[Tuma] Paranoia (2)

[Tuma] Paranoia (2)

#alpha Figure Hengyu× ×beat Ma Zhao

# Atypical abo magic change has a mountain of early warning.

# The characters belong to Cyberda ji, and ooc belongs to me.

03. Mint and Teenager’s Heart

As the saying goes, you shouldn’t meet people who are too amazing when you are young, or you will only have memories for the rest of your life, which will be too painful.

In the past, Tu Hengyu was dismissive, but later Tu Hengyu was deeply impressed.

The four years we spent together in the college were the happiest four years for Tu Hengyu. In those days, academic research and scientific research achievements were just pure research, which did not need to be linked to human life and death, and his feelings were so hot and simple.

He likes Ma Zhao, and he doesn’t know when this worship and dependence between teachers and students has quietly turned into love. But it is no secret that Tu Hengyu likes Ma Zhao, and he has no intention to hide it.

He believes that one person, one thing will not change easily.

But what bothers him most is that he never seems to see through Ma Zhao’s thoughts and heart. In the face of Tu Hengyu’s undisguised pursuit, Ma Zhao seems to feel nothing.

Ma Zhao is like a pre-set program, which only gives a feedback when asking a question. Most of the time, he is quiet and taciturn.

Perhaps the brains of science students always tend to be simple and direct.

Xiao Tu, a classmate in love, sent a pop-up virus written by himself to Ma Zhao backhand as soon as his brain was pumped, but when his hand slipped, he directly clicked on it as a group.

So that afternoon, pop-ups kept popping up on the big screens of the teaching building of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the mobile phones of teachers and students.

The content of the pop-up window is that Tu Hengyu holds a wise seagull doll with glasses and sings out-of-tune version of the rotten street divine comedy "Congratulations on making a fortune". At the end, he blushes and shouts "Teacher Ma, I love you!"

I have to say, Xiao Tu’s virus is still well written, and the mute can’t be quiet, and the pop-up window can’t be closed.

One after another out-of-tune songs and the last "Teacher Ma, I love you!" " Let the young and frivolous Xiaotu students know what social death is for the first time.

Ma Zhao, who was eating melons on the sidelines, choked with laughter, and his face was cramped. Bala backhand went out of his computer and lost a string of codes, which was also sent out in groups.

The world is finally quiet.

Confession did not attract attention, others thought it was simply an expression of admiration for the tutor, and they didn’t care too much.

Tu Hengyu thinks that this can’t be done. This plan won’t work. Regenerate it!

It’s really no good, employers and employees directly confess!

As a result, Xiaotu’s classmates were ashamed and brave, and summoned up the courage to stay up late with Ma Zhao in the early morning night, blocking Ma Zhao on the way back to the dormitory, and made a deep confession to:

"I like you."

Respond to his Ma Zhao, as always, cold and cheerless tone:

"We can’t. I’m your teacher."

"I don’t care."

"I am thirteen years older than you."

"I don’t care."

"I’m just a Beat, you shouldn’t waste time on me. As a young Alpha like you, there should be no shortage of suitors. You can find someone better and more suitable than me. "

"But I only like you."

"You just regard worship and dependence on the wrong as love. I suggest you … mmm!"

More statements of objective facts were drowned in a sudden kiss.

Tu Hengyu eagerly tried to stop Ma Zhao from spitting out more words of refusal, and conveniently took Ma Zhao’s waist with one hand. He was ready to be pushed away by Ma Zhao, but in fact he was not rejected or pushed away.

Ma Zhao’s cooperation and acquiescence seemed to give Tu Hengyu another kind of encouragement. He reached out and took off the glasses on Ma Zhao’s bridge of the nose and put them in his palm, admiring Ma Zhao’s dim eyes because he couldn’t see clearly.

Tu Hengyu can’t remember how long the kiss lasted, only remember that the night wind gradually took away his hot body temperature and blew his surging heart cold.

Finally, it was Ma Zhao who pushed him away.

The man turned his back in a hurry, and his trembling back was angry or shaken by the night wind.

"I really don’t hate you, but there is no possibility between us. I have already decided not to find a partner and devote myself to scientific research all my life. Don’t waste time on me, that’s all. "

Ma Zhao didn’t even dare to look at Hengyu’s picture. He ran away in a hurry and even forgot to come back with his glasses.

He also forgot that from beginning to end, he never denied that he also liked Tu Hengyu.

And a mint-flavored pheromone in the air lingers, so strong that it is cold to take a breath.

Ma Zhao couldn’t smell it himself, but he smoked Tu Hengyu.

From this day on, Tu Hengyu had a habit of eating mints to refresh himself.

Time passed a little bit, and Xiao Tu, who was rejected, became angry and eager to learn every day.

He made up his mind that if Ma Zhao wants to devote himself to scientific research in his life, he will watch over him himself! Even being his assistant and deputy all his life, as long as he can look at himself, he is satisfied.

Just when Tu Hengyu thought that the relationship between them would always be so tepid, the accident quietly approached.

05. Wish under doomsday

In the spring of 2030, an ordinary afternoon could not be more ordinary.

With the convening of a meeting, everything seems to have changed quietly.

The sun is aging rapidly and expanding continuously. In a hundred years, the sun will swell to engulf the whole earth. In 300 years, the solar system will cease to exist.

The rumor about the solar helium flash crisis was put forward as early as the end of last century, but it was not paid enough attention at that time.

Now I bring up the past again and put all this on the table, saying, is it true?

The tense atmosphere even enveloped the whole country, and all departments operated in an orderly manner like a huge machine.

In the Chinese Academy of Sciences, some people are leaving and some new people are joining in.

Today, even Ma Zhao was called to attend an emergency meeting.

I don’t know if Tu Hengyu is too sensitive. He always feels that Ma Zhao is hiding something when he comes back from the meeting, and he has been frowning.

So Tu Hengyu asked Ma Zhao: "Teacher Ma, do you believe in the end of the world? Will the solar helium flash really happen? "

"According to the data of solar monitoring in recent decades, solar helium flash is very likely to happen."

"But, I don’t think it will be the end of the world at that time. There is always a way for human beings to earn a chance in the last days. We will find a solution to the problem before everything happens. "

Ma Zhao always has questions and answers.

Tu Hengyu has some doubts: "But in that case, you can only survive in the harsh environment of the last days, so are you alive or alive?" What’s the point of this? "

"As long as you are alive, there is hope to change and solve problems. If you die, there is nothing."

Ma Zhao’s expression was serious and sincere, and he saw that Tu Hengyu was also full of emotion. He asked, "If the end really comes one day, what can we do with our major?"

"No matter what kind of escape or rescue plan is needed when the end comes, it needs high social cooperation and productivity level far beyond the current industrial level. The original purpose of our research in the direction of artificial intelligence is to liberate productive forces. "

Speaking of which, Ma Zhao took a serious look at Tu Hengyu and continued to:

"I dare not say what contribution I can make, but at that time, I will do my best."

Tu Hengyu looked up at Ma Zhao in a daze, wondering how the cool evening breeze in early spring could blow himself all hot and dry.

The smell of mint floating in the air will never make him feel cool again, but only make him feel dizzy. So he shook his head and asked:

"Then if the end of the world really comes, can I die with you?"

"What do you want? Still have to live down to earth. "

Looking at a silly disciple who was confused and didn’t even know that his susceptible period had arrived, Ma Zhao had the impulse to pretend to be stupid and not know Tu Hengyu for the first time.

What should we do? You can’t just leave people here, let alone leave soon … The task is urgent, and tonight is the final farewell.

"Let’s go."

Ma Zhao took Tu Hengyu’s shoulder and sighed gently.

"There is still the last link in the experimental project to finish, and time waits for no one. Let’s stay up late tonight to make the data."

The temperature in the laboratory is always low, but no matter how cold the temperature is, it can’t suppress alpha’s fiery body temperature and restless pheromones.

The original fresh and sweet taste of wisteria is suffocating in this small and closed space.

Unfortunately, Ma Zhao can’t smell anything.

Tu Hengyu was hot and unconscious, but suddenly he smelled a cool mint flavor in the mist and heat.

He opened his eyes in a daze, and Ma Zhaozheng sat in front of him and looked at him calmly.

"Although I can’t smell the pheromone, it seems that you should be susceptible."

"If you feel bad, I can help you."

The sven youth with glasses is as cold and calm as ever, as if describing a solution to the current problem without any waves.

At the unconscious figure Hengyu, Ma Zhao sighed, and quickly and naturally unbuttoned his white coat.

"I have turned off all the monitoring in the laboratory. Solve this problem early so as not to delay the progress of the research."

Ma Zhao has always believed in efficiency first, and the speed of undressing is as crisp and agile as the speed of research. In a short time, only a shirt is left on him, and the expressionless face makes people unable to see whether he is shy.

Although Tu Hengyu’s consciousness is blurred, Alpha’s instinct is still there. He clearly knows that the person in front of him is the one he has been pursuing, and his body can’t help but move with his instinct.

Action slightly rough Ma Zhao press on the experimental platform, a few times will be yourself out of the way of clothes. Tu Hengyu rubbed and sniffed carefully at Ma Zhao’s neck like a small animal, as if to mark the territory and declare sovereignty.

Ma Zhao’s body temperature is lower than normal, and his hands and feet are often cold, but in this case, such a low temperature just makes Tu Hengyu’s hot body find an antidote to cool down.

During this period, Tu Hengyu was awake for a few seconds and realized that he was holding his lover in his arms. At this moment, he was closing his eyes and taking whatever he wanted from himself.

The last string called reason in Xiao Tu’s mind also completely broke.

Tu Hengyu shot Ma Zhao’s glasses for the first time, and threw him down on the ground without being very gentle.

He likes to take off Ma Zhao’s glasses very much, and then appreciate his true feelings always hidden in thick lenses.

Those who are hazy and confused occasionally because they can’t see clearly can always give Tu Hengyu a little satisfaction. After all, the signs on weekdays are always too dull and calm, which always makes people feel difficult to control and approach.

You see, isn’t this an opportunity to pull him off the altar? It turns out that he is also a real person with feelings.

Moreover, it always reminds him of their first encounter. The tree under the wisteria flower surprised the youth of his whole youth.

Tonight’s Ma Zhao is very different. He is uncharacteristically active and even takes the initiative to kiss the young man’s red and hot lips.

Although, as always, he is expressionless, or he doesn’t know what kind of expression he should make.

Ma Zhao admits that he likes Tu Hengyu.

But so what?

The country has already made a preliminary plan for crisis response, and initially put forward the embryonic form of the plan to move mountains. At present, researchers from all over the country are urgently recruited to participate in the design and construction of related projects, so that the plan can be implemented as soon as possible.

And I am also a selected member.

This is a top-secret task that concerns the life and death of mankind. Moreover, the international community is not peaceful now, and the opposing forces are inexhaustible. People in other countries are everywhere who try to steal secrets and sabotage.

It’s not safe to go here, and the return date is unknown. Maybe he’ll stay anonymous all his life and never have a chance to come back?

He has always hated this hypothetical proposition, but his parents used to. Once you go, you will never see me again in this life, and you will never have a chance to see me again.

He had regrets, but he never regretted it, so he chose the research his parents had done before his death and took the same road as his parents did before.

Ma Zhao has long decided not to be burdened by feelings all his life, but I didn’t expect that the heart never lies, and it is even more uncontrolled.

He fell in love with his students and with Tu Hengyu.

Then let yourself be willful for once.

This life is the only time and the last time. For the first time, he used his sensibility to dominate his brain, let himself sink in his desire for the first time, hugged and kissed his lover without scruple for the first time, and let Tu Hengyu leave a temporary mark on his back neck, and appointed himself to tie the knot with each other until he was inseparable.

Ma Zhao tried his best to hug Tu Hengyu’s shoulder, as if to draw courage and warmth from him in the face of future difficulties.

A few cold moonlight cast on Ma Zhao now, suddenly like tears.

Maybe this separation is farewell.

But because I did something meaningful, I never regret leaving you.

I’m sorry, I can’t promise to be with you.

Because it is better to forbid a wish that is doomed to fail.

Whisper bb:

The flower language of wisteria: live for love, die for love, endless love, paranoid love.

The flower-scented rabbit is tender and lovely, and the soft white-cut black rabbit attacks me directly next year.

Since Fanzi didn’t write about Teacher Ma’s experience, I’ll start making it up! It’s not appropriate for a young, promising and powerful person like Mr. Ma to have no excellent genes passed down by his family, is it? Mr. Ma never married a picture of himself for the sake of scientific research, and he felt celibacy, loneliness and widowhood. Isn’t this something that can’t be done? First, it says "Shuang Shuang". If the third ball is won by sail backstab, then let’s talk about it.


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