Where can I go to cool off in a sauna day? These places in Xuhui let you embrace a cool summer!

Where can I go to cool off in a sauna day? These places in Xuhui let you embrace a cool summer!

    It is an eternal theme in summer to enjoy the cool and escape the heat.

Trees are dancing, birds are chirping,

There is a school in Xuhui parks.

The cool beauty of green waves,

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Let’s take a look at these good places to enjoy the scenery and enjoy the cool!

part 01

Xujiahui Park

summer 2023 /

Strolling by Huijin Lake, we can see the trees are shaded, the springs are tinkling, black swans and groups of koi fish are swimming and playing leisurely on the lake, and some tourists sit around and take a nap in under the greenwood tree, while others play Tai Chi for fitness. Leaves swaying gently in the breeze, like singing a moving song, are cool and green as far as you can see.

part 02

Guangqi park

The grass is long and the fish is shallow. The sleeping lotus pond in Guangqi Park reflects the grass and trees on the shore. It is popular on the water and cool. Walking along the path in the garden, you can only hear birds chirping and make people feel the summer heat disappear.

part 03


The Kangjian Garden is shaded by trees, with winding roads, and the bamboo forests and trees on both sides are lush and distinct, which not only provides shade from the sun, but also has a good taste. The pond in the garden with clear water like a mirror isolates the transpiration of the summer heat. Visitors can exercise in twos and threes or enjoy the scenery, as if the hot summer day has gone, and only feel extremely comfortable coolness.

part 04

guilin park

Walking through the quaint small bridge in Guilin Park, the sun shines on the lake through the trees to form mottled light and shadow. The pavilion and the green trees set off each other, providing a place for the surrounding residents to enjoy the cool in summer. Several lotus flowers in the pond in the park seize the time to bloom their own beauty, fragrant and refreshing.

part 05

Dongan park

The dense canopy of Dongan Park is intertwined in the air, and the water surface is also dyed cool green. The park is lush with vegetation, and the breeze blows and rustles, forming an extended picture with the rippling pond. Even without air conditioning, the green eyes can make you feel cool.

part 06

xiang yang park

The trees in Xiangyang Park are flourishing, and the green leaves are like a propped-up green velvet umbrella, which shields tourists from the hot sun. The flower beds and fountains in the park tinkle with water, which soothes people’s restless hearts, and keeps them away from the hustle and bustle, leaving at dusk. The four seasons are different and the joy is endless.

part 07

Hengshan park

As soon as I walked into Hengshan Park, I was greeted with green eyes, accompanied by cicadas, and it seemed that I could hear my footsteps clearly and feel my breath. When the shade of grass wins the flowers, I strolled along the path and enjoyed the coolness.

The breeze dissipates the heat, and summer is long.

Come to Xuhui Park to embrace a cool summer!

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