80 million to 40 million! The Manchester United captain was badly sold, so it would be nice to give it to Mu Shuai.

80 million to 40 million! The Manchester United captain was badly sold, so it would be nice to give it to Mu Shuai.

Although Tenghahe has never revealed Maguire’s future in public, many media have said that Maguire, the current Manchester United captain who once created a sky-high transfer fee of 80 million pounds, has a high probability of leaving Old Trafford, and Manchester United’s asking price has also been reduced to 40 million.

Maguire has only made 15 appearances in the Premier League this season, starting only seven times. The problem is that Maguire has been unable to adjust his state, and Tenghahe is extremely stubborn and will not change tactics just for Maguire.

As a captain, Maguire lacks competition time. He should try to leave Manchester United for another club to revive his career for the sake of his career. If Maguire can’t become the main force, southgate will have to bear great pressure when he recruits Maguire.

Maguire is the victim of Manchester United’s chaotic system. He is only 30 years old this year, which is arguably the best age for central defenders. All changes have their roots.

In his first two years at Manchester United, he was the most reliable central defender in Manchester United, with few mistakes and few injuries. At that time, the most talked about by Manchester United fans was who to partner with Maguire to improve Manchester United’s defense.

In the past, Manchester United once relied on the counterattack system, and Maguire was one of the most reliable players in this system.

Subsequently, from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to Tenhah, Manchester United put the tactical focus on the high position to force the grab. Maguire, who turned slowly, became the focus of the breakthrough. For a time, all the teams found that the most appropriate tactic in the face of Manchester United’s new system was to defend and counterattack, and constantly forced Maguire to make him make mistakes.

Although he always likes to show off his feet, Maguire prefers the traditional central defender and is suitable for low-post defense. Maguire is actually not suitable for Manchester United’s football style. Modern high-position grabbing and ball control will cover up his advantages and amplify his shortcomings.

Just like Samuel, going to Real Madrid was full of loopholes, and playing low-post defense in Rome and Inter Milan was definitely a needle in the sea.

Although always poking fun at the aircraft carrier, Maguire definitely has a team to go to the Premier League crouching team, Serie A and even thighs. If Mourinho’s hands, such a big gate squatting in the backcourt, the picture dare not think, Maguire and Mourinho can be said to be a perfect match.

At present, it seems that Maguire can’t play in the giants, because the giants have to play high positions to force and oppress, and Maguire can only squat.

No one denies that Maguire really brought the team’s defense well in the first two seasons. When I first came here, full attendance also made a lot of contributions. Now I am in a bad state, but I have no complaints about replacing the captain and the national team’s thigh, no matter what.# Manchester United #Or Maguire, it’s a win-win situation to get together and part now.


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