The awkward game "Destiny’s Child" suddenly died? The game was closed as soon as it was updated, and the player spit Tencent’s intervention.

The awkward game "Destiny’s Child" suddenly died? The game was closed as soon as it was updated, and the player spit Tencent’s intervention.

Hello, everyone, this is the surprise game, and I’m the little brother.

Basically, all games in China are shut down in one operation, that is, sending out the gift package of their own games and deleting all the players’ data. Players can basically only keep some screenshots and videos recorded by themselves.

Recently, South Korea’s first-hand tour stopped running, which made something different. They left some content to the players.

Recently, the well-known Korean mobile game "Destiny’s Child" has been suspended. The Hanbok, Japanese and international versions of the game will be suspended on September 21 this year. The official reason for the suspension is that the game has been in operation for more than 6 years, and now it is difficult to continue to bring better game experience to players, so I decided to close the service.

Destiny’s Child is a work developed by Shift Up, which was jointly established by Jin Hengtai, the artistic director of Sword Spirit, and his wife Cai Zhilun. Although Shift Up’s first work "Destiny’s Child" is a simple card game, it has gained great popularity with its super-tempting picture. In that year, the number of appointments in South Korea was 930,000, and later Japanese clothes easily broke through one million.

The suspension of Destiny’s Child was very sudden, because there was a wave of updates on the day of the game, and many new fashions and activities were launched, so some netizens on the outside network broke the news, and even some employees of Shift Up were suddenly notified that the game was suspended.

Although Destiny’s Child stopped working suddenly, the official gave the player a very good explanation. The official said that there will be an online concert for players to have a final aftertaste. In addition, a "commemorative" APP will be made, and players can synchronize the relevant data of their accounts into the APP, so that players can continue to soak in hot springs and enjoy the plot and wives.

Words so advanced, this … Can be regarded as a data crystal coffin.

This move can be described as very wonderful, players don’t have to feel bad about their years of efforts, and game companies don’t have to bear extra operating expenses.

Players are very sad about this sudden outage. Some players said that I will never know the ending, and my wife will sleep forever. Some players also said that although I am very sad, can I transfer the diamonds that have not been consumed in the game to the popular game "Goddess of Victory" of Shift Up? There are also players who lament that when a company has another game that is more popular, the game that is not popular is the end.

There are also players who find it hard to accept, indicating that the interface has been remade and a new BOSS has been added, which makes him think that this will be a new beginning. Some players also said that the epidemic has been going on for three years, but now it is cold. This is because Shift Up has been transformed after Tencent became a shareholder. He suspects that Tencent has intervened in the operation of the game.

Here, I would like to mention that Tencent is the second largest shareholder of Shift Up, with a 20% stake.

Xiao di bi LV gong: Although there are many players who spit Shift Up and forget the righteousness, it is probably the way to open another APP to appease the players’ emotions. Therefore, many players expressed their gratitude to Destiny’s Child for its companionship over the years, and thanked everyone who participated in the game production.

A positive question:Why do you think Destiny’s Child suddenly stopped?


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