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7 Lianban Lihang Technology: The company’s business has not changed since its listing, and there is no income from low-altitude economic business at present.

Lihang Technology announced on March 13th that the company’s stock closed at the daily limit price for seven consecutive trading days from March 5th to March 13th.

The company’s main business is aircraft ground support equipment, aircraft test and inspection equipment, aircraft process equipment, aircraft parts processing and aircraft parts assembly, etc. The company’s business has not changed since its listing, and the company currently has no income from low-altitude economic business.

"A trip to the cool capital in spring" —— Central media and Internet experts focus on Liupanshui

  CCTV News:On April 11th, public opinion monitoring Office of People’s Daily Online and the Propaganda Department of Liupanshui Municipal Committee co-sponsored the large-scale media gathering activity of "Kangyang Resort China Liangdu". Journalists and network celebrities from more than 20 central and local key news websites from all over the country walked into Liupanshui together. During the two-day interview, the central and local media and online celebrities conveyed Liupanshui’s experience and achievements in the "three changes" reform work to the outside world through pens and lenses in their hands.

  During the activity, the collecting group went deep into the front line of poverty alleviation and development, while watching the modern science and technology shed and thinking about where this happy life came from.

  Hu Kefei, a reporter from China Culture News, said: "This is the second time to come to Pugu Township and feel shocked. A year ago, it was still a construction site. Now it has developed into an eco-tourism resort with perfect format and good infrastructure. Resources have become assets, farmers have become shareholders, and Liupanshui has obvious advantages in catching up and catching up." "As the saying goes, if you want to build roads before you get rich, Liupanshui is now a highway connecting counties and counties, and the improvement of infrastructure will inevitably promote economic development. Liupanshui is based on ecology, and the two advantages of resources actively accelerate the introduction of going out and get rid of poverty and get rich. The people are blessed." Ma Qiang, director of the Public Welfare Communication Department of public opinion monitoring Office of People’s Daily Online, said. "The poverty alleviation work here is done very accurately, and the benefits are really falling on the people. It is in place, and every work is done very solidly. I didn’t expect such great changes in the depths of the mountains. We will take advantage of this rare opportunity to interpret the "three changes" of Niangniangshan through storytelling and new media means to promote Niangniangshan’s experience in poverty alleviation. " Wang Yanshen, a reporter from Farmers Daily, said with experience. "What deeply touches me is that a set of data shows that the per capita income of ordinary people in Pugu Township has increased from 700 yuan in 2012 to over 10,000 now, or even higher. This is the great effect of the" three changes "policy. We want to show the achievements of Liupanshui and Panxian to netizens with the expression of new media, so that everyone can pay attention to Guizhou.Pay attention to Liupanshui. " 

  Speaking of Liupanshui’s "three changes" to help the poor, we can’t ignore Tao Zhengxue. This farmer entrepreneur in the depths of the mountains, with his unique vision and hard-working spirit, has created a world of his own. Rich and not forgetting his folks, he returned to his hometown to start a business with hundreds of millions of property, leading the whole village to pull out the "poor roots" and run a well-off society.

  "I left my hometown to work when I was 16 years old, and I worked in lead-zinc mines, coal mines and coal washing plants … … One person is not rich when he is rich, and everyone is rich when he is rich. It is my responsibility to lead the villagers to get rich together. " It is under this belief that Tao Zhengxue embarked on the road of returning to his hometown to start a business.

  Returning to his hometown to start a business, Tao Zhengxue aimed at international positioning and determined to make Niangniang Mountain a high-quality, high-yield and efficient agricultural sightseeing park. Nowadays, the superposition effect of scale ecology, tourism, economy and culture has become more and more prominent.

  "The reform of the origin of a prefecture-level city alarmed the province and the central government — — On November 27th, 2015, Liupanshui, the capital of China, made the "three changes" in deepening rural reform, which was first mentioned by the General Secretary at the Central Poverty Alleviation Work Conference. This achievement cannot be separated from ‘ Tao Zhengxue ’ Efforts. " Economic Voice reporter Zhang Li said with emotion. "Niangniangshan’s precise poverty alleviation is impressive, and party building is the key. The mechanism of the Party Committee of Liancun advocated by Tao Zhengxue is the best example. Poverty alleviation and development cannot be separated from the demonstration and guidance of party organizations. Party building is used to promote the ideological construction of the masses. From ideological poverty alleviation to industrial poverty alleviation, the exploration of Pugu Township is meaningful. " China News Service reporter Zhou Jiajia said. "The environment here is very good, which may be subject to publicity. It is suggested to make better use of the Internet and new media to publicize our beauty here." Lao Xu, a famous media person, commented.

  The reporters who participated in this theme interview activity said that the ecological environment and natural scenery of Liupanshui are desirable. I believe that in Liupanshui, we can not only appreciate the hardships and achievements of poverty alleviation, but also appreciate Liupanshui’s hard work, enthusiasm and pragmatic style.

  It is understood that in recent years, Liupanshui has adopted the method of changing ideas, paths and methods to promote the "three changes" reform of changing resources into assets, changing funds into shares, and changing farmers into shareholders. Sleeping resources and scattered resources have been confirmed and evaluated, and they have participated in certain business entities in the form of assets, and the scattered funds have been integrated and quantified into shares and entered into business entities. Then organize and guide farmers to become shareholders through land participation, technology participation, resources participation, housing participation, labor participation, etc. First, integrate farmers into professional cooperatives, and then participate in new business entities in the form of cooperatives. The "three changes" reform takes industry as the platform and equity as the link, centralizes thousands of households on the platform, funds from all parties on the platform, and regional resources on the platform, forming a platform economy, increasing the income of economic entities, collective income and mass income. The masses participated in the industrial development as shareholders, operated and cooperated equally, and changed from bystanders to participants.

I just want you to calm down and look at the beauty | Blade Runner 2049

   Special feature of 1905 film network It’s definitely a movie that blows up the circle of friends. Its popularity is like durian. Those who like to watch it hold it to the altar, but those who don’t like it think it’s extremely boring. It’s better to brush the iron fist brother next door.

    The polarization of evaluation also caused the word-of-mouth explosion of Blade Runner 2049, and the ending of the box office was applauded by professionals and even given."Best Science Fiction Film of 2017"However, the box office has not exceeded 100 million since its release, which is a great shame for an imported film!

Commander Gao’s face can’t save the box office on the street.

     The film was criticized only because of the slow pace, but is it strange that the pace is slow? Isn’t the rhythm of the old version 30 years ago slower than the speed of losing meat when you lose weight? Blade Runner 2049 30 years later can only be regarded as a continuation of the style of the previous generation.

Harrison Ford, who was young in those years

      Although the two works are 30 years apart, they both create an extreme atmosphere of Cyberpunk — — Cold and depressing & a cold sense of science fiction. In particular, this cold and dark tone has made many people say that it is simply too good to sleep. However, Ayi, who made up for blade runner for Blade Runner 2049, watched two movies in succession, and really wondered how those people fell asleep. With such attractive and foreign actresses sitting in the town, sleeping would not exist, OK?


Cyberpunk is a branch of science fiction, mostly for discussion.

The contradiction between the progress of science and technology and human nature.

At present, the recognized keywords of Cyberpunk are:

High-tech, social order collapse, dystopia, cyberspace

Blade runner’s Cyberpunk Wind Scene

      The costumes of the female characters in the film are very sci-fi, and they are so fashionable that you can still see these elements on the shows of major brands, so you don’t understand the director’s profound meaning at all. The director obviously wants you to calm down and have a good look at those beautiful women in Cyberpunk!

     Rachel is the main character running through the two films "Blade Runner". Besides the temperament of melancholy and elegance, the most impressive thing is the silhouette suit she wears in the film. Wide shoulders can shrink the waist visually, and the design of the waist and hip skirt highlights the figure more perfectly.

     At the same time, the exaggerated shoulder silhouette design adds a neutral temperament to it, and indirectly highlights the character Rachel.Stubborn personality. The whole shape is angular, like a moving inverted triangle … but this square design also makes this suit very futuristic — —


The elements of the silhouette look retro, but now it is still regarded as a treasure by Balmain, and the silhouette design can be seen in the big show every year. Although compared with the shape in the movie, it has converged a lot, but it can still be seen that it is intentionally treated at the shoulder, which visually creates the impression of an inverted triangle and makes your waist look thinner by two or three circles — —

Balmain Paris Fashion Week in Spring and Summer of 2018

     This style has also been exported in the new version of Blade Runner 2049. Luv, the replica of "Strive to Be the best" in the film, has a feeling of learning from Rachel in style. Although it is not as exaggerated as Rachel, it can still be seen in the shape of the suit.

     Rachel’s other eye-catching look is this warm-looking Mao Mao coat. Although it is exaggerated, it makes Rachel stand out from the crowd.Highlight her noble and special status.. Although this style is very comfortable to wear, it requires a strict figure and appearance. If you are not foreign-style and not tall, then you may be no different from the garlic girl. …

      Mariette, the new sister in Blade Runner 2049, is also very keen on this Mao Mao element, but she is younger in styling. The coat uses brighter colors and more layers. If Rachel’s Mao Mao coat is an elegant celebrity, Mariette is a rebellious girl with a hot personality & mdash; —

Although "blade runner" was a film in 1982, the Mao Mao element was a hot element in autumn and winter of 2017, and many street shots showed online celebrity bloggers hiding in furry coats. For example, chiara, a space blogger, dressed herself up as pink furry when she participated in Paris Fashion Week in spring and summer of 2018 — —

      I believe that many fat friends are obsessed with Gao Commander’s AI girlfriend Joi after watching the movie. The appearance is considerate and can be changed at any time, and the clothes are still super high! For example, this modern yellow raincoat is definitely the next explosion of a treasure!

     In fact, this is not the first time in the blade runner series that there is a raincoat shape. In the old version, Zhora, the clone, has worn a similar model, but it is just an ordinary transparent basic model, which is not as good as the new version in color and design ~

As a fashion item, raincoat has become more decorative than practical, and it is often used as an ornament of modeling — —

New York Fashion Week Street Shooting in Spring and Summer of 2018

     Sometimes it will appear as an element in the show, and it will cooperate with other fabrics to make the whole set look more futuristic — —

2015 new york Spring and Summer Fashion Week Lisa Perry Brand Show

     It is said that Blade Runner 2049 is completely capable of competing with the old version, and it can definitely be called a landmark science fiction film. However, I have to admit that in terms of clothing modeling, the old version can still be dumped by the new version. After all, Michael Caplan was the designer of the old fashion, and this Michael is also a series of fashion designs.

Michael Caplan

     For example, in the old version, the stunning snake lady Zhora’s perspective dress style is not even a set of clothes, but a lot of sequins are stuck on her body, but it successfully shows.The charm and danger of snake lady— —

     At the Spring/Summer Fashion Week in London in 2014, Julian Macdonald also played with perspective elements. He also clung embroidery and sequins to his body, but he was a lot conservative, at least like a serious dress. ..

     In addition to this, there is a replica of Pris’s tulle punk style. Although wearing soft tulle, black and personalized tailoring make this style full of punk feeling, which also shows the character of Pris.Unrestrained and longing for freedom— —

     The Valentino brand show in the 2016 Paris Spring/Summer Fashion Week also appeared in a black tulle shape, but it was a little more fairy than in the movie. After all, Valentino …


    "Blade Runner 2049" is really not a popcorn chip that entertains the public. There are plenty of things under the appearance of Cyberpunk.Whether humans and technology coexist?The profound discussion is also right.A Philosophical Exploration of Self-cognition. You can’t tie up this film with fast pace and visual stimulation.

     But you can appreciate the girl inside with your beautiful eyes (rubbing hands excitedly).

Its film arrangement is only 0.7%, but it is the most worth seeing in the near future.

Special feature of 1905 film network Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your memory disappeared one day?

We have seen too many movies, and we often meet people whose memories are fading away, and some incredible things have happened. Some people rely on their only remaining memories to find clues to solve crimes; Some people hit their heads and all their memories were restored; Some people can’t get their memories back all their lives.

The film officially released in the mainland cinema on February 23 rd once again took the memory as a knife. However, this time it is a little different.

1 What’s the difference between this film?

The main characters in the film "Love Before Memory Dies" are two old people. Ella Spencer played by helen mirren is a rebellious old girl, while John Spencer played by donald sutherland is a forgetful old warm man.

The old couple are both seriously ill. John has Alzheimer’s disease, which is what we often call Alzheimer’s disease. The disease makes his memory go wrong and slowly disappears. He needs to live in a nursing home, while Ella has cancer and needs to be admitted to the hospital. At this moment, the two will face eternal separation.

So, the two decided to take a trip in an RV. The English name of the film "The Leisure Seeker" is the name of this RV — — Leisure seekers. They walked all the way from Massachusetts to the south, recalling the experience of spending their holidays with their children. This time, their destination was Hemingway’s former residence in Sisuo Island.

I went to Hemingway’s former residence because John’s favorite writer was Hemingway. At the same time, John is also a teacher. His illness makes him forget the names of his wife and children, but he can easily say Hemingway’s works. Hemingway’s famous The Old Man and the Sea was finished here in Xisuo Island, and it is John’s favorite work.

Two old men "ran away from home" behind their children’s backs. John couldn’t drive because of illness, but during the journey, he drove the old car at a gallop. When Ella called the children, she told them, "Son, we won’t be long. There are some things that I must finish with your father.".

The film fills in the grief and sadness that Alzheimer’s disease would have brought to the family with a lot of jokes, making the whole film easy and interesting.

During the trip, John left his wife alone and drove away. When Ella got on a passerby’s motorcycle and caught up with John, John’s reaction was, "Why are you sitting on a motorcycle?" He has completely forgotten that his wife traveled by car with him.

Similarly, when he arrived in Pennsylvania, he asked Ella, "Where are we?" After Ella told him, he asked, "What are we doing in Pennsylvania?" He will forget his children, mistake his students, and forget the purpose of this trip.

However, he can’t forget English grammar. On the way, when they were forced to hand over the money by a sudden robber, he did not forget to correct the grammatical mistakes made by the robber. At this time, Ella scared away the robbers with a prepared shotgun.

"Love Before Memory Dies" is adapted from Michael Sadrian’s novel of the same name. As a road movie, it reveals the story of travel and uncovers an old story (not much to say, it will be spoiled if you talk too much! ), and behind this past, the focus is on marriage and old age.

In the last period of life, their attitude is not negative at all, and life is full of interest everywhere. Ella, played by helen mirren, painted her nails, wore a wig and put on lipstick. Even though she is not young, she is still a delicate woman. During the journey, the two will also look at old photos with slides.

From the preview, we can also see that the two spent a beautiful and romantic night in the hotel suite. John talked to ella to the fullest; "I can’t believe my wife is so beautiful", the gentleman invited her and they embraced and danced together. The couple who have been together for fifty years have a very funny and warm daily life, and their love is indestructible in the face of aging and death.

The two leading actors won numerous awards.

"Love Before Memory Disappears" was selected as the main competition unit of Venice Film Festival in 2017. After the premiere of the film festival, some media reporters praised helen mirren’s performance. Helen mirren won the Best Actress at the Venice Film Festival in 2006 for her film, and won the Oscar for Best Actress for The Queen the following year.

Helen mirren in The Queen is noble and solemn, but she is very conservative. When helen mirren portrays Elizabeth II after learning of Princess Diana’s death, she reminds herself by saying "I am the queen" every day. And her superb acting skills have been greatly affirmed.

In addition, helen mirren won the Best Actress Award at Cannes Film Festival with and twice.

Donald sutherland, the actor, should be the most familiar Canadian in China. He is also quite powerful. He is the winner of the 90th Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award. Previously, he won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor twice for Citizen X and War Path.

Donald sutherland has appeared in many films, including series,,, and so on. It is worth noting that he once appeared in the works directed by Xiaogang Feng in 2001. His role is Taylor, the great Hollywood director who came to China to make a film.

It can be said that the performances of donald sutherland and helen mirren were impeccable. Many foreign media commented on "Love Before Memory Dies", although they were quite critical of the film’s plays, they still affirmed the performance of these two drama bones, saying that this is the most attractive part of the film, which is quite convincing. "Every wrinkle is a play, and every expression contains the most complicated emotions in the character’s heart."

3 Italian local teams shoot American films.

Paolo Virzì, the director of Love Before Memory Dies, has shot many Italian local comedies, and can be said to be one of the representative figures. His "My name is Tanino" has all been shortlisted for the Venice Film Festival. "Love Before Memory Dies" is the fourth time that he has been selected for the Venice Film Festival.

But his international fame is not very great. In the 74th Venice Film Festival, many famous directors gathered, and his works also received a lot of attention. Especially with the blessing of the two leading actors, the judges can feel the more delicate emotional expression.

Paolo Virzì never thought that he would make a film that had nothing to do with Italy. When he was invited by an American film producer, he decided that helen mirren and donald sutherland must play the roles.

He said: "When I was filming this film as an American director, I always reminded myself of my Italian identity. On the set, I felt the common feelings of human beings. I tried to look at this story from an Italian perspective, and I kept my own style: shooting this film with a story that is true, human, ironic and mixed with comedy and tragedy. "

Yes, this is the concept that Paolo Virzì has always adhered to: there is always tragedy in comedy, and only dramatic plots can make people laugh.

The foreign media "SSG Syndicate" described the film as a bittersweet and warm journey, and the excellent performance made this film. Film Journal International commented that although this film is a bit ordinary, it is very enjoyable in most cases.

When talking about this film, "CineVue" said: "Sorrow and sadness are often dangerous, but" Love Before Memory Dies "is not like this. Even if love comes to an end, they are still celebrating." The critics of RogerEbert.com even shed tears when watching it.

In addition, although the film was shot in the United States, most of the film’s creative team are Italian. Photographer Luca Bigazzi has worked with Italian director paolo sorrentino in many film and television dramas.

Musician Carlo Wizz and director Paolo Virzì are old partners, and he has participated in Osodo and My Name is Tanino.

Editor Jacob Quadri worked with the director on My Name is Tanino, but he is famous for working with Italian director bernardo bertolucci.

The latest situation of table tennis World Cup: Olympic runner-up led the team to win, Germany, South Korea 8

On the evening of December 7th, Beijing time, the Chengdu Table Tennis Mixed Team World Cup continued, and four teams came on stage again for two matchups, namely, South Korea VS Sweden and Germany VS China Taipei. Among them, the second-seeded German team won 8-2 under the leadership of Olympic runner-up Shan Xiaona, ending the losing streak.

As for Sweden, which played inextricably with Japanese players not long ago, the performance was poor this time. In the end, the fourth seed South Korea won 8-2, and it was not an upset-please see below for details.

The battle between South Korea and Sweden is quite interesting. Although the overall strength of the former is obviously stronger, it is mainly the female players who are stronger. As for the male athletes, they have little advantage over Sweden. However, after the start of the competition, the Korean mixed doubles team Zhang Yuzhen/Tian Zhixi took the lead, losing 1-2 to Carlson/C Carlberg (10-12, 11-6, 6-11), and the Swedish team successfully gained the lead.

However, in the second set, South Korea quickly succeeded in counterattack. As a marginal main force, Li Shiwen quickly won 11-9, 11-9 and 11-8 in a row, sweeping Sweden’s top player Berg Sterlon. This shows the great strength gap between the two teams of female athletes.

The third set was the battle of focus. South Korean Lin Zhongxun played against Swedish men’s singles No.1 Carlberg. Not long ago, Carlberg almost overturned Zhang Benzhi and lost 2 points in the deciding game. However, this time, he lost 7-11, 8-11 and 8-11, and the Swedish team was forced into a desperate situation.

In the fourth set of men’s doubles, the former world number one and now world number two Korean team Zhang Yuzhen/Lin Zhongxun played Karlsson/A Carlberg. As a result, the first two ended the battle with 11-7, and the total score of South Korea beat Sweden 8-2.

Germany is the second seed in this competition. However, Shan Xiaona, the Olympic runner-up, is the only core player. Bohr, Ochalov, Francesca, Qiu Dang, Han Ying and Mittham are absent one after another. In terms of strength, they are not even in the top four. They have lost to Sweden and France in succession before, but the China Taipei team they met this time is not at its peak.

Like Germany, the China Taipei team did not have the top three athletes Lin Yunru, Chuan Chih Yuan and Zheng Yijing, so the group stage was almost eliminated. Chen Siyu, the number one player in the quarter-finals, kept resting, and it was not realistic to win Germany.

In the first set of mixed doubles, German meissner/Winter played against China Taipei’s Yang Jiaan/Li Yuhuang. In the first set, the first two players lost 3-11, but then they won two 11-7 turnovers in a row, successfully gaining a 2-1 lead in the total score.

The second set was the battle of focus, in which Shan Xiaona and Chen Siyu, the strongest main players of the two teams, played against each other. Although Shan Xiaona is 40 years old, but the fast break is still powerful, he won the first prize with 11-7, but he was defeated by 8-11 in the second game. In the deciding game, Shan Xiaona rallied and finally ended the battle with 11-7, helping the German team to expand its advantage.

In the third set of men’s singles, Walther, a German player, played against Ye Zhiwei of China Taipei Team. The former’s offensive quality was obviously higher, and he soon ended the battle with 11-9, 11-8 and 11-5. In the fourth set, German women’s doubles team Shan Xiaona/Winter made persistent efforts and finally defeated Chen Siyu/Huang Yihua 11-6, thus defeating China Taipei 8-2 with a total score, ending the previous losing streak.

In this way, after losing in a row, Germany finally saved the face of the second seed, so what kind of ranking and achievements will they finally achieve? Let’s continue to wait and see!

The 6th "Meikang Cup" Basketball League opens in Lhasa.

  On September 15th, the 6th "Meikang Cup" Basketball League in Lhasa, jointly organized by Lhasa Sports Bureau and Lhasa Basketball Association, opened. There are three groups in this competition: men’s five-a-side institutions, social groups and women’s five-a-side institutions. There are 56 teams from Lhasa counties (districts), functional parks, municipal units, enterprises and troops stationed in the city, the masses and social groups, and more than 800 people participated. The scale of the competition is the highest ever.

  At the opening ceremony, the organizer specially invited Jumping Soul, the only trampoline dunk performance team in Asia, to bring a passionate fancy trampoline dunk performance. It is reported that the team has boarded NBA, KBL, World Cup, CCTV Spring Festival Evening, CBA and other famous stadiums and stages.

  On the first day of the competition, in the opening match between Tibet Ruiqi Timber Team and Tibet Meikang Team, the athletes staged a wonderful confrontation, which attracted applause and screams from the audience. During the break, the passionate basketball baby cheerleaders showed their dynamic dances to the fans and audience at the scene, which attracted bursts of applause.

  La Zhen, deputy secretary and director of the Party Group of Lhasa Sports Bureau, said, "Lhasa Basketball League is a basic event to meet the diversified needs of the people’s sports and has been recognized by the masses. At present, the Sports Bureau of Lhasa is actively planning national fitness events in the second half of the year, for example, the Lhasa Farmers and Herdsmen Games held at the end of October. At the end of December, Ding Junhui, O ‘Sullivan and other famous athletes were invited to participate in the Lhasa Snooker Competition. In addition, we are planning the Skinracho Swim Experience Tournament. "

  This tournament lasted for 13 days, and after 118 fierce competitions, it will close on September 27th. The purpose of the competition is to build a basketball exchange platform, strengthen communication among basketball fans, strengthen national unity, enhance friendship, learn skills and improve together, so as to promote the development of sports in Lhasa.

  Tibet Daily hosts a 24-hour news/advertising hotline: 6970000 domestic unified serial number: CN54-0009 postal code: 67-20.

Warriors: Faced with a choice, rebuild or pursue the championship?

The Warriors are faced with a difficult choice: whether to continue to pursue the championship or rebuild? However, for this powerful team, their attitude is clear, and the goal is still the championship. In the past few seasons, the Warriors have been the dominant player in the NBA. They have superstars such as Curry, Thompson and Green, and top players such as Durant and Cousins. Their golden age undoubtedly brought endless glory and excitement to the fans. However, with injuries and contract problems, the Warriors suffered some setbacks last season. Despite this, the Warriors did not give up the goal of pursuing the championship. Instead, they regard these difficulties as opportunities for exercise and growth. They know that if they want to stand at the top again, they must make more efforts and persistence. On the occasion of the new season, the Warriors readjusted their lineup through draft and trading, and introduced some young and potential players. They hope that these newcomers can inject new vitality into the team and play an important role in the game. In addition, the Warriors still own Curry, a superstar. He is the soul and leader of the team, and his existence provides the Warriors with the motivation to continue to compete for the championship. Although he also suffered from injuries, Curry showed amazing resilience and tenacious willpower. His return will undoubtedly inject new vitality and confidence into the Warriors. The Warriors were faced with the choice of rebuilding or pursuing the championship, and they chose the latter. They made it clear that the goal is still the championship. By adjusting the lineup, cultivating young players and Curry’s return,The Warriors will once again show their strength and determination.

When choosing Paul, the head coach of the Warriors obviously valued his ability to control the field and the importance of the game. As an experienced point guard, Paul has excellent organizational and leadership skills, which can effectively command the team’s attack and improve the overall combat effectiveness. However, we can’t ignore the risks brought by Paul’s height and age. As a point guard, Paul is relatively short, which will be limited when facing some tall inside players. On the defensive end, he may encounter some difficulties and be easily broken by his opponent by taking advantage of his height. In addition, with the growth of age, Paul’s physical fitness will gradually decline, which will have a certain impact on his lasting combat effectiveness. However, the Warriors chose Paul for no reason. First of all, the core players of the Warriors have excellent scoring ability, and they need a point guard who can organize the attack stably. Paul is such a player. His passing skills and awareness are excellent, which can create more scoring opportunities for teammates. Secondly, Paul’s importance in the game is not only reflected in the offensive end, but also can bring stable leadership and experience to the team, which has a positive impact on the growth of young players. Of course, in order to maximize Paul’s advantages and reduce risks, the Warriors can make up for his height disadvantage through tactical arrangements. They can use fast passing and flexible defensive strategies to limit the play of opponents’ inside players and strengthen the overall defensive awareness of the team. In addition, Paul also needs to arrange his rest time and training plan reasonably.In order to maintain good physical condition and stable competitive ability. It is risky for the Warriors to choose Paul, but this choice also fully takes into account his field control ability and importance.

Cole’s admiration for Paul is beyond words. He praised Paul without stint as one of the best point guards in basketball history. Indeed, both in technology and leadership, Paul has demonstrated extraordinary ability. As a point guard, Paul is skillful and comprehensive. His eye for passing the ball is extremely unique, and he can accurately find the space of his teammates and create scoring opportunities. His organizational ability is also first-class, and he can lead the team to play a smooth offensive system. In addition, Paul also showed excellent ability in shooting and breakthrough, and his personal scoring ability was remarkable. More importantly, Paul can control the game at the critical moment. He is famous for his calmness and decisiveness, and he can make the right decision in a tense situation. Whether in the playoffs or in the regular season, he can play his best and help the team win. Because of this, Cole is full of expectations for next season. He believes that under the leadership of Paul, the team can achieve better results. Cole knows that Paul’s joining is not only to improve the team’s strength, but also to bring the fans the joy of victory. In Cole’s view, next season will be a season full of hope and challenges. He believes that the team can play a wonderful game under the leadership of Paul and present a wonderful basketball feast for the fans. Regardless of the outcome, Cole firmly believes that the team will develop in the direction expected by the fans. In a word, Paul, as an excellent point guard, not only performed well technically, but also showed his ability to dominate the game at critical moments.Cole praised him and looked forward to next season.

The Warriors missed Poole, which meant that no one inside was available, which undoubtedly put an end to their championship era. In the past few years, the Warriors have been famous for their excellent outside shooting and teamwork. However, the basketball game is not only about shooting from outside, but also the existence of inside. In the past few seasons, the Warriors have made brilliant achievements with the outstanding performances of superstars such as Curry, Thompson and Duran. However, in the face of powerful opponents, their weaknesses in the inside are exposed. The lack of a strong and comprehensive insider makes them at a disadvantage in defense and rebounding. Poole’s mistake undoubtedly sounded the alarm for the Warriors. He is an insider with excellent basketball IQ and skills, and can provide stable insider support for the team. However, due to various reasons, the Warriors failed to sign him, resulting in an empty inside. However, we can’t declare that the Warriors’ championship era is over. Basketball game is a team sport, and victory depends not only on the performance of individual players. Warriors still have excellent players such as Curry, Thompson and Green, and their outside firepower is still terrible. In addition, they can make up for the lack of inside through tactical adjustment. The Warriors need to find new options inside. They can bring in an excellent inside player through trading or free market signing to enhance the overall strength of the team. At the same time, they can also train young players and improve the depth and competitiveness of the inside. It’s a pity for the Warriors to miss Poole.But it doesn’t mean that their championship era is over.

Thank you for reading this article, and the determination and strength of the Warriors will be demonstrated again. They chose to pursue the championship. By adjusting the lineup and training young players, they believe they can return to the top. Curry’s return will also inject new vitality and confidence into the team. Let’s expect the Warriors to show great strength and determination in the new season!

186 million in 3 years, with a record average salary! Davis renewed his contract with the Lakers: teaming up with James to win the championship again

On August 5th, Beijing time, according to the famous Woj report, agent Ricky Paul revealed that Davis had reached an early renewal contract with the Lakers of $186 million for three years, and the average salary of this contract was as high as $62 million, which created the highest average salary renewal contract in NBA history. Davis and the Lakers have two years left in their original contract. Together with the current contract renewal, Davis and the Lakers’ contract will last until 2028, with a total salary of $270 million for five years. In the future, Davis will continue to join hands with James to move towards the championship again.

For Davis, it is worthwhile for him to get such a contract renewal. As one of the top power forwards in the active league, Davis has nothing to say without injury. Last season, Davis played 56 games for the team, averaging 25.9 points, 12.5 rebounds, 2.6 assists, 1.1 steals and 2 blocks, with a shooting percentage of 56.3%. His scoring, rebounding and shooting percentage are all the highest in the last three years. It is worth mentioning that Davis averaged 25+10+2 hats per game in a single season. He is also the third player in the history of the Lakers to get such data, and his performance is evident on the shoulders of O’ Neill and Abdul-Jabbar.

After helping the Lakers win the championship, Davis was really depressed for two seasons, but last season, Davis’ performance was obvious to all. As long as he can play in the game, he can play a dominant performance. For example, in the face of the Wizards, Davis handed over the data of 55 points, 17 rebounds and 3 blocks, while in the game against the Bucks, Davis scored 44 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 blocks. In addition, Davis also scored 30+10 in five consecutive games, playing the performance of offensive and defensive integration in the game. As long as he is not injured, then Davis is definitely one of the top players in the active league.

The reason why the Lakers renewed Davis’ contract in advance is also very clear, that is, James is not young, and the team needs to find a successor to James. If James retires after playing next season, the Lakers can continue to build a team around Davis, and the team still has the possibility of hitting the championship.

It is also helpful for Davis to stay with the Lakers for a long time, where he can enjoy the treatment of team leaders and have the opportunity to retire his jersey from the Lakers. When Gasol’s jerseys retired, Davis said that he hoped that one day his jerseys could be hung around these legendary stars, and he was eager to be one of them. Davis has a five-year contract with the Lakers. During this period, if Davis can help the team win the championship, his jersey is likely to be retired by the Lakers. It can be said that this contract renewal is beneficial to both sides. The Lakers will be the leader in the next few years, and Davis will get a high salary, and there may be opportunities for the jersey to be retired.

3,000 runners gather in Zhongxian County, Chongqing! 2023 Three Gorges Juxiang Pastoral Marathon starts.

Video loading … Hualong. com-New Chongqing Client News (Qiu Xiaoya) At 8:00 on April 22, 2023, the Three Gorges Orange Township Pastoral Marathon started in the pastoral complex of the Three Gorges Orange Township in Zhongxian County, Chongqing. 3,000 marathon enthusiasts from all over the country gathered together and set up two projects: half marathon (21.0975 km) and happy run (6 km).

2023 Three Gorges Orange Country Pastoral Marathon started. According to the organizer, the Three Gorges Orange Country Garden Complex is one of the first batch of 18 national-level garden complex pilot projects in China. The Three Gorges Orange Country Garden Marathon Corridor built in the garden complex according to the international marathon track standards provides runners with a high-standard track for running. The contestants set off from the tourist distribution center, crossed the fruitful 10,000-mu orange sea, and passed through the scenic spots such as Daomeng Space, Qinglong Lake and Hehai in Orange Township, accompanied by orange fragrance all the way.

Player Wang Tao won the championship in 1 hour, 10 minutes and 7 seconds. Photo courtesy of the organizer After fierce competition, in the men’s half race, Wang Tao won the championship in 1 hour, 10 minutes and 7 seconds, Wang Mingcheng won the runner-up in 1 hour, 10 minutes and 30 seconds, and Sheng Wang won the third place in 1 hour, 10 minutes and 32 seconds. In the women’s half, Dong Tian won the championship in 1 hour, 23 minutes and 23 seconds, Ye Rui won the second place in 1 hour, 25 minutes and 5 seconds, and Wu Ruixue won the third place in 1 hour, 27 minutes and 2 seconds. It is worth mentioning that the name of the 2023 Yangtze Three Gorges Marathon has been announced, and interested runners can register through Yundong Chongqing’s official micro-signal. The competition will be held in Zhongxian County in December, and runners will once again run in the heart of the Three Gorges Reservoir and enjoy the Yangtze River bonsai. (This article is from the new Chongqing client APP, please download it in major application markets.)

La Liga-vinicius, Militao and asensio each scored a goal. Real Madrid reversed the Spaniard 3-1.

Live broadcast on March 11 th At 21 o’clock on March 11 th, Beijing time, Real Madrid played against the Spaniards in the 25th round of La Liga. In the first half, Jose Lu took the lead in breaking the goal, and courtois contributed to the key save. vinicius and Militang successively broke the goal to help the team complete the overtaking. In the second half, Rodrigo hit the crossbar with a free kick, Gabriel came off the bench but was injured, and asensio scored a single goal in stoppage time to kill the game. At the end of the game, Real Madrid 3-1 Spaniard.

[Key Events of Competition]

In the eighth minute, the Spaniard found the right side of the frontcourt with a long pass in the backcourt. Sanchez swept the penalty area with a low flat ball. Jose Lu easily outflanked the goal and the Spaniard scored 1-0 in Real Madrid. ↓

In the 23rd minute,

In the 39th minute, Joan Ameni made a cross from the outside instep on the left side of the restricted area. Militao nodded and scored a goal, and Real Madrid scored 2-1 against the Spaniard. ↓

In the 92nd minute, Na Qiao rushed 30 meters to send a straight plug, and asensio got a single-handedly close angle, and Real Madrid won 3-1 with the Spaniard. ↓

[Moment of Competition Focus]

In the second minute, Braithwaite hit the door on the left side of the penalty area and was blocked by Militao. ↓

In the 13th minute, Cammavinga hit the door too hard in the restricted area and was caught by the goalkeeper. ↓

In the 14th minute, the Spaniard scored a free kick, and Sosa was blocked by courtois. ↓

In the 24th minute, Cross shot the ball high from the top of the arc. ↓

In the 47th minute, the Spaniard tried to cheat with a kick in midfield. ↓

In the 49th minute, modric kicked a free kick into the penalty area, and the defender cleared the ball first. ↓

In the 70th minute, Cross shot high from the outside. ↓

In the 74th minute, Rodrigo scored a free kick, and the ball bypassed the wall and hit the crossbar to pop up the bottom line. ↓

At the end of the game, Real Madrid 3-1 Spaniard.

[Information on both sides’ starting and replacement]

Real Madrid starters: 1- courtois, 2- carvajal, 3- Militao, 6- Na Qiao, 12- Camanga, 8- Cross (74′ 19- Sebastian), 10- modric (72′ 11- asensio), 15- valverde, 18- Joan Armani (74).

Real Madrid substitutes: 13- Lu Ning, 26- Luis Lopez, 5- vallejo, 7- Azar, 16- Odriosola, 17- Vá zquez and 24- Mariano.

Spanish starters: 13- Pacheco, 2- Oscar-Hill (69′ 18- Pierre-Gabriel (84′ 22- Alex-vidal)), 4- cabrera, 23- Montes, 24- Sergey-Gomez (85′ 21- Melamed), 10- Dader.

Spanish substitutes: 1- Joao Garcia, 25- Alvaro Fernandez, 5- Caleiro, 14- Olivain, 16- Lasso, 20- Exposito, 19- Dani Gomez.