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Traveling with ancient poems, 25 poems about scenic spots are worth reading!

In the poet’s pen, the scenery is infinite.

West Lake is"If you want to compare the West Lake to the West Lake, it is always appropriate to make up lightly."; Taishan is"once climbing to the top of the peek, one would see, the other mountains all appear dwarfs under the sky."; Chibi is"Rocks go through the air, waves beat on the shore, and thousands of piles of snow are rolled up."; Yangzhou is"The green hills are faint with water, and the grass in the south of the Yangtze River has not withered in autumn."……

Do you want to see it? Review 25 poems about scenic spots. This summer, start a cloud tour!

Lushan Waterfall

  • Mount Lushan

Lushan: Also known as Kuangshan, it is one of the famous mountains in China. Poyang Lake Basin, located in the northern part of Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, stands on the shores of Poyang Lake and the Yangtze River in Lushan District.

Looking at Lushan Waterfall

Tang Li Bai

Purple haze was lit by the sun’s rays, and the waterfall was seen hanging in front of the mountain.

The high bluff on the high cliffs, as if there were a few thousands of feet, people trance thought that the galaxy from heaven to fall into the world.

  • Yellow Crane Tower

The Yellow Crane Tower was built in two years by Wu Huangwu of the Three Kingdoms. It is an ancient famous building, and its former site is on the Yellow Crane Rock in Wuchang, Hubei, overlooking the river and facing Guishan on the other side of the river. Located in Wuhan, Hubei Province.

Yellow crane tower

Don Cui Hao

The fairy of the past has flown away by the yellow crane, leaving only an empty yellow crane tower.

The yellow crane never came back, for thousands of years to see the long white clouds.

Every tree in Hanyang becomes clear by sunlit water, and Parrot Island is covered by the sweet grass.

But I look toward home, and twilight grows dark There was a mist hanging over the river, bringing deep melancholy to the people.

Junshan Island in Dongting Lake

  • Dongting Lake

Dongting Lake, known as Yunmeng, Jiujiang and Chonghu in ancient times, is located on the south bank of Jingjiang River in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. The name of Dongting Lake began in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, and was named after Dongting Mountain (now Junshan Mountain) in the lake.


Don Liu Yuxi

The lake and the moon are in harmony, and there is no wind mirror on the pool surface.

Looking at Dongting from afar, there is a green snail in the silver plate.

  • Yueyang Tower

Yueyang Tower is located in Yueyang City, Hunan Province, overlooking Dongting and overlooking Junshan Mountain. Since ancient times, it has been known as "Dongting is the world’s water, Yueyang is the world’s building", and it is also known as "the three famous buildings in the south of the Yangtze River" with Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan, Hubei and Tengwang Pavilion in Nanchang, Jiangxi.

Climbing Yueyang Tower

Don du fu

In the past, I heard that Dongting lake was magnificent, and today’s wish finally boarded the Yueyang tower.

The vast expanse of the lake tears the Wu Chu, as if the sun and the moon and the stars are floating in the water.

There is no news from my friends and relatives. I am old and ill and drift in a boat.

The battle of the northern border gates began again, and I looked into tears over the railing.

Yueyang Tower in Hunan Province

  • Three Gorges Baidicheng

Baidicheng is located in Baidi Town, fengjie county, Chongqing, at the entrance of the western end of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River (the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River starts from Baidicheng in Fengjie, Chongqing, and ends in Nanjinguan, Yichang, Hubei).

Early release of Baidicheng

Tang Li Bai

Early in the morning, I bid farewell to the high into the roller city of Kangnung, far in the thousands, the ship only one day.

Cross – strait ululation of apes, also in the ear ceaselessly crowing unconsciously, the canoe has passed the heavy castle peak.

  • blacktail row

Wuyi Lane: Located in the south of Qinhuai River in Nanjing. During the Three Kingdoms period, the State of Wu once set up a military camp here, which was the residence of the imperial army. Because the imperial guards were dressed in black uniforms at that time, there was a saying here that Wuyi Lane was called. In the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Wang Dao and Xie An lived in Wuyi Lane, calling their children "Wuyilang".

Wuyi lane

Don Liu Yuxi

Rosefinch bridge edge some weeds flowering, Wuyi Lane mouth only the sunset.

The swallows under the eaves of Wang Dao and Xie an have now flown into the homes of ordinary people.

Hangzhou West Lake

  • West Lake

West Lake is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, with a lake area of 6.38 square kilometers. West Hunan, west and north are surrounded by mountains on three sides, and there are scenic spots such as Broken Bridge, Leifeng Pagoda, King Qian’s Memorial, Jingci Temple and Su Xiaoxiao Tomb.

Rain after drinking Chu Qing on the lake

Song Sushi

The water is bright and sunny, and the mountains are empty and rainy.

If the west lake is more than the dead beauty Xi Shi, C Plus is so suitable.

  • Hanshan Temple

Hanshan Temple, located in gusu district, Suzhou City, was founded in the days of Tianjian in the Xiao Liang Dynasty in the Southern Dynasties, and was originally named "Miaoliping Pagoda". During the Zhenguan period in the Tang Dynasty, two eminent monks, Hanshan and Xiqian, founded Hanshan Temple. Hanshan Temple was once one of the top ten famous temples in China in history.

A night-mooring near maple bridge.

Tang Zhangji

The moon has fallen crow, crowing cold, sleeping on the maple trees and the fishing lane on the river.

The lonely cold mountain temple in the city outside the city of Suzhou, the sound of the bell ringing in the middle of the night passed to the passenger ship.

Suzhou Hanshan Temple

  • Red Wall

Chibi: This refers to Huangzhou Chibi, a "red nose rock" in the west of Huanggang, Hubei. The Red Cliff, the ancient battlefield of the Three Kingdoms, is thought by the cultural circles to be in the northwest of Pu Yin County, chibi city, Hubei Province.

Niannujiao Chibi Nostalgia

Song Sushi

The endless river flows eastward, with its huge waves,gone are all those gallant heroes of bygone years.

To the west of the old base, humanity is: Red Cliff in Zhou Lang, the Three Kingdoms.

The steep rock walls, such as the thunder of the waves against the river bank, the waves of spray like to roll up tens of millions of snow.

The majestic river shan qi, such as the picture, how many heroic heroes emerge at a time.

Thinking back in the days of Zhou Yu’s spring breeze, beautiful beautiful young Joe just married him, his heroic heroic spirit full of.

Feather fan nylon scarf, talking and laughing, lost in smoke.

I am fugue today in the battlefield, I am feeling the a feeling heart, prematurely born with white hair.

Life is like a dream, and sprinkle a cup of wine to pay tribute to the moon on the river.

  • Pavilion of Prince Teng

Tengwang Pavilion, one of the three famous buildings in the south of the Yangtze River, is located in the northwest of Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. It was founded in the fourth year of Tang Yonghui (AD 653), and it was named after the founding of Tengwang Li Yuanying, the younger brother of Li Shimin of Emperor Taizong. It was also famous for the poem of Wang Bo, a poet in the early Tang Dynasty, "Sunset and lonely Qi Fei, the autumn waters are all the same."

Poems of Tengwangge

Tang wangbo

Teng Wang Gao Ge Linjiang Zhu, Pei Yu Ming Luan went to dance.

Draw a building facing Nanpu cloud, and the bead curtain rolls up the rain in the western hills at dusk.

The shadow of the idle cloud pool is long, and things change for a few years.

Where is the emperor in the cabinet today? Outside the threshold, the Yangtze River flows by itself.

Mount Taishan in autumn

  • Mount Tai

Mount Tai, one of the five mountains, is located in the middle of Shandong Province. Mount Tai is regarded by the ancients as a paradise that "goes straight to the throne" and has become a sacred mountain worshipped by the people and worshipped by the emperors. There is a saying that "Mount Tai is safe and safe everywhere".

Wang yue

Don du fu

What a majestic sight of holy Mountain Tai! Out of Qilu, still visible the green peak.

Magic natural convergence of thousands of beautiful, the south of the mountains north of the separation between early morning and dusk.

Layers of white clouds, clean up the chest and ravines; Pianpian birds, fly into the eye rims.

Try to ascend the mountain’s crest: It dwarfs all peaks under our feet.

  • Temple of Marquis

Wuhou Temple, located in Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, was built in the third year of Zhangwu (223). It was originally a special temple to commemorate Zhuge Liang, also known as Kongming Temple, Zhuge Temple, Prime Minister Temple, etc., and later merged into a temple where the monarch and the minister jointly sacrificed.

Shu Xiang

Don du fu

Where is the temple of the famous Premier In a deep pine grove near the City of Silk.

With the green grass of spring colouring the steps, and birds chirping happily under the leaves.

The third summons weighted him with affairs of state, and to two generations he gave his true heart.

But before he could conquer, he was dead, and heroes have wept on their coats ever since.

Chengdu Wuhou Temple

  • Mount Songshan

Songshan Mountain is located in the west of Henan Province, in the northwest of Dengfeng City, adjacent to the ancient capital Luoyang in the west and Zhengzhou in the east, belonging to the Funiu Mountain system. There were more than 30 emperors and more than 150 famous literati in Songshan. The Book of Songs has"Song Gao Wei Yue, Jun Ji Tian"The famous sentence.

Bound home to mount song.

Tang Wangwei

The limpid river, past its bushes, running slowly as my chariot.

Becomes a fellow voyager, returning home with the evening birds.

A ruined city-wall overtops an old ferry, autumn sunset floods the peaks.

Far away, beside Mount Song, I shall close my door and be at peace.

  • Mount Emei

Emei Mountain is located in the southwest of Emei Mountain, Sichuan Province. There are two opposite peaks, which look like moths’ eyebrows, hence the name. It is one of the four famous Buddhist mountains in China. From the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, waterfalls and springs flow along the way, and the scenery is quiet. Since ancient times, it has been known as "Emei is the best in the world".

Yuege of Emei Mountain

Tang Li Bai

Emei Mountain is in the autumn of the first half of the month, and it is reflected in the Pingqiang River.

At night, Qingxi went to the Three Gorges, and Sijun did not see Yuzhou.

Emeishan scenery

  • Tianmen Mountain

Tianmen Mountain: It is located on both sides of the Yangtze River in the southwest of dangtu county, Anhui Province, with Dongliang Mountain (also known as Bowang Mountain) in the east and Xiliang Mountain (also known as Liangshan Mountain) in the west. The confrontation between the two mountains across the river is like a gateway set by heaven, hence the name Tianmen.

Looking at Tianmen Mountain

Tang Li Bai

The Yangtze river is like a giant axe to split the Tianmen peak, the green river flows to this roundabout.

The castle peak confrontation between the two sides is difficult to compete, meet a leaf boat leisurely comes from the horizon.

  • Guanque Tower

Stork House, also known as Stork House, is named after storks sometimes inhabit it. It is located in yongji city, Shanxi. Founded in the Northern Zhou Dynasty, due to the spectacular building, ingenious structure and beautiful surrounding scenery, during the Tang and Song Dynasties, scholars went upstairs to enjoy the scenery and left many immortal poems, among which Wang Zhihuan’s at heron lodge was the most famous.

At heron lodge.

Don Wang Zhihuan

The sun was slowly sinking near the western hills, and the yellow river flowed into the east sea.

to ascend another storey to see a thousand miles further

Guanque Tower

  • Jingmen mountain

Jingmen Mountain is located in the northwest of Yidu City, Yichang City, Hubei Province, on the south bank of the Yangtze River. Jingmen Mountain is located in the south of Jingmen and the north of Huya River. It is like a gate, so it is called Jingmen.

Bidding a friend farewell at jingmen ferry.

Tang Li Bai

Sailing far off from Jingmen Ferry, soon you will be with people in the south.

Where the mountains end and the plains begin, and the river winds through wilderness.

The moon is lifted like a mirror, sea-clouds gleam like palaces.

And the water has brought you a touch of home, to draw your boat three hundred miles.

  • Yangzhou ershisi bridge

Twenty-four Bridges, also known as Twenty-four Bridges, are located in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province. Li Dou’s Record of Yangzhou Paintings, Volume 15: "Twenty-four Bridges are Wujia Brick Bridges, a Red Medicine Bridge, and the back of Chuntai in JaeHee … Yangzhou advocates the word order cloud, so it is named because the ancient twenty-four beauties played flute here."

A message to han chuo the yangzhou magistrate.

Don Dumu

The castle peak is vaguely about green water thousands of miles away, autumn has been the Jiangnan vegetation has not withered.

Twenty-four Bridges on the moonlit night, where do jade people teach blowjobs?

Huashan scenery

  • Mount Huashan

Huashan Mountain, known as "Xiyue Mountain" in ancient times and "Taihua Mountain" in elegance, is one of the five mountains. It is located in huayin city, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, 120km east of the provincial capital Xi ‘an. It is bordered by Qinling Mountains in the south and Huang Wei in the north. Since ancient times, there has been a saying that "the mountain is the best in the world".

Inscribed in the inn at tong gate on an autumn trip to the capital.

Tang Dynasty: Xu Hun

The maple trees rustled in the autumn evenings; Overnight at Tongguan station, the their own wine fragrance.

Several remnant clouds gathered in the towering Huashan mountain; The sparse autumn rain falls on the ZHONGTIAO mountains mountains.

Remote viewing of the tree color with the extension of the Tongguan mountain; The yellow river surges into the sea.

Tomorrow will be able to reach the bustling capital Chang’ an; I am still at ease with the dream of fisherman and woodman!

  • Longzhong

Longzhong is located in Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, about 20 miles west of Xiangyang City, in Longzhong Scenic Area at the junction of three districts and counties (Xiangcheng District, Nanzhang County and Gucheng County) in Xishan Ring Arch.

Over the Dragon

Don Cui Daorong

Xuande rises from Wolong, and the tripod is divided into the world.

After the poor Shu kingdom was closed, I didn’t discuss Xu Shugong.

Xiangyang Gulong Middle School

  • Xuanzhou Xie Tiao building

Xie Tiao Building, located in Xuancheng City, Anhui Province. In the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Xie Tiao served as the satrap of Xuancheng, and built the first floor of Lingyang Mountain in the north of the county, which was called "Gaozhai". In the Tang Dynasty, in memory of Xie Tiao, this building was rebuilt, and it was renamed as Beiwanglou, or the North Building, in the north of the county office. They are called Xie Tiao Building and Xiegong Building.

Shu Yun of Xuanzhou Xielou’s farewell school book

Tang Dynasty: Li Bai

Since yesterday had to throw me and bolt;

Today has hurt my heart even more.

The autumn wildgeese have a long wind for escort, as I face them from this villa, drinking my wine.

The bones of great writers are your brushes, in the School of Heaven, and I am a Lesser Xie growing up by your side.

We both are exalted to distant thought, want to go to the blue sky and embrace the bright moon.

But since water still flows, though we cut it with our swords, and sorrows return, though we drown them with wine

Since the world can in no way answer our craving, I will loosen my hair tomorrow and take to a fishingboat.

  • Lumen Mountain in Xiangyang

Lumen Mountain, in Xiangyang City, Hubei Province. Now it is Lumen Temple National Forest Park.

Returning at Night to Lumen Mountain.

Tang Meng Haoran

In the evening, the temple bells echoed down the valley, a noisy voice at the yuluang ferry.

People walked along the shore to Jiangcun Village village, and I also took a small boat to return to the deer door.

The moonlight of the deer door made the mountain tree appear, and suddenly I came to the hermitage of exile.

Lonely mountain road silent forest road, only the hermit in this elegant come and go.

Nanyue Hengshan

  • Hengshan, Hunan

Hengshan Mountain, also known as Nanyue Mountain, is one of the "Five Mountains" in China. It is located in the southeast of central Hunan Province, China. According to the Records of Ganshi Xingjing in the Warring States Period, Hengshan Mountain is named because it is located on the wing of the Twilight Star in the constellation of 28 nights, and it is like a weighing instrument, which can be called heaven and earth.

Stopping at a temple on heng mountain i inscribe this poem in the gate-tower.

Tang hanyu

The five Holy Mountains have the rank of the Three Dukes, the other four make a ring, with the Song Mountain midmost.

Hengshan is located in the famine far away many demons and ghosts, god authorized the Nanyue god is the supreme power.

Halfway up the mountain, the cloud was filled with clouds and mists, though there was a pinnacle who could reach the top.

I came here in the autumn rain, the weather is dark, there is no wind.

Silent prayer in the heart as if to fulfill, is not a person integrity can be well – informed?

A moment of cloud sweep to show the outstanding peaks, looking up to the peak of the mountain.

The zigaifeng ridge is connected to the Tianzhu peak, and the ups and downs mountain is rugged and connected to Zhu Rong.

The precipitous Jensen dismounted and bowed down, and went straight down the pine and cypress paths to the palace of the gods.

The pink walls against the red pillars are dazzling, Pilaster on ghost pictures or green or red.

Stepping up the steps and bending over to give the meat and wine, to express the Qian by the humble offerings.

The old man in charge of the temple could understand the divine, and gaze into the Repeatedly and bow to me again and again.

Hand cup jiao kau taught me to throw the method, saying that this bo most guitar difficult the same.

I was banished to the wild, to be lucky not to die, the food and clothing are willing to die here until the end.

As soon as the desire of the king will be cut off, god will not succeed even if he blesses me.

At night I lie down to sleep in the top of a high tower, the stars and the moon are covered with clouds.

The monkey’s crow clock struck the morning, and the cold day of the east was empty.

Qujiangchi, Xi ‘an

  • Leyouyuan Scenic Resort

Leyouyuan Scenic Resort is located in the southeast of Xi ‘an, which was called Leyou Garden when Emperor Xuandi was proclaimed in the Han Dynasty. Once, Emperor Xuandi of Han Dynasty traveled here with Empress Xu, so obsessed with the beautiful scenery that he was "too happy to go home". Later, Leyou Temple was built here, and Leyouyuan Scenic Resort was named after it.

The leyou tombs.

Tang Dynasty: Li Shangyin

In the evening, the mood is unhappy, driving in the car to ancient.

Sunset, infinite beauty, only close to the dusk.

  • Furong building

Formerly known as the Northwest Building, it overlooks the Yangtze River and overlooks Jiangbei, in the northwest of Runzhou (now Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province). One said that this refers to the Furong Building in Qianyang (now Qiancheng, Hunan).

At hibiscus inn parting with xin jian.

Don Wang Changling

Misty misty rain, overnight all over Wu Dijiang days; Early morning send you, lonely to the chushan grief of infinite!

Friends, if Luoyang friends ask me to come; Just say that I still bing Xin Okho, adhere to faith!

The great rivers and mountains of the motherland were originally hidden in poetry.

There is nothing to do in midsummer. Read these poems and travel with them!

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Understanding China’s "Harmony" Culture

Source: People’s Daily Online-People’s Daily Overseas Edition

The audience enjoyed the "Zhonghe Shaole" musical instrument in Qing Dynasty. Du Jianpo

Qing gan long Jin tai enamel figure holding pot Du Jianpo

Qing gan long Ji Qing Jin Cai hai Yan he Qing Zun Photo courtesy of Guobo

Qing Qianlong’s "seventy-two poems on the imperial month" is colored ink (September and October). Du Jianpo

From ancient stone tools, bone implements, jade articles and pottery to colorful export porcelain and finely carved lacquerware, from the silk painting "Fuxi Nu Wa Tu" drawn by the Tang Dynasty to the Tao Te Ching written by the calligrapher in fine small letters in the Yuan Dynasty … into the China National Museum "Harmony and Symbiosis-the Forbidden City-Guobo Tibetan Cultural Relics Joint Exhibition", rich cultural relics show the long history of Chinese civilization.

This exhibition is the first heavy special exhibition jointly launched by the Palace Museum and the National Museum of China. More than 400 cultural relics are selected from the rich collections of the Palace Museum and Guobo for display. The exhibition is divided into four units, which expounds the historical origin and rich connotation of China’s "harmony" culture from four aspects: the universe, the world, society and morality. The first unit, "Harmony between Heaven and Earth", explains the cosmology of the unity of heaven and man advocated by the Chinese nation since ancient times; The second unit, "Harmony among All Nations", explains the world view of harmony among all nations upheld by the Chinese nation when dealing with foreign relations; The third unit, "Yi Min An He", explains Chinese civilization’s respect and tolerance for the cultural diversity of all social strata and ethnic groups. The fourth unit, "Happiness lies in harmony with people", explains the moral concept of "people’s hearts are kind" of the Chinese nation.

Wisdom of the Unity of Heaven and Man

Stepping into the exhibition hall, the jade ritual vessels of Hongshan culture Yulong, Liangzhu culture Jade Cong and Qijia culture Jade Bi attracted the audience to stop and enjoy. Chinese ancestors collected natural jade and carefully crafted it into a ritual vessel to communicate with heaven and earth and offer sacrifices to ancestors. Today, thousands of years later, when we see these jade articles, we will still be amazed by the superb carving skills and rich imagination of our ancestors.

From chiseling stone, grinding bone and reeling silk to making pottery, smelting copper and painting lacquer, the ancients had a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the development and utilization of natural materials and the laws of nature, and the emotional resonance and aesthetic concepts caused by natural phenomena were gradually integrated into labor practice and material creation, thus forming a unique ritual and music civilization and social system of the Chinese nation.

In ancient times, the ancestors in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River summed up the laws of natural changes according to the climate and four seasons alternately, so as to guide daily life and realize the progress of productive forces. Monthly order, that is, taking the four seasons as the general outline and December as the details, records the astronomical calendar and natural phenology in time, and arranges the decrees of production and life accordingly. In the exhibition hall, Qingganlong’s "Poems of seventy-two waiting for the moon" is the embodiment of the cultural tradition of "obeying the weather and responding to the times". This ink set consists of two boxes, with 6 drawers in each box and 6 spindles in each drawer, totaling 72 spindles. One spindle of ink corresponds to a phenology, with different sizes and shapes, including round, oval, square, hexagonal, leaf, tablet, harp and bell. Ink colors are divided into green, red, white, blue and yellow, which correspond to the traditional five elements in China: spring (first month and February) is wood, which corresponds to green; Summer (April and May) is fire, corresponding to red; Autumn (July and August) is gold, corresponding to white; Winter (October and November) is water, corresponding to blue; The turn of the two seasons (March, June, September and December) is earth, which means activation and hair growth, corresponding to yellow.

Next to the moon-colored ink, there is a set of poems cups with colorful December flowers in Qing Kangxi. This set of multicolored cups consists of 12 pieces. The bright white glaze is decorated with blue and white multicolored flowers. On the one hand, the representative flowers of each month are painted, and on the other hand, the poems corresponding to the flowers are inscribed. Most of the poems are taken from The Whole Tang Poetry. This set of porcelain cups belongs to the imperial wine glasses, with thin and light tires, beautiful patterns and neat styles, which represents the highest level of making blue and white multicolored thin-shell porcelain in Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Factory in Kangxi Dynasty.

On the one hand, there are bronze bells, chimes and cymbals in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, and on the other hand, there is the glittering "Zhonghe Shaole" musical instrument in the Qing Dynasty. The two sets of exhibits reflect the inheritance and development of Chinese ritual and music culture for thousands of years. Elegant music is the orthodox music used in ancient China to worship heaven and earth, ancestors, and banquets. Its system was formulated in the early years of the Western Zhou Dynasty. The main musical instruments of ancient elegant music are chimes and chimes. The music begins with a bronze bell and ends with a jade chime, which is a combination of many voices and symbolizes "golden sound and jade vibration". "Zhonghe Shaole" has the highest specification in the music system of Ming and Qing Dynasties, and is mainly used for altar and temple sacrifices and national ceremonies above Zhongsi. The bronze-gilded chime with double dragons and dragons’ buttons and dragons’ patterns made during the reign of Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty was hung on the shelf carved with dragons and painted with gold in two layers, showing its dignity and elegance. Matching with it, the jadeite-painted plait with Un-yong Kim pattern is made of precious jade from Hetian, Xinjiang, and both sides of the chime are decorated with Un-yong Kim pattern. The golden yellow of the gold-painted pattern and the emerald green of the jade are brilliant.

Openness and tolerance

In the independent showcase, a small seal on one side evokes people’s reverie of desert wind and smoke and camel bells. This lute was unearthed from Zhang Qian’s tomb in Chenggu County, Shaanxi Province, and the front is engraved with the words "Bowang-Zao" in Yang. During the period of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, Zhang Qian was ordered to make two missions to the Western Regions, which opened up the world-famous Silk Road and was named Bo Wanghou.

The brocade of the Tang Dynasty with decorative group patterns, knight patterns and pig head patterns tells the story of increasing prosperity after the Silk Road was opened for thousands of years. The exotic patterns are integrated with the traditional auspicious patterns in the Central Plains, presenting an open, inclusive and colorful prosperous scene.

Painted porcelain from Changsha kiln in the Tang Dynasty, celadon from Longquan kiln in the Yuan Dynasty, blue-and-white porcelain from Jingdezhen kiln in the Ming Dynasty, and wide-colored porcelain in the Qing Dynasty … Famous export porcelain products of past dynasties witnessed the prosperity of the Maritime Silk Road. A green glazed phoenix tail statue of Longquan kiln with elegant shape and exquisite decoration attracted the reporter’s attention. This statue has a long neck, rich shoulders, and gradually converges below the abdomen, slightly skimming near the foot and circling the foot. Thick blue glaze is applied inside and outside the porcelain, and the glaze is open. The neck is carved with dense chords, the upper abdomen is carved with branches-bound peony, and the lower abdomen is carved with chrysanthemum petals. According to reports, in a Yuan Dynasty shipwreck full of ceramics in Xin ‘an sea area, South Korea, a phoenix-tailed statue with green glaze and peony pattern in Longquan kiln was found, which proved that Longquan kiln celadon played an important role in the cultural exchange and trade of the Maritime Silk Road in Yuan Dynasty.

Corresponding to these export porcelains, overseas countries learn from China’s porcelain-making technology to produce porcelains. For example, Koryo celadon in the 12th century, Jingdezhen multicolored porcelain imitated by Maisen kiln in Europe in the 18th century, and Dehua kiln white porcelain imitated by Japan in the 19th century. These foreign porcelain products have flowed into China and entered the palace, which has become a much-told story for the exchange and mutual learning between Chinese and foreign civilizations.

Passing through a porch that imitates the panorama of the Forbidden City, a series of exhibits come into view, which reflect the achievements of innovation and development after the introduction of western culture into China. The figurines of the Qing-Gan-Long Golden Fetus Enamel are combined with many techniques such as inlay, engraving, silk-twisting enamel and painting enamel, which are exquisite and amazing. This pot is made of gold, and its shape is gourd-shaped. The whole body is painted with blue enamel, decorated with twisted silk and lotus patterns, and inlaid with pearls and corals in many places. Painted enamels with different sizes and shapes are symmetrically arranged on the lid, neck, lower abdomen and large abdomen, and figures, flowers and courtyard landscapes are painted inside the enamel. Under it, it is equipped with a lotus-carved gold-plated copper seat. Cloisoned enamel and painted enamel are all imported from the west. During Qianlong period, there were few figures decorated in enamel products, so this device can be called a masterpiece. The ladies and courtyard figures painted in the opening of the vessel are traditional paintings in China, but they are expressed by European techniques, which reflects the artistic style of combining Chinese and Western styles.

The morality of harmony and goodness

The third unit of the exhibition presents a picture of the harmonious coexistence of scholars, agriculture, industry and commerce in ancient China. "Han Bao Sai Wu Huan leads many leaders" camel button bronze seal is the official seal awarded by the Eastern Han Dynasty court to the leaders of Wu Huan nationality. Wuhuan is a branch of Donghu people in ancient China. The title of "leading the crowd" is related to his deeds such as leading the crowd to join, guarding the frontier fortress, helping the war and counterinsurgency. Cultural relics with national characteristics, such as the bronze musical instruments of southwest nationalities in Han Dynasty, the jade carvings of "Spring Water" and "Autumn Mountain" in Jin Dynasty, and the "Gong Gong Tu" in Ming and Qing Dynasties, reflect the colorful national culture.

The Southern Tour of Qianlong is a huge historical picture of Qing Dynasty painter Xu Yang’s first southern tour of Jiangsu and Zhejiang in 1751 with "imperial poetry as the picture". The whole picture consists of 12 volumes, which combines poetry, calligraphy and painting, and realistically depicts the scene of Qianlong’s early trip to the south of the Yangtze River, the province asking for customs, inspecting officials and the people, inspecting river workers, reviewing divisions and brigades, offering sacrifices to Yuling and visiting scenic spots in lakes and mountains, which truly reflects the splendid rivers and mountains and social features. In this exhibition, the sixth volume of the Southern Tour of Qianlong was exhibited. This volume is entitled "Zhu Gu Su", which focuses on the landscape from Changmen to Xumen in Suzhou. The whole painting takes the Grand Canal as the main axis, with houses and shops along the banks of the river, which is full of prosperity and prosperity.

The foundation of a harmonious society is the values of "people are kind" and "harmony is the most important". Ming Xianzong Zhu Jianshen painted the axis of "A Harmony Map", depicting three old people huddled together, with the old man on the left wearing a Taoist crown, the old man in the middle dressed as a monk, and a Confucian scholar wearing a square towel on the right. The composition of the whole work is ingenious, and it looks like a smiling Maitreya sitting cross-legged, beaming and harmonious, showing the thought of the unity and harmonious blending of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism.

At the end of the exhibition, a piece of green and golden colors, Haiyan River, attracted people’s attention. The outer wall of this device is painted with blue enamel, with gold-painted branches-bound peony, banana leaf pattern, ruyi cloud pattern, etc., and near the foot is decorated with pastel lotus pattern and lotus bead pattern, and a pair of white swallows with wings spread and tails cut are carved between the shoulders and necks as ears. This porcelain statue was fired by Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln in the Qing Dynasty for Haiyan Hall in Yuanmingyuan. It needs to be put into the kiln and painted many times, and its technology is superb, which is a combination of carving, pasting and embossing. The blue color of this statue symbolizes "Heqing", and Yan is homophonic with "Yan", which means that Haiyan River is clear and the world is peaceful.

What is culture? How to explain culture?

What is culture?

If culture talks about appearances, it is: everything that is different from nature in human social life is culture. As long as it is not natural, it is created by people, and it is all culture, but this is only the appearance.

The core of culture: it is the common way of thinking and values formed by this nation that has lived for a long time in a special natural environment and a unique mode of production and lifestyle. This is culture. Specific environment, specific period. Then a group of people generated this value. For example, if he lives on the plateau, or the natural environment on this plain is different from that on the prairie, and his way of life and production are different, then his way of thinking and values are different. This way of thinking and values, he is not a person, he is the common lifestyle and values of this nation or this country, and this is culture.

We in China pay attention to family and everything. We have talked about it for more than 2,000 years. Now the common people also recognize it. It is this value that China people recognize. Therefore, culture is a unique value of a farming nation.

The most basic bond of farming people’s survival is blood, but the basic unit of survival is family, so from this perspective, this family and everything is the unique culture of our Chinese nation. Not in other countries, because their lifestyles and production methods are different, he will change. For example, in Hanshu, especially in Biography of Xiongnu, there is a dialogue between Han Division and Xiongnu, which is called Khan’s dialogue between them. This is called two different cultures, which are actually right from their respective perspectives, but because of their different lifestyles and production methods, I think you are wrong, and you think I am wrong. So what is right and what is wrong? What is suitable for our survival is called right.

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The awkward game "Destiny’s Child" suddenly died? The game was closed as soon as it was updated, and the player spit Tencent’s intervention.

Hello, everyone, this is the surprise game, and I’m the little brother.

Basically, all games in China are shut down in one operation, that is, sending out the gift package of their own games and deleting all the players’ data. Players can basically only keep some screenshots and videos recorded by themselves.

Recently, South Korea’s first-hand tour stopped running, which made something different. They left some content to the players.

Recently, the well-known Korean mobile game "Destiny’s Child" has been suspended. The Hanbok, Japanese and international versions of the game will be suspended on September 21 this year. The official reason for the suspension is that the game has been in operation for more than 6 years, and now it is difficult to continue to bring better game experience to players, so I decided to close the service.

Destiny’s Child is a work developed by Shift Up, which was jointly established by Jin Hengtai, the artistic director of Sword Spirit, and his wife Cai Zhilun. Although Shift Up’s first work "Destiny’s Child" is a simple card game, it has gained great popularity with its super-tempting picture. In that year, the number of appointments in South Korea was 930,000, and later Japanese clothes easily broke through one million.

The suspension of Destiny’s Child was very sudden, because there was a wave of updates on the day of the game, and many new fashions and activities were launched, so some netizens on the outside network broke the news, and even some employees of Shift Up were suddenly notified that the game was suspended.

Although Destiny’s Child stopped working suddenly, the official gave the player a very good explanation. The official said that there will be an online concert for players to have a final aftertaste. In addition, a "commemorative" APP will be made, and players can synchronize the relevant data of their accounts into the APP, so that players can continue to soak in hot springs and enjoy the plot and wives.

Words so advanced, this … Can be regarded as a data crystal coffin.

This move can be described as very wonderful, players don’t have to feel bad about their years of efforts, and game companies don’t have to bear extra operating expenses.

Players are very sad about this sudden outage. Some players said that I will never know the ending, and my wife will sleep forever. Some players also said that although I am very sad, can I transfer the diamonds that have not been consumed in the game to the popular game "Goddess of Victory" of Shift Up? There are also players who lament that when a company has another game that is more popular, the game that is not popular is the end.

There are also players who find it hard to accept, indicating that the interface has been remade and a new BOSS has been added, which makes him think that this will be a new beginning. Some players also said that the epidemic has been going on for three years, but now it is cold. This is because Shift Up has been transformed after Tencent became a shareholder. He suspects that Tencent has intervened in the operation of the game.

Here, I would like to mention that Tencent is the second largest shareholder of Shift Up, with a 20% stake.

Xiao di bi LV gong: Although there are many players who spit Shift Up and forget the righteousness, it is probably the way to open another APP to appease the players’ emotions. Therefore, many players expressed their gratitude to Destiny’s Child for its companionship over the years, and thanked everyone who participated in the game production.

A positive question:Why do you think Destiny’s Child suddenly stopped?

Four melons a day, each one is more exciting, and the stars in the entertainment circle will play.

The incident of Zhao Wenqi’s unmarried children revealed another kind of family concept conflict. Zhao Wenqi released photos of unmarried children, but there was no husband. Netizens have speculated whether there is a hidden problem of marriage self-discipline behind this behavior. During the development of the whole incident, the social discussion on women’s self-discipline gradually warmed up, and Zhao Wenqi became the focus of the topic.

Finally, we focus on the libel of Zhao Liying. Rumors that suddenly broke out on the Internet accused Zhao Liying of tax evasion, which seriously endangered her reputation. Fans found that these rumors originated from other celebrity cases, and officials quickly dismissed them. While the rumor maker apologized to Zhao Liying, the incident revealed the harm of online rumors and called on the public to rationally identify information.

On the whole, the entertainment circle of this day is surging, and the stars are facing severe tests in family, marriage and moral choice. These events reflect the ups and downs of the entertainment circle, and the stars are always facing public scrutiny and comments under the dual pressure of public opinion and social media. This also makes us ponder, under the aura of stars, whether they are also facing trivial and real life problems like ordinary people, as well as many disturbances of family and marriage.

The crazy photos of the big S sisters and Aya have been exposed, and I am afraid that the result will disappoint the Zhang Lan family

In the entertainment circle, there are many amazing stories, and one of them is Huang Zijiao. Although he used to be a lover of Xiao S, recently, his remarks have made many artists become the focus topic. Wang Xiaofei mentioned the drug problem many times, but people didn’t really pay attention to it. Now, Huang Zijiao’s words have caused widespread controversy. Although the studio of Size S issued a statement denying this statement, there are still a large number of netizens who are skeptical.

At that time, Size S took a group photo with Faye Wong, the then diva. Faye Wong wore a relatively conservative dress, but her hairstyle was unique. While the others in their box were dressed in a non-mainstream style. At that time, they were all loyal fans of Faye Wong. However, even at that time, the beauty of the big S has been revealed, and her brilliance is hard to ignore.

In the entertainment circle, the size of S quickly emerged, especially the big S, when she was only 20 years old. An advertisement for Panasonic they participated in was broadcast on CCTV, which was the first time that Wang Xiaofei, then 15, met his future "wife" on TV. Although the big S was not fully mature at that time, she had left a deep impression on Wang Xiaofei.

Big S married Wang Xiaofei, and they jointly run the Taipei South Beauty Restaurant. Big S once supported Wang Xiaofei lovingly. However, ten years of marriage finally collapsed, and Big S returned to her first love, Oba Jun-yup Koo, with two children.

Recently, Wang Xiaofei exposed the high electricity bill of the big S family, which triggered widespread speculation. This event fermented on the Internet, and the popularity of the live broadcast room in Zhang Lan suddenly soared, instead of shopping live broadcast, it became a celebration. Zhang Lan sold "jiaozi" in the live broadcast, and even his clothes changed from blue to red, and the music of "Good Days" was played in the live broadcast room.

Nowadays, the image of the once gentle and lovely size S has become annoying. It is hard for people to believe that these negative messages are related to them. At the same time, Aya has become increasingly intellectual and popular. Her programs and manners are deeply loved by everyone. This shows that in the entertainment circle, it is not enough to rely only on the popularity of many years ago, and artists also need to constantly improve themselves. Especially for the former generation of goddesses, such as Big S, not only her appearance is no longer exquisite, but also her reputation is damaged by divorce.

This picture has a relatively great influence on Aya, who almost fell into depression. For Xiao S, the impact of this incident seems to be small. Maybe she didn’t attract much attention from the beginning.

In the end, this series of events caused career ruin for Huang Zijiao, 51, who was accused of kissing a girl and taking nude photos, and even had to be unfair.

Sorry. At the same time, his wife was involved in the storm and had to apologize for his behavior, which put their family in trouble, especially their young daughter, in chaos.

At the same time, Aya has gradually emerged, and her intellectuality and charm are deeply loved by the audience. Her program and style of speech have gradually gained more recognition. This contrast also makes people wonder how the stars in the entertainment circle can cope with the changes of time and how to maintain their position in the fierce competition.

Although the size S used to be the stars of the entertainment circle, they were inevitably under the pressure and scrutiny of the spotlight. In this highly competitive world, they need to constantly adapt to changes and improve themselves, otherwise they will easily be eliminated by the times.

The China-Europe Basketball Champions Cup ended, and the Serbian team won the championship.

Zhongxin. com, Chongqing, September 18 (Xiao Jiangchuan) On the evening of the 17th, the 2023 "the belt and road initiative" China-Europe Basketball Champions Cup Competition came to an end at the Yubei District Gymnasium in Chongqing. After three days of fierce competition, the Serbian Zlatibor basketball team finally won the championship.

This competition attracted Shanghai Jiushi Sharks from China Professional Basketball League (hereinafter referred to as CBA), Zhejiang Chouzhou Golden Rent Team, Serbian KLS League Meta Basketball Team and Zlatibor Basketball Team to participate. Zhejiang Chouzhou Golden Rent Team won the first place in the regular season and the second place in the playoffs in the CBA League last season. Zlatibor Basketball Team was founded in 1979, and has won the top Serbian basketball league championship for many times.

After three days of fierce competition, the Serbian Zlatibor Basketball Team finally won the championship with two wins and one loss, Zhejiang Chouzhou Golden Rent Team won the second place, Shanghai Jiushi Sharks won the third place, Serbia Meta Basketball Team won the fourth place, and Zhejiang Chouzhou Golden Rent Team player Wu Qian was named the most valuable player in the tournament.

"This China-Europe Basketball Champions Cup is an intercontinental club cup held in China, which provides CBA teams with an opportunity for intercontinental confrontation and a head-on collision between CBA high-level clubs and European basketball clubs." The person in charge of the event organizer said that the purpose of this event is to improve the competitive level of professional basketball in China and Europe, help China’s professional basketball go abroad, and also to promote the exchange and cooperation between China and Europe’s basketball industry for a long time.

In August 2019, the "the belt and road initiative" China-Europe Basketball Champions Cup was officially launched in Chongqing. The China-Europe Basketball Champions Cup is held in Yubei District of Chongqing in August and September every year. The organizing committee invites the top clubs of the European Basketball Champions League and European basketball leagues to come to China to play against the top clubs of CBA. (End)

Warriors: Faced with a choice, rebuild or pursue the championship?

The Warriors are faced with a difficult choice: whether to continue to pursue the championship or rebuild? However, for this powerful team, their attitude is clear, and the goal is still the championship. In the past few seasons, the Warriors have been the dominant player in the NBA. They have superstars such as Curry, Thompson and Green, and top players such as Durant and Cousins. Their golden age undoubtedly brought endless glory and excitement to the fans. However, with injuries and contract problems, the Warriors suffered some setbacks last season. Despite this, the Warriors did not give up the goal of pursuing the championship. Instead, they regard these difficulties as opportunities for exercise and growth. They know that if they want to stand at the top again, they must make more efforts and persistence. On the occasion of the new season, the Warriors readjusted their lineup through draft and trading, and introduced some young and potential players. They hope that these newcomers can inject new vitality into the team and play an important role in the game. In addition, the Warriors still own Curry, a superstar. He is the soul and leader of the team, and his existence provides the Warriors with the motivation to continue to compete for the championship. Although he also suffered from injuries, Curry showed amazing resilience and tenacious willpower. His return will undoubtedly inject new vitality and confidence into the Warriors. The Warriors were faced with the choice of rebuilding or pursuing the championship, and they chose the latter. They made it clear that the goal is still the championship. By adjusting the lineup, cultivating young players and Curry’s return,The Warriors will once again show their strength and determination.

When choosing Paul, the head coach of the Warriors obviously valued his ability to control the field and the importance of the game. As an experienced point guard, Paul has excellent organizational and leadership skills, which can effectively command the team’s attack and improve the overall combat effectiveness. However, we can’t ignore the risks brought by Paul’s height and age. As a point guard, Paul is relatively short, which will be limited when facing some tall inside players. On the defensive end, he may encounter some difficulties and be easily broken by his opponent by taking advantage of his height. In addition, with the growth of age, Paul’s physical fitness will gradually decline, which will have a certain impact on his lasting combat effectiveness. However, the Warriors chose Paul for no reason. First of all, the core players of the Warriors have excellent scoring ability, and they need a point guard who can organize the attack stably. Paul is such a player. His passing skills and awareness are excellent, which can create more scoring opportunities for teammates. Secondly, Paul’s importance in the game is not only reflected in the offensive end, but also can bring stable leadership and experience to the team, which has a positive impact on the growth of young players. Of course, in order to maximize Paul’s advantages and reduce risks, the Warriors can make up for his height disadvantage through tactical arrangements. They can use fast passing and flexible defensive strategies to limit the play of opponents’ inside players and strengthen the overall defensive awareness of the team. In addition, Paul also needs to arrange his rest time and training plan reasonably.In order to maintain good physical condition and stable competitive ability. It is risky for the Warriors to choose Paul, but this choice also fully takes into account his field control ability and importance.

Cole’s admiration for Paul is beyond words. He praised Paul without stint as one of the best point guards in basketball history. Indeed, both in technology and leadership, Paul has demonstrated extraordinary ability. As a point guard, Paul is skillful and comprehensive. His eye for passing the ball is extremely unique, and he can accurately find the space of his teammates and create scoring opportunities. His organizational ability is also first-class, and he can lead the team to play a smooth offensive system. In addition, Paul also showed excellent ability in shooting and breakthrough, and his personal scoring ability was remarkable. More importantly, Paul can control the game at the critical moment. He is famous for his calmness and decisiveness, and he can make the right decision in a tense situation. Whether in the playoffs or in the regular season, he can play his best and help the team win. Because of this, Cole is full of expectations for next season. He believes that under the leadership of Paul, the team can achieve better results. Cole knows that Paul’s joining is not only to improve the team’s strength, but also to bring the fans the joy of victory. In Cole’s view, next season will be a season full of hope and challenges. He believes that the team can play a wonderful game under the leadership of Paul and present a wonderful basketball feast for the fans. Regardless of the outcome, Cole firmly believes that the team will develop in the direction expected by the fans. In a word, Paul, as an excellent point guard, not only performed well technically, but also showed his ability to dominate the game at critical moments.Cole praised him and looked forward to next season.

The Warriors missed Poole, which meant that no one inside was available, which undoubtedly put an end to their championship era. In the past few years, the Warriors have been famous for their excellent outside shooting and teamwork. However, the basketball game is not only about shooting from outside, but also the existence of inside. In the past few seasons, the Warriors have made brilliant achievements with the outstanding performances of superstars such as Curry, Thompson and Duran. However, in the face of powerful opponents, their weaknesses in the inside are exposed. The lack of a strong and comprehensive insider makes them at a disadvantage in defense and rebounding. Poole’s mistake undoubtedly sounded the alarm for the Warriors. He is an insider with excellent basketball IQ and skills, and can provide stable insider support for the team. However, due to various reasons, the Warriors failed to sign him, resulting in an empty inside. However, we can’t declare that the Warriors’ championship era is over. Basketball game is a team sport, and victory depends not only on the performance of individual players. Warriors still have excellent players such as Curry, Thompson and Green, and their outside firepower is still terrible. In addition, they can make up for the lack of inside through tactical adjustment. The Warriors need to find new options inside. They can bring in an excellent inside player through trading or free market signing to enhance the overall strength of the team. At the same time, they can also train young players and improve the depth and competitiveness of the inside. It’s a pity for the Warriors to miss Poole.But it doesn’t mean that their championship era is over.

Thank you for reading this article, and the determination and strength of the Warriors will be demonstrated again. They chose to pursue the championship. By adjusting the lineup and training young players, they believe they can return to the top. Curry’s return will also inject new vitality and confidence into the team. Let’s expect the Warriors to show great strength and determination in the new season!

1-2! Levan’s goal was difficult to save, Barcelona’s unbeaten golden body was broken, and Harvey missed the miracle of Mourinho.

Touring group

In the early morning of May 21st, Beijing time, the 35th round of La Liga officially started, and Barcelona played against Real Sociedad at Camp Nou. In the first half, Sollott steals Comte and assists merino to push and shoot to break the deadlock. In the second half, Sollott pushed to expand his advantage. Levan pulled back a city at the end of the game, but he was unable to recover the defeat. In the end, Barcelona lost 1-2 to Real Sociedad at home and suffered the first home defeat of the season.

After beating the Spaniard 4-2 away from home in the last round, Barcelona has been crowned La Liga champion four rounds ahead of schedule, and winning the league title after four years has also announced the beginning of Barcelona’s reconstruction. As for Real Sociedad, 3 wins and 2 draws have remained unbeaten in the last five rounds, and even defeated Real Madrid, but their fourth position is not stable, Villarreal is still struggling to catch up, and they still need to play against Atletico Madrid and Seville, so they can’t relax.

Perhaps because he has won the championship ahead of time, Harvey directly rotated in this game. Pedri, Garvey and araujo all failed to enter the big list, and Rafinha, Dembele and Levan led the front trident; Busquets and Kathy, Derong sit in the midfield; Bald is a guest right-back, Comte returns to the middle to partner Christensen, the left-back is Alba, and the goalkeeper is Ter stegen; Before the game, the Royal Society players lined up to welcome Barcelona, who won the championship in advance, to enter the stadium.

Only 5 minutes after the opening, Comte took the ball to the midfield and was intercepted by Sollott. After the latter broke the ball, he pushed back and crossed into the restricted area. merino was unmarked and pushed the goal, 0-1! The royal society took the lead in anti-customer.

1 goal behind, Barcelona immediately launched an offensive counterattack. In the 15th minute, Rafinha broke the ball in the frontcourt and made a cross pass. lewandowski took the ball from the bottom and sent it to the back point. Dembele headed the ball and was blocked by Remiro. In the 17th minute, Kathy’s volley in the restricted area was cleared by the Lenormand goal line. In the 19th minute, De Jong inserted in front of the cross pass in the restricted area, and Su Weimendi completed the key damage. A minute later, Rafinha crossed at an oblique angle of 45 degrees, and the header in front of Lewan was actually biased; In the 23rd minute, Lewan scored a direct free kick over the crossbar.

After resisting Barcelona’s three axes, the royal society also gradually found the offensive. In the 28th minute, Rafinha made a mistake in returning, and Barrenechea turned around and strafed and was confiscated by Ter stegen. In the 30th minute, Sollott counterattacked a low cross, and Mohammad Ali Shaw outflanked and stabbed, which was solved by Ter stegen. In the 32nd minute, Muhammad Ali Shawnee sent a straight plug, and Barrenechea followed up with a volley.

Back in the second half, Harvey took the lead in adjusting, and Alonso, Fati and Ferran Torres appeared together; In the 66 th minute, Kubo Jianying set the ball and sent it to the restricted area. Diego Rico’s close-range header actually went straight to the top. After the substitution, Barcelona not only failed to gain anything on the offensive end, but the defense line fell again; In the 72nd minute, Derong’s frontcourt holding organization was broken, Kubo Kenying held the ball on the spot to push back, the Japanese international scored the ball to the left, Su Weimendi knocked horizontally, Sollott easily pushed into the net against the attacking Ter stegen, 0-2! Barcelona 2 goals behind, Real Madrid society ahead of schedule to lock the victory.

In the 90th minute, Phelan Torres got rid of the defense on the right and sent a cross. Lewan threw his head in front of the door and pulled back a city, 1-2! Levan scored the 22nd league goal, five goals ahead of Benzema, and hoped to get his first La Liga Golden Boot.

However, Barcelona finally lost 1-2 at home, and the unbeaten home league was broken. In addition, the number of goals conceded by Barcelona this season has reached 15, which failed to refresh Mourinho’s single-season record in 2004-05.

GPT-4 is coming! Microsoft executives revealed that a new generation of artificial intelligence artifacts will be released next week.

If you are a technology enthusiast, you must have heard of the name GPT-3. It is a super-large language model developed by OpenAI, with 175 billion parameters, which can generate all kinds of text content, from novels, poems, news, dialogues to codes, emails, advertisements and so on. It is known as a milestone and revolution in the field of artificial intelligence.

But what you may not know is that GPT-3 is out of date. Yes, you heard me right. Just yesterday (March 9th), Andreas Braun, chief technology officer of Microsoft Germany, revealed in an activity called "AI in Focus-Digital Kickoff", "We will launch GPT-4 next week, which will be a multimodal model and provide completely different possibilities, such as video."

What? GPT-4? Multimodal? Video?

These words make me feel both excited and confused. I immediately searched the internet for relevant information and found some interesting and important details.

First of all, what is a multimodal model? Simply put, it is a model that can handle different types of data (such as text, images, audio and video) and transform and integrate them. For example, you can describe a scene or a story in words and let the multimodal model generate corresponding pictures or videos; Or you can give a picture or video and let the multimodal model generate corresponding text descriptions or comments.

Does that sound cool? But it’s not easy to do. Because different types of data have different structures and characteristics, it takes a lot of computing resources and algorithm skills to map and understand them effectively. At present, some research teams have been exploring the multimodal field and made some progress, but none of them has been as comprehensive and powerful as GPT-3.

The GPT-4 revealed by Microsoft executives is a multimodal model, and it also contains video, the most complex and expressive data type. What does this mean?

It means that we may see more amazing and interesting artificial intelligence applications. For example:

You can enter any imaginary scene or story in words, and let GPT-4 generate corresponding video clips.

You can give a video clip and let GPT-4 generate a corresponding text description or comment, or give a different video style or theme, and let GPT-4 transform the content and form of the video.

You can ask a question in words and let GPT-4 generate a video tutorial or demonstration to answer your question, or ask a question in video and let GPT-4 answer your question in words.

You can input a lyric in words and let GPT-4 generate corresponding music and video, or give a piece of music and video and let GPT-4 generate corresponding lyrics.

Of course, these are just some examples I imagined at random. In fact, there may be more interesting and useful applications. Imagine if we can interact with artificial intelligence with natural language and multimedia data, then what powerful and convenient creativity and communication skills we will have!

However, before we are ecstatic, we should also pay attention to some potential risks and challenges. For example:

GPT-4 may be abused to create false or misleading information, such as fake news, fake videos, fake comments, etc., thus affecting public opinion and social order.

GPT-4 may threaten human originality and copyright, such as plagiarism, piracy and infringement, thus harming the interests of creators and consumers.

GPT-4 may exceed human understanding and control, such as unexpected or unpredictable results, behaviors or influences, which may lead to moral, legal and security problems.

Therefore, while we look forward to and enjoy the convenience and fun brought by GPT-4, we should also be vigilant and responsible, and use and supervise this technology reasonably. At the same time, we should also pay attention to and support those scientists, engineers, legal experts and ethicists who are committed to studying and solving these problems.

GPT-4 is a shocking and exciting technological progress, which will open a brand-new and colorful artificial intelligence world for us. I am very much looking forward to its official release next week, and see that it shows its infinite potential in various fields.

If you are interested in this topic and want to know more about it, please follow me. I will keep updating the latest, hottest, deepest and most interesting scientific and technological information.