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Football News: Taishan will win the second place in the U21 League. In the final round, four teams will compete for the remaining place for the second place.

Live broadcast: On November 3rd, in the 21st round of U21 League, Shandong Taishan U21 team defeated Shanghai Harbour U21 team 2-1, locked in the championship one round ahead of schedule, and got the qualification to participate in the 2024 season B. According to "Football News", in the final round, there were four teams competing for the remaining one B spot.

According to the rules, the top two players in U21 League this year won the number of places in China B, but the rules on registration, promotion and demotion have not been finalized. After this round, Taishan scored 45 points, Haigang scored 40 points, Dalian scored 39 points, Rongcheng scored 39 points and Shenhua scored 38 points. Taishan U21 team has won the championship ahead of schedule and successfully rushed to B, while the four U21 teams of Haigang, Dalian, Rongcheng and Shenhua all have hope of rushing to B in the final round.

At present, the situation in the seaport is the best. If you win, you will get the qualification of B. If you draw, you need another game and it will be a draw. If you lose, you will miss B.: If Dalian people win and the harbor doesn’t win, they can get the qualification of B, and they will be tied or negative; If Rongcheng wins, and the harbor doesn’t win, it will get the qualification of B, and it will be flat or negative; If Shenhua wins and Dalian people draw with Rongcheng, they can get the qualification of B.


Live football

Live football officially entered the PC, competing with FIFA for the market of computer games. As a computer football enthusiast, you must have your own unique views on these two games, and you can make progress only when you find problems. If you are a loyal supporter of live football, which of the following are the places you are most satisfied with?

Game screen

Music sound effect

Sense of control balance

Online function
Upper hand speed

Zhai Xiaochuan suspected to tell the truth, Fan Ziming died for 12 hours, and qi zhou pressured Zhao Ruisheng to change!

In the basketball circle, the news that circulates often has certain basis. People who stand at the forefront usually know the truth best and have the most right to speak. However, their expressions vary widely, some are euphemistic and some are straightforward. Sometimes, straightforward words may be difficult for ordinary people to accept, but these outspoken words are often sincere advice when most people are least heeded.

Recently, there have been a series of sensational events in basketball. Qi zhou, who had expected to return to the Beijing Control Team, was unexpectedly rejected, which led to the Shanghai Men’s Basketball Team replacing him. However, due to the change of head coach and the difficulties encountered last season, the enthusiasm of the Shanghai men’s basketball team was not high, and they finally chose to leave. At the same time, Beijing Shougang men’s basketball team was involved in the trading storm with Fan Ziming as a bargaining chip. Fan Ziming couldn’t help but feel uneasy and tangled. Although he gradually adapted to life in Beijing, when he knew that he had become a bargaining chip, his mood was very complicated and he even became restless when he slept.

To his credit, Zhai Xiaochuan, Fan Ziming’s brother, was very loyal. When he learned that the transaction failed, he immediately issued a "dissolution" statement, apparently to safeguard his brother’s interests.

However, qi zhou is facing another dilemma, because no team is willing to sign with him, and his efforts seem to be in vain. This is not the expected result for him. At the same time, in order to participate in the World Cup, qi zhou must complete the transfer formalities as soon as possible, otherwise he may leave the basketball team. This makes his future full of uncertainty. Zhao Rui, his teammate, is facing a similar problem. The contract with Guangdong Team is about to expire, and it is unknown whether he will continue to sign or be traded.

There are often many stories hidden behind basketball transactions that are not known to the outside world. The players have made a lot of efforts for their future and their dreams. However, the cruelty of reality is often unsatisfactory, and people have to readjust their goals and plans. With the constant turmoil in the basketball circle, players must always make decisions, find their own stage and continue to pursue their basketball dreams.

For basketball players, career is full of ups and downs and challenges. They need to face uncertainty and make hard choices, and all these constitute a moving part of basketball. Let’s look forward to the players continuing to pursue their dreams and shine in the future basketball stage. In this changeable basketball world, I hope every player can find his own basketball home and continue to write their own legendary chapters.

Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo debut at the same time! The inferior foreign aid in the Super League rated the best 11 teammates, 5 from Manchester United.

It may bring many consequences to say who is the most hated by the fans among the countless foreign AIDS in the past, but the only thing that can make the fans reach an agreement is Carlos Tevez, the former Argentine international! Tevez is 39 years old, and now he has retired as a head coach. This brilliant player played in the Super League from 2017 to 2018. At that time, he joined the Shanghai Shenhua team, but it didn’t last long. He was only famous for walking on the court and indulging in Disneyland. Finally, he even broke his contract with his old club Boca Juniors early, which completely ruined the image of the Argentine striker in the eyes of Chinese people.

Recently, in an interview with ESPN, a well-known media, the star player also selected the best 11 people he had worked with in his career. Of course, he has played for Boca Juniors, Corinti Ann, West Ham United, Manchester United, Manchester City, Juventus, Shanghai Shenhua and played 76 games for the Argentine national team, and almost all of them are star players in the list.

Tevez chose the 11 best candidates.

Goalkeeper: Buffon

Defenders: Patrice Evra, Rio Ferdinand, Sylvia and Hibarra.

Midfielder: vidal, Bogba, Scholes.

Forward: Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi

First of all, as a goalkeeper, Tevez chose his teammate and football evergreen Buffon when he played for Juventus from 2013 to 2015! This is naturally from his personal standpoint. After all, he also cooperated with goalkeepers such as Edwin van der Sar, Joe Hart and Romero, but it is true that Buffon should have been the best goalkeeper he cooperated with, both in strength and at the peak of his career. Even now that Tevez has retired, Buffon is still fighting in the second division.

In terms of defence, Tevez first chose Ferdinand and Patrice Evra, two defenders who won the Champions League with him at the peak of Manchester United. The other two players are not well-known. One of them is Ivara, the old captain of his old club Boca when he was young, and now he has become a youth coach of Boca. The other player is also a young Boca Juniors, so is Tevez’s best friend, Skivia. It is worth mentioning that now 50-year-old Skivia has retired, but he also played in the Super League like Tevez, and even the team he played for was Shanghai Shenhua!

The midfield is the most difficult position for Tevez. In an interview, he said frankly: "I chose from Pirlo to Scholes for a long time!" In the end, he chose Borg Baga, Scholes and vidal, which is almost the midfield configuration when he entered the Champions League final with Juventus in 14/15 season. But as to why Scholes was used instead of Pirlo, maybe Scholes was more powerful than Pirlo in Tevez’s mind?

In the final striker, Tevez arranged in a luxurious combination. First, his striker partners Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo played for Manchester United. Undoubtedly, the striker combination of Tevez and Cristiano Ronaldo and Rooney in that year can be said to have swept the whole world, but the only regret is that the survival time of this combination is too short! Besides Messi, a teammate of his national team, this striker trident is too luxurious, but now Cristiano Ronaldo has long been incompetent as a winger, so I’m afraid he can only be wronged by Runila.

Martin Sr: I was moved by Messi’s America’s Cup speech. The save against Muani was the best in my career.

Live on March 11th, emiliano Martinez recently accepted an exclusive interview with Goal Net. He said that Messi’s speech before the Copa America final almost made him cry, and that the last-minute save in the World Cup final might be the best save of his career.

Martinez said: "Messi’s speech before the America’s Cup final really touched me. I really felt like crying because Messi mentioned my daughter. My wife gave birth to our daughter 10 days before the America’s Cup final, so Messi mentioned’ Martinez hasn’t even met his newborn daughter, just to be with us, so we have to make sure to win this championship for him’. Macy said these words … which really gave you goose bumps. For me, it was a wonderful beginning of that day. "

When talking about saving Muani in the final stage of the World Cup finals, Martinez said: "When I lie in bed and close my eyes, I will think,’ What if that goal is scored? I couldn’t dwell on it during the game because everything happened so fast. After Lori kicked out, we headed back, konate kicked out again, and then suddenly Muani got the chance to face me alone. Under normal circumstances, I would attack, but I was calm at that time, and I chose to wait for Muani. "

"I put a little pressure on it, and you can see my left arm and left foot reaching near the post, because I’m praying that the ball will go there. I didn’t move my face. I closed my eyes and said to myself,’ Please hit me’, and it did. "

"I haven’t moved my face. If the ball hits my nose, it will be better, you know, so as to ensure that it doesn’t fly into the goal. This may be the best save in my football career."

Italian media: Rome has raised the offer of salary reduction and renewal for smolin, and the new annual salary is the same as at present.

Live on March 12, according to the report of Il Tempo, Rome has raised its offer to renew smolin’s contract, and the current annual salary for renewal is the same as that of the existing contract.

Roma don’t want to lose smolin, and his contract will expire at the end of the season. According to "Il Tempo", Rome has sent an important signal that they have raised their previous offer for renewal.

Rome has offered a two-year contract before, but the annual salary is lower than the current 3.5 million euros.

Considering that the player wants to stay, Roma decided to offer a two-year contract at the current annual salary, and the bonus is very easy to get.

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