Summer in the "Summer" Township | Spend a sauna day and meet the "Arctic Village" in Wuhan.

Summer in the "Summer" Township | Spend a sauna day and meet the "Arctic Village" in Wuhan.

avoid/escape summer heat
Xiaxiang town
The countryside of Wuhan is 5℃ lower.

The air here is free and fresh.

There are distant mountains and smoke, dogs and fields.

height of summer

A visit to the countryside in Wuhan with a summer temperature of 5℃

First stop
Huangpi liujiashan village
Cool heart and lungs, Wuhan "North Pole"

Liujiashan Village, Caidian Street, huangpi district is located at an altitude of 806 meters.Among the mountains.Green and cool, it is the tallest, northernmost and most remote village in Wuhan, and is called the "Arctic Village" in Wuhan.

The original ecology is the biggest feature of the local natural environment. In summer, the temperature here is 6-8 degrees lower than that in downtown Wuhan, which is a good place for summer in rural Wuhan.

If this title is not enough for you to locate its coordinates and mention "Qingliangzhai", everyone should know!

At the top of Qingliangzhai, you will enter the village even if you pass through the archway of "hometown of the top scholar, Liujiashan Village"!

There is a mirror-like lake in the village, clear and clean, which is the result of careful care by the villagers.

Most of the retro buildings along the lake are Huizhou style with white walls and blue tiles. The landscape in front of the house is strewn at random with green plants, which is hidden among the green mountains and green waters, and it is full of refreshing meaning.

Every summer vacation, there will be a wave of summer tourists in the village. Most of them are old people with their grandchildren. Some choose to stay in the farmhouse for a short time, while others choose to rent a farmhouse for a comfortable summer.

Take a walk along the plank road in the middle of the lake, blow the mountain lake wind, find enthusiastic old people in the village and ask the historical story of the Qing Dynasty Jinshi.

There is also an excellent viewing platform on the top of the mountain, watching the sunrise and sunset and watching the stars move. Standing on the platform, you can still blow the wind from your neighbor Xiaogan ~

Looking back at Liu Jiashan, the villagers are rich and peaceful. Who would have thought that it was once a poor and backward ravine ~

When talented people return home, the countryside changes dramatically.

In 2004, Yi Youqing, an "able man of Huangpi", came to Liujiashan Village to develop tourism. He invested 40 million yuan to build leisure resorts and scenic spots in Qingliang Village, an old tea plantation in Liujiashan Village, and rebuilt the houses in Liujiashan Village to keep its original quaint appearance.

After the transformation, Liujiashan Village has become a beautiful water town in the deep mountains. The scenic spot also excavates the history of Liu Binshi, the ancestor of Liujiashan Village, who took the second place in the Qing Dynasty’s scientific research, and deduces such scenic spots as Shuxiang River, Zhuangyuan Bridge, Jintu Bridge, Reading Pavilion, and Cowherd’s Cave.

Nowadays, villagers are either hired as employees in scenic spots, or open farmhouses or set up stalls to sell local products. Every household has a tourist meal. In the past, poor and backward mountain villages wereRural construction has experienced gorgeous transformation in more than ten years!

The old stone road between the cottages and the "old house" that is 100 years old have witnessed the transformation of Liujiashan Village.

Get out of the urban heat island and come to the village for the summer!


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