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Lu Jufang collects table tennis apprentices in New Zealand.

Wang Chen has a table tennis club in the United States.

Table tennis that won China the reputation of "national ball"   

It can be said that with the completion of novel and unique venues, the smooth recruitment of volunteers, and the appearance of mascots, medals and torches, the pace of the Olympic Games is getting closer and closer to us. at the same time,For every athlete, participating in the Olympic Games is probably the most important and meaningful thing in his life.For Wang Chen, who retired from the Chinese national table tennis team seven years ago and immigrated to the United States,2008The significance of the Beijing Olympics is even more different.Although he is over 30 years old, Wang Chen’s impact on the Olympic Games is not weak. Because of her nervous preparations for the Olympic Games, Wang Chen had no time to face the media. However, American Chinese TV reporters managed to find her.

Like every immigrant, in the early days of coming to the United States, Wang Chen will inevitably face the differences in language and culture and the hardships of starting a business. However, the self-confidence and indomitable spirit given to her by her sports career made her bravely rush all the way. After coming to the United States for seven years, Wang Chen not only continued her sports career, but also completed the transformation of various roles. What’s more, she also gained a sweet love.

   The Beijing Olympic Games not only makes the athletes look forward to it, but also the coaches are full of expectations, especially the Chinese coaches employed by various countries are even more excited. In Auckland Table Tennis Club, New Zealand, there is a Chinese coach, Lu Jufang, who once trained nine world champions in China and now has an apprentice in New Zealand. He decided to carry forward China’s national table tennis.

   For overseas Chinese, it is not only Chinese athletes who want to participate in the Beijing Olympic Games, but also many Chinese friends may have the idea that they will be witnesses of this historic moment in person. Besides buying tickets to watch the game on the spot, there are actually many ways to become part of this sports event. In today’s program, we will tell you about the ways to get in touch with the Beijing Olympic Games:

Besides the athletes and spectators, the closest people to the stadium are the Olympic staff and volunteers. Being a volunteer for the Beijing Olympic Games is actually the dream of many friends. At present,2008The recruitment of all kinds of volunteers for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games has been fully carried out. According to the regulations of BOCOG, the deadline for registration of Games-time volunteers is2008yearthreeMonth, and the recruitment work will be on2008yearfiveCompleted in June. Overseas Chinese friends can visit the following up, or call the volunteer hotline of BOCOG for details.

Before the official start of the Olympic Games, there is another job that is both sacred and meaningful. That is the torch relay of the Olympic Games. At present, the selection of torchbearers and runners for the Beijing Olympic Games is also under way. Delivered outside China2480Among the torchbearers, the Olympic committees of the relay cities and countries or regions have mastered nearly.80% quota. Therefore, if overseas Chinese friends want to be torchbearers, they should pay more attention to the selection information of the local Olympic Committee.

2008The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games has brought together the hearts of overseas Chinese all over the world, and they are making their own contributions to the Olympic Games in various ways. This includes the efforts of a Chinese designer. Perhaps many viewers don’t know, in fact, the Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube are both concentrated in a big Olympic Park, and the designer of this park is a Chinese. Let’s get to know him now.

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