No renewal! CBA champion was swept out of the house and was a star of hope two years ago.

No renewal! CBA champion was swept out of the house and was a star of hope two years ago.

Fujian team is one of the most active teams in the offseason this year, and it is reinforced in a large area! Zou Yang, Zhao Yiming from Shenzhen team, Li Zhanglin from Shanxi team and Yang Ali from Beijing team were all very young players with great potential. Zou Yang is 1.98 meters tall, and his defense is good. His offensive end is mainly empty-cut, and his shooting is average, which is very similar to Zhai Xiaochuan’s style. Zhao Yiming scored 30+ in the league last summer, but he didn’t get any chances in Shenzhen. Li Zhanglin is the third overall pick in the CBA draft in 2021, a striker with a height of 2.03 meters. He used to be the scoring champion in CUBA history and didn’t get any chance in Shanxi team. Yang Ali is a small defender who dares to fight and fight, and he can’t get any chances in the Beijing team. I hope these young players can break out in Fujian next season.

?Wang Yixiong, the top pick of Fujian team, has a two-year rookie contract expired. Now there are Wang Huadong, Zou Yang, Li Zhanglin, Zhao Yiming and others in the frontcourt of Fujian team. Wang Yixiong will not be renewed and will be swept out of the house.

Wang Yixiong was the No.1 in the CBA draft in 2021. At that time, Fujian team was full of expectations for Wang Yixiong and trained him as a star of hope. The rookie season hasn’t started yet. Just arrived in Fujian to report that Wang Yixiong was injured in training and only played 10 games last season. This season, Wang Yixiong is in good physical condition, basically playing the whole season, averaging 18 minutes, getting 4.1 points and 2.5 rebounds, shooting 39.7% from the field, 33% from three-pointers and 41% from free throws. Such data is really hard to get! As an inside player, his overall shooting percentage is 40%, and his free throw percentage is only 41%. His basic skills are too poor. Although Wang Yixiong is physically strong, his skills are rough and his finishing ability is poor.

Wang Yixiong and another No.1 scholar, Jun Xuan, both went to the United States to play in high school. Both of them are from California State University of NCAA, and it is precisely because of their experience in studying abroad that they became the No.1 scholar. Many players studying abroad participated in the CBA draft, except Wang Yixiong, Qu Junxuan and Sun Siyao, but they didn’t play, and they were on the verge of leaving CBA.


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