186 million in 3 years! The Lakers signed another sky-high contract, with an average annual salary of 6200W, the first in history!

186 million in 3 years! The Lakers signed another sky-high contract, with an average annual salary of 6200W, the first in history!

According to media reports, the Los Angeles Lakers signed a sky-high contract again, which attracted everyone’s attention. They have signed a big contract with Anthony Davis, the core of the team, to renew the contract in advance with the highest salary. This contract is $186 million for three years. Although it is not long, the average annual salary is as high as $6,200 W, which has set a new record set by Brown and become the highest annual salary in the new history!

After Davis signed this contract, the five contracts with the highest average annual salary in the history of the league are: Davis ranks first with an annual salary of 6,200 W, Brown ranks second with an average annual salary of 6,070 W, Lillard ranks third with an average annual salary of 5,990 W, Booker ranks fourth with an average annual salary of 5,870 W, and Downs is also tied with Lillard with an average annual salary of 5,870 W. However, with the rising salary cap, these records will soon be broken.

Many fans are discussing whether Davis deserves such a high-paying contract. Let’s look at his performance and data first. In last season’s regular season, Davis played 34 minutes per game, and scored 25.9 points, 12.5 rebounds, 2.6 assists, 1.1 steals and 2.0 blocks. He is one of the best inside players in the league, especially his contribution on the defensive end. In the second half of the season, he helped the team reach the play-offs and reached the playoffs through the play-offs. In the playoffs, Davis averaged 22.6 points, 14.1 rebounds, 2.6 assists, 1.4 steals and 3.1 blocks per game, helping the team to finish the Black Seven and eliminate the Grizzlies in the first round, and then eliminated the defending champion Warriors to reach the Western Conference finals, but in front of the champion team Nuggets, they were not as good as their opponents inside and outside and were eventually swept out.

But on the whole, everyone should be satisfied with the results of the Lakers last season, whether it is the team management or the fans. In the offseason, the Lakers continued to strengthen the lineup. If Davis can continue to be strong and improve in offense, then the Lakers will definitely become one of the favorite teams for the championship next season!

Therefore, before signing this early contract renewal, the authoritative media ESPN reminded that if the Lakers don’t renew Davis now, then he will seek a contract of more than 300 million next year. After all, Brown, the second leader of the Celtics, has signed a sky-high contract of more than five years and 300 million dollars. Obviously, by contrast, Davis’ cost performance will be higher, and the Lakers may not be able to keep Davis at that time.

Many people may be worried about Davis’ glass property, but in fact, he has done well in recent seasons. According to statistics, his total number of appearances in the last seven seasons has reached 400 games, exceeding that of Embiid, Curry, Owen and Durant in the same period, not to mention Leonard, who has only 308 games. So as long as he is not too unlucky and doesn’t often use him to top the other team’s big center, I believe that Davis at his peak can lead the Lakers further.


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