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The industry’s first 8K ultra-high definition live broadcast, Geely Boyue L every frame is a detail

  On September 15, Geely’s new A-class SUV based on the CMA architecture – "Intelligent SUV Innovator" Boyue L, ushered in the first round of professional media static evaluation. At the same time, 8K ultra-high definition live broadcast sub-venues were opened in Beijing, Shanghai and other places. Thanks to China’s 5G communication technology and 8k ultra-high definition image quality, this ultra-high definition static evaluation perfectly demonstrates the beauty and workmanship of Geely Boyue L. It has a more detailed and clear visual sensory experience than the naked eye or even magnifying glass.

  The novel tasting method and the exquisite texture of the Boyue L all made the "viewing" guests praise. The on-site media said one after another: "This time I didn’t come to the scene in person, but it was more real than seeing it on the spot, it was like using a microscope to see every detail of the body design and manufacturing. No matter the product or the form of the event, the’innovation ‘will be fully carried out to the end."

  Under 8k, the slightest bit is visible, and the quality control of Boyue L is full of texture.

  The Boyue L is the first production car based on the "Vision Starburst" concept car. It adopts the design concept of "Digital Symphony Technology Aesthetics" and is heavily integrated with the concept of technology, futurism and digitalization. With the support of 5G high-speed transmission and 8k ultra-high resolution, and a large cinema screen, the styling details of the Boyue L can be magnified hundreds of times, and the quality control of the workmanship can be more clearly displayed.

  Boyue L’s light wave ripple front grille inherits the design characteristics of Geely’s classic "water drop ripple" in terms of shape, combined with new elements such as light sense, pulse, and ray, which has a strong technological taste. However, in terms of workmanship, it is necessary to vacuum quench and temper the mold material three times, polish it continuously for 25 days to achieve a mirror effect, and then spray the curved surface, mask 61 irregular discrete surfaces and 244 borders, etc., which is extremely difficult. Finally, under the precision production of Geely CMA factory’s high-precision equipment and ingenious craftsmanship, the light wave ripple front grille not only has a beautiful surface and boundary, but also uses electronic silver gray pearlescent paint to produce pearlescent effect under light, which is more three-dimensional and full visually.

  Not only the front grille, Boyue L’s rich streamer light language and music light show are also more shocking and clearer on the high definition screen. The particle ray light group composed of 182 LED light-emitting units can be gradually lit or extinguished in the form of light waves in scenes such as welcome, send-off, lock car delay, etc., interpreting the deep sense of "Stargate" shape to the fullest. At the same time, the digital arrow LED through the tail light will also echo with the same visual effect. When lit, it is bright and transparent, giving users a sense of respect and ceremony while forming a high degree of recognition.

  Luminous LOGO, tidal circulation waistline, 20-inch silver and black star disc wheels, etc., every detail of Boyue L shows the exquisite quality of the flagship level, which greatly enhances the user’s sensory value experience.

  "Surround emotional light curtain" finishing touch, Galaxy OS Air version has smooth interaction

  Take out the NFC card key and swipe it on the B pillar to unlock the Boyue L. After powering on the Boyue L cockpit, the most eye-catching is the world’s first "Surround Emotional Light Curtain", with 27 ambient light sets and LCD meters using an integrated design. During the live broadcast, the guests in the car experienced 8 major scenes such as door opening warning, music playback, nap mode, and voice interaction with the surround emotional light curtain. The 72-color tone ambient light showed a unique emotional interaction rhythm by simulating voiceprint, breathing, and water changes.

  This live broadcast also conducted the first test of the Galaxy OS Air version of the car system launched by Boyue L. With the support of high-performance software and hardware such as Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, Flexray vehicle network and 13.2-inch central control vertical screen, the Galaxy OS Air version can be started and run in "seconds". What is even more surprising is that for the experience guests, "Open the car window – open the sunroof – fold the rearview mirror – reduce the temperature of the air conditioner – increase the air volume of the air conditioner – what is the weather like today – how is the stock market performing – play Jay Chou’s" Seven Lixiang "- open the seat heating – navigate to Tiananmen" and a series of complex instructions, the Boyue L car can be completed in only 25s, and the accurate voice recognition rate and execution rate are far beyond everyone’s expectations.

  In terms of hearing, Boyue L is equipped with HARMAN Infinity’s Hi · Fi-class 11-sound unit sound system. In particular, the unique immersive headrest sound of the same class can realize the transmission of driving and entertainment signals, with independent sound source control, and has three modes of private, driving and sharing. The medical examination guests said that it effectively solves the pain point of interrupting music when navigating other models. When the co-pilot is riding, the system can automatically identify and intelligently switch to the driving mode according to gravity sensing. At this time, the navigation voice will be broadcast by the headrest sound, and the music will be played by other sound, so that navigation and entertainment will not interfere with each other, and create a personalized and private space for the main driver. When the co-pilot and rear passengers need to rest, they can switch to private mode, and only the headrest stereo can be heard in the whole car.

  In addition, Boyue L is equipped with a double-color scheme super-sense racing antibacterial steering wheel, crystal diamond stopper, light and shadow sunglasses visor, HARMAN INFINITY luxury audio, immersive headrest audio, Air-sofa super-sense seat with adjustable leg support function and 8 major comfort functions, double-layer adjustable luggage, etc., convenient and comfortable humanized riding experience, but also left a deep impression on the reviewers.

  Raytheon Hybrid + NOA empowers Boyue L’s intelligent driving experience

  Due to the static evaluation this time, Boyue L’s intelligent driving and driving experience did not receive much experience, but it is still worth everyone’s expectation.

  According to reports, Boyue L will be equipped with two sets of fuel powertrains, Drive-E series 2.0TD + 7DCT and 1.5TD + 7DCT. Among them, the 2.0TD engine can output a maximum power of 160kW and a maximum torque of 325N · m; the 1.5TD engine can output a maximum power of 133kW and a maximum torque of 290N · m. In addition, Boyue L will also launch a Raytheon Hi · F oil-electric hybrid version. The NEDC fuel consumption is only 4.2L/100km, and the NEDC comprehensive battery life can reach 1300km. There is no need to charge, and there is no mileage anxiety. It allows users to travel far in the city. Fully meet the diverse needs of different markets and different users.

  At the same time, Boyue L will be equipped with GEEA 2.0 evolvable intelligent electronic and electrical architecture to achieve global FOTA in all scenarios and all vehicle cycles. Coupled with Boyue L’s first NOA lane-level autonomous driving pilot system, 25.6-inch giant screen AR-HUD head-up display system and Geely’s original "seven-layer intelligent safety identification circle", it will bring users a smarter, more energy-efficient and more performance driving experience.

  It is worth mentioning that Boyue L is still an "entry-level high-end" product, and the whole series has "ten hardcore standard": Geely Galaxy OS Air version, 13.2-inch central control vertical screen, 10.25-inch digital LCD instrument, L2-level intelligent driving assistance system, 540 ° God’s Eye transparent chassis, mobile phone App remote control, aerospace-grade 7-series aluminum alloy collision beam, 178LX digital rhythm LED headlights, racing-grade braking system and integrated boron steel thermoformed door knocker.

  Such a "smart SUV innovator" with outstanding visual effects and full of details has undoubtedly raised the standard of "smart SUV". With the opening of the Boyue L tasting activities in major cities across the country and the opening of store reservations, more and more consumers have joined the "fan group" of Boyue L, and more and more fans have become prospective users of Boyue L. The popular sales scene after its listing can be predicted.

The best domestic documentary this year tells a story about baseball.

Wen | Ai Jiangtao

A few days ago, when I saw this film in the cinema, I didn’t see it as a documentary at first. After watching it for more than ten minutes, I realized that it was a documentary. After watching it, I found it was like a feature film. Director Xu Huijing’s later explanation relieved me: "I’ve always wanted to shoot a documentary in the form of a feature film." Different from the traditional documentary style, the director adopts multi-camera mode and tries to tell a more three-dimensional story-Under the leadership of Sun Lingfeng, the captain of the former Chinese baseball team and the founder of the strong baseball base, a group of unfortunate children from marginal broken families all over the country went to the United States to participate in the competition through training and changed their lives little by little.

Unlike many sports movies, the core of this story, as Sun Lingfeng said,Not that they chose baseball, but that baseball chose them.Sun Lingfeng told me that after being the captain of the Chinese baseball team for 15 years and the coach of the Jiangsu baseball team for a while, he had reached the ceiling in his original position and wanted to do something really valuable, cultivate children according to his own set of ideas and change the baseball ecology that few people in China care about. The criteria for his selection of players are simple and peculiar: 1. Being poor enough; 2. Good health; 3. There is no hereditary disease in the family.

The tension of the film comes from the contrast, on the one hand, children from poor families, and on the other hand, baseball, which has always been regarded as a middle-class sport. For these children, everything is lucky enough and strange enough.

In October 2017, when this documentary entered the filming, the strong base was established for more than two years. At the beginning of the film, the 10-year-old Xiao Shuang followed Erbo to his father’s grave, and they walked on the country road. Erbo told him to practice with the coach and never come back when he went out. Xiaoshuang came from rural Hebei. His father died of illness before he was born, and his mother chose to leave home when he was a few months old. Xiao Shuang was supposed to be given away, but people thought he was too thin and chose his brother. The small pair in the camera is quiet and restrained, and cries easily. Xu Huijing soon noticed this sad-looking child. When everyone was fighting, he was quietly playing with a little dinosaur in the corner.

Another protagonist of the film was careless. He was 11 years old when he started shooting. Just two days after he entered the base, he turned the place upside down. Like Xiao Shuang, Xiao Shuang doesn’t have a complete home. His father works outside all the year round. When he was a few months old, his mother left home after a fight with his father. But what he showed was recklessness and bravado: he didn’t wait in line for dinner, teased other players with somersaults, couldn’t walk in line, liked to show off how strong he was and how to scare off older children with a knife. The sloppy appearance made Xu Huijing a little excited. He felt that this story had become a protagonist who could string together other characters.

In this way, these children from troubled families met baseball. The daily training of the team is mainly handled by Sun Lingfeng’s master Zhang Jinxin. The boy’s "master", who was almost 70 years old at that time, was a legendary baseball coach in China. He was the president of Fengtai baseball school. He has been engaged in baseball training for more than 40 years and led the China junior baseball team to win four world championships. More than half of the players of China baseball national team have been trained by him. Teacher Guo Zhongjian is responsible for children’s study and daily management. Guo Zhongjian graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering of Tsinghua University. He was the president of Tsinghua University Baseball and Softball Association and was a volunteer at the base. In Xu Huijing’s words,These three men, touts are like grandfathers, Sun Lingfeng is like fathers, and Guo Zhongjian is more like mothers.

The rules of the baseball game are very trivial, and the technical and tactical requirements are also high. At the baseball base, it took Mr. Chloe Wang half an hour to let me understand the rules of the game roughly. To put it simply, the baseball game is divided into nine innings, with nine players on each side. In the game, nine members of the defense team played together, with the pitcher pitching at the pitcher’s mound, while the other members were scattered at home plate, first base, second base and third base for defense; The attacker sends one batter at a time to hit the pitcher’s ball at home plate. After hitting the ball, he should quickly run to other bases. If the defender steps on the base mat before passing the ball to the base, he will successfully get on the base, otherwise he will be out.

If he hits a good ball called a "home run", the defender can run back to home from first base and score a point without any time to pass it back. On the other hand, if you miss the pitcher’s good shot three times in a row, you will be killed and sent to other batters. After all nine players are killed, you will switch between attack and defense. For the defensive side, how to run and pass flexibly on the field according to the pitching characteristics and hitting effect to prevent the offensive players from getting on the base is a great test of the tactical level and cooperation consciousness of the players.

After a brief understanding of the rules of the game, it suddenly occurred to me that if there were no division of bats and bases, baseball would be a bit like running circles that we used to play when we were children. Similarly, many people had to run into the circle to attack and defend, and if they were caught halfway, they would be sent off directly. This makes me instinctively have a good impression on baseball. I don’t know how these children feel when they first come into contact with baseball, but obviously, they have enough things to face besides training.

Xu Huijing filmed for half a month at a time, and came back and forth for more than ten times, silently recording everything that happened here, and began to enter the inner world of children little by little.When he first arrived at the base, careless ate a lot every time he ate, until he couldn’t eat any more, and sometimes even vomited himself, which was of course related to his frequent hunger before. He looks tough and sloppy, but he is also very afraid of the dark. Because he can’t get along well with other partners, everyone doesn’t want to sleep with him, so he has to beg from the coach one by one. When sleeping, he often ties a safety rope to the bedside to fix himself and the bedside. When other players go outside to participate in the competition, they will stick to the sloppy base and sing songs that miss their mother in the night.

Xiao Shuang, who usually withers, is often said by touts that he lacks domineering and is too conservative. But when careless made fun of his father, he jumped up and had a fight with careless.For Xiao Shuang and careless, their imaginary parents may be the greatest comfort when they face all difficulties, because they have never met each other, and they can imagine their parents over and over again.Just like the little boy in "Summer of Kijiro", his mother originally existed only in imagination, but once he stumbled upon his mother’s photo and address, he couldn’t help but set foot on the road of looking for it. However, it may not be a bad thing for him not to find his mother. At least he can think about his mother again and again according to his own wishes.
Favourite has a good way of training children. For a naughty boy like careless, he let him make trouble for the first week and ignored him at all. A week later, he began to tighten the reins by staring at a small thing until he corrected it. During the filming of the documentary, Xu Huijing’s children just went to kindergarten. He applied this method to children and found it very effective. At the base, the tout told me that the children he trained in those years were all carefully selected young seeds. Now these children are more like shoveling and leading them, being more patient and understanding their hearts.

In the film, a scene is impressive. At one end of the training ground, the master kept cheering for everyone, encouraging everyone to be a wolf on the field. The camera at the other end of the training ground was careless and even the formation was not neat. He said to the camera with tears in his eyes: I am a stray dog!

After training for a while, the children can finally go to the United States to compete. The children who really came into contact with baseball culture for the first time were very excited. In the arena of Major League Baseball, in the face of a sudden heavy rain, careless turned himself into an inflatable muscular man with a raincoat and had a great time. In the official competition, due to the overage of the captains Dabao, Mahua and several other players, Xiao Shuang, whose arm was injured, became the absolute main force of the team. In the match with the previous U10 champion Chicago team, the children tried their best and lost the game.

After the game, Xiao Shuang even sat on the sidelines sobbing because of one of his pitching mistakes. He cried and said, "You know how hard it is to come here to participate in a competition with so many people helping us!" Usually naughty sloppy at this time also ran to comfort Xiao Shuang. At this time, they have become a real team. Xiaoshuang also learned to take responsibility at that moment.

However, after returning from the American competition, Xiao Shuang ran home. Sun Lingfeng personally drove home to pick him up, and he didn’t want to go back. For this reason, he also got angry with Erbo, who lived alone: You just want to throw me away! At the end of the film, Xiao Shuang ran to a big pine tree on the hillside at the entrance of the village. A person kept inserting pine leaves into the thick branches of the pine tree and chatted with Erbo sitting on the hillside without a word.

"great! The post-editing of "Teenager" has gone through a long time of more than a year. Xu Huijing found that he actually didn’t know enough about children, such as why Xiaoshuang ran home from the base and stopped his promising future. During the epidemic, Xu Huijing, who seldom takes her children, had more time to get along with her children. Slowly, the children allowed themselves to help him bathe, take him to school, and show him the way to school. The emotional connection between father and son became closer and closer. It was then that he understood that whether it was Xiao Shuang or sloppy, or the older captain Dabao and the youngest player Li Haixin,For these children from marginal families, what they lack most is a sense of security."Xiao Shuang is at Erbo’s house. At least he can shout at Erbo when he is angry, but at the base, when the coach says him, he can only listen."

When suffering meets baseball, it is not so much that baseball has changed them, but that kind of collective and regular training life makes these children who are extremely lacking in love feel vaguely at home.As Sun Lingfeng said in the film,Baseball is a home-going sport, because home plate is called home, and you can only score if you run back to home.Children are getting used to change, although they still can’t help but look back from time to time.

Like many people, I asked Sun Lingfeng why he chose such a group of children. His answer is frank and direct: it is not entirely for charity or public welfare, but pure. These children, like white paper, have less attachments and fetters, and can run through his training concept more systematically.

In his words, these children from U8 to U15 are all treasures after training here for more than three years. In the future, whether they enter professional teams or become coaches, they will be sown like seeds.For these children, baseball, like reading, doing business and learning technology, will become a brand-new way to change their destiny.Sun Lingfeng’s plan is quite ambitious. He hopes to go through the whole chain of talent output, team output, venue construction and event formation through the strong angel baseball training base.

Today, the base in Tongzhou is the fourth home of the powerful angel. On this 200-acre land, there are neat living areas, training areas and even vegetable fields. The base now has 68 players. Last year, it accepted 18 poor Yi children from Daliangshan, Sichuan, and set up a women’s baseball team composed of Yi girls. At the base, every child is very polite and greets people outside. After lunch, the children cleaned in groups in the canteen before leaving.
Sloppy skateboarding, jumping all the way to show us the vegetable fields. In front of him, he is obviously tall and thin. "Can you not be thin? We have to run 20 kilometers every day! " Thankfully, a few months ago, Xiao Shuang also returned to the base to join the training. He looks more confident and cheerful, like all children who love to play, riding a small bike and wandering around.

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"Do you still speak dialects?"

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China men’s basketball team’s key to victory, Zhang Ning finally began to understand, abolished Chen Lei to take over the right to attack and kill the quartet.

Should Zhang Ning be scolded? Some fans who support Zhang Ning think how can you blame Zhang Ning? Zhang Ning is not a god. Can a team be won by one person? And Zhang Ning doesn’t have the ball. How can you blame Zhang Ning? This is entirely due to the tactical arrangement of head coach Chen Lei. Zhang Ning doesn’t have the tactical core of Chen Guohao, but the question is, do you know that Zhang Ning didn’t want to play the Universiade originally? Zhang Ning is the ace player specially invited by the Basketball Association of the Universiade to win the championship, and Zhang Ning himself is also an all-star player in CBA. As the top CBA player, Chen Guohao’s reputation is much worse than Zhang Ning’s, so it’s not too much for you to say that he is James to play CBA. As a result, Zhang Ning showed no superstar demeanor. After losing to the provincial team Taipei, Zhang Ning suffered all kinds of abuse and criticism.

However, Zhang Ning’s reputation was reversed with his strong play. Zhang Ning led the China men’s basketball team to beat the Japanese 84-62. Zhang Ning himself made 12 of 17 shots and got 27 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists. Chen Guohao made 10 of 12 shots and got 22 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 blocks and 1 steal. Wiliam got 12 points. What did this game show us? That is, Zhang Ning’s individual singles ability is absolutely top-notch among the players in this Universiade. Moreover, Zhang Ning, who owns the ball, can not only score by himself, but also drive Wiliam to score. Chen Guohao also plays more efficiently with Zhang Ning’s assistance.

Zhang Ning’s style of play is simple, and there are three main tactics. He either holds the ball outside the three-point line or plays pick-and-roll with Chan Kwok-ho. After pick-and-roll he can score by himself. After pick-and-roll, Chan Kwok-ho can also pick up Zhang Ning’s pass and hit the basket, while Wiliam lies in the bottom corner. When Zhang Ning meets a double-team or sees that Wiliam has a vacancy, he immediately passes the ball to let Wiliam project a three-point. Zhang Ning’s style of play is not very professional, and he prefers to play wild ball.

What are the disadvantages of this style of play? Of course, once you can’t score, or your personal ability is insufficient, it will cause you to occupy a lot of ball rights, and your teammates can’t play, and one person will dominate the victory of the whole team. But isn’t this exactly in line with the purpose of inviting Zhang Ning by the Basketball Association of the Universiade? Originally, the goal of inviting you to come over is to win the championship. To win the championship is to abuse college students by using your personal ability. After all, it is widely rumored that professional players can easily hang and beat college students. Otherwise, Su Qun wouldn’t have revealed that the China men’s basketball team is rushing to win the championship this time to form a team. As a result, Zhang Ning’s role can’t be changed, and he always thought that he was just here to help.

How did Zhang Ning lead the China men’s basketball team to lose three games in a row? Zhang Ning takes the ball and carries it a few times, or observes the movement of his teammates, and then passes the ball to Wang Lanying or Li Yiyang. Then the tactical arrangement of head coach Chen Lei is also very simple, with Chen Guohao and Zou Yang as the core of attack, and the whole team is serving the two college athletes. At this time, Zhang Ning has no ball rights. Can Zhang Ning solve this problem? Not really. Zhang Ning only needs not to pass the ball and dribble himself to break through. Against the Japanese team, Zou Yang only got 2 points, 7 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 block, Li Yiyang got 2 points, 3 assists and 2 steals, and Wang Lan made 1 of 10 shots and only got 2 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists. As for this performance of his teammates, Zhang Ning often has to pass the ball to Wang Lan and Li Yiyang.

If Zhang Ning plays the Japanese team and then passes the ball to Wang Lanzhang and Li Yiyang to control the ball as before, then the China men’s basketball team will undoubtedly lose this game. We have been talking about Zhang Ning as a special guest and an ace player of the China men’s basketball team. With him, the China men’s basketball team will set the goal of winning the championship. At this time, Zhang Ning is a privileged player. As long as you can win, even if you occupy all the ball rights of the team, no one will spray you at all. You are the ace. This is it.

Many fans will question whether Zhang Ning is ruining his basketball career by doing so. But have you ever thought that with Zhang Ning’s strength, he basically has no chance in the first team of China Men’s Basketball Team. According to his ability, CBA will always be the main force as long as there is no large-scale injury. What is Zhang Ning afraid of at this time? And do you still need to give face to Tsinghua University head coach Chen Lei, a graduate of Peking University? And if Chen Lei has outstanding ability, will he be reversed by Guanggong to win the championship? As a professional player in CBA, isn’t Zhang Ning much better than Chen Lei? In competitive sports, you have been listening to a weak person making tactical execution for you. Can this be successful? This is the current situation of sports in China, where a group of incompetent head coaches occupy the position.

Final summary

If Zhang Ning had woken up earlier, as he said, if Zhang Ning had played so early, the China men’s basketball team would not have lost three games in a row, but also lost to the provincial team Taipei and Zhang Ning. It is estimated that the China men’s basketball team now has the opportunity to compete for the championship. Zhang Ning’s only bad thing in this Universiade is that he is too humble. Obviously, you are the ace player. You don’t take a lot of ball rights to score points in singles, and you don’t lead the attack of the whole team. Instead, you pass it to Wang as soon as you lose. In the Japanese game, after Zhang Ning changed his style of play, he not only won the game, but also made Chen Guohao efficient, and Wiliam’s score was no longer questioned. Therefore, Zhang Ning should have abolished the head coach Chen Lei’s style of play with Chen Guohao and Zou Yang as the core. Unfortunately, nothing happened. I hope Zhang Ning will not be too humble in the future and really play his due ability on the court.

I’m A Mu. Do you think Zhang Ning should have abolished the tactics of head coach Chen Lei long ago? You are welcome to pay attention to message exchange.

186 million in 3 years, with a record average salary! Davis renewed his contract with the Lakers: teaming up with James to win the championship again

On August 5th, Beijing time, according to the famous Woj report, agent Ricky Paul revealed that Davis had reached an early renewal contract with the Lakers of $186 million for three years, and the average salary of this contract was as high as $62 million, which created the highest average salary renewal contract in NBA history. Davis and the Lakers have two years left in their original contract. Together with the current contract renewal, Davis and the Lakers’ contract will last until 2028, with a total salary of $270 million for five years. In the future, Davis will continue to join hands with James to move towards the championship again.

For Davis, it is worthwhile for him to get such a contract renewal. As one of the top power forwards in the active league, Davis has nothing to say without injury. Last season, Davis played 56 games for the team, averaging 25.9 points, 12.5 rebounds, 2.6 assists, 1.1 steals and 2 blocks, with a shooting percentage of 56.3%. His scoring, rebounding and shooting percentage are all the highest in the last three years. It is worth mentioning that Davis averaged 25+10+2 hats per game in a single season. He is also the third player in the history of the Lakers to get such data, and his performance is evident on the shoulders of O’ Neill and Abdul-Jabbar.

After helping the Lakers win the championship, Davis was really depressed for two seasons, but last season, Davis’ performance was obvious to all. As long as he can play in the game, he can play a dominant performance. For example, in the face of the Wizards, Davis handed over the data of 55 points, 17 rebounds and 3 blocks, while in the game against the Bucks, Davis scored 44 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 blocks. In addition, Davis also scored 30+10 in five consecutive games, playing the performance of offensive and defensive integration in the game. As long as he is not injured, then Davis is definitely one of the top players in the active league.

The reason why the Lakers renewed Davis’ contract in advance is also very clear, that is, James is not young, and the team needs to find a successor to James. If James retires after playing next season, the Lakers can continue to build a team around Davis, and the team still has the possibility of hitting the championship.

It is also helpful for Davis to stay with the Lakers for a long time, where he can enjoy the treatment of team leaders and have the opportunity to retire his jersey from the Lakers. When Gasol’s jerseys retired, Davis said that he hoped that one day his jerseys could be hung around these legendary stars, and he was eager to be one of them. Davis has a five-year contract with the Lakers. During this period, if Davis can help the team win the championship, his jersey is likely to be retired by the Lakers. It can be said that this contract renewal is beneficial to both sides. The Lakers will be the leader in the next few years, and Davis will get a high salary, and there may be opportunities for the jersey to be retired.

Rafinha: I want to stay in Barcelona for many years. Red and blue new hairstyle? I had this intention long ago.

Live on May 21 ST, after Barcelona won the championship four rounds ahead of schedule, it lost to Royal Society 1-2 in today’s game. After the game, Rafinha was interviewed by beIN Sports.

More than 88,000 spectators witnessed Barcelona winning the Cup, and the Brazilian striker couldn’t hide his excitement: I want to stay in Barcelona for many years.

In addition, Rafinha dyed her hair red and blue, to which he explained: My new hairstyle? Araujo and I had this idea before in Gated, but I didn’t want to do it in that game, because we still needed a victory to ensure the championship.

Rafinha also talked about wearing the Brazilian flag to celebrate: whenever possible, I will carry the national flag with me. This is the place where I was born, and the Brazilian people love me very much. At such a special moment, they will always be with me.

Rafinha has played 47 games this season, contributing 10 goals and 12 assists.


The storm Leon overturned the sailors and wrecked the ship, and Gill Apennine wore a hat at the beginning of his career

AC Milan 5-1 Sampdoria (war communiqué)

Titan sports’s all-media correspondent in Italy Shen Tianhao.

Before the home game against Sampdoria, Leon received his Serie A player of April trophy on the sidelines. Is it? Why? What time? Intensive schedule and heavy mental pressure make the boundaries between months blurred, and the 4-goal away victory over Naples seems to have happened in the last era. Milan have won only three of the previous 11 league matches. In April, Leon scored twice against Napoli and Lecce, contributing two of them. The other game was against Lazio, in which Leon was injured, Milan was cornered in the bitter struggle for four, and the team longed for the personal light of the Portuguese.

Leon came back full of blood, and Milan won easily.

Leon raised the trophy, and his own song was played in the south stand. The lyrics were very simple: "Leon, Leon …". Because the Milan winger often plays the leading role on the court, this ballad appears very frequently. Perhaps the south stand needs to consider optimizing its melody and lyrics. Leon came back, Leon scored, Leon led Milan to victory-everything is a familiar script. In the 10th minute of the game, Milan easily broke the deadlock: Brahim Diaz won the confrontation in the midfield, lightly picked the ball and then sent a just-right overhead ball. Leon grabbed in front of Gunther and pushed the far corner directly to the goalkeeper.

Milan have always been helpless against the iron drum array this season, but Sampdoria’s situation is different from that of Empoli and cremona. The last time Stankovic played against Milan, it had to be traced back to the Europa League knockout in 2020-21. At that time, he led the league leader Belgrade Red Star, and the team did cause a lot of trouble to Milan in two rounds. This time, the former Inter Milan midfielder is a team that is plagued by unpaid wages and has been relegated. They have no intention of building a strong city in the San Siro.

Even so, Sampdoria still had his own chance: Zanoli easily broke through Milan’s left side, then knocked back at the bottom, and Quagliarella in front of the door succeeded in pushing and shooting, and scored for 18 consecutive Serie A seasons. Special Olympics made a fool of himself in the process of defense. The two-round derby in the Champions League was a heavy blow to the Milan team, especially for Special Olympics, who seemed to have exhausted all his energy. The nightmare of losing points against the weak team reappeared. Fortunately, Milan woke up in only 3 minutes: the corner kick cooperated, Diaz sent a cross, and Gill’s header was very easy.

Before returning to the goal-scoring track, Gill failed to score a goal in the last six league games-it was his longest goal shortage since he came to Apennine. Gill was annoyed by the defeat. He left heroic tears after the German game. Not scoring goals makes Gill hungry, and he has no mercy on a fragile sailor. Four minutes later, Milan won the penalty: Augello’s long pass was intercepted by Tomori, Tonali’s assist found Leon in the seaman’s defence, and the Portuguese entered the penalty area and was knocked down by Gunter in the process of switching to his right foot. There is no doubt about the penalty. Gill stood in front of the ball, and the opponent was not Napoli, 3-1!

Gill wears a hat and blows the horn of decisive battle.

At the end of the season, it was the first time Milan scored 3 goals in the first half. This Sampdoria team has an uncertain future at the management level, but it has been completely disarmed at the competitive level. For the defending champion of Serie A, this is obviously a weak opponent; For the red and black No.10, his opponent’s loose defense made him feel comfortable in the front waist position for a long time. Diaz sent a long pass for his teammates, decided the direction of the flank attack with the ball, broke the opponent’s midfield defense with the breakthrough, and sent the ball into the net in the 63 rd minute of the game. Calabria-Gill-Salmax-Leon-Tonali-Diaz, with a continuous kick and a clear running route, how long has it been since you saw Milan kick such an offensive?

The goal continues. In the 68th minute, Leon sent a cross from the left, and Gill leaned against Netinke, breaking the door with Ibrahimovic’s unconventional action and gaining the first hat of his Milan career. Pioli praised Ai Jiang after the game: "Olivier never lets people down. Even when he doesn’t score, he can make a lot of contributions to the team. Of course, scoring goals will make him happier! " In the past one and a half seasons, Gill was the only center that Milan could use, used well and dared to use. When he chose to join the team two summers ago, he never thought that he would shoulder such a heavy responsibility. He finally gritted his teeth and persisted. A hat trick against Sampdoria was a fitting reward.

With this hat, Gill tied the report card of 11 goals in the league last season; After opening the record for the team, Leon tied the number of league goals he directly participated in (11 goals and 10 assists last season and 13 goals and 8 assists this season). Milan’s league journey this season can’t be compared with that of a year ago, but Gill and Leon at least tried their best. What’s the problem? Others stand up too few times. Decatur came on as a substitute, which continued to disappoint. His debut season in Milan was doomed to end in nil.

From the technical and tactical level, Milan played against an already absent-minded Sampdoria, and the scenes and results did not have very strong reference value. The question of whether Diaz could play No.10 well could not be answered through this game. From the psychological level, this great victory is tantamount to a tonic for Milan. The blue-black carnival in the derby left a piece of land, and the Rossoneri struggled to rebuild their fortress. Next comes the visit to Juventus, and Gill said after the game that the team should regard this as a final.

[Tuma] Paranoia (2)

#alpha Figure Hengyu× ×beat Ma Zhao

# Atypical abo magic change has a mountain of early warning.

# The characters belong to Cyberda ji, and ooc belongs to me.

03. Mint and Teenager’s Heart

As the saying goes, you shouldn’t meet people who are too amazing when you are young, or you will only have memories for the rest of your life, which will be too painful.

In the past, Tu Hengyu was dismissive, but later Tu Hengyu was deeply impressed.

The four years we spent together in the college were the happiest four years for Tu Hengyu. In those days, academic research and scientific research achievements were just pure research, which did not need to be linked to human life and death, and his feelings were so hot and simple.

He likes Ma Zhao, and he doesn’t know when this worship and dependence between teachers and students has quietly turned into love. But it is no secret that Tu Hengyu likes Ma Zhao, and he has no intention to hide it.

He believes that one person, one thing will not change easily.

But what bothers him most is that he never seems to see through Ma Zhao’s thoughts and heart. In the face of Tu Hengyu’s undisguised pursuit, Ma Zhao seems to feel nothing.

Ma Zhao is like a pre-set program, which only gives a feedback when asking a question. Most of the time, he is quiet and taciturn.

Perhaps the brains of science students always tend to be simple and direct.

Xiao Tu, a classmate in love, sent a pop-up virus written by himself to Ma Zhao backhand as soon as his brain was pumped, but when his hand slipped, he directly clicked on it as a group.

So that afternoon, pop-ups kept popping up on the big screens of the teaching building of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the mobile phones of teachers and students.

The content of the pop-up window is that Tu Hengyu holds a wise seagull doll with glasses and sings out-of-tune version of the rotten street divine comedy "Congratulations on making a fortune". At the end, he blushes and shouts "Teacher Ma, I love you!"

I have to say, Xiao Tu’s virus is still well written, and the mute can’t be quiet, and the pop-up window can’t be closed.

One after another out-of-tune songs and the last "Teacher Ma, I love you!" " Let the young and frivolous Xiaotu students know what social death is for the first time.

Ma Zhao, who was eating melons on the sidelines, choked with laughter, and his face was cramped. Bala backhand went out of his computer and lost a string of codes, which was also sent out in groups.

The world is finally quiet.

Confession did not attract attention, others thought it was simply an expression of admiration for the tutor, and they didn’t care too much.

Tu Hengyu thinks that this can’t be done. This plan won’t work. Regenerate it!

It’s really no good, employers and employees directly confess!

As a result, Xiaotu’s classmates were ashamed and brave, and summoned up the courage to stay up late with Ma Zhao in the early morning night, blocking Ma Zhao on the way back to the dormitory, and made a deep confession to:

"I like you."

Respond to his Ma Zhao, as always, cold and cheerless tone:

"We can’t. I’m your teacher."

"I don’t care."

"I am thirteen years older than you."

"I don’t care."

"I’m just a Beat, you shouldn’t waste time on me. As a young Alpha like you, there should be no shortage of suitors. You can find someone better and more suitable than me. "

"But I only like you."

"You just regard worship and dependence on the wrong as love. I suggest you … mmm!"

More statements of objective facts were drowned in a sudden kiss.

Tu Hengyu eagerly tried to stop Ma Zhao from spitting out more words of refusal, and conveniently took Ma Zhao’s waist with one hand. He was ready to be pushed away by Ma Zhao, but in fact he was not rejected or pushed away.

Ma Zhao’s cooperation and acquiescence seemed to give Tu Hengyu another kind of encouragement. He reached out and took off the glasses on Ma Zhao’s bridge of the nose and put them in his palm, admiring Ma Zhao’s dim eyes because he couldn’t see clearly.

Tu Hengyu can’t remember how long the kiss lasted, only remember that the night wind gradually took away his hot body temperature and blew his surging heart cold.

Finally, it was Ma Zhao who pushed him away.

The man turned his back in a hurry, and his trembling back was angry or shaken by the night wind.

"I really don’t hate you, but there is no possibility between us. I have already decided not to find a partner and devote myself to scientific research all my life. Don’t waste time on me, that’s all. "

Ma Zhao didn’t even dare to look at Hengyu’s picture. He ran away in a hurry and even forgot to come back with his glasses.

He also forgot that from beginning to end, he never denied that he also liked Tu Hengyu.

And a mint-flavored pheromone in the air lingers, so strong that it is cold to take a breath.

Ma Zhao couldn’t smell it himself, but he smoked Tu Hengyu.

From this day on, Tu Hengyu had a habit of eating mints to refresh himself.

Time passed a little bit, and Xiao Tu, who was rejected, became angry and eager to learn every day.

He made up his mind that if Ma Zhao wants to devote himself to scientific research in his life, he will watch over him himself! Even being his assistant and deputy all his life, as long as he can look at himself, he is satisfied.

Just when Tu Hengyu thought that the relationship between them would always be so tepid, the accident quietly approached.

05. Wish under doomsday

In the spring of 2030, an ordinary afternoon could not be more ordinary.

With the convening of a meeting, everything seems to have changed quietly.

The sun is aging rapidly and expanding continuously. In a hundred years, the sun will swell to engulf the whole earth. In 300 years, the solar system will cease to exist.

The rumor about the solar helium flash crisis was put forward as early as the end of last century, but it was not paid enough attention at that time.

Now I bring up the past again and put all this on the table, saying, is it true?

The tense atmosphere even enveloped the whole country, and all departments operated in an orderly manner like a huge machine.

In the Chinese Academy of Sciences, some people are leaving and some new people are joining in.

Today, even Ma Zhao was called to attend an emergency meeting.

I don’t know if Tu Hengyu is too sensitive. He always feels that Ma Zhao is hiding something when he comes back from the meeting, and he has been frowning.

So Tu Hengyu asked Ma Zhao: "Teacher Ma, do you believe in the end of the world? Will the solar helium flash really happen? "

"According to the data of solar monitoring in recent decades, solar helium flash is very likely to happen."

"But, I don’t think it will be the end of the world at that time. There is always a way for human beings to earn a chance in the last days. We will find a solution to the problem before everything happens. "

Ma Zhao always has questions and answers.

Tu Hengyu has some doubts: "But in that case, you can only survive in the harsh environment of the last days, so are you alive or alive?" What’s the point of this? "

"As long as you are alive, there is hope to change and solve problems. If you die, there is nothing."

Ma Zhao’s expression was serious and sincere, and he saw that Tu Hengyu was also full of emotion. He asked, "If the end really comes one day, what can we do with our major?"

"No matter what kind of escape or rescue plan is needed when the end comes, it needs high social cooperation and productivity level far beyond the current industrial level. The original purpose of our research in the direction of artificial intelligence is to liberate productive forces. "

Speaking of which, Ma Zhao took a serious look at Tu Hengyu and continued to:

"I dare not say what contribution I can make, but at that time, I will do my best."

Tu Hengyu looked up at Ma Zhao in a daze, wondering how the cool evening breeze in early spring could blow himself all hot and dry.

The smell of mint floating in the air will never make him feel cool again, but only make him feel dizzy. So he shook his head and asked:

"Then if the end of the world really comes, can I die with you?"

"What do you want? Still have to live down to earth. "

Looking at a silly disciple who was confused and didn’t even know that his susceptible period had arrived, Ma Zhao had the impulse to pretend to be stupid and not know Tu Hengyu for the first time.

What should we do? You can’t just leave people here, let alone leave soon … The task is urgent, and tonight is the final farewell.

"Let’s go."

Ma Zhao took Tu Hengyu’s shoulder and sighed gently.

"There is still the last link in the experimental project to finish, and time waits for no one. Let’s stay up late tonight to make the data."

The temperature in the laboratory is always low, but no matter how cold the temperature is, it can’t suppress alpha’s fiery body temperature and restless pheromones.

The original fresh and sweet taste of wisteria is suffocating in this small and closed space.

Unfortunately, Ma Zhao can’t smell anything.

Tu Hengyu was hot and unconscious, but suddenly he smelled a cool mint flavor in the mist and heat.

He opened his eyes in a daze, and Ma Zhaozheng sat in front of him and looked at him calmly.

"Although I can’t smell the pheromone, it seems that you should be susceptible."

"If you feel bad, I can help you."

The sven youth with glasses is as cold and calm as ever, as if describing a solution to the current problem without any waves.

At the unconscious figure Hengyu, Ma Zhao sighed, and quickly and naturally unbuttoned his white coat.

"I have turned off all the monitoring in the laboratory. Solve this problem early so as not to delay the progress of the research."

Ma Zhao has always believed in efficiency first, and the speed of undressing is as crisp and agile as the speed of research. In a short time, only a shirt is left on him, and the expressionless face makes people unable to see whether he is shy.

Although Tu Hengyu’s consciousness is blurred, Alpha’s instinct is still there. He clearly knows that the person in front of him is the one he has been pursuing, and his body can’t help but move with his instinct.

Action slightly rough Ma Zhao press on the experimental platform, a few times will be yourself out of the way of clothes. Tu Hengyu rubbed and sniffed carefully at Ma Zhao’s neck like a small animal, as if to mark the territory and declare sovereignty.

Ma Zhao’s body temperature is lower than normal, and his hands and feet are often cold, but in this case, such a low temperature just makes Tu Hengyu’s hot body find an antidote to cool down.

During this period, Tu Hengyu was awake for a few seconds and realized that he was holding his lover in his arms. At this moment, he was closing his eyes and taking whatever he wanted from himself.

The last string called reason in Xiao Tu’s mind also completely broke.

Tu Hengyu shot Ma Zhao’s glasses for the first time, and threw him down on the ground without being very gentle.

He likes to take off Ma Zhao’s glasses very much, and then appreciate his true feelings always hidden in thick lenses.

Those who are hazy and confused occasionally because they can’t see clearly can always give Tu Hengyu a little satisfaction. After all, the signs on weekdays are always too dull and calm, which always makes people feel difficult to control and approach.

You see, isn’t this an opportunity to pull him off the altar? It turns out that he is also a real person with feelings.

Moreover, it always reminds him of their first encounter. The tree under the wisteria flower surprised the youth of his whole youth.

Tonight’s Ma Zhao is very different. He is uncharacteristically active and even takes the initiative to kiss the young man’s red and hot lips.

Although, as always, he is expressionless, or he doesn’t know what kind of expression he should make.

Ma Zhao admits that he likes Tu Hengyu.

But so what?

The country has already made a preliminary plan for crisis response, and initially put forward the embryonic form of the plan to move mountains. At present, researchers from all over the country are urgently recruited to participate in the design and construction of related projects, so that the plan can be implemented as soon as possible.

And I am also a selected member.

This is a top-secret task that concerns the life and death of mankind. Moreover, the international community is not peaceful now, and the opposing forces are inexhaustible. People in other countries are everywhere who try to steal secrets and sabotage.

It’s not safe to go here, and the return date is unknown. Maybe he’ll stay anonymous all his life and never have a chance to come back?

He has always hated this hypothetical proposition, but his parents used to. Once you go, you will never see me again in this life, and you will never have a chance to see me again.

He had regrets, but he never regretted it, so he chose the research his parents had done before his death and took the same road as his parents did before.

Ma Zhao has long decided not to be burdened by feelings all his life, but I didn’t expect that the heart never lies, and it is even more uncontrolled.

He fell in love with his students and with Tu Hengyu.

Then let yourself be willful for once.

This life is the only time and the last time. For the first time, he used his sensibility to dominate his brain, let himself sink in his desire for the first time, hugged and kissed his lover without scruple for the first time, and let Tu Hengyu leave a temporary mark on his back neck, and appointed himself to tie the knot with each other until he was inseparable.

Ma Zhao tried his best to hug Tu Hengyu’s shoulder, as if to draw courage and warmth from him in the face of future difficulties.

A few cold moonlight cast on Ma Zhao now, suddenly like tears.

Maybe this separation is farewell.

But because I did something meaningful, I never regret leaving you.

I’m sorry, I can’t promise to be with you.

Because it is better to forbid a wish that is doomed to fail.

Whisper bb:

The flower language of wisteria: live for love, die for love, endless love, paranoid love.

The flower-scented rabbit is tender and lovely, and the soft white-cut black rabbit attacks me directly next year.

Since Fanzi didn’t write about Teacher Ma’s experience, I’ll start making it up! It’s not appropriate for a young, promising and powerful person like Mr. Ma to have no excellent genes passed down by his family, is it? Mr. Ma never married a picture of himself for the sake of scientific research, and he felt celibacy, loneliness and widowhood. Isn’t this something that can’t be done? First, it says "Shuang Shuang". If the third ball is won by sail backstab, then let’s talk about it.

The upsurge of artificial intelligence trainer talent incubation project has arrived. Have you come to inspect the project?

"Mass entrepreneurship and innovation" is the strongest voice in the 21st century. Entrepreneurship is the eternal driving force for national development and social progress, while artificial intelligence is an important development strategy in China. As a basic key link in the development of artificial intelligence, data labeling industry is a new opportunity for entrepreneurs/teams to transform and expand their projects.

With the inexorable warming of the weather, the talent training program of artificial intelligence trainer is also in full swing. Every day, bosses from all over the world come to see the project and understand the actual operational situation.

During the project inspection, our project manager also listed the innovative mode of data labeling talent incubation project and the possible problems in the field landing process, and gave relevant suggestions and opinions.

It is worth mentioning that during the conversation, some partners shared their merits, and our project leaders also shared them, so as to make every customer who came to see the project and understand it gain a lot.

I’d like to take this opportunity to give you a service news after the cooperation, that is our partner, Mr. Huang. After studying in the operation department, the project department and the system as a whole, his team has already taken the initiative to register students and the data marking project is too busy. It can be said that it is as busy as a bee.

Win-win cooperation has achieved remarkable results, and quality service promotes value-added. Mr. Huang’s success is inseparable from his own efforts, and also from the efforts of our service partners. Here, I would also like to give a big compliment to our friends in the operation department.

If you also want to have endless data annotation resources.

If you are also in the data labeling industry,

If you are still worried about unprofitable projects, broken files and other issues.

Then, consider joining forces.

Come and visit us.

Italian media: Rome has raised the offer of salary reduction and renewal for smolin, and the new annual salary is the same as at present.

Live on March 12, according to the report of Il Tempo, Rome has raised its offer to renew smolin’s contract, and the current annual salary for renewal is the same as that of the existing contract.

Roma don’t want to lose smolin, and his contract will expire at the end of the season. According to "Il Tempo", Rome has sent an important signal that they have raised their previous offer for renewal.

Rome has offered a two-year contract before, but the annual salary is lower than the current 3.5 million euros.

Considering that the player wants to stay, Roma decided to offer a two-year contract at the current annual salary, and the bonus is very easy to get.

(Stewed Sydney with rock sugar)

Eight teams involved in the Super League were investigated for match-fixing, and the Shanghai seaport in Taishan, Shandong Province was among them.

Eight teams involved in the Super League were investigated for match-fixing, and the Shanghai seaport in Taishan, Shandong Province was among them.

Text/Jiang Shihua

At present, there is no definite time when the Super League will kick off in the new season, but the anti-corruption wave in China football triggered by Li Tie’s investigation shows no sign of abating. In particular, the news of match-fixing and gambling involved in the Xinghan Wu incident may not be an individual phenomenon. According to a well-known domestic football media source, as many as eight Chinese Super Clubs have begun to be investigated by relevant departments, among which the Shanghai Harbour in Taishan, Shandong Province is one.

Recently, a football media person surnamed M posted a message on social media that investigators had gone to Guangzhou and Jiaying to investigate the local gambling situation in the last two years. As we all know, there used to be four Super League teams in Guangdong, and the clubs in Guangzhou are Guangzhou City and Guangzhou Team. It is inevitable that one of these two teams will be investigated by the relevant departments this time. The Shenzhen team has been mentioned many times before. The most typical case is: in the 2019 season, the Shenzhen team drew 4-4 with Wuhan Zall at home, and the head coach of Wuhan team at that time was Li Tie, who is now in prison.

After Chen Xiaoyuan was investigated, because of his relationship with Chen Xiaoyuan, the Harbour Club is likely to be investigated by relevant departments. During Chen Xiaoyuan’s tenure as chairman of the Harbour Club, some accounts and other issues were the focus of investigation by relevant departments. Previously, the news of match-fixing involved in the Xinghan Wu incident made Shandong Taishan deeply involved. If nothing else, in the final stage of last season, Shandong Taishan team beat Shenzhen 8-0 at home, and this game was questioned by many fans. If it’s not a match-fixing, it’s at least a tacit match.

Mr. Mo Yan’s writing style is magical realism, so is China football?