season, so everyone should pay attention to it. My current information shows that the above players are likely to be sent away gradually, and the future decline of Real Madrid’s record is a very realistic thing. Of course, this situation won’t last long, because in a year and a half at most, Real Madrid will return to its best state. What do my friends think about this? You can say it and discuss it with me. I also hope that my friends will add my fans and attention so that I can read my articles at any time. I also thank my friends for their encouragement and support. Their rewards are very important to me, and I will continue to work hard to introduce more important information to you.


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