Where is the new ecological artificial intelligence road focusing on AI industry?

Where is the new ecological artificial intelligence road focusing on AI industry?

  On the morning of December 28th, the 2018 People’s Network Artificial Intelligence Partner Conference with the theme of "AI enlightens the future" was held in Beijing. Zhang Qin, member of the Standing Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and former vice chairman of China Association for Science and Technology, Ye Zhenzhen, president of People’s Network, Mars, inspector of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Luo Hua, deputy editor-in-chief of People’s Network, Dewen Li, deputy director of Information Center of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and She Guiqing, vice president of Beijing Internet Court, attended the event. The meeting focused on the great influence of artificial intelligence in economic development and social progress, sharing cutting-edge technologies, exploring commercial applications and looking forward to development prospects, with fruitful results and remarkable effects.

  Mars, inspector of the Information and Software Services Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said in his speech that the development of artificial intelligence in China is in a rare historical opportunity period. From the perspective of policy environment, China has taken a series of measures in scientific research and development, application promotion and industrial development, forming a strong synergy to promote the development of artificial intelligence. From the perspective of development foundation, it has laid a solid foundation for the development of artificial intelligence through in-depth implementation of strategic actions such as "internet plus", speeding up and reducing fees, "Broadband China", integration of industrialization and information technology, and innovative development of industrial Internet. Judging from the market conditions, China’s advantages as a big country and a big market have been brought into full play in the Internet era, which has directly spawned and cultivated a number of enterprises with international influence and competitiveness, and created favorable conditions for the development of artificial intelligence in terms of talents, technology and business models.

  During the activity, People’s Network Artificial Intelligence Research Institute was formally established. Luo Hua, deputy editor-in-chief of People’s Daily Online, said at the inauguration ceremony that the establishment of the research institute is a useful attempt to combine scientific research, investment and media business, which will not only help People’s Daily Online to carry out in-depth cooperation with relevant institutions in the industry in the future, but also help the competent authorities to better promote the development of the industry and industry enterprises to better carry out related businesses. By building a research platform, on the one hand, we can recruit talents and gather wisdom from many sides to make suggestions for the development and application of technology; On the other hand, it can also effectively integrate all kinds of resources, thus cultivating or incubating high-quality projects and gestating opportunities for People’s Network to carry out strategic mergers and acquisitions in the field of artificial intelligence.

  Luo Hua introduced that the next step of the research institute will give full play to the advantages of resource integration, build an industry research platform, make use of the influence and communication power of People’s Network, widely gather experts from all walks of life in politics, industry, learning and research, conduct in-depth research in scientific research institutes, industry frontline and competent departments, organize academic exchanges and seminars on a regular basis, analyze the problems and difficulties in the development of artificial intelligence in China, profoundly sum up existing experiences and lessons, build a communication bridge between industry, scientific research and decision-making, and optimize the top level for the central government.

  Zhang Qin, member of the Standing Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, former vice chairman of China Association for Science and Technology, Professor Tsinghua University and academician of the International Institute of Nuclear Energy, gave a keynote speech at the meeting. He believed that the safety of nuclear power plants was very important, and it was necessary to conduct regular, high-frequency and strict troubleshooting of equipment failures. In order to solve the problem that false signals interfere with the fault diagnosis of nuclear power plants, we can use artificial intelligence technology to help workers judge faults, deal with them correctly and control risks. The dynamic uncertain causality diagram can solve the problems of uncertainty, dynamic characteristics, false signals and so on by analyzing the causal relationship between variables and components of industrial systems.

  He said that artificial intelligence is at the third peak of development. Although there are some bubbles, it has made substantial progress in general and is being combined with the real economy. However, he also pointed out that although the big data that the industry is currently concerned about can be statistically analyzed, it is only a part of artificial intelligence, and the two cannot be treated equally.

  Fu Sheng, CEO of Cheetah Mobile, pointed out in his keynote speech that since the rise of artificial intelligence, commercialization has always been an important issue in the artificial intelligence industry. He believes that there is a big gap from the emergence of a new technology to the landing of products and finally to the formation of industrialization. However, with the help and guidance of the state, the technology substitution may be shortened. At present, many companies talk about bottom-level innovation, but at least it seems difficult to achieve it now. On the contrary, there is a great chance to do a good job in the industry. "This is also an opportunity for small companies to achieve overtaking in corners."

  At the meeting, Lenovo Group, Microsoft, Cheetah Mobile, Iflytek, Jianan Yunzhi, Mingluo Data, Alibaba Cloud, Yunzhisheng, Shangtang Technology, CMB International, Xunlei Group, Defiance Technology, Huiju.com, CCID Research Institute, Guoxin Fund, Analysys, Teslink, Squirrel AI, homework help, New World and Shengzhe Technology participated in People’s Network Artificial Intelligence. In the next step, People’s Daily will promote the formation of a multi-functional business structure of media, technology, capital and scientific research in the field of artificial intelligence, and carry out extensive and in-depth business cooperation with more partners from all walks of life at home and abroad.

  In the round-table dialogue session, the guests discussed from three aspects: capital, technology and application, and deeply analyzed the opportunities and challenges of the next development of artificial intelligence.

  In recent years, the valuation of artificial intelligence enterprises has been rising. Regarding whether there is a bubble in the market, Zhao Yahui, general manager of People’s Venture Capital, believes that the market bubble is just the turning point of the industry, and from the past law, any emerging industry needs to go through the process from birth to outbreak. Song Chunyu, vice president of Lenovo Group, believes that the bubble in the artificial intelligence market mainly comes from the public’s expectation of its future development prospects.

  Lian Suping, member of the Management Committee and vice president of China Merchants International Finance Co., Ltd., also expressed optimism about the future development of artificial intelligence. She believes that the scientific and technological strength based on Internet big data has been formed, and the cold winter of capital cannot hinder the development of artificial intelligence. Tian Feng, senior strategic director of Alibaba Cloud Research Center, said that what remained after the bubble was just needed, and just needed can create value for the industry. Yu Yang, chairman and CEO of Analysys, put forward from the practical point of view of data intelligence company that grasping the needs of users and creating value for customers is more conducive to the growth of enterprises.

  At present, artificial intelligence has gradually become a topic of the whole people, and it has gone deep into financial, government, education and other industries, bringing many changes to the lives of ordinary people. In this context, the industry has different views on whether the development trend of artificial intelligence technology is to run in small steps or to subvert and reshape. In this regard, Cui Jing, deputy director of the Institute of Electronic Standardization of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that the development direction of artificial intelligence technology at this stage is still inconclusive. Liang Jiaen, chairman of Yunzhisheng, believes that the current knowledge and big data have not been well combined, and there are still many problems in the application field of artificial intelligence. Xie Yinan, vice president of Defiance Technology, said frankly that despite the rapid development of AI applications, its technical system development has not yet achieved subversive innovation. Grace Wai Wong, vice president of Iflytek Consumer Business Group and general manager of Hearing Technology, also said that algorithmic intelligence, perceptual intelligence, sports intelligence and cognitive intelligence are still in the era of weak artificial intelligence. Ceng Min, senior R&D director of Microsoft Xiaobing in Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Institute, suggested that AI needs to solve infrastructure problems, and the maturity of technology should be measured by the number of actual cases.

  Regarding the application of artificial intelligence, Li Yazhou, co-founder of Machine Heart, said that medical care +AI will be very popular in the future, security +AI will also be very popular, and AI will also have a strong ability to change other industries. Xie Chao, vice president of TESLIN, believes that the application path of artificial intelligence is "+AI", and the core driving force for the progress and development of science and technology is to integrate with the industry. Liujing, vice president of Mingluo Data, distinguishes between "AI+" and "+AI". The essence of the former is super artificial intelligence or general artificial intelligence, and its foundation is technology-driven; The latter is industry artificial intelligence, based on industry and domain knowledge. Zhang Li, vice president of Jianan Yunzhi, said that whether it is "AI+" or "+AI", artificial intelligence will be realized at multiple levels and structures in the end. It is suggested that the industry should combine the cloud and the end to have a truly complete closed loop. Yang Xin, vice president of Huiju.com, believes that the most suitable application scenario is the key. From the user’s point of view, "+AI" and "AI+" are both means and paths. Jin Jun, CMO of Shangtang Technology, thinks that no matter "+AI" or "AI+", it means that AI cannot exist alone. AI itself is not a useful industry, only by attaching it to a certain industry,It is the time when AI really works when it has a polymerization effect with this industry.


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