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Why didn’t Hua Xizi cut with Li Jiaqi?

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Hua xizi set fire to his body.

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Author | Yang Lei

Editor | Wei Xiao

Unexpectedly, Li Jiaqi’s anger for the accident of Hua Xizi is still fermenting.

Yesterday, after work, Hua Xizi, the "silent lamb", suddenly sent an apology, saying that he was late. "I have a few words to tell you," and wrote a 450-word essay.

Hua Xizi summed up the state of these days with the words "sincere fear, at a loss". However, regarding the incident itself, Hua Xizi didn’t say a word about whether an eyebrow pencil in 79 yuan was expensive or not, and the negative impact on the brand caused by Li Jiaqi’s inappropriate remarks and the countermeasures.

In the words summed up by netizens: talking a lot means saying nothing …

In order to make up for consumers, Hua Xizi will also give away 10,000 eyebrow pencils for free use, but netizens don’t buy it.

Obviously, Hua Xizi’s public relations strategy did not work, but instead pulled himself from the edge of the incident to the center.

Early this morning, the PR people of Wangchuanhuaxizi fled overnight. And issued a statement in the circle of friends: I have resigned from Hua Xizi, and everything that happened in the hot search today has nothing to do with me.

According to Zhongxin Jingwei, people familiar with the matter said that Hua Xizi left a public relations department or collectively.

The situation has spread to this point, and Hua Xizi has been in chaos both inside and outside. But after clarifying the origin of this matter, we can’t help asking a question: Hua Xizi has been thinking about it for so many days, why hasn’t he cut with Li Jiaqi?

It’s time to untie Li Jiaqi

Suppose that the "Li Jiaqi taunts consumers" incident happened to other brands and anchors. What kind of judgment will the brand make at the first time?

A routine operation is that the brand will draw a clear line with the anchor at the first time. If it is serious, the brand will also hold the anchor accountable.

However, Hua Xizi clearly knows where the consumer is angry, but he doesn’t say anything about it. This is also one of the reasons why consumers don’t buy Hua Xizi’s apology behind this open letter.

Judging from the equity penetration chart, Li Jiaqi actually has nothing to do with Hua Xizi. However, Hua Xizi, founded in 2017, was able to go from obscurity to the head of domestic beauty cosmetics in three years, but it was all thanks to Li Jiaqi.

Looking back in the process of AI Blue Media Convergence, Li Jiaqi is deeply bound, and Hua Xizi can be described as a step into the sky. In 2019, double 11 promoted Hua Xizi to rank seventh in Tmall beauty category with GMV of 250 million yuan. In 2020, Hua Xizi became the first in the turnover list of domestic beauty cosmetics with GMV of 235 million yuan, and in that year, double 11 went straight to the second place in the category of Tmall beauty cosmetics with a turnover of over 470 million yuan.

With so many domestic products queuing up for Li Jiaqi to bring goods, it happened that Huaxizi was the most favored. The reason behind this, Li Jiaqi summed it up like this: "I have been with Hua Xizi for many years. I am the one who knows best how Hua Xizi got up. They almost gave me their home. I almost took Hua Xizi’s surname Li."

In other words, Hua Xizi is working for Li Jiaqi.

Earlier, 36Kr reported that it was rumoured that Li Jiaqi got a profit share as high as 100%-120% by cooperating with Hua Xizi, which was equivalent to brand inversion.

Although Hua Xizi denied this statement, saying that the cooperation between the company and the anchor was at the average level in the industry, Hua Xizi’s high marketing expenses were spread evenly on 79 yuan’s eyebrows, so that consumers could instinctively think about whether it was worth it.

When Li Jiaqi shouted "Where is it expensive?" And let consumers can’t afford to find their own reasons, this noisy point turned into a sword and stabbed Hua Xizi.

Can be described as Li Jiaqi, Li Jiaqi also destroyed.

In fact, Hua Xizi has also shown growth fatigue in the past two years. In 618 this year, the pre-sales of Huaxizi in Tmall, Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker did not exceed 100 million yuan, which is the second year in a row. In 2021, in 618, the overall sales of Huaxizi reached 263 million yuan, which exceeded 100 million yuan during the pre-sale period.

Visible, binding Li Jiaqi, also cannot once and for all. However, Hua Xizi did not untie Li Jiaqi in time according to the routine, which also showed that they were tied too deeply to some extent.

Are the "Hua Xizi" in danger?

Hua Xizi once represented "new domestic beauty". What is "new domestic beauty"? Redefine design, aesthetics and make consumers more confident in using it.

The most representative is not 79 yuan’s eyebrow pencil, but Huaxizi’s carved lipstick. In 2019, the carved lipstick, which abandoned the public film and adopted the ancient micro-carving process, became a hit in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi, and Hua Xizi became famous. It takes oriental aesthetics as its selling point, establishes its own oriental beauty makeup system, and puts concentric locks, dowry, micro-carving, Miao Yin, batik and other elements into product design one by one. At that time, Hua Xizi’s exquisite and unique packaging design also repeatedly triggered discussions on social platforms.

After tasting the bonus of carved lipstick, Hua Xizi worked hard on the outer packaging. According to public information, Hua Xizi applied for 177 patents, more than half of which were product packaging design.

Excessive force on the outer packaging has gradually begun to disgust consumers. Some netizens teased: Hua Xizi is more like a company selling outer packaging.

New domestic products are expensive, not groundless.

A very direct action is that consumers begin to "weigh" the new domestic beauty cosmetics.

Before, the perfect diary stiletto was weighed by consumers to verify that the perfect diary was more expensive than Armani lipstick.

For Hua Xizi, consumers are even more merciless. Everyone accurately calculated that the price per gram of Hua Xizi eyebrow pencil is as high as 985 yuan, which is more expensive than gold.

The star product Huaxizi Loose Powder, which once sold explosively, is on the same level as Chanel under the calculation of netizens. It is understood that the price of Huaxizi Loose Powder is 169 yuan, the net content is 8.5g, and the unit price is 19.88 yuan. The price of Chanel Loose Powder is 590 yuan, and the net content is 30g, and the unit price is 19.67 yuan-which means that Huaxizi Loose Powder is more expensive than Chanel.

Cosmetics should not have been weighed, but in the face of the fact that the unit price per gram is higher than that of the first-line big brands, and its brand value and practical value are much worse than that of the big brands, it is difficult for consumers to convince themselves that they must support "new domestic products."

After the recent incident in Li Jiaqi, the most lively place is the live broadcast room of old domestic products represented by bee flowers.

A flower falls, and thousands of old Chinese goods are born. To a certain extent, it also shows that whether it is a good domestic product is really not defined by the brand itself, but judged by consumers.

Today’s topic

Did you understand Hua Xizi’s response?

Come to the comment area and let’s talk ~

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The premiere of the movie "Fortress" was well received. The scene of Jinggang Mountain in Chen Douling, Guo Xiaodong was broken and decrypted

The film "Fortress" was premiered in Beijing on March 20th. Director Han Keyi, actors Guo Xiaodong, Chen Douling, Jinggangshan, Lv Xin, Yang Bo, Feng Hao and Liao Mengyan made their debut together, attended the red carpet ceremony and chatted with the audience after the screening. The atmosphere was warm. On the same day, the film exposed the "incoming" version of the poster, and for the first time fully disclosed the shape of the entire lineup, which made the audience’s expectations more and more high. The film will be released nationwide on March 22, and the pre-sale has been fully opened!

The main creation gathered at the scene to see the sincere belief and profound interpretation, which won numerous praises from the audience.

The film "Fortress" is adapted from real history, and takes five party member-Mao Fuxuan, Mao Xinmei, Li Genghou, Zhong Zhishen and Pang Shukan, who are known as "the five outstanding figures in Shaoshan", as the archetypes, and skillfully integrates the elements of spy war and suspense into the historical background, showing the heroic story of revolutionary volunteers fighting with enemy agents in the hidden front.

The theme of the premiere was "Please Break the Bureau", and relevant leaders such as Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd., Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Film Satellite Channel, Xiangtan Municipal Committee, Propaganda Department of Xiangtan Municipal Committee and Xiaoxiang Film Group were specially invited to attend. At the event site, the main creator unveiled the story behind the scenes and ignited the enthusiasm of fans. When talking about how to create this film, the director said that "Fortress" has a prototype story, and the team has read a lot of materials and done a lot of homework. Every character in the film is worth exploring. I hope this film can make everyone deeply understand this history and learn the power of faith from the game between the enemy and me. Guo Xiaodong, who plays the role of Shen Zhuoyi, said that this role is very challenging, which is very different from his previous roles. He dedicated his first experience as a villain to Fortress, explaining that the role is like a dark star dancing alone. Chen Douling also lamented the role of Hong Zheng, saying that Hong Zheng showed many feminine qualities. Although she was afraid but not timid in the face of enemy agents, she could grow in adversity like chamomile. Jinggangshan shares the role of Yang Jingchen by sincerely treating Mao Jiaxuan as a brother. Although he often plays the villain, this role is actually very hierarchical. In addition, actors Chen Minghao and Li Yitong and singer Chen Chusheng, the singer of the ending song "Waiting for Dawn", regretfully missed the premiere, specially recorded VCRs to send blessings, and more friends from the circle such as actors Cheng Lisha, Che Yong li, Meng Tingyi, Wang Yanan, Huan Wang, Aisha and Yang Ziyi were present to help out.

In the work Fortress, the wonderful collision between characters has undoubtedly become a highlight of the film, bringing countless unforgettable scenes to the audience. Fans have also expressed their love for movies, among which "the plot is tight and gripping", "the confrontation between good and evil is full of energy", "the role is full and three-dimensional" and "the emotion is sincere and makes people cry" are frequently mentioned. The audience were all attracted by the storyline in the film, and were deeply touched by the characters’ unswerving faith and fearless spirit.

The uncle circle’s drag show makes the audience hooked, and the survival rule of spy war makes people laugh.

The ups and downs of the film’s development trend made the audience scream, and the excellent acting skills of all the staff directly hit the audience’s heart, especially with the dramas of powerful actors such as Chen Minghao, Guo Xiaodong and Jinggangshan, which made the audience smile in a tense viewing atmosphere. The film focuses on investigating the secret identity "Pang Defu". In order to find out the truth, Shen Zhuoyi suddenly parachuted into the police station. In order to save himself, Mao Jiaxuan spared no effort to please the leader Yang Jingchen. The film profoundly reveals the survival law of the spy war workplace, and at the same time reflects the interpersonal relationship in the contemporary workplace. The audience sighed and saw the true portrayal of the workplace, and even expressed their admiration for the acting skills of the uncle circle actors in the post-screening session. The status of the role is far ahead, which is very emotional.

The film "Fortress" is excellent in character shaping and plot design, which makes the audience feel the complexity and profundity of human nature and highlights the dedication and greatness of revolutionaries. Mao Jiaxuan, played by Chen Minghao, has a sleek and sophisticated surface, but sticks to his faith in his heart, always facing the heavy pressure and danger from hostile forces. Shen Zhuoyi, played by Guo Xiaodong, is a typical elite in the workplace, smart and resourceful, and good at using all resources to achieve his goals. Yang Jingchen, played by Jinggangshan, is arrogant to his subordinates, but obedient to oversight, which fully shows the tactics and tricks. The intricate relationship and conflict between them have injected rich drama into the film, which makes the audience’s emotions fluctuate and always look forward to the next development.

Who will be reborn in the spy city fight? All the staff will stage a reversal drama and the suspense will be upgraded.

Today, the movie "Fortress" released an "incoming" poster, and all the staff gathered coldly under the stormy spy city, adding tension to the contradictions and conflicts, and a tense momentum filled the air. Although it was a silent confrontation, the real reaction of each character in a life-and-death crisis was revealed, which made people hold their breath.

Chen Minghao’s eyes are firm, but it is unpredictable; Guo Xiaodong’s face is unfathomable, and it makes people nervous in silence; Li Yitong’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled, full of complicated worries; Chen Douling’s eyes are bold, showing a fearless; Jinggangshan’s expression is meaningful and vaguely murderous. In addition, Song Ningfeng, An ‘an, Bai En, Zhang Aoyue, Yang Bo, Yi Heng and other leading actors all appeared, and the boundaries between the forces of all parties became blurred, and the distinction between good and evil became more and more confusing. Who can survive in this life-and-death contest? Let’s wait and see on March 22nd.

The film "Fortress" was produced by Xiaoxiang Film Group Co., Ltd., Tianjin Cat’s Eye Microfilm Culture Media Co., Ltd., Xiangtan Daily, Xiangtan Zhaoshan Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd., Xiangtan Urban and Rural Construction Development Group Co., Ltd., Xiangtan Radio and Television Station, Shaoshan High-tech Construction Investment Co., Ltd., and jointly produced by Hunan Xiaoxiang Youth Film Co., Ltd. and Hunan Manhao Film Co., Ltd. In the hot pre-sale of the film, I look forward to meeting the audience on the screen!


[Editor: Shu Liang]

N postures of deposit and withdrawal in card-free era: brushing face, scanning code and paying by mobile phone.

  Everyone can travel without cash now, but many people dare not take their bank cards, for fear that they will not be able to get money from the ATM in case they need cash. In fact, with the continuous innovation of bank deposit and withdrawal methods, it is nothing new to deposit and withdraw cash without a card. Beijing Youth Daily reporter recently visited a number of banks and experienced a variety of convenient services that can be enjoyed without a bank card.

  Brush face to withdraw money: there is a limit.

  The latest way to withdraw cash without a card is to push the face to withdraw money. Stand in front of the ATM, let the camera take a picture, and then enter a few simple messages, and the money can be spit out from the ATM. A plot that sounds like science fiction has now become a reality. At present, some ATMs of China Merchants Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank and other banks have the function of withdrawing money by brushing their faces.

  In October 2015, China Merchants Bank took the lead in announcing the launch of "ATM face-brushing withdrawal" business in China. Now there are hundreds of ATMs of China Merchants Bank providing this service in Beijing.

  How to use this function? On the homepage of ATM screen of China Merchants Bank, there is a function bar of "brush face to withdraw money". After clicking it, the customer enters the face recognition image screen, and the customer must face the ATM camera to expose the whole face, and can’t block it and shake it frequently. After the system automatically captures the customer’s head, the page will prompt the cardholder to enter the mobile phone number reserved in China Merchants Bank, and the system will automatically compare it. After matching, the ATM will display the card number information under the customer’s name, the customer will select the card number for withdrawal, and then enter the withdrawal amount and password, and the cash will be spit out from the machine. If the system does not match, it will prompt that the personal information cannot be matched and the transaction is cancelled. The whole process is very convenient without inserting a card to get it.

  ABC’s face-brushing withdrawal process is basically similar to that of China Merchants Bank, except that in the process of identity verification, ABC can choose to enter ID number or mobile phone number. According to the experience of netizens, the withdrawal can be completed in less than one minute, which is similar to the withdrawal with a card.

  However, in terms of functional authority, ABC’s face-brushing withdrawal function does not need to be specially opened, while China Merchants Bank needs cardholders to specially open this function on mobile banking. Considering that face recognition technology is an innovative attempt in the field of withdrawal, in order to reduce security risks, there is a limit on the current "face-brushing withdrawal". China Merchants Bank’s cumulative withdrawal limit for a single card on the same day is 3,000 yuan; Agricultural Bank of China does not exceed 3,000 yuan per day for a single transaction, 10,000 yuan per day in total, and no more than 5 times per day.

  Scan the code to withdraw money: use the bank APP

  When people pay the bill, they are used to taking out their mobile phones to scan the code. In fact, they can also withdraw money by scanning the code at ATM.

  In May last year, ICBC launched a new service of mobile banking to withdraw cash by scanning code. Customers don’t need to use the physical medium of bank cards, just open the "scan" function in ICBC’s mobile banking client, scan the QR code displayed on the ATM screen, enter the withdrawal amount and use ICBC e-payment to verify it successfully, and then click the "Withdraw" button on the ATM to complete the whole withdrawal process. If the customer has enabled the one-click payment function of mobile banking, it is more convenient to complete the payment safely by inputting the preset static payment password in the mobile banking client without inputting the mobile phone number, account, verification code and other information in the process of code scanning cash withdrawal.

  On September 15th this year, the ATM of Bank of China added the function of mobile phone scanning QR code to withdraw cash. A few days ago, the reporter came to a 24-hour self-service bank in a branch of Bank of China for a field experience. To withdraw money by scanning code, you need to download the mobile banking APP of Bank of China on your mobile phone and bind it with a bank card, without opening other permissions. Then, click "scan code to withdraw money" on the ATM screen of Bank of China, scan the QR code on the ATM with the "scan" function of mobile banking, then enter the withdrawal amount, confirm the withdrawal account and enter the withdrawal password, and you can successfully withdraw the required cash. The whole process takes only a few minutes.

  According to reports, Bank of China’s ATM scanning code withdrawal adopts double insurance of mobile banking APP verification and ATM encryption verification. When withdrawing money, you need to log in to mobile banking through your fingerprint, and enter the withdrawal password at ATM, which effectively ensures the security of customer accounts and funds. At present, the ATM scanning code withdrawal of China Bank is completely free, and the daily withdrawal limit is 5,000 yuan.

  Pay withdrawal by mobile phone: to verify fingerprints

  After Apple Pay entered the China market, it captured the hearts of many fruit fans by paying the bill with one stroke. In fact, cardholders can also withdraw money without a card through Apple Pay at ATM. Samsung Pay and Huawei Pay can do the same.

  As long as the cardholder’s mobile phone and ATM both support related functions, the cardholder can successfully withdraw cash from the ATM by swiping the mobile phone and checking the fingerprint "Pay". At present, some ATMs of CCB, China Merchants Bank and China Everbright Bank have supported cash withdrawal through "Pay".

  Take Everbright Bank as an example, it only takes five easy steps for cardholders to withdraw money through Apple Pay at Everbright ATM. First, choose the contactless IC card withdrawal service at ATM, enter the withdrawal amount, then put the mobile phone near the sensing area, verify the fingerprint through Touch ID, enter the withdrawal password, and verify the fingerprint through Touch ID again, and the withdrawal can be successful.

  Withdrawal by appointment: the limit of each bank is different.

  Before face-brushing withdrawal, code-scanning withdrawal and mobile phone Pay withdrawal, more banks carry out card-free withdrawal business through appointments in mobile phone banking, online banking, telephone banking and other channels. It is understood that there are differences in specific details among banks in handling cash withdrawals without cards, but the handling steps basically include two links: online reservation withdrawal and offline cash withdrawals without cards.

  When making an appointment, banks generally require customers to choose the account and withdrawal amount for making an appointment, but other agreed information varies slightly from bank to bank. For example, CCB will ask for an appointment for the withdrawal period and area, and the cardholder will withdraw money from the ATM with the special withdrawal ID and withdrawal password received by SMS. ICBC needs to set a 6-digit reservation code, and the reservation is valid only on the same day, and it is stipulated that a debit card registered with mobile banking can be withdrawn without a card. The maximum amount of a card-free withdrawal by ABC is 3,000 yuan, and the reservation is valid for 24 hours. You can directly use the "card-free reservation withdrawal" function at ATM, and you can withdraw money by entering your mobile phone number and withdrawal password, without other reservation codes or verification codes.

  In terms of cash withdrawal amount, most banks can make a cumulative appointment of 20,000 yuan per day for cash withdrawal without a card, but there are differences in the single cash withdrawal limit and the number of cash withdrawals per day. In terms of a single amount, some banks do not exceed 2500 yuan at most, and some banks can reach 3000 yuan. CCB also stipulates that the cumulative number of days for mobile banking to apply for special withdrawals should not exceed 5,000 yuan.

  No card deposit: you need to remember the card number.

  You can withdraw money without a card and deposit without a card. Yesterday, Beijing Youth Daily reporter saw the function bars of "no card deposit", "no passbook deposit" and "no card passbook deposit" on the deposit and withdrawal machines of most banks such as ICBC, CCB and ABC.

  After clicking Enter, you need to completely enter the card number or passbook number twice. After checking the account and the owner’s name, the deposit slot at the bottom of the electronic screen will open, and the customer will put the banknotes with face value of 100 yuan into the deposit slot, and the machine will start counting. After the counting is completed, the unqualified banknotes will be required to be retrieved, and the number and total amount of qualified banknotes will be displayed on the screen. After the customer confirms, the information such as account, account name and deposit amount will be displayed again. After final confirmation, the transaction is completed, and you can choose to print the receipt.

  It is worth noting that only 100 yuan banknotes can be deposited, with a maximum of 100 banknotes at a time. The deposit account can be your own or someone else’s.

  Safety tips

  The security of withdrawing money without card is strong, so we need to be vigilant.

  Bankers remind that although it is simple and convenient to withdraw money without a card, cardholders should always pay attention to protecting their own funds. In operation, it should be noted that after users make an appointment to withdraw money on platforms such as mobile banking, they will receive information such as "special withdrawal number, set special withdrawal password and withdrawal amount" issued by the bank. For such short messages, users need to take good care of them and avoid leaking them (for example, forwarding bank notification short messages to others) to ensure the safety of funds.

  In addition, users need to be especially alert to criminals using "cash withdrawal without card" to commit fraud, especially not to send the verification code received by the mobile phone to others in any form. Previously, there have been cases in which criminals used the bank’s card-free appointment withdrawal business to commit fraud.

  Text/reporter Cheng Wei

World Cup Joyful Guide

2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 has already begun. In 2010, Qatar won the right to host the 2022 World Cup and became the first Middle Eastern country to host this football feast.

This is the first time that the World Cup has been held in the Gulf region, and it is also the first time that it has been played in the northern hemisphere in winter.

So what is football? What are the basic rules of football? Let’s learn about football today.

Football is a sport in which the feet are the mainstay, the ball is controlled and dominated, and two teams attack and defend each other on the same rectangular court according to certain rules.

Football is called because of its strong antagonism, changeable tactics and large number of participants.The first movement in the world ".

The predecessor of modern football originated fromChinaThe ancient ball game "Cuju" in Zizhou, Shandong Province (now Zibo City) was spread to Europe by Arabs and gradually evolved into modern football.

Modern football originated in England. In 1848, the Cambridge Rules, the first written rule in the history of football, was born. On October 26th, 1863, England established the first football association in the world, and unified the competition rules of football.

In 1872, the first official match between football associations was held between England and Scotland. In 1900, in the Second Summer Olympic Games, football was included as an official event.

The highest organization of football is the International Football Federation, which was founded in 1904 and headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. The highest organization in China is the Chinese Football Association, which was established in Beijing on January 3rd, 1955.

The competition is divided into two teams, each team11 people(Generally speaking, each team is allowed to replace three substitute players during the game), and one of them must be a goalkeeper. The whole game is 90 minutes, which is divided into upper and lower halves, with each half lasting 45 minutes.

The rest time between the first half and the second halfNo more than 15 minutes.. There is a referee and two sideline referees in the game. In each half, the referee can make up time according to the injuries and time-consuming substitution on the field.

If the game must be decided, if the two teams draw within 90 minutes, overtime will be played for 15 minutes in the first half and 15 minutes in the second half. If the game is still tied, it will be passed.have a penalty kickThe winner is decided.

If the football completely crosses the sideline, it willPenalty for throwing a foul ball. After the player touches the ball out of the bottom line of his own goal, he will be awarded a corner kick.

When passing the ball forward, there must be two opposing players between the attacking player who receives the ball and the goal, otherwise it will be judged offside.

A player who fouls in his own restricted area will be awarded a penalty. If the penalty is saved by the goalkeeper or kicked on the post, the game will continue. However, in penalty shoot-out, if the football hits the doorpost and bounces back, it can’t be shot again.

A foul outside the penalty area will give the opponent a free kick. If the free kick is near the penalty area, the opposing defender can build a human wall.

Direct free kicks can be shot directly, while indirect free kicks must have a pass before shooting. When serious fouls and violations occur, the referee will show a yellow card to warn him. If the fouler gets a second yellow card warning or a malicious foul, the referee will show a red card and send him off.

The game time should be divided into two equal halves, 45 minutes for each half and 90 minutes for each game.

See here, do you know anything about football? You don’t have to worry about others getting in the way when watching the ball.

[A little information] Western media: Real Madrid will look to Manchester City striker Julian.

In the second leg of the semi-final of the Champions League, Real Madrid was defeated by Manchester City 4-0. This game also proves Manchester City’s leading edge in the depth of the lineup. Alvarez has attracted the attention of Real Madrid, and they hope to strengthen themselves and attack the Champions League champion again next season.

Development trend and future prospect of artificial intelligence technology

With the rapid development of science and technology, artificial intelligence has become one of the hottest topics. Artificial intelligence refers to the technology that simulates human intelligence by computer to realize the ability of independent thinking, learning, judgment and action. In the past few years, artificial intelligence has developed rapidly, made many significant achievements and been widely used in various fields.

The development of artificial intelligence technology has brought many advantages. First of all, it can greatly improve production efficiency and labor utilization rate, and bring more economic and social value to enterprises and society. Secondly, artificial intelligence can provide more accurate data and analysis results to help people better predict and solve problems. In addition, artificial intelligence can also reduce the repetition, complexity and danger in work and improve work efficiency and safety.

However, artificial intelligence also faces some challenges and problems. First of all, the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology may lead to the disappearance of some occupations or the replacement of human skills. Secondly, the development of artificial intelligence may bring some ethical and moral problems, such as privacy protection, data abuse and so on. At the same time, there may be deviations and misjudgments in the algorithms and decisions of artificial intelligence, and it is necessary to strengthen supervision and regulation.

In order to give full play to the advantages of artificial intelligence, we need to take some countermeasures. First of all, we need to strengthen the research and innovation of artificial intelligence technology and accelerate the application and promotion of artificial intelligence technology in various fields. Secondly, we need to strengthen the supervision and regulation of artificial intelligence technology, establish relevant laws and moral standards, and protect human rights and interests. Finally, we need to improve people’s skill level and adaptability through education and training, so as to prepare for future career development.

In a word, artificial intelligence is a promising technology, which brings many conveniences and advantages to human beings. However, we also need to recognize the challenges and problems faced by artificial intelligence technology and take some countermeasures to ensure that the development of artificial intelligence can better serve human needs and interests.

How can Messi stay in Greater Paris?

In 2023, the Greater Paris Champions League once again became 16 Lang, which is quite sad!

Special size World Cup golden balls and golden boots, is that the level?


Messi’s vision, passing and dribbling are still the top in the world!

Mbappé’s shot, in that year, was still heavy, and he also improved his dribbling skills …

Neymar was in its prime, and Ramos was still domineering. Such a powerful Paris has repeatedly suffered setbacks, which puzzled many readers!

In fact, although Greater Paris is rich, its layman leads the expert, which is the root of the team’s failure!

If they don’t change, Messi and Mbappé will leave!

Telegraph: The owner of West Ham has no intention of selling the team, and the top management of the team trusts moyers.

Live on March 11th According to the Daily Telegraph, the owner of West Ham has no intention of selling the team, and the top management of the team now trusts moyers.

It is reported that David Sullivan, the owner of West Ham, said that he has no intention of selling the team, which means that moyers’s job is safe at present. At present, West Ham still has 13 games to play in the Premier League, and the fans of the team are still full of hope for West Ham. Although West Ham is currently only 16th in the Premier League standings, they are confident that they can change the current situation.

For a long time, it has been thought that Czech billionaire Clay Tynsky, who owns 27% of the club, will launch the acquisition of West Ham, but if Clay Tynsky wants to launch a comprehensive acquisition, he must obtain the consent of David Sullivan (holding 38.8%) and the family of the deceased co-owner David Gold (holding 25.1%) before starting the acquisition process. Logically speaking, Clay Tynsky is unlikely to make an offer at present, because the current situation of West Ham in the Premier League is still unclear, and if relegated to the Championship, it will obviously affect the value of the club. In addition, even if it is sold, David Sullivan will not sell West Ham at a low price. According to sources, David Sullivan has no intention of selling West Ham, and he has not even considered doing so.

West Ham are currently playing in the UEFA, and they are facing teams with average strength in this level of European war, which is completely different from their opponents in the Premier League. In last week’s UEFA competition, they beat AEK Larnaca 2-0 away, which was their ninth consecutive victory in this competition. If West Ham can win this tournament, it will be the team’s first European trophy since 1965, and more importantly, it will also ensure their qualification for the Europa League next season. However, West Ham’s performance in the Premier League is somewhat disappointing. They have not won in the past eleven away games. Although the fans shouted moyers’s dismissal after West Ham’s 4-0 defeat to Brighton, as far as the current situation is concerned, moyers’s position is still very stable. However, according to relevant media reports, West Ham is currently considering short-term and long-term substitutes to replace moyers, and Nuno Espirito Santo, Benitez and Dych are all considered as potential choices.

Moyers has one year left on his contract with West Ham, and they may end their cooperation with moyers when his contract expires. Last summer, West Ham invested 160 million pounds in the transfer market, which is the third highest transfer expenditure in the Premier League. In addition, West Ham signed Danny Ince in the winter window that year. People hope that West Ham can challenge the qualification of the Champions League instead of struggling to avoid relegation. Moyers’s team has been plagued by injuries this season, and his tactics have been questioned by people. However, the team’s offensive line scored only 23 goals in 25 games, which really made him feel a little overwhelmed. However, West Ham hopes that moyers’s experience will help the team overcome the difficulties and try to win a trophy.