Pay attention to eight major issues and avoid four major defects in tourist attractions!

Pay attention to eight major issues and avoid four major defects in tourist attractions!

According to statistics, there are nearly 20,000 scenic spots in China at present, and the management of most scenic spots is still under the management mode of government monopoly. In today’s management, four defects are gradually exposed.

First, the four aspects of scenic spot management defects

1. Separation of government from enterprise

The management expenses of scenic spots are included in the two lines of government revenue and expenditure, which causes managers to lack market risk awareness and determination to open up the market, and can not effectively develop and utilize scenic spots resources reasonably.

2. Set administrative personnel and business managers in one.

The lack of effective management mechanism for the performance of managers makes the management of scenic spots break away from the rules of market competition, and the outcome is often an afterthought, which delays the good opportunity for tourism development.

3. Diversification of management and operation system standards

There are both government officials and externally recruited personnel in the middle and senior management of scenic spots, and two sets of standards of government and enterprise are implemented in the personnel and salary system, which leads to unreasonable distribution and unclear responsibilities, resulting in low management efficiency of scenic spots.

4. Lack of understanding of scenic spot management

The management of scenic spots is limited to simple personnel, finance, safety, reception and daily work, and the coordination management of other industrial chains in scenic spots is ignored, such as the effective management mode of interaction and mutual benefit among travel agencies, hotels, motorcades, media and scenic spots.

Second, eight matters needing attention in scenic spot management

1. Formulate the organizational management structure and management process suitable for the development of scenic spots.

According to the types of scenic resources and the characteristics of products, the company’s organizational structure is formulated, and the management team headed by the general manager is established, supplemented by three deputy general managers of scenic marketing, scenic management and commodity management, and the core management team-the team of department heads is established.

In management, the general manager responsibility system is implemented, and the general manager takes full responsibility for the benefit target of the scenic spot throughout the year. The three deputy general managers of marketing, scenic spot management and commodity management are responsible for the business indicators of each section decomposed by the general manager according to their responsibilities.

The work of each department closely revolves around the four-step process of "planning, organizing, coordinating and implementing", so that each manager can clearly understand the company framework and his position and responsibilities in it. To achieve political integrity and harmony, the work arrangement is simple and clear, and the responsible person is clear, which effectively improves the effectiveness of management.

2. Establish the rules and regulations of the scenic spot and improve the overall management level of the scenic spot.

System is the foundation of the normal operation of enterprises and the premise of management norms. First, we optimize the original rules and regulations and make a good management process record.

Make the original management of employees by leaders change into the management of employees by the company system, effectively put an end to human management, record the management process on a standardized form, and ensure that management does not go through the motions and the implementation is recorded.

At the same time, the company pays attention to humanized management, establishes a smooth dialogue channel between employees and leaders, and requires managers to have a reply letter to employees’ opinions within three days, hold regular meetings on rationalization system opinions every month, and revise and compile existing regulations next month, which will serve as the standard for future work.

3. Strengthen financial and ticketing management.

In financial management, expenses should be planned, expenses should be approved in a process, contract payments should be authorized, financial revenues and expenditures should be regulated, and monthly financial analysis reports should be made.

4. Implement the elimination system of post performance reward and evaluation.

In order to arouse employees’ work enthusiasm and make their starting points at the same starting line, this paper analyzes the job content and tourist volume data of departments in scenic spots in recent years, and after comprehensive consideration, formulates the performance indicators and evaluation contents according to each position of each department. In the evaluation, it implements the evaluation method of parallel channels of department heads and competent leaders, so as to achieve fair competition and pay more for more work, and eliminate employees who cannot complete their jobs according to the company’s rules and regulations.

5. Improve the service quality of staff and the professional level of tour guides.

Starting with the on-the-job training of employees, we should improve their service awareness and standardize the service courtesy terms in scenic spots;

Supervise the standardization of employee service quality with quality inspection as a supplement;

Work out the post workflow, so as to unify the work steps;

Strengthen the education of tourism professional knowledge, improve the comprehensive quality of managers, and implement the system of holding certificates in important or professional positions.

6. Pay attention to marketing and channel construction of tourism industry.

Establish a marketing department with the marketing manager, regional manager, marketing staff and tourist team as the core, expand the staffing of the original scenic spot marketing department, set up offices in each target regional market for market segmentation, and conduct hierarchical management at the same time.

In the channel of tourism industry, we establish a mutually beneficial cooperation platform with the tourism service agencies (hotels, travel agencies and transportation, etc.) where the scenic spots are located and the surrounding tourist attractions, and share information resources through the network to improve efficiency, ensure the service quality standards of tourism teams and prevent mistakes and accidents.

7. "Manage" the channel advantages of the government.

Closely combine the flexibility of enterprise operation with the advantages of government information, channels and resources, combine the brand of scenic spots with the brand of cities, promote the brand of scenic spots with the help of various government investment promotion activities, exhibition activities and conference activities, publicize cities and scenic spots with the help of government visits and cultural exchanges, and timely and reasonably adjust the direction of product management and marketing in scenic spots with the help of government information advantages.

8. Pay attention to the development of tourist experience products.

According to the culture, people and folk activities recorded in history, combined with the resource conditions, comprehensive ability and market situation of the existing scenic spots, the products of the scenic spots are clearly positioned, and the activities that tourists can experience and participate in are excavated in stages, so that tourists can experience personalized services and feel the truth in the process.

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