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Why didn’t Hua Xizi cut with Li Jiaqi?

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Hua xizi set fire to his body.

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Author | Yang Lei

Editor | Wei Xiao

Unexpectedly, Li Jiaqi’s anger for the accident of Hua Xizi is still fermenting.

Yesterday, after work, Hua Xizi, the "silent lamb", suddenly sent an apology, saying that he was late. "I have a few words to tell you," and wrote a 450-word essay.

Hua Xizi summed up the state of these days with the words "sincere fear, at a loss". However, regarding the incident itself, Hua Xizi didn’t say a word about whether an eyebrow pencil in 79 yuan was expensive or not, and the negative impact on the brand caused by Li Jiaqi’s inappropriate remarks and the countermeasures.

In the words summed up by netizens: talking a lot means saying nothing …

In order to make up for consumers, Hua Xizi will also give away 10,000 eyebrow pencils for free use, but netizens don’t buy it.

Obviously, Hua Xizi’s public relations strategy did not work, but instead pulled himself from the edge of the incident to the center.

Early this morning, the PR people of Wangchuanhuaxizi fled overnight. And issued a statement in the circle of friends: I have resigned from Hua Xizi, and everything that happened in the hot search today has nothing to do with me.

According to Zhongxin Jingwei, people familiar with the matter said that Hua Xizi left a public relations department or collectively.

The situation has spread to this point, and Hua Xizi has been in chaos both inside and outside. But after clarifying the origin of this matter, we can’t help asking a question: Hua Xizi has been thinking about it for so many days, why hasn’t he cut with Li Jiaqi?

It’s time to untie Li Jiaqi

Suppose that the "Li Jiaqi taunts consumers" incident happened to other brands and anchors. What kind of judgment will the brand make at the first time?

A routine operation is that the brand will draw a clear line with the anchor at the first time. If it is serious, the brand will also hold the anchor accountable.

However, Hua Xizi clearly knows where the consumer is angry, but he doesn’t say anything about it. This is also one of the reasons why consumers don’t buy Hua Xizi’s apology behind this open letter.

Judging from the equity penetration chart, Li Jiaqi actually has nothing to do with Hua Xizi. However, Hua Xizi, founded in 2017, was able to go from obscurity to the head of domestic beauty cosmetics in three years, but it was all thanks to Li Jiaqi.

Looking back in the process of AI Blue Media Convergence, Li Jiaqi is deeply bound, and Hua Xizi can be described as a step into the sky. In 2019, double 11 promoted Hua Xizi to rank seventh in Tmall beauty category with GMV of 250 million yuan. In 2020, Hua Xizi became the first in the turnover list of domestic beauty cosmetics with GMV of 235 million yuan, and in that year, double 11 went straight to the second place in the category of Tmall beauty cosmetics with a turnover of over 470 million yuan.

With so many domestic products queuing up for Li Jiaqi to bring goods, it happened that Huaxizi was the most favored. The reason behind this, Li Jiaqi summed it up like this: "I have been with Hua Xizi for many years. I am the one who knows best how Hua Xizi got up. They almost gave me their home. I almost took Hua Xizi’s surname Li."

In other words, Hua Xizi is working for Li Jiaqi.

Earlier, 36Kr reported that it was rumoured that Li Jiaqi got a profit share as high as 100%-120% by cooperating with Hua Xizi, which was equivalent to brand inversion.

Although Hua Xizi denied this statement, saying that the cooperation between the company and the anchor was at the average level in the industry, Hua Xizi’s high marketing expenses were spread evenly on 79 yuan’s eyebrows, so that consumers could instinctively think about whether it was worth it.

When Li Jiaqi shouted "Where is it expensive?" And let consumers can’t afford to find their own reasons, this noisy point turned into a sword and stabbed Hua Xizi.

Can be described as Li Jiaqi, Li Jiaqi also destroyed.

In fact, Hua Xizi has also shown growth fatigue in the past two years. In 618 this year, the pre-sales of Huaxizi in Tmall, Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker did not exceed 100 million yuan, which is the second year in a row. In 2021, in 618, the overall sales of Huaxizi reached 263 million yuan, which exceeded 100 million yuan during the pre-sale period.

Visible, binding Li Jiaqi, also cannot once and for all. However, Hua Xizi did not untie Li Jiaqi in time according to the routine, which also showed that they were tied too deeply to some extent.

Are the "Hua Xizi" in danger?

Hua Xizi once represented "new domestic beauty". What is "new domestic beauty"? Redefine design, aesthetics and make consumers more confident in using it.

The most representative is not 79 yuan’s eyebrow pencil, but Huaxizi’s carved lipstick. In 2019, the carved lipstick, which abandoned the public film and adopted the ancient micro-carving process, became a hit in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi, and Hua Xizi became famous. It takes oriental aesthetics as its selling point, establishes its own oriental beauty makeup system, and puts concentric locks, dowry, micro-carving, Miao Yin, batik and other elements into product design one by one. At that time, Hua Xizi’s exquisite and unique packaging design also repeatedly triggered discussions on social platforms.

After tasting the bonus of carved lipstick, Hua Xizi worked hard on the outer packaging. According to public information, Hua Xizi applied for 177 patents, more than half of which were product packaging design.

Excessive force on the outer packaging has gradually begun to disgust consumers. Some netizens teased: Hua Xizi is more like a company selling outer packaging.

New domestic products are expensive, not groundless.

A very direct action is that consumers begin to "weigh" the new domestic beauty cosmetics.

Before, the perfect diary stiletto was weighed by consumers to verify that the perfect diary was more expensive than Armani lipstick.

For Hua Xizi, consumers are even more merciless. Everyone accurately calculated that the price per gram of Hua Xizi eyebrow pencil is as high as 985 yuan, which is more expensive than gold.

The star product Huaxizi Loose Powder, which once sold explosively, is on the same level as Chanel under the calculation of netizens. It is understood that the price of Huaxizi Loose Powder is 169 yuan, the net content is 8.5g, and the unit price is 19.88 yuan. The price of Chanel Loose Powder is 590 yuan, and the net content is 30g, and the unit price is 19.67 yuan-which means that Huaxizi Loose Powder is more expensive than Chanel.

Cosmetics should not have been weighed, but in the face of the fact that the unit price per gram is higher than that of the first-line big brands, and its brand value and practical value are much worse than that of the big brands, it is difficult for consumers to convince themselves that they must support "new domestic products."

After the recent incident in Li Jiaqi, the most lively place is the live broadcast room of old domestic products represented by bee flowers.

A flower falls, and thousands of old Chinese goods are born. To a certain extent, it also shows that whether it is a good domestic product is really not defined by the brand itself, but judged by consumers.

Today’s topic

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"Zhijia Technology" completed C1 round of strategic financing.

On the 8th, Hunting Cloud Network reported that MAXIEYE, a full-stack innovation and system solution service provider in the field of smart driving and smart travel, announced that the company has recently completed the C1 round of strategic financing, and the key technology layout of the industrial chain represents the joint investment of Weihao Chuangxin, Yibai Capital and Aixin Yuanzhi. This round of funds will be mainly used for R&D investment in advanced technology of intelligent driving and supply chain reserve for large-scale mass production of passenger cars above L2. In the future, several parties will also cooperate with each other in strategic resources, release the ecological potential of cross-border cooperation, and jointly create value for automobile intelligence and future travel.

According to company information, Zhijia Technology was established in 2016 and is a core technology service provider in the field of intelligent driving and smart travel. With the beautiful vision of "achieving safe and beautiful travel", the company provides customers and partners with all-working, multi-scene and cross-platform ADAS and ADS system products and solutions, covering the closed loop of L0-L4 technologies and services. Adhering to the concept of open cooperation, Zhijia Technology has widely served the passenger car and commercial vehicle markets, enabling smart travel industrialization to land.

Under the wave of automobile intelligence, visual CIS, millimeter wave chip and car gauge computing power chip are all developing rapidly. The products of Zhijia Technology have been highly recognized by the market and customers in passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Previously, Zhijia Technology accelerated the landing of cost-effective ADAS products with intelligent driving solutions such as full-speed intelligent cruise and NOM pilot assistance based on the released MAXIPILOT1.0&PLUS product solutions. Based on full-stack innovation and extreme experience, we will realize large-scale L2, establish a data-driven product and service system based on scale, and take the lead in laying out high-level key technologies of intelligent driving such as BEV technology architecture while widely enabling the scene to land. In the future, relying on the efficient product landing ability of the intelligent driving technology team, intelligent driving technology will strive to realize the rapid landing of ADAS assisted driving and related systems.

According to the evaluation platform of TFFI Branch’s creativity, Zhijia Technology’s science and technology innovation ability in artificial intelligence industry is rated as Grade A. At present, there are more than 60 patent applications and more than 10 registered software copyrights, and its technical layout mainly focuses on image acquisition devices, driving assistance systems and other related fields.

Leading high-quality development with scientific and technological innovation.

  Author: Dai Shuanping, professor and doctoral supervisor of School of Economics of Jilin University, and researcher of China State-owned Economic Research Center of Jilin University.

  The Central Economic Work Conference in 2023 emphasized: "We must take the promotion of Chinese modernization as the greatest politics, unite the overwhelming majority of the people under the unified leadership of the Party, focus on the central task of economic construction and the primary task of high-quality development, and turn the grand blueprint of Chinese modernization into a beautiful reality step by step." It is of great theoretical and practical significance to accurately understand the theoretical wisdom and practical requirements contained in it for building a socialist modern country in an all-round way and promoting the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with Chinese modernization.

  Promoting high-quality development is the primary task for China to move towards a moderately developed country. Leading the construction of modern industrial system with scientific and technological innovation is a realistic choice for China to promote new industrialization at present. The modern industrial system is the foundation of the new development pattern, the basic framework for promoting high-quality development and the core component of the modern economic system. Science and technology, education and talents are the strategic supporting forces to promote Chinese modernization. A new round of scientific and technological revolution with artificial intelligence as the core is entering an all-round expansion period and will profoundly change the future economic form. Therefore, exploring new industries, new models, new kinetic energy and developing new quality productivity is an important way for China to seize future development opportunities.

  Diversified layout, regional cooperation, green transformation and digital empowerment are the distinctive features of the current global industrial system and industrial chain supply chain reshaping. In 2023, the Central Economic Work Conference not only emphasized "improving the new national system", "vigorously promoting new industrialization" and "supporting key core technology research, new infrastructure, energy conservation, emission reduction and carbon reduction", but also proposed "building a number of strategic emerging industries such as bio-manufacturing, commercial aerospace and low-altitude economy, opening up new tracks for future industries such as quantum and life sciences, widely applying digital intelligence technology and green technology, and accelerating the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries". Ecological civilization construction and green low-carbon development also fully reflect the characteristics driven by technological innovation. "Green low-carbon supply chain", "realization mechanism of ecological product value", "new energy system" and "intensive recycling and efficient utilization of resources" are all closely related to the construction of modern industrial system.

  Modern industrial system and scientific and technological innovation are mutually conditional and mutually supportive. Scientific and technological innovation leads the construction of modern industrial system, and industrial development is the soil for continuous scientific and technological innovation. In some frontier science and technology fields, China is changing its role from "runner" to "runner" or even "leader". However, how to play a leading role in basic research and cutting-edge core technologies requires China to make major reforms and explorations in the national innovation system. To promote the close integration of scientific and technological innovation and the construction of modern industrial system, it is necessary to continuously promote the popularization and application of intelligent and green technologies in manufacturing industry, continuously optimize the business environment, continuously stimulate the vitality of innovative subjects, open up new scenes, new fields and new tracks for innovation, establish new ones and break old ones, and accelerate the construction of a modern economic system.

  Expand domestic demand consistent with high-quality development requirements. Modern economic system is a sustainable economic system driven by scientific and technological progress, with high efficiency in resource allocation and continuous upgrading of industrial structure and product quality. Effective internal demand is the fundamental guarantee for stabilizing the economic system. However, effective demand is not static. Demand should face the future, guide resource allocation, and promote industrial structure and product quality improvement. Therefore, tapping new consumption and other new consumption growth points that meet the needs of high-quality development and effectively support new industries, new models and new kinetic energy is the key work direction to expand domestic demand. At the same time, to form effective demand, it is necessary to enhance people’s consumption confidence and satisfaction. In 2023, the Central Economic Work Conference put forward corresponding measures to expand the effective demand of residents from the perspectives of implementing new development concepts and building a new development pattern. For example, "promoting urban-rural integration and coordinated regional development", "promoting new urbanization with county towns as an important carrier" and "building livable, resilient and smart cities" can all expand the total demand. Similarly, giving priority to people’s livelihood and employment has sent a strong signal to stabilize social expectations. Only by building a sound social security system can residents be willing to spend and dare to spend.

  Deepen reform in key areas and expand high-level opening up. Domestic reform and opening to the outside world are the most basic experience summary of China’s economic construction. The Central Economic Work Conference in 2023 highlighted two basic points of work: reform in key areas and high-level opening to the outside world. Fully activating the endogenous motivation and innovation vitality of various business entities is the basic foothold of deepening the reform in key areas, treating state-owned enterprises and private enterprises equally, promoting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in a new direction of specialization, serving the new round of scientific and technological revolution and helping high-quality development. It is worth noting that the meeting proposed to plan a new round of fiscal and taxation system reform, which will be of great significance to building a modern economic system and establishing a risk prevention mechanism in key areas.

  High-level opening to the outside world pays attention to tapping new kinetic energy of foreign trade, and expands and consolidates the foundation and depth of international exchanges based on new economic development models, new kinetic energy and new industries. Focus on expanding intermediate trade, service trade, digital trade, cross-border e-commerce export, and promoting the opening up of the service market, which shows that China’s foreign trade pattern has undergone fundamental changes, and traditional raw materials and processing and manufacturing have not adapted to the requirements of China’s high-quality development. With the reshaping of the industrial chain value chain, Chinese enterprises have been deeply embedded in the global value chain, and the importance of intermediate trade is getting higher and higher, and the status of producer service trade and digital trade in the trading system is gradually improving. Meanwhile. The construction of such institutional systems as "high standard economic and trade rules", "cross-border flow of data", "market-oriented, rule-of-law and international first-class business environment" and "investing in China" should also meet the requirements of China’s new development pattern and high-quality development as soon as possible.

  Prevent and resolve risks in key areas. In 2023, the Central Economic Work Conference emphasized that "next year, we should persist in striving for progress while maintaining stability, promoting stability through progress, establishing first and then breaking", and put forward the working bottom line of "stabilizing expectations, growth and employment". The working idea of "stabilizing" is embodied in social stability, implementing a prudent monetary policy, maintaining the basic stability of RMB exchange rate at a reasonable level, stabilizing and expanding traditional consumption, ensuring the employment stability of key groups, and ensuring the supply and price stability of important livelihood commodities.

  "Striving for progress with stability, promoting stability with progress, establishing first and then breaking" embodies China’s new thinking in dealing with the relationship between reform and development, as well as new strategies to reduce the pain of reform and stabilize social mentality. What "stands" is not only the new quality productivity, but also the new economic governance mode. At present, the risks of real estate, local debts and small and medium-sized financial institutions are the three major risk areas. Based on this, this paper puts forward some concrete work ideas to prevent and resolve risks, such as "three major projects", "accelerating the construction of a new model of real estate development" and "a big economic province should really take the lead". These schemes are based on the premise of maintaining overall stability, setting buffer zones, gradually absorbing risks, and minimizing the possible negative impact of "breaking".

Two rare records of our army marching on foot

In the long and arduous revolutionary struggle in China, the officers and men of our army fought a series of beautiful victories and created countless classic examples in the history of our army with the spirit of selfless sacrifice and the high morale of overwhelming all enemies. Coincidentally, during the Red Army’s Long March, the 4th Regiment of the 2nd Division of the Red Army Corps captured the Luding Bridge, and during the Qingfengdian Campaign of the Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei Field Army in the Liberation War, our army once created a rare record of the world army marching on foot for 120 kilometers day and night.Please pay attention to the report in today’s Liberation Army Daily-

Fly away from Luding Bridge and Feibing Qingfeng Store, and attack 120 kilometers on foot day and night-

Two rare records of our army marching on foot

■ Han Jinqiang

In the Battle of Qingfengdian, officers and men of the Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei Field Army ran into the position. Information photo

Schematic diagram of the red army’s flight to Luding bridge and the enemy’s deployment. Information photo

In the long and arduous revolutionary struggle in China, the officers and men of our army fought a series of beautiful victories and created countless classic examples in the history of our army with the spirit of selfless sacrifice and the high morale of overwhelming all enemies. Coincidentally, during the Red Army’s Long March, the 4th Regiment of the 2nd Division of the Red Army Corps captured the Luding Bridge, and during the Qingfengdian Campaign of the Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei Field Army in the Liberation War, our army once created a rare record of the world army marching on foot for 120 kilometers day and night. The indomitable spirit of the revolutionary predecessors is enough for future generations to remember and encourage.

Flying over the Luding Bridge, the Red 4 regiment flew 120 kilometers day and night.

At 5 o’clock in the morning of May 28, 1935, the 4th Regiment of the 2nd Division of the Red 1 Army Corps was on its way to Luding Bridge. Yang Chengwu, the political commissar, and Huang Kaixiang, the head of the regiment, received an urgent order from the Military Commission. When they opened it, they saw that it read: Huang and Yang, the Military Commission called the left-wing army to seize Luding Bridge tomorrow. You should use the highest speed marching force and resolute maneuvering means to complete this glorious and great task.

Yang Chengwu, a political commissar, said: "From the mileage marked on the map, there are still 120 kilometers from here to Luding Bridge!" This means that the troops must walk 120 kilometers in one day and night, and capture and completely control the Luding Bridge on the 29th. No one expected that the task would become so urgent. On the first day, the telegram of the Central Military Commission was marked as "urgent", but now it has become "urgent", which must be a major change in the enemy’s situation. At that time, due to the tight time, the order could only be conveyed while marching, "Walk 120 and get to Luding Bridge!" This resolute and vigorous mobilization slogan has become the belief and goal of the whole group.

At this time, the troops are racing against time and the enemy across the river. In order to ensure the resolute completion of the task, the troops marched all the way and held a "flying rally" all the way. Clusters of people gathered together temporarily, and after only a few minutes of mobilization, they dispersed; This group of people just dispersed, and then more people appeared. As they ran, they held a tense meeting to mobilize. The mobilization of emergency tasks has just been completed, and the troops are close to Tiger Hill. In the thick fog, the troops defeated an enemy regiment and a battalion with an avalanche and occupied Moses. At this time, the wooden bridge on the east river of the village has been blown up by the enemy, which has added trouble to the March of the troops. It took the troops two hours-a tense and precious 120 minutes-to build the bridge. After that, the whole group ran another 25 kilometers in one breath. At 7 o’clock in the evening, when we looked at the map, it was 55 kilometers from here to Luding Bridge, and it was all mountain roads.

One difficulty after another. Just as the troops continued to advance, it suddenly began to rain heavily. It’s dark as the bottom of an upside-down pot, and I can’t see my fingers. Only when lightning strikes can I tell which is the mountain and which is the road. The army didn’t eat for a day, and the road was very muddy, so it was really difficult to move. At this time, the enemy has caught up and is advancing parallel to us on the other side. In order to get to Luding Bridge before the enemy, Yang Chengwu mobilized all Communist party member, Communist Youth League members and activists through various party branches, asking them to try their best to overcome all difficulties and make sure to get to Luding Bridge before 6 o’clock tomorrow morning. During the March, the comrades of the Red 4 regiment carried forward the spirit of unity and friendship, pulling each other with ropes, helping each other with their hands, and then leaning on crutches; If you are hungry, chew raw rice; When you are thirsty, drink the rain … The team is rolling like a fire in the deep valley.

However, after all, it is touching the dark, and the speed of progress is obviously much slower than during the day. Yang Chengwu and Huang Kaixiang were worried when they suddenly found that the enemy on the other side was on their way with torches. It’s really "be bold when things are difficult!" Yang Chengwu asked Huang Kaixiang to discuss: "We can also light a fire!" The troops immediately bought all the bamboo fences of the villagers’ homes in nearby small villages, and each person tied a torch and lit one in each class. In order to gain time, it is required that the marching speed after the torch is lit must be kept above 5 kilometers per hour. At the same time, the trumpeter should be familiar with the contact sound and signal of the enemy, and be prepared to "contact" with the enemy when necessary.

In this way, the torches of the enemy and ourselves burn in the night sky, facing each other across the water, just like two fire dragons moving in the valley, reflecting the water of the Dadu River a few meters away. After a while, through the howling wind and rain and the waves of the Dadu River, suddenly there was a clear bugle on the other side.

"The enemy is asking us questions!" The bugler reported that.

"What troops?" Before Red 4 could answer, there was a faint voice of questioning from the opposite side.

"Blow the trumpet to answer!" Yang Chengwu told the bugler.

The bugler sounded the prepared answer according to the enemy’s number spectrum. The enemy believed it and regarded the Red Army as one of their own. In this way, the enemy and the Red Army walked 15 kilometers across the bank. Suddenly, the fire dragon on the other side disappeared. Red 4 regiment boldly blew the trumpet and asked what the enemy was doing. The enemy blew the camping horn.

Hearing this bugle, the Red 4 Regiment quickened its pace again. Everyone is moving forward in a three-step, one-fall, five-step, one-fall roll. In order to prevent falling into the river, Yang Chengwu told everyone to untie the straps on their legs and connect them one by one, each pulling the straps forward. In this way, the troops marched at a speed of 120 kilometers day and night, and arrived at the west bank of Luding Bridge at 6 o’clock the next morning, occupying all the coastal positions in the west bank, and immediately mobilized nervously, and selected 22 Communist party member and activists to form a commando team, with Liao Dazhu, the second company commander, as the commando captain.

At 4 o’clock on the 29 th, the general attack began. At the same time, the division team composed of dozens of trumpeters sounded the charge, and all our weapons fired at the other side together, and the bullets blew to the enemy positions like a whirlwind. All 22 commandos, armed with submachine guns, sabres in their backs and 10 grenades wrapped around their waists, led by captain Liao Dazhu, braved gunfire and bullets from the other side and rushed to Luding Bridge, where the bridge deck had been removed by the enemy. They climbed the bridge fence, stepped on the chain and crawled across the river. Desperately resist the defeated enemy and ignite the bridge slabs piled at the west bridge head in an attempt to prevent our army from entering the city. Commandos burned themselves regardless of the fire, climbed the bridge, rushed into the sea of fire, and threw grenades at the enemy one after another; Then rushed into the city, together with the follow-up troops, and launched a desperate street battle with the enemy. After two hours of fierce fighting, all the enemy troops on the defensive were defeated. Only 22 commandos were shot on the bridge and three people were killed, which created a miracle of capturing Luding Bridge.

Feibing Qingfeng Store, 120km and 45km competition.

In the autumn of 1947, under the continuous attack of the Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei Field Army of the People’s Liberation Army of China, the Kuomintang army was forced to shrink its main seven armies, totaling 33 divisions (brigades), into the triangle of Peiping, Tianjin and Baoding, and stationed one army in Shijiazhuang, in an attempt to rely on the railway line and take a defensive position to ensure the protection of Peiping, Tianjin and other strategic places. In mid-September, the Northeast Democratic Allied Forces launched an autumn offensive. In order to save the Northeast crisis, Chiang Kai-shek sent five divisions from Beiping to the Beining Line or to go through the customs to reinforce. In this case, the leaders of the Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei Field Army, such as Yang Dezhi, Yang Chengwu and Geng Biao, were determined to seize this favorable opportunity and attack the area north of Baoding, adopting the tactics of siege and Dayuan, and besieged Xu Shui with the 4th and 5th brigades of the 2nd column and the 3rd column to attract reinforcements from the Kuomintang troops in Peiping and Baoding. With the 3rd and 4th columns and the 7th independent brigade assembled in the northeast of Xu Shui, looking for opportunities to annihilate the enemy who came to reinforce.

On the evening of October 11th, the fighting started. By the night of 13th, my 2nd column even passed through the north and south of Xu Shui, approaching the city wall, which was likely to be conquered in one fell swoop. If we want to mobilize the reinforcements of the Kuomintang army, we must hurt it and make it feel that the war situation is urgent. But to our surprise, five enemy divisions, ten infantry regiments and one chariot regiment came from the north. The main force of our army confronted the enemy in the northeast of Xu Shui. After several days of fierce fighting, although many enemies were killed and injured, because more than 10 enemy regiments gathered together, our army failed to divide and annihilate the enemy and the campaign plan was not realized.

In this regard, Yang Dezhi, Yang Chengwu and other researchers decided to level the troops east of Hanlu to move to Luxi Suicheng and Yaocun, luring the enemy to the west, preparing to wipe out the enemy in the movement after the enemy dispersed, and immediately reported this decision to Nie Rongzhen.

On the evening of October 17th, Yang Dezhi and Yang Chengwu left the headquarters of Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei Field Army and headed west of Pinghan Road. Suddenly, a sudden pounding of hooves broke the silence of the marching team. It turned out to be a cavalry correspondent. He handed a telegram to the leaders of the field army and reported: "The enemy’s situation report just taken by Commander Nie Rongzhen".

The telegram reads: "Luo Lirong, commander of the enemy’s 3rd Army in Shijiazhuang, led the 3rd Army Headquarters, 7th Division and the 66th Regiment of 16th Army to cross the Hutuo River on 16th, and they are committing crimes in the north. On 17th, they can enter Xinle area. It is estimated that they can reach Dingxian on 18th and Fangshunqiao on 19th. Liu Hua, the enemy of Baoding, is preparing to meet Luo Lirong in the south. "

The battlefield situation is really changing rapidly. After receiving the telegram, Yang Dezhi, Yang Chengwu, Geng Biao and others decided to go south to annihilate Luo Lirong with the main force of the field army. The main force no longer went west, but went south and wiped out the enemy in the form of encounter. With some troops in the north of Xu Shui to block the enemy from going south, cooperate with the main force in the action of Baonan.

Determined, where is the battle? That is, the question of battlefield choice. This problem is extremely important, which is related to whether our army can eat this enemy. Finally, the leaders of the field army chose the battlefield of the encounter in Qingfengdian area. I chose this place because Qingfeng Store is in the south of Baoding, and there is still a considerable distance from Baoding. In any case, the battlefield cannot be chosen near Baoding, which will cause the enemy to attack our army in an unfavorable situation.

The battlefield of the encounter has been decided, but time is extremely urgent for our army. Luo Lirong’s 3rd Army has crossed the Hutuo River, only 45 kilometers away from Qingfengdian, while our army is still in Xu Shui, 120 kilometers away from Qingfengdian. This means that our troops must travel nearly three times as much as the enemy at the same time. The key to victory or defeat lies in whether our army can get to Qingfengdian area south of Fangshunqiao first. If our army can’t catch up, let the enemy’s third army and the two divisions of Baoding’s new second army get close together, it will be difficult for our army to eat the enemy.

Time was pressing, and it was urgent. Yang Dezhi and Yang Chengwu had no time to report to the military commander and ask for instructions. First, they issued an action order to the troops. On the way of hammering, they sent a telegram to the military region.

Yang Chengwu and Yang Dezhi discussed that in this case, it is urgent to draft an emergency mobilization order. Because this battle is of great importance, it must be fought well. Yang Chengwu said that when he flew over Luding Bridge, he marched 120 kilometers day and night. Today, he marched 120 kilometers day and night to catch Fangshun Bridge. At that time, it was a regiment, and now it is a field army, with thousands of troops and horses. There must be a few slogans, which are imprinted on the hearts of commanders and soldiers like hammers knocking on the anvil. Yang Dezhi expressed full support for this proposal.

So, Yang Chengwu dictated, the propaganda minister Qiu Gang recorded, and an emergency battle mobilization order was quickly written.

A ticking sound of the transmitter sent out the emergency mobilization order.

At dawn, the troops rushed forward desperately in several ways. As the troops walked, they held a "flight meeting". Commanders at all levels conveyed emergency mobilization orders to the soldiers while walking. The agitation turned into an invisible force, and the troops were still full of energy and high spirits after a night of forced marching. Yang Chengwu saw the leading cadres passing by and said, "Let’s go! Carry forward the spirit of the Red Army marching 120 kilometers a day! "

On the afternoon of the 18th, most of my troops went south four to six hours in advance, and completed the long-distance marching task of more than 120 kilometers, reaching the designated position. But this time, Luo Lirong, commander of the 3rd Kuomintang Army, led his main force of more than 14,000 people and more than 200 carts, and just passed Dingxian County.

At dawn on the 20th, our army began to attack. Once in contact, the enemy’s main force quickly shrank to several villages in the southwest, such as Hehe, and rushed to Peiping to ask for reinforcements. At 3: 40 on the 22nd, the main force of the Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei Field Army launched a general attack on villages such as Southwest Hehe, and the battle ended at 11: 30.

In the Battle of Qingfengdian, a total of more than 11,000 officers and men including Luo Lirong, commander of the third army, were captured, and more than 2,000 people were killed and wounded. Together with the northern defense war, a total of more than 17,000 people were wiped out. 72 guns of all kinds, 489 light and heavy machine guns, more than 4,500 long and short guns and 8 radio stations were seized, and one enemy plane was shot down and injured, which set a new record in the annihilation war in Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei, played an important role in reversing the war situation in North China, and effectively cooperated with the autumn offensive of the Northeast Democratic Allied Forces.

February 17, 2011 is the Lantern Festival, and the origin and customs of the Lantern Festival are counted.

February 17, 2011 is the Lantern Festival, and the origin and customs of the Lantern Festival are counted.The custom of Lantern Festival — — Lion dance (data map)

February 17th this year is the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first lunar month, also known as the Lantern Festival and the Spring Lantern Festival, which is a traditional folk festival in China. The first month is the first month of the lunar calendar. The ancients called it "Xiao", and the fifteenth day is the first full moon night in a year, so the fifteenth day of the first month is called the Lantern Festival. Also known as the first lunar month, Yuanxi or Lantern Festival, it is the first important festival after the Spring Festival. China has a vast territory and a long history, so the customs of Lantern Festival are different all over the country, among which eating Lantern Festival, enjoying lanterns, dancing dragons and lions are several important folk customs.

The origin and customs of Lantern Festival

The formation of Lantern Festival custom has a long process. According to historical data and folklore, the fifteenth day of the first month has been paid attention to in the Western Han Dynasty. The activity of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty to sacrifice the "Taiyi" in Ganquan Palace on the first night of the first month (Taiyi: the god who dominates everything in the world) is regarded by later generations as the forerunner of offering sacrifices to the gods on the fifteenth day of the first month. However, the fifteenth day of the first month was really a folk festival after the Han and Wei Dynasties. The introduction of Buddhist culture in the Eastern Han Dynasty is of great significance to the formation of the custom of Lantern Festival.

During the Yongping period of Emperor Han Ming (AD 58-mdash; — In 175), because the Ming Emperor advocated Buddhism, it coincided with Cai Kun’s return from India for Buddhism, saying that on the fifteenth day of the first month in Mohatuo, India, monks gathered to pay tribute to Buddhist relics, which was an auspicious day to participate in Buddhism. In order to promote Buddhism, Emperor Han Ming ordered "burning lamps to show Buddha" in the palace and temple on the fifteenth night of the first month. Therefore, the custom of burning lanterns on the fifteenth night of the first month has gradually spread in China with the expansion of the influence of Buddhist culture and the addition of Taoist culture.

It is also said that the Lantern Festival originated from the "Torch Festival". In the Han Dynasty, people held torches in rural fields to drive away insects and beasts, hoping to reduce pests and pray for a good harvest. To this day, people in some areas in southwest China still make torches out of reeds or branches on the fifteenth day of the first month, and hold them high in groups and dance in fields or grain drying fields. Since the Sui, Tang and Song Dynasties, it has been in full swing. Tens of thousands of people took part in singing and dancing, from faint to dull. With the changes of society and times, the customs of Lantern Festival have changed greatly, but it is still a traditional folk festival in China.

Another theory is that the custom of burning lanterns in Lantern Festival originated from the Taoist "three-yuan theory"; The 15th day of the first month is Shangyuan Festival, the 15th day of July is Zhongyuan Festival, and the 15th day of October is Xiayuan Festival. The officials in charge of the upper, middle and lower three elements are heaven, earth and man respectively, and the heaven official is happy, so the lantern festival should be lit. The festivals and customs activities of the Lantern Festival are extended and expanded with the development of history. As far as the length of the festival is concerned, it was only one day in the Han Dynasty, three days in the Tang Dynasty, and five days in the Song Dynasty. In the Ming Dynasty, the lights were lit from the eighth day of the eighth month until the night of the seventeenth day of the first month, for ten days. Connecting with the Spring Festival, the day is the city, which is very lively, and the lights are lit at night, which is spectacular. Especially the exquisite and colorful lights make it the climax of entertainment activities during the Spring Festival. By the Qing Dynasty, there were more "hundred plays" such as dragon dancing, lion dancing, roller boating, walking on stilts and dancing yangko, but the festival period was shortened to four to five days.

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Hefei benchmark house price adjusted again, with the highest increase of 500 yuan per square meter.

A major event in 2011 was known in advance. In May, the two elevated roads in Hefei were connected.

It is more convenient to eat melons in Sanshigang this summer. Hefei Huanhu North Road will be opened in March.

It takes only 30 minutes from Hefei to Nanjing, and the Hening Intercity Railway is expected to be built this year.

After Hefei’s holiday, the recruitment salary has generally increased by more than 20%. You can choose from many large-scale job fairs.

Monthly donors have to pay more, and the interest rate of Hefei provident fund loan will be adjusted from February 9.

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This way to return to work, no need to isolate! How to open a health certificate for work? This conference in Henan has responded!

In order to respond to social concerns, the Information Office of Henan Provincial Government held the 12th press conference on the prevention and control of pneumonia in novel coronavirus, Henan Province at 4 pm on February 19th, introducing the financial policies and measures in our province to cope with the impact of the epidemic and support enterprises to resume work and production, and develop steadily and healthily.
Since February 13th, the number of discharged patients has exceeded the number of confirmed cases.
The epidemic situation in Henan is further improving!
At the press conference, Huang Hongxia, deputy director of the Provincial Health and Wellness Committee, reported the latest epidemic situation: from 0: 00 to 24: 00 on February 18, 2020, there were 5 new confirmed cases of novel coronavirus and 47 new discharged cases. Among the newly confirmed cases, there are 2 cases in Xinyang, 2 cases in Zhengzhou and 1 case in Xuchang. By 24: 00 on February 18th, the province had reported 1262 confirmed cases in novel coronavirus.
Huang Hongxia introduced that since February 4, the number of newly diagnosed cases in our province has shown a downward trend, from the highest point of 109 to 5 cases on the 18 th; Since February 13th, the number of cases cured and discharged every day has exceeded the number of confirmed cases every day, and the epidemic situation has further improved.
14 provincial medical institutions provide counterpart support to 18 provincial cities.
Huang Hongxia said that at present, the epidemic prevention and control work is in a critical period. On the one hand, our province continues to strengthen community management and medical treatment, on the other hand, it guides the resumption of work and production in an orderly manner. In terms of classified management and accurate treatment, our province implements classified management for confirmed patients, and the critically ill patients are transferred to designated hospitals at the municipal level and the critically ill patients are transferred to designated hospitals at the provincial level. By 24: 00 on February 18th, under the premise of ensuring the safety of transportation, more than 50 critically ill and critically ill patients had been transported. Today, all critically ill and critically ill patients in the province will be completely transported. Fourteen provincial medical institutions were sent to support 18 provincial cities, and provincial outstanding experts personally participated in the treatment of local severe patients to prevent serious diseases from turning into critical diseases. The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University has taken over the COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit of Xinyang Central Hospital.
Selfless assistance!
Our province supports red blood cells to Wuhan in three batches.
1200 units
In overcoming difficulties and ensuring blood use, Huang Hongxia said that due to the epidemic situation, the collection of unpaid blood donation faces many difficulties, especially in Hubei. The National Health and Wellness Commission launched a nationwide blood supply linkage guarantee mechanism, requiring Henan and Hunan provinces to be responsible for ensuring blood supply in Wuhan. The provincial blood center cooperated with blood stations in various cities to overcome difficulties and give priority to ensuring blood for clinical use in Wuhan. On January 22, February 6 and February 13, respectively, the provincial blood center provided emergency support to Wuhan red blood cells in three batches, with 1200U therapeutic doses of apheresis platelets. At the same time, the blood stations in the province exchanged blood for 97 times, and transferred 860U of red blood cells and 217 therapeutic doses of apheresis platelets to Nanyang, Xinyang and other areas with serious epidemic situation. At present, there are 6587U red blood cells and 235 apheresis platelets in the provincial blood center, which can meet the clinical needs.
In a special period, the general public supported the rescue work with the practical action of donating blood without compensation. Since the Spring Festival, the provincial blood center has received 6,716 unpaid blood donors, collected 8,563 U of whole blood and 4,356 platelets for treatment. On February 18th, Wang, a recovered person from COVID-19, gongyi city, donated plasma at the provincial blood center, which was the first time in our province that a recovered person from COVID-19 donated convalescent plasma. Many recovered people from COVID-19 in our province are willing to donate plasma for the treatment of critically ill patients, which will strongly support the treatment of clinically severe and critically ill patients. We pay high tribute to the citizens who donated blood for free and the recovered people in COVID-19!
Do you need a health certificate to go to work?
Health certificate of Henan Health and Health Commission
The declaration and inquiry system went online on Friday!
At present, many enterprises have resumed their work and production, but it is necessary to prove whether they are healthy, whether they are returning to work or entering the city or the community. Huang Hongxia, deputy director of the Provincial Health and Wellness Committee, introduced that the health certificate declaration and inquiry system of Henan Health and Wellness Committee was launched on Friday!
Huang Hongxia introduced that in terms of epidemic prevention and control, our province has implemented "one person, one certificate, and healthy return to work". On February 18th, the provincial government held a video teleconference on the job security and stable employment of enterprises in response to the COVID-19 epidemic, and the provincial prevention and control headquarters issued the Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Certification Service of Health Declaration in COVID-19 in an Orderly Way (hereinafter referred to as the Notice), requiring all localities to implement the management system of "one person, one certificate" for health declaration. The health certificate declaration and inquiry system developed by the Provincial Health and Wellness Committee is in trial operation and will be officially put into operation this Friday.
Persons returning to work with health declaration certificates,
No need to isolate!
Huang Hongxia introduced that the main contents of the Notice are four points:
First, we must declare in good faith. Returned personnel shall truthfully fill in the history of living in the past 14 days, contact history with confirmed patients and suspected patients in COVID-19 and other important information, and promise to wear masks at work during the epidemic prevention and control period, not to go out after work, and not to attend dinners and parties.
Second, we must organize in an orderly manner. Avoid the great pressure caused by disorderly travel and the risk of infection caused by clustering.
According to incomplete statistics, since January 20, the banking institutions in the province have provided credit support for epidemic prevention and control for more than 16 billion yuan, and the loan interest rate does not exceed the benchmark interest rate for the same period. For example, from January 28th to 29th, CDB provided emergency loans of 600 million yuan to ten cities and counties such as Xinyang, Zhoukou, Zhumadian, Shangqiu, Hebi, Puyang, Changyuan, Lankao, Dengzhou and Tongbai, and the China Construction Seventh Bureau Group, which were specially used for the production of medical and health protection products and the construction of specialized hospitals. Financial institutions such as ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, Zhongyuan Bank, and Rural Credit Cooperatives completed the investigation, docking, approval, and delivery of funds for sanitary materials production enterprises in Changyuan City within one day on January 28, with an amount of more than 700 million yuan to ensure the expansion of production needs of enterprises.
Affected by the epidemic,
What if the enterprise can’t repay the loan as scheduled?
The prevention and control of the epidemic situation is improving, and whether enterprises can resume work and production smoothly is the next key task. At the press conference, Zhang Yunding introduced that in order to implement the deployment of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, the provincial local financial supervision bureau recently joined forces with the People’s Bank of China Zhengzhou Central Sub-branch, Henan Banking Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Henan Securities Regulatory Bureau and other departments to strengthen the financial services for enterprises to resume work from four aspects: policy support and work promotion.
[Practice 1] Refine policies and measures. If it is difficult for enterprises seriously affected by the epidemic to repay their loans when due, the adjustment will not affect the enterprise levy.
Focusing on the implementation of the policies and measures issued by the state and our province to support enterprises to resume work and production, the provincial local financial supervision bureau and other six departments jointly formulated the Financial Policies and Measures to Respond to the Impact of the Epidemic and Support the Stable and Healthy Development of Enterprises on February 13, which refined and clarified the policies of stabilizing loan stock, expanding loan increment, maintaining enterprise credit and reducing financing costs. For example, if it is difficult for enterprises seriously affected by the epidemic to repay their loans at maturity, they can extend or renew their loans in accordance with relevant regulations, and they can submit credit records according to the adjusted repayment arrangements, which will not affect the enterprise’s credit investigation and will not lower the loan risk classification separately; The interest rate for loan renewal and extension shall be appropriately lowered on the basis of the original contract.
[Practice 2] Accurate support, financial institutions in accommodation, catering and other industries are not allowed to blindly lend or cut off loans.
According to the current financing situation of enterprises, the provincial local financial supervision bureau adheres to the problem orientation and implements classified policies for the financing needs of different types of enterprises.
First, the key enterprises for epidemic prevention and control that are included in the special refinancing support of the People’s Bank of China should be guaranteed to make sure that all loans should be made, and the loans should be made quickly, so as to fully guarantee the capital needs of these enterprises.
Second, for the wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering, logistics and transportation, cultural tourism, agriculture and animal husbandry production and circulation industries that are greatly affected by the epidemic, all financial institutions are required not to blindly borrow, cut off or suppress loans, and support the stable and healthy development of enterprises by renewing loans without repayment, extending the period, adjusting the repayment period, lowering the loan interest rate, reducing overdue interest, increasing credit loans and medium and long-term loans.
Third, for the vast number of small and micro enterprises affected by the epidemic, adhere to the general requirements of "increment, expansion, price reduction and quality improvement" and increase financial support to ensure that the comprehensive financing cost of inclusive small and micro enterprise loans in the province will continue to decline on the basis of 2019 in 2020. The increment of inclusive small and micro enterprise loans is not lower than last year, and the growth rate of inclusive small and micro enterprise loans from corporate banking financial institutions such as rural credit cooperatives and city commercial banks is higher than the average growth rate of various loans. Fourth, for listed companies and other enterprises, we will strengthen the accurate service of one enterprise and one policy, and the local government and relevant financial institutions will jointly help and support them.
[Practice 3] Establish a working mechanism, highlight problems and focus on judgment.
In accordance with the requirements of the provincial party committee, the provincial government and the provincial service enterprises’ special class promotion mechanism for resuming work and production, since February 14th, a special working mechanism for resuming work and production of financial service enterprises has been established at the provincial level, led by the provincial local financial supervision bureau and attended by Zhengzhou Central Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China, Henan Banking Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Henan Securities Regulatory Bureau, Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Finance Department and other departments, regularly combing and analyzing the obstacles and outstanding problems in the policy implementation of various localities and financial institutions, making weekly discussions and making efforts to promote the effectiveness of various policies and measures. At the city and county levels, corresponding mechanisms should be established simultaneously to strengthen the coordination and guarantee of specific funding issues.
[Practice 4] Strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, and financial institutions that have a serious negative impact due to poor work shall be held accountable according to law.
Recently, the Provincial Local Financial Supervision Bureau, together with Zhengzhou Central Branch of the People’s Bank of China and Henan Banking Insurance Regulatory Bureau, made arrangements for the service enterprises of banking financial institutions to resume work and production in batches. All banks are required to set up special classes, specify special personnel, coordinate with each other from top to bottom, adjust and optimize business processes, handle special matters and emergencies, maximize the efficiency of credit supply and minimize the financing costs of enterprises. Financial institutions that are ineffective in their work, improper in their methods, strongly reflected by enterprises, and have caused serious negative impacts shall be held accountable according to the law and regulations.
Henan Banking Insurance Regulatory Bureau:
Fully help small and micro enterprises that encounter difficulties.
In the face of the impact of the epidemic on small and medium-sized enterprises, how can Henan play the role of supervision and guidance and increase financial support for enterprises that have resumed work and production? At the press conference, Yang Jishi, the second inspector of Henan Banking Insurance Regulatory Bureau, answered questions from reporters.
Yang Jishi introduced that as a financial supervision department, the Banking Insurance Regulatory Bureau regards epidemic prevention and control and supporting enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, to resume work and production as the most important work at present, and actively guides the banking and insurance institutions within its jurisdiction to increase assistance to overcome the difficulties and tide over the difficulties together.
(a) to improve the overall level of small and micro services. Adhere to the goal of "increment, price reduction, quality improvement and expansion" of micro-financial services. In 2020, the increment of inclusive small and micro-enterprise loans from banking financial institutions in the province with a single credit of 10 million yuan or less will not be lower than last year. Corporate banking institutions should realize that the growth rate of inclusive small and micro-enterprise loans is higher than that of various loans, and branch banking institutions should complete the credit plan for inclusive small and micro-enterprises issued by their superiors, and the number of households with loan balances will not be lower than last year. Strive to further reduce the comprehensive loan cost of inclusive small and micro enterprises, and strive to reduce it by 0.5 percentage points this year; Strive to increase the proportion of credit loans, renewal loans and medium and long-term loans in small and micro enterprise loans; Efforts will be made to invest more new loans in small and micro enterprises that obtain loans from banking institutions for the first time, and increase the first loan ratio.
(two) fully support the epidemic prevention enterprises to expand production capacity. Promote banking institutions to closely focus on the needs of epidemic prevention and control, and make every effort to provide financing support for enterprises involved in important areas such as epidemic prevention and control, medical materials, daily necessities production and market circulation and sales. Through the special mechanism, full authorization and active docking, we will reduce financing costs, provide preferential interest rates and quality financial services, and support enterprises to restore production capacity and expand production. Encourage insurance institutions to provide accident, health, old-age care, medical care and other preferential insurance services for staff in the front line of epidemic prevention and control according to their own conditions.
(3) Fully assist small and micro enterprises that encounter difficulties. Promote banking institutions to do a good job in the service docking and demand investigation of small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households. For small and micro customers who have temporarily encountered difficulties due to the epidemic and still have good development prospects, they will not blindly withdraw loans, cut off loans and pressure loans, and actively help them by adjusting repayment and interest payment arrangements, moderately reducing loan interest rates, and improving the connection of loan renewal, and will not downgrade the loan risk classification solely due to the epidemic factors. We will increase the expansion of corporate property insurance, safety production liability insurance, export credit insurance and other businesses to provide more protection for the production and operation of small and micro enterprises.
(4) Fully serving the affected enterprises to resume work and production. Guide banking institutions to actively connect with each other, grasp enterprise information in time, optimize the credit process, reasonably extend the loan term, effectively reduce fees and interest rates, and support enterprises affected by the epidemic to resume production and operation in an orderly and efficient manner. Focusing on the major strategies of the country and Henan Province, support projects that have an important driving role in regional economic development. Increase manufacturing loans and strengthen supply chain financial services. Encourage insurance institutions to support enterprises seriously affected by the epidemic to tide over temporary difficulties by reducing fees and making profits and appropriately delaying the time of premium payment.
riverSouth industrial and commercial bank said:
These personnel loans overdue, after verification, did not affect the credit information.
The epidemic situation has aggravated the financing and operation difficulties of enterprises. As a large bank, what specific measures does ICBC have to support enterprises to tide over the difficulties? At the press conference, Li Lighting, vice president of ICBC Henan Branch, answered a reporter’s question.
Li Lighting introduced that since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Henan Branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has set up a special group for credit support for key enterprises in epidemic prevention and control, headed by the governor of the provincial bank, and set up a "1+4" special class to help enterprises resume work and production, and promote stable and healthy economic and social development. In response to the impact of the epidemic, the "nine efforts" hard-core measures were taken to help enterprises tide over the difficulties.
First, focus on the front command. The bank presidents at all levels are personally responsible for the financing business and promote it door by door to improve the decision-making level. Adhere to the principle of "every household must implement it when it reaches a designated person", provide key enterprises with account managers to help enterprises, and provide personal and efficient financial services.
The second is to focus on ensuring scale. Customers who are included in the list of key anti-epidemic enterprises will take the initiative to connect, give priority to protection, and make full use of loans to ensure adequate supply of materials procurement, production and operation funds.
The third is to focus on improving efficiency. Adhere to special affairs, establish green channels and simplify processes. On January 28th (the fourth day of Lunar New Year’s Day), a sanitary material production enterprise in Xinxiang completed the declaration, approval and putting in place of 100 million yuan of pure credit anti-epidemic loan funds in five hours.
The fourth is to focus on supporting key projects. Actively support the construction of key government projects, start construction of a number of major infrastructure and people’s livelihood projects, actively connect with comprehensive financial services, provide ICBC solutions, and stimulate economic growth. Since February, loans of 1.8 billion yuan have been granted to 19 key enterprises and projects.
Fifth, efforts should be made to improve services in inclusive finance. We will formulate differentiated microfinance service plans, provide innovative online financing products such as "anti-epidemic loans", "medical insurance loans" and "employment loans", and increase the credit line of fast loans for key epidemic prevention and control enterprises to 10 million yuan.
Sixth, focus on helping enterprises solve problems. Enterprises in the retail, catering, civil aviation, railway and other industries that are greatly affected by the epidemic will not blindly draw, cut off or suppress loans. According to the actual situation, reasonably provide services such as loan renewal, extension and repayment adjustment, so as to relieve the problem of repayment continuity of enterprises.
Seventh, focus on reducing financing costs. The loan interest rate for enterprises listed nationwide in the fight against the epidemic does not exceed 3.15%; For the list of enterprises in the province and related anti-epidemic enterprises, corresponding interest rate concessions are also provided; For small and micro enterprises seriously affected by the epidemic, the interest rate will be appropriately lowered without charging any extra fees to reduce the burden on enterprises.
Eight is to focus on stabilizing corporate confidence. For enterprises that are temporarily in difficulties due to the epidemic, as long as they operate normally, they will not simply take drastic measures such as judicial proceedings and asset seizure under the conditions of extension, renewal of loans and adjustment of repayment. If the procedures are temporarily incomplete due to the epidemic situation, no penalty interest will be charged, and the quality classification level will not be lowered to stabilize market expectations and enterprise confidence.
Nine is to focus on protecting customer rights and interests. For the loans of medical staff, staff, confirmed patients and suspected persons and their spouses who participated in the epidemic prevention and control, due to special circumstances, they are not repaid on time. After verification, they may not be included in the breach of contract and will not affect the credit information. Small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households that have temporarily lost their sources of income due to the epidemic can adjust the repayment arrangements and reasonably postpone the repayment period.
Listed companies are affected by the epidemic.
Henan: 81 listed companies have resumed work in 75.
Affected by the epidemic, some listed companies have also encountered certain difficulties. How to promote the stable and healthy development of these enterprises is a concern of everyone. How does Henan consider it? At the meeting, Zhang Zhi, deputy director of Henan Securities Regulatory Bureau, answered questions from reporters.
Zhang Zhi introduced that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Henan Securities Regulatory Bureau has been "holding both hands", paying attention to the situation of listed companies affected by the epidemic and issuing various policies. With the implementation of various policies, at present, 75 of 81 listed companies in Henan have resumed work, of which more than 70% companies have resumed work and the recovery rate has exceeded 50%.
In the next step, in view of the difficulties encountered by listed companies in Henan affected by the epidemic, Henan Securities Regulatory Bureau will base itself on the overall situation of stable economic and social development, continue to promote the function and role of the capital market in accordance with the decision-making arrangements for epidemic prevention and control in the province, support the high-quality development of listed companies, and make more contributions to resolutely winning the epidemic prevention and control war. Focus on the following work:
First, continue to promote enterprises to resume work and production smoothly. Work together with relevant departments to jointly implement the policies issued by the state and our province to support enterprises to tide over difficulties and develop steadily.
Second, we will continue to do a good job in preventing and resolving risks such as equity pledge and bond redemption. Continue to do a good job in risk investigation and monitoring, strengthen communication and cooperation in financial supervision, supervise various financial institutions to implement the spirit of risk prevention and control, and effectively and orderly resolve major risks.
Third, continue to guide enterprises in the jurisdiction to actively connect with the capital market. At present, there are 42 enterprises in the province that are under trial and counseling to be listed, which is the most in recent years. There are also 10 listed companies carrying out mergers and acquisitions and equity refinancing, involving an amount of 18.397 billion yuan. It is necessary to support enterprises to make good use of the capital market opportunities such as the reform of registration system, the revision of refinancing system, and the reform of the New Third Board to comprehensively deepen reform policies, as well as to fight against the green channel of epidemic financing, accelerate the docking of the capital market, and promote high-quality development through initial public offering, mergers and acquisitions, refinancing, bond financing, and private equity investment.

Building Sports+Friends Circle, Entrepreneur Table Tennis Friendship League opens in Shanghai Hongqiao.

On December 16th, the "Open Hongqiao, Win the Future by Table Tennis" Hongqiao International Central Business District Entrepreneur Table Tennis Friendship League was held at Hongqiao International Exhibition.

The competition was guided by Shanghai Hongqiao International Central Business District Management Committee, Minhang District People’s Government, Shanghai Public Relations Association and Shanghai Table Tennis Association, and hosted by Minhang District South Hongqiao Management Committee Office. Organized by Shanghai Radio and Television Station Oriental Broadcasting Center. Shanghai people’s broadcasting station five-star sports broadcasting and other units co-organized.

Wang Liqin, vice chairman of China Table Tennis Association and director of Shanghai Competitive Sports Training Management Center, kicked off the friendly league. The competition attracted 24 teams and 112 participants from Hongqiao International Central Business District. Entrepreneurs and white-collar table tennis enthusiasts from many fields get together to learn skills.

The competition provides a platform for employees in the business district to display and communicate, and also fully demonstrates the charm of national sports and mass sports.

Hongqiao International Central Business District is an important gateway for brother provinces and cities in the Yangtze River Delta to enter Shanghai, and it is also a key hub for opening up to the outside world. In recent years, Hongqiao International Central Business District has focused on the functions of big transportation, big business, big exhibition and big science and technology innovation in accordance with the Overall Plan for the Construction of Hongqiao International Open Hub, accelerated the gathering of headquarters economy and modern service industry, and maintained a good development momentum.

This Friendship League is another measure to enhance the overall identity and core competitiveness of Hongqiao International Central Business District and build new advantages for future development. Taking this opportunity, Hongqiao International Central Business District and Shanghai Wuxing Sports Broadcasting will launch a series of sports events seasonally, build a "sports+"circle of friends, strengthen talent exchange and resource linkage among enterprises, and inject new synergy into development.

In the future, Hongqiao International Central Business District will continue to focus on organizing colorful cultural and sports activities, creating a livable and innovative environment for talents, creating a first-class business environment, and helping to build a first-class international central business district.

Sha Hailin, President of Shanghai Public Relations Association, Wang Liqin, Vice Chairman of China Table Tennis Association and Director of Shanghai Competitive Sports Training Management Center, Fu Naiyi, member and deputy director of Shanghai Hongqiao International Central Business District Management Committee, Zhang Bin, member and deputy director of Shanghai Hongqiao International Central Business District Management Committee, Tang Jinsong, deputy secretary of Minhang District Committee of the Communist Party of China, member of the Standing Committee of Minhang District Committee, Zhao Liang, deputy head of Minhang District, Ke Xiaolin, and Liu Yadong, director of five-star sports broadcasting frequency of Shanghai People’s Broadcasting Station, attended the competition.

How hard are the eight invisible rich people in the entertainment circle? I live in the quadrangle next to the Forbidden City, and Wang Sicong calls me brother.

Wen Miao Xiao Zhu Rui Qi

Editor, Pig Ruiqi

As we all know, there are entertainment circlesA circle where money and people get togetherIt is also a place where many people want to squeeze in.

The life of the rich is hard for ordinary people to imagine. Today, we will take stock of the entertainment circle.Top ten invisible rich peopleUsually it’s not obvious, but in fact it’s rich enough to subvert your imagination and live in the quadrangle next to the Forbidden City.Wang Sicong will shout elder brother when he sees it.

So, how hard are these people? Who are these bosses respectively?Let’s see if there’s your idol in here.

Chun WuBorn in Brunei, the family isOne of the top ten wealthy families in Brunei, and also made friends with the royal family in Brunei.It has a very high status in China, and Chun Wu is even called by insiders."Prince Brunei"In fact, he is not the real prince of the royal family, but he is also very powerful.

Chun Wu’s childhood photos

Chun Wu, who grew up with a golden spoon, also had no choice.live in cloverInstead, I decided to make a career by my own efforts.

So when she grew up, Chun Wu stepped into the entertainment circle with her dreams, and through her years of efforts, she became a smash hit new generation idol., amazing the youth of a generation.

Chun Wu luxury house

Now 43-year-old Chun Wu seems to be"frozen age"In general, it still maintains the appearance of not losing small fresh meat.

Although he has faded out of the entertainment circle now, he is still living an ordinary life every day with a well-off family.beyond imaginationThe rich life.

Chun Wu luxury house

Some time ago, Chun Wu also exposed his own Brunei mansion on the social platform, covering an area.More than 1000 square metersIt’s as gorgeous as a palace, not to mention a luxury car, which has more clothes than our wardrobe.

Chun Wu luxury house

Yu-Ching Fei

Maybe everyone didn’t think that our little brother Yu-Ching Fei is also one.invisible richHe also has a little-known nickname, that is"Store King".

Yu-Ching Fei

First of all, he has earned a lot of money from his years of fighting in the entertainment circle. He used all this money to invest in real estate, almost where the performance went.Buy the house wherever you want.

Over the years, he has owned countless properties, and Yu-Ching Fei often does some charitable activities with the money earned from these properties.

Yu-Ching Fei


You can tell from here, Du Haitao.It’s definitely not as simple as it seems.

According to reports, in addition to his first-class hosting skills, Du Haitao has also invested in many commercial fields and they have all been very successful. The chain store real estate he runs alone has already been.Worth hundreds of millions.

Du Haitao and Shen Mengchen.

Rank of writers’ rich list

After writing novels and earning a lot of money, he began to switch to directing. He directed.Tiny timesThe series has successfully won billions of box office.

Jing M.Guo and the Little Age Actresses.

There is an overbearing president living in luxury in the play.Gongming, is a role modeled on himself. Even Yang Mi once could not help but say.Jing M.Guo’s life turned her imagination upside down.

Jing M.Guo

Jing M.Guo is also a business tycoon with six companies under his name.Former site of Wang Jingwei’s Fourth Aunt TaiI also bought a townhouse worth hundreds of millions. It is no wonder that Da Power can’t help but vomit, which simply subverts the imagination of ordinary people.

Jing M.Guo

Hu Bing

Not only acting and singing, Hu Bing is also a professional model withPerfect figure, tough guy imageHe has also successfully gone international, and his income is naturally no less than that of domestic artists and stars.

Hu Bing

In 15 years, Hu Bing once showed his cloakroom in a Japanese variety show, and the total value of clothes and accessories in his cloakroom actually exceeded.4 billion yen (200 million RMB)The degree of luxury is staggering.

Later, Hu Bing also introduced his watch collected for ten years in the program. This watch is still a customized version, which is inlaid with diamonds."HB" (Hu Bing)The English letters of the words are worth about 30 million yen (1.5 million RMB).

Ten years ago, in 2005, 1.5 million watches were bought as soon as they were bought. I have to say, it really is.be full of dashAh.

Kwok-Hing Choi

Cai Guoqing likes China traditional culture and loves to collect.Antiques, antiquesWait.

There is a special place for these antiques in his home. No matter what kind of antiques, there are almost all of them here.

Kwok-Hing Choi

Even friends who have been to Cai Guoqing’s home say that this is not a home, it is a complete one.Small "Forbidden City"!

Exhibition of jadeite products collected in Cai Guoqing.

Once he showed off his antique collection on a variety show, and at that time he took out a small handleless wine cup, which was valuable after appraisal.1.8 million.

Cai Guoqing’s small wine cup is worth 1.8 million.

It is hard to imagine the total value of the "Little Forbidden City" filled with various collections.

In addition, because I love China culture, Cai Guoqing’s travel car is also ours.Domestic Light Red Flag H9, only the price.400 thousandAbout.

Kwok-Hing Choi

Not only is her temperament elegant, but her hobbies are also so elegant. She really is a woman.A low-key invisible rich man.

Ren Quan plays Gongsun Ce.

Ren Quan’s impression on many people may still stay in the young Bao Qingtian.gongsun ceOn the body, I don’t know that he has already lived a super-rich life when he quit the entertainment circle.

In 1993, Ren Quan was admitted to Shanghai Theatre Academy, where he met his fellow villagers.Li Bingbing,Since then, the two have forged a profound friendship.

Li Bingbing issued a document for Ren Quan’s birthday celebration.

When I first graduated, there was no drama to shoot, and I was hungry all day long. In order to have a stable income, Ren Quan took 60,000 yuan (of which 40,000 was borrowed from Li Bingbing) and started to do business. At that time, I found that many students loved Sichuan food, so I opened one not far from the school.Spicy fish restaurant.

Ren quan kai de restaurant

With the growing business, Ren Quan’s investment projects are becoming more and more extensive, and it has also becomeThe owner of Jiaren fashion magazineAt that time, many stars wanted to break their heads and board.Jia renCover, but Ren Quan thought of the first cover candidate is Li Bingbing.

Ren Quan

Now Ren Quan has a wide range of fields from catering to real estate to beauty.More than 40 enterprisesThe actual control of, at the same time, he is stillOne of the shareholders behind Huayi BrothersThe value can be imagined.

chengru li

The first thing that many people think of when they see him isSix groups of major crimesIn addition to actors,Li chengruAnd this"Poisonous tongue"Said, once on the show also publicly Jing M.Guo, some people say that may be the program group to pay, make the program effect.

If it’s another star, I believe it. If it’s Li Chengru,I really don’t need this money.

As early as the last century, when many families in our country were still riding bicycles, people had already driven Mercedes-Benz cars, and according to early interviews,Li Chengru’s home is next to the Forbidden City.It’s less than ten minutes’ walk.

andThe 1990sAt that time, Li Chengru also opened a shopping mall in the most prosperous area of Beijing, earning as much as 500 thousand to 600 thousand a day.The annual income is hundreds of millions.

You know, it was the 1990 s, and many people’s wages were generally one or two hundred a month, and three or five hundred were considered high wages.

Li Chengru also said in the interview that he was in the past.A pair of socks costs hundreds of dollars to cover the average person’s monthly salary.A coat costs tens of thousands of yuan.

At that time, everyone who could get 10 thousand yuan at home belonged to ten thousand households with a very good life, while Li Chengru needed tens of thousands of clothes in the 1990 s. .

Li chengru

Although he was later worth hundreds of millions because of his investment failure.Lost everything.

But the thin camel is always bigger than the horse, and a set of quadrangles in Li Chengru’s house next to the Forbidden City are priceless, even you.Money can’t buy it.

Li Chengru’s quadrangle

Before he became an actor, he had actually accumulated enough wealth, and acting was only one of his hobbies. If we say that Li Chengru received money from the program group to pay homage to Jing M.Guo,Do you still believe it?

Li Chengru’s quadrangle

The Lakers offered an offer of $167 million for three years! Target Varan, continue to reinforce?

According to ESPN reporter Brian Windhost, the Lakers intend to offer anthony davis a three-year contract offer of $167 million. At present, Davis has $83.8 million left in his contract for two years, with an annual salary of $40.6 million and $43.22 million respectively.

This contract renewal is already the biggest contract that the Lakers can give at this stage. But it’s not the biggest contract that Thick Eyebrows can get. The purpose of the Lakers’ offer is to express their attitude. We must keep you.

Although the average salary seems to be not low, the annual salary is more than 50 million US dollars. But now Van fleet can get more than 40 million yuan, and even Jaylen Brown has got a contract with an annual salary of more than 60 million yuan. The healthy thick eyebrows are undoubtedly the top stars in the league and deserve a top salary. Last season, thick eyebrows averaged 25.9 points, 12.5 rebounds, 2.6 assists and 2 blocks per game, ranking first in the league in rebounds, but missed the rebounding king because of insufficient appearances, and ranked second in blocks. In the playoffs, thick eyebrows can be called the first defensive person. It can interfere with opponents’ shots 17.3 times per game, and the shooting percentage of counterpoint players dropped from 50.4% to 45.4%, and the three-point ratio dropped from 36.6% to 30.9%.

But the biggest problem with heavy eyebrows is health.

It’s really amazing when you are healthy, but your body often has problems, which makes you unable to play ball. In the past three seasons, thick eyebrows missed 104 games in the regular season. There are no major injuries, but minor injuries continue. The ups and downs of heavy eyebrows also caused the Lakers’ record to slide continuously. In 2021, the team was out in the first round and the play-offs in 2022 were not made. This year’s thick eyebrows are relatively healthy, and the Lakers’ correct operation before the trading deadline finally made it to the Western Conference as the seventh in the West. However, the influence of James’s game is not as good as before. At this time, it is even more necessary to stand up with thick eyebrows.

The three-year contract, which is close to $170 million, given by the Lakers can leave the peak of the eyebrows in the Lakers. In order to make the heavy eyebrows consume less and have fewer injuries in the regular season, it is very necessary for the Lakers to add a meat shield center. Recently, the Lakers set their sights on their old club with thick eyebrows, that is, Pelican center Varan. At present, the latter’s contract has only one year left, and the Pelican team has also put it on the shelf. At present, they want to send Varan to the Cavaliers or Pistons in exchange for Allen or Stewart. But so far, there is no progress in any transaction, so it is not impossible for the Lakers to win him.

Last season, Varan averaged 14.1 points and 10.2 rebounds per game, shooting 54.7% from the field and shooting 34.9% from the three-pointers. He is a big player with both inside and outside, but the protective frame is almost meaningless. But this, heavy eyebrows can make up for it. Although the Lakers’ newly signed insider Hayes is also a former Pelican player, he is a substitute for Varan, and the overall effect of Varan is definitely better. However, in order to get Varan, the Lakers have to pay some chips, which may be eight villages. However, if you trade Bacunjian for Varan, some of it will not be worth the loss.

But in any case, the Lakers continue to reinforce this matter, and it can’t stop at present.

Global artificial intelligence competitiveness, the United States first, South Korea seventh, China ranked?

On March 12th, the Korean media Caijing Today published an article saying that some analysts said that South Korea’s AI (artificial intelligence) competitiveness ranked seventh in the world. The United States ranks first in the world.

According to the "The Global AI Index" of British data analysis media Tortoise Intelligence, the AI competitiveness of the United States ranks first. The analysis target is 62 countries.

The scores of the United States are: 86.19 for implementation, 100 for innovation and 88.69 for investment. Totus Intelligence converted the scores of various fields in the United States into a comprehensive score of 100, and scored other countries as a standard.

In second place is China. China scored 69.36 points for implementation, 75.69 points for innovation and 69.44 points for investment, with a comprehensive score of 62.92 points. Ranked third to sixth are Britain (40.93 points), Canada (40.19 points), Israel (38.89 points) and Singapore (38.67 points).

South Korea ranked seventh (38.6 points). The scores of each field are: 56.21 points for implementation, 51.95 points for innovation and 46.45 points for investment. In terms of specific projects, South Korea scored high in government strategy (87.5 points) and infrastructure (85.2 points). However, it ranks lower in commercial projects (5.4 points) and talents (14.5 points).

Ranked 8th to 10th are the Netherlands (36.35 points), Germany (36.04 points) and France (34.42 points). In addition, Japan and India ranked 16th (30.53 points) and 17th (30.36 points) respectively.