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Hong Kong’s top movie was released in Taipei, and the first day it smashed 6100 box office!

On the 15th, the film My Paradise City, starring Hong Kong’s strongest top-notch Jiang Tao and Taiwan Province’s floret Vivian Sung, was released in Taipei, and the outside world was generally optimistic about winning a high box office. Surprisingly, it was hit hard on the first day.

According to the statistics of the box office statistics website on the island,On the first day of Taipei, My Paradise City grossed NT$ 27,000 (about RMB 6,100)., ranked 13th in the single-day box office list (third from the bottom), only better than Megalodon 2: Abyss (NT$ 15,000) which was released for 45 days, and Mission Impossible 7: Fatal Liquidation (NT$ 22,000) which was released for more than two months. The following is a screenshot of box office data:

It is worth mentioning that Jiang Tao and his company ViuTV and MakerVillage attached great importance to this film, and went to Taipei to publicize it for a week before it was released. During this period, they recorded well-known variety shows such as "100% Entertainment" and accepted a large number of local media and YouTube channels. The 3,000 Hong Kong gingerbread (the nickname of Jiang Tao fans) that followed once turned Ximending into "Jiangtao Town", which made local citizens and netizens see what is the top stream. Now that this box office result comes out, it’s really quite a hit.

It can be seen that the 3,000 ginger candies left too early. Even if they left one-tenth of the troops, My Paradise City would not only receive 27,000, but there would always be NT$ 60,000. To tell the truth, if Ginger Sugar doesn’t want her idol to lose too badly, she’d better buy a plane ticket to Taiwan Province when she has time at the weekend.

In addition, this is not the first film released by Jiang Tao in Taiwan Province. His "Grandma has a second zuo" (Taiwan translation: Mother’s Star Favorite) won NT$ 430,000 (98,000 yuan) in Taiwan Province last year, and the situation is quite beautiful.

So, what will be the final box office of My Paradise City in Taiwan Province? Xiao Bian believes that according to the current situation, the high probability is between NT$ 300,000 and NT$ 400,000, and at most it is about NT$ 500,000, unless there is a major positive box office event with abnormal trend.

As for Hong Kong’s box office (released on October 12th), considering that wuli Taotao is, after all, the top stream in Hong Kong, with a huge amount of ginger candy and high combat effectiveness at home, it is expected that it will take HK$ 5 million or even HK$ 10 million even in the off-season.

Zhai Xiaochuan suspected to tell the truth, Fan Ziming died for 12 hours, and qi zhou pressured Zhao Ruisheng to change!

In the basketball circle, the news that circulates often has certain basis. People who stand at the forefront usually know the truth best and have the most right to speak. However, their expressions vary widely, some are euphemistic and some are straightforward. Sometimes, straightforward words may be difficult for ordinary people to accept, but these outspoken words are often sincere advice when most people are least heeded.

Recently, there have been a series of sensational events in basketball. Qi zhou, who had expected to return to the Beijing Control Team, was unexpectedly rejected, which led to the Shanghai Men’s Basketball Team replacing him. However, due to the change of head coach and the difficulties encountered last season, the enthusiasm of the Shanghai men’s basketball team was not high, and they finally chose to leave. At the same time, Beijing Shougang men’s basketball team was involved in the trading storm with Fan Ziming as a bargaining chip. Fan Ziming couldn’t help but feel uneasy and tangled. Although he gradually adapted to life in Beijing, when he knew that he had become a bargaining chip, his mood was very complicated and he even became restless when he slept.

To his credit, Zhai Xiaochuan, Fan Ziming’s brother, was very loyal. When he learned that the transaction failed, he immediately issued a "dissolution" statement, apparently to safeguard his brother’s interests.

However, qi zhou is facing another dilemma, because no team is willing to sign with him, and his efforts seem to be in vain. This is not the expected result for him. At the same time, in order to participate in the World Cup, qi zhou must complete the transfer formalities as soon as possible, otherwise he may leave the basketball team. This makes his future full of uncertainty. Zhao Rui, his teammate, is facing a similar problem. The contract with Guangdong Team is about to expire, and it is unknown whether he will continue to sign or be traded.

There are often many stories hidden behind basketball transactions that are not known to the outside world. The players have made a lot of efforts for their future and their dreams. However, the cruelty of reality is often unsatisfactory, and people have to readjust their goals and plans. With the constant turmoil in the basketball circle, players must always make decisions, find their own stage and continue to pursue their basketball dreams.

For basketball players, career is full of ups and downs and challenges. They need to face uncertainty and make hard choices, and all these constitute a moving part of basketball. Let’s look forward to the players continuing to pursue their dreams and shine in the future basketball stage. In this changeable basketball world, I hope every player can find his own basketball home and continue to write their own legendary chapters.

NBA transparent screen: how to display real-time data and statistical information? Technology, principle and application

NBA transparent screen is a new technology application, which combines transparent display technology with basketball games and brings fans a brand-new experience of watching games.

This transparent screen can be installed on the sideline of the basketball court, so that the audience can see the game in the court through the screen, and at the same time, it can display some real-time data and statistical information about the game.

The traditional way of watching the game is to watch the game through the big screen in the audience, but this way of watching will be blocked by other spectators in the audience, which will affect the watching experience.

The appearance of transparent screen solves this problem, and the audience can directly see the game situation in the field through the screen, which is no longer interfered by other audiences and provides a clearer vision.

In the course of the game, the transparent screen can display the real-time data of the game, such as scores, rebounds and assists, so that the audience can understand the progress of the game more intuitively.

At the same time, the transparent screen can also display the player’s personal data and statistical information, such as hit rate and three-point hit rate, so that the audience can understand the player’s performance more comprehensively.

The audience can participate in the competition through the transparent screen, such as voting for the MVP through the buttons on the screen, or participating in the competition through the interactive games on the screen.

This interactive experience can increase the audience’s sense of participation and entertainment, and enhance the fun of watching the game.

First of all, the manufacturing and installation cost of transparent screen is high, which requires a lot of capital and technical support.

Secondly, the reliability and stability of the transparent screen is also a problem, and it is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the screen and free from external interference.

In addition, the use of transparent screen also needs to consider the privacy and safety of the audience, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble and influence on the audience.

Generally speaking, the transparent screen of NBA is an innovative technical application, which brings a brand-new experience for watching basketball games. It can provide a clear view of the game, display real-time data and statistics, and provide a rich interactive experience.

However, the manufacturing and installation cost of transparent screen is high, and the reliability and stability are also a problem, so it is necessary to comprehensively consider various factors to promote its further development and application.

China men’s basketball team wins! The biggest parallel imports are strong when they are weak, and Guangdong fans feel humiliated.

The warm-up match of China Men’s Basketball World Cup ushered in a great victory. It can be said that this is a long-lost victory. We beat Cape Verde 86-66. The best player in this game is Hu Mingxuan of Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team. Everyone knows that Hu Mingxuan’s strength is not inferior to that of Guo Ailun, and he can even be called the first defender in Asia. It is not bad to enter the NBA Hall of Fame in the future.

Many fans say that Hu Mingxuan’s 3-pointer is more accurate than Curry’s, and his offensive ability under the basket is comparable to James’s. In a word, he can resist playing. So now, against Cape Verde, where the fighting strength is very poor, Hu Mingxuan once again exerts his passive skills. If he is weak, he will be strong, and if he is strong, he will sit! Thanks to Hu Mingxuan, China men’s basketball team won a great victory.

In this game, both ends of Hu Mingxuan’s attack and defense have made achievements, which is completely the standard of NBA. In addition, when Hu Mingxuan was leading the team in Du Feng, there were too many cases in which a strong team scored 1 point in 40 minutes, but when he met Bahrain’s men’s basketball team, he almost lost the game. Fortunately, Jiang Weize of Jilin men’s basketball team appeared in time, otherwise Du Feng would have finished class.

Now Hu Mingxuan’s performance has made the fans shine. It seems that in this World Cup, we have entered the top eight and surpassed the history of men’s basketball. At the same time, we wish Hu Mingxuan can surpass Kobe’s record in the World Cup, cut him 90 points and directly throw 30 3-pointers. Do Guangdong fans have face? So what do you think about this? Welcome to leave a message in the comments section.

Overnight summary! 4 giants were upset +1 team won the championship, Barcelona 1-2 at home, and Milan 5-1 was one point behind the top four.

# Hundreds of teams #

In the past night, the five major leagues in Europe were unpopular. Four giants were upset this night. Liverpool, Arsenal, Bayern and Barcelona did not win. Manchester City also won the Premier League championship ahead of schedule because Arsenal lost to Nottingham Forest. In addition, AC Milan beat Sampdoria 5-1. At present, there is one more game, one point behind Lazio.

Barcelona 1-2 Royal Society

Prior to this, Barcelona had won the championship ahead of schedule, which probably affected the mentality of the players. At home in La Liga, Barcelona only conceded 2 goals in the first 17 games this season, and as a result, they conceded 2 goals in this round, which is really incredible.

Only five minutes after the first half, Comte was robbed with the ball in his own half, and then the Royal Society counterattacked. Finally, merino pushed and shot, breaking the door of Barcelona and even the small door of Ter stegen.

In the second half, Barcelona was robbed again because of careless dribbling in the frontcourt, and the Royal Society made a perfect counterattack. Finally, three people cooperated to expand the score to 2-0. Although Barcelona scored a goal before the end of the game, they were still 1-2 upset and suffered the first defeat at home in La Liga this season.

Milan 5-1 Sampdoria

That night, AC Milan’s attack broke out completely. At home, they beat Sampdoria 5-1, leaving a glimmer of hope for the fourth round.

Only 9 minutes after the first half, Leo faced the goalkeeper with a single knife after receiving the ball and finally scored calmly, breaking the deadlock for AC Milan. After that, Gill wore a hat and Diaz scored, which helped AC Milan win the key victory.

Up to now, AC Milando is one game behind Lazio, which ranks fourth in the standings. If the opponent loses five points in the last three rounds (Lazio has a superior performance in the match, and the same point will beat AC Milan), and AC Milan wins all the remaining games, then they will overtake their opponents and reach the top four. After the exit from the Champions League, Serie A won the top four, which is the only chance for AC Milan to advance to the Champions League.

Nottingham Forest 1-0 Arsenal, Liverpool 1-1 draw with Villa.

These two games have a great impact on the Premier League title race and the fourth race. Among them, Arsenal made a fatal mistake in the away game, which was countered by Nottingham Forest and eventually lost to the opponent 0-1.

Although Liverpool drew 1-1 at home to Villa, with Manchester United beating Bournemouth away, Liverpool was basically desperate for the fourth place. Then Manchester United and Newcastle both need one more point, and Liverpool will definitely miss the top four. Because Arsenal lost, they are now four points behind Manchester City with only one game left. This result also helps Guashuai’s team win the Premier League ahead of schedule.

Bayern was reversed by Leipzig 1-3.

This night, there was also Bayern. With a 1-0 lead at home, Bayern collapsed in the second half. In the second half, Lemmer counterattacked the goal and equalized the score for Leipzig. After that, the visiting team got two penalties and finally beat Bayern 3-1 away.

After this game, Bayern’s top position is in jeopardy. If Dortmund wins augsburg in the away game, the Bundesliga championship will be completely reversed. Now the initiative is completely in Dortmund’s hands. As long as they win the last two games, they will win the Bundesliga championship this season!

2-3! Cao Meng continued to compete for the championship, and Zhang Linyan was fascinated: one-stop internal cutting+world wave, making 19 goals in the first season

On May 21st, Beijing time, the first leg of the semi-final of the Swiss Women’s Super Playoff started, and Zhang Linyan, a talented woman studying abroad in China, broke out again. With the help of God, this campaign was directly cut in one stop, and she scored a key goal for the Cao Meng women’s football team. However, the Cao Meng women’s football team lost 2-3 to Zurich women’s football team, and it was at a disadvantage to compete for the championship. She needed to win in the second round to have a chance to enter the final.

Cao Meng women’s football team won four consecutive victories before the current round of competition, which strongly impacted the championship trophy, while Zhang Linyan took out the state of winning the championship and losing the hand. She made achievements in four consecutive games, scored three goals and one assist, scored two through-train goals, won the best goal award in a single round and made a wonderful assist. However, the Zurich women’s football team also has an excellent state, and it is also a favorite for the championship, entering the semi-finals with seven consecutive victories.

In this match, the competition between Cao Meng women’s football team and Zurich women’s football team was fierce, and the game was in a stalemate. Zurich women’s football team is slightly superior to Cao Meng women’s football team in both offensive and defensive ends. In the first 68 minutes, Zurich women’s football team leads 2-1; In the 68th minute of the game, Zhang Linyan, who started the game, once again showed her super personal ability. She got a straight ball from her teammates on the right side of the frontcourt, cut the ball directly to get rid of many defenders, and finally shot the world wave with her left foot directly from the arc top of the restricted area, and the ball hung directly in the corner of the top left corner of the goal. Cao Meng women’s football team lost 2-2 Zurich women’s football team, but at the last moment Cao Meng women’s football team lost another goal, and Cao Meng women’s football team finally ended the game 2-3.

The first leg of another semi-final game has also ended. Selvelt defeated St Gallen’s women’s football team 2-1 away and remained unbeaten in the season. This game is 19 wins, 2 draws and 0 losses, which is the biggest favorite to win the championship. Cao Meng women’s football team has 14 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses this season, while Zurich women’s football team has 17 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. As can be seen from the total score, the stability of Cao Meng women’s football team is not as good as that of Servit and Zurich, so it is difficult to be optimistic about the championship. However, they have Zhang Linyan, the winner of the Swiss women’s super season Golden Globe Award, which greatly enhances their confidence in the championship, and they have the opportunity to complete the counterattack with the star effect in the second round.

Although 22-year-old Zhang Linyan studied abroad in European football for the first time, she made 19 goals in the first season of studying abroad, and her offensive ability was fully recognized. After the regular season, she won the Swiss Women’s Super Official Player of the Season Award, which is a new history for China women’s football players studying abroad. At the same time, she also won the Best 11 Player Award. With such high-light performance, Zhang Linyan needs a championship trophy to end the season. All the last five games have made achievements, and all of them have shown the performance of top stars, which is enough to prove her desire for the championship. There is reason to believe that Zhang Linyan will continue to make achievements in the second round of the semi-final to help the team reverse the promotion.

It is understood that Zhang Linyan’s promotion after studying abroad is very obvious. Her confrontational ability, game rhythm and ball handling ability are all better than in the past, especially her breakthrough ability, which has fulfilled the talent of talented players. Recently, she has made achievements in three consecutive games (including two goalkeepers). According to this growth rate, Zhang Linyan may go further in the new season and challenge the five major leagues.

The national football team plays today! Hit the Asian Cup semi-finals, the two favourites to win the championship are out, which is a lesson for Japan and South Korea.

The quarter-finals of the U20 Asian Cup are in full swing! China men’s soccer team is about to face the powerful Korean team in the quarter-finals! In the two Asian Cup knockout matches completed before this, the two favourites to win the championship were all out!

Host Uzbekistan vs Australia! Uzbekistan successfully drew Australia and dragged the game into a cruel penalty shootout. In the final penalty shootout, Uzbekistan advanced to the top four of the U20 Asian Cup with a total score of 6-5. Another game, the same is to defeat the strong with the weak! Iraq beat Iran 1-0 to advance to the top four! Two other places will be promoted soon. China and South Korea, Japan and Jordan will compete for the last two semi-finals of the Asian Cup!

China U20 men’s soccer team returned to the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup after 9 years! In the death group, China suffered a severe reversal when it led Japan 1-0 in the opening match, and got a good start 1-2. After that, the national football team broke out in desperation, defeated Saudi Arabia 2-0 in the qualifying battle, and drew Kyrgyzstan 1-1 in the final qualifying key battle to successfully qualify for the second place in the group! In the face of South Korea, the China team has no retreat, and it is expected that the national youth players will show their fighting spirit and fighting spirit and do every detail as they did against Saudi Arabia.

Against the powerful Korean team, the China men’s soccer team is not without opportunities! This year’s China U20 national football team clearly identified its position, adhered to the defensive counterattack and achieved great success, which was also able to miraculously qualify in the death group! Now, if we continue to stick to the defensive counterattack strategy, the miracle is likely to be continued! After three group matches, China U20 national football team’s ability to fight is constantly improving, and the goalkeeper’s brave play and the defense of China men’s football team are reassuring!

The future of China Men’s Football Team is in Xinjiang! Up to 7 players in the current U20 National Youth Team are from Xinjiang! Those who can’t kill us will only make us stronger! Every time the South Korean team fails to attack, it is an accumulation of opportunities for the national youth soldiers! With a good defense, China only needs a defensive counterattack to kill South Korea and advance to the Asian Cup semi-finals!

If miracles have color, it must be red! Looking forward to our national youth fighters, in the life-and-death war with South Korea, there will be no regrets! China’s men’s soccer team won the U20 Asian Cup, dating back to 1985, and the men’s soccer team in South Korea and China looked forward to a miracle.