Only exercise can reverse the clock of life.

Only exercise can reverse the clock of life.

The media reported a news in Xi ‘an that a 29-year-old man, Xiao Wang, went to the hospital with pain and discomfort in his left calf after playing games for five hours, and was diagnosed with acute deep vein thrombosis.

The doctor mentioned that some patients with thrombosis have swelling and pain in the whole lower limbs, which can not be alleviated, seriously affecting their normal life and work, and thrombosis is a "no-fault" disease.Sitting for a long time will lead to blood stasis in deep veins of lower limbs, and then form thrombosis.

If the thrombus falls off after being squeezed by external force, it will block the pulmonary artery. Pulmonary embolism will bring many dangers, even sudden death.

Biology believes that ancient humans living on the prairie were constantly running, jumping and chasing prey, and our bodies were born for sports.

Muscles, ligaments and tendons support bones, allowing us to run, jump and live actively.

Conversely, moderate exercise and an active lifestyle will also make muscles stronger.

With the process of industrial revolution and Internet revolution, the most important activity of human beings has become to operate the machine in a fixed position, or to stand, or to sit for a long time, and to be unable to walk for hours.

However, the evolution of human structure does not adapt to the long-standing or sedentary working style, and it also suffers more physical loss.

We will see that more and more diseases that originally appeared in the elderly are becoming more and more common among young people. At the same time, more and more people are suffering from chronic diseases in their later years, and people’s average life expectancy has become longer, but the "time to live healthily" has become shorter.

Of course, there are counterexamples,We find that more and more people are getting older, but their bodies have changed little, as if they were frozen. They keep long-term exercise and good sleep.

Younger next year: sports empowermentIt is pointed out that getting old does not mean recession, and the decision of recession is in our own hands. Stick to exercise, and you can refuse to decline and live a healthy and energetic life.

Chris Crowley | Houlang Publishing House

Chris Crawley, one of the authors of this book, is a retired lawyer. In his 70s, he was still riding and skiing, and in his 80s, he could still participate in all kinds of outdoor sports without obstacles.

He once thought that when he reached the age of 60, his feet were like stepping on a smooth slope-a long slope leading to old age and death.

Year after year, I become more and more bloated, slower and weaker, and suffer more and more pain. Eyes can’t see, ears can’t hear, and hip joints and knees are becoming more and more useless.

When I was young, my "friends" who played with me curled up and became grumpy, making it easier to say stupid things.

He imagined that his muscles looked like pleated cloth, trapped in a wheelchair, waiting for death …

This is the true state of many people who are over the age of ancient times. Obviously, there are still so many sights to see and so many new things to experience, but the aging body binds itself, and you deeply understand what "the body can’t keep up with the soul".

Until Chris met his training coach, he found that,Disease and aging are not the inevitable result of aging, sedentary is the catalyst of aging.

No matter how much food you eat, as long as you don’t exercise, you are telling your body that you are suffering from famine.

You tell your body that it’s time to get old, it’s time to start a low-calorie and indifferent mode, it’s time to store every bit of food as fat, it’s time to abandon the immune system, it’s time to let muscles disappear, let joints age, it’s time to find a cave, curl up and start shaking.

Modern people are sedentary, don’t like socializing, and eat everything you can, just like the signal from famine or winter, which makes the body respond to "aging".

So, when the sun goes down, you turn on the TV and sit for hours; When you watch TV, eat snacks and drink beer; When you give up life and participation, you begin to get old.

How to avoid aging? The answer given by Younger Next Year is:Only exercise can continuously make the brain send growth signals to the body and reverse the biological clock.

Exercise can bring at least five changes to the body:

1. Remodeling and improving aerobic foundation.

When a person is lazy, his body will slowly become sluggish, while aerobic exercise can prevent remodeling and repair the aerobic system, and help the body get back on its feet.

2. Reduce the occurrence of diseases.

Aerobic exercise can greatly reduce the occurrence of inflammation and reduce inflammation, which can help us eliminate half of serious diseases.

3. Improve mood and reduce depression.

Aerobic exercise is a good medicine to improve mood, which makes us more energetic and optimistic, reduces indecision and indecision, and improves work efficiency.

Step 4 relieve stress

In the face of pressure, human instinct is to fight or run, and exercise is the best way to release pressure.

During exercise, the brain will secrete more endorphins. Endorphins are natural painkillers, which can bring euphoria and help you relieve stress.

At the same time, exercise gives your brain something to focus on, giving you a chance to talk to yourself and stop worrying. The feeling of controlling your body will also give you a sense of control over your life.

5. Make yourself smarter.

There is a brain-derived neurotrophic factor, also called BDNF, which provides nutrients for the brain.

It can promote the connection and activity between neurons in the brain. When neurons in our brain become more active and connected, our brain will become smarter and more responsive.

The magic of exercise is that it is the best way to make the body produce more BDNF.

In the experiment of mice, it was found that the longer the mice ran on the wheel, the higher the BDNF level in their brains.

German researchers also found in experiments that the speed at which people learn vocabulary after exercise is 20% higher than that before exercise.

How much exercise is appropriate?

What kind of exercise is most beneficial to the body?

In "Younger Next Year: Sports Empowerment",From now on, exercise six days a week and keep exercising, that is, keep sending "growth" information to your body.

At the first level, the goal we set for ourselves is to do 45 minutes of "long and slow" aerobic exercise without any discomfort, such as cycling, jogging, brisk walking and so on;

The second level, 45 minutes of "long and slow" aerobic exercise four days a week, and 45 minutes of weight training two days a week;

At the third level, do 45 minutes of long and slow exercise once or twice a week. On other days of aerobic exercise, let the heart rate reach 70% ~ 85% of the highest heart rate.

Cameron Diaz, a famous actress who appeared in The Grinch in Disguise and Charlie’s Angels, wrote a book called Your Body is the Start of Everything. She wrote:

Health is not just the absence of illness, but when you wake up, get up, make breakfast and move in the morning, you feel great; It is that you have a keen, clear and meticulous mind and a happy heart.

The charm of sports is that the more you do, the better you believe you will do.

If you want to improve your body, your health, your IQ and mind, exercise now!

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