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The performance version of Shanhai Gun appeared in the lineup of Chengdu Auto Show of Great Wall Gun

  [car home Information] Recently, we learned from the Great Wall pickup truck official that the performance version (|) will be officially unveiled at the 2023 Chengdu Auto Show, which opened on August 25th. In addition, the 2023 Great Wall Gun Black Bomb version will be officially listed at the Chengdu Auto Show.

● Shanhai Gun Performance Edition

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

"Shanhai Gun Performance Edition"

  Previously, some media photographed the spy photos of the performance version of Shanhai Gun. The new car is expected to add some off-road configurations on the basis of the current Shanhai Gun, including the front winch, wading throat and the square mouth of the rear trailer. At the same time, the car will also be equipped with black front middle net, black wheel eyebrows, fixed side pedals, black gantry, etc. In addition, black decorative parts have been added to the front of the car to enhance the off-road style of the whole car.

  In terms of power, the performance version of Shanhai Gun is expected to follow the power of the current model, equipped with a 3.0-liter V6 turbocharged engine and a 48-volt light mixing system, with a maximum power of 260 kW and a peak torque of 500 Nm. The transmission system is matched with a vertical 9-speed automatic gearbox, and it is also expected to be equipped with a Borg Warner 4A+LOCK four-wheel drive system.

● 2023 Great Wall Gun Black Bomb Edition

Great Wall Motor Gun 2021 2.0T Black Bomb Special Edition GW4C20B

Great Wall Motor Gun 2021 2.0T Black Bomb Special Edition GW4C20B

"2021"Great Wall Gun Black Bomb Edition

  The black bullet version of the Great Wall Gun was jointly launched by the modified brand Yunliang Off-road and Great Wall pickup truck. The new car was deeply off-road modified to meet the individual needs of deep off-road and pan-outdoor players. It is expected that the appearance and interior of the new car will not change much.

  In terms of power, the models currently on sale are equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged gasoline engine, with a maximum power of 140 kW and a maximum torque of 360 Nm. It is matched with an 8-speed automatic transmission, which adopts part-time 4wd, has an electronically controlled differential lock on the front/rear axle, and has a crawling mode, a tank turning around and an all-terrain driving mode. (Part of the image source: understand the car emperor; Text/car home Li Na)

Why did China’s football get worse and worse?

Personally, I didn’t like football until I was about 15 or 16 years old. Actually, I didn’t like it much. I just liked it a little bit, but I didn’t devote myself to it. At that time, the atmosphere was not the same as it is now. At that time, there were no female guns and male stars, and the mainstream was iron-blooded men. Being a man would be tough and hard. Anyone who dared to stretch out his blue finger and casually freestyle would be killed by the people in the street.

The best way to be tough is sports. Therefore, among male students, if you don’t know much about sports, you will look like a soft egg in the eyes of your classmates. If you don’t watch the five major leagues, the Champions League and World Cup NBA, you will definitely develop abnormally. The more you devote yourself to watching football matches, the more you will look like a man. The more excited you are, the more eloquent you will be. It shows that you are professional and exuberant in male hormones. Boys think that with so much performance, girls will look at him more because of his exuberant hormones.

Everything in the world is related to sex, except sex itself.

I didn’t say this, but Wilde, the boring man. You have to settle accounts with him.

I liked football at first, just like joining a pyramid scheme gang. I was dragged in by my head. My roommate talked to me about football all day, walking, eating, sleeping and taking a shit in the bathroom. I was afraid that if I didn’t respond to him, he would be gay with me, so I was forced to learn football knowledge to show that I was normal. I was very man, and I was full of male hormones. Dude, you’d better not mess around, but I have never been very interested.

Really, just like my feelings for Kitahara, I really couldn’t find a better one in those days, so I’ll just try to like it.

If we put it aside now, right, then so-and-so, so-and-so, we will catch a lot of high-quality ones, although I can’t even remember the names.

My age of football enlightenment was Li Jinyu, Zhang Yuning and Li Tie, that is, the Li Tie who had just been fired as the head coach of the national team. He used to maintain the style of F4 in the early 2000s for many years, which was particularly recognizable. After being a head coach, his face was a lot rounder and his hair was a little shorter, but it was still much longer than that of ordinary boys. This shows how much psychological influence adolescence has on a person’s life. I can’t forget Toko Kitahara and Li Tie can’t forget F4’s long hair.

Because the players of that session were highly valued, playing against the weak team was just like playing for fun. Every time Li Jinyu scored a goal, he would learn from Guo Jing’s bow and arrow shooting. POSE was particularly handsome and very rhythmic. Although he lost to South Korea in the first game, he played against South Korea as a whole, and the momentum was fierce. The Korean media all thought that we were mental derangements, and we despised them even after losing, which was different from China people who always liked self-examination at ordinary times.

Because everyone has high expectations for that generation, sometimes when watching the game in the classroom, male students gather around the TV and score a goal, and the students are just like taking drugs. Some smash their desks, some howl like wolves, and some will grab the collars of the students next to them and shake others while screaming, making them twitch as if they were touched by electricity.

There were no entertainment activities in those days, and life and entertainment depended on the ambiguous eyes of female students and sports competitions.

In the 2000s, because a Yao Ming suddenly appeared in basketball, I only watched the NBA. After Yao Ming retired, I didn’t even watch sports events, so I concentrated on earning money to support my family.

Earning money to support the family is actually much more technical and practical than sports competitions. I don’t even want to come out here.

Occasionally, I saw the news of football in China, which basically showed a bloody collapse trend. The more I kicked, the more I collapsed. At the beginning, there were still several people studying abroad in Europe. Later, there were fewer and fewer people studying abroad. Now there is only one Lei Wu left. Now the national team seems to be reduced to the top eight in Asia, and it is often beaten on the face by Syria and Thailand. In the end, the China men’s football team has simply become a domestic emotional trash can and has become the object of collective banter. Since 2002,

Strangely, however, the Super League was extremely hot in previous years, and it was once known as the "sixth largest league in the world". Guangzhou Evergrande even won the AFC Champions League twice. In 2019, the average salary of Super League players reached about 6.5 million RMB. The average annual salary of the most expensive players in Guangzhou Evergrande and Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai was about 12 million RMB, and the worst player in Beijing and Shanghai also reached 2 million RMB.

This phenomenon that the league is hot and the national team is weak happens at the same time, which makes China football look very strange.

So what is the reason that led to this phenomenon?

Out of curiosity about the origin of all things, I chose to visit many domestic footballers who have been running around the world for 20 or 30 years and ask them why China’s football has been playing more and more in the past 20 years. Interestingly, everyone’s answers are surprisingly consistent, and there is a relaxed attitude of "You guys have seen through the world of mortals for a long time, so what should you do?".

After synthesizing everyone’s opinions, I gradually figured out the root logic of China’s failure in football.

Before writing this reason, I would like to remind you that, unlike our industrial party, which always feels confident that there is a sea of stars in front of us, most people in the sports and entertainment circles are still a little sad. At least three people in the football circle have used the phrase "China football is the epitome of China society" with me.

But as far as I know, this sentence is wrong.

China football and China entertainment circle are not all the epitome of China. Accurately speaking, they are only the epitome of China’s negative energy. China football circle and entertainment circle are relatively deformed, and they are also deeply related to finance, real estate and other industries. Because the starting industry of money itself is not normal in China, it is not normal to reflect on them. If you want to compare China industrial circle with China entertainment circle, it will be another world.

Back to the main question, why did China’s football (mainly referring to the men’s national team) play so badly?

It’s just that the players who play football are not good.

Then why are the players not good at football?

To put it simply, the fastest growth time of football players’ personal level is in the period of teenagers, but the level of football teenagers in China is not good.

We all know that no matter what line of work, the best person must be a combination of "high talent and diligence", and both of them are indispensable. Moreover, whether it is sports or literature and art, high talent can be seen in adolescence, whether it is Go, piano, writing, running, singing, dancing, basketball, or even physics and mathematics, it is clear at a glance when you are a teenager.

There is a saying in the world of Go, "If you are not a national player at the age of 20, you will be hopeless all your life", which is the truth.

Yao Ming in his teens, James in his teens, and Lang Lang in his teens all showed super-high talent in their teens, and became an industry elite in their adulthood. No one did not show his talent and did not undergo cruel training after the age of 20, and then he suddenly became extremely awesome in a certain field.

Even Tik Tok online celebrity, who was hit by the Universiade, became popular because of one sentence and one thing, and often passed away quickly, because there was no talent to continue exporting.

Including myself, I have 20 years of writing experience to write articles, and I don’t suddenly write things. I started writing novels when I was in junior high school. Every morning, the whole class is waiting for my novel to be updated, and I will circulate it to each other every morning, and the cover of my notebook will end up like oil residue.

If the highest score of football players is 100 points, let’s assume that Pele, Diego Maradona, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi have a total score of 95 points (fans don’t come to wrangle, thank you), then they should reach the level of about 80 points before they reach adulthood. The league will improve their level, but the space is not as big as expected. The league mainly plays a role in maintaining a high level.

The Super League is very prosperous, but it doesn’t improve the level of China men’s soccer team that much, because they were locked at the level of 50-60 points in adolescence, and the league will make them rise to 65-70 points, but the upper limit is too low.

The Super League is helpful, and we can also pull a group of people out of the league to bully the fishing club, but the Super League is not the core reason that determines the level of the national team.

When you look at the time when international football stars became famous and began to make achievements, they usually started around the age of 18. For example, Messi became famous at the 2005 World Youth Championship, when he was just 18 years old. The next year, Diego Maradona called him his successor. Cristiano Ronaldo also became famous at the age of 18. In 2003, he moved from Sporting Lisbon to Manchester United for 12.24 million pounds, because at this time their total score was very high and they began to dump our players in the same period.

Of course, we have some high-level and good prospects. Don’t believe any strange theories of race and culture. I said that it is hooliganism to talk about problems with culture. We can have talents from all walks of life. How can 1.4 billion people not have a football genius?

In fact, India also has all kinds of talents, but it is buried and there is no platform to play.

However, when our players are teenagers, they encounter two big problems, which make their level stuck in the low level range. One is the lack of excellent youth football teachers, and the other is the lack of a lot of opportunities for practice.

As mentioned earlier, a master must be a combination of "high talent+diligence". High talent needs guidance, or it will be ruined. For example, Yao Ming is a basketball family. This is no problem. Lang Lang studied with Professor Zhao Pingguo at the age of 9 and has always been supported by experts. If he was born in a bad environment, his road to fame would be a hundred times more difficult.

Many children in Beijing can get the top resources in the country after they are born. Being famous in Beijing means being famous all over the country. Therefore, a large number of writers and singers are likely to emerge in Beijing, while a child from Sichuan, Hunan and Shanxi is ten million times more difficult and has to work ten million times harder to reach the same height. Because he has no resources and platform, he can only bite his teeth and die.

Do you say that children in Beijing are born with better talents than those in Shanxi? I don’t believe it.

There has never been any real fairness in this world. We were born to overcome all kinds of unfairness.

By the same token, compared with foreign countries, our football players were led astray in their youth, because we were short of excellent youth football coaches.

Ali Shaw, a Dutch coach who worked in our national team, once said an argument:

"The success rate of youth football training is high, and 70% depends on the level of young football coaches."

The highest level a player can reach as a teenager is not far from his final destination.

Our coaching level from children to teenagers is very low.

Maurines, a Spanish coach, came to Shanghai Shenhua Youth Training Department to work. In an interview with diariosur, a Spanish media, he said that our youth training coach can only play strength and run, and he is very weak in training technical and tactical abilities.

About 20-30 years behind Europe.

Some of our coaches with C-level coaches or D-level coaches’ certificates can’t do a good job of passing the low flat ball with their arches. They can only teach their children to run and shoot, and Spanish children of the same age can already open the space to send a straight ball.

Our youth football coaches are not only of low quality, but also lack of talents.

Like Spain, with a total population of less than 47 million, there are as many as 15,000 coaches with UEFA A-level certificates, 84,300 in Japan, a leading Asian country, and 600 in Iceland, a country with a population of only 360,000, 400 of whom have UEFA B-level certificates.

In China, a country with a population of 1.4 billion, in 2018, there were only over 40,000 coaches registered with the Football Association, only half of that in Japan. There were 11,855 C-level coaches, 2,298 B-level coaches, 985 A-level coaches and 158 professional coaches who could teach children a little.

The number of A-level coaches in our population of 1.4 billion is only 6.6% of Spain’s population of 47 million. There is only one A-level coach for every 1.54 million people in Spain, and one A-level coach for every 3,133 people in Spain.

There are only six A-level coaches in a big city with a population of 10 million, while there is one A-level coach in a community in Spain.

How can you beat Spain?

If you want to beat them, the Spanish coaches should not be collectively angry.

Moreover, the salary of most grass-roots football coaches in China is 5000-8000 yuan per month, which makes people have no motivation to stay for a long time in first-and second-tier cities.

What makes China football change fundamentally is not how hot the league is held, but the emergence of a large number of excellent coaches covering the grass roots, so that these coaches can earn income to support their families and have room for promotion. Then, under the guidance of these coaches, talented children can become world superstars.

Only with Bole can a swift horse be selected and trained. Without Bole, China football would be completely blind.

Then why is China so good at table tennis, badminton, diving and weightlifting, but China football can’t copy their methods?

Because football is the most competitive sport in the world.On the whole earth, the competition of table tennis, badminton, diving and weightlifting is far less than that of football. The competition of football starts with dolls and is basically stereotyped by teenagers. It is necessary not only to be talented and let people pick it out, but also to practice with a large number of people.

Pay attention to this word, it must be "a large wave of people often play", not a small number of people who train hard like table tennis and badminton.

This involves the second problem of diligence in "high talent+diligence". This diligence is not an individual’s diligence, but a group’s diligence based on a large number of grass-roots clubs.

A large number of excellent grass-roots coaches ensure the selection and training of highly gifted children, and a large number of grass-roots clubs ensure the growth of children.

Let’s take Ronaldo as an example.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s father is equipment manager of Andorinha, an amateur football club (that is, a handyman), so Cristiano Ronaldo trained in this club at the age of 7. Because of his good foundation, he was signed by the best local national club at the age of 10. When he signed it, he only spent 22 footballs and two sets of jerseys. After three years of careful training, Cristiano Ronaldo won half of the team’s goals here and was later attracted by Sporting Lisbon. At the age of 13, Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Sporting Lisbon for 1,500 pounds and played at the age of 18.

Messi’s experience is similar. At the age of 5, he started playing football in amateur grass-roots clubs. His father was the coach and taught him personally. From then on, he was promoted to the old boys Club in Newell. At the age of 11, he needed treatment because of dwarfism. Newell dared not spend the money. At the age of 13, Messi was taken to the youth training camp in La Masia, Barcelona, Spain by coach KUKA, and he also got treatment opportunities. Since then, he has become famous in Barcelona.

In fact, Japan is learning from the model of "a large number of excellent coaches+grassroots amateur clubs" in Europe and South America, which makes Japanese football play stronger and stronger in Asia.

Reporter Miao Yuan once interviewed Japanese youth training coach Chiba Taishin, who used to be a professional player and worked as a youth training coach for 20 years after retiring. According to his reaction, many football teachers in Japan are volunteers, playing with their children when they were young. In junior high school, children can train three times a week and play once. In middle school, Japanese football will form a three-legged team, a social team and a professional echelon, with a large number of campus and social players. The level of the top 32 social teams in China is close to professional.

In the 12-15-year-old echelon of professional teams, only 1% of the outstanding talents are selected from these teams. Because there are a large number of grassroots units, excellent seedlings come up.

Chiba Taishen also said a very important point: children should master basic football skills at the age of 10-12, and improve their understanding of football after the age of 12, and combine skills with football understanding.

I doubt very much how our scarce football coaches, and most ordinary coaches, can make our children in China master basic football skills at the age of 10-12.

With grass-roots clubs and enough students, we have to let them fight at this time.

An interesting point is that the vast majority of football powers in the world are actually not vast countries, and the football level of countries with large areas is actually not outstanding, like that of China, the United States and India.

Why is it easy for a small country to practice strong football? It is because regional confrontation can often be organized without making the young players so tired.

Even in countries like England and Italy, which we don’t think are so big, teenagers and Italian C try their best to compete in different districts. When amateur clubs compete, the driving distance is guaranteed to be within one or two hours, so as to try to go and return on the same day without wasting everyone’s time and energy on the bus.

An hour or two’s drive is too extravagant for China. In the past, it would have been enough for Shaoyang to drive to Loudi to compete. Even if there is a high-speed train now, we have to change trains when we get off high-speed railway station. Our Shaoyang team wants to pick Changsha, and it will take four or five hours to change trains, so the little players will be exhausted.

Therefore, it is best to divide a province into several small areas, so that young people in small areas can confront each other more, and let them experience the beatings in the world and the pressure and happiness of growing up from an early age.

Then some people may object to this view and say Brazil? People are as big as Brazil, and a state is quite a country in Europe. How can people do so well?

Brother, Brazilians are actually suffering. It took them nearly 50 years to complete the national league, and it was only in the 21st century that they made their living mainly in coastal states, relying on state leagues. Small-scale regional confrontation is the basis for their talents to flourish.

We look at how the world’s football powers have risen, and soon know where the main vein of football development lies.

After the World War II in Germany, Herbega, the coach director of the Football Association, planned to "train 100 excellent coaches first, teach 100 people for every one, and train 10,000 coaches."

Ten years later, the Federal Republic of Germany won the World Cup in Switzerland in 1954.

Up to now, Germany has turned the German Football Association into the largest single sports association in the world, with 24,481 clubs, 145,000 teams and 7.17 million registered players.

But among the 7.17 million registered players, only 1,500 people finally make a living in this line. These 1,500 people are really one in a million.

So how can China beat the Germans?

If you want to beat them, German coaches should not be collectively angry.

By the way, the salary of German youth coaches is five to ten times that of ordinary people. Think about the salary of China youth coaches of 5,000 to 8,000 yuan, which is really invisible. That’s why youth coaches try to ask for bribes from players.

Let’s take a country with small boobs as an example to see how Icelandic football has become strong. The case of this country is more representative.

Iceland has a population of 330,000, so it’s normal that people can’t beat others. All of them have to go to work, and the weather is cold. There are few football fields in China, so it’s difficult to get a team out. Everyone understands, but the Icelandic Football Association has made great efforts to strengthen itself. In 2000, it began to build nine large indoor football stadiums all over the country, and every school and village also built football fields. By 2015, a total of 179 standard football fields and 128 football fields were built.

Moreover, since 2000, Iceland has trained 600 professional football coaches like crazy, 400 of whom have the UEFA B-level coaching certificate, which is equivalent to one professional coach for every 100 young men of the right age. In addition, due to the small space, they can often be pulled together to engage in confrontation, and the level has risen steadily.

By the European Cup in 2016, the Icelandic team began to make achievements, with two draws and one win in the group stage, killing England in the quarter-finals and successfully reaching the quarter-finals.

Think about what it would be like if China could reach the quarterfinals of the European Cup.

But it took Icelandic people only 16 years.

So you see, as long as we start from the roots in a down-to-earth manner, we can start football.

Therefore, everyone should understand a truth. In the most competitive sports subdivision industry in the world, football must start with dolls, and there must be a large number of amateur bottom clubs+youth leagues+fierce confrontation in small areas+a large number of excellent grassroots coaches, and then an excellent adult top league and an excellent national team can be established.

The result of the national team is the final result, and the national team is not the cause of the matter.

Then why is the foundation so poor? The Super League has been quite lively in the past few years, and even won the AFC Champions League?

This question is relatively simple.

The Super League looked prosperous in the past few years because of its interests.

Many companies go to the Super League, and their purpose is not football at all, because all football clubs in China are losing money. The poor income of Chinese football clubs is simply not enough to plug their teeth, but how can they do business at a loss?

This is the same as opening a five-star hotel. I usually love to explore the business model and find that most five-star hotels in China are unprofitable. Hotels that invest 10 billion yuan can earn up to 100 million yuan a year, and the input-output ratio is too low, and most of them are still losing money. Five-star hotels in Shaoyang are extremely well built and the cost is so high, and there are few guests at all. I don’t know how they maintain it. It is a bad business here.

It was not until later that I learned that a five-star hotel is actually a part of the infrastructure. If you build a five-star hotel, the local government will try to make it up for you in the land or other places, so that you can earn money from other places.

Chinese football clubs also mean the same thing. Bosses vote for football mainly to earn money from local governments, finance and other places, but they are not interested in football.

So you asked him to spend ten years building a youth training system. How could he have this idea? I don’t even know where it is five years later. I’m crazy. Why did I invest so much money to build a youth training system?

If the boss insists that I build an echelon, then I’ll just build an inspection to cope with it. Anyway, we can’t do a ten-year talent training plan that consumes money and energy.

Therefore, in the first year when Lippi coached the national football team, he reflected that China professional clubs didn’t even have a complete echelon construction. How many years have it been?

A senior person in the sports field told me that when Jiangsu Suning scored well, Jiangsu Sports School directly gave the echelon to Suning, and then Suning directly dissolved it.

You can pay attention to one thing. Chinese football clubs especially like to smash foreign aid with deep pockets, but they don’t train local young players. First, because it is easy to make achievements, they can quickly smash an AFC Champions League with money and get recognition from the top. Second, buying directly in the peripheral market, large transactions can generate huge amounts of money flow, and everyone in this link, from the general manager, translators, brokers and coaches, is eager to get kickbacks.

Since in China, the club can’t build a youth training echelon for his special motivation, why can’t we learn from South America, Europe and Japan, and build a large number of amateur clubs at the bottom? Let China players raise their level to 75-80 points when they are young, and then keep a high level in the league. How many stars with 85-90 points are there?

This problem is much more complicated, and it involves more economic chains.

If we compare Japan and Germany, we lack a large number of well-trained excellent coaches, and we can’t keep these people struggling in their posts for decades, and a football market has not formed.

If we compare South American countries, we lack a large number of volunteers. Many parents in South America are free volunteers in amateur clubs. They have fun by themselves, and they also take their children to play together. They can often play all night on the court.

These two points are difficult to achieve in China.

Training a large number of excellent football coaches requires a long-term 10-year plan, which requires administrative power. After the training, these people have to be prevented from changing careers easily, and there is a shortage of volunteers. In fact, parents in China are very busy, and they are not on the same level as Europeans, Japanese and South Americans.

China is now the fastest-growing economy in the world. Everyone needs to keep up with the big forces economically and make a determined effort to earn money. Because if the class leap cannot be achieved now, it will be several times more difficult for the later generations to achieve it. Everyone is working hard to earn money. Where can they spare time to volunteer at the football field?

Therefore, we can make a comparison. Either developed countries have perfect wages and benefits, or South American countries, whose economies are flat and often harvested by the United States, have perfect amateur clubs at the bottom, and such clubs are not for profit. China is now in a special historical stage. Many people have just become urban citizens from rural areas, and a large number of high-quality young people are still seizing emerging jobs such as the Internet and finance. They are all buying the first car and the first suite in their lives and have no time to participate in football grassroots projects in person.

Everyone has the opportunity to change their destiny, and it is not football’s turn to grab time for the time being.

I think that if China’s economy stagnates one day or becomes a developed country, football will be much better than it is now.

You may be tempted to ask, then why did China’s football and basketball, which were good in the past, fall into this state now?

Because it used to be a national system, this system has been scolded for decades in my impression, and it has produced many drawbacks, saying that it is a waste of people and money, which is the wrong way of socialism in the past, but in fact, the national system also has its excellent side. In the past, good players were actually selected from sports schools at different levels and then practiced hard behind closed doors. In 2002, that wave of players was actually the last performance of players trained by the national system.

After that wave, the level of players became worse and worse, because the old system was overturned, but the new system was not established, and the bottom-up basic population such as South America and Europe was not established, so they played worse and worse in the past 20 years.

It is not anyone’s fault that a new system has not been established, but it is decided by the stage of China’s times.

We have seen that some small countries, such as Qatar and Viet Nam, can often abuse the men’s soccer team in China. In fact, they have just set up a team with a little meager funds, and the government has stepped forward to set up a youth training center, which has achieved results in a long time.

The children in China, without government organization, received expensive and wrong guidance in their teens, but after the technology was formed, they couldn’t play with the small professional guidance.

It’s a bit like people are using the national system that we don’t use to attack the unhealthy market system that we haven’t formed.

Of course, because this country also lacks the bottom operating system in South America, it can only bully China at most, and it is very difficult to go any further.

"Usually our poor youth football population is just making up the numbers." A big shot in the circle sighed and said this to me.

In fact, in all areas of deep competition, the sports circles in China have encountered the same problems as football.

For example, in basketball and volleyball in China, the results are getting worse and worse. Only the middle of the women’s volleyball team was saved by Lang Ping. That’s because the competition of women’s volleyball in the world was not so fierce. Lang Ping saved a group of teenage girls in time and caught up with them through a lot of hard training.

If nothing unexpected happens, the three major events in China, regardless of men’s and women’s events, are all due to the fact that the new system was not established when the old system was transferred to the new system, which is an inevitable historical trend.

The former China Women’s Football Team, the 2002 China Men’s Football Team, and the former Yao Ming, Wang Zhizhi and Li Na were actually trained from the old system. They were the beneficiaries of the old system. Now the new system has not been built, and China’s special historical stage has made the three goals worse and worse.

Those leagues that look like red fire can’t hide the failure of our construction at the bottom of this fierce global competition.

Finally, give some advice to China football:

1. Learn from Germany and Iceland, establish a football coach training system, and strive to have thousands of professional coaches in each key city.

2. Through market-oriented operation, these coaches are guaranteed to survive and stay, and there is still room for salary increase. (This is the hardest)

3. Without thinking about doing a good job in football all over the country, we should set aside one or two key provinces, decentralize coaches in these provinces, divide these provinces into different small regions, and launch fierce youth leagues in each small region. If possible, it is best to set up three teams, such as youth training centers, youth training points of football associations and cooperative schools of clubs, like Germany, to select outstanding talents from them.

4. Choose a leader with a long term for about ten years, and be patient to do it.

If it really doesn’t work, it’s ok to engage in the previous youth training system.

Of course, in fact, football is a sport and entertainment, and it is not so important in essence. As I said before, "earning money to support the family is actually much more technical and more practical than sports competitions." Now our country focuses on aerospace, the belt and road initiative and the prosperity of the whole people. Compared with football, football is really insignificant. No matter how well you play it, there is no chance to raise your head and speak in the face of the powerful economic and technological gap.

If football scores can be exchanged for the improvement of the living standards of the whole people, I believe that people in Brazil’s slums must raise their hands in favor.

We have a wider sea of stars and dust, and we can take it slowly in the back.

According to the present situation, football in China may still linger for a while, but it doesn’t matter. The best chance to plant a tree was ten years ago, and the second best chance is now.

Zhang Xuhao, who is worth 9 billion, started his business again and aimed at the golf course

[Hunting Cloud Network Shanghai] reported on December 12 (Text/Egg General)

"Our aim is that 2680 yuan must be used in playgolf for everyone to learn golf. In fact, this movement is very simple and very civilian, and it cannot be demonized by past thinking. "

Recently, after three years’ silence, Zhang Xuhao, the founder of Hungry, started a new entrepreneurial action. Unlike Hungry, a grounded takeaway project, this time he has to enter a high-end niche track-"Golf Driving Range and Teaching Training", and he has generously smashed 150 million yuan from the beginning.

For the latest entrepreneurial action, this time Zhang Xuhao is unusually high-profile. Since Hungry was acquired by Alibaba for $9.5 billion in April, 2018, he has stepped down as a legal person, shareholder and other senior management positions of Hungry, Baidu Takeaway related operating companies, ending the era of "Hungry in Zhang Xuhao" and gradually disappearing after wealth freedom.

This high-profile publicity makes people wonder, is it Zhang Xuhao who blew the horn for starting a new business, or is it just the invisible rich who pursue sports out of love?

It is understood that the main company of PLAYGOLF is Shanghai Geke Sports Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., which operates a 60,000-square-meter golf course-Huangxing Golf Club, equipped with outdoor football field, outdoor tennis, indoor basketball, fighting sports and other sports venues.

According to the data, PLAYGOLF was located in the original Huangxing Park Golf Driving Range in Shanghai, which was once the largest venue in Asia, setting a Guinness record for 300 people swinging at the same time, but it was closed in 2019. According to the official introduction of PLAYGOLF, the renovation cost 150 million yuan and took more than 300 days. After the renovation, there are 240 automatic service positions and a 1,400-square-meter green practice area, which is called "the only long-stick real grass position and the largest green in Asia".

According to its official report, PLAYGOLF will be "the best golf driving range in Asia and even the whole world". To this end, it has also built many supporting measures, such as bars, steakhouses and all-day restaurants, in addition to a full set of customized entertainment services.

In the public comments, we can see that PLAYGOLF’s quick entry teaching of high ball and white ball covers swing technical guidance, physical ability evaluation, technical analysis and comparison, playing fees and golf training direction planning. The group purchase price is 392 yuan, and the public playing position can be used by one person for one hour. At the same time, the park also has a luxury private room with a group purchase price of 2560 yuan for private party packages.

According to the eye-catching survey, the legal representative of PLAYGOLF is Li Dongping, which was established in September 2020. However, in the enterprise change record, before May 31, 2021, the legal representative of the company was Zhang Xuhao. In the company’s equity penetration, Zhang Xuhao shares accounted for 99.41%, which is the actual controller of the company. This means that PLAYGOLF is actually a personal entrepreneurial project in Zhang Xuhao.

According to the introduction of Zhang Xuhao’s circle of friends, the promotion of PLAYGOLF has the shadow of being hungry in those days, hoping to break people’s stereotype of golf as a luxury sport through low prices. As low as 268 yuan per class, it looks quite "close to the people". According to public information, the size of the golf market has increased from 8.64 billion yuan in 2016 to 10.26 billion yuan in 2020. With the annual growth of consumption data in this field, it also means that the golf market is gradually being accepted by more middle-class consumers.

In fact, Zhang Xuhao’s high-profile entry into the sports track is not his first entrepreneurial attempt in recent years.

After leaving hungry, Zhang Xuhao set up Shanghai Puguan Business Consulting Partnership (Limited Partnership) and Shanghai Yuduo Business Consulting Co., Ltd. in March and April of 2018 respectively, and registered and established Shanghai Geke Business Consulting Co., Ltd. in 2019. The latter holds 100% of Shanghai Geke Sports Technology Development Co., Ltd.

At the same time, Zhang Xuhao also invested in Shanghai Yangwan Network Technology Co., Ltd. in the past three years, accounting for 5% of the shares. The latter is to study the use of blockchain technology to provide credible financial service providers around the world. Although Tianyan found on its homepage that the team got angel round investment in 19 years, it successfully launched DeFi wallet DeBank in early 20 years, and got A round investment at the end of 20 years to accelerate the launch of DeFi wallet products. But at present, there is no more public information about the product and the company.

If Hungry, founded in 2009, was Zhang Xuhao’s vague ambition when he was a student, then today’s high-profile publicity for PLAYGOLF is mostly due to his love.

Aside from the label "founder of Hungry", there is another label about Zhang Xuhao that has been mentioned countless times, and that is "national second-class athlete".

It is reported that Zhang Xuhao loved intense sports since he was a child, such as boxing, basketball and car racing. He loves all kinds of basketball, and once completed the training course for racing drivers and got the qualification certificate. Hungry after the establishment, it is also an "entrepreneurial movement" that makes him feel excited.

Even as a former member of the basketball school team, in 2016, Zhang Xuhao invited his idol Kobe Bryant as a spokesperson for being hungry, which is one of the few unicorns in the take-away industry associated with sports.

Zhang Xuhao once said that how to make sports closely integrated with users, products and corporate culture is the most critical point. As a sports fan who often works out and loves to play basketball, he has an entrepreneurial personality who dares to fight and fight, which may have laid the groundwork for his current entry into the sports circle. He has been looking for suitable opportunities and projects, and PLAYGOLF has become an attempt he is willing to make public.

Like Hungry, Zhang Xuhao still chooses Shanghai for his second venture. The difference is that his wealth is not what it used to be, which makes him quite generous this time. In May this year, Zhang Xuhao ranked 490th in the 2021 New Fortune 500 Rich List with a wealth of 9 billion yuan.

Interestingly, Zhang Xuhao has always shown more love for basketball than golf. Compared with some new generation entrepreneurs, Zhang Xuhao’s values are somewhat traditional. He likes the images of some athletes in the past and values the self-discipline and diligence of entrepreneurs. For the extreme sports that many entrepreneurs are keen on, he said that it is "too dangerous" because "safety is the most important".

In an interview with Lazy Bear Sports in 2017, Zhang Xuhao even bluntly said that under the trend that people in China are paying more and more attention to sports and participating in it, the unicorn "Hungry" will definitely appear in a certain segment of the sports industry in the future. China Capital is also paying more and more attention to the development of the sports industry, and said that sports need to be commercialized, but not over-commercialized, and a balance needs to be found. "Ma Yun’s Tai Ji Chuan is very interesting. You can’t be left or right. To find a middle point, this is wisdom."

In this way, Zhang Xuhao’s investment in PLAYGOLF is not surprising. Golf is indeed a sport that needs wisdom and balance to achieve success. At the same time, as one of the "Four big noble Sports", which is also known as tennis, snooker and bowling, if it can be popularized, it will have great commercial potential for more potential audiences.

Interestingly, although the single lesson of PLAYGOLF is as low as 268 yuan, the cost advantage is not obvious from the price of other golf driving ranges, but the positioning of PLAYGOLF is higher, which makes it more cost-effective.

Of course, PLAYGOLF is not a completely pure golf driving range, but also equipped with outdoor football field, outdoor tennis, indoor basketball, fighting sports and other sports venues, which means that PLAYGOLF is still a comprehensive sports project on the whole, which can also meet more users who love fighting, basketball and other sports, and at the same time realize the integration of entrepreneurship and sports in Zhang Xuhao.

It is worth noting that since the beginning of this year, with the implementation of the policy of prohibiting off-campus subject training, the track of physical education, which has been silent for a long time, has ushered in a change. Beijing Motive Sports acquired Isee Cinderella Children’s Art Center with RMB 400 million, and Hangzhou Youth Sports Education Brand Bingo Movement and Shanghai Seed Nova also completed a new round of financing of RMB 10 million.

The implementation of the "double reduction" policy has greatly increased the demand for sports training. In addition to basketball training, with the rise of the middle class, minority sports such as fencing, baseball and skiing have obvious long tail attributes, and their training market will also be released in the tide of consumption upgrading. The favorable policies will boost the rapid development of the industry.

This year, SNOW51 and Xueleshan, indoor ski training institutions, have successively announced the completion of billion-dollar financing. It can be seen that the market space left by the "double reduction" and the promotion of consumption have made the youth sports training institutions usher in rare development opportunities, and with the help of industrial policy dividends, there will be a broader market space for minority training such as fencing and skiing in the future.

From this point of view, Zhang Xuhao’s high-profile disclosure of the move to enter the sports circle is particularly timely.

An industry insider, who asked not to be named, told Hunting Cloud that Zhang Xuhao added some elements to the transformation of PLAYGOLF, which is a world-famous basketball court, and China Locke Basketball Park also landed in Shanghai.

"In fact, PLAYGOLF is a bit similar to the current hot virtual sports open in the Metauniverse. The target group is 400 million middle-income people in China. By lowering the threshold of high-end sports and redefining the sports consumption scene, the ultimate goal is to improve the frequency of sports."

In his view, golf, racing, skiing, rowing and other high-end sports have been trapped in the venue and price restrictions, so the frequency is not high, but now we can lower the threshold of venue conditions, time constraints and high costs by realizing the operation of sports in urban stores and re-transforming sports consumption scenes, and finally let high-end sports gradually become popular.

Whether the meta-universe or the scene is reconstructed or not, it remains to be seen whether Zhang Xuhao can take a different path with cost performance when Internet gameplay is used in high-end sports.


"Handmade products" appeared in Germany to promote cultural exchanges between friends and enterprises

Recently, Lu Guohua, the head of Lvcongcong Parent-child Farm in Gaozhuang Town, Mudan District, Heze City, Shandong Province, and his party visited B&W MEDIA-SERVICE GmbH Group in Essen City, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, and presented high-profile products such as folk hand-painted peony flowers from Gaozhuang Town, "Shandong hand-made" mortise and tenon wood products, hand-woven sachets and hand-made Chinese knots to German friends.

Oliver Berndt, head of B&W Group, said that these handmade products can reflect the exquisite craftsmanship of China folk artists and the characteristics of Chinese civilization and culture, and they are very meaningful gifts. We will exhibit them in the Handmade Crafts Cultural Exchange Center under the Group, so that more Germans can see the real China, understand China and fall in love with China. Lu Guohua said that in the future, he will use the opportunity of docking enterprises abroad to give home-town products representing Chinese traditional culture to foreign friends, promote home-town culture with actions, and enhance folk friendship between China and foreign countries.

Source: Public Network Near


American newspaper: Korean war survivors reveal the truth about the American massacre

  Xinhua News: The International Herald Tribune of the United States published an article entitled "Survivors of the Korean War Talk about the US Army’s Killing Innocent People" on the 21st. The main points are as follows:

Douglas macarthur (former) Incheon gloated after landing.

  Many people were burned alive.

  In September, 1950, under the personal command of General douglas macarthur, American troops landed in Incheon Port, South Korea, which changed the direction of the Korean War and made MacArthur a hero.

  But more than half a century later, in a shabby tent at the entrance of Yuewei Park, a group of elderly Koreans wanted to tell the world about the unknown side behind the victory of the US military and a story about civilians being burned alive that was not mentioned in Korean official history and textbooks.

  Li Beiji, 76, said: "When napalm hit our village, many people were still asleep at home. Those who escaped from the fire came to the seaside, and we tried to show American pilots that we were ordinary people. However, they still shot at us, both women and children. "

  According to the military documents declassified by the United States reviewed by South Korean government investigators, on September 10, 1950, five days before landing in Incheon, in order to "burn" the eastern part of Yuewei Island, 43 American warplanes flew to the island and dropped 93 cases of napalm bombs.

U.S. military burned facilities on Moon Island.

  There were 210 massacres of civilians.

  Moon Island is not the only target of bombing. Since November last year, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission under the South Korean government has published a series of reports on the situation of Yuewei Island and two other cities that were attacked by air. Local residents said that a large number of unarmed civilians were killed in indiscriminate air strikes by the US military. The Committee believes that such air strikes violate the international conventions on war, and therefore suggests that the government come forward to negotiate with the United States to pay compensation to the victims.

  According to other findings of the Committee, on January 19, 1951, American warplanes threw napalm bombs at Shancheng village, about 160 kilometers southeast of the capital, killing at least 51 people, including 16 children.

  The Committee also said that a day later, American warplanes threw napalm bombs at the entrance of a cave full of refugees in Danyang, 35 kilometers north of Shancheng Village, and about 167 villagers were burned alive, more than half of them women.

  Jin Dongchong, a senior official of the Committee, said: "We should not ignore or conceal the deaths of innocent civilians, because their deaths were not caused by the mistakes of a few soldiers, but by orderly air strikes and strafe. History tells us that we need an alliance, but this alliance must be based on humanitarian principles. "

  During the early totalitarian and extremely anti-communist government in South Korea, it was taboo to criticize the actions of the US military in the war. However, after the South Korean government later set up a fact-finding commission, the public provided 210 cases about the indiscriminate killing of innocent people by the US military, most of which were caused by air strikes.

The US military forced the moon to tail island.

  The United States has argued that "air strikes are justified."

  Major Stuart Upton, a spokeswoman for the US Department of Defense, said that the Pentagon would not comment on these reports until the South Korean government took formal action.

  After the Korean War broke out in June 1950, the US military planned to land in Incheon Port in September to rescue the United Nations troops trapped in the southeast corner of the Korean Peninsula. The US military decided that it must first turn Yuewei Island, located at the throat of a waterway leading to Incheon Port, into a no-man’s land.

  In their report on the mission of bombing the island at the end of the moon, the pilots of the US Marine Corps said: "This mission is to completely bomb this area with napalm and burn all objects on the ground."

  They also said: "I didn’t see any signs of the army. But the smoke rising from the ground shows that the fire is enough to burn everything on the ground. "

  These reports also described the shooting on the beach, but made no mention of civilian casualties.

  American investigators did not object to South Korea’s investigation report, but thought that the US air strikes were "justified". They said that the mountain city was a stronghold of the enemy at that time, and the villagers had been warned to evacuate in advance.

  However, regarding the bombing of Moon Island, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission pointed out that although it believed that it was necessary for US troops to land in Incheon Port, it found no "evidence of any efforts to reduce civilian casualties". (Editor: Apeng)

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  In June 1950, when the Korean War broke out, the Korean People’s Army laid a large number of mines in the nearby waters to prevent the US troops from landing in Wonsan. In order to ensure the successful landing, the US military used more than 10 mine-clearing ships to clear mines. However, due to the limitation of troops and mine-clearing technology, only more than 200 mines were cleared in 15 days, accounting for 1/10 of the total number of mines laid by the People’s Army. A large area of mines undoubtedly poses a serious threat to the next landing operation of the US military. Unable to do anything about it, the US Far East Naval Command remembered that after Japan’s defeat, an old Japanese naval mine-clearing unit with more than 100 mine-clearing ships and combat capability remained.

Countless North Korean children were killed by American troops.

In the Korean War, the old woman was killed by the American army on the roadside.

Editor: Wang Jiaolong

Only exercise can reverse the clock of life.

The media reported a news in Xi ‘an that a 29-year-old man, Xiao Wang, went to the hospital with pain and discomfort in his left calf after playing games for five hours, and was diagnosed with acute deep vein thrombosis.

The doctor mentioned that some patients with thrombosis have swelling and pain in the whole lower limbs, which can not be alleviated, seriously affecting their normal life and work, and thrombosis is a "no-fault" disease.Sitting for a long time will lead to blood stasis in deep veins of lower limbs, and then form thrombosis.

If the thrombus falls off after being squeezed by external force, it will block the pulmonary artery. Pulmonary embolism will bring many dangers, even sudden death.

Biology believes that ancient humans living on the prairie were constantly running, jumping and chasing prey, and our bodies were born for sports.

Muscles, ligaments and tendons support bones, allowing us to run, jump and live actively.

Conversely, moderate exercise and an active lifestyle will also make muscles stronger.

With the process of industrial revolution and Internet revolution, the most important activity of human beings has become to operate the machine in a fixed position, or to stand, or to sit for a long time, and to be unable to walk for hours.

However, the evolution of human structure does not adapt to the long-standing or sedentary working style, and it also suffers more physical loss.

We will see that more and more diseases that originally appeared in the elderly are becoming more and more common among young people. At the same time, more and more people are suffering from chronic diseases in their later years, and people’s average life expectancy has become longer, but the "time to live healthily" has become shorter.

Of course, there are counterexamples,We find that more and more people are getting older, but their bodies have changed little, as if they were frozen. They keep long-term exercise and good sleep.

Younger next year: sports empowermentIt is pointed out that getting old does not mean recession, and the decision of recession is in our own hands. Stick to exercise, and you can refuse to decline and live a healthy and energetic life.

Chris Crowley | Houlang Publishing House

Chris Crawley, one of the authors of this book, is a retired lawyer. In his 70s, he was still riding and skiing, and in his 80s, he could still participate in all kinds of outdoor sports without obstacles.

He once thought that when he reached the age of 60, his feet were like stepping on a smooth slope-a long slope leading to old age and death.

Year after year, I become more and more bloated, slower and weaker, and suffer more and more pain. Eyes can’t see, ears can’t hear, and hip joints and knees are becoming more and more useless.

When I was young, my "friends" who played with me curled up and became grumpy, making it easier to say stupid things.

He imagined that his muscles looked like pleated cloth, trapped in a wheelchair, waiting for death …

This is the true state of many people who are over the age of ancient times. Obviously, there are still so many sights to see and so many new things to experience, but the aging body binds itself, and you deeply understand what "the body can’t keep up with the soul".

Until Chris met his training coach, he found that,Disease and aging are not the inevitable result of aging, sedentary is the catalyst of aging.

No matter how much food you eat, as long as you don’t exercise, you are telling your body that you are suffering from famine.

You tell your body that it’s time to get old, it’s time to start a low-calorie and indifferent mode, it’s time to store every bit of food as fat, it’s time to abandon the immune system, it’s time to let muscles disappear, let joints age, it’s time to find a cave, curl up and start shaking.

Modern people are sedentary, don’t like socializing, and eat everything you can, just like the signal from famine or winter, which makes the body respond to "aging".

So, when the sun goes down, you turn on the TV and sit for hours; When you watch TV, eat snacks and drink beer; When you give up life and participation, you begin to get old.

How to avoid aging? The answer given by Younger Next Year is:Only exercise can continuously make the brain send growth signals to the body and reverse the biological clock.

Exercise can bring at least five changes to the body:

1. Remodeling and improving aerobic foundation.

When a person is lazy, his body will slowly become sluggish, while aerobic exercise can prevent remodeling and repair the aerobic system, and help the body get back on its feet.

2. Reduce the occurrence of diseases.

Aerobic exercise can greatly reduce the occurrence of inflammation and reduce inflammation, which can help us eliminate half of serious diseases.

3. Improve mood and reduce depression.

Aerobic exercise is a good medicine to improve mood, which makes us more energetic and optimistic, reduces indecision and indecision, and improves work efficiency.

Step 4 relieve stress

In the face of pressure, human instinct is to fight or run, and exercise is the best way to release pressure.

During exercise, the brain will secrete more endorphins. Endorphins are natural painkillers, which can bring euphoria and help you relieve stress.

At the same time, exercise gives your brain something to focus on, giving you a chance to talk to yourself and stop worrying. The feeling of controlling your body will also give you a sense of control over your life.

5. Make yourself smarter.

There is a brain-derived neurotrophic factor, also called BDNF, which provides nutrients for the brain.

It can promote the connection and activity between neurons in the brain. When neurons in our brain become more active and connected, our brain will become smarter and more responsive.

The magic of exercise is that it is the best way to make the body produce more BDNF.

In the experiment of mice, it was found that the longer the mice ran on the wheel, the higher the BDNF level in their brains.

German researchers also found in experiments that the speed at which people learn vocabulary after exercise is 20% higher than that before exercise.

How much exercise is appropriate?

What kind of exercise is most beneficial to the body?

In "Younger Next Year: Sports Empowerment",From now on, exercise six days a week and keep exercising, that is, keep sending "growth" information to your body.

At the first level, the goal we set for ourselves is to do 45 minutes of "long and slow" aerobic exercise without any discomfort, such as cycling, jogging, brisk walking and so on;

The second level, 45 minutes of "long and slow" aerobic exercise four days a week, and 45 minutes of weight training two days a week;

At the third level, do 45 minutes of long and slow exercise once or twice a week. On other days of aerobic exercise, let the heart rate reach 70% ~ 85% of the highest heart rate.

Cameron Diaz, a famous actress who appeared in The Grinch in Disguise and Charlie’s Angels, wrote a book called Your Body is the Start of Everything. She wrote:

Health is not just the absence of illness, but when you wake up, get up, make breakfast and move in the morning, you feel great; It is that you have a keen, clear and meticulous mind and a happy heart.

The charm of sports is that the more you do, the better you believe you will do.

If you want to improve your body, your health, your IQ and mind, exercise now!

author | Gan Lanlan, write other people’s stories and live your own life.

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Today’s football analysis recommended, 003 La Palmas La Liga vs Atletico Madrid

lapper maas

Las palmas ranked 10th in the standings with 14 points. Poor performance at the beginning of this season, only winning one game.

Recently, the state of La Palmas has rebounded. The team has won a winning streak in the last two games, but the strength of the opponents is limited.

Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid does not lose to Real Madrid and Barcelona in La Liga strength; They have always been one of the strong contenders for the La Liga title.

Last season, Atletico performed well and won the third place in the league; This season, Atletico Madrid still showed a strong competitive state.

Comprehensive analysis:

The two sides have confronted each other for nearly eight times, and La Palmas has only scored 1 win, 0 draw and 7 losses. It can be seen that La Palmas is at a disadvantage. At present, it is a critical period for Atletico Madrid to try its best to grab points, and Atletico Madrid will try its best to fight against its opponents. At present, the lineup of Atletico Madrid is basically complete, and the team has no core players absent for the time being. By comprehensively comparing the current situation and strength of both sides. This game may wish to look forward to the performance of Atletico Madrid.

Forecast of this field: subjective and negative

Score: 0-2 1-2

What is the origin of football?

  Lead: In the eyes of many people, football is an exciting sport, because no one knows who the winner is until the end. In the football match, an excellent team is the key to win the game. Recently, some fans came to consult Xiaobian. Which country is the origin of football? What is the origin of football? This is the dry goods that Xiaobian wants to share with you today.

  What country is the origin of football?

What is the origin of football?


  Ancient football originated in China, while modern football originated in England.

  The origin of football originated in China. This situation generally refers to the ancient football in China. This kind of football was very popular in the Han Dynasty. If we really want to trace the history, we can trace it back to the Spring and Autumn Period in China. At this time, the scientific name of football is Cuju. Gao Qiu, who appeared in the history of China, is believed to be deeply impressed by everyone.

  Modern football originated in Britain, and now the distribution of players on the football field, including the way of scoring goals, has been completely planned. At that time, in the history of England, because everyone had the habit of taking off their heads as balls after fighting, it gradually evolved into football. And the first football club in the world was born in England. This is why English football is so powerful now.

What is the origin of football?

  Football map

  Technical characteristics of English football

  1. The style of English football is a combination of chivalry and gentlemanly demeanor. Different football styles in the world are mainly divided into European and South American schools. The former emphasizes physical exercise, practicality and tactical discipline, while the latter is world-famous for its flexibility and creativity.

  2. The British people’s desire for courage helps them to form a unique competition style. The 4-4-2 formation they adopted put special emphasis on attack. British players are also famous for their fair play and their willingness to beat the weak over the strong. Compared with their South American rivals, they use less vicious fouls.

  3. Most British people hold the belief that using violence to gain an advantage, or doing whatever it takes to win the game is a deception to the principle of fair competition. Relatively speaking, the chances of violence in English matches are less than those in South America.

  4. The British players who hold the spirit of gentlemanly manner have demonstrated the classic British sports virtues, such as commitment, strength and fighting spirit, which are highly praised by fans in many countries. They run, fight and compete with their opponents in a dynamic way. This kind of English football with the label of gentlemanly demeanor once swept the world with overwhelming charm and strength.

What is the origin of football?

  Modern football

  Development history of modern football in China

  Modern football was introduced to China very early, and it was brought in by foreigners as early as the first year of Tongzhi. After more than half a century’s development, it flowed from the early trading port and the western community in the concession into various church schools and public schools, and then spread to all levels of the society in the Republic of China through schools. From the western researchers’ point of view, the spread of modern football in China, in fact, and the spread and development of football in the European continent, almost completely operated according to the same law. At that time, in the Republic of China, most of the children who could afford missionary schools and institutions of higher learning were children of rich families, or at least children of well-off families. Football, a western gadget, is naturally very good for the taste of students. Over time, there will be inter-school competitions, and then they will become some kind of amateur club through class reunion. After graduation, they will be engaged in jobs envied by the public at that time. The most common one will also have a decent job like post office, customs and school. The hobby of the gentleman has always led the social trend. Football has become popular, clubs have increased, and competitions have increased. The higher the social attention, the more business opportunities have emerged. Finally, it is from amateur gentleman movement to professional movement. Of course, there were frequent wars in the late Republic of China. Western scholars believe that 49 years ago, China football (to be precise, it should be a regional football marked by Shanghai in the east, Tianjin in the north, Hankou in the west and Guangdong and Hong Kong in the south) was in the transition from semi-specialization to professionalism.

  In 1949, the loudest slogan on the sports front of New China was to learn from Big Brother and build your own sports career in a planned way. In order to achieve this grand goal, the first thing to do is to gather the best sports talents from all over the country, and the football industry is no exception. After several years of preparation for integration, the first generation of football coaches and players in New China finally emerged. If we pay close attention to their origins, backgrounds and growth resumes, it is not difficult to find that no matter they come from all over the world, no matter whether they are the first generation coaches or the first generation players, they all have something in common.

  New China learned from Hungary, a red football power with comrades and brothers at that time, and sent a large number of players to stay in Hungary. Therefore, the first generation of football in early China has a strong Eastern European style. In the first ten years after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, China football slowly groped its way forward with the cooperation of these two generations. During this period, it also participated in some large-scale international competitions, but all of them focused on training. Until 1965, Nian Weisi took over as the head coach of the China team for the second time. At this time, the coaching staff basically completed the alternation of generations. The first generation of players replaced the first generation of coaches and led the second generation of mature players to prepare for a higher level of competition.

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Leaving the team is a foregone conclusion? The team’s help to the king of the summer window still hasn’t scored a goal, and Pioli no longer supports the disciples

In the early morning of May 21st, Beijing time, the 36th round of Serie A started. AC Milan, who had just returned from the Champions League, played against the relegated team Sampdoria at home. In this game, Milan fired fully, and scored three goals in less than half an hour after the opening, which made the game lose suspense early and finally AC Milan beat Sampdoria 5-1.

In this game, Milan’s players in the center and frontcourt all played brilliantly. Starting center Gill scored a hat trick, and front waist Brahim Diaz scored twice and scored a goal. Raphael Leo, as the core of the team’s attack, scored a goal and an assist. Midfielder Tonali planned threatening offensives many times and sent an assist himself, which was equally remarkable. Even Salma Coles, who came off the bench, had a very active performance.

However, there are also some players who have not performed satisfactorily in this one-sided game. mesias is one of them, and the other is Decatur, the protagonist of this article. In the 70th minute of the game, coach Pioli sent Decatur. At that time, Milan still scored 5 goals, and Sampdoria was in no mood to fight again. For Decatur, this was an excellent opportunity to improve his self-confidence.

Milan players are also very caring for Decatur, and everyone is actively feeding him the ball, hoping that he can add icing on the cake to this victory. In the 90th minute, Belgian countryman Salma Coles found Decatur with a free kick, but the latter’s header was unexpectedly high. Decatur Lare didn’t show his vitality according to his age, and his performance on the field looked lifeless, even worse than that of veteran Gill who played the whole game.

In more than 20 minutes’ playing time, Decatur Raleigh passed the ball nine times, including one mistake, one shot that missed the target and only one passing without success. Decatur has once again missed the opportunity. The winner of last summer’s window is still nothing this season. Even if the whole team is helping him, it will be difficult to break the goal shortage.

In an interview after the game, Brahim Diaz, who has a direct competitive relationship with Decatur, said that the team is very United, everyone is working hard in training, so is Decatur, and everyone wants to help him make progress. However, judging from the performance of this season, Decatur Lare and Brahim Diaz are not at the same level at all.

Pioli, who had always supported his disciples, changed his tune this time. When asked by reporters whether the club would rent Decatur out, Pioli did not rush to deny it, but said that the matter would be discussed after the end of the season. There is no doubt that if Brahim Diaz can be bought out, or Milan can bring in a new front waist, then Decatur is likely to be rented out for exercise, as rumored by the Italian media.

Liaoning wants to dig Beijing, Lin Zhushou is on the national team, and Ren Junfei is fighting Xu Zhonghao.

Hello, everyone, I’m Bei Ning. Dear friends, you should develop the habit of reading first and then praising!

After the end of this season, there will be two top-paid players in Liaoning, namely Zhao Jiwei and Han Dejun. Among them, Zhao Jiwei is still very young, and he will definitely get the next top-paid contract of Liaoning, while Han Dejun is different. He is 36 years old this year, and fans can clearly feel that Han Dejun’s condition is not as good as before. Han Dejun has suffered from injuries in succession this season, and he can’t play his full strength now. After the end of the season, Han Dejun will be like Yi Jianlian of Guangdong team. In the next few seasons, he will sign a Class C contract every year. Han Dejun will give up the number of top-paid players in the team, which is of great significance to them. Liaoning team can poach Fan Ziming from Beijing Shougang team.

In fact, Fan Ziming has a deep relationship with the Liaoning team. He was a young player who was trained in Liaoning at the beginning, but later he was poached by the Guangzhou team. After joining the Guangzhou team, Fan Ziming’s opportunities gradually began to increase. However, there were Guo Kai and Li Yanzhe inside players in the Guangzhou team at that time, and Fan Ziming was finally traded to the Beijing Shougang team by the team. After the end of this season, the contract between Fan Ziming and the Beijing Shougang team officially expired. Liaoning team will offer him a maximum salary contract. If Fan Ziming can be signed, the team will basically not have to worry about the problem of inside players for some time to come. At that time, Fan Ziming will become the local inside player mainly used by Liaoning team, and he still has room for improvement.

With Fan Ziming and Molander, Liaoning’s inside lineup is absolutely enough. Even if Han Dejun retires in the future, Liaoning’s inside lineup is at least one of the best in the league. Secondly, Liaoning Youth Team also has a young inside player, Zhang Chenzhifeng, who can be used as a substitute for Fan Ziming. As for Liu Yanyu, he has basically no training value. Players of Liu Yanyu’s age can’t play the stable rotation of the team. Fans can’t expect too much from him. Of course, the Beijing Shougang team will definitely try to keep Fan Ziming, depending on what Fan Ziming wants to pursue. If he is interested in the championship, joining the Liaoning team really has a better chance than staying in the Beijing Shougang team.

Fan Ziming, an insider of Beijing Shougang Team.

The second news comes from Lin Wei, a young defender of Tongxi team. His performance this season is quite good. Lin Wei is the most offensive player in this group of young players. He plays 34 minutes per game. Lin Wei can score 15.5 points, 3.6 rebounds, 3.2 assists and 1.5 steals, which is not like a first-year student at all.

Recently, the head coach of China Men’s Basketball Team, Jorjevich, has set up a mini-national training team, which includes players who have no CBA league tasks at present. Lin Zhuishou will take part in the warm-up match of China Men’s Basketball Team. If Lin Zhuishou’s performance in the warm-up match is recognized by Jorjevich, he will have the opportunity to play in this session of China Men’s Basketball Team, and he may even participate in the World Cup.

The gold content of this year’s China men’s basketball team is much higher than before. After all, the purpose of the China men’s basketball team was just to participate in the World Cup qualifiers. To be honest, this kind of competition is not that important. This time, the China men’s basketball team is going to hit the Olympic Games. If Lin Wei can be selected into the China men’s basketball team, he will be the focus of fans’ attention. After all, Lin Wei is only 19 years old this year, and he is the most likely player in China to become a future defender.

Lin Wei, a talented defender of Tongxi Team.

The third news comes from the life-and-death battle between Guangdong Team and Guangsha Team. The biggest highlight of this game is Ren Junfei vs. Xu Zhonghao. They both got angry in the last game. From the perspective of confrontation, Xu Zhonghao obviously has a certain advantage. His figure is much stronger than that of Ren Junfei, while Ren Junfei’s flexibility is obviously better than that of Xu Zhonghao. When they are in opposition, it can be said that it is a battle of wits. After Xu Zhonghao entangles Ren Junfei, Hu Jinqiu has room to play.

Moreover, Zhu Junlong of Guangsha team will come back in this game. He can have a good fight with Zhang Hao. Now only Yi Jianlian or Hamilton can deal with Hu Jinqiu, and Yi Jianlian will play for about 20 minutes in a game. He has no physical ability to limit Hu Jinqiu’s attack. If Hamilton plays too much, Ma Shang’s chances will be greatly reduced. The result of Xu Zhonghao’s fight with Ren Junfei will bring a series of chain reactions, and they may decide the outcome of the game.

Ren Junfei and Xu Zhonghao are both veterans in the league. Xu Zhonghao was the captain of the national team when he was playing in Bayi Team. He knew very well how to play a high-intensity game, not to mention Ren Junfei. He had been a main striker in the national team before, but Ren Junfei’s decline was really serious this season. He couldn’t help the Guangdong team much. Ren Junfei’s task in this game was to have a good fight with Xu Zhonghao.

Ren Junfei, veteran striker of Guangdong team.

The defensive intensity of other players in Guangsha team is not particularly high. Only Xu Zhonghao can show a tough attitude, and his help to Guangsha team is very great. In fact, every team needs a player like Xu Zhonghao, who can make opponents feel afraid. When Xu Zhonghao is present, his positive and negative values are the highest in the team.

From this point, we can actually see that Xu Zhonghao is a player who can help Guangsha stabilize the situation. He is not afraid of Ren Junfei at all, especially in the playoffs, when Xu Zhonghao’s style of play is becoming more and more tough. Under such tough defense, the Guangdong team may overturn and lose at home.