The Lakers offered an offer of $167 million for three years! Target Varan, continue to reinforce?

The Lakers offered an offer of $167 million for three years! Target Varan, continue to reinforce?

According to ESPN reporter Brian Windhost, the Lakers intend to offer anthony davis a three-year contract offer of $167 million. At present, Davis has $83.8 million left in his contract for two years, with an annual salary of $40.6 million and $43.22 million respectively.

This contract renewal is already the biggest contract that the Lakers can give at this stage. But it’s not the biggest contract that Thick Eyebrows can get. The purpose of the Lakers’ offer is to express their attitude. We must keep you.

Although the average salary seems to be not low, the annual salary is more than 50 million US dollars. But now Van fleet can get more than 40 million yuan, and even Jaylen Brown has got a contract with an annual salary of more than 60 million yuan. The healthy thick eyebrows are undoubtedly the top stars in the league and deserve a top salary. Last season, thick eyebrows averaged 25.9 points, 12.5 rebounds, 2.6 assists and 2 blocks per game, ranking first in the league in rebounds, but missed the rebounding king because of insufficient appearances, and ranked second in blocks. In the playoffs, thick eyebrows can be called the first defensive person. It can interfere with opponents’ shots 17.3 times per game, and the shooting percentage of counterpoint players dropped from 50.4% to 45.4%, and the three-point ratio dropped from 36.6% to 30.9%.

But the biggest problem with heavy eyebrows is health.

It’s really amazing when you are healthy, but your body often has problems, which makes you unable to play ball. In the past three seasons, thick eyebrows missed 104 games in the regular season. There are no major injuries, but minor injuries continue. The ups and downs of heavy eyebrows also caused the Lakers’ record to slide continuously. In 2021, the team was out in the first round and the play-offs in 2022 were not made. This year’s thick eyebrows are relatively healthy, and the Lakers’ correct operation before the trading deadline finally made it to the Western Conference as the seventh in the West. However, the influence of James’s game is not as good as before. At this time, it is even more necessary to stand up with thick eyebrows.

The three-year contract, which is close to $170 million, given by the Lakers can leave the peak of the eyebrows in the Lakers. In order to make the heavy eyebrows consume less and have fewer injuries in the regular season, it is very necessary for the Lakers to add a meat shield center. Recently, the Lakers set their sights on their old club with thick eyebrows, that is, Pelican center Varan. At present, the latter’s contract has only one year left, and the Pelican team has also put it on the shelf. At present, they want to send Varan to the Cavaliers or Pistons in exchange for Allen or Stewart. But so far, there is no progress in any transaction, so it is not impossible for the Lakers to win him.

Last season, Varan averaged 14.1 points and 10.2 rebounds per game, shooting 54.7% from the field and shooting 34.9% from the three-pointers. He is a big player with both inside and outside, but the protective frame is almost meaningless. But this, heavy eyebrows can make up for it. Although the Lakers’ newly signed insider Hayes is also a former Pelican player, he is a substitute for Varan, and the overall effect of Varan is definitely better. However, in order to get Varan, the Lakers have to pay some chips, which may be eight villages. However, if you trade Bacunjian for Varan, some of it will not be worth the loss.

But in any case, the Lakers continue to reinforce this matter, and it can’t stop at present.


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