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Long battery life is full of wisdom, and it is easy for the M5 to travel long distances across provinces.

  By the end of the year, the Spring Festival on New Year’s Day is in sight. Many migrant workers who are struggling in the city are ready to travel by car or return home with excitement. However, if you want to travel all the way without worry and enjoy the fun of intelligent driving, you have to choose a high-energy car with outstanding performance and intelligent core. For example, the M5 is a typical one. I believe that with TA, your journey will be more secure and enjoyable!

  Hard-core chassis+long battery life, zero anxiety arrival in the whole process

  When purchasing new energy vehicles, users pay special attention to the performance and endurance of vehicles. Moreover, during the peak travel period of solar terms, if it encounters rain and snow, many rural roads will become more complicated and difficult. In addition, too low temperature will have a great impact on battery life, and even there will be a situation in which the power is in a hurry. M5 has made full preparations for this question, and provided worry-free protection for the whole journey through the hard-core chassis and intelligent extended range technology.

  In order to improve the safety and comfort during driving, Wenjie M5 is equipped with an all-aluminum chassis commonly used in millions of luxury cars. Compared with the traditional steel chassis, the chassis has the advantages of 30% weight reduction, ultra-high temperature setting, greater rigidity and strength, and can bring a more stable and safe handling experience. It is not easy to roll over in case of emergency, and the car body does not drift when it bends quickly. Moreover, after many rounds of manipulation and bumpy adjustment by China Automotive Engineering Research Institute, vehicles can show better cushioning effect than traditional luxury cars when passing through bumpy roads and speed bumps, and their stability and comfort are never discounted. I have to say that this is also very friendly to people who are prone to carsickness.

  At the same time, in order to solve the "endurance anxiety", Wenjie M5 is specially equipped with an intelligent extended range control system, which fully considers the factors such as road conditions, altitude, temperature, load and vehicle condition, and can realize accurate matching through neural algorithms, bringing users a strong power and low energy consumption experience. With the blessing of the intelligent extended range system, the four-wheel drive version of the M5 intelligent driving version has a comprehensive battery life of 1265km, and the rear-drive version has a comprehensive battery life of 1425km. Whether it’s a reunion at home or a cross-provincial long-distance trip to go on road trip, the M5 can easily "handle" and take you to Shanhai, where you arrive with zero anxiety.

  HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0, efficient interconnection of people and vehicles.

  For young people who pursue the quality of travel, the ideal car for self-driving travel should not only have the two "basic qualities" of excellent performance and long battery life, but also have the "expertise" of wisdom, so as to eliminate the boredom and fatigue during long driving anytime and anywhere. Knowing the needs of young people, the M5 also took this into consideration, so it arranged the HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0 in the car.

  How smart is HarmonyOS Smart Cockpit 3.0? It has reached a new height of intelligent car machine, and it knows everything you want most!

  First of all, it is equipped with a rich application ecology, which makes people’s cars efficiently interconnected, which can make driving more worry-free and life easier and more convenient. With the support of HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0, both the main driver and the co-driver can use the mobile phone application on the car. Use the local life application on the car, check the nearby food, and quickly navigate to take you directly to your destination. Or brush food or favorite attractions on the mobile phone, touch the car with the mobile phone, and the car can also identify the address and navigate to the destination. If you find that the parking space is tight after arriving at your destination, Xiaoyi can also help you find the parking space in advance, so that you can park easily.

  Secondly, it realizes the first "boarding" of space audio, and can create an immersive auditory feast with all-round sound, so that every passenger can enjoy a different wonderful journey surrounded by beautiful melody inside the car and changing beautiful scenery outside the window.

  Thirdly, fun games can quickly resolve travel fatigue. For example, if you want to experience a virtual racing experience while parking, the steering wheel racing game can help you realize it, and the car and horse are instantly replaced by fun.

  Want to open this New Year gift before the Chinese New Year? Now is the best time to win. Recently, I decided to ask all the M5 departments, and I can pick up the car within 2 weeks! In addition, there are premium benefits at the end of the year: the smart driving version will be released within this month, and you can enjoy up to 42,000 yuan worth of matching rights, including 12,000 yuan worth of interior and exterior decoration matching rights, 15,000 yuan worth of technology comfort package, and 15,000 yuan worth of deduction of HUAWEI ADS2.0 urban smart driving package rights.

  Write it at the end

  Traveling thousands of miles in Wan Li by car is the best way to wash your mind; Driving home is everyone’s constant expectation. Wenjie M5 uses hardcore performance and long battery life to solve travel anxiety, and uses "high IQ" to unlock new travel fun, which fully meets the expectations of migrant workers for a high-energy car! Friends who want to buy a car may wish to pay attention to it ~

2022 Chongqing Auto Show opens. Hundreds of new cars are launched nationwide.

People’s Daily Online, Chongqing, June 26 (Hu Hong) On the 25th, the 2022 Chongqing Auto Show opened at Chongqing (Yuelai) International Expo Center. At the auto show, more than 100 new cars were launched nationwide, and over 1,000 models were displayed in a centralized way. The exhibition also created the first intelligent networked new energy vehicle museum in China, which attracted the attention of many citizens. The auto show also set up the first motorcycle show, bringing together nearly 20 popular brands, and high-end electric motorcycles made in Chongqing appeared one after another.

Chang 'an Deep Blue SL03 appeared. Photo courtesy of Changan Automobile

Chang ‘an Deep Blue SL03 appeared. Photo courtesy of Changan Automobile

Changan dark blue SL03 pure electric version debuted.

At this auto show, the pure electric version of Changan Deep Blue SL03 made its debut. Both the car and the previous extended-range version are based on Changan’s brand-new EPA1 pure electric platform, with a pre-sale range of 179,800-231,800 yuan, which is expected to be officially listed in July this year.

Changan Deep Blue SL03 has a body size of 4820*1890*1480mm, a wheelbase of 2900mm, an aspect ratio of 0.78 and an axle length ratio of 0.6. Through the overall optimization of the overall aerodynamics of the car body, the drag coefficient of Changan Deep Blue SL03 is as low as 0.23Cd, which is equivalent to the level of Model3, with the help of the slip-back car body, sports kit, hidden door handle and closed aerodynamic wheel hub.

In terms of intelligent technology, Changan Deep Blue SL03 adopts a number of intelligent technologies, such as intelligent information screen, intelligent steering sunflower screen, intelligent voice assistant, intelligent scene in the whole cockpit, NFC card unlocking and intelligent induction of Bluetooth key, to help consumers travel conveniently, easily and comfortably.

In terms of power, Deep Blue SL03 is equipped with Changan’s new generation super collector drive, with a peak power of 190kW, a peak torque of 320Nm, and an acceleration time of 0-100km/h of 5.9S s. In the future, Deep Blue SL03 will also introduce extended-range power and hydrogen fuel cell power. When the extended-range model is full of oil and electricity, the cruising range of CLTC can reach more than 1,200km under comprehensive working conditions, and the cruising range of pure electric mode can also reach 200 km, and the fuel consumption can be as low as 4.5L/100km in power-loss mode, while the hydrogen fuel cell power model can be recharged for 3 minutes, and the cruising range of CLTC can reach more than 700km, with a hydrogen consumption of 0.

Lantu Auto made its debut with its two models, Lantu FREE and Lantu Dreamer.

Lantu Auto made its debut with its two models, Lantu FREE and Lantu Dreamer. Photo courtesy of Lantu Automobile

Lantu Auto unveiled with two models.

At the auto show, Lantu Automobile, a high-end electric brand of Dongfeng Motor Group, made its debut with its two models, Lantu FREE and Lantu Dreamer.

At the scene, the Lantiu automobile booth attracted many consumers to stop and visit. Lantu FREE is equipped with air suspension and supports adaptive height adjustment of 100mm up and down. In addition, Lantu FREE has original extended-range and pure electric dual-power modes. The extended-range version can be powered by oil and electricity, and supports four ways to replenish energy. The comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is as low as 1.3L It is worth mentioning that all the functions of intelligent driving assistance come standard in Lantu FREE. The automatic parking system not only supports lateral and vertical parking spaces, but also supports inclined train spaces, which can be recognized for parking without reference objects and parking lines.

Lantu FREE body is built with the design concept of ultra-high strength cage cockpit skeleton body, equipped with the world’s first 2000MPa aluminum-silicon coated door crash beam, and the world’s first TRB+Patch composite structure thermoformed A-pillar, which can protect the safety of people in the car to the greatest extent in the event of collision.

In terms of battery safety, Lantu FREE successfully challenged the world’s first public test of bottom collision of electric vehicles after wading, and the test results were "no smoke, no fire, no explosion and no water". Lantu FREE pays more attention to the health and safety of users than its peers. It is equipped with an intelligent air management system to keep the air fresh in the car. Lantu FREE is also equipped with OEKO-TEX EU baby skin-friendly first-class seats made of environmentally friendly materials.

Two rare records of our army marching on foot

In the long and arduous revolutionary struggle in China, the officers and men of our army fought a series of beautiful victories and created countless classic examples in the history of our army with the spirit of selfless sacrifice and the high morale of overwhelming all enemies. Coincidentally, during the Red Army’s Long March, the 4th Regiment of the 2nd Division of the Red Army Corps captured the Luding Bridge, and during the Qingfengdian Campaign of the Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei Field Army in the Liberation War, our army once created a rare record of the world army marching on foot for 120 kilometers day and night.Please pay attention to the report in today’s Liberation Army Daily-

Fly away from Luding Bridge and Feibing Qingfeng Store, and attack 120 kilometers on foot day and night-

Two rare records of our army marching on foot

■ Han Jinqiang

In the Battle of Qingfengdian, officers and men of the Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei Field Army ran into the position. Information photo

Schematic diagram of the red army’s flight to Luding bridge and the enemy’s deployment. Information photo

In the long and arduous revolutionary struggle in China, the officers and men of our army fought a series of beautiful victories and created countless classic examples in the history of our army with the spirit of selfless sacrifice and the high morale of overwhelming all enemies. Coincidentally, during the Red Army’s Long March, the 4th Regiment of the 2nd Division of the Red Army Corps captured the Luding Bridge, and during the Qingfengdian Campaign of the Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei Field Army in the Liberation War, our army once created a rare record of the world army marching on foot for 120 kilometers day and night. The indomitable spirit of the revolutionary predecessors is enough for future generations to remember and encourage.

Flying over the Luding Bridge, the Red 4 regiment flew 120 kilometers day and night.

At 5 o’clock in the morning of May 28, 1935, the 4th Regiment of the 2nd Division of the Red 1 Army Corps was on its way to Luding Bridge. Yang Chengwu, the political commissar, and Huang Kaixiang, the head of the regiment, received an urgent order from the Military Commission. When they opened it, they saw that it read: Huang and Yang, the Military Commission called the left-wing army to seize Luding Bridge tomorrow. You should use the highest speed marching force and resolute maneuvering means to complete this glorious and great task.

Yang Chengwu, a political commissar, said: "From the mileage marked on the map, there are still 120 kilometers from here to Luding Bridge!" This means that the troops must walk 120 kilometers in one day and night, and capture and completely control the Luding Bridge on the 29th. No one expected that the task would become so urgent. On the first day, the telegram of the Central Military Commission was marked as "urgent", but now it has become "urgent", which must be a major change in the enemy’s situation. At that time, due to the tight time, the order could only be conveyed while marching, "Walk 120 and get to Luding Bridge!" This resolute and vigorous mobilization slogan has become the belief and goal of the whole group.

At this time, the troops are racing against time and the enemy across the river. In order to ensure the resolute completion of the task, the troops marched all the way and held a "flying rally" all the way. Clusters of people gathered together temporarily, and after only a few minutes of mobilization, they dispersed; This group of people just dispersed, and then more people appeared. As they ran, they held a tense meeting to mobilize. The mobilization of emergency tasks has just been completed, and the troops are close to Tiger Hill. In the thick fog, the troops defeated an enemy regiment and a battalion with an avalanche and occupied Moses. At this time, the wooden bridge on the east river of the village has been blown up by the enemy, which has added trouble to the March of the troops. It took the troops two hours-a tense and precious 120 minutes-to build the bridge. After that, the whole group ran another 25 kilometers in one breath. At 7 o’clock in the evening, when we looked at the map, it was 55 kilometers from here to Luding Bridge, and it was all mountain roads.

One difficulty after another. Just as the troops continued to advance, it suddenly began to rain heavily. It’s dark as the bottom of an upside-down pot, and I can’t see my fingers. Only when lightning strikes can I tell which is the mountain and which is the road. The army didn’t eat for a day, and the road was very muddy, so it was really difficult to move. At this time, the enemy has caught up and is advancing parallel to us on the other side. In order to get to Luding Bridge before the enemy, Yang Chengwu mobilized all Communist party member, Communist Youth League members and activists through various party branches, asking them to try their best to overcome all difficulties and make sure to get to Luding Bridge before 6 o’clock tomorrow morning. During the March, the comrades of the Red 4 regiment carried forward the spirit of unity and friendship, pulling each other with ropes, helping each other with their hands, and then leaning on crutches; If you are hungry, chew raw rice; When you are thirsty, drink the rain … The team is rolling like a fire in the deep valley.

However, after all, it is touching the dark, and the speed of progress is obviously much slower than during the day. Yang Chengwu and Huang Kaixiang were worried when they suddenly found that the enemy on the other side was on their way with torches. It’s really "be bold when things are difficult!" Yang Chengwu asked Huang Kaixiang to discuss: "We can also light a fire!" The troops immediately bought all the bamboo fences of the villagers’ homes in nearby small villages, and each person tied a torch and lit one in each class. In order to gain time, it is required that the marching speed after the torch is lit must be kept above 5 kilometers per hour. At the same time, the trumpeter should be familiar with the contact sound and signal of the enemy, and be prepared to "contact" with the enemy when necessary.

In this way, the torches of the enemy and ourselves burn in the night sky, facing each other across the water, just like two fire dragons moving in the valley, reflecting the water of the Dadu River a few meters away. After a while, through the howling wind and rain and the waves of the Dadu River, suddenly there was a clear bugle on the other side.

"The enemy is asking us questions!" The bugler reported that.

"What troops?" Before Red 4 could answer, there was a faint voice of questioning from the opposite side.

"Blow the trumpet to answer!" Yang Chengwu told the bugler.

The bugler sounded the prepared answer according to the enemy’s number spectrum. The enemy believed it and regarded the Red Army as one of their own. In this way, the enemy and the Red Army walked 15 kilometers across the bank. Suddenly, the fire dragon on the other side disappeared. Red 4 regiment boldly blew the trumpet and asked what the enemy was doing. The enemy blew the camping horn.

Hearing this bugle, the Red 4 Regiment quickened its pace again. Everyone is moving forward in a three-step, one-fall, five-step, one-fall roll. In order to prevent falling into the river, Yang Chengwu told everyone to untie the straps on their legs and connect them one by one, each pulling the straps forward. In this way, the troops marched at a speed of 120 kilometers day and night, and arrived at the west bank of Luding Bridge at 6 o’clock the next morning, occupying all the coastal positions in the west bank, and immediately mobilized nervously, and selected 22 Communist party member and activists to form a commando team, with Liao Dazhu, the second company commander, as the commando captain.

At 4 o’clock on the 29 th, the general attack began. At the same time, the division team composed of dozens of trumpeters sounded the charge, and all our weapons fired at the other side together, and the bullets blew to the enemy positions like a whirlwind. All 22 commandos, armed with submachine guns, sabres in their backs and 10 grenades wrapped around their waists, led by captain Liao Dazhu, braved gunfire and bullets from the other side and rushed to Luding Bridge, where the bridge deck had been removed by the enemy. They climbed the bridge fence, stepped on the chain and crawled across the river. Desperately resist the defeated enemy and ignite the bridge slabs piled at the west bridge head in an attempt to prevent our army from entering the city. Commandos burned themselves regardless of the fire, climbed the bridge, rushed into the sea of fire, and threw grenades at the enemy one after another; Then rushed into the city, together with the follow-up troops, and launched a desperate street battle with the enemy. After two hours of fierce fighting, all the enemy troops on the defensive were defeated. Only 22 commandos were shot on the bridge and three people were killed, which created a miracle of capturing Luding Bridge.

Feibing Qingfeng Store, 120km and 45km competition.

In the autumn of 1947, under the continuous attack of the Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei Field Army of the People’s Liberation Army of China, the Kuomintang army was forced to shrink its main seven armies, totaling 33 divisions (brigades), into the triangle of Peiping, Tianjin and Baoding, and stationed one army in Shijiazhuang, in an attempt to rely on the railway line and take a defensive position to ensure the protection of Peiping, Tianjin and other strategic places. In mid-September, the Northeast Democratic Allied Forces launched an autumn offensive. In order to save the Northeast crisis, Chiang Kai-shek sent five divisions from Beiping to the Beining Line or to go through the customs to reinforce. In this case, the leaders of the Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei Field Army, such as Yang Dezhi, Yang Chengwu and Geng Biao, were determined to seize this favorable opportunity and attack the area north of Baoding, adopting the tactics of siege and Dayuan, and besieged Xu Shui with the 4th and 5th brigades of the 2nd column and the 3rd column to attract reinforcements from the Kuomintang troops in Peiping and Baoding. With the 3rd and 4th columns and the 7th independent brigade assembled in the northeast of Xu Shui, looking for opportunities to annihilate the enemy who came to reinforce.

On the evening of October 11th, the fighting started. By the night of 13th, my 2nd column even passed through the north and south of Xu Shui, approaching the city wall, which was likely to be conquered in one fell swoop. If we want to mobilize the reinforcements of the Kuomintang army, we must hurt it and make it feel that the war situation is urgent. But to our surprise, five enemy divisions, ten infantry regiments and one chariot regiment came from the north. The main force of our army confronted the enemy in the northeast of Xu Shui. After several days of fierce fighting, although many enemies were killed and injured, because more than 10 enemy regiments gathered together, our army failed to divide and annihilate the enemy and the campaign plan was not realized.

In this regard, Yang Dezhi, Yang Chengwu and other researchers decided to level the troops east of Hanlu to move to Luxi Suicheng and Yaocun, luring the enemy to the west, preparing to wipe out the enemy in the movement after the enemy dispersed, and immediately reported this decision to Nie Rongzhen.

On the evening of October 17th, Yang Dezhi and Yang Chengwu left the headquarters of Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei Field Army and headed west of Pinghan Road. Suddenly, a sudden pounding of hooves broke the silence of the marching team. It turned out to be a cavalry correspondent. He handed a telegram to the leaders of the field army and reported: "The enemy’s situation report just taken by Commander Nie Rongzhen".

The telegram reads: "Luo Lirong, commander of the enemy’s 3rd Army in Shijiazhuang, led the 3rd Army Headquarters, 7th Division and the 66th Regiment of 16th Army to cross the Hutuo River on 16th, and they are committing crimes in the north. On 17th, they can enter Xinle area. It is estimated that they can reach Dingxian on 18th and Fangshunqiao on 19th. Liu Hua, the enemy of Baoding, is preparing to meet Luo Lirong in the south. "

The battlefield situation is really changing rapidly. After receiving the telegram, Yang Dezhi, Yang Chengwu, Geng Biao and others decided to go south to annihilate Luo Lirong with the main force of the field army. The main force no longer went west, but went south and wiped out the enemy in the form of encounter. With some troops in the north of Xu Shui to block the enemy from going south, cooperate with the main force in the action of Baonan.

Determined, where is the battle? That is, the question of battlefield choice. This problem is extremely important, which is related to whether our army can eat this enemy. Finally, the leaders of the field army chose the battlefield of the encounter in Qingfengdian area. I chose this place because Qingfeng Store is in the south of Baoding, and there is still a considerable distance from Baoding. In any case, the battlefield cannot be chosen near Baoding, which will cause the enemy to attack our army in an unfavorable situation.

The battlefield of the encounter has been decided, but time is extremely urgent for our army. Luo Lirong’s 3rd Army has crossed the Hutuo River, only 45 kilometers away from Qingfengdian, while our army is still in Xu Shui, 120 kilometers away from Qingfengdian. This means that our troops must travel nearly three times as much as the enemy at the same time. The key to victory or defeat lies in whether our army can get to Qingfengdian area south of Fangshunqiao first. If our army can’t catch up, let the enemy’s third army and the two divisions of Baoding’s new second army get close together, it will be difficult for our army to eat the enemy.

Time was pressing, and it was urgent. Yang Dezhi and Yang Chengwu had no time to report to the military commander and ask for instructions. First, they issued an action order to the troops. On the way of hammering, they sent a telegram to the military region.

Yang Chengwu and Yang Dezhi discussed that in this case, it is urgent to draft an emergency mobilization order. Because this battle is of great importance, it must be fought well. Yang Chengwu said that when he flew over Luding Bridge, he marched 120 kilometers day and night. Today, he marched 120 kilometers day and night to catch Fangshun Bridge. At that time, it was a regiment, and now it is a field army, with thousands of troops and horses. There must be a few slogans, which are imprinted on the hearts of commanders and soldiers like hammers knocking on the anvil. Yang Dezhi expressed full support for this proposal.

So, Yang Chengwu dictated, the propaganda minister Qiu Gang recorded, and an emergency battle mobilization order was quickly written.

A ticking sound of the transmitter sent out the emergency mobilization order.

At dawn, the troops rushed forward desperately in several ways. As the troops walked, they held a "flight meeting". Commanders at all levels conveyed emergency mobilization orders to the soldiers while walking. The agitation turned into an invisible force, and the troops were still full of energy and high spirits after a night of forced marching. Yang Chengwu saw the leading cadres passing by and said, "Let’s go! Carry forward the spirit of the Red Army marching 120 kilometers a day! "

On the afternoon of the 18th, most of my troops went south four to six hours in advance, and completed the long-distance marching task of more than 120 kilometers, reaching the designated position. But this time, Luo Lirong, commander of the 3rd Kuomintang Army, led his main force of more than 14,000 people and more than 200 carts, and just passed Dingxian County.

At dawn on the 20th, our army began to attack. Once in contact, the enemy’s main force quickly shrank to several villages in the southwest, such as Hehe, and rushed to Peiping to ask for reinforcements. At 3: 40 on the 22nd, the main force of the Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei Field Army launched a general attack on villages such as Southwest Hehe, and the battle ended at 11: 30.

In the Battle of Qingfengdian, a total of more than 11,000 officers and men including Luo Lirong, commander of the third army, were captured, and more than 2,000 people were killed and wounded. Together with the northern defense war, a total of more than 17,000 people were wiped out. 72 guns of all kinds, 489 light and heavy machine guns, more than 4,500 long and short guns and 8 radio stations were seized, and one enemy plane was shot down and injured, which set a new record in the annihilation war in Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei, played an important role in reversing the war situation in North China, and effectively cooperated with the autumn offensive of the Northeast Democratic Allied Forces.

Spring ploughing is busy, spring is strong, and the vitality of spring is everywhere in the motherland.

CCTV News:Spring ploughing is busy and spring is strong. Next, we follow the camera to feel the vitality of spring all over the country.

What we are seeing now is 25,000 mu of wheat managed by a grain and cotton planting cooperative in Wucheng County, Dezhou, Shandong Province. At present, wheat has entered the jointing stage. Local archives have been established for all the entrusted plots, and remote sensing satellites can be used to monitor the growth and diseases and pests of wheat 24 hours a day, patrol the fields online and offline, and customize scientific and accurate water and fertilizer management schemes for farmers. Wisdom empowerment, symptomatic application of drugs to help stabilize production and increase production.

Following the camera, we came to Pingli County, Ankang, Shaanxi Province, deep in the Qinba Mountains. Among the mountains, green tea gardens and golden rape flowers reflect each other, adding bright colors to spring. The villagers transferred land and participated in the production and management of tea gardens and the cultivation of high-quality rapeseed to increase income. At present, the tea garden in Pingli County covers an area of 200,000 mu, and the tea industry and eco-tourism are integrated and developed to promote rural revitalization.

This is Andaqiha Village, Qunke Town, Hualong Hui Autonomous County, Haidong, Qinghai. In the early spring, more than 1,700 acres of apricot blossoms spread out in front of the village and behind the house. Huahai tourism has made this village on the bank of the Yellow River a well-known flower viewing place in the local spring, attracting many tourists every year, and the villagers will also prepare accommodation, catering and various special agricultural products. The quietly flowing Yellow River, the vast distant mountains and beautiful villages constitute a refreshing picture.

Now we come to Xiaotaipingcun Formation next to Taiping Lake in Mile City, Honghe, Yunnan Province. Spring grass, spring water, spring flowers and mountains and rivers are fascinating. Just a few years ago, it was a rocky desertification barren hillside with typical karst landforms. Most of the land in the village is mountainous with large slope and thin soil layer. Since 2016, Xiaotaiping Village has become a well-known ecological livable village by strengthening the linkage among counties, townships and villages, guiding multiple subjects to participate in rural governance, completing thousands of acres of rocky desertification and barren land improvement, and concentrating on circulation to develop nurseries and tourism.

What you are seeing now is the Wumeng Prairie in Panzhou City, Liupanshui, Guizhou Province. The mountains are stacked, and 40,000 mu of wild plateau dwarf rhododendrons are in full bloom. The average elevation of Wumeng Prairie is 2,500 meters. The local area attaches great importance to the protection of Rhododendron hybridum in the plateau, prohibits cutting, digging and climbing, pays attention to fire prevention, and strictly limits the number of grazing. Some time ago, the snowfall made the soil moisture of this plateau grassland abundant, and the azaleas also bloomed more beautifully.

This way to return to work, no need to isolate! How to open a health certificate for work? This conference in Henan has responded!

In order to respond to social concerns, the Information Office of Henan Provincial Government held the 12th press conference on the prevention and control of pneumonia in novel coronavirus, Henan Province at 4 pm on February 19th, introducing the financial policies and measures in our province to cope with the impact of the epidemic and support enterprises to resume work and production, and develop steadily and healthily.
Since February 13th, the number of discharged patients has exceeded the number of confirmed cases.
The epidemic situation in Henan is further improving!
At the press conference, Huang Hongxia, deputy director of the Provincial Health and Wellness Committee, reported the latest epidemic situation: from 0: 00 to 24: 00 on February 18, 2020, there were 5 new confirmed cases of novel coronavirus and 47 new discharged cases. Among the newly confirmed cases, there are 2 cases in Xinyang, 2 cases in Zhengzhou and 1 case in Xuchang. By 24: 00 on February 18th, the province had reported 1262 confirmed cases in novel coronavirus.
Huang Hongxia introduced that since February 4, the number of newly diagnosed cases in our province has shown a downward trend, from the highest point of 109 to 5 cases on the 18 th; Since February 13th, the number of cases cured and discharged every day has exceeded the number of confirmed cases every day, and the epidemic situation has further improved.
14 provincial medical institutions provide counterpart support to 18 provincial cities.
Huang Hongxia said that at present, the epidemic prevention and control work is in a critical period. On the one hand, our province continues to strengthen community management and medical treatment, on the other hand, it guides the resumption of work and production in an orderly manner. In terms of classified management and accurate treatment, our province implements classified management for confirmed patients, and the critically ill patients are transferred to designated hospitals at the municipal level and the critically ill patients are transferred to designated hospitals at the provincial level. By 24: 00 on February 18th, under the premise of ensuring the safety of transportation, more than 50 critically ill and critically ill patients had been transported. Today, all critically ill and critically ill patients in the province will be completely transported. Fourteen provincial medical institutions were sent to support 18 provincial cities, and provincial outstanding experts personally participated in the treatment of local severe patients to prevent serious diseases from turning into critical diseases. The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University has taken over the COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit of Xinyang Central Hospital.
Selfless assistance!
Our province supports red blood cells to Wuhan in three batches.
1200 units
In overcoming difficulties and ensuring blood use, Huang Hongxia said that due to the epidemic situation, the collection of unpaid blood donation faces many difficulties, especially in Hubei. The National Health and Wellness Commission launched a nationwide blood supply linkage guarantee mechanism, requiring Henan and Hunan provinces to be responsible for ensuring blood supply in Wuhan. The provincial blood center cooperated with blood stations in various cities to overcome difficulties and give priority to ensuring blood for clinical use in Wuhan. On January 22, February 6 and February 13, respectively, the provincial blood center provided emergency support to Wuhan red blood cells in three batches, with 1200U therapeutic doses of apheresis platelets. At the same time, the blood stations in the province exchanged blood for 97 times, and transferred 860U of red blood cells and 217 therapeutic doses of apheresis platelets to Nanyang, Xinyang and other areas with serious epidemic situation. At present, there are 6587U red blood cells and 235 apheresis platelets in the provincial blood center, which can meet the clinical needs.
In a special period, the general public supported the rescue work with the practical action of donating blood without compensation. Since the Spring Festival, the provincial blood center has received 6,716 unpaid blood donors, collected 8,563 U of whole blood and 4,356 platelets for treatment. On February 18th, Wang, a recovered person from COVID-19, gongyi city, donated plasma at the provincial blood center, which was the first time in our province that a recovered person from COVID-19 donated convalescent plasma. Many recovered people from COVID-19 in our province are willing to donate plasma for the treatment of critically ill patients, which will strongly support the treatment of clinically severe and critically ill patients. We pay high tribute to the citizens who donated blood for free and the recovered people in COVID-19!
Do you need a health certificate to go to work?
Health certificate of Henan Health and Health Commission
The declaration and inquiry system went online on Friday!
At present, many enterprises have resumed their work and production, but it is necessary to prove whether they are healthy, whether they are returning to work or entering the city or the community. Huang Hongxia, deputy director of the Provincial Health and Wellness Committee, introduced that the health certificate declaration and inquiry system of Henan Health and Wellness Committee was launched on Friday!
Huang Hongxia introduced that in terms of epidemic prevention and control, our province has implemented "one person, one certificate, and healthy return to work". On February 18th, the provincial government held a video teleconference on the job security and stable employment of enterprises in response to the COVID-19 epidemic, and the provincial prevention and control headquarters issued the Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Certification Service of Health Declaration in COVID-19 in an Orderly Way (hereinafter referred to as the Notice), requiring all localities to implement the management system of "one person, one certificate" for health declaration. The health certificate declaration and inquiry system developed by the Provincial Health and Wellness Committee is in trial operation and will be officially put into operation this Friday.
Persons returning to work with health declaration certificates,
No need to isolate!
Huang Hongxia introduced that the main contents of the Notice are four points:
First, we must declare in good faith. Returned personnel shall truthfully fill in the history of living in the past 14 days, contact history with confirmed patients and suspected patients in COVID-19 and other important information, and promise to wear masks at work during the epidemic prevention and control period, not to go out after work, and not to attend dinners and parties.
Second, we must organize in an orderly manner. Avoid the great pressure caused by disorderly travel and the risk of infection caused by clustering.
According to incomplete statistics, since January 20, the banking institutions in the province have provided credit support for epidemic prevention and control for more than 16 billion yuan, and the loan interest rate does not exceed the benchmark interest rate for the same period. For example, from January 28th to 29th, CDB provided emergency loans of 600 million yuan to ten cities and counties such as Xinyang, Zhoukou, Zhumadian, Shangqiu, Hebi, Puyang, Changyuan, Lankao, Dengzhou and Tongbai, and the China Construction Seventh Bureau Group, which were specially used for the production of medical and health protection products and the construction of specialized hospitals. Financial institutions such as ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, Zhongyuan Bank, and Rural Credit Cooperatives completed the investigation, docking, approval, and delivery of funds for sanitary materials production enterprises in Changyuan City within one day on January 28, with an amount of more than 700 million yuan to ensure the expansion of production needs of enterprises.
Affected by the epidemic,
What if the enterprise can’t repay the loan as scheduled?
The prevention and control of the epidemic situation is improving, and whether enterprises can resume work and production smoothly is the next key task. At the press conference, Zhang Yunding introduced that in order to implement the deployment of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, the provincial local financial supervision bureau recently joined forces with the People’s Bank of China Zhengzhou Central Sub-branch, Henan Banking Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Henan Securities Regulatory Bureau and other departments to strengthen the financial services for enterprises to resume work from four aspects: policy support and work promotion.
[Practice 1] Refine policies and measures. If it is difficult for enterprises seriously affected by the epidemic to repay their loans when due, the adjustment will not affect the enterprise levy.
Focusing on the implementation of the policies and measures issued by the state and our province to support enterprises to resume work and production, the provincial local financial supervision bureau and other six departments jointly formulated the Financial Policies and Measures to Respond to the Impact of the Epidemic and Support the Stable and Healthy Development of Enterprises on February 13, which refined and clarified the policies of stabilizing loan stock, expanding loan increment, maintaining enterprise credit and reducing financing costs. For example, if it is difficult for enterprises seriously affected by the epidemic to repay their loans at maturity, they can extend or renew their loans in accordance with relevant regulations, and they can submit credit records according to the adjusted repayment arrangements, which will not affect the enterprise’s credit investigation and will not lower the loan risk classification separately; The interest rate for loan renewal and extension shall be appropriately lowered on the basis of the original contract.
[Practice 2] Accurate support, financial institutions in accommodation, catering and other industries are not allowed to blindly lend or cut off loans.
According to the current financing situation of enterprises, the provincial local financial supervision bureau adheres to the problem orientation and implements classified policies for the financing needs of different types of enterprises.
First, the key enterprises for epidemic prevention and control that are included in the special refinancing support of the People’s Bank of China should be guaranteed to make sure that all loans should be made, and the loans should be made quickly, so as to fully guarantee the capital needs of these enterprises.
Second, for the wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering, logistics and transportation, cultural tourism, agriculture and animal husbandry production and circulation industries that are greatly affected by the epidemic, all financial institutions are required not to blindly borrow, cut off or suppress loans, and support the stable and healthy development of enterprises by renewing loans without repayment, extending the period, adjusting the repayment period, lowering the loan interest rate, reducing overdue interest, increasing credit loans and medium and long-term loans.
Third, for the vast number of small and micro enterprises affected by the epidemic, adhere to the general requirements of "increment, expansion, price reduction and quality improvement" and increase financial support to ensure that the comprehensive financing cost of inclusive small and micro enterprise loans in the province will continue to decline on the basis of 2019 in 2020. The increment of inclusive small and micro enterprise loans is not lower than last year, and the growth rate of inclusive small and micro enterprise loans from corporate banking financial institutions such as rural credit cooperatives and city commercial banks is higher than the average growth rate of various loans. Fourth, for listed companies and other enterprises, we will strengthen the accurate service of one enterprise and one policy, and the local government and relevant financial institutions will jointly help and support them.
[Practice 3] Establish a working mechanism, highlight problems and focus on judgment.
In accordance with the requirements of the provincial party committee, the provincial government and the provincial service enterprises’ special class promotion mechanism for resuming work and production, since February 14th, a special working mechanism for resuming work and production of financial service enterprises has been established at the provincial level, led by the provincial local financial supervision bureau and attended by Zhengzhou Central Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China, Henan Banking Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Henan Securities Regulatory Bureau, Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Finance Department and other departments, regularly combing and analyzing the obstacles and outstanding problems in the policy implementation of various localities and financial institutions, making weekly discussions and making efforts to promote the effectiveness of various policies and measures. At the city and county levels, corresponding mechanisms should be established simultaneously to strengthen the coordination and guarantee of specific funding issues.
[Practice 4] Strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, and financial institutions that have a serious negative impact due to poor work shall be held accountable according to law.
Recently, the Provincial Local Financial Supervision Bureau, together with Zhengzhou Central Branch of the People’s Bank of China and Henan Banking Insurance Regulatory Bureau, made arrangements for the service enterprises of banking financial institutions to resume work and production in batches. All banks are required to set up special classes, specify special personnel, coordinate with each other from top to bottom, adjust and optimize business processes, handle special matters and emergencies, maximize the efficiency of credit supply and minimize the financing costs of enterprises. Financial institutions that are ineffective in their work, improper in their methods, strongly reflected by enterprises, and have caused serious negative impacts shall be held accountable according to the law and regulations.
Henan Banking Insurance Regulatory Bureau:
Fully help small and micro enterprises that encounter difficulties.
In the face of the impact of the epidemic on small and medium-sized enterprises, how can Henan play the role of supervision and guidance and increase financial support for enterprises that have resumed work and production? At the press conference, Yang Jishi, the second inspector of Henan Banking Insurance Regulatory Bureau, answered questions from reporters.
Yang Jishi introduced that as a financial supervision department, the Banking Insurance Regulatory Bureau regards epidemic prevention and control and supporting enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, to resume work and production as the most important work at present, and actively guides the banking and insurance institutions within its jurisdiction to increase assistance to overcome the difficulties and tide over the difficulties together.
(a) to improve the overall level of small and micro services. Adhere to the goal of "increment, price reduction, quality improvement and expansion" of micro-financial services. In 2020, the increment of inclusive small and micro-enterprise loans from banking financial institutions in the province with a single credit of 10 million yuan or less will not be lower than last year. Corporate banking institutions should realize that the growth rate of inclusive small and micro-enterprise loans is higher than that of various loans, and branch banking institutions should complete the credit plan for inclusive small and micro-enterprises issued by their superiors, and the number of households with loan balances will not be lower than last year. Strive to further reduce the comprehensive loan cost of inclusive small and micro enterprises, and strive to reduce it by 0.5 percentage points this year; Strive to increase the proportion of credit loans, renewal loans and medium and long-term loans in small and micro enterprise loans; Efforts will be made to invest more new loans in small and micro enterprises that obtain loans from banking institutions for the first time, and increase the first loan ratio.
(two) fully support the epidemic prevention enterprises to expand production capacity. Promote banking institutions to closely focus on the needs of epidemic prevention and control, and make every effort to provide financing support for enterprises involved in important areas such as epidemic prevention and control, medical materials, daily necessities production and market circulation and sales. Through the special mechanism, full authorization and active docking, we will reduce financing costs, provide preferential interest rates and quality financial services, and support enterprises to restore production capacity and expand production. Encourage insurance institutions to provide accident, health, old-age care, medical care and other preferential insurance services for staff in the front line of epidemic prevention and control according to their own conditions.
(3) Fully assist small and micro enterprises that encounter difficulties. Promote banking institutions to do a good job in the service docking and demand investigation of small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households. For small and micro customers who have temporarily encountered difficulties due to the epidemic and still have good development prospects, they will not blindly withdraw loans, cut off loans and pressure loans, and actively help them by adjusting repayment and interest payment arrangements, moderately reducing loan interest rates, and improving the connection of loan renewal, and will not downgrade the loan risk classification solely due to the epidemic factors. We will increase the expansion of corporate property insurance, safety production liability insurance, export credit insurance and other businesses to provide more protection for the production and operation of small and micro enterprises.
(4) Fully serving the affected enterprises to resume work and production. Guide banking institutions to actively connect with each other, grasp enterprise information in time, optimize the credit process, reasonably extend the loan term, effectively reduce fees and interest rates, and support enterprises affected by the epidemic to resume production and operation in an orderly and efficient manner. Focusing on the major strategies of the country and Henan Province, support projects that have an important driving role in regional economic development. Increase manufacturing loans and strengthen supply chain financial services. Encourage insurance institutions to support enterprises seriously affected by the epidemic to tide over temporary difficulties by reducing fees and making profits and appropriately delaying the time of premium payment.
riverSouth industrial and commercial bank said:
These personnel loans overdue, after verification, did not affect the credit information.
The epidemic situation has aggravated the financing and operation difficulties of enterprises. As a large bank, what specific measures does ICBC have to support enterprises to tide over the difficulties? At the press conference, Li Lighting, vice president of ICBC Henan Branch, answered a reporter’s question.
Li Lighting introduced that since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Henan Branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has set up a special group for credit support for key enterprises in epidemic prevention and control, headed by the governor of the provincial bank, and set up a "1+4" special class to help enterprises resume work and production, and promote stable and healthy economic and social development. In response to the impact of the epidemic, the "nine efforts" hard-core measures were taken to help enterprises tide over the difficulties.
First, focus on the front command. The bank presidents at all levels are personally responsible for the financing business and promote it door by door to improve the decision-making level. Adhere to the principle of "every household must implement it when it reaches a designated person", provide key enterprises with account managers to help enterprises, and provide personal and efficient financial services.
The second is to focus on ensuring scale. Customers who are included in the list of key anti-epidemic enterprises will take the initiative to connect, give priority to protection, and make full use of loans to ensure adequate supply of materials procurement, production and operation funds.
The third is to focus on improving efficiency. Adhere to special affairs, establish green channels and simplify processes. On January 28th (the fourth day of Lunar New Year’s Day), a sanitary material production enterprise in Xinxiang completed the declaration, approval and putting in place of 100 million yuan of pure credit anti-epidemic loan funds in five hours.
The fourth is to focus on supporting key projects. Actively support the construction of key government projects, start construction of a number of major infrastructure and people’s livelihood projects, actively connect with comprehensive financial services, provide ICBC solutions, and stimulate economic growth. Since February, loans of 1.8 billion yuan have been granted to 19 key enterprises and projects.
Fifth, efforts should be made to improve services in inclusive finance. We will formulate differentiated microfinance service plans, provide innovative online financing products such as "anti-epidemic loans", "medical insurance loans" and "employment loans", and increase the credit line of fast loans for key epidemic prevention and control enterprises to 10 million yuan.
Sixth, focus on helping enterprises solve problems. Enterprises in the retail, catering, civil aviation, railway and other industries that are greatly affected by the epidemic will not blindly draw, cut off or suppress loans. According to the actual situation, reasonably provide services such as loan renewal, extension and repayment adjustment, so as to relieve the problem of repayment continuity of enterprises.
Seventh, focus on reducing financing costs. The loan interest rate for enterprises listed nationwide in the fight against the epidemic does not exceed 3.15%; For the list of enterprises in the province and related anti-epidemic enterprises, corresponding interest rate concessions are also provided; For small and micro enterprises seriously affected by the epidemic, the interest rate will be appropriately lowered without charging any extra fees to reduce the burden on enterprises.
Eight is to focus on stabilizing corporate confidence. For enterprises that are temporarily in difficulties due to the epidemic, as long as they operate normally, they will not simply take drastic measures such as judicial proceedings and asset seizure under the conditions of extension, renewal of loans and adjustment of repayment. If the procedures are temporarily incomplete due to the epidemic situation, no penalty interest will be charged, and the quality classification level will not be lowered to stabilize market expectations and enterprise confidence.
Nine is to focus on protecting customer rights and interests. For the loans of medical staff, staff, confirmed patients and suspected persons and their spouses who participated in the epidemic prevention and control, due to special circumstances, they are not repaid on time. After verification, they may not be included in the breach of contract and will not affect the credit information. Small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households that have temporarily lost their sources of income due to the epidemic can adjust the repayment arrangements and reasonably postpone the repayment period.
Listed companies are affected by the epidemic.
Henan: 81 listed companies have resumed work in 75.
Affected by the epidemic, some listed companies have also encountered certain difficulties. How to promote the stable and healthy development of these enterprises is a concern of everyone. How does Henan consider it? At the meeting, Zhang Zhi, deputy director of Henan Securities Regulatory Bureau, answered questions from reporters.
Zhang Zhi introduced that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Henan Securities Regulatory Bureau has been "holding both hands", paying attention to the situation of listed companies affected by the epidemic and issuing various policies. With the implementation of various policies, at present, 75 of 81 listed companies in Henan have resumed work, of which more than 70% companies have resumed work and the recovery rate has exceeded 50%.
In the next step, in view of the difficulties encountered by listed companies in Henan affected by the epidemic, Henan Securities Regulatory Bureau will base itself on the overall situation of stable economic and social development, continue to promote the function and role of the capital market in accordance with the decision-making arrangements for epidemic prevention and control in the province, support the high-quality development of listed companies, and make more contributions to resolutely winning the epidemic prevention and control war. Focus on the following work:
First, continue to promote enterprises to resume work and production smoothly. Work together with relevant departments to jointly implement the policies issued by the state and our province to support enterprises to tide over difficulties and develop steadily.
Second, we will continue to do a good job in preventing and resolving risks such as equity pledge and bond redemption. Continue to do a good job in risk investigation and monitoring, strengthen communication and cooperation in financial supervision, supervise various financial institutions to implement the spirit of risk prevention and control, and effectively and orderly resolve major risks.
Third, continue to guide enterprises in the jurisdiction to actively connect with the capital market. At present, there are 42 enterprises in the province that are under trial and counseling to be listed, which is the most in recent years. There are also 10 listed companies carrying out mergers and acquisitions and equity refinancing, involving an amount of 18.397 billion yuan. It is necessary to support enterprises to make good use of the capital market opportunities such as the reform of registration system, the revision of refinancing system, and the reform of the New Third Board to comprehensively deepen reform policies, as well as to fight against the green channel of epidemic financing, accelerate the docking of the capital market, and promote high-quality development through initial public offering, mergers and acquisitions, refinancing, bond financing, and private equity investment.

Li Ruihe: Tea is a peaceful drink. The 21st century is the tea age in China (Figure).

    "Tea is a peaceful drink." In order to continue his grandmother’s good deeds before her death, Li Ruihe built a "conscience pavilion" in Zhangzhou, serving tea to pedestrians all day long and never stopping for 14 years.

  Li Ruihe said that the 21st century is the era of China tea.

    Li Ruihe loves to drink tea in his own tea house. He often chooses a place near the window and makes and tastes tea by himself. When a tea guest came, he looked kindly and greeted the guests with gentle eyes. At this point, in the eyes of uninformed people, this is just an old man dressed in plain clothes.

    But in the tea industry, Li Ruihe is a legend in the industry, and everyone knows it. When he was in high spirits as a teenager, he took tea as his career and started "Tianrenming Tea" in 1961. After years of hard work, Tianren became the only listed tea company on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. In the 1990s, Li Ruihe sold his stocks and houses to pay off his debts because of the Taiwan Province stock market bubble.

    At that time, Li Ruihe wrote an inscription: "Success is shared by all, and failure is my responsibility." His heart should be filled with the tragic feeling of a hero.

    If you are a hero, you will never give up. In 1993, 58-year-old Li Ruihe resolutely went to the mainland to invest and rebuild his tea industry, and established "Tianfu Tea House" in his ancestral home in Zhangzhou, Fujian. "Deng Xiaoping’s southern tour gave me confidence." For the choice at that time, 14 years later, Li Ruihe was still very proud, because he grasped an excellent business opportunity. After 14 years of operation, it has grown to more than 7,000 employees, and the "Tianfu" logo is also spread all over the country, with 674 chain stores nationwide. -the ups and downs of business, and the tea industry won the international market and became the world’s tea king. Mr. Li’s entrepreneurial history is an example of mutual encouragement in the tea industry.

  Seven-generation love affair with tea

    Fujian is a well-known "tea town" at home and abroad. The written record of tea production in Fujian is more than 300 years earlier than Cha Sheng Luyu’s Tea Classic. It can be seen that tea culture has a long history in Fujian, with a history of more than 1,000 years.

    "After we created oolong tea in the Ming Dynasty, we made Tieguanyin in the Qing Dynasty with a new technology, which became a tribute to the imperial palace in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and naturally became the hometown of famous tea in China." Li Ruihe enthusiastically introduced the tea production in various parts of Fujian. Between the talks, we can see that the old man has deep feelings for Fujian and tea.

    "I am from Zhangpu, Fujian." Li Ruihe always introduces himself in this way on major occasions. After careful investigation, Mr. Li’s ancestors crossed the sea from Zhangpu to Taiwan Province more than 200 years ago and settled down in Nantou. Although they moved to Taiwan Province, their ancestors did not change careers, and they still made a living by growing tea for generations. "At that time, there was a folk song saying: Thousands of villages learn to grow tea, fir tea is planted all over the house, tea is planted to prevent old age, and the price of tea is for ten thousand families. Therefore, our ancestors have always been attached to tea and have never stopped. "

    By Mr. Li Ruihe, it is already the seventh generation of "tea people". Since childhood, he has been working with his grandmother in tea fields, knowing how to grow and raise tea, and learning the skill of making tea from generation to generation.

    "My grandmother is simple and is a typical good wife and mother. For tea, it is the foundation of our family business, and at the same time, tea culture is also to be taught in our family. My grandmother often takes me to the roadside pavilion to deliver tea to passers-by. Giving someone a cup of tea is a gesture of goodwill. Because tea culture pays attention to a word of harmony, harmony between people. " Li Ruihe said that tea is a peaceful drink. In order to continue his grandmother’s good deeds before her death, he built a "conscience pavilion" in Zhangzhou, which served tea for pedestrians all day long and never stopped for fourteen years. If we say that my grandmother used to give tea to passers-by more for the sake of accumulating virtue, I pray that God can help the descendants of the Li family to make a difference. Now Mr. Li Ruihe provides tea for pedestrians in the conscience pavilion, but it is to let more people become attached to tea. "I have been drinking tea since I was a child, and I am now in my seventies. After drinking tea for 70 years, it is not only a habit in southern Fujian, but also because I know that drinking tea is really beneficial to the body. " Mr. Li has a ruddy complexion, quick thinking and very light movements, unlike an old man over seventy years of age.

    Li Ruihe has a deep affection for tea. If you can say that tea is good when talking with him, he will think you are good, and will talk and taste tea with you happily, and regard you as a friend. "I know that I love tea to the point of near infatuation, but it is my infatuation with tea that enables me to start my business again and make it bigger and stronger than my first career."

  "Tianfuming Tea" is another village.

    Taiwan Province’s stock market bubble burst in the 1990s, and Tianren Securities, a company founded by Mr. Li Ruihe, immediately fell into debt. In order to repay the debt, he had to sell the shares and real estate of Tianrenming Tea. At this point, some people think that his career has come to an end.

    "Deng Xiaoping’s southern tour speech in 1992 convinced me that the mainland’s reform and opening up was successful, and it was also a good development opportunity for our Taiwanese businessmen. So, I returned home with the hope of starting a business again. " Speaking of starting a business for the second time, Mr. Li Ruihe, who has experienced the storm in the shopping mall, has a dull tone, but his eyes are shining and he has a passion that cannot be concealed. "When I returned to the mainland, I realized that I had found the root." Mr. Li, who was speaking slowly, suddenly increased his tone, and raised his right hand on the chair to his heart: "When I arrived in Zhangpu, I realized that China’s tea resources are really rich, and the tea market in China is also very large. What I have to do is to do my own tea industry with my heart. "

    In 1993, Mr. Li Ruihe invested in the tea industry in Zhangpu with 10 million yuan raised from relatives and friends in Taiwan Province, established Tianfu Tea House, built his own tea production base, and processed tea with advanced technology.

    "I spend every Spring Festival in Zhangpu with my employees. In 1993, I still clearly remember that there were more than 20 people. By the Spring Festival of 2006, we will have more than 700 people. The number of Tianfu employees in our country has reached more than 7,000. In these 14 years, the development has been really fast. " Mr. Li recalled Tianfu’s entrepreneurial process and said.

    In 1994, Mr. Li Ruihe once vowed to establish 100 tea chain stores in major cities in mainland China within ten years. At that time, many people thought it was impossible. However, Tianfu’s development is better than Mr. Li’s expectation. So far, Tianfu Tea House has opened 674 direct chain stores in major and medium-sized cities in mainland China. From 2003 to 2005, Tianfu Group reported and paid 24.94 million yuan, 28.54 million yuan and 37.39 million yuan to the local tax authorities respectively, and the tax amount was as high as 90.87 million yuan.

    Mr. Li Ruihe loves tea, makes tea industry, and preaches tea culture with all his heart. Perhaps at first he just popularized tea culture out of his affection for tea, but as far as an enterprise is concerned, the promotion of tea culture has expanded and strengthened the tea market.

    At the beginning of 2000, Li Ruihe decided to invest in the establishment of Tianfu Tea Museum, with the theme of "studying tea science and inheriting tea culture". Covering an area of 80 mu, the museum is divided into four buildings, namely, the main building area for displaying tea history and the performance area for displaying tea ceremony. "People in China have been drinking tea for more than three thousand years. Why are they compared with coffee and coke? This is mainly because the tea culture in China has not been inherited and developed. Tea drinking in Japan was spread from China in the Song Dynasty, but they knew how good tea was, and kept it going, making tea ceremony kung fu to the extreme. Why can’t we in China do it? Or because we modern people know too little about tea, so I built the Tianfu Tea Museum in the hope that our younger generation can understand the tea in our country, which has a valuable culture. "

    More than 100 years ago, China tea monopolized the world tea market. Today, 100 years later, the world’s tea sales are 180 billion yuan, while the China tea market is only 18 billion yuan. At present, the planting area of tea in China ranks first in the world, but the output ranks second, and the export ranks third. At the same time, the value of tea has not been well tapped, and China’s foreign exchange earning value of tea ranks fourth in the world. The data shows that China is still in an embarrassing situation of being a big tea country rather than a strong one.

    "The tea market in China can’t be strong, mainly because of the restriction of family workshops. The production process cannot be innovated and promoted. " A professor from China Agricultural University once pointed out the shortcomings of China’s tea industry at the meeting. Mr. Li Ruihe also saw these clearly, so he decided to add modern and scientific production technology to the traditional tea culture, so as to take China tea to a higher level. In 2005, he once again invested in the establishment of Tianfu Tea Vocational and Technical College "to train professionals in the tea industry", with an investment of 200 million yuan. "The establishment of Tianfu Tea College meets the needs of the development of tea industry and is also an important step in the internationalization of China tea industry." In an interview with reporters, Mr. Chen Zongmao of China Academy of Engineering praised Li Ruihe’s development strategy of "thinking and doing".

    21st century, the era of China tea.

    Tea, coffee and cola have become the top three international drinks.

    "The Tang Dynasty had the rule of Zhenguan, and it was a prosperous time. Ambassadors from all over the world came to Tang to communicate and learned about China tea. Since then, tea has become a popular drink. " Mr. Li laughed and said that he was also surnamed Li, and he was a descendant of Li Shimin in the Tang Dynasty. If his ancestors started the prosperous Tang Dynasty, he should at least revive the tea culture and make China tea popular in the world.

    "China tea to go international, first of all, we should do a good job in the domestic market. Only when the foundation at home is good can we take a step outside. " When talking about the internationalization process of China tea industry, Mr. Li Ruihe pointed out that the foundation should be laid before expansion.

    "In the 1990s, when I first returned to the mainland, I found that on average, each of us only drank more than 200 grams of tea a year, which was quite a small number. With the development of tea industry, we are more and more aware of the health, fitness and intelligence functions of tea drinks, and this number has increased, and the statistics of some departments have reached 500 grams. This is a great progress, but compared with some countries with the same level of economic development, there is still a lot of room. Every person in Taiwan Province drinks 1,200 grams of tea every year. In Britain, it is 2500 grams. " Based on the estimation of the market development space, Mr. Li Ruihe set a new goal for the number of chain stores in Tianfu nationwide: "We intend to open Tianfu to 3,000 stores all over the country."

    "Although China is a big tea country, it is not a strong tea country." Liu Nianyan, an expert from the Rural Economic Research Center of the Ministry of Agriculture, pointed out with regret the pain of tea merchants in China. Analyzing the reasons, Liu Nianyan said: "First of all, it is a family-style, small-scale and traditional tea production and marketing model, so it is impossible to provide a modern tea service system. This has formed its own shackles for continuing to open up new markets. "

    Tianfu, based on the founding experience of "Tianrenming Tea" in Taiwan Province, has set a modern and scientific example for mainland tea merchants.

    Not to mention the establishment of the Tea Institute and the opening of the Tea Museum, Tianfu’s tea-making technology has used advanced equipment and carried out scientific management in the production process. At the same time, paying attention to brand building is also an important reason for Tianfu’s rapid recognition by guests. In the past, one of the factors that China tea industry has been hesitating is related to the small and miscellaneous tea brands. Tianfu, since its inception, has paid attention to building and maintaining brands.

    In 1997, Tianfu Group’s product "813 Tea King" became the designated drink of the APEC meeting held in Vancouver, Canada, which was a breakthrough of China tea and also sounded the horn of China tea era.

    In 2001, Tianfu Alpine Tea King once again became the meeting tea of APEC.

    Because the drinks in the first two APEC meetings were provided by Tianfu, and they were well received by officials from various countries, in 2005, the APEC meeting held in Busan, South Korea naturally designated Tianfu products for the third time.

    In these important international activities, Tianfu products are frequently praised by friends from all over the world, which makes Tianfu’s step into the international market a natural thing.

    "Tea is a drink of peace." When Li Ruihe was an enterprise, he was actually doing culture. He said that Tianfu Group has opened stores in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and other countries, and he hoped that international friends could have tea in Tianfu and get to know a warm and hospitable China.

    Li Ruihe said that the 21st century is the era of China tea.

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  • Editor: Wei Liangchun

    On New Year’s Day holiday, do not leave your post and play an important role in urban construction

    Original title: Urban construction without leaving the post during the New Year holiday
    Workers’ Daily-Zhonggong. com reporter Liu Bing correspondent Pitengge Wang Guangfu
    On December 30th, New Year’s Day holiday was ushered in. The machinery roared at the construction site of the 4.0 project of Wuhan Yinhe Temperature Control Industrial Complex, which was installed by the General Contracting Company of China Construction Third Bureau. Construction vehicles such as truck cranes and crank trucks waved long arms, and builders were busy with masonry construction, ALC batten wall installation and pipeline laying. In order to ensure the on-site construction progress and timely delivery, more than 200 builders at the site held fast to the construction front line during the New Year’s Day and greeted the arrival of the New Year with hard work.
    According to reports, Wuhan Yinhe Temperature Control Industrial Complex 4.0 Project is located in Huangjinkou Industrial Park, Hanyang District, Wuhan, with a total construction area of about 84,000 square meters. The construction content includes two temperature control food storage and sorting centers, two temperature control food storage and processing centers, a new industrial center, a mechanical parking lot and supporting production-oriented working platforms and ramps. Since the project started in March, all the participants have seized the golden period of the project and improved the efficiency, quality and standards of the project construction. At present, the main structure has been fully completed, and it has smoothly entered the final stage of the secondary structure.
    "There are many employees who stick to their posts during the New Year holiday. We are not special. I feel very honored to welcome the arrival of 2024 with full enthusiasm and high-quality projects." Li Haibo, a worker who participated in the construction, said.
    Source: Workers Daily Client

    Its film arrangement is only 0.7%, but it is the most worth seeing in the near future.

    Special feature of 1905 film network Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your memory disappeared one day?

    We have seen too many movies, and we often meet people whose memories are fading away, and some incredible things have happened. Some people rely on their only remaining memories to find clues to solve crimes; Some people hit their heads and all their memories were restored; Some people can’t get their memories back all their lives.

    The film officially released in the mainland cinema on February 23 rd once again took the memory as a knife. However, this time it is a little different.

    1 What’s the difference between this film?

    The main characters in the film "Love Before Memory Dies" are two old people. Ella Spencer played by helen mirren is a rebellious old girl, while John Spencer played by donald sutherland is a forgetful old warm man.

    The old couple are both seriously ill. John has Alzheimer’s disease, which is what we often call Alzheimer’s disease. The disease makes his memory go wrong and slowly disappears. He needs to live in a nursing home, while Ella has cancer and needs to be admitted to the hospital. At this moment, the two will face eternal separation.

    So, the two decided to take a trip in an RV. The English name of the film "The Leisure Seeker" is the name of this RV — — Leisure seekers. They walked all the way from Massachusetts to the south, recalling the experience of spending their holidays with their children. This time, their destination was Hemingway’s former residence in Sisuo Island.

    I went to Hemingway’s former residence because John’s favorite writer was Hemingway. At the same time, John is also a teacher. His illness makes him forget the names of his wife and children, but he can easily say Hemingway’s works. Hemingway’s famous The Old Man and the Sea was finished here in Xisuo Island, and it is John’s favorite work.

    Two old men "ran away from home" behind their children’s backs. John couldn’t drive because of illness, but during the journey, he drove the old car at a gallop. When Ella called the children, she told them, "Son, we won’t be long. There are some things that I must finish with your father.".

    The film fills in the grief and sadness that Alzheimer’s disease would have brought to the family with a lot of jokes, making the whole film easy and interesting.

    During the trip, John left his wife alone and drove away. When Ella got on a passerby’s motorcycle and caught up with John, John’s reaction was, "Why are you sitting on a motorcycle?" He has completely forgotten that his wife traveled by car with him.

    Similarly, when he arrived in Pennsylvania, he asked Ella, "Where are we?" After Ella told him, he asked, "What are we doing in Pennsylvania?" He will forget his children, mistake his students, and forget the purpose of this trip.

    However, he can’t forget English grammar. On the way, when they were forced to hand over the money by a sudden robber, he did not forget to correct the grammatical mistakes made by the robber. At this time, Ella scared away the robbers with a prepared shotgun.

    "Love Before Memory Dies" is adapted from Michael Sadrian’s novel of the same name. As a road movie, it reveals the story of travel and uncovers an old story (not much to say, it will be spoiled if you talk too much! ), and behind this past, the focus is on marriage and old age.

    In the last period of life, their attitude is not negative at all, and life is full of interest everywhere. Ella, played by helen mirren, painted her nails, wore a wig and put on lipstick. Even though she is not young, she is still a delicate woman. During the journey, the two will also look at old photos with slides.

    From the preview, we can also see that the two spent a beautiful and romantic night in the hotel suite. John talked to ella to the fullest; "I can’t believe my wife is so beautiful", the gentleman invited her and they embraced and danced together. The couple who have been together for fifty years have a very funny and warm daily life, and their love is indestructible in the face of aging and death.

    The two leading actors won numerous awards.

    "Love Before Memory Disappears" was selected as the main competition unit of Venice Film Festival in 2017. After the premiere of the film festival, some media reporters praised helen mirren’s performance. Helen mirren won the Best Actress at the Venice Film Festival in 2006 for her film, and won the Oscar for Best Actress for The Queen the following year.

    Helen mirren in The Queen is noble and solemn, but she is very conservative. When helen mirren portrays Elizabeth II after learning of Princess Diana’s death, she reminds herself by saying "I am the queen" every day. And her superb acting skills have been greatly affirmed.

    In addition, helen mirren won the Best Actress Award at Cannes Film Festival with and twice.

    Donald sutherland, the actor, should be the most familiar Canadian in China. He is also quite powerful. He is the winner of the 90th Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award. Previously, he won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor twice for Citizen X and War Path.

    Donald sutherland has appeared in many films, including series,,, and so on. It is worth noting that he once appeared in the works directed by Xiaogang Feng in 2001. His role is Taylor, the great Hollywood director who came to China to make a film.

    It can be said that the performances of donald sutherland and helen mirren were impeccable. Many foreign media commented on "Love Before Memory Dies", although they were quite critical of the film’s plays, they still affirmed the performance of these two drama bones, saying that this is the most attractive part of the film, which is quite convincing. "Every wrinkle is a play, and every expression contains the most complicated emotions in the character’s heart."

    3 Italian local teams shoot American films.

    Paolo Virzì, the director of Love Before Memory Dies, has shot many Italian local comedies, and can be said to be one of the representative figures. His "My name is Tanino" has all been shortlisted for the Venice Film Festival. "Love Before Memory Dies" is the fourth time that he has been selected for the Venice Film Festival.

    But his international fame is not very great. In the 74th Venice Film Festival, many famous directors gathered, and his works also received a lot of attention. Especially with the blessing of the two leading actors, the judges can feel the more delicate emotional expression.

    Paolo Virzì never thought that he would make a film that had nothing to do with Italy. When he was invited by an American film producer, he decided that helen mirren and donald sutherland must play the roles.

    He said: "When I was filming this film as an American director, I always reminded myself of my Italian identity. On the set, I felt the common feelings of human beings. I tried to look at this story from an Italian perspective, and I kept my own style: shooting this film with a story that is true, human, ironic and mixed with comedy and tragedy. "

    Yes, this is the concept that Paolo Virzì has always adhered to: there is always tragedy in comedy, and only dramatic plots can make people laugh.

    The foreign media "SSG Syndicate" described the film as a bittersweet and warm journey, and the excellent performance made this film. Film Journal International commented that although this film is a bit ordinary, it is very enjoyable in most cases.

    When talking about this film, "CineVue" said: "Sorrow and sadness are often dangerous, but" Love Before Memory Dies "is not like this. Even if love comes to an end, they are still celebrating." The critics of RogerEbert.com even shed tears when watching it.

    In addition, although the film was shot in the United States, most of the film’s creative team are Italian. Photographer Luca Bigazzi has worked with Italian director paolo sorrentino in many film and television dramas.

    Musician Carlo Wizz and director Paolo Virzì are old partners, and he has participated in Osodo and My Name is Tanino.

    Editor Jacob Quadri worked with the director on My Name is Tanino, but he is famous for working with Italian director bernardo bertolucci.

    The theme forum "High-quality Development of Hainan Free Trade Port Film Industry" was held.

      Everything is born in the sea, and light and shadow are new forces. On December 17th, the theme forum of "High-quality Development of Hainan Free Trade Port Film Industry" was held in Sanya. Based on the advantages and characteristics of Hainan Free Trade Port, the forum is committed to promoting the development of China’s film industry and promoting exchanges and cooperation between filmmakers at home and abroad.

      The forum consists of keynote speeches and round-table forums. Industry leaders and experts and scholars from home and abroad, such as Huayi Brothers, Zhejiang Film and Television Group, Qingdao Oriental Film Capital, Communication University of China, and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, discussed how to learn from international experience in terms of copyright trading, cultural cooperation, culture going out to sea and talent training, and effectively stimulated the innovation vitality and market potential of the film industry, which opened up a broader vision, a higher pattern and a broader imagination space for Hainan’s film industry.

      In the keynote speech session, four industry big coffees explained the multi-dimensional path and its many possibilities of integration, innovation and high-quality development around Hainan film industry.

      Wang Zhonglei, co-founder, vice-chairman and CEO of Huayi Brothers Media Co., Ltd., vice-chairman of China Film Producers Association and honorary president of Hengdian Film and Television Industry Association, talked about how to further make good use of policies to promote the high-quality development of Hainan films. He suggested that the first task should be to give full play to policy advantages and pay attention to policy implementation. Secondly, it needs the support of advanced technology and creative ideas to attract talents to stay and shine for Hainan film industry. In addition, it is necessary to speed up the construction of a film and television base with a world-class industrial system, establish and improve a standardized and professional film shooting service system, and explore the development model of the film industry with Hainan characteristics.

      Zhang Xiaohui, chairman and general manager of Zhejiang Film and Television Group, put forward the vision of "inter-provincial cooperation and linkage" in his keynote speech. "I hope that by taking this opportunity, we can make a deep integration of the film and television service shooting resources of Zhejiang and Hainan provinces, and help the two provinces to make an alliance in film and television shooting." Through the cooperation between the two provinces, information sharing and resource complementarity can be realized, and homogenization competition and resource waste can be avoided.

      In the round-table forum, government leaders, industry leaders, experts and scholars discussed how to combine Hainan Free Trade Port with the national macroeconomic strategy, thus effectively stimulating the innovation vitality and market potential of the film industry.

      "If Hainan is to be a center leading the film industry, it needs to upgrade from hardware to software. This is a great challenge. Although the subsidy policy is costly, it is a very good start." Abdul Dalagudi, deputy director of the Research Institute of Multinational Corporations of the Ministry of Commerce of China and founder of Xiamen BRICS Economic and Cultural Research Service Center, said.

      Yaning, president of iQiyi Film, said, "Hainan has a policy advantage. In the future, it depends on how the policy is implemented and the shooting cost of the crew is really reduced, so as to attract more directors and production companies."

      Zhang Qiyan, deputy director of the Art Department of Hainan Provincial Tourism Department and former associate researcher of the State Council Development Research Center, believes that "one of Hainan’s great advantages is its tourism. When we discuss Hainan’s film and television industry, we can raise our horizons to a higher level and think about this issue across industries. In the future, Hainan will introduce new policies to closely integrate the film and tourism industries to seek new breakthroughs. "

      Huang Yichuan, a researcher at the China Film Art Research Center and the president and editor-in-chief of Contemporary Film magazine, said, "Hainan has sea, rainforest and hardworking people. Our advantage is not only tourism, but marine culture will definitely be a particularly important culture in the future." He suggested that it is not based on the relevant policy support of the free trade port, but should aim at excavating multi-level cultural manifestations in marine culture.

      Sun Hengqin, president of Qingdao Oriental Film Capital Industry Holding Group, said that Hainan’s advantages in personal income tax concessions, population exchanges and import procedures in the free trade zone need to be well grasped.

      Natasha Deville, a veteran filmmaker, called for responsibility for Hainan’s ecological environment in combination with her shooting experience in Hainan. She believes that the premise of attracting more films and crews to come to Hainan for filming is to protect Hainan’s environment and undeveloped areas.

      Huang Fei, general manager of Hainan Film Co., Ltd. and vice president of Hainan Film Association, said that he has cooperated with China Film Research Institute to set up a special technology joint laboratory in Sanya and is about to enter the stage of achievement transformation. The next step is to rely on the "Hainan International Media Port" project, give full play to the advantages of Hainan’s digital industry, introduce top technical teams at home and abroad, realize the comprehensive empowerment of science and technology, and promote the digital, industrialized and innovative development of Hainan’s film industry.

    "Football Manager 2024" homeless evaluation 8.4 points this damn and wonderful football.

    At one o’clock in the morning, I took my eyes off the screen at the end of the game.

    The coke can creaked when I pinched it.

    "Buy clique, eat kickbacks, no tactics, substitution suicide; One will be unable to exhaust the three armies, so please give me a class, Tenghage. "

    I opened "Football Manager 2024", which is a completely different world line-Manchester United is no longer the fish-eating team that was slaughtered by others, but once again embarked on the journey of triple crown.

    This time, the official will also use the "parallel world" model as a propaganda point, but in fact it is to start a season without initial transfer.

    The reason why "Football Manager" can make players fondle it, not only because it brings a parallel football world, so that you can make up for those regrets in reality, but also because it can help you become the uncompromising supreme leader of the team and make the players who are already millionaires bow to you. And you are in charge of their life and death: criticism, fines, decentralization of the reserve team, immediate dismissal, as long as you see them unhappy, then the game can satisfy you.

    Of course, Football Manager can do more than that. It can satisfy almost all your wishes for the football world. Its player database is accurate to amateur leagues that ordinary people can participate in. The complexity of tactics allows you to accurately reproduce the concept of real football masters, and the freedom of operation gives you the possibility of doing everything in detail, and also allows you to entrust AI with full responsibility.

    It can be said that whether you are a fan or not, Football Manager will gradually make you feel the charm of the whole football world.

    Damn football, football is wonderful.

    Compared with the previous generation’s minor repairs, this "Football Manager 2024" has made many fruitful changes. After about 50 hours of exploration, I think the most important adjustment in this work is the upgrade of the positioning ball system.

    In fact, no matter corner kicks, free kicks or foul balls, they only account for a small part in football matches. Many times, it is difficult for you to see the team score goals directly with them.

    But that doesn’t mean the set-pieces aren’t important. It is a unique part of tactics, which can directly create opportunities beyond defense and is also a magic weapon to defeat the strong with the weak.

    Whenever I talk about the famous corner kick, I always think of the Champions League final between Manchester United and Bayern Munich at Camp Nou in 1999.

    Dozens of seconds ago, Manchester United just equalized the score with a close-range shot, and in the subsequent corner kick, Beckham scored a long pass with precise guidance, Sheringham headed the ferry in front, and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who was ambushed later, succeeded in overtaking at the last stoppage time.

    At that time, Johansson, the president of the Football Association, was ready to present the Big Ear Cup to the Germans. However, when he walked out of the player’s aisle, he was shocked: "Why are the winning teams crying, while the losing team is dancing?"

    It was this scene that Sir Alex Ferguson witnessed that led to the famous saying "Football, bloody hell".

    This is the charm of the positioning ball, which has the power to create miracles in a moment. Now in Football Manager 2024, you finally have a chance to create a unique set of set-pieces tactics.

    The game will provide complete guidance. You only need to answer a few questions briefly, and the coaching staff can help you tailor a set of appropriate corner kick tactics. After that, you can adjust each player’s position and responsibilities in detail.

    You can let the air bully in the team attack the middle road, as long as you reach the ball, it will pose a fatal threat, but it will also be surrounded by heavy troops on the opposite side; If you send him to the near post or the far post, you can disperse the enemy’s defensive forces, but it will be easier for the goalkeeper to catch the ball or give the opposing players more reaction time.

    Therefore, you need to let many attacking players take care of each other. Some people are responsible for pushing forward to distract the enemy, some people ambush in situ to try to head the ferry, some people meet at the top of the restricted area to fight for the second point, and some people secretly ambush a fatal blow. Only in this way can we find a chance in the well-defended attack zone 3.

    Actual combat effect

    Almost the same goal in the same game proves the power of a good corner kick tactic.

    The tactical freedom of "Football Manager 2024" is not limited to this. You can refine the corner kick to play an inner arc ball or an outer arc ball, arrange players to open a tactical short corner kick near the corner flag area, or throw the football into the restricted area with a "Grenade tactic" when the foul ball is close to the restricted area. It can be said that in this generation, you can’t reproduce the volley world wave connected by two people, and no matter what set-pieces tactics you want to build, you have everything in the game.

    It is worth mentioning that it may be because this generation has more options to "interfere with the opposing goalkeeper" when deploying players. In every season of "Football Manager 2024", the main goalkeeper will encounter much higher risk of injury than previous generations, and often will be absent for weeks or even more than a month because of cracked palms. Although this may weaken the team’s strength, it finally gives those substitute goalkeepers more opportunities to play.

    Expert: This is the fracture price.

    It’s hard to buy people, and it’s even harder to sell them.

    Transfer transaction has always been the top priority in running the team, but this book has added two new mechanisms to the process of selling players.

    Before selling the players, you can have a cup of tea with their agents and talk about whether any team wants to buy them.

    They will tell the truth and take the initiative to help you contact the team to make an offer if there is an opportunity. And if even they don’t like the deal, you can almost give up.

    Moreover, your conversation may only be regarded as a casual chat by the players, which is much milder than putting them on the transfer list or recommending them directly to other clubs, and will not make the players have any opinions on you.

    If you are not satisfied with the quotation found by the broker, you can contact the middleman again and ask them to help you broker several deals, and you need to pay them an expensive intermediary fee. Fortunately, their feedback speed is usually fast enough to save you a lot of time.

    These two new mechanisms seem to provide you with more means to sell players, but they don’t actually make the transfer transaction in Football Manager 2024 easier.

    The reason is that this generation has the most outrageous rising speed of players’ worth, the most stingy team budget and the most savvy AI.

    In the second summer transfer window of the game, Osman, who scored 16 league goals in a season, was worth 230 million euros, but even if I wanted to sell him, other teams had no money at all. Bayern and Manchester United, the only ones who have made an offer, are only willing to pay a mere 50 million.

    However, the transfer budgets of the powerful teams in this play are surprisingly small. Even Newcastle, which is kept by Saudi local tyrants, has only 6 million euros left, while the middle and lower reaches, such as Bournemouth and Burnley, simply have no money left.

    And according to the official, the AI ? ? coach in this game will also become more rational when buying people, not only paying attention to the player’s ability and potential (CA/PA), but also considering whether his key attributes meet the needs.

    Therefore, even if Football Manager 2024 adds some auxiliary trading systems, it will only benefit marginal players who are not worth a few dollars. And if you want to sell the stars at a good price, it may be even more difficult than the previous ones.

    What’s even more embarrassing is that even if your team has an oil dad in Football Manager 2024, you can’t wave money and hit people casually, because the fiscal fairness policy of this play is very strict.

    Even if your transfer budget is as much as 300 million, but limited by financial fairness, you may only spend 60 million of it to buy people, and if you accidentally spend too much, you will have to sell players to even the bill or take the risk of suspension.

    Of course, it does not rule out that it is caused by a BUG in the pre-experience version.

    This is another problem for the coaches. At least, it is the first time for a player like me who has been playing the Football Manager series for seven years to run into a financial fairness policy in the game. Perhaps when you are thinking hard about how to balance the accounts, you can finally understand that it is not easy to manage the team’s finances in reality.

    New league, new position

    This generation of "Football Manager" also introduced Japan’s third-class J League for the first time.

    The level of players in J1 League matches that of the British Championship, but limited by the prestige of the League, it may be difficult for you to dig up high-potential calves from Europe-even if the development of Japanese football is not what it used to be, they are not willing to bet their future on this far east island country. Moreover, the J League, which starts in spring and ends in autumn every year, is far from the European League, which usually starts in autumn. If you want to sign foreign aid, you may have to wait until the end of the whole season before they can join the team.

    In addition, your experience in other leagues can basically be applied to J League. Compared with some low-level leagues, the budget of J League is quite sufficient. After all, the Kobe Victory Ship, which I expected to rank eighth when I started the file, also has a transfer budget of about 10 million euros available.

    Let’s focus on the team itself again, and look at an optional position added by the full-backs in this game-Inverted Full-Backs (IFB).

    This change is probably to better conform to the ever-changing football tactics. Although Barcelona had a similar tactical design in cruyff’s time, it was Guardiola who now coached Manchester City that really carried it forward.

    The side and back waist will be retracted when controlling the ball, and will come to the back waist position to help the defenders create opportunities to pass the ball forward, while when there is no ball, they will return to the back line for traditional defense work. Representative players in this field are Cancelo in Manchester City, kyle walker today and Ram in Bayern.

    Correspondingly, the central defender also increased the position of free agent. Similar to the flank and waist, he will insert forward to help the team pass the ball when holding the ball, and will retreat to the back line when defending. This new tactical requirement is different from the traditional "scavenger" and beckenbauer-style freemen, and it is also a play created by Guardiola for stones.

    In order to cooperate with these two new positions, the players’ positions have become more intelligent now. For example, when the side and back waist push forward, you will see that the remaining three defenders also adjust their positions during the running, transforming the four-defender system into a defensive state more similar to that of the three-defender.

    Of course, in fact, most players don’t really play tactics that carefully, but these brand-new designs can be regarded as providing a completely different system for those players who like to study tactics.

    Other piecemeal changes

    After upgrading the lighting and turf materials, the picture of "Football Manager 2024" has made gratifying progress. With the further adjustment of player animation and football trajectory in the previous work, it will also bring a lot of improvement to your watching experience.

    The official comparison chart (the left is the previous work and the right is the present work)

    In addition, when you created the coach, this book also added some optional accessories, including glasses, medals and face color. Of course, for me, I’m even more surprised to find that Football Manager doesn’t know when to pinch a female coach-although this is just an old function that has been around since last year.

    What is limited to our play is still the pre-experience version of the game launched two weeks in advance, so there are still many outrageous bugs in it. For example, when adjusting the lineup in the game, you may find that after changing the positions of two players on the list, only an animated performance was played, but they still stayed in their original positions and did not move.

    However, from last year’s experience, I believe that these bugs can basically be fixed after the game is officially released.

    general comment

    Perhaps Football Manager 2024 looks a little similar to the previous generation, but only when you actually experience it can you find that its changes in all aspects have changed the whole football world. It has made some outstanding upgrades to the set-piece system, added two brand-new tactical positions for the players, and also made some fine-tuning to the transfer trading system, plus some screen improvements, which is enough to make you feel that it is different from the previous experience.

    Under the premise that "Football Manager 2025" has decided to switch to the Unity engine and there are many unknown factors, perhaps "Football Manager 2024" is the best simulation football game you can play under the traditional framework.