History is rare! Volvo also participated in the price reduction army! Completely "crazy"!

History is rare! Volvo also participated in the price reduction army! Completely "crazy"!

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  Wait, the party is blessed! Even Volvo has participated in the price reduction army!

  On March 17th, according to the news released by Chengdu, the automobile consumption activity of "production and marketing linkage" in Longquanyi District, the largest automobile production base in Chengdu, was officially launched today. Individual or legal person consumers will buy designated models from the automobile dealers operating in Chengdu, and will get a one-time subsidy ranging from 15,000 to 150,000 yuan for each car if they apply for the license and superimpose the preferential subsidies matched by the enterprises within the prescribed time limit.

  It is understood that,The event will last until June 30, 2023. The brand models participating in the event cover pure electricity, hybrid electricity and plug-in. The subsidy methods are divided into two ways: one-time car purchase subsidy and car coupon deduction.

  Funjun looked at the poster released by Chengdu auto dealers. The highest subsidy was Funjun’s dream car Volvo, with a maximum discount of 150,000 for designated models. Secondly, the highest discount for Hongqi Automobile is 71,000, the highest discount for FAW Toyota is 61,000, and the highest discount for Volkswagen under FAW is 23,500.

  The official announcement of the two billion giants: comprehensive price reduction

  Since March, Hubei, Jilin and other places have launched consumption promotion activities for cars made locally or owned by local car companies. Previously, the local government used subsidies to help car companies digest their inventory, and some traditional car companies also minced it as "dealer behavior".

  On March 16th, SAIC Volkswagen personally stepped down and announced a subsidy of 3.7 billion yuan to follow up the "price reduction tide". The maximum time-limited discount for bicycles can be 50,000 yuan. SAIC Volkswagen said that this subsidy activity will last from now until April 30.

  Specifically, Huiang offers a limited time discount of 50,000 yuan; Touran 2023, brand-new Touran X, Weiran 2023 and other models have a limited time discount of 35,000 yuan; Passat 2023, Passat PHEV and other models have a discount of 25,000 yuan, and some models also enjoy discounts ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 yuan.

  In terms of new energy, SAIC Volkswagen ID. The family also joined the tide of price reduction, and the 2023 ID.6X and 2023 ID.4X were both offered a discount of 30,000 yuan; 2023 ID.3 offers a discount of 20,000 yuan.

  Earlier, SAIC subsidized the price reduction of some models in some provinces. On March 8,Shanghai automotive groupNot only has coverage been introduced in HubeiRoeweSpecial preferential activities of brands such as MG, Buick, Cadillac, etc., have also started subsidy activities for all Chevrolet departments nationwide. Same day.FAW Group in Jilin ProvinceLaunched the activity of "Banner Benefits Jilin-Subsidies for Benefiting the People within a Time Limit of 100 million yuan", covering the scope of subsidies.FAW HongqiFaw liberationFaw PentiumFAW-VolkswagenFaw ToyotaBrands and other brands, the total subsidy reached 150 million yuan.

  On the 17th, SAIC Volkswagen’s parent company SAIC Group rose 1.62% in early trading. At the close, it rose slightly by 0.28%.

  In addition, on March 17th, after the subsidy of 10 billion yuan, Changan Automobile officially announced to follow up the "subsidy tide" again, and its main sales models including CS75 series, UNI-V and Yidong PLUS participated in the subsidy.

  Specifically, the CS75 series limited-time comprehensive discount is as high as 33,000 yuan, including a direct cash drop of 10,000 yuan and a maximum equity subsidy of 23,000 yuan; UNI-V offers a limited comprehensive discount of up to 22,000 yuan, including a direct drop of 5,000 yuan in cash and a subsidy of up to 17,000 yuan in equity.

  It is worth noting that UNI-V Zhidian iDD, which has just been launched, has also joined the subsidy camp, with a time-limited comprehensive discount of up to 26,000 yuan, including a direct cash drop of 10,000 yuan and a maximum equity subsidy of 16,000 yuan.

  A few days ago, Changan Automobile unveiled four brand-new models, including Changan UNI-V Zhidian iDD, UNI-K Zhidian iDD and Auchan Z6 Zhidian iDD, and the third generation CS75 PLUS Zhidian iDD is coming soon. According to the plan, Changan Automobile plans to realize the "smart electricity" of all classic products this year.

  In addition to the direct drop in cash, Changan Automobile has launched a "one-price" model. For example, the cash of the new CS75 Blue Whale Edition has dropped by 30,000 yuan, and the current price is 83,900 yuan (the daily price is 102,900 ~ 113,900); Yidong PLUS has a price of 73,900 yuan; The price of CS35 PLUS is 78,900 yuan.

  Prior to this, Changan Automobile has launched the policy of "10 billion Huimin Car Purchase Season". Users who pick up their cars during March 1 ~ March 31 (buying all models of Changan passenger cars) can enjoy an additional 1,000 yuan car coupons, and other related car consumption subsidies introduced before April 30 will be given cash subsidies according to the corresponding policy standards.

  Changan automobile continued to fall for a long time, and bottomed out and rebounded by 1.15% on the 17th.

  Is the era of BBA per capita here?

  On March 8, "Beijing arearun quicklyThe news that the price was reduced by 110,000 yuan quickly triggered a heated discussion in the market. According to legend, the price after mercedes benz c discount is only 210,000 yuan.run quicklyThe price of E-class is as low as 330,000 yuan.

  In response to this rumor, many in Beijingrun quicklyThe 4S shop responded: "The high discount rate is not true." The 110,000 discounts rumored on the Internet are not all cash discounts, but the purchase tax, insurance, replacement subsidies, financial subsidies, second-hand car policies and big customer policies are counted together. Individual stores may have thousands of discounts to the store, but there is little difference between the terminal purchase price and the guiding price paid by consumers as a whole.

  exceptrun quicklyOutside, Audi andBMWThere are similar rumors, such as "Audi A6 bare car price is about to drop to 220,000", "BMWNews such as the price after the 3 series discount is in the early 170,000 s has been widely spread on the Internet.

  But in fact, the price reduction of luxury brands is just a word game. As the three best-selling luxury cars in China, BBA’s overall supply and demand are matched, and the gap between the number of cars in dealers’ hands and the actual delivery orders is not particularly large.

  according toBeijing automobileThe announcement issued on March 14 shows that in 2022,Beijing BenzRealized an operating income of 24.82 billion euros (about 181.625 billion yuan), a year-on-year increase of 16.59%; After-tax profit from continuing operations was 3.649 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.85%.

  Announcement shows that Beijing BenzThe double growth of revenue and profit in 2022 benefited from the increase in sales. according toMercedes-BenzAccording to the released sales data, in 2022, the sales volume of passenger cars (wholesale, including smart) in China was 753,900, up 3% year-on-year, accounting for 37% of the total sales volume, and the sales volume of light commercial vehicles in China was 34,200, down 11% year-on-year.

  As for the implementation of the national 6B standard in July, many people in the industry said that BBA was the national 6B standard long ago. The price reduction is only for individual dealers to go to stock, and the official guide price has not been adjusted yet.


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