Premier League: Nottingham Forest 1-0 Arsenal Manchester City won the championship ahead of schedule and Nottingham Forest relegated successfully.

Premier League: Nottingham Forest 1-0 Arsenal Manchester City won the championship ahead of schedule and Nottingham Forest relegated successfully.

At 00:30 on May 21st, Beijing time, in the 37th round of Premier League, Arsenal challenged Nottingham Forest away. In the first half, Odegard made a return error, Awoniyi scored the first goal, and it was difficult for Arsenal to break the dense defense. In the second half, neither side achieved anything. At the end of the game, Nottingham Forest beat Arsenal 1-0 at home, Nottingham Forest relegated ahead of schedule and Manchester City won the championship ahead of schedule.

Before the game, if Arsenal can’t win this game, it will completely lose the hope of winning the championship, and Manchester City will win the championship ahead of schedule; Nottingham forest is three points above the relegation zone to fight for relegation.

In the 5th minute, Jesus was put down by his opponent in the restricted area, but the referee didn’t say so.

In the 7th minute, Gibbs-White passed viol with speed, and the cross was blocked by Gabriel.

In the 11th minute, Trossat made a straight header, and Saka’s shot was destroyed by navas.

In the 13th minute, when Odegard slipped, he overwhelmed Nyahart, who fell to the ground in pain, and the team doctor came in for treatment.

In the 17th minute, Saka kicked the corner from the right, and Zaka headed the ball higher than the crossbar.

In the 19th minute, Arsenal made a mistake in passing the ball in the midfield, Gibbs White advanced at high speed, and scored the ball on the right side of the restricted area. Avonii followed up and pushed the goal! Forest 1-0 Arsenal!

In the 25th minute, Avoni Icahn pushed Gabriel down, and the former got the first yellow card.

The 27th minute, Arsenal corner kick opportunity, Trossat volley hit the door and missed the target.

In the 34th minute, he almost gave a gift. Amsdale made a mistake, and the linesman raised the flag to indicate offside.

In the 43rd minute, Saka made an oblique long pass to the restricted area from the right, but unfortunately, his teammates didn’t understand and the ball went straight out of the bottom line.

In the 45th minute, Nyahart got a yellow card for delaying time.

Four minutes in the first half.

The 45th+4th minute, Arsenal’s right corner kick, Saka opened, and Trossat’s long-range shot directly hit the stands.

Half-time score: Nottingham Forest 1-0 Arsenal.

In the 47th minute, Felipe’s low shot in the restricted area was saved by Amsdale from the middle of the forest.

In the 54th minute, voller pulled down Jesus in the restricted area, but the referee didn’t show it and gave the complaining Jesus a yellow card.

In the 60th minute, he finally hit the right shot. Ben White picked the restricted area, and Jesus hit the door and was saved by navas.

In the 62nd minute, a series of corner kicks ended with Jesus kicking down Danilo.

In the 67th minute, Thomas stopped the ball and was broken. Gibbs-White took it into the restricted area and shot it from a small angle to the left and hit the side net.

In the 77th minute, let’s fall for it … Gabriel and Gibbs-White had an argument because of a defense, and the players of both sides pulled apart in time and the game was suspended. Gabriel and Gibbs-White each got a yellow card.

In the 83rd minute, the camera was given to Ai Du, the technical director of Arsenal who was on the sidelines.

In the 88th minute, Yates and Saka fell to the ground and the game was suspended. The former quickly got up and delayed the time and tactics.

Injury time in the second half is 7 minutes.

In the 94th minute, Vieira made a direct pass to the ribs, and Odegard’s long-range shot missed the baseline.

In the 95th minute, navas simply let his teammates serve the gateball.

In the 96th minute, navas put the ball under his body and couldn’t afford to fall to the ground, signaling the team doctor to enter the field.

In the 98th minute, navas was injured and Hennessy came off the bench.

Full score: Nottingham Forest 1-0 Arsenal.

Arsenal starters: 1- Ramsdale, 4- Benwhite, 6- Gabriel, 15- Ki viol (61’3- Thirny), 34- Zaka (61’14- Enkaitia), 5- Thomas, 8- Odegard, 20- jorginho, 7- Saka, 9- Jesus, and 9-Saka.

Arsenal substitutes: 30- Matt Turner, 16- Holding, 97- Walters, 10- Smith Rowe, 41- Bandeira, 85- Dubori.

Nottingham Forest starting: 12- navas (98’13- Hennessy), 4- voller, 19- Nyahart, 38- Felipe (80’30- Boli), 5- Mangala, 22- Yates, 24- hollier, 32- Lodi, 9- Awoniyi (79

Nottingham Forest substitutes: 15- Tovro, 23- Froule, 16- Suric, 25- Dennis, 34- Andre Ayu.


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