"Pineapple e-loan" sweetened "Pineapple First County"

"Pineapple e-loan" sweetened "Pineapple First County"

Pineapple growers in xuwen county returned home with a full load. Economic Daily reporter Zhang Jianjun photo

  At present, when a large number of pineapples are listed in xuwen county, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, the thick pineapple fragrance spreads in the air with the breeze. In the past few days, pineapples in xuwen county have been frequently searched — — There is an endless "ocean" of pineapples in the vast land of Shan Ye and between the slopes of Guling, which is nicknamed "the sea of pineapples".

  "The price has tripled this year, which is the highest price since I planted pineapple!" When it comes to pineapples, Chen Mingshi, a grower in Longmen Village, Qujie Town, xuwen county, smiled from ear to ear. "There is a credit from ABC! There are about 500 households in our village that grow pineapples, and all those who meet the requirements have applied for loans at the Agricultural Bank of China. Agricultural Bank of China’s fast loan issuance and low interest rate have helped us solve the funding problem. "

  Xuwen is the largest pineapple production county in China, with an area of 350,000 mu and an annual output of nearly 700,000 tons, which exceeds one third of the country’s total area and output, and is known as the "hometown of pineapples in China". For local growers, capital has always been a hurdle. How can it be effectively solved?

  To this end, in recent years, the credit staff of Guangdong Branch of Agricultural Bank of China took root in Xuwen’s "pineapple sea" for in-depth investigation, accelerated financial reform and service innovation, and successively launched online credit products such as "pineapple e-loan" and "filing e-loan" to support the development of pineapple industry and increase the income of growers.

  Affected by dry and rainy weather this year, Xuwen pineapple has higher sugar content, but the output is falling, the demand is in short supply, and the price is rising all the way. Facing the peak season of sales, Guangdong Branch of Agricultural Bank of China supports the development of pineapple industry with credit, and at the same time helps farmers to promote pineapple through multiple channels.

  Among them, the staff of Agricultural Bank of China Zhanjiang Branch took the initiative to become Xuwen pineapple "voluntary propagandist" to help growers broaden sales channels. Since the beginning of this year, the bank has provided on-site centralized financial services such as loans and sales to pineapple growers for more than 156 times, serving 3555 farmers.

  Affected by COVID-19 epidemic and other factors, 2020 is the most difficult year for Xuwen pineapple. "Last year, most pineapples were rotten in the ground, and no one wanted them. Fortunately, the Agricultural Bank of China contacted the merchants in time to buy some, otherwise the losses would be heavy." Chen Mingshi has a lingering fear about this.

  The reporter was informed that in view of the difficulty in selling pineapples last year, Agricultural Bank of China Guangdong Branch took the initiative to contact xuwen county Lianxiang Agricultural Products Farmers’ Professional Cooperative and Pineapple Canning Factory, and finally helped growers sell more than 55,000 tons of pineapples; Since the beginning of the pineapple planting season in July last year, employees have been organized to go to the villages and towns in the "pineapple sea", go deep into the fields, actively promote the filing of farmers’ information, and provide online loan services to eligible pineapple growers to help them tide over the difficulties.


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