Bai Yansong: Are soccer and soccer the same sport in China?

Bai Yansong: Are soccer and soccer the same sport in China?

On July 19th, Bai Yansong paid attention to the "football road, how should China go?" in CCTV’s "News 1+1" program. Among them, the golden sentence is constant. Some words may sound a little harsh, but we can understand the helplessness of many experienced fans who can only have fun in the midst of years of pursuing love and constant loss. The so-called "love is deep and responsibility is urgent".

Let’s listen to what Yansong said ~

"I don’t want to talk about China football and everyone laughs."

When it comes to football in China, everyone will be happy and tell many jokes. In fact, I don’t want everyone to laugh when talking about China football, but China football has tortured fans for so many years, and I think we have some capital to laugh now. What can we do if we don’t smile?

But we really don’t want to laugh. We really want China football to develop better. But how to develop?

"How can China football develop without a stadium and a good coach?"

There is a survey: What do you think is the most important thing for China football to be strong? I think two figures are too low: 3% people choose.Build more stadiums, and 3% of people choose.Training of grass-roots coachesThis ratio is too low.

Let’s take a look at the goal of China Football Association: to expand the training scale of coaches year by year. By 2020, the total number of certified coaches in China will reach 70,000. Note that it is to strive to achieve it by 2020, which is quite different from the fact that 100 children in Iceland may have a good coach to take care of them.

There are also people who study football in China now, but after graduating in four years, they can’t get a certificate, and then they may be assigned to a school and stop teaching football and become ordinary physical education teachers.

Without a stadium and a good coach, it is almost impossible to make football in China the same sport as football.

"Playing football well has nothing to do with the population."

I often hear people in China say that 1.4 billion people can’t find 11 players. The four most populous countries in the world rank first in China, second in India, third in the United States and fourth in Indonesia. Except for the United States, which often enters the World Cup, the remaining three countries are not good at playing football, so it has nothing to do with the population.

What does that have to do with anything? CCTV 5, the sports channel, made a 20-episode feature film called Football Road before the World Cup. Frankly speaking, after the World Cup, I watched it again, and I saw that my blood was boiling and I often became very quiet. How about football in China? Is China football and football a sport after all, and how can they become the same sport?

"The goal of the national team competition in 2018 has almost not been completed."

Next, let’s look at the goals of the national team. The Chinese Football Association’s Action Plan for 2020 has drawn up three goals for the national team in 2018:

The goal of FIFA U20 World Cup was to strive to participate, but I didn’t go.;

FIFA U17′ s goal was to compete, but it didn’t go.;

The goal of U23 Asian Championship was to enter the top eight, but failed.!

In other words, the goal of the 2018 competition was almost not completed. The goal of the 2019 competition is to enter the top four of the Asian Cup. Can it be completed? Frankly, I’m not optimistic.

"We don’t want to be people who tell jokes about China football."

I really hope that all football players in China can take a good look at the 20 episodes of Football Road on Sports Channel. After reading it, we will all be the beneficiaries. We don’t want to be people who tell jokes about football in China. Frankly speaking, how lively the World Cup is, we are just passers-by, just a group of spectators. Only when China football is really well done and China football and football become the same sport, will we be really happy.

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