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"A trip to the cool capital in spring" —— Central media and Internet experts focus on Liupanshui

  CCTV News:On April 11th, public opinion monitoring Office of People’s Daily Online and the Propaganda Department of Liupanshui Municipal Committee co-sponsored the large-scale media gathering activity of "Kangyang Resort China Liangdu". Journalists and network celebrities from more than 20 central and local key news websites from all over the country walked into Liupanshui together. During the two-day interview, the central and local media and online celebrities conveyed Liupanshui’s experience and achievements in the "three changes" reform work to the outside world through pens and lenses in their hands.

  During the activity, the collecting group went deep into the front line of poverty alleviation and development, while watching the modern science and technology shed and thinking about where this happy life came from.

  Hu Kefei, a reporter from China Culture News, said: "This is the second time to come to Pugu Township and feel shocked. A year ago, it was still a construction site. Now it has developed into an eco-tourism resort with perfect format and good infrastructure. Resources have become assets, farmers have become shareholders, and Liupanshui has obvious advantages in catching up and catching up." "As the saying goes, if you want to build roads before you get rich, Liupanshui is now a highway connecting counties and counties, and the improvement of infrastructure will inevitably promote economic development. Liupanshui is based on ecology, and the two advantages of resources actively accelerate the introduction of going out and get rid of poverty and get rich. The people are blessed." Ma Qiang, director of the Public Welfare Communication Department of public opinion monitoring Office of People’s Daily Online, said. "The poverty alleviation work here is done very accurately, and the benefits are really falling on the people. It is in place, and every work is done very solidly. I didn’t expect such great changes in the depths of the mountains. We will take advantage of this rare opportunity to interpret the "three changes" of Niangniangshan through storytelling and new media means to promote Niangniangshan’s experience in poverty alleviation. " Wang Yanshen, a reporter from Farmers Daily, said with experience. "What deeply touches me is that a set of data shows that the per capita income of ordinary people in Pugu Township has increased from 700 yuan in 2012 to over 10,000 now, or even higher. This is the great effect of the" three changes "policy. We want to show the achievements of Liupanshui and Panxian to netizens with the expression of new media, so that everyone can pay attention to Guizhou.Pay attention to Liupanshui. " 

  Speaking of Liupanshui’s "three changes" to help the poor, we can’t ignore Tao Zhengxue. This farmer entrepreneur in the depths of the mountains, with his unique vision and hard-working spirit, has created a world of his own. Rich and not forgetting his folks, he returned to his hometown to start a business with hundreds of millions of property, leading the whole village to pull out the "poor roots" and run a well-off society.

  "I left my hometown to work when I was 16 years old, and I worked in lead-zinc mines, coal mines and coal washing plants … … One person is not rich when he is rich, and everyone is rich when he is rich. It is my responsibility to lead the villagers to get rich together. " It is under this belief that Tao Zhengxue embarked on the road of returning to his hometown to start a business.

  Returning to his hometown to start a business, Tao Zhengxue aimed at international positioning and determined to make Niangniang Mountain a high-quality, high-yield and efficient agricultural sightseeing park. Nowadays, the superposition effect of scale ecology, tourism, economy and culture has become more and more prominent.

  "The reform of the origin of a prefecture-level city alarmed the province and the central government — — On November 27th, 2015, Liupanshui, the capital of China, made the "three changes" in deepening rural reform, which was first mentioned by the General Secretary at the Central Poverty Alleviation Work Conference. This achievement cannot be separated from ‘ Tao Zhengxue ’ Efforts. " Economic Voice reporter Zhang Li said with emotion. "Niangniangshan’s precise poverty alleviation is impressive, and party building is the key. The mechanism of the Party Committee of Liancun advocated by Tao Zhengxue is the best example. Poverty alleviation and development cannot be separated from the demonstration and guidance of party organizations. Party building is used to promote the ideological construction of the masses. From ideological poverty alleviation to industrial poverty alleviation, the exploration of Pugu Township is meaningful. " China News Service reporter Zhou Jiajia said. "The environment here is very good, which may be subject to publicity. It is suggested to make better use of the Internet and new media to publicize our beauty here." Lao Xu, a famous media person, commented.

  The reporters who participated in this theme interview activity said that the ecological environment and natural scenery of Liupanshui are desirable. I believe that in Liupanshui, we can not only appreciate the hardships and achievements of poverty alleviation, but also appreciate Liupanshui’s hard work, enthusiasm and pragmatic style.

  It is understood that in recent years, Liupanshui has adopted the method of changing ideas, paths and methods to promote the "three changes" reform of changing resources into assets, changing funds into shares, and changing farmers into shareholders. Sleeping resources and scattered resources have been confirmed and evaluated, and they have participated in certain business entities in the form of assets, and the scattered funds have been integrated and quantified into shares and entered into business entities. Then organize and guide farmers to become shareholders through land participation, technology participation, resources participation, housing participation, labor participation, etc. First, integrate farmers into professional cooperatives, and then participate in new business entities in the form of cooperatives. The "three changes" reform takes industry as the platform and equity as the link, centralizes thousands of households on the platform, funds from all parties on the platform, and regional resources on the platform, forming a platform economy, increasing the income of economic entities, collective income and mass income. The masses participated in the industrial development as shareholders, operated and cooperated equally, and changed from bystanders to participants.

Abandoned for 65 years, the main fighter plane of World War II of the US Army "surfaced" on the British beach.


    [Content at a glance]In World War II, a P-38 fighter plane ambushed Isoroku Yamamoto’s plane and killed it. As for this fighter plane abandoned on the Welsh beach, it was gradually covered with sand and has been sleeping on the coast for 65 years. Its most famous achievement was the ambush of the plane of Isoroku Yamamoto, commander of the Japanese joint fleet, on April 18th, 1943, which killed the mastermind of the Pearl Harbor incident.


In World War II, a P-38 fighter plane ambushed Isoroku Yamamoto’s plane and killed it. [Profile picture]


The heroic attitude of P-38 Lightning fighter during World War II. [Profile picture]

The northern coast of Wales, England, has charming scenery and golden beaches, and tourists come in an endless stream in summer. Surprisingly, a plane was buried in the shallows for 65 years until July this year. According to expert appraisal, this rusty "antique" actually belongs to the famous American P-38 "Lightning" fighter in World War II.

Shoal surprises antique fighters

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on November 15, this fighter plane was discovered by a family who came here for a holiday on July 31 this year. It may be because of the climate that the sand surface on the beach flowed and retreated, which made this plane see the light again. Before that, people built sand castles, walked and swam around it, but they didn’t know it existed at all.

At first, people thought it was an unmanned reconnaissance plane in the 1950s, but when an aviation fan saw the photos published in the local newspaper, he recognized its identity from its unique "double-body" shape-the P-38 Lightning, the main fighter of the US military in World War II, and then got in touch with American aviation historians.

Experts uncover twists and turns.

Through the serial number and other records of this fighter, the experts finally determined its identity. It was built in 1941, arrived in Britain in 1942, and then began to carry out combat missions along the coast from the Netherlands to Belgium. On September 27, 1942, Robert, a pilot from North Carolina? Fred? Lieutenant Eliot took part in the bombing exercise, but due to fuel supply problems, he was forced to make an emergency landing on the Welsh beach. Because the belly of the fighter plane landed in the shallows first, the wing tip of the plane broke, but Eliot was safe and sound. Unfortunately, three months later, Eliot, 24, was hit by the enemy in an air battle in Tunisia, flying another P-38 "Lightning" fighter plane, which was destroyed and killed, but his body and wreckage were never found.

As for this fighter plane abandoned on the Welsh beach, it was gradually covered with sand and has been sleeping on the coast for 65 years. Rick gillespie, the head of the International Organization for the Restoration of Historical Aircraft, who led the team to visit, said that some official records of the United States showed that the military dismantled its weapons and equipment and salvaged it because it could not take off on the beach. "But in fact, they didn’t do it. Because of the military’s information censorship system and the fact that Britain closed the beach in World War II and did not open it to the public, no one knew where it was hidden. "

This incident was later forgotten by American officials. On November 19, 1961, a fire destroyed a lot of data of the US Air Force, and the plane that had disappeared before was later listed as "officially abandoned" by the military and was not mentioned again.

Robert Jr., 64, who lives in Tennessee, USA? Eliot, the nephew of that young pilot, spent nearly 30 years trying to understand his uncle’s deeds. "For me, this is a major discovery, which makes me excited." He expressed his great hope to go to the scene to see the recovered fighter in person.

It once frightened the Japanese army.

It is reported that the P-38 "Lightning" fighter is the first twin-engine military aircraft developed by the famous Lockheed Aircraft Company. Johnson introduced it in the late 1930s. At the beginning of 1942, an F-4 reconnaissance plane modified from P-38 suddenly appeared over the southwest Pacific Ocean, which was the first appearance of P-38 on the battlefield, and then P-38 was put into the European battlefield one after another. Because the P-38 adopts the layout of double tail supports, it looks like two fuselage, and it was called "double-body demon" by the Axis forces at that time.

After 1943, P-38 also began to appear in the vast Pacific battlefield. With high speed, heavy armor and powerful firepower, the excellent characteristics of the P-38 made the Japanese army hate and fear. Its most famous achievement was the ambush of the plane of Isoroku Yamamoto, commander of the Japanese joint fleet, on April 18th, 1943, which killed the mastermind of the Pearl Harbor incident.

By the end of production in 1945, a total of 9,923 P-38 models had been produced, but there were only 32 complete machines and some spare parts. The newly discovered plane on the Welsh beach may be the oldest "Lightning" fighter. The "International Organization for the Restoration of Historical Aircraft" plans to join hands with experts from the British Museum to begin the restoration of this fighter in the spring of 2008. The British Imperial War Museum and the Royal Air Force Museum are also interested in this. In order to prevent being robbed, the authorities did not announce the current specific location of the fighter plane, but let it continue to return to the cover of sand. (China Daily website/Kang Juan)


The United States builds a "space fighter" with 6 times the speed of sound, and it is powerful to drop bombs in low-earth orbit.

American warships visited northern Vietnam for the first time after the normalization of US-Vietnam relations.

The F-35 "Lightning 2", a new generation stealth fighter in the United States, was publicly unveiled.

In 2009, the United States provided Pakistan with F-16 technology that was prohibited from leaking to China.

The United States will allocate $100 million to develop space attack weapons.

Editor: Cao Jin

American newspaper: Korean war survivors reveal the truth about the American massacre

  Xinhua News: The International Herald Tribune of the United States published an article entitled "Survivors of the Korean War Talk about the US Army’s Killing Innocent People" on the 21st. The main points are as follows:

Douglas macarthur (former) Incheon gloated after landing.

  Many people were burned alive.

  In September, 1950, under the personal command of General douglas macarthur, American troops landed in Incheon Port, South Korea, which changed the direction of the Korean War and made MacArthur a hero.

  But more than half a century later, in a shabby tent at the entrance of Yuewei Park, a group of elderly Koreans wanted to tell the world about the unknown side behind the victory of the US military and a story about civilians being burned alive that was not mentioned in Korean official history and textbooks.

  Li Beiji, 76, said: "When napalm hit our village, many people were still asleep at home. Those who escaped from the fire came to the seaside, and we tried to show American pilots that we were ordinary people. However, they still shot at us, both women and children. "

  According to the military documents declassified by the United States reviewed by South Korean government investigators, on September 10, 1950, five days before landing in Incheon, in order to "burn" the eastern part of Yuewei Island, 43 American warplanes flew to the island and dropped 93 cases of napalm bombs.

U.S. military burned facilities on Moon Island.

  There were 210 massacres of civilians.

  Moon Island is not the only target of bombing. Since November last year, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission under the South Korean government has published a series of reports on the situation of Yuewei Island and two other cities that were attacked by air. Local residents said that a large number of unarmed civilians were killed in indiscriminate air strikes by the US military. The Committee believes that such air strikes violate the international conventions on war, and therefore suggests that the government come forward to negotiate with the United States to pay compensation to the victims.

  According to other findings of the Committee, on January 19, 1951, American warplanes threw napalm bombs at Shancheng village, about 160 kilometers southeast of the capital, killing at least 51 people, including 16 children.

  The Committee also said that a day later, American warplanes threw napalm bombs at the entrance of a cave full of refugees in Danyang, 35 kilometers north of Shancheng Village, and about 167 villagers were burned alive, more than half of them women.

  Jin Dongchong, a senior official of the Committee, said: "We should not ignore or conceal the deaths of innocent civilians, because their deaths were not caused by the mistakes of a few soldiers, but by orderly air strikes and strafe. History tells us that we need an alliance, but this alliance must be based on humanitarian principles. "

  During the early totalitarian and extremely anti-communist government in South Korea, it was taboo to criticize the actions of the US military in the war. However, after the South Korean government later set up a fact-finding commission, the public provided 210 cases about the indiscriminate killing of innocent people by the US military, most of which were caused by air strikes.

The US military forced the moon to tail island.

  The United States has argued that "air strikes are justified."

  Major Stuart Upton, a spokeswoman for the US Department of Defense, said that the Pentagon would not comment on these reports until the South Korean government took formal action.

  After the Korean War broke out in June 1950, the US military planned to land in Incheon Port in September to rescue the United Nations troops trapped in the southeast corner of the Korean Peninsula. The US military decided that it must first turn Yuewei Island, located at the throat of a waterway leading to Incheon Port, into a no-man’s land.

  In their report on the mission of bombing the island at the end of the moon, the pilots of the US Marine Corps said: "This mission is to completely bomb this area with napalm and burn all objects on the ground."

  They also said: "I didn’t see any signs of the army. But the smoke rising from the ground shows that the fire is enough to burn everything on the ground. "

  These reports also described the shooting on the beach, but made no mention of civilian casualties.

  American investigators did not object to South Korea’s investigation report, but thought that the US air strikes were "justified". They said that the mountain city was a stronghold of the enemy at that time, and the villagers had been warned to evacuate in advance.

  However, regarding the bombing of Moon Island, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission pointed out that although it believed that it was necessary for US troops to land in Incheon Port, it found no "evidence of any efforts to reduce civilian casualties". (Editor: Apeng)

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  In June 1950, when the Korean War broke out, the Korean People’s Army laid a large number of mines in the nearby waters to prevent the US troops from landing in Wonsan. In order to ensure the successful landing, the US military used more than 10 mine-clearing ships to clear mines. However, due to the limitation of troops and mine-clearing technology, only more than 200 mines were cleared in 15 days, accounting for 1/10 of the total number of mines laid by the People’s Army. A large area of mines undoubtedly poses a serious threat to the next landing operation of the US military. Unable to do anything about it, the US Far East Naval Command remembered that after Japan’s defeat, an old Japanese naval mine-clearing unit with more than 100 mine-clearing ships and combat capability remained.

Countless North Korean children were killed by American troops.

In the Korean War, the old woman was killed by the American army on the roadside.

Editor: Wang Jiaolong

Former American international talks about Balogun choosing the United States: England is too arrogant and southgate underestimates the players.

Live on May 20th, former American international Eric wynalda was interviewed by The Action Network a few days ago. When talking about Balogun’s choice to represent the American national team, he said that England was too arrogant.

Balogun, who has been loaned to Lance by Arsenal, has done well this season. He has dual citizenship of England and the United States, but he has decided to choose the United States as his national team because he can’t be called up by the Three Lions.

Wynalda said: "southgate did make some mistakes in Balogun’s comments. southgate said before that the English team could not give players a chance to play for other national teams just to prevent them from playing for other national teams."

"Uh-oh, if southgate can take back this sentence now, I think he will. Southgate completely underestimated Balogun’s ability and tried to pretend it didn’t matter. I’m sorry, but sometimes the arrogance of the English needs to be known, and this time it’s like this. "

(goblin killer)

[A little information] The top 8 of the World Championships decided that four seats were born, two major tragedies, two world champions were eliminated, and China teenager 6.

On April 22nd, Beijing time, the 1/8 final of the Snooker World Championships continued. Yesterday, three competitions ended, resulting in two tragedies and a big upset. The two tragedies were Mark Allen’s 12-4 explosion of Bingham, O ‘Sullivan’s 13-2 massacre of Wafi, and the big cold was that Jack Jones, a dark horse, defeated Australian artillery Robertson 10-7 after the 1990s, so that the quarter-finals of this World Championships were decided. O ‘Sullivan and Jack Jones, two new world champions Bingham and Robertson were eliminated, and China teenager Si Jiahui temporarily led veteran Milkins 6-2!

This season’s hottest Mark Allen and World Championship champion Bingham met in a narrow way and staged a seed dialogue. As a result, the game turned into a one-sided massacre. With a 4-3 lead, Mark Allen then made a stormy attack and won the match point with a powerful attack wave that won eight games in a row. Bingham blasted a single shot to break the hundred in the sixteenth game and finally won a game to stop bleeding, but in the seventeenth game, Mark Allen made a shot. As a result, Bingham was blasted with 12-4. In this game, Mark Allen’s firepower was super fierce, and the audience blasted 13 shots with 50+. The powerful offensive directly smashed Bingham and created a tragedy!

Defending champion O ‘Sullivan faced WAFI who eliminated Ding Junhui. As a result, the match between the two men was full of fiery flavor. WAFI exploded and kicked off, which completely angered O ‘Sullivan. O ‘Sullivan also responded with strength. The fire was all on, and he won 6-2 in the first stage. In the second stage, he won 7 games in a row. He ended the battle ahead of schedule with a score of 13-2, and he was beaten hard to create this session.

Australian artillery Robertson faced Jack Jones, a dark horse born in the 1990s. As a result, Robertson lost the fiery state in the first round. He played very badly, and the whole audience felt very depressed. Jack Jones relied on winning six games in a row in the second stage, and finally defeated Robertson with a surprise of 13-7. Jack Jones only shot two shots and five shots and 50+ in the whole game, so that Jack Jones beat Carter and Robertson in succession.

China teenager Si Jiahui and 47-year-old veteran Milkins finished the first stage of the competition. Si Jiahui felt very hot. Facing Milkins, who was in a depressed state, he blew a shot to break 100 and a 4-shot 50+, and got a 6-2 lead. But then Si Jiahui must not be careless, beware of Milkins’ counterattack. His first round of 2-7 backwardness and shocking reversal of JoPerry is an example. We must resist his counterattack!

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You must watch this game tonight! Live broadcast on the big platform! The results of the first two games bode well for Guoqing.

At 18: 00 this evening, Beijing time, China U20 will compete with South Korean U20 for a semi-final spot in the U20 Asian Cup, which is actually a qualification for the World Youth Championship. You know, the last World Youth Championship that the National Youth Team participated in dates back to the 2005 World Youth Championship in the Netherlands, so the impact of the China team on the World Youth Championship tonight is particularly worthy of the attention of China fans. In other words, China fans must watch this game!

Tonight’s game, the time is also very suitable, fans can eat rice while watching the game. Aiqiyi, Migu, Know the Ball Emperor and other platforms all have live broadcast signals, which brings convenience for fans to watch the ball. Fans can watch the live broadcast on the computer or mobile phone screen (screen TV is also acceptable) and wave the flag and shout for the China teenager! CCTV didn’t broadcast the men’s U20 football match live, but broadcast the women’s U20 football match live, which from another angle can also stimulate China teenagers to fight hard tonight!

Unlike the World Cup, the World Youth Championship is not the top team in the world, but it is very strong. For example, Argentina won the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 championship last year, and its youth team (namely Argentina U20) was eliminated in the World Youth Championship in South America. Argentina is the second-ranked team in the world! By the same token, the strength of the Korean national team is obviously higher than that of the China national team, but the level of its U20 team may not be much higher than that of China. Therefore, the China boy must have confidence tonight.

It is particularly worth mentioning that in the two quarterfinals of the U20 Asian Cup last night, Iraq beat Iran 1-0 at the last moment of the game. Four hours later, Uzbekistan, the host country, also beat Australia in the penalty shootout and got the second ticket to the top four. You know, the Iranian and Australian national teams are frequent visitors to the World Cup, while the Iraqi national team is less powerful, and the Uzbek national team has never made it to the World Cup. Therefore, the results of the first two games are also an encouragement to China U20, which seems to indicate that China can also eliminate the South Korean team tonight.

Think about how China U20 beat Saudi Arabia 2-0 in the group stage, and the boys will know how to play tonight. The South Korean team has always despised the China team in football. If they still have this inertia tonight and make the mistake of underestimating the enemy, the chances of the China teenager will be even greater. Argentina underestimates its enemy and can lose to Saudi Arabia in the World Cup. If South Korea underestimates its enemy, it is of course reasonable to lose to China! Come on, Guoqing! Come on, China boys!

Refuse to make the same mistake as Ronaldo! Messi or "forced" to renew his contract with Paris: 3 reasons for rushing to the Champions League+America’s Cup

On March 11th, Beijing time, according to Ole newspaper, Messi has decided to renew his contract with Grand Paris and continue to play for the French giants next season. So, why is Mei Qiu Wang willing to stay?

Messi’s contract with Greater Paris expired this summer, and the two sides started contract renewal negotiations after the World Cup, but they were once deadlocked. However, according to the Argentine media, he has only negotiated with Grand Paris at present, and Dali is also the only club that offers Messi, so the two sides are expected to continue to work together.

"The only quotation" reminds people of Cristiano Ronaldo. Last summer, Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to leave Manchester United, and Mendes looked around for a big family, but he was repeatedly rejected. No Champions League team was willing to make an offer for him. Until the break with Manchester United last November, Cristiano Ronaldo’s situation was the same, and he could only leave Europe and go far to Saudi Arabia.

For Messi, it seems that no other team wants him. With his age and high salary, the Premier League may not be able to adapt. Serie A and Bundesliga can’t afford it. In La Liga, the only way is to return to Barcelona, but laporta is only speculating and has not made an offer.

However, unlike Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi has at least not fallen out with the club, so he can choose to stay in Paris and continue to play in the five major leagues in Europe. This is the first point.

Secondly, Messi still hopes to play in the Champions League and win the fifth Champions League title to tie the historical record maintained by Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid. The last time he won the championship, it was already in 2015. This is the biggest regret left by Mei Qiuwang’s career, and he will try his best to complete it before leaving Europe.

Although Greater Paris has stopped in the top 16 for two consecutive seasons, Qataris are reluctant to let Mbappé go, and Neymar, who has a longer contract, may stay. If we continue to introduce reinforcements and strengthen the lineup this summer, it will undoubtedly be an important stage for the Champions League, and at least the French champion will be guaranteed, won’t it?

Third, Messi also hopes to participate in the 2024 America’s Cup and strive to lead Argentina to successfully defend its title. Cristiano Ronaldo has become a substitute in the World Cup, and his position and importance in the Portuguese national team have declined. The Five Shield Corps has changed its coach, so he can go to Saudi Arabia to "self-destruct" after winning the 2016 European Cup.

Messi is different. He is still the number one core in Argentina. Without him, the strength of the Pampas Eagle will be greatly reduced, and Scalogni will be there. Therefore, in the last competition of the national team’s career, we must go all out, and only by staying in Europe and staying in the giants can we maintain our current excellent state.

Therefore, in the absence of other better options, Messi is likely to be "forced" to renew his contract with Greater Paris, play at the Prince Park Stadium for at least another year, and then follow Cristiano Ronaldo and go to the United States, Saudi Arabia or other places to support the elderly.