The "Wandering Earth" roadshow continues at the age of 65, Wu Mengda insists on hanging Weiya by himself

The "Wandering Earth" roadshow continues at the age of 65, Wu Mengda insists on hanging Weiya by himself

1905 movie network news A few days ago, the film’s national college roadshow set off in full swing. On the 25th, the film’s main creators appeared in Guangzhou and Xi’an in two ways to share the film’s shooting process and feelings with the students. The students at the roadshow were full of "burning" and the atmosphere was warm. They expressed their feelings for the film and the creator’s "stubborn to the end" belief and spirit, and were full of expectations for Chinese science fiction! Next, the creators will also go to Zhengzhou, Wuhan and other cities to meet and interact with local students.

The film will be officially released on the first day of the new year in 2019, and the door to an imaginative future world is about to open.


Guangzhou Station exposes highlights of the film, Liu Cixin signs autographs for super fans

The original and executive producer Liu Cixin and director Guo Fan, starring Mike Sui, appeared in Guangzhou, Yangcheng, and greeted the students in Cantonese. The roadshow began with an undisclosed highlight, and the students expressed their dissatisfaction while shouting. Hidden in the highlight is an informative easter egg – Wu Jing appeared and showed everyone the behind-the-scenes process of the film shooting, and also shared his feelings during the performance. In the video, he shouted "Too hard!", which caused the students to laugh at the scene.

When talking about the feelings of participating in the film, Mr. Liu Cixin said bluntly: "As a science fiction writer, in fact, the richer your imagination is, the more weak you feel in words, and it is difficult for you to describe your imagination in words. As art, science fiction is particularly suitable for use of pictures and images to show."

Director Guo Fan said that Teacher Da Liu’s words inspired the film: "When the earth is in crisis, the way the Chinese choose is not to give up the earth and leave, but to install an engine on the earth and take the earth to wander. This is the culture of the Chinese people and the soul of our film." Mike Sui, who is in charge of "funny" in the film, was dubbed by the director as "an old artist with both virtues and art". As a "living treasure" at the event, he broke the news: "In fact, when he worked with director Guo Fan five years ago, he said he wanted to shoot a science fiction movie, and now his dream has finally come true."

In the "Me and My Stubbornness" interactive session, a big fan of Teacher Liu made a surprise appearance. He brought the magazine "Science Fiction World" (2000), which had first published the novel "Wandering Earth", to the scene. He had treasured the magazine for 18 years. Teacher Liu Cixin signed it on the spot and expressed his gratitude to his classmates. The super fan said excitedly: "Thank you Teacher Liu Cixin for creating so many excellent science fiction works, which has had a great impact on my life." There was also a child at the scene who raised his hand enthusiastically and asked why the creator wanted to create science fiction content. Director Guo Fan’s answer was impressive: "We hope that more and more children will pay attention to science, expand their imagination, and let them have more imagination and courage. Science fiction movies are a very important carrier."


Wu Mengda, 65, stubbornly insisted on hanging Weiya, calling Director Guo Fan a "crazy director"

The film stars Wu Mengda and Zhao Jinmai parachuted into the ancient city of Xi’an, and the arrival of Wu Mengda’s teacher sparked cheers from fans. The two creators had a warm exchange with their classmates, introducing their characters and sharing behind-the-scenes stories. Wu Mengda’s self-proclaimed role is "National Grandpa": "I played the grandpa of Duoduo and Liu Qi in the film. He dotes on his grandchildren very much. Although these two children are particularly naughty and don’t give people peace of mind, he sacrificed his all in order to let the children feel the emotion of’home ‘in the harsh environment." Zhao Jinmai, who plays Han Duoduo, introduced his role as a little rebellious at first, but eventually became particularly brave.

At the scene, both grandparents participated in the interaction on the topic of "me and my stubbornness" and shared their own stories of stubbornness. Stubbornness is also an emotion that runs through the film. Teacher Wu Mengda exclaimed "I’m so tired": "I’m in my 60s this year, and I’ve been acting in comedies for more than 40 years. This time, I challenge new genres with young people, and I have to inhale oxygen every time I finish filming. But for the sake of Chinese science fiction, I have to be stubborn with everyone to the end!" Zhao Jinmai said that his stubbornness is to do a good job in the career he likes, and at the same time, he also takes care of his studies. Because she happened to catch up with her high school entrance examination during the filming of "Wandering Earth", she is also brushing papers every day while filming.

When it comes to director Guo Fan, Mr. Wu Mengda directly commented on him as a "crazy director": "I have been filming for more than 40 years and have cooperated with many directors, but director Guo Fan is the most persistent person I have ever met. I also admire him from the bottom of my heart. His persistence is something that everyone should learn." Zhao Jinmai joked that the film is a "crazy director" who stubbornly challenges a new genre with a group of "crazy actors". When asked by classmates what life experience they can share, Mr. Wu Mengda shared seriously: "Every stage has different ideas, but I hope that no matter what you do, you will always be righteous and sincere."



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