Ten thousand people run together Lots of pictures+videos show you how happy Leshan "Half Horse" is.

Ten thousand people run together Lots of pictures+videos show you how happy Leshan "Half Horse" is.

"Three, two, one!"

At 7: 33 am on April 22nd.

With the sound of the starting gun

2023 Leshan Half Marathon

Run all over Sichuan (Leshan Station)

Hot start


-More than 14,000 contestants set out for happiness.

From home and abroadMore than 14,000 contestants

start off at a run

Along the ecological boulevard

Challenge yourself and run with passion

Feel the charm of sports

This competition has set up a half marathon.

And the Happy Run (5km).

Half marathon

Starting from Daduhe Square, Ecological Avenue, Central District

Go up and down the ecological avenue.

Passing through two turn-back points,

Finally arrived at Shawan Moruo Drama Creative Park.

Happy Run (5km)

Depart from Daduhe Square, Ecological Avenue, Shizhong District.

Turn back 2.5km in the direction of Ecological Avenue.

To the end of Dadu River Square

Leshan half marathon as

Leshan Sports Tourism Boutique Competition

It has been successfully held for three times before.

Has won the "silver medal competition" certification of China Athletics Association.

Won the title of "Natural Ecological Characteristic Competition"


-men’s and women’s champion, the runner in this country is "guaranteed"

In the half marathon, Ethiopian CHEKOL WORKU DIRES successfully broke through the finish line, with a total time of 1 hour, 7 minutes and 4 seconds, and became the first in the men’s team of Leshan Half Marathon and Sichuan (Leshan Station) in 2023.

Ethiopia’s MESKELU MENGISTU NIGATU and Xichang’s Wu Erqing took 1 hour, 7 minutes, 5 seconds and 1 hour, 9 minutes and 7 seconds respectively to win the second and third place in the men’s team.

Ethiopia’s FETO DEME ABU took the lead in breaking the finish line and won the first place in the women’s team of the half marathon.

Chengdu’s Song Xuan and Ethiopia’s ADAMU SEBLE MELKAM took 1 hour, 18 minutes, 44 seconds and 1 hour, 21 minutes and 16 seconds respectively to win the second and third place in the women’s group.

[Happy Run]

-the fun of running against the wind and rain, only they can understand.

Although the weather is not beautiful

But the contestants in the happy run

Enthusiasm is undiminished

Enjoy the beautiful scenery, make friends, challenge yourself …

Harvest full of happiness


-Run comfortably, because they are here!

In order to ensure the "Leshan Half Horse" to be held safely, smoothly and successfully, logistics support is particularly important.

Leshan City Public Security Bureau has set up a three-dimensional and efficient security headquarters, which has done a good job in security inspection and blasting, order maintenance, traffic control and emergency response. On the day of the competition, more than 1,300 people of various security forces were invested, ensuring the "Leshan Half Horse" event to be held successfully, safely and smoothly.

There are 11 medical stations in Leshan Half Horse, with an average of 2.5 kilometers. The medical staff come from major hospitals in Leshan central city and Shawan District. The medical station has prepared medical instruments to rescue cardiac arrest, drugs to prevent and treat heatstroke, sprains and falls, and AED defibrillators. Before the start of the competition, all medical staff and medical volunteers received training, assessment and live drills.

↑ "Leshan Half Horse" Medical Station, the medical staff stick to their posts and always pay attention to the physical condition of the players.

In addition, during the competition, many volunteers were active on the side of the track to provide intimate services for the players.

↑ Volunteers stick to the rain and guide the track for the players.

↑ Volunteers massage the players who have finished the competition, so that everyone can recover after the competition.


-There are always moments that are unforgettable.

From the age of 3 to 60, a three-generation synchronous happy run.

"This time we are a family of three generations, and we are participating in a happy run." On the track, 60-year-old Zhang Huiming pushed her 3-year-old granddaughter in a stroller and trotted with a smile on her face. Ahead, her family is striding and has been integrated into the ocean of joy.

Zhang Huiming, a family from Emei Mountain, learned that Leshan Half Horse will be held soon, so they decided to go out and sign up for the Happy Run. "My wife is 60 years old this year, and my eldest granddaughter is 6 years old. She has already rushed to the front with her mother. The 3-year-old granddaughter is too young, so I will push her to run slowly behind, and the family will feel the atmosphere of exercise and fitness." Zhang Huiming said.

The beautiful scenery is intoxicating, the beautiful photos are moving, and the beautiful running friends come to punch in …

Throughout the track, everyone’s eyes are the clear Dadu River, the blooming bougainvillea, the nostalgic green train and the mutual encouragement of like-minded people …

After the competition, Amy’s women’s team gathered at the end of the half marathon-Shawan Moruo Drama Creative Park to enjoy the scenery, take photos and punch in, leaving beautiful memories.

The women’s half marathon team dressed up brightly.

"In this competition, we specially dressed up beautifully, and we also took many photos along the way, which will be uploaded to my Tik Tok account. I hope that we can take the netizens to appreciate the beautiful scenery of Leshan from the perspective of our participation. " Chen Qin, a female player from Chengdu, said.

I made a special trip from Shanghai to enjoy the mountain after the game.

"We came here specially from Shanghai and arrived in Leshan yesterday. This time we participated in the half horse." Before the start of the race, Mr. Gan from Shanghai warmed up on the track, and his mother, Ms. Shi, cheered for him.

Mr. Gan, 27, just participated in a marathon in Shanghai, and heard that the "Leshan Half Horse" was about to start, so he actively signed up. After arriving in Chengdu on April 21, the mother and son didn’t buy a high-speed rail ticket, so they chartered a car to Leshan for fear of delaying the race.

"After this competition, we will travel in Leshan and feel the beauty of Leshan." Ms. Shi told reporters that she had planned to go to wutongqiao district Alsophila Canyon and other scenic spots, and she was full of expectations for this trip to Leshan.

Cheerleading beside the track is also the most beautiful scenery.

In the wonderful competition scene, besides the athletes who have attracted much attention, there are such a group of people, who are unable to participate in the race because of their age or physical reasons, but they beat gongs and drums enthusiastically and spread the happiness of "Half Horse" to all corners around them.

Gu Junfang, an empress from Shawan, is a member of the "Leshan Half Horse" performance team. "There are nearly 100 people in our performance team, all of whom are sisters from various communities in Shawan. Everyone knows that there is a marathon, and they have taken the initiative to sign up and rehearsed for a week, just to show everyone the spirit of Leshan. " She said.

Except for interesting stories.

The most on-site is

All kinds of punching cards

All kinds of joys

While everyone is enjoying sports,

Pleased the mood

Harvest happiness

Don’t say it, continue to go to the picture! !


Happiness, there is no "big ending"

Let’s look forward to the next "Leshan Half Horse"


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