Introduction of common battery models What are the common battery sizes [Detailed explanation]

Introduction of common battery models What are the common battery sizes [Detailed explanation]

  What are the specifications, dimensions and uses of common battery models (No.1, No.2, No.5 and No.7)? Due to the limitation of conditions, only a few existing batteries have been roughly measured and confirmed. The logos such as AAA, AA, C, D, N, F, SC, etc. seen on the battery body are all American model logos. In China, except for a few by number, others seem to adopt the American naming method, but in other countries such as Japan, the names may be different.

  [Battery model] Introduction of common battery models Detailed description of common battery sizes and specifications

  1. Correspondence of common battery models and sizes

  In the following table, 1-4 are all commonly used in our life, while 5-9 are rarely used or paid attention to. For example, A, SC, N and F are mostly used in rechargeable battery packs, and they are often wrapped in skins, so it is impossible to directly see the battery models, but not all of them.

  Second, the common battery diagram and use

  1. AAA battery (No.7 battery)

  AAA battery is commonly known as No.7 battery, which is a little smaller than No.5 battery. It is mostly used in remote control and other places where the volume is limited but the power consumption is not too large. Flashlights are also used, but most of them are used in combination. No.7 battery size: height 44.0mm, diameter 10.0mm.

  2. AA battery (No.5 battery)

  AA battery is also called No.5 battery, which is the most common one. Electric shavers, electronic toys, digital equipment, etc. are used the most. Many AA rechargeable batteries are also used as battery packs, especially the 4.8V rechargeable four-section combination on toys. Size of 5th battery: height 49.0mm, diameter 14.0mm.

  3. Type C battery (No.2 battery)

  Type C battery is also called No.2 battery, which is a little smaller than No.1 battery and is often used in flashlights and audio-visual equipment. Size of No.2 battery: height 49.5mm, diameter 25.3mm.

  4. Type D battery (No.1 battery)

  D-type battery is also called No.1 battery, which is the same as No.5 battery. It can be used in many occasions, such as electronic lighting equipment, flashlights and so on. Size of No.1 battery: height 59.0mm, diameter 32.3mm.

  5. AAAA battery

  AAAA batteries are mostly used in some high-end electronic devices, such as Bluetooth headsets. AAAA battery size: height 41.5mm, diameter 8.1 mm..

  6. Type A battery

  Type A batteries are mostly flat-headed batteries, which are generally used as battery packs. When lucky chance searched for pictures of such batteries on Google, it seems that almost all of them are flat-headed batteries. The height of Type A batteries is similar to that of No.2 batteries, with a slightly smaller diameter. The battery size is 49.0mm in height and 16.8mm in diameter.

  7. SC battery

  SC battery is also generally used for stacking battery packs, which seems to have never been seen before. The battery size is 42.0mm in height and 22.1mm in diameter.

  8. N type battery

  N-type battery is also generally used as a battery pack. Because of its small size, it will also be used in electronic devices with limited volume, such as doorbells. The battery size is 28.5mm in height and 11.7mm in diameter.

  9. Type F battery

  F-type batteries are also used in battery packs. See the battery body for the F-type logo. The battery size: 89.0mm in height and 32.3mm in diameter.

  There are also small square or cylindrical batteries such as 23A(12V), 27A(12V), 10A(9V), 25A(9V), 6F22(9V), F22(6V), 11A(6V), 26A(6V), 476A(6V) and 2X625A(3V). The actual voltage is about 10V. In the evening, I took the 6F22 apart and looked at it. There are six "cake" batteries stacked inside (it is easy to separate them with blades and the filler is easy to pick up), and then the outside is covered with a layer of plastic and then encapsulated with aluminum skin.


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