After 9 years, the Asian Youth Championship group qualified! A light in the dark night of China football.

After 9 years, the Asian Youth Championship group qualified! A light in the dark night of China football.

  BEIJING, Beijing, March 9 th: After 9 years, the Asian Youth Championship Group qualified! A light in the dark night of China football.

  Reporter Bian Liqun

  In the U20 Asian Cup group match, which ended on the evening of 9th Beijing time, the U20 national football team played Kyrgyzstan 1-1 and successfully qualified from the "group of death". This is the U20 national football team reaching the U20 Asian Cup knockout round again after 9 years.

  For China football in the valley, it is undoubtedly an invaluable light in the dark night.

  Competition progress

  This game is still quite thrilling. The opening ceremony of Kyrgyzstan U20 posed several threats. It wasn’t until the 19th minute of the game that China shot a slightly threatening shot, and Eiffel turned around and attacked the goal in the restricted area, slightly higher than the crossbar.

  In the 30th minute, Kyrgyzstan set the ball, but the close header in front of Brauzman didn’t reach it, so China dodged a bullet.

  Yi Bian fought again. In the 49th minute, Brauzman pushed the goal, but the offside goal was invalid.

  In the 59th minute, the passive China team took the lead in breaking the deadlock! China fought back, Buick Berdinov made an own goal in the process of clearance, and China led 1-0!

  In the 87th minute, China missed the goal in the counter-attack. In turn, Kyrgyzstan scored a quick counter-attack, and China scored 1-1 in Kyrgyzstan. In the end, this score was difficult to maintain until the end.

  Re-qualify after 9 years

  As Japanese U20 beat Saudi U20 2-1 in the same group, China scored 4 points in the group stage, with 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss, and qualified as the second group. In the previous two group matches, the U20 national football team was reversed by Japan 1-2 and defeated Saudi Arabia 2-0.

  Whether it is the process or the result, this is a happy result. Since the U20 national football team, represented by Wei Shihao, reached the Asian Youth Championship (U20 Asian Cup) in 2014, the China team has not qualified for 2016 and 2018.

  In the 2020 Asian Youth Championship, China suffered the first missed trough in 25 years, but the Asian Youth Championship was later cancelled due to the epidemic.

  In this Asian Youth Championship, China stumbled through the preliminaries, but fell into the "death group" where Japan and Saudi Arabia were located, and its prospects became even more bleak.

  It is precisely these factors that make people feel extremely happy even if the U20 national football team is "only" qualified for the Asian Youth Championship, and it has successively made headlines and hot searches in major media.

  Of course, there are also different voices that this is an accidental event of "eating jiaozi", which is due to luck, and what’s more, it has come up with a cynical "traditional artistic ability".

  Then ask, isn’t one of the great charms of football accidental? Otherwise, why is Saudi Arabia still talking about winning Argentina in the World Cup? If you can’t be happy if you win or lose, what’s the point of football? Simply make a spittoon to abuse and vent?

  At present, the strength of China football is indeed limited, but it is worthy of applause to be the best under limited conditions, which is not limited to the U20 national football team, but also to the national football team and the women’s football team in China.

  Give a sample of China football.

  Of course, over-belittling and over-flattering are not conducive to the current football in China. At this stage, we still need to be rational and pragmatic. This U20 under Antonio also fully embodies this point.

  Although the tactic of "swinging the bus" was adopted and the ball was handed over to the opponent, it was not for the sake of swinging the bus.

  We can see the adjustment of the defensive level and formation, the aggressiveness in the rush, the routine of counterattack, including the design of the set-pieces, and we can still see some skills. It is already very successful to achieve such an effect under the existing team.

  Coupled with the vigor, the players carried out the tactics well. Whether against Japan or Saudi Arabia, which is stronger than themselves, the boys of the China team always fought and were not defeated.

  This has also set a good example for China football. In the face of strong players in the international arena, it is not just passive beatings. We can find a way that suits us and compete to a certain extent.

  In addition, Eiffel, Mutalifu and Hu Hetao, who performed well in this U20 national football team, also showed the importance of the league. They all made progress under the struggle of the Super League last season. Can withstand the critical moment in the U20 national football team.

  After entering the knockout stage, on the evening of 12th, Beijing time, the U20 national football team will play against South Korea. The opponents had previously drawn U20 in Oman, Jordan and Tajikistan at 4:0, 2:0 and 0:0 respectively.

  Fight hard, catch up, China boys continue to refuel! (End)


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