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Does the untrustworthy executor who shows off his wealth and owes himself 600,000 yuan on Tik Tok have any money?

  Cctv newsHe refused to perform the effective judgment but frequently flaunted his wealth in Tik Tok. He was hospitalized in the name of twins. After being found by the executive judge, he was removed from the hospital and escaped in the middle of the night. After being found under the bed at home, he tried to cut himself with a knife, claiming that he had no money, but there were many gold ornaments in the bedside table … …

  Recently, the People’s Court of Pudong New Area in Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai Pudong Court) executed a private loan dispute case with an iron fist, and imposed compulsory measures on the executed person Zhang for 15 days in judicial custody, and also transferred him to the public security organ for criminal responsibility for refusing to execute the judgment or ruling.

  Lost contact Lao Lai Tik Tok Xuanfu executive judge tracking

  Since July 2014, Zhang has repeatedly borrowed money from her friend Ms. Sun on the grounds of capital turnover needs, with a cumulative amount of 600,000 yuan, and issued a debit note to Ms. Sun. However, after the loan expired, no matter how urged by the other party, Zhang refused to pay back a penny. Ms. Sun had no choice but to appeal to the Shanghai Pudong Court and won the support.

  However, after the judgment came into effect, Zhang still failed to repay the loan, and Ms. Sun applied for enforcement. Zhao Lirui and Chen Zhe, the judges in charge, repeatedly notified Zhang to talk in court, but failed. They did not find any property clues under his name through the property inspection and control system, so they included him in the list of people who were executed in bad faith and issued a "height limit order".

  How to find Zhang has become a difficult problem for the executive judge. Until July 2019, according to the clues provided by Ms. Sun, Tik Tok’s last few "fancy show off wealth" videos caught Zhao Lirui’s attention. The publisher is a man named "Mirage". In the video, he basks in money and luxury cars for a while, just like a "rich man". The positioning display video was released in a hospital in Shanghai. Ms. Sun’s identification, this person is Zhang.

  According to the judge’s analysis, if the video is really recorded and released by Zhang, it obviously has sufficient performance ability. Although he avoids it, he may be found through the location on the video. At this time, it was 8 pm, and the executive judge decided to give up the rest time and go to the hospital to find out.

  Alias hospitalization is full of doubts. Face recognition distinguishes the truth.

  When I came to the inpatient department, the nurse said that there was no patient named Zhang in the hospital. The two judges didn’t give up, and they took their mobile phones one by one to verify. After visiting for a long time, someone finally recognized that the person in the video seems to be an inpatient in the west area on the fifth floor, but it is strange that his registered name is not Zhang.

  The judge quickly found the man and found that his appearance was very similar to that of Zhang, so he asked him to take out his ID card for verification. However, he said that he did not have the habit of carrying his ID card with him, and stressed that he was not Zhang, but his "twin" brother. According to the information held by the judge, although Zhang does have a brother, they are two or three years old and cannot be twins. The judge had a clever plan and asked him to call "Zhang" on the spot, but he said that he and his brother had not contacted for many years and did not know each other’s phone number.

  Coincidentally, the man just received a short message at this time, and the judge caught a glimpse of the message clearly written on the screen that the short message was the information of the change of Zhang’s provident fund account. In order to lock his identity, the judge immediately contacted the public security department to carry out joint execution, and the police quickly rushed to the scene with a face recognition instrument. The comparison results showed that this person was Zhang.

  Pulling out the tube overnight, trying to get away, panicking and hiding under the bed

  In the face of hard evidence, guilty Zhang began to refuse to answer all questions. The enforcement judge had intended to summon him to court to talk, but after communicating with the attending doctor, his body had not yet reached the discharge standard. For humanitarian reasons, the judge immediately gave an oral warning and issued an enforcement notice and a summons to let Zhang go to the court to explain the situation immediately after he recovered from hospital. However, Zhang, whose whereabouts were exposed, didn’t wait until his body recovered, so he hurriedly pulled out the instrument and needle and was discharged from the hospital overnight, and once again disappeared.

  With the deepening of the investigation, the executive judge also found new situations. According to Zhang’s marriage registration information, he had been married once before marrying his current wife Ni, and he was always married with his first wife. "This means that Zhang has formed a family with two women respectively, and both of them have registered their marriages. If one party sues, he may constitute bigamy and need to bear criminal responsibility." Chen Zhe said.

  According to the address record left by Zhang during his residence permit in Shanghai, the executive judge found the residence of Ni and went to find Zhang many times, and finally found him one night two months later.

  Hearing the intensive footsteps approaching in the corridor, Zhang, who was in a panic, had no way to escape, and even the lights were too late to turn off. He simply hid under the bed and was caught by the executive judge and the bailiff.

  Desperate, self-mutilation with a knife, criminal responsibility and consequences.

  Even so, Zhang was still unwilling. After climbing out of the bed, he quickly took out a fruit knife from his pocket and put it on his left wrist in an attempt to threaten to obstruct the execution. The judge immediately issued a solemn warning to him that if he intends to expand the situation by ending his life, he will only face more serious legal consequences. After nearly two hours of criticism and education, Zhang’s mood finally calmed down.

  Zhang, who frequently shows off his wealth on the Internet, claims that he is a poor man and really has no ability to pay back the money. However, the judge found several credit card machines at the scene. After checking the credit card records, he found that the amount of each transaction was not small, and there were many gold ornaments in the bedside table.

  It was already past 1: 00 in the morning, and the judge decided to bring Zhang back to talk, but he kept his mouth shut about his property and refused to repay the debts he owed. In view of his repeated refusal to appear in court without justifiable reasons, his ability to perform but his long-term refusal to perform the obligation of effective judgment, and his obstruction of execution in various ways, the court imposed compulsory measures on him in judicial custody for 15 days according to law, and transferred the case file materials to the public security organs to investigate his criminal responsibility for refusing to execute the judgment or ruling.

  A month later, in the Executive Board of Pudong District Court, Zhang Hailou met with Sun Mou, the applicant of this case, and the two sides reached an implementation settlement agreement. Zhang Hailou returned 10,000 yuan to Sun Mou, and the remaining loan will be repaid in stages after Zhang Hailou found a stable job.

After 9 years, the Asian Youth Championship group qualified! A light in the dark night of China football.

  BEIJING, Beijing, March 9 th: After 9 years, the Asian Youth Championship Group qualified! A light in the dark night of China football.

  Reporter Bian Liqun

  In the U20 Asian Cup group match, which ended on the evening of 9th Beijing time, the U20 national football team played Kyrgyzstan 1-1 and successfully qualified from the "group of death". This is the U20 national football team reaching the U20 Asian Cup knockout round again after 9 years.

  For China football in the valley, it is undoubtedly an invaluable light in the dark night.

  Competition progress

  This game is still quite thrilling. The opening ceremony of Kyrgyzstan U20 posed several threats. It wasn’t until the 19th minute of the game that China shot a slightly threatening shot, and Eiffel turned around and attacked the goal in the restricted area, slightly higher than the crossbar.

  In the 30th minute, Kyrgyzstan set the ball, but the close header in front of Brauzman didn’t reach it, so China dodged a bullet.

  Yi Bian fought again. In the 49th minute, Brauzman pushed the goal, but the offside goal was invalid.

  In the 59th minute, the passive China team took the lead in breaking the deadlock! China fought back, Buick Berdinov made an own goal in the process of clearance, and China led 1-0!

  In the 87th minute, China missed the goal in the counter-attack. In turn, Kyrgyzstan scored a quick counter-attack, and China scored 1-1 in Kyrgyzstan. In the end, this score was difficult to maintain until the end.

  Re-qualify after 9 years

  As Japanese U20 beat Saudi U20 2-1 in the same group, China scored 4 points in the group stage, with 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss, and qualified as the second group. In the previous two group matches, the U20 national football team was reversed by Japan 1-2 and defeated Saudi Arabia 2-0.

  Whether it is the process or the result, this is a happy result. Since the U20 national football team, represented by Wei Shihao, reached the Asian Youth Championship (U20 Asian Cup) in 2014, the China team has not qualified for 2016 and 2018.

  In the 2020 Asian Youth Championship, China suffered the first missed trough in 25 years, but the Asian Youth Championship was later cancelled due to the epidemic.

  In this Asian Youth Championship, China stumbled through the preliminaries, but fell into the "death group" where Japan and Saudi Arabia were located, and its prospects became even more bleak.

  It is precisely these factors that make people feel extremely happy even if the U20 national football team is "only" qualified for the Asian Youth Championship, and it has successively made headlines and hot searches in major media.

  Of course, there are also different voices that this is an accidental event of "eating jiaozi", which is due to luck, and what’s more, it has come up with a cynical "traditional artistic ability".

  Then ask, isn’t one of the great charms of football accidental? Otherwise, why is Saudi Arabia still talking about winning Argentina in the World Cup? If you can’t be happy if you win or lose, what’s the point of football? Simply make a spittoon to abuse and vent?

  At present, the strength of China football is indeed limited, but it is worthy of applause to be the best under limited conditions, which is not limited to the U20 national football team, but also to the national football team and the women’s football team in China.

  Give a sample of China football.

  Of course, over-belittling and over-flattering are not conducive to the current football in China. At this stage, we still need to be rational and pragmatic. This U20 under Antonio also fully embodies this point.

  Although the tactic of "swinging the bus" was adopted and the ball was handed over to the opponent, it was not for the sake of swinging the bus.

  We can see the adjustment of the defensive level and formation, the aggressiveness in the rush, the routine of counterattack, including the design of the set-pieces, and we can still see some skills. It is already very successful to achieve such an effect under the existing team.

  Coupled with the vigor, the players carried out the tactics well. Whether against Japan or Saudi Arabia, which is stronger than themselves, the boys of the China team always fought and were not defeated.

  This has also set a good example for China football. In the face of strong players in the international arena, it is not just passive beatings. We can find a way that suits us and compete to a certain extent.

  In addition, Eiffel, Mutalifu and Hu Hetao, who performed well in this U20 national football team, also showed the importance of the league. They all made progress under the struggle of the Super League last season. Can withstand the critical moment in the U20 national football team.

  After entering the knockout stage, on the evening of 12th, Beijing time, the U20 national football team will play against South Korea. The opponents had previously drawn U20 in Oman, Jordan and Tajikistan at 4:0, 2:0 and 0:0 respectively.

  Fight hard, catch up, China boys continue to refuel! (End)

Sichuan men are drunk to death after eating the New Year’s party, and when they drink to death, they fall asleep.

  "As long as you are in love, you should fall asleep when you drink to death", and the rhetoric on the wine table turned into a real tragedy: last week, Gao Hua (pseudonym), director of the legal service office of Linshi Town, Fuling, hosted a banquet for local cadres, then went home drunk, went to bed and never woke up.

  Go home drunk and die in bed.

  Yesterday (January 19) morning, the person in charge of the legal service office of Linshi Town, surnamed Jiang, said that at 1 pm on January 14, Director Gao, who lives in Fuling City, called him and two other comrades in the office to have a group dinner.

  Jiang recalled that two months ago, he became the director of the institute. On the day of the dinner, Jiang had other business and didn’t go to the group annual banquet. The next day, he received a phone call from Gao’s family, saying that something was wrong.

  After 1 pm that day, Jiang rushed to Gaojia and learned what had happened: On the evening of 14th, Gaojia went home to sleep with drunkenness after entertaining guests. At 12 noon the next day, I was still in bed. His family called him to get up for lunch, but no one answered.

  "When the family checked, they found that his body was cold." Jiang said. Afterwards, everyone thought that he was in good health and died of drunkenness.

  I drank 6 liang of white wine before the accident.

  According to an insider, there were 13 people who attended Gao Hua’s banquet that day, including two deputy mayors of Linshi Town, two staff members of the grassroots department of the Judicial Bureau, staff members of the Judicial Office of Linshi City and court staff of Linshi Town.

  The guests recalled that on the same day, Gao frequently toasted the guests during the dinner, and asked everyone to give their support in the work in the coming year. Many guests estimated that Gao had drunk more than six taels of liquor at that time.

  "He has a good capacity for drinking, and he can drink more than a catty at ordinary times." A guest said. They didn’t expect that something happened when they drank more than six taels that day. Another guest said that on that day, after drinking more than six taels of wine, he was dizzy and faltered.

  After the dinner, the guests left one after another. The next day, they received news that Gao was unfortunately drunk to death.

  The family claimed 380,000 yuan from the Justice Bureau.

  Yesterday afternoon, Xiong Yiping, director of the Fuling District Judicial Bureau, told reporters that after the incident, Gao’s family found the Judicial Bureau and thought that Gao died on business: Gao invited guests to dinner, not for himself, but for the legal service office, so Gao’s family claimed 380,000 yuan.

  Director Xiong said that the Bureau of Justice only provides business guidance to the legal service office, and the service office has nothing to do with the Bureau of Justice, whether it is personnel or business, so it is impossible to talk about death in the line of duty. However, considering that Gao’s child is only 14 years old and is in the second grade, the bureau decided to give relief to Gao’s family.

  On the evening of January 16th, with the active handling of the Judicial Bureau, Fuling Grassroots Legal Service Workers Association signed an agreement with its family to compensate for financial difficulties. It was revealed that the compensation was more than 200,000 yuan. The day before yesterday, Gao’s body was cremated.

  Director Xiong did not disclose the amount of compensation to reporters, but he did not deny the compensation. He said that compensation is being raised and will be paid to Gao’s family on January 23.

  (3) compensation by government departments

  According to reports, the government of Linshi Town, the district judicial bureau and the district court, where the guests who accepted the banquet on that day, will give certain compensation for difficulties.

  The person in charge of the legal service office of Linshi Town, surnamed Jiang, said that the Fuling Grassroots Legal Service Workers Association initiated more than 10 legal service offices in the district to donate money to Gao’s family: each office donated at most 5,000 yuan and at least 2,000 yuan. This sum will also be part of the difficult compensation.

  There is also a sum of compensation from 13 guests who attended the banquet that day. Director Xiong of the Justice Bureau said: Thirteen guests each donated 1,000 yuan as compensation for Gao’s family. According to the reporter’s understanding, last year, a unit in the district had a treat and a guest was drunk. The court decided to compensate the family members of the deceased according to the proportion of whether the guests participated in persuading or gambling on alcohol.

  Yesterday, a guest who had donated 1000 yuan said that Gao’s unfortunate death made him feel very uncomfortable, and he would drink less in the future. He believes that this is a tragedy caused by the "wine custom". The wine custom of "as long as the feelings are close, you should fall asleep when you drink to death" and "deep feelings and one mouthful stew" should be abandoned. (Nie Chao Teng Zhouhui)

Editor: wangxin

Pay attention to eight major issues and avoid four major defects in tourist attractions!

According to statistics, there are nearly 20,000 scenic spots in China at present, and the management of most scenic spots is still under the management mode of government monopoly. In today’s management, four defects are gradually exposed.

First, the four aspects of scenic spot management defects

1. Separation of government from enterprise

The management expenses of scenic spots are included in the two lines of government revenue and expenditure, which causes managers to lack market risk awareness and determination to open up the market, and can not effectively develop and utilize scenic spots resources reasonably.

2. Set administrative personnel and business managers in one.

The lack of effective management mechanism for the performance of managers makes the management of scenic spots break away from the rules of market competition, and the outcome is often an afterthought, which delays the good opportunity for tourism development.

3. Diversification of management and operation system standards

There are both government officials and externally recruited personnel in the middle and senior management of scenic spots, and two sets of standards of government and enterprise are implemented in the personnel and salary system, which leads to unreasonable distribution and unclear responsibilities, resulting in low management efficiency of scenic spots.

4. Lack of understanding of scenic spot management

The management of scenic spots is limited to simple personnel, finance, safety, reception and daily work, and the coordination management of other industrial chains in scenic spots is ignored, such as the effective management mode of interaction and mutual benefit among travel agencies, hotels, motorcades, media and scenic spots.

Second, eight matters needing attention in scenic spot management

1. Formulate the organizational management structure and management process suitable for the development of scenic spots.

According to the types of scenic resources and the characteristics of products, the company’s organizational structure is formulated, and the management team headed by the general manager is established, supplemented by three deputy general managers of scenic marketing, scenic management and commodity management, and the core management team-the team of department heads is established.

In management, the general manager responsibility system is implemented, and the general manager takes full responsibility for the benefit target of the scenic spot throughout the year. The three deputy general managers of marketing, scenic spot management and commodity management are responsible for the business indicators of each section decomposed by the general manager according to their responsibilities.

The work of each department closely revolves around the four-step process of "planning, organizing, coordinating and implementing", so that each manager can clearly understand the company framework and his position and responsibilities in it. To achieve political integrity and harmony, the work arrangement is simple and clear, and the responsible person is clear, which effectively improves the effectiveness of management.

2. Establish the rules and regulations of the scenic spot and improve the overall management level of the scenic spot.

System is the foundation of the normal operation of enterprises and the premise of management norms. First, we optimize the original rules and regulations and make a good management process record.

Make the original management of employees by leaders change into the management of employees by the company system, effectively put an end to human management, record the management process on a standardized form, and ensure that management does not go through the motions and the implementation is recorded.

At the same time, the company pays attention to humanized management, establishes a smooth dialogue channel between employees and leaders, and requires managers to have a reply letter to employees’ opinions within three days, hold regular meetings on rationalization system opinions every month, and revise and compile existing regulations next month, which will serve as the standard for future work.

3. Strengthen financial and ticketing management.

In financial management, expenses should be planned, expenses should be approved in a process, contract payments should be authorized, financial revenues and expenditures should be regulated, and monthly financial analysis reports should be made.

4. Implement the elimination system of post performance reward and evaluation.

In order to arouse employees’ work enthusiasm and make their starting points at the same starting line, this paper analyzes the job content and tourist volume data of departments in scenic spots in recent years, and after comprehensive consideration, formulates the performance indicators and evaluation contents according to each position of each department. In the evaluation, it implements the evaluation method of parallel channels of department heads and competent leaders, so as to achieve fair competition and pay more for more work, and eliminate employees who cannot complete their jobs according to the company’s rules and regulations.

5. Improve the service quality of staff and the professional level of tour guides.

Starting with the on-the-job training of employees, we should improve their service awareness and standardize the service courtesy terms in scenic spots;

Supervise the standardization of employee service quality with quality inspection as a supplement;

Work out the post workflow, so as to unify the work steps;

Strengthen the education of tourism professional knowledge, improve the comprehensive quality of managers, and implement the system of holding certificates in important or professional positions.

6. Pay attention to marketing and channel construction of tourism industry.

Establish a marketing department with the marketing manager, regional manager, marketing staff and tourist team as the core, expand the staffing of the original scenic spot marketing department, set up offices in each target regional market for market segmentation, and conduct hierarchical management at the same time.

In the channel of tourism industry, we establish a mutually beneficial cooperation platform with the tourism service agencies (hotels, travel agencies and transportation, etc.) where the scenic spots are located and the surrounding tourist attractions, and share information resources through the network to improve efficiency, ensure the service quality standards of tourism teams and prevent mistakes and accidents.

7. "Manage" the channel advantages of the government.

Closely combine the flexibility of enterprise operation with the advantages of government information, channels and resources, combine the brand of scenic spots with the brand of cities, promote the brand of scenic spots with the help of various government investment promotion activities, exhibition activities and conference activities, publicize cities and scenic spots with the help of government visits and cultural exchanges, and timely and reasonably adjust the direction of product management and marketing in scenic spots with the help of government information advantages.

8. Pay attention to the development of tourist experience products.

According to the culture, people and folk activities recorded in history, combined with the resource conditions, comprehensive ability and market situation of the existing scenic spots, the products of the scenic spots are clearly positioned, and the activities that tourists can experience and participate in are excavated in stages, so that tourists can experience personalized services and feel the truth in the process.

Note: The pictures and texts in this article come from the Internet. If your rights and interests are infringed, please contact us in time and we will deal with them as soon as possible.

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Here comes the baseball geek tutorial! Come and finish the handsome blow →

Zhai Jia kang yi

Good health is essential.

How to exercise at home?

Social sports instructor

Di Chen

Bring you

Popular science of baseball.

And the main points of baseball

Let’s work together in Qi Xin.

Start from me

Win the epidemic prevention and control war

Baseball has a history of more than 100 years, which integrates cooperation, tactics and skills. It is a ball competitive sport suitable for all ages and popular all over the world.

What is the difference between baseball and softball?

The cognition of "men’s baseball and women’s softball" is wrong, and gender can’t distinguish baseball and softball. Softball originated from baseball and came into being in order to play baseball indoors.

Baseball pitchers generally use shoulder shots or side shots; Softball pitchers are forced to pitch with straight arms around their arms.

Main points of baseball

Key points of pitching training action

Hold the ball on your chest, raise your free feet and shift your center of gravity.

Hip, waist, chest and shoulders turn forward from bottom to top and throw the ball.

Key points of strike training action

Wear gloves before practice to prevent slipping.

The bat is held above the chest, and the width of the feet is wider than the shoulder width.

Make sure to start with your feet and concentrate your whole body energy on the moment of hitting.

Exercise at home does not relax.

Let’s move together.

Information: Shanghai Sports

Editor: Wang Yusi

No renewal! CBA champion was swept out of the house and was a star of hope two years ago.

Fujian team is one of the most active teams in the offseason this year, and it is reinforced in a large area! Zou Yang, Zhao Yiming from Shenzhen team, Li Zhanglin from Shanxi team and Yang Ali from Beijing team were all very young players with great potential. Zou Yang is 1.98 meters tall, and his defense is good. His offensive end is mainly empty-cut, and his shooting is average, which is very similar to Zhai Xiaochuan’s style. Zhao Yiming scored 30+ in the league last summer, but he didn’t get any chances in Shenzhen. Li Zhanglin is the third overall pick in the CBA draft in 2021, a striker with a height of 2.03 meters. He used to be the scoring champion in CUBA history and didn’t get any chance in Shanxi team. Yang Ali is a small defender who dares to fight and fight, and he can’t get any chances in the Beijing team. I hope these young players can break out in Fujian next season.

?Wang Yixiong, the top pick of Fujian team, has a two-year rookie contract expired. Now there are Wang Huadong, Zou Yang, Li Zhanglin, Zhao Yiming and others in the frontcourt of Fujian team. Wang Yixiong will not be renewed and will be swept out of the house.

Wang Yixiong was the No.1 in the CBA draft in 2021. At that time, Fujian team was full of expectations for Wang Yixiong and trained him as a star of hope. The rookie season hasn’t started yet. Just arrived in Fujian to report that Wang Yixiong was injured in training and only played 10 games last season. This season, Wang Yixiong is in good physical condition, basically playing the whole season, averaging 18 minutes, getting 4.1 points and 2.5 rebounds, shooting 39.7% from the field, 33% from three-pointers and 41% from free throws. Such data is really hard to get! As an inside player, his overall shooting percentage is 40%, and his free throw percentage is only 41%. His basic skills are too poor. Although Wang Yixiong is physically strong, his skills are rough and his finishing ability is poor.

Wang Yixiong and another No.1 scholar, Jun Xuan, both went to the United States to play in high school. Both of them are from California State University of NCAA, and it is precisely because of their experience in studying abroad that they became the No.1 scholar. Many players studying abroad participated in the CBA draft, except Wang Yixiong, Qu Junxuan and Sun Siyao, but they didn’t play, and they were on the verge of leaving CBA.

Overnight summary! 4 giants were upset +1 team won the championship, Barcelona 1-2 at home, and Milan 5-1 was one point behind the top four.

# Hundreds of teams #

In the past night, the five major leagues in Europe were unpopular. Four giants were upset this night. Liverpool, Arsenal, Bayern and Barcelona did not win. Manchester City also won the Premier League championship ahead of schedule because Arsenal lost to Nottingham Forest. In addition, AC Milan beat Sampdoria 5-1. At present, there is one more game, one point behind Lazio.

Barcelona 1-2 Royal Society

Prior to this, Barcelona had won the championship ahead of schedule, which probably affected the mentality of the players. At home in La Liga, Barcelona only conceded 2 goals in the first 17 games this season, and as a result, they conceded 2 goals in this round, which is really incredible.

Only five minutes after the first half, Comte was robbed with the ball in his own half, and then the Royal Society counterattacked. Finally, merino pushed and shot, breaking the door of Barcelona and even the small door of Ter stegen.

In the second half, Barcelona was robbed again because of careless dribbling in the frontcourt, and the Royal Society made a perfect counterattack. Finally, three people cooperated to expand the score to 2-0. Although Barcelona scored a goal before the end of the game, they were still 1-2 upset and suffered the first defeat at home in La Liga this season.

Milan 5-1 Sampdoria

That night, AC Milan’s attack broke out completely. At home, they beat Sampdoria 5-1, leaving a glimmer of hope for the fourth round.

Only 9 minutes after the first half, Leo faced the goalkeeper with a single knife after receiving the ball and finally scored calmly, breaking the deadlock for AC Milan. After that, Gill wore a hat and Diaz scored, which helped AC Milan win the key victory.

Up to now, AC Milando is one game behind Lazio, which ranks fourth in the standings. If the opponent loses five points in the last three rounds (Lazio has a superior performance in the match, and the same point will beat AC Milan), and AC Milan wins all the remaining games, then they will overtake their opponents and reach the top four. After the exit from the Champions League, Serie A won the top four, which is the only chance for AC Milan to advance to the Champions League.

Nottingham Forest 1-0 Arsenal, Liverpool 1-1 draw with Villa.

These two games have a great impact on the Premier League title race and the fourth race. Among them, Arsenal made a fatal mistake in the away game, which was countered by Nottingham Forest and eventually lost to the opponent 0-1.

Although Liverpool drew 1-1 at home to Villa, with Manchester United beating Bournemouth away, Liverpool was basically desperate for the fourth place. Then Manchester United and Newcastle both need one more point, and Liverpool will definitely miss the top four. Because Arsenal lost, they are now four points behind Manchester City with only one game left. This result also helps Guashuai’s team win the Premier League ahead of schedule.

Bayern was reversed by Leipzig 1-3.

This night, there was also Bayern. With a 1-0 lead at home, Bayern collapsed in the second half. In the second half, Lemmer counterattacked the goal and equalized the score for Leipzig. After that, the visiting team got two penalties and finally beat Bayern 3-1 away.

After this game, Bayern’s top position is in jeopardy. If Dortmund wins augsburg in the away game, the Bundesliga championship will be completely reversed. Now the initiative is completely in Dortmund’s hands. As long as they win the last two games, they will win the Bundesliga championship this season!

Real Madrid may start a big purge next season, and many players will leave the team and become younger.

There have been many changes in La Liga recently, and this change will intensify after the end of the season, so we must be more objective when analyzing La Liga, so as to have a good result. Some time ago, Xiao Bian made no mistakes in the analysis of the five major leagues. The main thing was to grasp the important information of each team and the financial changes, so that the whole game could be fully digitized, thus making the game more stable. It would be more interesting for us to watch the game. Recently, Xiaobian will give you important information about each team and their overall financial results. Friends can follow my articles and videos at any time by adding my fans and attention. I also hope that my friends will give me more rewards and support. I will work harder, publish more wonderful articles with original data and share the happiness of football and basketball with my friends.

Real Madrid ranked second in La Liga this season, and they are not satisfied with this, because compared with previous Real Madrid, there are also problems in staffing, and aging is a huge challenge for Real Madrid. For Real Madrid, La Liga has entered the final stage, but they have to start to reorganize, so this season, Real Madrid is likely to have a cleaning process. For Real Madrid, this process may be very difficult, but they will definitely do it, which often appears in the history of Real Madrid, so the changes of Real Madrid are also worthy of attention.

Real Madrid will definitely make new changes this season, because for them, the aging is very serious, especially on the offensive end, and this trend is very obvious. Recently, Marca has also made relevant reports. Of course, what they said is still conservative. According to the current information, in fact, Real Madrid has begun to make preparations, and Azar is the first player to be sent away. Because Azar’s state this season is not good, and his attitude towards the game is also very general, which is unacceptable to Real Madrid.

Secondly, Real Madrid is going to send Odriosola and vallejo away, so as to make room for funds and attract more players. More importantly, Real Madrid hopes that these young players like Castia can have a place and get exercise. This is very important for Real Madrid. After all, the team is aging seriously now, so new players must shoulder heavy responsibilities. Therefore, the overall record of Real Madrid next season may not be too good, but at least their reintegration is very important for the team’s future. Of course, these players are just the beginning, and some players will be included.

Modric, for example, although his performance is very good, but it is impossible for Real Madrid to sign a long contract with him, and it is likely that he will be sent away this season. Benzema is also an option for Real Madrid, because he is older, so for Real Madrid, these players have also reached the stage of leaving. It is also very important for Real Madrid to send these players away this season, because it can free up more salary space and get the players they want. For example, Harland, who they are chasing, is an important goal for them in the next two years, and to achieve this goal, it is necessary to send these core players away and make room for salary.

Just recently, Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti was interviewed. He said that every team should prepare for rejuvenation, especially Real Madrid. If it wants to achieve better results, it needs to make some comprehensive changes. At the same time, Ancelotti believes that the young players of Real Madrid have already had very mature performances, so the successful entry of these teenagers into the first team is the future of the team. From Carlo Ancelotti’s attitude, we can see that he is also a coach who is very supportive of the team’s rejuvenation. At the same time, he also thinks that it is time for Real Madrid to change, and sending away players like modric and Benzema can also make room for the team, and carvajal is likely to be among them.

There will be many changes in Real Madrid next season, so everyone should pay attention to it. My current information shows that the above players are likely to be sent away gradually, and the future decline of Real Madrid’s record is a very realistic thing. Of course, this situation won’t last long, because in a year and a half at most, Real Madrid will return to its best state. What do my friends think about this? You can say it and discuss it with me. I also hope that my friends will add my fans and attention so that I can read my articles at any time. I also thank my friends for their encouragement and support. Their rewards are very important to me, and I will continue to work hard to introduce more important information to you.

Goodbye Embiid, leonard needs you more! 76 ers, Clippers discuss 1-for-1 deal Harden?

The Philadelphia 76ers have played very well so far this season. They entered the playoffs with the third place in the East in the regular season, and swept the Nets 4-0 in the first round of the series to advance to the second round. Embiid is expected to win the first regular season MVP in his career, while Harden won the assists title with 10.8 assists per game. Under the leadership of these two superstars, the 76ers are getting closer and closer to the championship goal. However, the intensity of the playoffs can’t be mentioned in the same breath as that of the regular season. Athletes’ physical consumption is very high. Embiid was absent because of knee injury, and Harden’s hamstring has always been hidden. They all have no experience in winning the championship, so it is inevitable that they will be weak when facing more powerful opponents in the playoffs. If there is no big accident, the 76ers will face the stronger Celtics in the second round of series. As we all know, the Celtics broke into the NBA finals last season. Under the leadership of Shuang Tanhua, they played very hard at both ends of the offense and defense. It is very difficult for the 76ers to break through the Celtics.

Once the 76ers stop in the second round, Harden is likely to choose to leave. After all, he sacrificed his position as the team leader and high salary in order to win the championship. Harden’s performance in the first round of the playoffs is not satisfactory, and the management of the 76 ers may not meet his five-year salary renewal demand. At the same time, Harden’s old club, the Rockets, launched a strong pursuit for him. On the one hand, it was the temptation to go home and the hard-to-refuse top salary. On the other hand, it was blindly asking for it, ignoring his emotions. Harden’s choice would hardly be in suspense. However, the management of the 76ers didn’t want to send Harden away for nothing, which would make them lose the chance to continue to attack the championship, so a deal of signing first and then changing came into being. According to James Pearcey, a reporter from the US media bleachers, the 76ers and Clippers plan to make a 1-for-1 swap deal this summer. If the negotiation goes well, Paul George will go to Philadelphia to assist the great Embiid. The specific transaction plan is: the 76ers will send James Harden to get Paul George of the Clippers.

The prerequisite for this deal is that Harden agrees to a deal plan of signing first and then exchanging. L.A. is Harden’s birthplace, leonard is a super league, and the Clippers have his favorite head coach Tyrone Lu and a group of outstanding role players. Harden has no reason to refuse another chance to compete for the championship. Although the Rockets are his potential next home, today’s Rockets are a team composed of young players. No one doubts that Harden’s return can help the team improve its record quickly. But in the long run, there is a huge age gap between Harden and the young players in the team. When young players such as Jay Green, jabari Smith and Shen Jing grow up, Harden estimates that he has entered the twilight of his career, and his top salary contract may become an obstacle to the continued development of the Rockets. The combination of the two may lead to double losses, so for Harden, joining the Clippers is far more attractive than returning to the Rockets.

For the 76ers, Maxi’s rapid growth provided them with the confidence to send Harden away. At least from the performance in the playoffs, Maxi’s role seems to be more prominent. The 76ers have always lacked a star with strong comprehensive strength in the front line. Harris is good at attacking and PJ- Tucker is good at defending, but they all have their own shortcomings and are easy to be used by opponents. Paul George is one of the few offensive and defensive players in the league. He not only has a variety of offensive means, but also has various ways to send the ball to the basket, and he can also be the best defender of the team on the outside. The 76ers’ acquisition of George can make the overall lineup structure more balanced, which will help them to continue to attack the championship.

Global artificial intelligence competitiveness, the United States first, South Korea seventh, China ranked?

On March 12th, the Korean media Caijing Today published an article saying that some analysts said that South Korea’s AI (artificial intelligence) competitiveness ranked seventh in the world. The United States ranks first in the world.

According to the "The Global AI Index" of British data analysis media Tortoise Intelligence, the AI competitiveness of the United States ranks first. The analysis target is 62 countries.

The scores of the United States are: 86.19 for implementation, 100 for innovation and 88.69 for investment. Totus Intelligence converted the scores of various fields in the United States into a comprehensive score of 100, and scored other countries as a standard.

In second place is China. China scored 69.36 points for implementation, 75.69 points for innovation and 69.44 points for investment, with a comprehensive score of 62.92 points. Ranked third to sixth are Britain (40.93 points), Canada (40.19 points), Israel (38.89 points) and Singapore (38.67 points).

South Korea ranked seventh (38.6 points). The scores of each field are: 56.21 points for implementation, 51.95 points for innovation and 46.45 points for investment. In terms of specific projects, South Korea scored high in government strategy (87.5 points) and infrastructure (85.2 points). However, it ranks lower in commercial projects (5.4 points) and talents (14.5 points).

Ranked 8th to 10th are the Netherlands (36.35 points), Germany (36.04 points) and France (34.42 points). In addition, Japan and India ranked 16th (30.53 points) and 17th (30.36 points) respectively.