Football enters the era of big data. China sports should practice the basic skills of the new era.

Football enters the era of big data. China sports should practice the basic skills of the new era.

  Football enters the era of big data (Dazhao Review)

  Three days ago, Shandong Luneng Taishan professional football club management information system based on big data entered a new stage of version 3.0, and once again took the lead in football management concepts and innovations in the new era.

  Since 2015, Shandong Luneng Taishan Club has extensively learned from the research results in the field of global football big data, and continuously improved the level of data mining, analysis and application. Through more than two years of efforts, it has established an information management system including 10 modules including teams, players, competitions, training, medical care and public opinion.

  At the same time, China Football Association has also made plans for the construction of information management system and accelerated its implementation. This is an important measure to change the backward appearance of football in China and meet the needs of the public for football development.

  Today’s society has entered the era of knowledge economy with information technology as the core, and informatization has become a booster to promote national economic and social development. To improve the overall level of football and sports in China in many aspects, it is necessary to be good at obtaining data, analyzing data and using data. Football managers at all levels should also strengthen their study, understand big data, make good use of big data, enhance their ability to use data to promote training and management, improve the efficiency of talent training, and reduce the blindness and deviation of football market operation.

  Although the concept of big data has been put forward for nearly 10 years, it is still a new thing to become a new stage of information development. China football’s understanding and cognition of this is still in the initial state. It is very gratifying that Shandong Luneng Taishan Club has taken the lead, and it will certainly benefit more than one club. The strategic significance of big data technology is not to master huge data information, but to professionally process these data and realize the "value-added" of data through "processing". It is a means to develop the cause and improve the level. Information system can’t directly improve the level of football in China, but ignoring information or staying in the old view of the role of information can’t meet the new needs of football development.

  Objective data and scientific analysis are the key functions and values of information systems. On the other hand, if the data is untrue and the analysis is unscientific, then the misleading disaster may be very terrible. Football is originally a highly socialized sport, and big data is the product of the open era. Any idea of being closed and exclusive is incomprehensible to big data. The management information system of Shandong Luneng Taishan Club was established with the cooperation of many domestic and foreign partners.

  Please cherish this scientific and technological progress and major breakthrough. Football in China has caught up with the new era. In the face of this new topic in the field of football, even if it is slightly behind, it is much smaller than the gap in football competition, and the confidence in catching up with and surpassing the advanced level in the world should be much greater.


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