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How hard are the eight invisible rich people in the entertainment circle? I live in the quadrangle next to the Forbidden City, and Wang Sicong calls me brother.

Wen Miao Xiao Zhu Rui Qi

Editor, Pig Ruiqi

As we all know, there are entertainment circlesA circle where money and people get togetherIt is also a place where many people want to squeeze in.

The life of the rich is hard for ordinary people to imagine. Today, we will take stock of the entertainment circle.Top ten invisible rich peopleUsually it’s not obvious, but in fact it’s rich enough to subvert your imagination and live in the quadrangle next to the Forbidden City.Wang Sicong will shout elder brother when he sees it.

So, how hard are these people? Who are these bosses respectively?Let’s see if there’s your idol in here.

Chun WuBorn in Brunei, the family isOne of the top ten wealthy families in Brunei, and also made friends with the royal family in Brunei.It has a very high status in China, and Chun Wu is even called by insiders."Prince Brunei"In fact, he is not the real prince of the royal family, but he is also very powerful.

Chun Wu’s childhood photos

Chun Wu, who grew up with a golden spoon, also had no choice.live in cloverInstead, I decided to make a career by my own efforts.

So when she grew up, Chun Wu stepped into the entertainment circle with her dreams, and through her years of efforts, she became a smash hit new generation idol., amazing the youth of a generation.

Chun Wu luxury house

Now 43-year-old Chun Wu seems to be"frozen age"In general, it still maintains the appearance of not losing small fresh meat.

Although he has faded out of the entertainment circle now, he is still living an ordinary life every day with a well-off family.beyond imaginationThe rich life.

Chun Wu luxury house

Some time ago, Chun Wu also exposed his own Brunei mansion on the social platform, covering an area.More than 1000 square metersIt’s as gorgeous as a palace, not to mention a luxury car, which has more clothes than our wardrobe.

Chun Wu luxury house

Yu-Ching Fei

Maybe everyone didn’t think that our little brother Yu-Ching Fei is also one.invisible richHe also has a little-known nickname, that is"Store King".

Yu-Ching Fei

First of all, he has earned a lot of money from his years of fighting in the entertainment circle. He used all this money to invest in real estate, almost where the performance went.Buy the house wherever you want.

Over the years, he has owned countless properties, and Yu-Ching Fei often does some charitable activities with the money earned from these properties.

Yu-Ching Fei


You can tell from here, Du Haitao.It’s definitely not as simple as it seems.

According to reports, in addition to his first-class hosting skills, Du Haitao has also invested in many commercial fields and they have all been very successful. The chain store real estate he runs alone has already been.Worth hundreds of millions.

Du Haitao and Shen Mengchen.

Rank of writers’ rich list

After writing novels and earning a lot of money, he began to switch to directing. He directed.Tiny timesThe series has successfully won billions of box office.

Jing M.Guo and the Little Age Actresses.

There is an overbearing president living in luxury in the play.Gongming, is a role modeled on himself. Even Yang Mi once could not help but say.Jing M.Guo’s life turned her imagination upside down.

Jing M.Guo

Jing M.Guo is also a business tycoon with six companies under his name.Former site of Wang Jingwei’s Fourth Aunt TaiI also bought a townhouse worth hundreds of millions. It is no wonder that Da Power can’t help but vomit, which simply subverts the imagination of ordinary people.

Jing M.Guo

Hu Bing

Not only acting and singing, Hu Bing is also a professional model withPerfect figure, tough guy imageHe has also successfully gone international, and his income is naturally no less than that of domestic artists and stars.

Hu Bing

In 15 years, Hu Bing once showed his cloakroom in a Japanese variety show, and the total value of clothes and accessories in his cloakroom actually exceeded.4 billion yen (200 million RMB)The degree of luxury is staggering.

Later, Hu Bing also introduced his watch collected for ten years in the program. This watch is still a customized version, which is inlaid with diamonds."HB" (Hu Bing)The English letters of the words are worth about 30 million yen (1.5 million RMB).

Ten years ago, in 2005, 1.5 million watches were bought as soon as they were bought. I have to say, it really is.be full of dashAh.

Kwok-Hing Choi

Cai Guoqing likes China traditional culture and loves to collect.Antiques, antiquesWait.

There is a special place for these antiques in his home. No matter what kind of antiques, there are almost all of them here.

Kwok-Hing Choi

Even friends who have been to Cai Guoqing’s home say that this is not a home, it is a complete one.Small "Forbidden City"!

Exhibition of jadeite products collected in Cai Guoqing.

Once he showed off his antique collection on a variety show, and at that time he took out a small handleless wine cup, which was valuable after appraisal.1.8 million.

Cai Guoqing’s small wine cup is worth 1.8 million.

It is hard to imagine the total value of the "Little Forbidden City" filled with various collections.

In addition, because I love China culture, Cai Guoqing’s travel car is also ours.Domestic Light Red Flag H9, only the price.400 thousandAbout.

Kwok-Hing Choi

Not only is her temperament elegant, but her hobbies are also so elegant. She really is a woman.A low-key invisible rich man.

Ren Quan plays Gongsun Ce.

Ren Quan’s impression on many people may still stay in the young Bao Qingtian.gongsun ceOn the body, I don’t know that he has already lived a super-rich life when he quit the entertainment circle.

In 1993, Ren Quan was admitted to Shanghai Theatre Academy, where he met his fellow villagers.Li Bingbing,Since then, the two have forged a profound friendship.

Li Bingbing issued a document for Ren Quan’s birthday celebration.

When I first graduated, there was no drama to shoot, and I was hungry all day long. In order to have a stable income, Ren Quan took 60,000 yuan (of which 40,000 was borrowed from Li Bingbing) and started to do business. At that time, I found that many students loved Sichuan food, so I opened one not far from the school.Spicy fish restaurant.

Ren quan kai de restaurant

With the growing business, Ren Quan’s investment projects are becoming more and more extensive, and it has also becomeThe owner of Jiaren fashion magazineAt that time, many stars wanted to break their heads and board.Jia renCover, but Ren Quan thought of the first cover candidate is Li Bingbing.

Ren Quan

Now Ren Quan has a wide range of fields from catering to real estate to beauty.More than 40 enterprisesThe actual control of, at the same time, he is stillOne of the shareholders behind Huayi BrothersThe value can be imagined.

chengru li

The first thing that many people think of when they see him isSix groups of major crimesIn addition to actors,Li chengruAnd this"Poisonous tongue"Said, once on the show also publicly Jing M.Guo, some people say that may be the program group to pay, make the program effect.

If it’s another star, I believe it. If it’s Li Chengru,I really don’t need this money.

As early as the last century, when many families in our country were still riding bicycles, people had already driven Mercedes-Benz cars, and according to early interviews,Li Chengru’s home is next to the Forbidden City.It’s less than ten minutes’ walk.

andThe 1990sAt that time, Li Chengru also opened a shopping mall in the most prosperous area of Beijing, earning as much as 500 thousand to 600 thousand a day.The annual income is hundreds of millions.

You know, it was the 1990 s, and many people’s wages were generally one or two hundred a month, and three or five hundred were considered high wages.

Li Chengru also said in the interview that he was in the past.A pair of socks costs hundreds of dollars to cover the average person’s monthly salary.A coat costs tens of thousands of yuan.

At that time, everyone who could get 10 thousand yuan at home belonged to ten thousand households with a very good life, while Li Chengru needed tens of thousands of clothes in the 1990 s. .

Li chengru

Although he was later worth hundreds of millions because of his investment failure.Lost everything.

But the thin camel is always bigger than the horse, and a set of quadrangles in Li Chengru’s house next to the Forbidden City are priceless, even you.Money can’t buy it.

Li Chengru’s quadrangle

Before he became an actor, he had actually accumulated enough wealth, and acting was only one of his hobbies. If we say that Li Chengru received money from the program group to pay homage to Jing M.Guo,Do you still believe it?

Li Chengru’s quadrangle

The Lakers offered an offer of $167 million for three years! Target Varan, continue to reinforce?

According to ESPN reporter Brian Windhost, the Lakers intend to offer anthony davis a three-year contract offer of $167 million. At present, Davis has $83.8 million left in his contract for two years, with an annual salary of $40.6 million and $43.22 million respectively.

This contract renewal is already the biggest contract that the Lakers can give at this stage. But it’s not the biggest contract that Thick Eyebrows can get. The purpose of the Lakers’ offer is to express their attitude. We must keep you.

Although the average salary seems to be not low, the annual salary is more than 50 million US dollars. But now Van fleet can get more than 40 million yuan, and even Jaylen Brown has got a contract with an annual salary of more than 60 million yuan. The healthy thick eyebrows are undoubtedly the top stars in the league and deserve a top salary. Last season, thick eyebrows averaged 25.9 points, 12.5 rebounds, 2.6 assists and 2 blocks per game, ranking first in the league in rebounds, but missed the rebounding king because of insufficient appearances, and ranked second in blocks. In the playoffs, thick eyebrows can be called the first defensive person. It can interfere with opponents’ shots 17.3 times per game, and the shooting percentage of counterpoint players dropped from 50.4% to 45.4%, and the three-point ratio dropped from 36.6% to 30.9%.

But the biggest problem with heavy eyebrows is health.

It’s really amazing when you are healthy, but your body often has problems, which makes you unable to play ball. In the past three seasons, thick eyebrows missed 104 games in the regular season. There are no major injuries, but minor injuries continue. The ups and downs of heavy eyebrows also caused the Lakers’ record to slide continuously. In 2021, the team was out in the first round and the play-offs in 2022 were not made. This year’s thick eyebrows are relatively healthy, and the Lakers’ correct operation before the trading deadline finally made it to the Western Conference as the seventh in the West. However, the influence of James’s game is not as good as before. At this time, it is even more necessary to stand up with thick eyebrows.

The three-year contract, which is close to $170 million, given by the Lakers can leave the peak of the eyebrows in the Lakers. In order to make the heavy eyebrows consume less and have fewer injuries in the regular season, it is very necessary for the Lakers to add a meat shield center. Recently, the Lakers set their sights on their old club with thick eyebrows, that is, Pelican center Varan. At present, the latter’s contract has only one year left, and the Pelican team has also put it on the shelf. At present, they want to send Varan to the Cavaliers or Pistons in exchange for Allen or Stewart. But so far, there is no progress in any transaction, so it is not impossible for the Lakers to win him.

Last season, Varan averaged 14.1 points and 10.2 rebounds per game, shooting 54.7% from the field and shooting 34.9% from the three-pointers. He is a big player with both inside and outside, but the protective frame is almost meaningless. But this, heavy eyebrows can make up for it. Although the Lakers’ newly signed insider Hayes is also a former Pelican player, he is a substitute for Varan, and the overall effect of Varan is definitely better. However, in order to get Varan, the Lakers have to pay some chips, which may be eight villages. However, if you trade Bacunjian for Varan, some of it will not be worth the loss.

But in any case, the Lakers continue to reinforce this matter, and it can’t stop at present.

Global artificial intelligence competitiveness, the United States first, South Korea seventh, China ranked?

On March 12th, the Korean media Caijing Today published an article saying that some analysts said that South Korea’s AI (artificial intelligence) competitiveness ranked seventh in the world. The United States ranks first in the world.

According to the "The Global AI Index" of British data analysis media Tortoise Intelligence, the AI competitiveness of the United States ranks first. The analysis target is 62 countries.

The scores of the United States are: 86.19 for implementation, 100 for innovation and 88.69 for investment. Totus Intelligence converted the scores of various fields in the United States into a comprehensive score of 100, and scored other countries as a standard.

In second place is China. China scored 69.36 points for implementation, 75.69 points for innovation and 69.44 points for investment, with a comprehensive score of 62.92 points. Ranked third to sixth are Britain (40.93 points), Canada (40.19 points), Israel (38.89 points) and Singapore (38.67 points).

South Korea ranked seventh (38.6 points). The scores of each field are: 56.21 points for implementation, 51.95 points for innovation and 46.45 points for investment. In terms of specific projects, South Korea scored high in government strategy (87.5 points) and infrastructure (85.2 points). However, it ranks lower in commercial projects (5.4 points) and talents (14.5 points).

Ranked 8th to 10th are the Netherlands (36.35 points), Germany (36.04 points) and France (34.42 points). In addition, Japan and India ranked 16th (30.53 points) and 17th (30.36 points) respectively.

From Juve’s abandonment to Milan’s darling, relying on Ibrahimovic’s Italian expert to explain what a system player is.

# 100 Watching Teams # As long as the system players in the green world are mentioned, it is difficult to avoid the name of Italian expert nocerino. It is no exaggeration to say that the days when he fought side by side with Ibrahimovic were so beautiful that the situation after he left Ibrahimovic was so embarrassing, as if he were a different person, which fully explained what a system player is:

Antonio nocerino was born in Naples on April 9, 1985. When he was a toddler, it happened to be the peak of Diego Maradona, the legendary Argentine superstar, who led the local Naples team to break the strong enemy repeatedly and even won the Serie A championship, which made the football atmosphere in Naples, which was already very fanatical, more and more fanatical. I don’t know how many children in Naples dreamed of becoming professional players.

It stands to reason that nocerino, who lived in such an environment as a child, should fall in love with football. But the reality is that nocerino was not interested in football as a child. However, nocerino’s father, who is a fanatical die-hard fan, not only asked his son to play football, but also became the coach of a youth football team. Nocerino entered the team coached by his father when he was about 5 years old. When nocerino was 13 years old, he left his hometown of Naples and went to Turin to join Youwen Youth Training Camp.

Under the training of Youwen Youth Training Camp, nocerino became a qualified professional player. He has an excellent professional attitude and will do his best as long as he sets foot on the court. Many players don’t want to do the dirty work. nocerino always tries to do it, and his attitude is positive. At the same time, as a midfielder, he still has a sense of goal as a striker, and he can always appear in the weak position of his opponent’s defense and send the ball to the door.

However, nocerino’s shortcomings are equally obvious. As a midfielder, although he is extremely active on the defensive end, his defensive ability has never reached the top level. Compared with Davies, Vieira and Lei Dongduo, which are recognized as top midfielders, there is a gap visible to the naked eye.

After defense, talk about attack. Although nocerino has an excellent sense of smell in front of the door, it can even make many forwards feel ashamed. However, his footwork skills are far from delicate. No matter passing or passing, it is not top-notch. It is difficult for the team to expect him to organize the attack, let alone expect him to send exquisite assists.

On the whole, nocerino is certainly good among young players of the same age. However, it is just good, far from the level of the other mountains all appear dwarfs under the sky.. It is almost impossible for a fledgling nocerino to get a foothold in the star-studded Juventus first team. Therefore, nocerino was loaned out early, and successively trained in small and medium-sized clubs such as Avilino, Genoa, Catanzaro, Crotone, Messina and Piacenza, and did not return to Juve until the summer of 2007.

As we all know, at that time, Juventus had not completely got rid of the negative impact caused by the Calciopoli incident, and it could not be compared with the Bianconeri before the Calciopoli incident, regardless of the lineup configuration or team strength. This is definitely not a good thing for Juventus. But for nocerino, who returned to Juventus, the advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages. Because this means that the competition he faces in Juventus is far less intense than when he was a rookie.

In the following 2007-08 season, nocerino got a lot of playing time and once became the main player of Juventus. However, his performance is hard to satisfy Juve. As a midfielder, he lacked creative passing, which made Juve’s midfield, which lacked creativity at that time, worse. It’s no exaggeration to say that nocerino’s performance on the offensive end is not as good as that of teammate Zaneti, who plays in the back. And his performance on the defensive end, it is also difficult to compare with Zaneti who was born in the lower back.

Nocerino’s performance not only disappointed Juve fans, but even the famous Moggi couldn’t stand it. The controversial Juventus exploits made it clear in an interview that nocerino’s performance on the pitch was unconvincing and Juventus should give Tiago some chances. Think about it, nocerino took out what kind of performance, will let Moggi make this statement?

In the summer of 2008, one year after nocerino returned to Juve, the Bianconeri made a decision to give him up and used him as a bargaining chip. Together with a large sum of cash, Amauri was traded from Palermo.

Although nocerino has been abandoned by Juventus so quickly, the competition in the team is far less intense than Palermo of the Bianconeri, and nocerino can still guarantee the main seat. As for his performance on the court, it can only be regarded as quite satisfactory, and it is definitely not outstanding. Otherwise, Milan wouldn’t have let Palermo agree to let people go with a transfer fee of 1 million euros and half of Ricardo Ferreira’s ownership.

I’m afraid even Milan didn’t expect that the performance of new signing nocerino on the court would be so fierce. When he first arrived here, he scored an endless stream of wonderful goals, dazzling people, and soon became the darling of Milan, as can be seen from his great title of "King of Promise".

However, when nocerino was imposing, few people realized that nocerino’s good performance during his time in Milan was actually closely related to the existence of Ibrahimovic. Ibrahimovic, who was at the peak at that time, had a strong personal ability. Even under the heavy defense of his opponent, he could still create a lot of scoring opportunities for nocerino. The existence of Ibrahimovic also covers up nocerino’s lack of creativity to some extent.

In the summer of 2012, Ibrahimovic bid farewell to Milan and moved to Paris Saint-Germain. However, the Rossoneri didn’t sell nocerino, who was extremely dependent on Ibrahimovic, the first time he lost Ibrahimovic. On the contrary, they had high hopes for him, and the result can be imagined. The performance of this Italian expert is extremely disappointing and he has become a systematic player in the mouth of the media and fans.

In the days that followed, although nocerino worked so hard, he could never find the feeling of playing beside Ibrahimovic, let alone becoming the main force of Milan. Even playing for Turin could not guarantee his main seat, which was an embarrassment. This situation continued until 2020, when nocerino announced his retirement.

The registration of the Society Competition 2008 2023 Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Innovation Competition was officially launched.

The registration channel for the 2023 Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Innovation Competition was officially opened! The contest was co-sponsored by China Artificial Intelligence Society and Yuhang District People’s Government of Hangzhou, undertaken by Zhejiang Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City (Haichuang Park) Management Committee, and co-organized by Beijing Iron Man Technology Co., Ltd. Based on an international perspective, the competition will focus on cutting-edge technology and application innovation, promote academic exchanges, personnel training, technological development and cross-border application and integration in the field of artificial intelligence, and build a talent exchange platform and industrial ecosystem for artificial intelligence.

Algorithm challenge

Track 1: imaging NLP-medical imaging diagnosis report generation

Track 2: Giga Rendering-A New Perspective Rendering Based on a Billion Pixel Sparse Image

Hardware challenge

Track 1: Service Robot Competition for the Elderly

Track 2: Deep Learning Smart Car Competition

Track 3: unmanned competition

Algorithm challenge

Track 1: It is divided into four stages: registration-team formation, preliminary, semi-final and final.

Sign up & Team up (March 10th–April 20th)

The opening time of the registration system is 10:00 Beijing time on March 10th, 2023, and the deadline is 12:00 noon on April 20th, 2023.

Preliminaries (March 21st–April 21st)

Rematch (April 28th–May 19th)

Final (June 9)

Track 2: It is divided into three stages: registration-team formation, online competition and final competition.

Sign up & Team up (March 10th–May 4th)

The opening time of the registration system is 10:00 Beijing time on March 10th, 2023, and the deadline is 17:00 Beijing time on May 4th, 2023.

Online Competition (March 10th–May 10th)

Final (June 9)

Hardware challenge

Registration & Team Building (March 10th-May 20th, 2023)

Final (June 6-June 9, 2023)

Competition official website: https://gaiic.caai.cn/

Algorithm challenge

Event e-mail:

Track 1 data@tsinghua.edu.cn

Track 2 challenge@gigavision.cn

QQ group for event exchange (choose one):

Track 1 566353409/75834321

Hardware challenge

Event Email: bd@artrobot.com

Event exchange QQ group:

Track 1 558080765

Track 2 558719690

Track 3 480558608

04 tournament award

Algorithm challenge

The total prize money of the competition is 850,000-920,000 RMB, and all prizes are pre-tax.

Hardware challenge

The total prize money of the competition is 400,000 RMB, and all prizes are pre-tax.

Champion: 20,000 yuan/team, and the instructor 10,000 yuan/team.

Runner-up: 15,000 yuan/team and 8,000 yuan/team for the instructor.

Third runner-up: 10,000 yuan/team, and the instructor is 5,000 yuan/team.

First prize: 3,000 yuan for each team and 2,000 yuan for each instructor, a total of 5 teams.

Second prize: 2000 yuan per team, a total of 10 teams.

Third prize: 1000 yuan for each team, a total of 15 teams.

* The above is the award setting of a single event, and there are three events in the hardware event.

Other awards:

Creative Award: 4,000 yuan/team, totally 4 teams.

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