Here comes the baseball geek tutorial! Come and finish the handsome blow →

Here comes the baseball geek tutorial! Come and finish the handsome blow →

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Popular science of baseball.

And the main points of baseball

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Baseball has a history of more than 100 years, which integrates cooperation, tactics and skills. It is a ball competitive sport suitable for all ages and popular all over the world.

What is the difference between baseball and softball?

The cognition of "men’s baseball and women’s softball" is wrong, and gender can’t distinguish baseball and softball. Softball originated from baseball and came into being in order to play baseball indoors.

Baseball pitchers generally use shoulder shots or side shots; Softball pitchers are forced to pitch with straight arms around their arms.

Main points of baseball

Key points of pitching training action

Hold the ball on your chest, raise your free feet and shift your center of gravity.

Hip, waist, chest and shoulders turn forward from bottom to top and throw the ball.

Key points of strike training action

Wear gloves before practice to prevent slipping.

The bat is held above the chest, and the width of the feet is wider than the shoulder width.

Make sure to start with your feet and concentrate your whole body energy on the moment of hitting.

Exercise at home does not relax.

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