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China men’s basketball team wins! The biggest parallel imports are strong when they are weak, and Guangdong fans feel humiliated.

The warm-up match of China Men’s Basketball World Cup ushered in a great victory. It can be said that this is a long-lost victory. We beat Cape Verde 86-66. The best player in this game is Hu Mingxuan of Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team. Everyone knows that Hu Mingxuan’s strength is not inferior to that of Guo Ailun, and he can even be called the first defender in Asia. It is not bad to enter the NBA Hall of Fame in the future.

Many fans say that Hu Mingxuan’s 3-pointer is more accurate than Curry’s, and his offensive ability under the basket is comparable to James’s. In a word, he can resist playing. So now, against Cape Verde, where the fighting strength is very poor, Hu Mingxuan once again exerts his passive skills. If he is weak, he will be strong, and if he is strong, he will sit! Thanks to Hu Mingxuan, China men’s basketball team won a great victory.

In this game, both ends of Hu Mingxuan’s attack and defense have made achievements, which is completely the standard of NBA. In addition, when Hu Mingxuan was leading the team in Du Feng, there were too many cases in which a strong team scored 1 point in 40 minutes, but when he met Bahrain’s men’s basketball team, he almost lost the game. Fortunately, Jiang Weize of Jilin men’s basketball team appeared in time, otherwise Du Feng would have finished class.

Now Hu Mingxuan’s performance has made the fans shine. It seems that in this World Cup, we have entered the top eight and surpassed the history of men’s basketball. At the same time, we wish Hu Mingxuan can surpass Kobe’s record in the World Cup, cut him 90 points and directly throw 30 3-pointers. Do Guangdong fans have face? So what do you think about this? Welcome to leave a message in the comments section.

Premier League-Eriksson passes casemiro to win Manchester United 1-0 Bournemouth Champions League qualification is in sight.

Live on May 20th, at 22: 00 pm Beijing time on May 20th, a game in the 37th round of the Premier League continued. The Red Devils Manchester United challenged Bournemouth away. In the first half, Eriksson assisted casemiro to score a goal, and after half-time, Manchester United temporarily led Bournemouth 1-0. In the second half, the two sides attacked and defended each other but did not rewrite the score. In the end, Manchester United defeated Bournemouth 1-0. In the Premier League standings, Manchester United scored 69 points with 21 wins, 6 draws, 9 losses, and remained ahead of Liverpool. Bournemouth had already relegated ahead of schedule.

[Key Events of Competition]

In the 9th minute, Eriksson directly picked the right foot at the front of the restricted area, followed by casemiro Middle Road, Senesi’s toe rubbed the ball, but the clearance failed, and casemiro scored with a sideways barb! Manchester United 1-0 Bournemouth! ↓

[Moment of Competition Focus]

In the 20th minute, Anthony cut the ball on the right and then made a cross pass. Before the B fee, Eriksson missed the ball and shot angrily, hitting high. ↓

In the 27th minute, Bournemouth counterattacked, and Solanke succeeded in passing people in the restricted area. He shot from his right foot and was saved by Degea. ↓

The 37th minute, Sancho knocks back from the left in the penalty area, and Marchal directly shoots the far corner after catching the ball outside the penalty area, hitting high. ↓

In the 41st minute, casemiro’s long-range shot outside the restricted area was confiscated by the goalkeeper. ↓

In the 47th minute, David Brooks’ powerful shot in the restricted area was saved again by Degea. ↓

In the 63rd minute, Manchester United’s attack and Wehorst’s shot in the restricted area were resolved by the goalkeeper. ↓

In the 76th minute, the corner kick from Manchester United was sent out, and the B fee kept the ball in the restricted area and directly greeted the ball and was saved by the goalkeeper. ↓

In the 84th minute, Bournemouth got a good chance, and Moore shot directly at Degea one-on-one. ↓

In the 93rd minute, Senesi shot outside the restricted area and almost equalized the score. ↓

[Information on starting and substitution of both parties]

Bournemouth starting: 13- Neto, 5- Lloyd Kelly, 25- Senesi, 27- Dzabanji, 4- Lewis Cook, 8- Lerma, 15- Adam Smith (65’18- Vigna), 32- Jaden Anthony, 7- David Brooks (56

Bournemouth substitutes: 1- Travis, 3- Stephens, 6- Chris Mapham, 17- Jack Stacy, 51- Adley, 49- Sadie.

Manchester United starters: 1- Degea, 2- Lindelov, 19- Vallanet, 23- Lu Kexiao, 290,000 Pisaca, 18- casemiro, 14- Eriksson (85’39- McTominay), 8-B fee, 25- Sancho (71’49- Garnacho), 9.

Manchester United substitutes: 31- Batland, 5- Maguire, 12- Malaysia, 20- Dallot, 28- Peristri.

Weiguan Ningxia: The silver horse is here. Will you join us?

The Yinchuan Marathon, which has been silent for several years, has set sail again this year. This should also be the second good news after this sandstorm (the first one is rain). Speaking of marathon, this should also become a traditional event in Yinchuan, right? Anyway, every time it is held, it is quite lively.

Several of Weiji’s friends are fans, and they attend almost every time, but they are all "half horses".

I remember that at the beginning, the track was in the urban area, and every time it was held, the whole city was boiling, the competition was fierce, the watch was enthusiastic, and the road was blocked by the track. The memory of returning to normal after the game is very deep.

With the maturity of the competition organization, Yinchuan has begun to optimize the route for the marathon, and try not to disturb people’s normal life on the basis of ensuring the wonderful competition.

Wei Ji, for example, originally wanted to attend, but there was no way to move bricks, so I had to stop taking part in the fun.

But although the silver horse is very famous, it is estimated that many people don’t know the reason for the marathon, right? Why should it be set at 42.195km? It’s not important. What’s important is that people can feel the happy mood and change the scenery in a beautiful moment through the competition. It is said that this year’s race will pass through many landmark buildings, so that everyone can meet the picturesque scenery while running freely and appreciate this ancient city with a long history. Will you wait and see?

Wei Ji thinks it’s good not to block the road.

This is Yinchuan! Discover the beauty of Yinchuan and feel the beauty of Yinchuan!

The Best Goalkeeper in IFFHS History: Buffon Cassie, Neuer’s top three, Van der Sar’s fifth and Lori’s 13th.

Live on March 10th, the ranking of the best coaches in the history of the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) was scored according to the ranking of the best coaches in IFFHS every year from 1987 to 2022, with the first place getting 20 points every year, the 20th place getting 1 point every year, and no points except the 20th place.

Among them, the best goalkeepers in all continents are Buffon (UEFA, Italy), Daiyaya (AFC, Saudi Arabia), chilavert (South American Football Association, Paraguay), Enyema (non-FIFA, Nigeria), navas (Central and North America and Caribbean Football Association, Costa Rica) and Bosnic (Oceania Football Association, Australia).

Here are the top 50 best goalkeepers in IFFHS history:

1. Buffon (Italy)

2. casillas (Spain)

3. Neuer (German)

4. Cech (Czech Republic)

5. Van der Sar (Netherlands)

6. Schmeichel (Denmark)

7. Kahn (Germany)

8. courtois (Belgium)

9. chilavert (Paraguay)

10. Zeng Jia (Italy)

11. zubizarreta (Spain)

12. Taffarel (Brazil)

13. Lori (France)

14. Predholm (Belgium)

15. fabien barthez (France)

15. oblak (Slovenian)

17. David Seaman (England)

18. Valdez (Spain)

19. Dida (Brazil)

20. Bai Ya (Portugal)

21. navas (Costa Rica)

22. pagliuca (Italy)

23. TOLEDO (Italy)

24. Lehmann (Germany)

25. Ter stegen (Germany)

25. allison (Brazil)

Cesar (Brazil)

28. Degea (Spain)

29. illgner (Germany)

29. van breukelen (Netherlands)

31. roberto abbondanzieri (Argentina)

32. goicochea (Argentina)

33. kopke (Germany)

Campos (Mexico)

34. Peter Hilton (England)

36. Ravilly (Sweden)

37. Dasayev (Russia)

38. peruzzi (Italy)

38. Southall (Wales)

40. Reina (Spain)

41. Cheney (Brazil)

42. canizares (Spain)

42. Bravo (Chile)

44. pfaff (Belgium)

44. Handanovic (Slovenia)

46. Duddeck (Poland)

47. Akinfeev (Russia)

48. Cordoba (Colombia)

Bernard Rama (France)

48. ochoa (Mexico)